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Bianchi, Carlo and Calzolari, Giorgio (1979): Condensed version of the OECD foreign trade by commodities tapes. Published in: IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin , Vol. 22, No. 5 (October 1979): pp. 1944-1946.

Bianchi, Carlo and Calzolari, Giorgio (1979): Simulation of a nonlinear econometric model. Published in: Simulation of Systems '79, ed. by L. Dekker, G. Savastano, and G. C. Vansteenkiste (1980): pp. 105-113.

Bianchi, Carlo and Calzolari, Giorgio and Corsi, Paolo (1979): On the restricted reduced form of the Klein-I model: revised computations to complete "A note on the numerical results by Goldberger, Nagar and Odeh", Econometrica, 47 (1979). Published in: IBM Italy Technical Report No. G513-3575 (May 1979): pp. 1-17.

Bianchi, Carlo and Calzolari, Giorgio and Corsi, Paolo (1979): Some results on the stochastic simulation of a nonlinear model of the Italian economy. Published in: Models and Decision Making in National Economies No. ed. by J. M. L. Janssen, L. F. Pau, and A. Straszak. Amsterdam: North-Holland (1979): pp. 411-418.

Bianchi, Carlo and Calzolari, Giorgio and Corsi, Paolo (1979): A package for analytic simulation of econometric models. Published in: Optimization Techniques: Proceedings of the 9th IFIP Conference on Optimization Techniques. Warsaw, September 4-8, 1979 (September 1980): pp. 404-413.


Calzolari, Giorgio (1979): Stochastic simulation experiments on Model 5 of Bonn University. Published in: Institut fuer Gesellschafts- u. Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Universitaet Bonn No. 102 (August 1979): pp. 1-28.

Calzolari, Giorgio (1979): The asymptotic distribution of power spectra in dynamic econometric models. Published in: Institut fuer Gesellschafts- u. Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Universitaet Bonn No. 101 (August 1979): pp. 1-21.

Calzolari, Giorgio (1979): The deterministic simulation bias in the Klein-Goldberger model. Published in: Institut fuer Gesellschafts- u. Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Universitaet Bonn No. 100 (July 1979): pp. 1-6.

Cebula, Richard (1979): More on Analyzing the Phillips Curve for the United States, 1950-1975. Published in: Economia Internazionale , Vol. 33, No. 1 (26. February 1980): pp. 26-35.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1979): Disarmament in the context of the international economic order. Published in: Disarment and Development (June 1979): pp. 57-64.

Chichilnisky, Graciela and Cole, Sam (1979): A model of technology, domestic distribution and North-South relations. Published in: Technological Forcasting and Social Changes , Vol. 13, No. 4 (May 1979): pp. 297-320.

Chichilnisky, Graciela and Heal, Geoffrey (1979): Necessary and sufficient conditions for a resolution of the social choice paradox. Published in: Journal of Economic Theory , Vol. 31, No. No. 1 (October 1983): pp. 68-87.

Chichilnisky, Graciela and Kalman, P. J. (1979): Application of functional analysis to models of efficient allocation of economic resources. Published in: Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications , Vol. 30, No. No. 1 (January 1980): pp. 19-32.

Chichilnisky, Graciela and Kalman, P.J. (1979): Comparative statics and dynamics of optimal choice models in Hilbert spaces. Published in: Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , Vol. 70, No. No. 2 (August 1979): pp. 490-504.


Graves, Philip E. (1979): Income and migration revisited. Published in: Journal of Human Resources , Vol. XIV, No. 1 : pp. 112-119.

Graves, Philip E. (1979): Relative risk aversion: increasing or decreasing? Published in: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Economics , Vol. XIV, No. 2 : pp. 205-214.

Graves, Philip E. (1979): A life-cycle empirical analysis of migration and climate, by race. Published in: Journal of Urban Economics , Vol. 6, No. 2 : pp. 135-147.

Graves, Philip E. and Linneman, Peter D. (1979): Human migration: theoretical and empirical results. Published in: Journal of Urban Economics , Vol. 6, No. 3 : pp. 383-404.


Hawawini, Gabriel (1979): An assessment of risk in thinner markets: the Belgian case. Published in: Journal of Economics and Business , Vol. 31, No. Spring/Summer (1979): pp. 196-201.

Hawawini, Gabriel and Michel, Pierre (1979): Production as behavior toward risk. Published in: Recherches Economiques de Louvain , Vol. 45, No. September 1979 (1979): pp. 299-311.

Hawawini, Gabriel and Michel, Pierre (1979): Theory of the risk averse producer cooperative firm under uncertain demand. Published in: Annals of Public and Cooperative Economy , Vol. 50, No. April/June 1979 (1979): pp. 43-62.


Kohnert, Dirk (1979): Rural class differentiation in Nigeria: Theory and practice - a quantitative approach in the case of Nupeland. Published in: Afrika-Spectrum , Vol. 14, No. 3 (1979): pp. 295-315.


Rost van Tonningen, Nicholas A. and Sargent, John and Miller, Robin and Grady, Patrick (1979): Indexed Bonds. Published in: Task Force on Retirement Income Policy, The Retirement Income System in Canada: Problems and Alternative Policies for Reform, Vol. II, Appendix 12 (1979): pp. 12-112.


Vignola, Anthony and Dale, Charles (1979): Is the Futures Market for Treasury Bills Efficient? Published in: The Journal of Portfolio Management , Vol. 5, (1979): pp. 78-81.


Xekalaki, Evdokia and Panaretos, John (1979): Characterization of the Compound Poisson Distribution. Published in: International Statistical Institute Bulletin , Vol. Vol.48, (1979): pp. 577-580.

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