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Acuña, Andres (2011): Determinants of Chilean youth voter registration: Evidence for the Bio Bio region.

Affuso, Antonio and Camagni, Roberto and Capello, Roberta and Fratesi, Ugo (2011): Escenarios para las regiones europeas y las provincias del Arco Latino. Published in: Papers: Regió Metropolitana de Barcelona: Territori, estratègies, planejament No. 54 (2011): pp. 22-36.

Agiakloglou, Christos and Karkalakos, Sotiris (2006): Estimating Diffusion Rates for Telecommunications: Evidence from European Union.

Agiakloglou, Christos and Karkalakos, Sotiris (2006): Estimating Diffusion Rates for Telecommunications: Evidence from European Union. Published in: Journal of Applied Economics , Vol. XII, No. 1 (May 2009): pp. 11-32.

Alasrag, Hussien (2009): سياسات تنمية الصناعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة فى الدول العربية.

Antonescu, Daniela (2001): Tendinte si provocari in implementarea Programului Operational Regional 2007-2013.



Bandopadhyay, Titas Kumar (2006): Should informal sector be subsidised?

Berk, Mehmet Gokhan (2005): The Concept of Neighbourhood in Contemporary Residential Environments: An Investigation of Occupants' Perception.

Bram, Avraham and Seyhan, Eda (2011): Match of the Day: The search for a suitable spouse.


Christofakis, Manolis and Tsampra, Maria (2011): Opportunities and restrictions for the local-endogenous development in metropolitan areas of high industrial concentration: the case of Thriasio Pedio in Attica. Forthcoming in: Bulletin of Geography - Socio-economic Series


D'Acci, Luca (2013): A Modern Postmodern Urbanism The Systemic Retroactive game (SyR) between Bottom-up and Top-down.


Gelan, Ayele (2004): System-wide Impacts of Agricultural Export Taxes: A Simulation Experiment with Ethiopian Data. Published in: Aberdeen Discussion Paper Series ISSN 1743-9965 (2004)

Gelan, Ayele and Schwarz, Gerald (2006): A Policy Impact Evaluation Model For Scotland: Decoupling Single Farm Payments. Published in: Aberdeen Discussion Paper Series ISSN 1743-9965

González Palomares, Leticia and Sánchez Vela, Claudia (2014): Entorno urbano y uso de parques: Estudio comparativo entre dos barrios del Área Metropolitana de Monterrey. Published in: Políticas Públicas , Vol. 2, No. 1 (27. February 2014): pp. 35-58.

González-Val, Rafael (2014): Cross-sectional growth in US cities from 1990 to 2000.

González-Val, Rafael (2009): The evolution of US city size distribution from a long term perspective (1900-2000). Forthcoming in: Journal of Regional Science

González-Val, Rafael (2007): The evolution of the US urban structure from a long-run perspective (1900-2000).

González-Val, Rafael (2011): A nonparametric estimation of the local Zipf exponent for all US Cities.

González-Val, Rafael and Lanaspa, Luis and Sanz, Fernando (2012): Gibrat’s law for cities, growth regressions and sample size.

González-Val, Rafael and Lanaspa, Luis and Sanz, Fernando (2012): New Evidence on Gibrat’s Law for Cities.

González-Val, Rafael and Olmo, Jose (2014): Growth in a Cross-Section of Cities: Location, Increasing Returns or Random Growth?

González-Val, Rafael and Ramos, Arturo and Sanz, Fernando and Vera-Cabello, María (2013): Size Distributions for All Cities: Which One is Best?

González-Val, Rafael and Ramos, Arturo and Sanz-Gracia, Fernando (2010): Size Distributions for All Cities: Lognormal and q-exponential functions.

González-Val, Rafael and Ramos, Arturo and Sanz-Gracia, Fernando (2013): The accuracy of graphs to describe size distributions.

Guilhoto, Joaquim J. M. and Lopes, Ricardo Luis and Motta, Ronaldo Serroa da (2002): Impactos ambientais e regionais de cenários de crescimento da economia brasileira — 2002-2012.


Iritié, Jean-Jacques B-G. (2012): Effets des pôles de compétitivité dans les industries de haute technologie : une analyse d'économie industrielle de l'innovation.


Jatta, Sylvester (2013): Labour Market Activities of Rural Households in developing countries.


Kanemoto, Yoshitsugu (1980): Theories of urban externalities. Published in: (1980)

Karol, Rodriguez and Vélez, Jorge (2013): Impacto de las TIC en el nivel de innovación en América Latina y el Caribe: Estimaciones econométricas a nivel de un panel. Published in: Documentos de Trabajo , Vol. 19, No. Documentos de Trabajo (4. October 2013): pp. 1-18.


Lagerlöf, Nils-Petter and Basher, Syed A. (2005): Geography, population density, and per-capita income gaps across US states and Canadian provinces.

Lambais, Guilherme B. R. (2009): Empresas de base tecnológica induzidas e espontâneas na região metropolitana de Campinas: limitações, potencialidades e relações com o espaço geográfico. Published in: Parcerias Estratégicas , Vol. 14, No. 29 (December 2009): pp. 201-224.


McGrath, Karen (2014): Does Increased Investment in Responsible Properties Lead to Better Corporate Performance?

Mehar, Ayub (2005): Role of banks in housing finance. Published in: Journal of the Institute of Bankers (2006)

Mishra, SK (1999): Rural development in the North-Eastern Region of India: Constraints and prospects.

Moreira, Paulo Pires (2014): Sustentabilidade Social e Ambiental da Indústria Marítima.


Nguyen, Binh Giang (2013): Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam Development Triangle: A Viewpoint from Vietnam. Published in: Bangkok Research Report No. 11 (March 2013): pp. 99-132.


Pandey, Alok Kumar (2012): Uttar Pradesh: State Economy (AT A Glance). Published in: Sovenior (17. December 2012)

Pilon, André Francisco (2014): Developing an Ecosystemic Approach to Live Better in a Better World: A Global Voice for Humanity Survival in the 21st Century.

Pinto, Hugo (2014): Cooperation Determinants in the Atlantic Blue Economy.

Puente-Ajovin, Miguel and Ramos, Arturo (2014): On the parametric description of the French, German, Italian and Spanish city size distributions.


Rafael, González-Val (2010): Deviations from Zipf’s Law for American cities: an empirical examination.

Ramos, Arturo and Sanz-Gracia, Fernando and González-Val, Rafael (2014): On the parametric description of US city size distribution: New empirical evidence.

Rao, D. Pulla (2013): Socioeconomic Status of Scheduled Tribes. Published in: MERC Global's International Journal of Management , Vol. 1, No. 1 (2013): pp. 36-50.


Sarafoglou, Nikias and Cebula, Richard (2009): Some Thoughts on Regional Economics as a Source of Scholarly Contributions. Published in: The Review of Regional Studies , Vol. 40, No. 2 (30. June 2010): pp. 227-235.

Situngkir, Hokky (2011): Spread of hoax in Social Media. Published in: BFI Working Paper Series No. WP-4-2011 (1. May 2011)

Sucháček, Jan (2009): The role of selected soft factors in the transformation of old industrial regions. Published in: ECON '08. Journal of Economics, Management and Business. , Vol. 15, No. No.1 : pp. 114-124.


Turčínková, Jana and Stávková, Jana (2011): Assessment of the income situation of households in the Czech Republic. Published in: Agricultural Economics (Zemědělská ekonomika) , Vol. 57, No. 7 (2011): pp. 322-330.


Varma, Sumati and Gill, H.S (2008): Polyinclusive strategies for the development of cities.


Wall, Howard (2013): Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Employment Effects of the Missouri Quality Jobs Program.


Zawadzki, Krystian (2010): Portugalia jako organizator Mistrzostw Europy w Piłce Nożnej w 2004 roku. Published in: Euro 2012: Szanse i zagrożenia dla Pomorza: Analiza przypadku Euro 2004 w Portugalii No. ISBN 978-83-62197-24-8 (2010): pp. 5-22.

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