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Babbs, Simon H and Johnson, Andrew E (1999): Severe Loss Probabilities in Portfolio Credit Risk Models.

Balakrishna, B S (2010): Alpha-root Processes for Derivatives pricing.

Barnett, William A. and Seck, Ousmane (2008): Estimation with Inequality Constraints on Parameters and Truncation of the Sampling Distribution.

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Gluschenko, Konstantin (2004): Nonlinearly testing for a unit root in the presence of a break in the mean.

González-Val, Rafael and Ramos, Arturo and Sanz, Fernando and Vera-Cabello, María (2013): Size Distributions for All Cities: Which One is Best?

González-Val, Rafael and Ramos, Arturo and Sanz-Gracia, Fernando (2010): Size Distributions for All Cities: Lognormal and q-exponential functions.

González-Val, Rafael and Ramos, Arturo and Sanz-Gracia, Fernando (2013): The accuracy of graphs to describe size distributions.


Idrovo Aguirre, Byron (2006): Estimación del spread de tasas de corto y largo plazo: Un indicador de alerta temprana. Published in: Documentos de Trabajo - Cámara Chilena de la Construcción No. 41 (10. April 2007)


Janczura, Joanna and Weron, Rafal (2011): Black swans or dragon kings? A simple test for deviations from the power law.


Kafri, Oded (2008): Sociological and Economic Inequality and the Second Law.

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Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Density Based Regression for Inhomogeneous Data: Application to Lottery Experiments.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Estimation of Peaked Densities Over the Interval [0,1] Using Two-Sided Power Distribution: Application to Lottery Experiments.


Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2014): Strategies on initial public offering of company equity at stock exchanges in imperfect highly volatile global capital markets with induced nonlinearities.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2013): To the problem of evaluation of market risk of global equity index portfolio in global capital markets.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2013): Tracking and replication of hedge fund optimal investment portfolio strategies in global capital markets in presence of nonlinearities.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2013): Some thoughts on accurate characterization of stock market indexes trends in conditions of nonlinear capital flows during electronic trading at stock exchanges in global capital markets.


Mailu, Stephen and Kuloba, Bernard and Ruto, Eric and Nyangena, Wilfred (2010): Effect of cropping policy on landowner reactions towards wildlife: a case of Naivasha area, Kenya.

Maldonado, Diego and Pazmiño, Mariela (2008): Nuevas Herramientas para la Administración del Riesgo Crediticio: El caso de una Cartera Crediticia Ecuatoriana. Published in: Cuestiones Económicas , Vol. 2, No. 2 (30. September 2008): pp. 5-75.

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Mishra, SK (2010): Empirical probability distribution of journal impact factor and over-the-samples stability in its estimated parameters.

Mishra, SK (2010): Temporal changes in the parameters of statistical distribution of journal impact factor.

Mishra, SK (2010): A note on empirical sample distribution of journal impact factors in major discipline groups.


Pan, Chi-Hung and Emura, Takeshi (2014): Corrections to: Multivariate normal distribution approaches for dependently truncated data. Forthcoming in: Statistical Papers

Panait, Iulian and Constantinescu, Alexandru (2012): Stylized facts of the daily and monthly returns for the European stock indices during 2007-2012. Forthcoming in: Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods No. 3 (2012)

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Peeters, H.M.M. (1989): Het gebruik van een parametrische en een semi-parametrische schattingsmethode voor het binaire keuzemodel: Probit Maximum Likelihood versus Maximum Score.

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Ramos, Arturo and Sanz-Gracia, Fernando and González-Val, Rafael (2014): On the parametric description of US city size distribution: New empirical evidence.

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Rendón, Stephanie (2013): Detección de caídas en mercados financieros mediante análisis multifractal (exponentes locales y puntuales de Hölder): Índice accionario IPC y tipo de cambio USD/MXN.

Rosenthal, Dale W.R. (2012): Approximating correlated defaults.

Rubio, Francisco Javier and Steel, Mark F. J. (2014): Bayesian modelling of skewness and kurtosis with two-piece scale and shape transformations.


Sasidharan, Anand (2009): Structural Changes in India's Stock Markets' Efficiency.

Sasidharan, Anand (2009): Structural Changes in India's Stock Markets' Efficiency.

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Sergio, Da Silva and Raul, Matsushita and Eliza, Silveira (2013): Hidden power law patterns in the top European football leagues.

Shamiri, Ahmed and Shaari, Abu Hassan and Isa, Zaidi (2007): Practical Volatility Modeling for Financial Market Risk Management.

Shutes, Karl and Adcock, Chris (2013): Regularized Extended Skew-Normal Regression.

Shutes, Karl and Adcock, Chris (2013): Regularized Skew-Normal Regression.


Teneng, Dean (2013): A note on NIG-Levy process in asset price modeling: case of Estonian companies.

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Weron, Rafal (1996): Correction to: "On the Chambers–Mallows–Stuck Method for Simulating Skewed Stable Random Variables".


Yashkir, Yuriy and Yashkir, Olga (2013): Overnight Index Rate: Model, Calibration, and Simulation.


Öller, L-E and Stockhammar, P (2009): On the Probability Distribution of Economic Growth.

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