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How to revise a submitted paper that has not yet been accepted

  1. Log in
  2. Click "Manage deposits"
  3. Check checkbox "Under Review", uncheck the other checkboxes
  4. Click in the title of the paper
  5. Click the sheet "Actions"
  6. Click button "Return to work area."
  7. Click the sheet "Edit"
  8. Use the appropriate button ("PDF upload", "Bibliographic information", etc.) to do your revision. For instance: You want to replace the PDF by another one:
    • 8.1 Click "PDF upload"
    • 8.2 Click "Delete document"
    • 8.3 Use the browse button and navigate to the PDF you want to upload
    • 8.4 Click "Upload"
  9. Go to sheet "Deposit"
  10. "Submit item now"
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