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11200Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:23069 -- Mynbaev; Kairat: Companion for “Statistics for Business and Economics” by Paul Newbold William L. Carlson
21159Jan/31/13 9:52 PMID:23161 -- Ahmad Bello; Dogarawa: The Role of Cooperative Societies in Economic Development
31141Jan/31/13 9:04 PMID:17223 -- Ali; Muhammad: Youth Crime: Causes and Remedies
4604Jan/31/13 10:30 PMID:3454 -- Kaya; Ugur: Remembering Thirty-five Years of Social Accounting: A Review of the Literature and the Pra
5604Jan/31/13 11:12 PMID:39441 -- Li; Jianjun: Shadow banking in China
6601Jan/31/13 11:41 PMID:10901 -- Sivakumar; Marimuthu: Gender Discrimination and Women's Development in India
7597Jan/31/13 11:41 PMID:12323 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Indian Direct Investment in Developing Countries: Emerging Trends and Development Impacts
8595Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:13621 -- Harb; Nasri: Factors Affecting Students' Performance
9590Jan/31/13 11:44 PMID:34215 -- Ahmad; Usman: Efficiency Analysis of Micro-finance Institutions in Pakistan
10588Jan/31/13 10:31 PMID:1850 -- Osakwe; Patrick N.: Emerging Issues and Concerns of African Countries in the WTO Negotiations on Agriculture a
11586Jan/31/13 10:26 PMID:4471 -- Jamshidian; Farshid: Exchange Options
12465Jan/31/13 11:47 PMID:4578 -- O'Reilly; Tim: What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software
13450Jan/31/13 10:26 PMID:15892 -- Bezemer; Dirk J: “No One Saw This Coming”: Understanding Financial Crisis Through Accounting Models
14398Jan/31/13 11:40 AMID:11723 -- Hagiu; Alina: The Evolution of the Foreign Direct Investments in Romania
15393Jan/31/13 7:02 PMID:17072 -- Bunea-Bontaş; Cristina Aurora: Basic Principles of Hedge Accounting
16392Jan/31/13 7:32 PMID:17206 -- Ali; Muhammad: Business Plan: Paper Recycling Plant
17377Jan/31/13 10:45 PMID:33873 -- Lu; Zheng: 西部地区发展政策的历史演变及评价
18350Jan/31/13 8:11 PMID:20204 -- Alsayyed; Nidal: Shari’ah Board The Task of Fatwa and Ijtihad in Islamic Economics and Finance
19321Jan/31/13 6:58 PMID:21391 -- Das; Rituparna: Definitions and Measures of Money Supply in India
20314Jan/31/13 11:58 PMID:26303 -- Voiculet; Alina: The impact of external environment on organizational development strategy
21307Jan/31/13 11:59 PMID:231 -- Ojo; Marianne: Audit Independence : Its Importance to the External Auditor's Role in Banking Regulation a
22291Jan/31/13 6:35 PMID:14031 -- Kannan; Srinivasan: Tourism Marketing: A Service Marketing perspective
23283Jan/30/13 12:00 PMID:4164 -- Buda; Rodolphe: Abrégé de comptabilité nationale
24278Jan/31/13 7:36 PMID:20680 -- Sharmila; N: Development of Women Education in India
25268Jan/31/13 10:40 PMID:2962 -- Foresti; Pasquale: Testing for Granger causality between stock prices and economic growth
26260Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:23200 -- Ahmad Bello; Dogarawa: The Impact of E-banking on Customer Satisfaction in Nigeria
27242Jan/31/13 7:18 PMID:2334 -- Chilosi; Alberto: Stakeholders vs. shareholders in corporate governance
28237Jan/31/13 6:52 PMID:11908 -- Azevedo; Susana: Consumer Buying behaviour in Fashion Retailing: Empirical Evidencies
29231Jan/31/13 6:37 PMID:6403 -- Andolfatto; David: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (2nd Edition)
30226Jan/31/13 9:58 PMID:38706 -- Helmy; Mohamed: Risk management in Islamic banks
31218Jan/31/13 11:02 PMID:24464 -- Selim; Tarek: Global Cement Industry: Competitive and Institutional Dimensions
32217Jan/31/13 8:45 AMID:9962 -- Chandrasekaran; Pravin: KAUTILYA: POLITICS ETHICS AND STATECRAFT
33210Jan/31/13 6:11 PMID:7172 -- Stefanescu; Camelia: MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION
34204Jan/29/13 9:12 PMID:36951 -- Halkos; George: Ranking policy and political economic journals
35197Jan/31/13 8:04 PMID:4580 -- O'Reilly; Tim: What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software
36192Jan/31/13 6:30 PMID:8429 -- Khan; Haider: Hermeneutics and Dialectics: (Hegel Husserl Heidegger and) Hans-Georg Gadamer
37190Jan/31/13 7:52 PMID:16104 -- Pandey; Alok Kumar: Globalization and WTO: Impact on India’s economic growth and export
38186Jan/31/13 11:12 PMID:3613 -- Fernández Montt; René: Aprender a aprender. Un método valioso para la educación superior.
39177Jan/31/13 8:07 PMID:40685 -- Jasra; Javed Mahmood: Determinants of business success of small medium enterprises
40176Jan/31/13 6:46 PMID:22734 -- Pasricha; Gurnain Kaur: Kalman Filter and its Economic Applications
41170Jan/31/13 9:11 PMID:12681 -- Plaza; Beatriz: The Bilbao effect (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao)
42168Jan/30/13 11:15 AMID:4420 -- Carbonai; Davide: Interlocking directorates as a thrust substitute: The case of the Italian non-life insuran
43168Jan/31/13 7:09 PMID:23195 -- Ahmad Bello; Dogarawa: The Economics of Currency Redenomination: An Appraisal of CBN Redenomination Proposal
44168Jan/31/13 8:02 PMID:16425 -- Shinada; Naoki: Actual factors to determine cross-currency basis swaps: An empirical study on US dollar/Ja
45167Jan/31/13 10:40 PMID:12888 -- Bunget; Ovidiu-Constantin: The role of financial auditor in detecting and reporting fraud and error
46164Jan/31/13 3:43 PMID:43358 -- Eichengreen; Barry: The Real Exchange Rate and Export Growth: Are Services Different
47163Jan/30/13 12:45 AMID:12131 -- Sufian; Fadzlan: Bank Ownership Characteristics and Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Domestic and Fo
48156Jan/30/13 10:00 PMID:232 -- Ojo; Marianne: Eliminating the Audit Expectations Gap : Myth or Reality
49156Jan/31/13 6:01 PMID:21367 -- Subhani; Dr.Muhammad Imtiaz: A Study On The Association Between Brand Awareness And Consumer/Brand Loyalty For The Pack
50155Jan/31/13 6:26 AMID:15527 -- Wendner; Ronald: Conspicuous Consumption and Overlapping Generations
51150Jan/31/13 4:47 PMID:6065 -- Pandey; Adya Prasad: Indian sugar industry - a strong industrial base for rural India
52149Jan/31/13 1:45 PMID:32706 -- Westling; Tatu: Male organ and economic growth: does size matter
53147Jan/31/13 5:01 AMID:21442 -- Kraaijenbrink; Jeroen: The resource-based view: A review and assessment of its critiques
54146Jan/31/13 7:29 PMID:3580 -- Rao; B. Bhaskara: Deterministic and stochastic trends in the time series models: A guide for the applied eco
55141Jan/31/13 5:00 PMID:14999 -- Karimi; Mohammad Sharif: FDI and Economic Growth in Malaysia
56140Jan/31/13 7:17 PMID:16774 -- Sahu; Santosh: Trends and Patterns of Energy Consumption in India
57138Jan/31/13 10:53 PMID:4997 -- Sarkar; Prabirjit: Trade Openness and Growth: Is There Any Link
58134Jan/29/13 2:43 PMID:43532 -- McCarter; Matthew: You Can’t Put Old Wine in New Bottles: The Effect of Newcomers on Coordination in Groups
59134Jan/31/13 6:44 PMID:18568 -- Paliu-Popa; Lucia: Economy Globalization and Internationalization of Business
60132Jan/31/13 7:25 AMID:11373 -- Ward; David: Keeping Luxury Inaccessible
61132Jan/31/13 8:31 PMID:42573 -- Aliyu; Shehu Usman Rano: Islamic banking and finance in Nigeria: issues challenges and opportunities
62130Jan/31/13 9:15 PMID:18199 -- Oeffner; Marc: Agent–Based Keynesian Macroeconomics - An Evolutionary Model Embedded in an Agent–Based Co
63130Jan/31/13 5:05 PMID:39314 -- Raza; Syed Ali: Factors affecting internet banking adoption among internal and external customers: a case
64126Jan/31/13 3:10 PMID:23698 -- O'Higgins; Niall: Youth unemployment and employment policy: a global perspective
65126Jan/31/13 1:46 PMID:40690 -- Zafar; Mohsin: Service quality customer satisfaction and loyalty: an empirical analysis of banking secto
66124Jan/31/13 3:12 PMID:4257 -- Klimov; Blagoy: There! Did you see it; Care! They do see you… Subliminal messages in advertisement movie
67124Jan/31/13 9:28 PMID:7245 -- Duygulu; Ethem: Team Effectiveness and Leadership Roles
68124Jan/31/13 12:42 PMID:32302 -- Westling; Tatu: Male organ and economic growth: does size matter
69121Jan/31/13 10:48 AMID:11868 -- Iqbal; Javed: Stock Market in Pakistan: An Overview
70120Jan/31/13 9:26 PMID:9597 -- Dhas; Albert Christopher: Impact of Globalisation and Economic Reforms on Employment in India
71119Jan/31/13 10:06 PMID:41436 -- Malik; Zafar Ullah: Affect of Working Capital Management on Firms Profitability in Sugar Industry of Pakistan
72117Jan/31/13 5:20 PMID:11600 -- Caruntu; Genu Alexandru: The Assessment of Banking Performances- Indicators of Performance in Bank Area
73116Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:3120 -- Manuel; Eduardo: Corporate Governance. Case Studies
74116Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:41409 -- Atanda; Akinwande A.: Anatomy of Cashless Banking in Nigeria: What Matters
75116Jan/31/13 9:05 PMID:31655 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Produkt globalny jako jeden z efektów procesu globalizacji
76114Jan/31/13 11:11 PMID:6944 -- Ewerhart; Christian: Der Lock in Effekt und das Hold up Problem
77114Jan/31/13 11:53 PMID:3804 -- Balogun; Emmanuel Dele: Banking sector reforms and the Nigerian economy: performance pitfalls and future policy o
78113Jan/31/13 3:07 AMID:3544 -- Chi; Wei: Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor Examining the Gender Pay Gap across the Wage Distribution i
79110Jan/31/13 8:10 PMID:8129 -- Hasan; Zubair: Theory of profit from Islamic perspective
80109Jan/31/13 5:21 PMID:13711 -- Mejeha; Remy O.: Microfinance Institutions in Nigeria
81108Jan/31/13 8:00 PMID:6953 -- Pillai N; Vijayamohanan: Loss of Load Probability of a Power System
82107Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:22627 -- Livanos; Ilias: Sickness Absence: a Pan-European Study
83106Jan/31/13 3:55 PMID:3675 -- Wanchoo; Rajat: Micro-finance in the India: the changing face of micro-credit Schemes
84106Jan/31/13 3:23 PMID:5300 -- Hirshleifer; David: Investor Psychology and Asset Pricing
85105Jan/31/13 7:02 PMID:40104 -- Beja Jr; Edsel: Inequality in democracy: Insights from an empirical analysis of political dynasties in the
86104Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:30736 -- Donzé; Pierre-Yves: The comeback of the Swiss watch industry on the world market: a business history of the Sw
87104Jan/30/13 7:15 PMID:43540 -- Noll; Franklin: Repudiation: The Crisis of United States Civil War Debt 1865-1870
88104Jan/31/13 2:11 PMID:10032 -- Freinkman; Lev: Intergovernmental relations in Nigeria: improving service delivery in core sectors
89103Jan/31/13 7:50 PMID:31302 -- Carfì; David: Game complete analysis of Bertrand Duopoly
90101Jan/31/13 10:25 PMID:36198 -- Halkos; George: Ranking mainstream economics journals: A note
91101Jan/31/13 7:13 PMID:6732 -- Vintean; Adriana: Non Verbal Communication in Business Life
92101Jan/31/13 4:48 PMID:43346 -- Budha; Birendra: A multivariate analysis of savings investment and growth in Nepal
93100Jan/31/13 8:16 AMID:9247 -- Dhas; Albert Christopher: SOCIAL SECURITY FOR UNORGANISED WORKERS IN INDIA
9499Jan/31/13 11:02 PMID:35839 -- Adesoye; A. Bolaji: Development Finance Institutions in Nigeria: Structure Roles and Assessment
9599Jan/31/13 2:43 PMID:3839 -- Menon; Sudha Venu: Grass root democracy and empowerment of people:evaluation of Panchayati Raj in India
9698Jan/31/13 4:54 PMID:1921 -- Nguyen; Ngoc Anh: Foreign direct investment in Vietnam: An overview and analysis the determinants of spatial
9798Jan/31/13 10:33 AMID:35201 -- Lu; Zheng: China's Western Development Strategy: Policies Effects and Prospects
9897Jan/31/13 5:13 AMID:18134 -- Bunea-Bontaş; Cristina Aurora: Arguments for introducing accrual based accounting in the public sector
9995Jan/31/13 7:27 PMID:23392 -- Islahi; Abdul Azim: Dadabhai Naoroji – from economic nationalism to political nationalism
10095Jan/28/13 4:09 PMID:15771 -- Ojo; Marianne: Central bank’s role and involvement in bank regulation: Lender of last resort arrangements
10194Jan/31/13 6:40 AMID:3671 -- Msuya; Elibariki: The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Agricultural Productivity and Poverty Reduction
10294Jan/31/13 2:20 PMID:3803 -- Balogun; Emmanuel Dele: A review of Soludo's perspective of banking sector reforms in Nigeria
10392Jan/31/13 5:20 PMID:40916 -- Islahi; Abdul Azim: Shehu Uthman Dan Fodio and his economic ideas
10492Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:43971 -- Jun; Bogang: The Trade-off between Fertility and Education: Evidence from the Korean Development Path
10591Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:37712 -- Rjumohan; A.: Air pollution:a case study of a cashew nut factory
10691Jan/31/13 7:21 AMID:40192 -- Dinda; Soumyananda: Factors Determining FDI in Nigeria: Role of Emerging Economies
10791Jan/31/13 7:34 PMID:685 -- Moheyuddin; Ghulam: Gender Inequality in Education: Impact on Income Growth and Development
10891Jan/31/13 8:53 AMID:16866 -- SriSubramaniam; Guruswamy: Does India attain self sufficiency in Food production
10990Jan/31/13 4:55 PMID:31654 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Nowe kryteria klasyfikacji małego i średniego przedsiębiorstwa w ustawodawstwie unijnym
11090Jan/31/13 9:27 PMID:7708 -- Islam; Mohammad Shofiqul: Non performing loans - its causes consequences and some learning
11390Jan/31/13 10:18 PMID:9023 -- Ozturk; Ilhan: The role of education in economic development: a theoretical perspective
11489Jan/31/13 8:10 PMID:11142 -- Pires Gonçalves; Ricardo: Consumer Behavior: Product Characteristics and Quality Perception
11588Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:9525 -- Bandyopadhyay; Arindam: Estimating Recovery Rates on Bank’s Historical Loan Loss Data
11688Jan/29/13 3:23 PMID:6285 -- Maravelakis; Petros: Control Charts for the Lognormal Distribution
11786Jan/31/13 10:21 PMID:34095 -- Josheski; Dushko: Causal relationship between wages and prices in UK: VECM analysis and Granger causality te
11885Jan/31/13 7:31 PMID:12547 -- Menon; Sudha Venu: Political Marketing: A Conceptual framework
11985Jan/30/13 8:27 AMID:36694 -- Tendero; Julieta: Hemispheric dominance and language proficiency levels in the four macro skills of Western
12084Jan/31/13 5:52 AMID:2214 -- Wilson; Tetevi Bahun: The Economic Value of Industrial Minerals and Rocks for Developing Countries: A Discussion
12184Jan/31/13 9:39 PMID:5186 -- Hirshleifer; David: Herd Behavior and Cascading in Capital Markets: A Review and Synthesis
12283Jan/31/13 12:46 PMID:19460 -- Shaikh; Salman: Risk Management in Islamic and Conventional Banks: A Differential Analysis
12383Jan/31/13 6:32 PMID:3354 -- Gugushvili; Alexi: The advantages and disadvantages of needs-based resource allocation in integrated health s
12481Jan/31/13 5:01 PMID:43578 -- Schilirò; Daniele: Coopetitive game solutions for the Greek crisis
12581Jan/31/13 10:11 PMID:36469 -- Jeon; Bang Nam: From the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis to the 2008-09 global economic crisis: lessons fro
12681Jan/31/13 8:31 PMID:16059 -- Kamal; Yasir: Pay and Job Satisfaction: A Comparative Analysis of Different Pakistani Commercial Banks
12781Jan/31/13 8:25 AMID:683 -- Moheyuddin; Ghulam: Background Assessment and Analysis of the Gender Issues in Pakistan
12881Jan/31/13 1:56 PMID:25940 -- Kueh; Swee-Hui Jerome: Selected Macroeconomic Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Outflow of Singapore
12981Jan/31/13 8:09 PMID:14350 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: Compositional Analysis of Foreign Currency Reserves in the 1999-2007 Period : The Euro vs.
13080Jan/31/13 3:13 AMID:29722 -- Chandra; Abhijeet: Determinants of Individual Investor Behaviour: An Orthogonal Linear Transformation Approac
13180Jan/31/13 8:08 AMID:6427 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: India’s Economic Growth and the Role of Foreign Direct Investment
13280Jan/31/13 6:50 AMID:22321 -- Abideen; Zain Ul: Effects of television advertising on children: with special reference to pakistani urban c
13380Jan/31/13 10:36 PMID:28197 -- Hagen-Zanker; Jessica: Why do people migrate A review of the theoretical literature
13480Jan/31/13 11:24 AMID:42144 -- Boukhobza; Ali: CVA Wrong Way Risk Hedging and Bermudan Swaption
13580Jan/31/13 9:30 PMID:28149 -- Ojo; Marianne: The role of external auditors in corporate governance: agency problems and the management
13678Jan/31/13 12:51 AMID:1239 -- Kowal; Pawel: A note on differentiating matrices
13778Jan/31/13 6:57 AMID:42416 -- Eagle; David M: Liquidity Traps and the Price (In)Determinacy of Monetary Rules
13878Jan/31/13 9:49 PMID:9457 -- Mottaleb; Khondoker Abdul: Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impact on Economic Growth in Developing
13977Jan/30/13 11:59 PMID:2317 -- Alasrag; Hussien: دور سوق الأوراق المالية فى تنمية الادخار فى مصر
14076Jan/31/13 8:16 PMID:37486 -- Bicchetti; David: The synchronized and long-lasting structural change on commodity markets: evidence from hi
14175Jan/31/13 6:11 PMID:4361 -- Green; Kesten C.: Global warming: Forecasts by scientists versus scientific forecasts
14275Jan/31/13 12:50 PMID:20970 -- Asmy; Mohamed: Effects of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Prices in Malaysia: An Approach of Error Corre
14375Jan/31/13 11:15 AMID:6546 -- Himanshu Sekhar; Rout: HEALTH AND HEALTH ECONOMICS: A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK
14474Jan/30/13 3:14 AMID:42307 -- Lazonick; William: Financialization of the U.S. corporation: what has been lost and how it can be regained
14574Jan/31/13 2:38 PMID:42546 -- Lelkes; Orsolya: Happier and less isolated: internet use in old age
14674Jan/31/13 4:20 PMID:12232 -- Ehrenfeld; Wilfried: Die Neue Ökonomische Geographie
14774Jan/31/13 10:08 PMID:18043 -- Daco; Gregory: Global economy dynamics Panel data approach to spillover effects
14874Jan/31/13 2:38 PMID:13513 -- Greiner; Ben: An Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments
14974Jan/31/13 6:42 PMID:4377 -- Azar; Ofer H.: Behavioral economics and socio-economics journals: A citation-based ranking
15073Jan/31/13 3:42 PMID:14616 -- Suhaila; Mat Kila: Capital Structure and Firm Characteristics: Some Evidence from Malaysian Companies
15173Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:37351 -- Bashir; Jibran: Adding intrapreneurial role in HR business partner model: (an extension in the HR business
15273Jan/31/13 6:00 PMID:12539 -- Mohamed Ibrahim; Shahul Hameed: IFRS vs AAOIFI: The Clash of Standards
15372Jan/30/13 7:40 AMID:4079 -- Alper; C. Emre: The Economics of Uncovered Interest Parity Condition for Emerging Markets: A Survey
15472Jan/31/13 2:43 PMID:20278 -- Ven van de; B.: Strategic and moral motivation for corporate social responsibility
15572Jan/31/13 5:33 PMID:35974 -- SREENILAYAM; DR JOMON MATHEW: The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on India’s External Sector
15672Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:10169 -- Moore; Karl: The Birth of Brand: 4000 Years of Branding History
15772Jan/31/13 3:31 PMID:39816 -- Pasaribu; Rowland Bismark Fernando: Penggunaan Binary Logit untuk Prediksi Financial Distress Perusahaan Yang Tercatat Di Burs
15871Jan/31/13 10:20 PMID:13325 -- Mallick; Debdulal: Marginal and Interaction Effects in Ordered Response Models
15971Jan/31/13 6:04 PMID:18726 -- Aliyu; Shehu Usman Rano: Oil Price Shocks and the Macroeconomy of Nigeria: A Non-linear Approach
16071Jan/31/13 6:52 PMID:11295 -- Abbeloos; Jan-Frederik: Belgium’s Expansionist History between 1870 and 1930: Imperialism and the Globalisation of
16171Jan/31/13 1:31 PMID:43873 -- Mejía Cubillos; Javier: Perfil económico del Eje Cafetero. Un análisis con miras a la competitividad territorial
16271Jan/31/13 9:49 PMID:2147 -- Adepoju; Adenike Adebusola: The Effects of External Debt Management on Sustainable Economic Growth and Development: Le
16370Jan/30/13 10:12 AMID:391 -- Ayub; Mehar: Changing Pattern in World Textile Trade
16470Jan/31/13 8:59 AMID:36233 -- Halkos; George: Ranking agricultural environmental and natural resource economics journals: A note
16569Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:11052 -- Khan; Himayatullah: Natural hazards and disaster management in Pakistan
16669Jan/31/13 4:42 PMID:895 -- Situngkir; Hokky: Value at Risk yang memperhatikan sifat statistika distribusi return
16769Jan/31/13 11:29 AMID:34155 -- Nyamwange; Mathew: Foreign direct investment in Kenya
16869Jan/31/13 8:23 AMID:14751 -- Whitehouse; Edward: Pension systems in 15 countries compared: the value of entitlements
16969Jan/31/13 8:33 PMID:42684 -- Gasiorowska; Agata: Różnice indywidualne jako determinanty postaw wobec pieniędzy
17069Jan/31/13 10:15 AMID:8778 -- Evers; Hans-Dieter: Knowledge hubs and knowledge clusters: Designing a knowledge architecture for development.
17168Jan/31/13 3:51 PMID:37856 -- Malini; Nair: Bhopal Gas Tragedy – A Social Economic Legal and Environmental Analysis
17268Jan/31/13 4:11 PMID:32273 -- Raza; Syed Ali: Role of agriculture in economic growth of Pakistan
17368Jan/30/13 11:17 AMID:10785 -- Sandberg; Åke: Enriching Production: Perspectives on Volvo's Uddevalla plant as an alternative to lean pr
17467Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:6500 -- Agustinus; Prasetyantoko: Foreign Ownership and Firm Financing Constraint in Indonesia
17566Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:32013 -- Moisescu; Ovidiu Ioan: The concept of brand equity - A comparative approach
17666Jan/31/13 8:40 PMID:20142 -- Jha; Rupak Kumar: Social Security System in India: An International Comparative Analysis
17766Jan/30/13 3:04 PMID:25308 -- Yilmaz; Burcu Selin: The Importance of Strategic Stakeholder Management in Tourism Sector: Research on Probable
17866Jan/31/13 7:41 PMID:40134 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Algorithm for construction of portfolio of stocks using Treynor’s ratio
17965Jan/27/13 8:31 PMID:42973 -- Dachs; Bernhard: The Offshoring of Production Activities in European Manufacturing
18065Jan/31/13 5:44 PMID:4475 -- Ponce; Aldo Fernando: Unemployment and Clientelism: The Piqueteros of Argentina
18165Jan/31/13 11:02 AMID:4983 -- Arby; M. Farooq: Structure and Performance of Commercial Banks in Pakistan
18265Jan/27/13 5:37 AMID:11638 -- Jackwerth; Jens Carsten: Recovering Probabilities and Risk Aversion from Option Prices and Realized Returns
18364Jan/31/13 10:24 PMID:1485 -- Bonaglia; Federico: Accelerated Internationalisation by Emerging Multinationals: the Case of White Goods Secto
18464Jan/31/13 9:27 PMID:2230 -- Alasrag; HUSSIEN: سياسات تنمية الاستثمار الأجنبى المباشر الى الدول العربية
18564Jan/31/13 5:10 PMID:41006 -- Balogun; Emmanuel Dele: Poverty and employment impact of trade liberalization in Nigeria: empirical evidence and p
18664Jan/31/13 8:54 PMID:856 -- Siddiqi; Hammad: The social norm of leaving the toilet seat down: A game theoretic analysis
18763Jan/30/13 5:02 PMID:26397 -- Hasan; Zubair: Dubai financial crisis: causes bailout and after - a case study
18863Jan/31/13 10:06 PMID:6085 -- Pandey; Adya Prasad: Labour management relation: A radical deal for industrial peace
18963Jan/31/13 7:02 PMID:8144 -- Beena; S: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Nature Structure and Perf
19063Jan/31/13 3:05 PMID:29972 -- Spruk; Rok: Iceland's Economic and Financial Crisis: Causes Consequences and Implications
19163Jan/31/13 12:08 AMID:22232 -- Ahmad; Mohd. Izhar: Problems and Prospects of Islamic Banking: a case Study of Takaful
19263Jan/30/13 12:01 AMID:36318 -- Van Els; Peter: De baten van een gemeenschappelijke Europese munt
19362Jan/31/13 3:29 PMID:32713 -- Kumbhar; Vijay: Factors affecting on customers’ satisfaction an empirical investigation of ATM service
19462Jan/31/13 7:05 PMID:25337 -- DHANYA; M B: Women empowerment and micro finance : Case study from Kerala
19562Jan/31/13 10:24 PMID:4241 -- Klimczak; Karol Marek: Risk Management Theory: A comprehensive empirical assessment
19661Jan/30/13 5:16 AMID:43189 -- Courgeau; Daniel: Multilevel synthesis. From the group to the individual
19761Jan/31/13 6:44 PMID:39758 -- Klimczuk; Andrzej: Kapitał społeczny ludzi starych na przykładzie mieszkańców miasta Białystok
19861Jan/30/13 5:37 AMID:38853 -- Ávalos; Eloy: Notas sobre el método de la Economía
19961Jan/31/13 10:57 AMID:29749 -- Marques; Maria da Conceição da Costa: The role of cost accounting in the university performance measurement in Portugal
20060Jan/30/13 11:57 PMID:4717 -- Cole; Rebel: Do mergers create or destroy value Evidence from unsuccessful mergers
20160Jan/30/13 7:15 PMID:29427 -- Menji; Sisay: Export Performance and Determinants in Ethiopia
20260Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:39805 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: The impact of ICT on educational performance and its efficiency in selected EU and OECD co
20360Jan/31/13 1:29 PMID:33528 -- Kibritçioğlu; Aykut: Avro Bölgesi Ülkelerindeki Güncel Borç Krizi
20460Jan/31/13 11:41 PMID:13090 -- Ward; David: An Overview of Needs Theories behind Consumerism
20560Jan/31/13 4:17 PMID:21499 -- Antipov; Evgeny: Applying CHAID for logistic regression diagnostics and classification accuracy improvement
20659Jan/31/13 10:59 PMID:20071 -- Estrada; Fernando: Herbert Simon y la economía organizacional
20759Jan/31/13 5:42 PMID:6150 -- Kamat; Manoj: Indian Agriculture in the New Economic Regime 1971-2003: Empirics based on the Cobb Dougl
20859Jan/31/13 9:09 PMID:30365 -- Pillai; Rajasekharan: Design effectiveness and role of visual merchandising in creating customer appeal
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42036Jan/31/13 6:13 PMID:43548 -- Malikane; Christopher: A New Keynesian Triangle Phillips Curve
42136Jan/30/13 9:06 PMID:19274 -- Saboo; Sidharth: Comparison of Post-Merger performance of Acquiring Firms (India) involved in Domestic and
42236Jan/31/13 10:27 AMID:27868 -- Pugalendhi; Subburethina Bharathi: Quality of work life: Perception of college teachers
42336Jan/26/13 2:00 PMID:6810 -- Ciochina; Iuliana: The notion of “SERVICES” in modern economy
42436Jan/30/13 4:22 PMID:14600 -- Weiss; Volkmar: National IQ Means Transformed from Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) S
42536Jan/31/13 2:20 AMID:13561 -- Săvoiu; Gheorghe: The distinct evaluation of information in a new managerial function of information – decis
42636Jan/31/13 6:53 PMID:31204 -- Saikia; Dilip: Trends in agriculture-industry interlinkages in India: pre and post-reform scenario
42736Jan/27/13 9:54 PMID:43294 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Economic Growth Energy Consumption Financial Development International Trade and CO2 Em
42836Jan/31/13 2:48 PMID:24149 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: Twin deficits and the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle: a comparison of the EU member states and c
42936Jan/29/13 8:46 PMID:14980 -- Benzarour; Choukri: إجراءات السياسات الاقتصادية لبرامج التعديل الهيكلي.
43036Jan/30/13 12:57 PMID:41524 -- Enowbi Batuo; Michael: Financial liberalisation Banking Crises and Economic Growth in African Countries
43136Jan/31/13 9:07 PMID:15062 -- Tey; (John) Yeong-Sheng: Demand analyses of rice in Malaysia
43236Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:38163 -- Bobkova; Nina: Corruption investigated in the lab: a survey of the experimental literature
43336Jan/30/13 1:42 PMID:42139 -- iheoma; nonso: Social Spending and Human Development in Selected West African Countries
43436Jan/31/13 7:34 PMID:35335 -- Carfì; David: Balancing pairs of interfering elements
43536Jan/29/13 6:30 AMID:363 -- Ayub; Mehar: Funds Flow Analysis and Determinants of Fixed Assets
43636Jan/31/13 6:46 PMID:32566 -- Guilhoto; Joaquim José Martins: Análise de Insumo-Produto: Teoria e Fundamentos
43835Jan/31/13 12:15 PMID:5494 -- Abbasoğlu; Osman Furkan: Concentration Competition Efficiency and Profitability of the Turkish Banking Sector in
43935Jan/30/13 8:53 PMID:27626 -- M. Affendy; Arip: Commodity-industry classificationproxy: A correspondence table between SITC revision 2 and
44035Jan/31/13 6:53 PMID:31450 -- Nganou; Jean-Pascal: Estimation of the parameters of a linear expenditure system (LES) demand function for a sm
44135Jan/28/13 5:40 PMID:36569 -- Nevin; Rick: Lead Poisoning and The Bell Curve
44235Jan/31/13 5:50 PMID:29290 -- Mukherjee; Dr. Kedar nath: Impact of Futures Trading on Indian Agricultural Commodity Market
44335Jan/31/13 11:01 AMID:33167 -- Waheed; Muhammad: Forward rate unbiased hypothesis risk premium and exchange rate expectations: estimates o
44435Jan/31/13 6:49 PMID:39742 -- Carfì; David: Game theory model for European government bonds market stabilization: a saving-State propo
44535Jan/31/13 9:51 PMID:43348 -- Raghu; P.T.: Use of Contingent Valuation to Assess Farmer Preference for On-farm Conservation of Minor
44635Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:23118 -- Knack; Stephen: Institutions and Economic Performance: Cross-Country Tests Using Alternative Institutional
44735Jan/11/13 9:43 PMID:11829 -- Milanovic; Branko: Political Alternation as a Restraint on Investing in Influence: Evidence from the Post-Com
44835Jan/31/13 6:35 PMID:19619 -- Mitropoulos; Atanasios: Relative indicators of default risk among UK residential mortgages
44935Jan/31/13 6:31 PMID:16254 -- Khan; Abdul Aleem: Determinants oF Recent Inflation in Pakistan
45035Jan/30/13 11:58 AMID:4741 -- Venu Menon; Sudha: Governance leadership and economic growth in Singapore
45135Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:24028 -- Diathesopoulos; Michael: Relational contract theory and management contracts: A paradigm for the application of the
45235Jan/31/13 5:01 PMID:35677 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: A battle between branded and me too brands (unbranded) products
45335Jan/31/13 5:46 PMID:1781 -- Dasgupta; Madhuchhanda: Least absolute deviation estimation of linear econometric models: A literature review
45435Jan/25/13 5:43 PMID:10611 -- Aslan; Alper: Türkiye’de Ekonomik Büyüme ve Turizm İlişkisi Üzerine Ekonometrik Analiz
45535Jan/31/13 5:40 PMID:26996 -- Tran; Tuyen: Industrialization economic and employment structure changes in Vietnam during economic tr
45635Jan/31/13 8:34 PMID:24822 -- Bandyopadhyay; Arindam: Understanding the Effect of Concentration Risk in the Banks’ Credit Portfolio: Indian Case
45735Jan/31/13 3:24 PMID:23030 -- Bhattacharyya; Anushree: India’s Recent Infrastructure Development Initiatives: A Comparative Analysis of South and
45835Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:35797 -- Siyanbola; Willie O.: Determinants of entrepreneurial propensity of Nigerian undergraduates: an empirical assess
45935Jan/30/13 4:52 PMID:36339 -- Georgescu; George: Impactul crizei globale asupra structurii comerţului exterior al României
46035Jan/31/13 10:50 PMID:37293 -- Muritala; Taiwo: Government expenditure and economic development: empirical evidence from Nigeria
46134Jan/31/13 6:12 PMID:43098 -- d'Agostino; Giorgio: Inclusive Institutions Innovation and Economic Growth: Estimates for European Countries
46234Jan/30/13 5:15 PMID:20368 -- Othman; Jamal: Does ASEAN Freer Trade Benefit Malaysia
46334Jan/31/13 11:39 AMID:35561 -- Qian; Hang: Bayesian Portfolio Selection in a Markov Switching Gaussian Mixture Model
46434Jan/31/13 6:45 PMID:9290 -- Khan; Haider: Challenges for Sustainable Development: Rapid Urbanization Poverty and Capabilities in Ba
46534Jan/31/13 6:37 PMID:4075 -- Sfia; Mohamed Daly: Le choix du régime de change pour les économies émergentes
46634Jan/30/13 11:41 PMID:854 -- Glinavos; Ioannis: An Introduction to International Factoring & Project Finance
46734Jan/29/13 8:11 PMID:35006 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Long-term investors and valuation-based asset allocation
46834Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:29672 -- Feige; Edgar L.: America’s Underground Economy: Measuring the Size Growth and Determinants of Income Tax E
46934Jan/30/13 12:24 PMID:13962 -- Dahl; Carol A.: A survey of energy demand elasticities in support of the development of the NEMS
47034Jan/30/13 5:01 PMID:29142 -- Beria; Paolo: A comparison of rail liberalisation levels across four European countries
47134Jan/31/13 3:24 PMID:2010 -- Pagiola; Stefano: Payments for Environmental Services in Costa Rica
47234Jan/30/13 3:04 PMID:1175 -- Bonpasse; Morrison: The Single Global Currency: Common Cents for the World
47334Jan/31/13 5:07 AMID:14722 -- Shirai; Sayuri: The Impact of the US Subprime Mortgage Crisis on the World and East Asia
47434Jan/31/13 1:16 AMID:15395 -- Fiorani; Filo: Option Pricing Under the Variance Gamma Process
47534Jan/30/13 7:35 PMID:43729 -- Akhter; Tahsina: Short-Term Forecasting of Inflation in Bangladesh with Seasonal ARIMA Processes
47634Jan/31/13 10:45 PMID:8156 -- Bastos; Joao: Credit scoring with boosted decision trees
47734Jan/31/13 2:10 AMID:16590 -- Grancay; Martin: The economic impacts of air transport liberalization
47834Jan/31/13 9:05 PMID:13287 -- Ehrenfeld; Wilfried: Weltwirtschaftkrise und New-Economy-Crash: Parallelen und Unterschiede
47934Jan/31/13 1:50 PMID:2912 -- Pousttchi; Key: Conditions for acceptance and usage of mobile payment procedures
48034Jan/31/13 8:19 PMID:29001 -- Carfì; David: Reactivity in decision-form games
48134Jan/29/13 1:27 PMID:43459 -- Muravyev; Alexander: К вопросу о классификации российских журналов по экономике и смежным дисциплинам
48234Jan/31/13 7:52 PMID:2925 -- Pousttchi; Key: A Contribution to Theory Building for Mobile Marketing: Categorizing Mobile Marketing Camp
48334Jan/31/13 4:59 AMID:7851 -- Okumu; Ibrahim M.: Socioeconomic determinants of primary school dropout: the logistic model analysis
48434Jan/31/13 4:56 PMID:3567 -- Bismut; Sophie: Competition in European Telecom Markets
48534Jan/31/13 3:13 PMID:43543 -- Zhou; Xiangyi: Gender Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from 19 130 Resumes in China
48634Jan/30/13 8:46 AMID:171 -- Kumar; Sudesh: Development of Industrial Cluster
48734Jan/31/13 10:20 PMID:23520 -- Orkodashvili; Mariam: Quality education through Child-Friendly Schools: resource allocation for the protection o
48834Jan/28/13 11:58 AMID:43827 -- Rubil; Ivica: Accounting for regional poverty differences in Croatia: Exploring the role of disparities
48934Jan/31/13 8:06 PMID:38084 -- Mulaj; Isa: The geopolitics in the spheres of influence domination and overrule: towards a new world
49034Jan/30/13 4:40 PMID:41974 -- Amavilah; Voxi Heinrich: Baumol Panzar and Willig’s Theory of Contestable Markets and Industry Structure: A Summa
49133Jan/31/13 8:26 PMID:43752 -- Zhou; Ang: Research on Aquaculture in China
49233Jan/29/13 3:12 PMID:40689 -- Niazi; Ghulam Shabbir Khan: Effective advertising and its influence on consumer buying behavior
49333Jan/29/13 5:57 PMID:43627 -- Simbanegavi; Witness: Testing for competition in the South African banking sector
49433Jan/31/13 3:57 AMID:36568 -- Esiyok; Bulent: Determinants of foreign direct investment in Turkey: a panel study approach
49533Jan/31/13 8:35 PMID:38434 -- Bai; Jushan: Identification and estimation of dynamic factor models
49633Jan/31/13 6:34 PMID:11473 -- Falnita; Eugen: A multiple regression model for inflation rate in Romania in the enlarged EU
49733Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:32017 -- Moisescu; Ovidiu Ioan: A conceptual analysis of brand evaluation
49833Jan/30/13 12:45 PMID:41413 -- Demachi; Kazue: The effect of crude oil price change and volatility on Nigerian economy
49933Jan/31/13 8:25 AMID:24437 -- Herani; Gobind M.: A brief report of research activities of Indus Institute of Higher Eduction (IIHE) Karachi
50033Jan/29/13 5:48 PMID:43234 -- Tainsky; Scott: Further Examination of Potential Discrimination Among MLB Umpires
50133Jan/30/13 8:11 PMID:20964 -- Azar; Ofer H.: Do soccer players play the mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium
50233Jan/30/13 8:50 PMID:10809 -- Islam; Rafikul: Ranking of employees' reward and recognition approaces: A Malaysian Perspective
50333Jan/31/13 9:38 AMID:2638 -- Quibria; M.G.: Growth and Poverty: Lessons from the East Asian Miracle Revisited
50433Jan/31/13 6:46 AMID:32381 -- S. M. Woahid; Murad: The trends of labor market in Bangladesh and its determinants
50533Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:31826 -- Awan; Masood Sarwar: Impact of education on poverty reduction
50633Jan/31/13 4:21 PMID:36219 -- Topor; Dan Ioan: The role of management accounting in providing Information for making decision within an e
50733Jan/31/13 7:46 PMID:34901 -- Carfì; David: Game complete analysis for financial markets stabilization
50833Jan/31/13 7:47 AMID:6086 -- Pandey; Adya Prasad: Indian SMEs and their uniqueness in the country
50933Jan/30/13 8:54 AMID:43518 -- Hamzah; Siti Nur Zahara: The Role of Social Factors in Explaining Crime
51033Jan/31/13 1:51 PMID:9915 -- Liew; Venus Khim-Sen: Does Hysteresis in Unemployment Occur in OECD Countries Evidence from Parametric and Non-
51133Jan/31/13 4:34 AMID:1119 -- Krawczyk; Jacek: NIRA-3: An improved MATLAB package for finding Nash equilibria in infinite games
51233Jan/31/13 7:35 AMID:13560 -- Săvoiu; Gheorghe: Economic indicators used for EU projects in other criteria of aggregation than national /
51333Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:1359 -- Garrido Azevedo; Susana: The Role of Logistics' Information and Communication Technologies in Promoting Competitive
51432Jan/29/13 5:46 PMID:30230 -- Muravyev; Alexander: О российской экономической науке сквозь призму публикаций российских ученых в отечественны
51532Jan/31/13 1:36 AMID:4316 -- Heng; Stefan: Implications of Web 2.0 for financial institutions: Be a driver not a passenger
51632Jan/31/13 3:37 AMID:43778 -- P.; Srinivasan: Determinants of Foreign Institutional Investment in India: An Empirical Analysis
51732Jan/31/13 10:16 AMID:7410 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Sovereign Credit Ratings Before and After Financial Crises
51832Jan/31/13 6:56 AMID:26807 -- Freeman; Alan: Investing In Civilization
51932Jan/31/13 11:48 AMID:43467 -- Halkos; George: Programming identification criteria in simultaneous equation models
52032Jan/31/13 7:55 PMID:42991 -- Fullerton; Thomas M.; Jr.: International trade and economic growth in Mexico
52132Jan/31/13 7:59 PMID:42008 -- Carone; Giuseppe: Cost-containment policies in public pharmaceutical spending in the EU
52232Jan/31/13 7:18 AMID:41231 -- Raihan; Selim: Backward and Forward Linkages of the Textile and Clothing Industry in India Bangladesh an
52332Jan/30/13 3:42 PMID:11013 -- Munro; John H.: South German silver European textiles and Venetian trade with the Levant and Ottoman Emp
52432Jan/31/13 4:53 PMID:12879 -- Herrmann; Michael: Environmental pressures and rural-urban migration: The case of Bangladesh
52532Jan/30/13 12:02 PMID:4477 -- Bar-Eli; Michael: Action bias among elite soccer goalkeepers: The case of penalty kicks
52732Jan/30/13 9:29 PMID:43731 -- Zhou; Song: The macroeconomic and financial effects of oil price shocks
52832Jan/31/13 8:07 PMID:32036 -- Carfì; David: A non-linear coopetitive game for global green economy
52932Jan/28/13 3:39 PMID:42451 -- Luis Manuel; García Muñoz: Collateral choice and the fundamental theorem of asset pricing
53032Jan/31/13 1:59 PMID:27926 -- Baumöhl; Eduard: Stationarity of time series and the problem of spurious regression
53132Jan/31/13 4:00 AMID:17452 -- Reinhart; Carmen: This Time It’s Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly-Chapter 1
53232Jan/29/13 9:39 AMID:27978 -- Lucarelli; Stefano: Dalla rendita materiale alla rendita immateriale: continuità o rottura teorica
53332Jan/31/13 2:40 PMID:2055 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Money Inflation and Growth in Pakistan
53432Jan/30/13 10:09 PMID:19181 -- Ghosh; Jayati: Migration and gender empowerment: Recent trends and emerging issues
53532Jan/30/13 9:48 PMID:9499 -- Herrmann; Michael: Rapid urbanization employment crisis and poverty in African LDCs:A new development strate
53632Jan/30/13 5:00 PMID:40103 -- van den Berg; Vincent A.C.: Auctions for private congestible infrastructures
53732Jan/31/13 10:02 PMID:10108 -- Schubert; Samuel R.: Being rich in energy resources – a blessing or a curse
53832Jan/30/13 8:34 PMID:4600 -- León Díaz; John Jairo: Keynesianismo Poskeynesianismo y Nuevokeynesianismo: ¿Tres doctrinas diferentes y una sól
53932Jan/31/13 12:22 PMID:21772 -- Estrada; Fernando: Game theory on strategic communication: an approach from Thomas S. Schelling
54032Jan/31/13 5:34 PMID:34393 -- Stavarek; Daniel: Theory of financial integration and achievements in the European Union
54132Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:43157 -- Nistor; Filip: Strategic Alliances in Container Lines
54232Jan/30/13 3:51 PMID:32153 -- Musso; Fabio: Foreign markets entry mode decision for SMEs. Key factors and role of industrial districts
54332Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:3817 -- Adebiyi; Michael Adebayo: An Evaluation of Foreign Exchange Intervention and Monetary Aggregates in Nigeria (1986- 2
54432Jan/31/13 10:50 PMID:20815 -- Sarafidis; Vasilis: Cross-sectional Dependence in Panel Data Analysis
54531Jan/31/13 12:09 PMID:35496 -- Masud; Abdul Kaium: CSR practices of private commercial bank's in Bangladesh: A comparative study
54631Jan/27/13 11:17 AMID:42220 -- Bockerman; Petri: Stature and life-time labor market outcomes: Accounting for unobserved differences
54731Jan/31/13 8:05 PMID:28971 -- Carfì; David: Mixed extensions of decision-form games
54831Jan/31/13 6:15 PMID:43393 -- Chen; Yongmin: Beyond price discrimination: welfare under differential pricing when costs also differ
54931Jan/31/13 4:45 PMID:4991 -- Hassani; Hossein: Singular Spectrum Analysis: Methodology and Comparison
55031Jan/31/13 7:54 PMID:29506 -- Giacomin; Olivier: Opportunity and/or necessity entrepreneurship The impact of the socio-economic characteri
55131Jan/31/13 12:33 PMID:43750 -- Wang; Dong: Analysis on Conflicts of China’s Coal Tax Reform
55231Jan/30/13 9:33 PMID:40666 -- Mishra; SK: Global optimization of some difficult benchmark functions by cuckoo-host co-evolution meta
55331Jan/31/13 3:33 AMID:26937 -- Rashid; Abdul: Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Performance: Testing for Dynamic Linkages with a
55431Jan/31/13 8:18 PMID:31307 -- Carfì; David: Fibrations of financial events
55531Jan/31/13 1:44 PMID:2159 -- McCauley; Joseph l.: Thermodynamic analogies in economics and finance: instability of markets
55631Jan/31/13 10:44 PMID:35976 -- Munir; Kashif: Measuring the effects of monetary policy in Pakistan: A factor augmented vector autoregres
55731Jan/31/13 9:36 AMID:38584 -- Muthupandian; K S: Measurement of passengers service quality in public transportation: servqual analysis
55831Jan/31/13 11:57 AMID:9601 -- K P; Kannan: Social Security in India: The Long Lane Treaded and the Longer Road Ahead Towards Universa
55931Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:18095 -- Goh; Soo Khoon: Is Productivity Linked To Wages An Empirical Investigation in Malaysia
56031Jan/30/13 8:47 PMID:14469 -- Baldacchino; Godfrey: A Search for a Measure of the Quality of Life on Prince Edward Island: An Inter-Provincial
56131Jan/31/13 7:23 PMID:40790 -- Bitan Mondal; Bitan Mondal: Impact of ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement on Indian Dairy Trade: A Quantitative Approach
56231Jan/31/13 9:50 PMID:25532 -- Maryatmo; Rogatianus: Pengaruh Jangka Pendek dan Jangka Panjang Perubahan Suku Bunga dan Kurs Rupiah Terhadap Ha
56331Jan/31/13 2:38 PMID:16417 -- Orkodashvili; Mariam: Higher Education Funding Issues: U.S. / UK Comparison
56431Jan/30/13 6:54 AMID:43834 -- Baumöhl; Eduard: Stock market integration between the CEE-4 and the G7 markets: Asymmetric DCC and smooth t
56531Jan/30/13 4:51 PMID:37551 -- Beja; Jr.; Edsel: Who is happier: The housewife or working wife
56631Jan/30/13 1:01 PMID:43390 -- Pavlyuk; Dmitry: Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Spatial Stochastic Frontier Models
56731Jan/31/13 8:20 PMID:29243 -- Carfì; David: Optimal boundaries for decisions
56831Jan/31/13 4:55 AMID:578 -- Rubio; Fernando: Estructura de financiamiento: ¿cuánta deuda debería incorporar en mi empresa
56931Jan/31/13 10:03 PMID:35275 -- Abraham; Vinoj: Agrarian distress and rural non-farm sector employment in India
57031Jan/31/13 4:38 PMID:43509 -- Coleman; Stephen: Diffusion and Spatial Equilibrium of a Social Norm: Voting Participation in the United Sta
57131Jan/31/13 7:47 PMID:32099 -- Carfì; David: An Algorithm for payoff space in C1 parametric games
57231Jan/31/13 6:49 PMID:37822 -- Carfì; David: Optimal participation in illegitimate market activities: complete analysis of 2-dimensiona
57331Jan/31/13 1:50 PMID:9801 -- L; lakshmanan: Competitiveness of India's Manufacturing Sector: An Assessment of Related Issues
57430Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:36498 -- Asalatha; B. P.: ‘One hen’ or ‘a basket of bangles’: women development and micro-credit in Tamil Nadu
57530Jan/30/13 8:17 PMID:25372 -- Nistor; Costel: International Navigation Market
57630Jan/31/13 2:00 AMID:5250 -- Blecker; Thorsten: Variety Management in Assemble-to-Order Supply Chains
57730Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:21054 -- McCloskey; Deirdre Nansen: Commerce in Braudel and the Marxists
57830Jan/29/13 7:26 PMID:28821 -- Gavazza; Alessandro: Leasing and Secondary Markets: Theory and Evidence from Commercial Aircraft
57930Jan/30/13 3:54 PMID:22941 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth and Poverty: Evidence from Pakistan
58030Jan/29/13 8:00 AMID:43496 -- Piper; Alan T.: A Happiness Test of Human Capital Theory
58130Jan/31/13 4:44 PMID:38202 -- Vuong Quoc; Duy: Determinants of household access to formal credit in the rural areas of the Mekong Delta
58230Jan/31/13 9:03 PMID:31667 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Wymiary europeizacji i jej kontekst
58330Jan/30/13 1:39 PMID:41516 -- Halkos; George: Evaluating professional tennis players’ career performance: A Data Envelopment Analysis ap
58430Jan/30/13 7:57 PMID:38614 -- Urakami; Kiyoshi: Outsourcing and corporate social responsibility : Apple in China
58530Jan/31/13 5:47 AMID:40661 -- Akhtar; Muhammad Naeem: Relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality of islamic banks
58630Jan/31/13 4:02 PMID:43723 -- Hirota; Haruaki: Does local council size affect land development expenditure Quasi-experimental evidence f
58730Jan/30/13 2:09 PMID:34398 -- Elasrag; Hussein: تفعيل دور التمويل الإسلامي في تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة
58830Jan/31/13 8:36 PMID:17136 -- Obeng; George Yaw: Solar PV rural electrification and energy-poverty: A review and conceptual framework with
58930Jan/31/13 9:32 PMID:40796 -- Nyanjong'; Oyugi Johana: Analysis of efficiency in sugarcane production: the case of men and women headed household
59030Jan/31/13 8:30 PMID:3871 -- Kabir; ASM: Sanguinity and aspiration toward South Asian Regional integration: a case study of the Sou
59130Jan/31/13 9:46 AMID:23586 -- Wanchoo; Rajat: Logistics Outsourcing: Change from a service-provider to a business partner and Leveraging
59230Jan/30/13 7:44 PMID:8504 -- Brambila Macias; Jose: Modeling the Informal Economy in Mexico. A Structural Equation Approach
59330Jan/31/13 1:24 AMID:19627 -- Mazumdar; Surajit: Crony Capitalism and India: Before and After Liberalization
59430Jan/31/13 9:57 PMID:29667 -- kainth; Dr .Gursharan Singh: Job Satisfaction: A Challenging Area of Research in Education
59530Jan/31/13 4:39 AMID:24756 -- murhadi; werner R.: Good Corporate Governance And Earnings Management Practices: An Indonesian Cases
59630Jan/31/13 2:26 PMID:6650 -- Shafaeddin; Mehdi: From Export Promotion To Import Substitution; Comparative Experience of China and Mexico
59730Jan/31/13 3:49 PMID:9758 -- He; Dong: Resolving Non-performing Assets of the Indian Banking System
59830Jan/31/13 4:56 PMID:3808 -- Nicodeme; Gaetan: Computing effective corporate tax rates: comparisons and results
59930Jan/24/13 9:50 AMID:34312 -- Halkos; George: Kuznets curve and environmental performance: evidence from China
60030Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:30344 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: Foreign assistance and economic growth: evidence from Pakistan 1972 - 2010
60130Jan/31/13 6:29 PMID:37882 -- Raihan; Selim: Infrastructure and Growth and Poverty in Bangladesh
60230Jan/31/13 4:52 PMID:352 -- Frimpong; Joseph Magnus: Bounds testing approach: an examination of foreign direct investment trade and growth re
60330Jan/31/13 11:09 PMID:29750 -- Ballinger; Clint: Why Geographic Factors are Necessary in Development Studies
60430Jan/31/13 8:27 PMID:39229 -- Nath; Golaka: Estimating term structure changes using principal component analysis in Indian sovereign b
60530Jan/30/13 10:37 PMID:26975 -- Matei; Lucica: Proceedings“Regulation and Best Practices in Public and Nonprofit Marketing”
60630Jan/31/13 2:08 AMID:8304 -- Carretta; Alessandro: Corporate culture and shareholder value in banking industry
60730Jan/31/13 9:28 PMID:42177 -- Atif; Syed Muhammad: Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of OECD Countries
60830Jan/31/13 5:54 PMID:29497 -- Ahmad; Nor Hayati Bt: Measuring Islamic banks efficiency: the case of world Islamic banking sectors
60930Jan/31/13 4:43 PMID:12604 -- Alasrag; Hussien: تأثير الأزمة المالية العالمية على الاقتصاد المصرى
61030Jan/31/13 1:59 AMID:43276 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: The rhetoric of failure: a hyper-dialog about method in economics and how to get things go
61129Jan/30/13 3:58 PMID:38975 -- Govori; Arbiana: Measuring and managing the impact of risk on organizations: The Case of Kosovo
61229Jan/30/13 3:23 PMID:10595 -- Brion; Sébastien: What impacts more on innovation : Organizational context or individual competences
61329Jan/31/13 10:51 AMID:23568 -- Böhme; Enrico: Comparing Monopoly and Duopoly on a Two-Sided Market without Product Differentiation
61429Jan/30/13 10:55 PMID:15000 -- Karimi; Mohammad sharif: Location decision for foreign direct investment in ASEAN countries (A TOPSIS Approach)
61529Jan/31/13 9:05 PMID:30062 -- Molnar; Maria: Income distribution in Romania
61629Jan/31/13 6:04 PMID:33505 -- Beleva; Iskra: The EU labour market crisis and recovery policies. The Bulgarian response to the crisis
61729Jan/27/13 10:23 AMID:19498 -- Al Janabi; Mazin A. M.: Asset Market Liquidity Risk Management: A Generalized Theoretical Modeling Approach for Tr
61829Jan/28/13 4:49 PMID:5470 -- Rohrbeck; Rene: Making university-industry collaboration work - a case study on the Deutsche Telekom Labor
61929Jan/30/13 8:21 PMID:14551 -- Gabriele; Alberto: The Role of the State in China's Industrial Development: a Reassesment
62029Jan/31/13 2:06 AMID:22461 -- Mariolis; Theodore: Κριτική Έκθεση του 'Νόμου της Πτωτικής Τάσης του Ποσοστού Κέρδους' του K. Marx: Κατανομή Ε
62129Jan/29/13 11:44 PMID:25198 -- Huang; Songshan (Sam): Measuring Tourism motivation: Do Scales matter
62229Jan/30/13 10:34 AMID:10888 -- Wadood; Syed Naimul: The Public-Private University Debate in the Higher Education Sector in Bangladesh
62329Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:27664 -- Dinh; Tran Ngoc Huy: A Set of Limited Asian Pacific Corporate Governance Standards After Financial Crisis Corp
62429Jan/31/13 11:47 PMID:17630 -- Vanhaute; Eric: From famine to food crisis. What history can teach us about local and global subsistence c
62529Jan/31/13 11:44 PMID:12990 -- Torrisi; Gianpiero: Public infrastructure: definition classification and measurement issues
62629Jan/28/13 3:01 PMID:349 -- Lupia; Arthur: How Elitism Undermines the Study of Voter Competence
62729Jan/30/13 3:46 PMID:12752 -- Bacha; Obiyathulla I.: Derivative Instruments and Islamic Finance: Some Thoughts for a Reconsideration
62829Jan/31/13 7:50 PMID:32035 -- Carfì; David: Coopetitive games and global green economy
62929Jan/31/13 1:20 PMID:43777 -- Ratti; Ronald A: Why are crude oil prices high when global activity is weak
63029Jan/31/13 3:06 AMID:35286 -- Dorel; Dusmanescu: The role of information systems in human resource management
63129Jan/31/13 7:52 AMID:43861 -- Herrera Gómez; Marcos: Detecting dependence between spatial processes
63229Jan/31/13 10:02 PMID:24865 -- Balisacan; Arsenio M.: THE rice problem in the Philippines: trends constraints and policy imperatives
63329Jan/30/13 9:21 AMID:43669 -- Spencer; Thomas: The political economy of Australia’s climate change and clean energy legislation: lessons
63429Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:41237 -- Fotoh; Alexander Achia: Exceptions to and the Fate of the Most – Favoured – Nation Treatment Obligation under the
63529Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:40951 -- Böhme; Enrico: Second-Degree Price Discrimination on Two-Sided Markets
63629Jan/30/13 6:10 AMID:36172 -- Subhani; Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz: Impact of Fiscal Policy on the Economy of Pakistan
63729Jan/31/13 3:36 AMID:42046 -- Cizakca; Murat: Finance and economic development in Islam historical perspective
63829Jan/31/13 7:50 PMID:31303 -- Carfì; David: Financial Lie groups
63929Jan/31/13 7:18 PMID:35104 -- Mo; Pak Hung: International Human Trafficking: Theory and Solution
64029Jan/31/13 6:33 AMID:40626 -- Teymourzadeh; Rozita: An Improved Recursive and Non-recursive Comb Filter for DSP Applications
64129Jan/31/13 9:09 AMID:34049 -- Haque; Nadeem: Rethinking connectivity as interactivity: a case study of Pakistan
64229Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:38925 -- Chani; Muhammad Irfan: Human capital formation and economic development in Pakistan: an empirical analysis
64328Jan/31/13 9:31 PMID:33530 -- Awojobi; Omotola: Microfinancing for Poverty Reduction and Economic Development; a Case for Nigeria
64428Jan/30/13 7:46 PMID:22708 -- Rehana; Fowzia: An Empirical Study on Audit Expectation Gap: Role of Auditing Education in Bangladesh.
64528Jan/31/13 2:07 PMID:33776 -- Sarker; Debnarayan: Flower farming and flower marketing in West Bengal : a study of efficiency and sustainabil
64628Jan/31/13 10:21 AMID:43622 -- Dezhina; Irina: Partnering universities and companies in Russia: effects of new government initiative
64728Jan/30/13 5:42 PMID:43038 -- Bedi; Jatinder: Cross-Validation of production and consumption data of fruits and vegetables
64828Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:8669 -- Tournemaine; Frederic: Status fertility growth and the great transition
64928Jan/31/13 3:20 PMID:41145 -- Lord; Montague J.: Mapping the Organic Vegetable Value Chain along the East West Economic Corridor
65028Jan/31/13 8:19 PMID:29009 -- Carfì; David: Decision-form games
65128Jan/30/13 6:43 AMID:41216 -- Malhotra; Madhuri Malhotra: Liquidity changes around bonus and rights issue announcements: Evidence from manufacturing
65228Jan/30/13 6:21 PMID:40159 -- Lin; Eric S.: Military Spending and Inequality: Panel Granger Causality Test
65328Jan/31/13 10:21 AMID:737 -- Feridun; Mete: Long-Run Relationship between Economic Growth and Stock Returns: An Empirical Investigatio
65428Jan/31/13 5:40 AMID:15003 -- Mahmud; Muhammad: Economic Factors Influencing Corporate Capital Structure in Three Asian Countries: Evidenc
65528Jan/31/13 5:05 PMID:31795 -- Le; Thai-Ha: Oil and gold: correlation or causation
65628Jan/31/13 4:20 AMID:28679 -- Viviani; Carlo: The Italian Position in the Energy and Climate Change Negotiations
65728Jan/31/13 7:43 PMID:1658 -- M N; Murty: Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Delhi Metro
65828Jan/31/13 8:17 PMID:26541 -- Carfì; D.: Coopetitive game solutions for the eurozone economy
65928Jan/31/13 8:42 AMID:19779 -- Jais; Mohamad: Dividend Announcements and Stock Market Reaction
66028Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:36750 -- Nguyen; Cuong: Do Minimum Wage Increases Cause Inflation Evidence from Vietnam
66128Jan/30/13 9:03 PMID:29448 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Revisiting the Fisher and Statman Study on Market Timing
66228Jan/30/13 1:08 PMID:43810 -- Sridhar; Kala S.: India’s urban environment: air and water pollution and pollution abatement
66328Jan/27/13 6:24 PMID:6534 -- Haase; Fee-Alexandra: “Parallel Worlds“. Clusters for a Theory of Concepts of Communications. Historical Intercu
66428Jan/30/13 1:25 AMID:27132 -- Vipin chandran; K.P: Health and nutrition profile of children in rural Kerala: A call for an action
66528Jan/29/13 2:27 PMID:43460 -- Saleheen; Khan: Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Kazakhstan: Fresh Evidence from a Multivari
66628Jan/31/13 6:21 AMID:17367 -- Popp; Alexandru W. A.: An understanding of influence on human behavior
66728Jan/31/13 10:25 AMID:17585 -- Guifu; Chen: Formal Employment Informal Employment and Income Differentials in Urban China
66828Jan/28/13 5:13 PMID:43582 -- Van Leeuwen; Bas: Regional human capital in Republican and New China: Its spread quality and effects on eco
66928Jan/31/13 7:31 PMID:41486 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Prediction for the 2012 United States Presidential Election using Multiple Regression Mode
67028Jan/29/13 7:02 AMID:9352 -- Termos; Ali: Capital Investment as Real Options: A Note on Dixit-Pindyck Model.
67128Jan/31/13 5:24 AMID:21311 -- Popov; Vladimir: Mortality Crisis in Russia Revisited: Evidence from Cross-Regional Comparison
67228Jan/31/13 4:32 AMID:2954 -- Leitão; João: CSR and Social Marketing: What is the desired role for Universities in fostering Public Po
67328Jan/30/13 5:46 PMID:38721 -- Darmadi; Salim: Board diversity and firm performance: the Indonesian evidence
67428Jan/30/13 3:10 PMID:40676 -- Hunjra; Ahmed Imran: Relationship between decision making styles and consumer behavior
67528Jan/31/13 8:04 PMID:1382 -- Nguyen; Anh: Relative pay and job satisfaction: some new evidence
67628Jan/30/13 2:17 PMID:3361 -- Zammit; Robert: Japanese quantitative easing: The effects and constraints of anti-deflationary monetary ex
67728Jan/31/13 9:46 PMID:17015 -- Nayak; Purusottam: Human Development Reports on North-East India: A Bird’s Eye View
67828Jan/30/13 12:54 PMID:874 -- Mishra; SK: Global Optimization by Particle Swarm Method:A Fortran Program
67928Jan/31/13 11:44 PMID:20236 -- Ahamad; Mazbahul Golam: Determinants of and the Relationship between FDI and Economic Growth in Bangladesh
68028Jan/31/13 11:33 AMID:2068 -- Mersland; Roy: Microcredit for self-employed disabled persons in developing countries
68128Jan/30/13 3:45 PMID:25480 -- Abhijeet; Chandra: Does Government Expenditure on Education Promote Economic Growth An Econometric Analysis
68228Jan/31/13 12:15 PMID:31650 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Wsparcie finansowe rozwoju małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw
68327Jan/30/13 9:15 PMID:32407 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: Dünya’da ve Türkiye’de İktisat Bölümleri ve İktisatçılar Sıralaması
68427Jan/31/13 4:19 PMID:2202 -- Khan; M. Ali Khan: Perfect Competition
68527Jan/31/13 9:22 PMID:25286 -- Brida; Juan Gabriel: The Tourism-led Growth Hypothesis: Empirical Evidence from Colombia
68627Jan/28/13 10:46 AMID:37244 -- Simeonova-Ganeva; Ralitsa: Влияние на човешкия капитал върху икономическия растеж (България 1949-2005 г.)
68727Jan/30/13 7:49 PMID:2244 -- Dorosh; Paul: Wheat Markets and Price Stabilisation in Pakistan: An Analysis of Policy Options
68827Jan/31/13 5:02 PMID:23180 -- Pitelis; Christos: Edith Penrose’s ‘The Theory of the Growth of the Firm’ Fifty Years Later
68927Jan/31/13 10:47 PMID:29983 -- Chinmay; Tumbe: Remittances in India: Facts and Issues
69027Jan/31/13 5:27 AMID:40780 -- Hollow; Matthew: Pre-1900 utopian visions of the ‘cashless society’
69127Jan/31/13 4:19 PMID:34209 -- Supardi; Azizan: Performance bond: conditional or unconditional
69227Jan/30/13 5:09 PMID:13932 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Debt intolerance
69327Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:1153 -- Candau; Fabien: The Spatial and Public Economics of Regions a Theoretical and Empirical Survey
69427Jan/31/13 5:48 AMID:24336 -- Rosique; Francisco: The Determinants of Corporate Growth
69527Jan/31/13 8:15 AMID:40332 -- Angyal (Apolzan); Carmen-Maria: Stock Market Cycles and Future Trend Estimation
69627Jan/31/13 1:31 PMID:9877 -- Haveman; Robert: The Revenue Maximization Oligopoly Model: Comment
69727Jan/28/13 1:32 PMID:43828 -- P.; Srinivasan: Exchange Rate Volatility and Export Growth in India: An Empirical Investigation
69827Jan/30/13 8:05 PMID:39169 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Choosing a retirement income strategy: a new evaluation framework
69927Jan/31/13 1:41 PMID:28222 -- Shahbaz; Muhammad: Financial development and income inequality in Pakistan: An application of ARDL approach
70027Jan/31/13 12:44 PMID:31707 -- Pfarr; Christian: Discrete-Choice-Experimente zur Ermittlung der Präferenzen für Umverteilung
70127Jan/31/13 5:10 AMID:4118 -- Tatom; John: Deficits and the Economy: All Deficits Are Not Created Equal
70227Jan/31/13 3:23 PMID:36811 -- Halkos; George: Importance and influence of organizational changes on companies and their employees
70327Jan/31/13 8:18 PMID:29262 -- Carfì; David: Non-reactive strategies in decision-form games
70427Jan/31/13 1:15 PMID:42301 -- Timerga; Genanew: Statistical analysis of saving habits of employees: a case study at Debre Birhan Town in N
70527Jan/28/13 4:59 PMID:41990 -- Gul; Tayyeba Gul: Impact of Terrorism on Financial Markets of Pakistan (2006-2008)
70627Jan/30/13 9:04 AMID:31295 -- Bojeşteanu; Elena: Analiza empirică a sincronizării ciclului de afaceri şi a similarităţii şocurilor între Ro
70727Jan/30/13 7:39 PMID:29958 -- Schneider; Stefan: Power Spot Price Models with negative Prices
70827Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:18517 -- Hossain; Sharif M.: South Asian Free Trade Area: Implications for Bangladesh
70927Jan/31/13 2:40 PMID:42854 -- Fulli-Lemaire; Nicolas: Alternative Inflation Hedging Portfolio Strategies: Going Forward Under Immoderate Macroec
71027Jan/31/13 10:50 AMID:14862 -- ciumag; marin: The Indicators from the Financial Structure of the Balance Sheet
71127Jan/28/13 7:32 PMID:1546 -- Rao; B. Bhaskara: Cointegration structural breaks and the demand for money in Bangladesh
71227Jan/23/13 7:13 PMID:42488 -- Ventosa-Santaulària; Daniel: Is the real effective exchange rate biased against the PPP hypothesis
71327Jan/31/13 9:49 PMID:43616 -- Cavallari; Lilia: Business cycle determinants of US foreign direct investments
71427Jan/30/13 8:55 AMID:43181 -- Albin; Thaarcis: Did liberal eonomic regime contribute to the growth performance of the manufacturing secto
71527Jan/30/13 4:22 PMID:42458 -- Michelson; Hope C.: Small farmers NGOs and a Walmart World: Welfare effects of supermarkets operating in Nic
71627Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:37873 -- Gulam Hassan; Mohamed Aslam: Political Economy of The Budgetary Process in Malaysia
71727Jan/29/13 6:12 PMID:18102 -- Islahi; Abdul Azim: Thirty years of research in the history of Islamic economic thought:Assessment and future
71827Jan/31/13 6:33 AMID:42114 -- Zhang; Cathy: An Information-Based Theory of International Currency
71927Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:23455 -- Baafi Antwi; Joseph: Ghana's Economic Growth in perspective: A time series approach to Convergence and Growth D
72027Jan/31/13 4:22 AMID:15817 -- Brata; Aloysius Gunadi: Does Geographic Factors Determine Local Economic Development
72127Jan/31/13 1:02 PMID:25845 -- Evers; Hans-Dieter: Knowledge cluster formation in Peninsular Malaysia: The emergence of an epistemic landscap
72227Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:2714 -- Young; Andrew: Sigma Convergence versus Beta Convergence: Evidence from U.S. County-Level Data
72327Jan/31/13 8:07 AMID:390 -- Nien; Benjamin Chih-Chien: Study on Applications of Supply and Demand Theory of Microeconomics and Physics Field Theo
72427Jan/31/13 4:51 AMID:42107 -- Gumus; Erdal: The Social Costs of Monopoly: A Survey And An Evaluation
72527Jan/31/13 5:53 PMID:12355 -- Md Isa; Abu Hassan: Risk and return nexus in Malaysian stock market: Empirical evidence from CAPM
72627Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:335 -- Ozturk; Ilhan: Dünya Bankası Politikaları
72727Jan/29/13 3:12 PMID:26058 -- Leal Ordóñez; Julio C.: Informal sector productivity and tax collection
72827Jan/31/13 2:37 AMID:43357 -- Manchala; Ravibabu: Public transport for Indian urban agglomerations: A case for central role for surface rail
72927Jan/31/13 7:30 PMID:333 -- Ozturk; Ilhan: Turkey and European Union Relations: Concept of Customs Union
73027Jan/31/13 6:16 AMID:28755 -- Pulok; Mohammad Habibullah: The Impact of Corruption on Economic Development of Bangladesh:Evidence on the Basis of an
73127Jan/31/13 9:38 PMID:4394 -- Harabi; Najib: Determinants of Firm Growth: An Empirical Analysis from Morocco
73227Jan/31/13 6:59 PMID:9255 -- Khalid; Ahmed M.: Corporate Governance for Banks in Pakistan: Recent Developments and Regional Comparisons
73327Jan/31/13 4:29 AMID:28579 -- Saikia; Dilip: Economic Conditions of the In-Migrant Workers in Kerala: A Case Study in the Trivandrum Di
73427Jan/31/13 6:28 PMID:12732 -- Bacha; Obiyathulla I.: Adapting Mudarabah Financing to Contemporary Realities: A Proposed Financing Structure
73527Jan/31/13 3:41 PMID:28161 -- Abbas; Qaiser: Modeling Bankruptcy Prediction for Non-Financial Firms: The Case of Pakistan
73626Jan/31/13 7:59 PMID:43152 -- Hanif; Muhamad Nadim: Intrinsic Inflation Persistence in a Developing Country
73726Jan/31/13 8:38 PMID:689 -- Moheyuddin; Ghulam: Introduction to Gender Economic Development and Poverty Reduction
73826Jan/30/13 12:39 PMID:36790 -- Raza; Syed Ali: Capital inflows and economic growth in Pakistan
73926Jan/30/13 3:11 AMID:9518 -- Dhas; Albert Christopher: Trends in Health Status and Infrastructural Support in Tamil Nadu
74026Jan/27/13 11:47 PMID:43302 -- Böckerman; Petri: ICT and occupation-based measures of organisational change: Firm and employee outcomes
74126Jan/31/13 9:16 AMID:14497 -- Ang; James: Financial Liberalization Or Repression
74226Jan/31/13 10:01 AMID:2608 -- Yusuf; Adesina Sulaiman: Determinants of timber exports in Nigeria: an error correction modeling approach
74326Jan/30/13 5:54 AMID:43215 -- Lagravinese; Raffaele: Corruption and health expenditure in Italy
74426Jan/31/13 6:07 PMID:7712 -- Pramanik; Alok Kumar: Environmental accounting and reporting With special reference to India
74526Jan/30/13 12:19 PMID:13655 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Private investment and economic growth in developing countries
74626Jan/31/13 7:27 PMID:36676 -- Okpara; Godwin Chigozie: An Error Correction Model Analysis of the Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment: Eviden
74726Jan/31/13 4:07 PMID:17917 -- Maku; Olukayode E.: Does Macroeconomic Indicators exert shock on the Nigerian Capital Market
74826Jan/31/13 11:43 AMID:43544 -- Musgrave; Ralph S.: Removing bank subsidies leads inexorably to full reserve banking
74926Jan/31/13 11:17 AMID:43179 -- Amin; Hanudin: Is the Theory of Planned Behaviour Valid for Islamic home financing
75026Jan/30/13 4:39 PMID:27317 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: Electricity Market Reform: Lessons for developing countries
75126Jan/30/13 5:29 AMID:43406 -- De Spiegelaere; Stan: Mainstreaming Innovation in Europe. Findings on Employee Innovation and Workplace Learning
75226Jan/27/13 2:35 PMID:43315 -- Voigtländer; Michael: The Stability of the German Housing Market
75326Jan/29/13 10:16 PMID:35522 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Devaluation and income inequality: Evidence from Pakistan
75426Jan/31/13 7:29 PMID:43943 -- Villa; Juan M.: Simplifying the estimation of difference in differences treatment effects with Stata
75526Jan/28/13 9:42 PMID:42023 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Financial Development International Trade and Economic Growth in Australia:New Evidence f
75626Jan/31/13 8:10 PMID:19865 -- Digdowiseiso; Kumba: Measuring gini coefficient of education: the Indonesian cases
75726Jan/31/13 1:12 AMID:39273 -- Deepak; Shah: Special economic zones in India: investment trade employment generation and impact asses
75826Jan/31/13 12:30 AMID:25162 -- Dodds; Rachel: Barriers to implementing Sustainable Tourism Policy in Mass Tourism Destinations
75926Jan/31/13 7:53 PMID:25638 -- Rahardja; Christina: Experiential marketing customer satisfaction behavioral intention: timezone game center
76026Jan/31/13 4:46 AMID:43457 -- Santosh Kumar; Sahu: Energy Intensity and Firm Performance: Do Energy Clusters Matter
76126Jan/31/13 6:49 PMID:17146 -- Khan; Rana Ejaz Ali: Determinants of Food Security in Rural Areas of Pakistan
76226Jan/31/13 6:54 AMID:43427 -- Majumdar; Raju: The Determinants of Indebtedness in Unlisted Manufacturing Firms in India: A Panel Data An
76326Jan/30/13 12:23 AMID:5785 -- Meyer; Thomas: Offshoring to new shores: Nearshoring to Central and Eastern Europe
76426Jan/31/13 11:55 AMID:4134 -- Nunn; Nathan: The Long-Term Effects of Africa's Slave Trades
76526Jan/31/13 4:48 PMID:10034 -- Rath; Deba Prasad: Analytics and Implications of Services Sector Growth in Indian Economy
76626Jan/30/13 4:17 PMID:31451 -- Teguh; Dartanto: Volatility of world rice prices import tariffs and poverty in Indonesia: a CGE-microsimul
76726Jan/31/13 2:39 PMID:42905 -- Antonakakis; Nikolaos: Dynamic Co-movements between Stock Market Returns and Policy Uncertainty
76826Jan/31/13 3:35 AMID:2381 -- landiyanto; Erlangga agustino: Kerangka Pembangunan Regional dalam Agenda 21: Berkelanjutan dan Berwawasan Lingkungan
76926Jan/31/13 12:17 PMID:3673 -- Iqbal; Muhammad: The Impact of Institutional Credit on Agricultural Production in Pakistan
77026Jan/30/13 10:36 AMID:6981 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Leading Indicators of Currency Crises
77126Jan/31/13 4:35 PMID:36387 -- Huynh Truong; Huy: The economic transition and migration of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta region
77226Jan/30/13 5:13 PMID:3519 -- Meyer; Laurence: Three scenarios for TV in 2015
77326Jan/28/13 6:17 PMID:9636 -- Ozturk; Ilhan: Foreign Direct Investment and Growth: An Empiricial Investigation Based on Cross-Country C
77426Jan/30/13 6:21 PMID:42825 -- Dimitriou; Dimitrios: International portfolio diversification: An ICAPM approach with currency risk
77526Jan/31/13 10:06 AMID:41745 -- Maha; Andreea: Electronic Tourism (E-tourism) - a theoretical approach
77626Jan/31/13 8:14 PMID:41263 -- Zaghini; Andrea: Financial innovation macroeconomic volatility and the great moderation
77726Jan/31/13 1:41 PMID:43735 -- Kees; De KONING: People's Power: The Power of Money
77826Jan/30/13 10:11 AMID:35036 -- Janda; Karel: American and European Regulation of Over-the-Counter Derivative Securities
77926Jan/31/13 12:41 PMID:41166 -- Lord; Montague J.: The Elasticities Approach to Egypt’s Balance of Payments and Equilibrium Exchange Rate
78026Jan/28/13 10:16 AMID:9929 -- Caprio; Gerard: Finance for Growth: Policy Choices in a Volatile World
78126Jan/31/13 1:55 PMID:41657 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Competitiveness of Bulgarian Farms in Conditions of EU CAP Implementation
78225Jan/31/13 11:43 AMID:19881 -- Bashar; Omar H M N: The Nature of Aggregate Demand and Supply Shocks in ASEAN Countries
78325Jan/30/13 12:36 PMID:19595 -- Rotariu; Ilie: Globalizare si turism: studiu de caz Romania
78425Jan/28/13 10:31 AMID:42239 -- Syed Akbar; Suleman: Advertising value of mobile marketing through acceptance among youth in Karachi
78525Jan/31/13 7:05 PMID:25588 -- Morone; Marco: An econometric model to quantify benchmark downturn LGD on residential mortgages
78625Jan/31/13 9:11 AMID:8179 -- Leitão; João: Individual Entrepreneurship Capacity and Performance of SMEs
78725Jan/31/13 1:25 PMID:41931 -- Gheorghe; Anamaria Elena: Research and Science Today No.3
78825Jan/31/13 3:47 PMID:42850 -- Avino; Davide: Rethinking Capital Structure Arbitrage
78925Jan/31/13 10:45 AMID:33748 -- Dr shaukat; haseen: Indian agriculture and food security: problem and prospects
79025Jan/31/13 9:50 AMID:28853 -- Alptekin; Aynur / A: Military Expenditure and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis
79125Jan/30/13 11:25 AMID:28138 -- Azham; Ali: Development of auditing in Malaysia: legal political and historical influences
79225Jan/30/13 2:06 PMID:43272 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Economic Growth Energy Consumption Financial Development International Trade and CO2 Em
79325Jan/31/13 4:34 PMID:40384 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: Consumer Criteria for the Selection of an Islamic Bank: Evidence from Pakistan
79425Jan/30/13 4:28 AMID:42533 -- Chatelain; Jean-Bernard: Spurious Regressions and Near-Multicollinearity with an Application to Aid Policies and
79525Jan/31/13 12:22 PMID:40470 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Valuation of 2G spectrum in India- A real option approach
79625Jan/31/13 5:08 PMID:2975 -- Kilin; Fiodar: Accelerating the calibration of stochastic volatility models
79725Jan/31/13 11:53 AMID:25378 -- Henderson; Joan C.: The Politics of Tourism: A Perspective from the Maldives
79825Jan/31/13 7:20 PMID:37176 -- Pervaiz; Zahid: Gender inequality and economic growth: a time series analysis for Pakistan
79925Jan/31/13 11:47 PMID:711 -- Dax; Thomas: The redefinition of Europe's Less Favoured Areas
80025Jan/31/13 5:03 PMID:5833 -- Novak; Branko: CAUSES OF BANKRUPTCY IN EUROPE AND CROATIA
80125Jan/30/13 12:48 AMID:6014 -- Fathi; Abid: Copula based simulation procedures for pricing basket Credit Derivatives
80225Jan/30/13 1:20 PMID:32303 -- Mamgain; Rajendra P.: Employment migration and livelihoods in the Hill Economy of Uttaranchal
80325Jan/30/13 4:33 PMID:5694 -- Kasuga; Norihro: Platform Competition in Pay-TV Market
80425Jan/31/13 8:55 AMID:36145 -- Esiyok; Bulent: Foreign direct investment in provinces: A spatial regression approach to FDI in Vietnam
80525Jan/29/13 2:48 PMID:43711 -- Tommaso; Proietti: The Generalised Autocovariance Function
80625Jan/31/13 6:53 PMID:13283 -- Aliyu; Shehu Usman Rano: Stock Prices and Exchange Rate Interactions in Nigeria: An Intra-Global Financial Crisis M
80725Jan/30/13 5:22 PMID:351 -- Frimpong; Joseph Magnus: Bivariate causality analysis between FDI inflows and economic growth in Ghana
80825Jan/31/13 2:48 PMID:36771 -- Munteanu; Ionica: Criza financiara 2007-2008: cauze si consecinte
80925Jan/31/13 1:47 PMID:12625 -- Rena; Ravinder: Premarital Sex – Lessons from American Experience
81025Jan/30/13 1:59 PMID:2093 -- Isik; A.Kadir: Theoretical framework of public policies for welfare maximization
81125Jan/30/13 10:14 PMID:39768 -- Swaminathan; J.: Impact of demographic factors on employee engagement:a study with reference to vasan publi
81225Jan/31/13 10:52 PMID:11674 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Efficiency and Sustainability of Micro Finance
81325Jan/31/13 9:49 AMID:2784 -- Hasan; Zubair: Sustainable development from an Islamic Perspective: meaning implications and policy conce
81425Jan/30/13 3:46 AMID:11767 -- Oehler-Sincai; Iulia Monica: Strengths And Weaknesses Of The New Public Management (NPM)- Cross-Sectional And Longitudi
81525Jan/30/13 10:52 AMID:3926 -- Buda; Rodolphe: Les algorithmes de la modélisation : une analyse critique pour la modélisation économique
81625Jan/31/13 9:05 AMID:43501 -- Tripathi; Sabyasachi: Estimating Urban Agglomeration Economies for India: A New Economic Geography Perspective
81725Jan/31/13 2:47 AMID:40858 -- Ávalos; Eloy: La teoría del consumidor: preferencias y utilidad
81825Jan/31/13 8:05 AMID:3927 -- Shah; Deepak: Assessing Economics of Grape Cultivation in India
81925Jan/31/13 6:57 PMID:18403 -- Francesco; D'Amuri: Predicting unemployment in short samples with internet job search query data
82025Jan/31/13 8:21 PMID:42070 -- Murray; Cameron K.: Markets in political influence: rent-seeking networks and groups
82125Jan/31/13 8:02 PMID:718 -- Jesus; Saurina: Credit Cycles Credit Risk and Prudential Regulation
82225Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:27300 -- Dumitru; Ionut: Fiscal discipline and economic growth – the case of Romania
82325Jan/31/13 12:56 AMID:38743 -- Darmadi; Salim: Do Women in Top Management Affect Firm Performance Evidence from Indonesia
82425Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:21245 -- Mapa; Dennis S: Population Dynamics and Household Saving: Evidence from the Philippines
82525Jan/28/13 11:40 AMID:17796 -- Olenev; H.H.: Параллельное программирование в MATLAB м его приложения
82625Jan/31/13 5:02 PMID:36035 -- Mahmud; Mir Nahid: Government expenditure and household consumption in Bangladesh through the lens of economi
82725Jan/31/13 1:38 PMID:27983 -- Stahl; Sebastian: Wertschöpfung in der zeitgenössischen Kunst: Zur „Young German Art“
82825Jan/31/13 8:00 AMID:35037 -- Janda; Karel: Financial Management of Weather Risk with Energy Derivatives
82925Jan/31/13 4:07 PMID:39600 -- Tommaso; Proietti: Maximum likelihood estimation of time series models: the Kalman filter and beyond
83025Jan/29/13 4:45 PMID:204 -- Sharma; Chanchal Kumar: Decentralization Dilemma: Measuring the Degree and Evaluating the Outcomes
83125Jan/30/13 5:49 PMID:39371 -- Javed; Attiya Yasmin: A decomposition analysis of capital structure: evidence from Pakistan’s manufacturing sect
83225Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:33518 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 20 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance - A Closer
83325Jan/31/13 10:53 PMID:3774 -- Buda; Rodolphe: Dynamique urbaine et développement économique local : une revue de la littérature
83425Jan/31/13 2:00 AMID:17304 -- Nachane; D M: An empirical analysis of the off-balance sheet activities of Indian banks
83525Jan/31/13 10:46 AMID:6984 -- Carson; R.T.: A Contingent Valuation Study of Lost Passive Use Values Resulting From the Exxon Valdez Oi
83625Jan/31/13 7:02 PMID:21881 -- Kasahara; Shigehisa: The Flying Geese Paradigm: A critical study of its application to East Asian regional deve
83725Jan/31/13 10:58 AMID:20834 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Hedging Greeks for a portfolio of options using linear and quadratic programming
83825Jan/29/13 2:50 PMID:1633 -- Venu Menon; Sudha: Globalisation state and disempowerment: study of farmers suicide in Warangal
83925Jan/31/13 11:42 PMID:27146 -- Abdul Karim; Zulkefly: Fixed investment household consumption and economic growth : a structural vector error c
84025Jan/30/13 2:42 PMID:1447 -- Singh; Nirvikar: Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization in India
84125Jan/31/13 8:17 PMID:29193 -- Carfì; David: Differentiable game complete analysis for tourism firm decisions
84225Jan/31/13 9:18 PMID:29556 -- Fakhri; Hasanov: The Impact of Real Effective Exchange Rate on the Non-oil Export: The Case of Azerbaijan
84325Jan/31/13 6:01 PMID:5465 -- Awad; Ibrahim L.: ظاهرة الركود التضخمى فى الاقتصاد المصرى: دراسة تحليلية
84425Jan/30/13 6:00 PMID:42843 -- Lefteris; Tsoulfidis: Οι Πτωχεύσεις του Ελληνικού Κράτους
84525Jan/31/13 3:15 AMID:29848 -- Etem Hakan; Ergeç: Impact of Interest Rates on Islamic and Conventional Banks: The Case of Turkey
84625Jan/30/13 6:30 AMID:42178 -- smruti; Smruti Ranjan Behera: Technology Spillover and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: An Analysis of Indian
84725Jan/29/13 9:44 AMID:41150 -- Lord; Montague J.: Implications of WTO Accession for Insurance Sector of Laos
84824Jan/29/13 9:55 PMID:3085 -- Caruso; Raul: THE Economics of Match-Fixing
84924Jan/31/13 8:12 AMID:43733 -- Wang; Di: The change of the value of the RMB and its influences on China
85024Jan/31/13 3:27 PMID:40677 -- Hunjra; Ahmed Imran: Investment appraisal techniques and constraints on capital investment
85124Jan/31/13 4:43 AMID:43650 -- Kapitsinis; Nikolaos: Economic crisis and the role of state policies in current globalized economy. The case of
85224Jan/31/13 8:39 AMID:10573 -- Rena; Ravinder: LESSONS OF INDIAN EXPERIENCE FOR ERITREA
85324Jan/30/13 12:22 PMID:27519 -- Castellacci; Fulvio: Advances and challenges in innovation studies
85424Jan/31/13 4:30 AMID:35903 -- Hein; Eckhard: Finance-dominated capitalism re-distribution and the financial and economic crises - a Eu
85524Jan/30/13 10:51 AMID:43210 -- Apostolides; Alexander: Small debt large problems in Cyprus: How even small debt in a British Colony led to the p
85624Jan/29/13 7:41 PMID:43196 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: The common error of common sense: an essential rectification of the accounting approach
85724Jan/31/13 4:20 PMID:18279 -- Bunget; Ovidiu-Constantin: The impact of ias/ifrs on the romanian accounting rules
85924Jan/31/13 4:12 AMID:2145 -- Khan; Arshad: Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Case of Pakistan
86024Jan/30/13 10:44 AMID:22549 -- Perona; Mathieu: How Broadcasting Quotas Harm Program Diversity
86124Jan/30/13 8:45 PMID:22162 -- Summerhill; William: Colonial Institutions Slavery Inequality and Development: Evidence from São Paulo Braz
86224Jan/31/13 11:53 PMID:5388 -- Milanovic; Branko: Measuring Ancient Inequality
86324Jan/31/13 4:10 AMID:23763 -- Halkos; George: National culture and multinational performance
86424Jan/30/13 5:18 AMID:42484 -- Haider; Adnan: Monetary policy informality and business cycle fluctuations in a developing economy vulne
86524Jan/31/13 11:36 AMID:8308 -- Perlin; M.: Evaluation of pairs trading strategy at the Brazilian financial market
86624Jan/31/13 5:58 PMID:4141 -- Khan; Muhammad Arshad: Financial Sector Restructuring in Pakistan
86724Jan/30/13 6:21 PMID:41070 -- Augustyniak; Hanna: Cykle na rynku nieruchomości mieszkaniowych i komercyjnych ryzyko dla inwestora oraz potr
86824Jan/31/13 3:02 PMID:24896 -- Honohan; Patrick: The Irish Banking Crisis: Regulatory and Financial Stability Policy
86924Jan/31/13 10:40 AMID:18299 -- Brusset; Xavier: Properties of distributions with increasing failure rate
87024Jan/31/13 8:52 AMID:6982 -- Reinhart; Carmen: When Capital Inflows Come to a Sudden Stop: Consequences and Policy Options
87124Jan/30/13 4:25 AMID:27882 -- Ngo; Dang Thanh: Evaluating the Efficiency of Vietnamese Banking System: An Application Using Data Envelopm
87224Jan/31/13 1:51 PMID:38858 -- Paz; Lourenco: The impacts of trade liberalization on informal labor markets: an evaluation of the Brazil
87324Jan/31/13 11:37 AMID:39452 -- LIEBERMANN; JOELLE: Real-time forecasting in a data-rich environment
87424Jan/31/13 12:56 PMID:31101 -- Peeters; Marga: Demographic pressure excess labour supply and public-private sector employment in Egypt -
87524Jan/31/13 9:47 AMID:40957 -- Bhatta; Kiran Prasad: Profitability and Sustainability of the Emerging Poultry Business in Developing Countries:
87624Jan/31/13 6:11 PMID:17329 -- Aguirregabiria; Victor: Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games Using the Nested Pseudo Likelihood Algorithm: Code an
87724Jan/31/13 7:33 PMID:33161 -- Waheed; Muhammad: Foreign exchange intervention and sterilization: an investigation of State Bank of Pakista
87824Jan/31/13 7:05 PMID:40767 -- Nguyen Viet; Cuong: Urban Poverty in Vietnam: Determinants and Policy Implications
87924Jan/30/13 8:03 PMID:43606 -- Dai; Lili: Political Uncertainty and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from the U.S. Presidential Ele
88024Jan/30/13 9:01 AMID:15031 -- Tey; (John) Yeong-Sheng: Household expenditure on food at home in Malaysia
88124Jan/31/13 6:17 PMID:2560 -- Sinha; Dipendra: Does the Wagner’s Law hold for Thailand A Time Series Study
88224Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:18720 -- Calo-Blanco; Aitor: Education Utilitarianism and Equality of Opportunity
88324Jan/31/13 10:11 AMID:26343 -- Hasan; M.Emrul: Behavioral approach to Arbitrage Pricing Theory
88424Jan/31/13 10:19 PMID:5273 -- Beckmann; Rainer: Market Access Strategies in the EU Banking Sector - Obstacles and Benefits towards an inte
88524Jan/31/13 1:23 AMID:30654 -- Faisal Sultan Qadri; Faisal: Human Capital and Economic Growth: Time Series Evidence from Pakistan
88624Jan/31/13 8:00 PMID:40341 -- Lee; Frederic: Critical realism grounded theory and theory construction in heterodox economics
88724Jan/30/13 2:45 PMID:42599 -- Kowalski; Tadeusz: Poland. The EMU entry strategy vs. the monetary issues
88824Jan/30/13 8:58 AMID:41816 -- Cavallari; Lilia: Markups and Entry in a DSGE Model
88924Jan/30/13 12:29 PMID:12174 -- Yashin; Pete: Analitical Derivation of the Cobb-Douglas Function based on the Golden Rule of Capital Acc
89024Jan/30/13 2:05 PMID:20907 -- Vinokurov; Evgeny: EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2008
89124Jan/30/13 3:38 PMID:19781 -- Schlenkhoff; Georg: Can Great Depression Theories Explain the Great Recession
89224Jan/31/13 8:24 PMID:42626 -- Haller; Stefanie A.: Broadband adoption and firm productivity: evidence from Irish manufacturing firms
89324Jan/31/13 2:54 PMID:29023 -- Tiwari; Aviral: India's trade with USA and her trade balance: An empirical analysis
89424Jan/31/13 11:58 AMID:15567 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: Research on the Prediction of the likely Winners of the Euro 2008 Football Tournament
89524Jan/31/13 12:12 PMID:38109 -- d'Agostino; Giorgio: Government spending corruption and economic growth
89624Jan/31/13 5:23 AMID:32344 -- Singh; Inderjeet: Regional Input Output Table for the State of Punjab
89724Jan/31/13 4:03 PMID:8886 -- JANJHJI; NOOR ZAMAN: Pakistan lags behind in technical textile
89824Jan/31/13 6:09 PMID:11041 -- Shafaeddin; Mehdi: Policies for Industrial Learning in China and Mexico: Neo-developmental vs. Neo-liberal ap
89924Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:3966 -- Mersland; Roy: Performance and trade-offs in microfinance organizations - does ownership matter
90024Jan/31/13 12:14 AMID:38025 -- Troisi; Roberta: Workers’ motivation: the italian case of cooperative credit banks
90124Jan/31/13 7:00 PMID:24720 -- Morini; Massimo: Risky funding: a unified framework for counterparty and liquidity risk
90224Jan/31/13 11:10 AMID:35731 -- Usman-Laput; Lea: Magison-ison: A parallel reality construction of war among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sul
90324Jan/31/13 5:52 PMID:6521 -- Apostolov; Mico: Optimum currency areas and asymmetric shocks
90424Jan/31/13 3:23 AMID:2702 -- Kern; Holger: Opium for the Masses: How Foreign Free Media Can Stabilize Authoritarian Regimes
90524Jan/31/13 10:48 AMID:42704 -- Azevedo; Susana: The influence of eco-innovation supply chain practices on business eco-efficiency
90624Jan/31/13 2:01 PMID:43970 -- Tamayo; M. P.: The effect of high-tech services offshoring on skilled employment: intra-firm evidence
90724Jan/31/13 5:08 AMID:27089 -- Wu; Alfred M.: Determinants of government size: Evidence from China
90824Jan/29/13 2:52 PMID:3113 -- Reggiani; Tommaso: Prospettive per un nuovo Welfare.
90924Jan/31/13 2:31 PMID:41988 -- Khattak; Naeem Ur Rehman Khattak: Determinants of Exports in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis (1970-2006)
91024Jan/31/13 6:09 AMID:23548 -- Hanif; M. Nadim: Central banking and monetary management in islamic financial environment
91124Jan/30/13 1:46 PMID:41896 -- Gakpa; Lewis Landry: Inégalités des revenus endettement et pauvreté dans les pays de l’uemoa : une approche sur
91224Jan/30/13 2:12 PMID:17803 -- Akin; Guzin Gulsun: Transformation of the Turkish Financial Sector in the Aftermath of the 2001 Crisis
91324Jan/31/13 1:10 AMID:35947 -- Mukherjee; Sanchita: Crop diversification and risk: an empirical analysis of Indian states
91424Jan/30/13 5:05 AMID:17365 -- Möllers; Judith: Croatia's EU Accession: Socio-economic Assessment of Farm Households and Policy Recommenda
91524Jan/31/13 7:50 PMID:18210 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Emerging Multinationals from India and China: Origin Impetus and Growth
91624Jan/31/13 11:09 PMID:42603 -- Ecchia; Stefania: The economic policy of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1922)
91724Jan/31/13 7:58 AMID:9357 -- Adam; Anokye M.: Do macroeconomic variables play any role in the stock market movement in Ghana
91824Jan/30/13 8:20 PMID:7273 -- Nguyen; Anh Ngoc: Foreign direct investment in Vietnam: Is there any evidence of technological spillover eff
91924Jan/31/13 5:21 PMID:7297 -- Stavarek; Daniel: Stock Prices and Exchange Rates in the EU and the USA: Evidence of their Mutual Interactio
92024Jan/24/13 10:12 PMID:43519 -- Islahi; Abdul Azim: Economic ideas of a nineteenth century Tunisian statesman: Khayr al-Din al-Tunisi
92124Jan/31/13 1:06 AMID:37341 -- Javid; Attiya Yasmin: Testing multifactor capital asset pricing model in case of Pakistani market
92224Jan/31/13 4:17 PMID:19578 -- Pacifico; Daniele: Estimation of a latent class discrete choice panel data model via Maximum Likelihood and E
92323Jan/31/13 3:50 PMID:43507 -- Toppo; Mary Rajnee: Burnout among para-teachers in India
92423Jan/31/13 12:49 PMID:9168 -- Voicu; Ionut Cristian: A useful case study on decision making related to financing methods: learning about financ
92523Jan/31/13 9:15 PMID:12521 -- Přečková; Lenka: The role of an insurance broker an their position on the insurance market in the czech rep
92623Jan/31/13 9:29 AMID:39903 -- Symeonidis; Lazaros: Futures basis inventory and commodity price volatility: An empirical analysis
92723Jan/31/13 8:47 AMID:30562 -- Araujo; Ricardo Azevedo: ‘Export Led Growth’ x ‘Growth Led Exports’: What Matters for the Brazilian Growth Experien
92823Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:43916 -- Aladejare; Samson Adeniyi: Government spending and economic growth: evidence from Nigeria
92923Jan/31/13 5:36 PMID:21843 -- Hasan; Zubair: Profit sharing ratios in mudaraba contract revisited
93023Jan/29/13 8:50 PMID:727 -- Escobal; Javier: The Role of Public Infraestructure in Market Development in Rural Peru
93123Jan/30/13 1:09 PMID:43299 -- Prud'homme; Dan: Dulling the Cutting Edge: How Patent-Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation in C
93223Jan/31/13 6:39 PMID:25759 -- Said; Mona: The impact of trade liberalization on manufacturing employment and wages in Egypt 1990-200
93323Jan/30/13 10:34 AMID:11304 -- Amavilah; Voxi Heinrich: National flags national flag colors and the well-being of countries
93423Jan/30/13 2:45 PMID:43663 -- Anderson-Reid; Karen: Excess reserves in Jamaican Commercial Banks: The implications for Monetary Policy
93523Jan/27/13 10:43 PMID:41452 -- Tanner; Reto: The Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value Model (MDCEV) with fixed costs
93623Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:22672 -- Omotor; Douglason G.: The Nigerian economy and monetary policy: Some simple empirics
93723Jan/26/13 12:22 PMID:42928 -- Gasparini; Leonardo: Estimating income poverty and inequality from the Gallup World Poll: The case of Latin Ame
93823Jan/31/13 2:17 PMID:40086 -- Hassan; Gazi: Nonlinear growth effect of remittances in recipient countries: an econometric analysis of
93923Jan/28/13 2:02 PMID:31102 -- Peeters; Marga: On wage formation wage flexibility and wage coordination : A focus on the wage impact of
94023Jan/31/13 9:30 PMID:10077 -- Ehsan; zarrokh: Practical concepts in Contract Law
94123Jan/31/13 3:26 AMID:34290 -- Chani; Muhammad Irfan: Poverty inflation and economic growth: empirical evidence from Pakistan
94223Jan/30/13 9:15 PMID:2915 -- Pousttchi; Key: An Analysis of the Mobile Payment Problem in Europe
94323Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:36546 -- Simplice A; Asongu: Globalization and Africa: implications for human development
94423Jan/31/13 3:07 PMID:14465 -- M N; Murty: Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Delhi Metro
94523Jan/31/13 8:50 PMID:38712 -- Sarath Chandran; B.P.: Implications of India-Asean Fta on India’s fisheries sector
94623Jan/31/13 11:44 PMID:2736 -- Kitov; Ivan: Relationship between inflation unemployment and labor force change rate in France: cointe
94723Jan/30/13 4:07 PMID:4979 -- Hansen; Zeynep: The Effect of Contractual Complexity on Technology Sourcing Agreements
94823Jan/31/13 4:38 PMID:4289 -- Panagiotopoulos; Miltiadis: The Challenge to Industrial Relations in Germany
94923Jan/30/13 2:48 AMID:11624 -- Duasa; Jarita: Impact of exchange rate shock on prices of imports and exports
95023Jan/30/13 9:21 AMID:23119 -- Walkenhorst; Peter: Trade Policy and Export Performance in Morocco
95123Jan/30/13 7:54 PMID:43809 -- Kumar; Surender: Comprehensive wealth and sustainable development in India
95223Jan/30/13 2:04 PMID:40350 -- Dankó; Zsófia: Corporate tax harmonization in the European Union
95323Jan/30/13 4:00 AMID:39902 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 16 Property Plant and Equipment - A Closer Look
95423Jan/30/13 3:22 PMID:42572 -- Khatun; Fahmida: Investigating the determinants of inflationary trends in Bangladesh: an ARDL bounds F-Test
95523Jan/31/13 11:54 PMID:22436 -- Cohen; Joseph N.: Neoliberalism and patterns of economic performance: 1980 to 2000
95623Jan/31/13 8:51 AMID:9368 -- Adam; Anokye M.: Do macroeconomic variables play any role in the stock market movement in Ghana
95723Jan/30/13 9:15 PMID:19569 -- Applanaidu; Shri Dewi: Malaysian Cocoa Market Modeling: A Combination of Econometric and System Dynamics Approach
95823Jan/30/13 2:23 PMID:43422 -- Haider; Adnan: On the (IR) Relevance of Monetary Aggregate Targeting in Pakistan: An Eclectic View
95923Jan/30/13 2:49 PMID:43529 -- Kleemann; Michael: The causal effect of restrictive bank lending on employment growth: A matching approach
96023Jan/31/13 4:16 PMID:820 -- Gurkaynak; Refet S: Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words The Response of Asset Prices to Monetary Policy Action
96123Jan/31/13 4:53 PMID:33251 -- Drichoutis; Andreas: Interpreting interaction terms in linear and non-linear models: A cautionary tale
96223Jan/31/13 6:42 PMID:38791 -- Che; Yi: Once an enemy forever an enemy the long-run impact of the Japanese invasion of China fro
96323Jan/31/13 12:31 PMID:18602 -- Chittedi; Krishna Reddy: Global Stock Markets Development and Integration: with Special Reference to BRIC Countries
96423Jan/30/13 5:04 PMID:8253 -- Nasir; Rosniwati: Copyright Protection In The Digital Era: A Malaysian Perspective
96523Jan/30/13 6:51 PMID:41481 -- Fulvio; Castellacci: Business Groups Innovation and Institutional Voids in Latin America
96623Jan/31/13 8:43 AMID:43869 -- Holz; Carsten A: Chinese statistics: classification systems and data sources
96723Jan/31/13 11:25 AMID:36010 -- Ghafele; Roya: The Transaction Cost Benefits of Electronic Patent Licensing Platforms: A Discussion at th
96823Jan/30/13 7:57 PMID:1547 -- Rao; B. Bhaskara: Time Series Econometrics of Growth Models: A Guide for Applied Economists
96923Jan/31/13 11:55 AMID:29656 -- Geza; Paula: The Optimum Currency Area. Is the Euro Zone an Optimum Currency Area
97023Jan/30/13 6:10 PMID:43860 -- Simplice A; Asongu: Software piracy inequality and the poor: evidence from Africa
97123Jan/31/13 10:40 PMID:16753 -- Sahu; Santosh: Trends and Patterns of Energy Consumption in India
97223Jan/31/13 8:55 AMID:14485 -- Nikopour; Hesam: Foreign Direct Investment and Shadow Economy: A Causality Analysis Using Panel Data
97323Jan/31/13 3:58 AMID:36683 -- Mynbaev; Kairat: Housing market of Almaty
97423Jan/28/13 7:09 PMID:40746 -- Benner; Maximilian: Abu Dhabi und Dubai: Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung wie aus 1001 Nacht
97523Jan/30/13 8:19 PMID:43672 -- Roy; Chandan: Sericulture as an Employment Generating Household Industry in West Bengal
97623Jan/31/13 10:05 PMID:27095 -- Skribans; Valerijs: Latvijas būvniecības nozares uzņēmumu finansiālās stabilitātes novērtēšana
97723Jan/31/13 12:52 PMID:43707 -- Nyamwange; Mathew: Economic Growth and Public Healthcare Expenditure in Kenya (1982 - 2012)
97923Jan/30/13 5:52 AMID:40932 -- Sutherland; Richard: Private Consumption Expenditure in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union
98023Jan/30/13 10:51 PMID:2688 -- Khan; M. Azeem: Economic Evaluation of Pesticide Use Externalities in the Cotton Zones of Punjab Pakistan
98123Jan/31/13 1:41 AMID:37567 -- Javid; Attiya Yasmin: Does Corporate Governance Effects Firm Performance in Case of Pakistani Market
98223Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:11439 -- Dobrota; Gabriela: The Depreciation Impact of the Profit and Activity Development Carried out by an Economic
98323Jan/31/13 10:57 PMID:38741 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Evolution of Financing Needs in Indian Infrastructure
98423Jan/31/13 2:02 AMID:16292 -- Khan; Rana Ejaz Ali: Crowding Out Effect of Public Borrowing: A Case of Pakistan
98523Jan/30/13 6:07 PMID:4818 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: India’s Development Experience - A Regional Analysis: An essay in honour of Prof. Ashok Ma
98623Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:40077 -- Capuano; Carlo: The macroeconomic impact of organized crime: a neo-Kaleckian perspective
98723Jan/30/13 8:38 PMID:11321 -- Kukenova; Madina: Does Lax Environmental Regulation Attract FDI when accounting for 'third-country' effects
98823Jan/31/13 5:25 PMID:36122 -- Clarke; George: Manufacturing firms in Africa: Some stylized facts about wages and productivity
98923Jan/29/13 3:03 PMID:7624 -- Melse; Eric: The Financial Accounting Model from a System Dynamics' Perspective
99023Jan/31/13 3:28 PMID:5197 -- Hirshleifer; David: Accruals and Aggregate Stock Market Returns
99123Jan/31/13 11:07 AMID:5491 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: Why Do Foreign Banks Invest In Turkey
99223Jan/30/13 10:13 PMID:29805 -- Rahman; Mohammad Mafizur: Do Imports and Foreign Capital Inflows Lead Economic Growth Cointegration and Causality A
99323Jan/31/13 8:57 AMID:42891 -- Muhammad; Kabeer: Multi-facet approach for food security in Pakistan
99423Jan/31/13 6:51 AMID:23088 -- Mariolis; Theodore: A neo-Ricardian critique of the traditional static theory of trade customs unions and com
99523Jan/30/13 10:49 PMID:42351 -- Rizvanoghlu; Islam: Oil Price Shocks and Macroeconomy: The Role for Precautionary Demand and Storage
99623Jan/30/13 6:11 AMID:25302 -- Curtis; Panayiotis G.: A Decision Tree Application in Tourism-based Regional Economic Development
99723Jan/31/13 3:26 PMID:2711 -- Ozun; Alper: Portfolio Value-at-Risk with Time-Varying Copula: Evidence from the Americas
99823Jan/30/13 5:42 AMID:40991 -- Ávalos; Eloy: El excedente económico
99923Jan/30/13 7:55 AMID:42792 -- Pashchenko; Svetlana: Accounting for non-annuitization
100023Jan/31/13 12:53 PMID:33502 -- Sarker; Debnarayan: Socio-economic issues of prawn-seed collection in an open riverene fishery: a case study o
100123Jan/29/13 6:36 PMID:43732 -- Kodila-Tedika; Oasis: Esclavagisme et colonisation : Quelles conséquences contemporaines en Afrique - Résumé c
100223Jan/29/13 9:57 PMID:6431 -- Ilie; Livia: Economic considerations regarding the first oil shock 1973 - 1974
100323Jan/30/13 5:04 PMID:40941 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: Removing poverty and inequality in India: the role of infrastructure
100423Jan/30/13 7:43 PMID:12245 -- Mitze; Timo: Trade FDI and Cross-Variable Linkages: A German (Macro-)Regional Perspective
100523Jan/31/13 1:40 AMID:30183 -- Soklis; George: Wage-profit curves of the Finnish economy: evidence from the supply and use tables
100623Jan/30/13 7:52 PMID:19176 -- de Haas; Hein: Mobility and Human Development
100723Jan/31/13 12:02 AMID:1668 -- Claudio; Ferrarese: A comparative analysis of correlation skew modeling techniques for CDO index tranches
100823Jan/31/13 7:30 PMID:1374 -- Henningsen; Arne: Modellierung von Angebots- und Nachfrageverhalten zur Analyse von Agrarpolitiken: Theorie
100923Jan/31/13 2:05 PMID:11261 -- Adam; Anokye M.: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Stock market Development: Ghana Evidence
101023Jan/31/13 5:22 AMID:3786 -- Kreyer; Nina: Characteristics of Mobile Payment Procedures
101123Jan/30/13 11:11 PMID:43381 -- Jiří; Mazurek: On some issues concerning definition of an economic recession
101223Jan/31/13 12:45 PMID:24608 -- Baafi Antwi; Joseph: Globalization and its influence on Economic Growth performance
101323Jan/31/13 1:21 PMID:2335 -- Maas; Hauke: The Proliferation of Fiscal Incentives and the Nicaraguan State as a Manager of Rents: A P
101423Jan/31/13 11:52 AMID:1582 -- Ozturk; Ilhan: Economic and social issues of east and southeast turkey: policy implications
101523Jan/31/13 5:11 PMID:34191 -- Herani; Gobind M.: Mode of compensation to internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Thar coalfields areas of
101623Jan/31/13 8:36 PMID:14939 -- Montgomery; Heather: Taipei China's banking problems: lessons from the Japanese experience
101722Jan/31/13 4:23 AMID:14776 -- Freeman; Alan: Benchmarking and understanding London’s Cultural and Creative Industries
101822Jan/26/13 9:29 PMID:43567 -- B S; Balakrishna: On multi-particle Brownian survivals and the spherical Laplacian
101922Jan/28/13 5:44 PMID:2162 -- McCauley; Joseph L.: On CAPM and Black-Scholes differing risk-return strategies
102022Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:15261 -- Cantos; Pedro: Transport infrastructures and regional growth: evidence of the Spanish case
102122Jan/31/13 7:01 PMID:23930 -- Magazzino; Cosimo: The economic policy of Ronald Reagan
102222Jan/31/13 7:57 AMID:40646 -- Lu; Zheng: EU-China Economic Relations: Interactions and Barriers
102322Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:29420 -- Kovsted; Jens: Financial Sector Reforms in Vietnam: Selected Issues and Problems
102422Jan/31/13 4:47 PMID:36208 -- Odozi; John C;: Poverty reduction efforts in Nigeria 1996 – 2004: a micro level analysis of the relative i
102522Jan/31/13 1:32 AMID:32736 -- Pohit; Sanjib: Productivity and technical change in Indian economy
102622Jan/31/13 1:41 AMID:18350 -- Semrau; Thorsten: How exactly do networking Investments pay off Analyzing the impact of nascent Entrepreneu
102722Jan/31/13 4:08 PMID:35836 -- Adesoye; A. Bolaji: Capital Flight and Investment Dynamics in Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis (1970-2006)
102822Jan/30/13 8:50 AMID:9756 -- He; Dong: Budget Formulation and Implementation in Korea: A Macroeconomic Perspective
102922Jan/31/13 2:07 PMID:12438 -- Eruygur; H. Ozan: trade implications of extending the turkey-eu customs union agreement to agricultural prod
103022Jan/30/13 3:34 PMID:39649 -- Harrison; Ann: Has Globalization Eroded Labor’s Share Some Cross-Country Evidence
103122Jan/31/13 5:22 AMID:9520 -- Ahmad; Imtiaz: Why The Green Revolution Was Short Run Phenomena In The Development Process Of Pakistan: A
103222Jan/31/13 6:04 PMID:8044 -- de Rus; Gines: In what circumstances is investment in HSR worthwhile
103322Jan/30/13 5:24 PMID:24977 -- Pisani; Elena: Some socio-economic consequences of the green revolution
103422Jan/30/13 9:54 PMID:36897 -- Chen; Shiu-Sheng: Revisiting the empirical linkages between stock returns and trading volume
103522Jan/31/13 3:17 AMID:36390 -- Cinzia; Rienzo: Real Wages Wage Inequality and the Regional Cost-of-living in the UK
103622Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:40509 -- Keating; Byron W.: Outbound tourism from China: literature review and research agenda
103722Jan/31/13 11:16 AMID:32061 -- Dumludag; Devrim: The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey 1950-1980
103822Jan/31/13 8:25 AMID:37663 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: The energy short fall and its after effects (a case study for Karachi city in context to K
103922Jan/30/13 9:27 AMID:43171 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Why Post Keynesianism is not yet a science
104022Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:36651 -- Mohamed Hassan; Hisham: Cointegration growth poverty and inequality in Sudan
104122Jan/31/13 5:32 PMID:1362 -- Ferreira; João: Configuration of Logistics Activities across Life-Cycle of the Firms and Performance: Prop
104222Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:22825 -- Das; Rituparna: An Outline of the Existing Literature on Monetary Economics in India
104322Jan/30/13 8:13 PMID:23124 -- Yoshida; Jiro: Which “Greenness” is Valued Evidence from Green Condominiums in Tokyo
104422Jan/30/13 4:20 AMID:15499 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: Performance budgeting: selected international experiences and some lessons for Slovenia
104522Jan/31/13 1:58 PMID:14681 -- Sultan; Muyed: The Tertiary Sector Is Going to Dominate the World Economy; Should We Worry
104622Jan/31/13 1:28 PMID:8220 -- Pasricha; Gurnain: Financial integration in emerging market economies
104722Jan/31/13 9:15 AMID:43709 -- Siregar; Reza: Globalized Banking Sectors: Features and Policy Implications amidst Global Uncertainties
104822Jan/30/13 2:24 PMID:27785 -- Makoka; Donald: Value chain analysis of Paprika and Bird's Eye Chillies in Malawi
104922Jan/31/13 5:59 AMID:4096 -- Chakrabarty; Sayan: The Trade-Off Between Child Labor and Schooling: Influence of Social Labeling NGOs in Nepa
105022Jan/30/13 5:38 AMID:40076 -- Ávalos; Eloy: La teoría general de la elección
105122Jan/30/13 8:37 PMID:35341 -- Nevin; Rick: Energy efficient housing stimulus that pays for itself
105222Jan/30/13 11:57 AMID:42799 -- Hirota; Haruaki: Local government expenditure and council size: Quasi-experimental evidence from Japan
105322Jan/31/13 4:46 PMID:10812 -- Ahmed; Mohiuddin: Building consumers’ confidence in adopting e-commerce: A Malaysian case
105422Jan/30/13 9:53 AMID:40818 -- katsufumi; fukuda: Gains and Losses from International Trade in a Knowledge-driven Semi-endogenous Growth Mod
105522Jan/30/13 7:26 AMID:23670 -- Mapa; Dennis S.: Hunger Incidence in the Philippines: Facts Determinants and Challenges
105622Jan/26/13 12:41 AMID:43751 -- Wang; Di: A case of Timor-Leste: From independence to instability or prosperity
105722Jan/31/13 10:28 AMID:42097 -- Kawabata; Nozomu: Competitive Strategy of the Japanese Integrated Steel Firms in Mature Stage
105822Jan/31/13 5:17 PMID:23642 -- Afzal; Sarwat: Marketing Capability Strategy and Business Performance in Emerging Markets of Pakistan
105922Jan/31/13 9:53 PMID:6605 -- Caiado; Jorge: Comparison of time series with unequal length
106022Jan/31/13 8:45 PMID:29862 -- Vo; Xuan Vinh: An Empirical Investigation of Liquidity and Stock Returns Relationship in Vietnam Stock Ma
106122Jan/28/13 8:16 PMID:43749 -- Wang; Dong: A Dynamic Optimization on Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries
106222Jan/31/13 10:31 PMID:39270 -- Deepak; Shah: Implementation of NREGA in Maharashtra: experiences challenges and ways forward
106322Jan/31/13 8:58 PMID:461 -- Simtowe; Franklin: Determinants of Moral Hazard in Microfinance: Empirical Evidence from Joint Liability Lend
106422Jan/31/13 6:02 AMID:21392 -- Das; Rituparna: Econometric Models of Forecasting Money Supply in India
106522Jan/31/13 11:08 AMID:17333 -- Kulsoom; Rafia: Child Labor at District Level: A Case Study of Rawalpindi
106622Jan/31/13 12:00 PMID:43614 -- Halkos; George: Constructing a Generator of Matrices with Pattern
106722Jan/31/13 4:12 PMID:26386 -- Skala; Dorota: Overconfidence in Psychology and Finance – an Interdisciplinary Literature Review
106822Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:11578 -- Jäckle; Robert: Health and Wages - Panel data estimates considering selection and endogeneity
106922Jan/30/13 9:03 PMID:34162 -- Shahbaz; Muhammad: Effect of financial development on agricultural growth in Pakistan: new extensions from bo
107022Jan/31/13 1:48 AMID:157 -- Haselmann; Rainer: How Law Affects Lending
107122Jan/31/13 7:26 PMID:20249 -- Zimmerman; Paul R.: On the sustainability of collusion in Bertrand supergames with discrete pricing and nonlin
107222Jan/31/13 8:15 PMID:38680 -- Elasrag; Hussein: الوقف الاسلامى كأحد أدوات المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات
107322Jan/31/13 1:50 PMID:33802 -- Josheski; Dushko: Monopolistic competition: Critical evaluation the theory of monopolistic competition with
107422Jan/30/13 11:11 AMID:42113 -- Mkumbwa; Solomon S.: Cereal food commodities in Eastern Africa: consumption - production gap trends and project
107522Jan/30/13 10:16 PMID:13352 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Saving and real interest rates in developing countries
107622Jan/30/13 8:58 PMID:5113 -- Waldman; Michael: Theory and evidence in internal labor markets
107722Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:1828 -- Mishra; SK: Issues and problems in human resource development in the NER (India)
107822Jan/31/13 5:52 PMID:42647 -- Bande; Roberto: Private Saving Rates and Macroeconomic Uncertainty: Evidence from Spanish Regional Data
107922Jan/31/13 1:28 AMID:23822 -- Tosza; Katarzyna: Payment Card Systems as an Example of two-sided Markets - a Challenge for Antitrust Author
108022Jan/28/13 10:12 PMID:39067 -- Hasan; Zubair: Mortgage contracts in Islamic home finance: Musharakah Mutanaqisah program vs. Zubair dimi
108122Jan/30/13 2:49 PMID:43347 -- Augustyniak; Hanna: Real estate development enterprises in the Polish market and issues related to its analysi
108222Jan/31/13 8:02 PMID:30542 -- Xiohong; Zhang: A Great Leap Forward: EFL curriculum
108322Jan/30/13 3:04 PMID:16319 -- Aliyu; Shehu Usman Rano: Impact of Oil Price Shock and Exchange Rate Volatility on Economic Growth in Nigeria: An E
108522Jan/29/13 10:59 PMID:14420 -- Artzrouni; Marc: The mathematics of Ponzi schemes
108622Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:15257 -- Maudos; Joaquin: The determinants of net interest income in the Mexican banking system: an integrated model
108722Jan/30/13 4:56 AMID:40597 -- Rosenthal; Dale W.R.: Transaction taxes in a price maker/taker market
108822Jan/29/13 2:24 PMID:39838 -- Cannas; Rita: Contributing to sustainable tourism models. The feasibility study of the Craik’s ecovillag
108922Jan/30/13 11:07 AMID:36982 -- Pasaribu; Rowland Bismark Fernando: Kinerja Pasar dan Informasi Akuntansi sebagai Pembentuk Portfolio Saham
109022Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:5249 -- Ahmad; Iftikhar: National Finance Commission Awards in Pakistan: A Historical Perspective
109122Jan/30/13 4:12 PMID:43161 -- Jovanovic; Branimir: Calculating the Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate of the Macedonian Denar
109222Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:2739 -- Kitov; Ivan: Modelling real GDP per capita in the USA: cointegration test
109322Jan/29/13 12:01 PMID:7594 -- Osipian; Ararat: Corruption in Russian Higher Education as Reflected in the Media
109422Jan/31/13 2:46 PMID:8699 -- Iqbal; Javed: Arbitrage pricing theory: evidence from an emerging stock market
109522Jan/31/13 9:45 AMID:43831 -- Ternyik; Stephen I.: Global Wave Compression
109622Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:17326 -- Amavilah; Voxi Heinrich: Holidays and the economic growth of nations
109722Jan/31/13 2:09 PMID:37658 -- Joya; Omar: Macroeconomic instability in Afghanistan: causes and solutions
109822Jan/31/13 12:56 AMID:15373 -- Gillson; I: Understanding the impact of Cotton Subsidies on developing countries
109922Jan/31/13 5:33 PMID:1556 -- Roy Chowdhury; Prabal: Joint venture instability: a life cycle approach
110022Jan/30/13 5:30 PMID:17800 -- Mallick; Debdulal: Microfinance and Moneylender Interest Rate: Evidence from Bangladesh
110122Jan/30/13 8:16 AMID:22874 -- Manchala; Ravibabu: Distortions in infrastructure development in urban transport in India: How to remedy it
110222Jan/29/13 6:13 PMID:42024 -- Pessoa; Argentino: Regional cluster policy: The Asian model vs. the OECD approach
110322Jan/31/13 6:07 PMID:2913 -- Pousttchi; Key: Assessment of Today’s Mobile Banking Applications from the View of Customer Requirements
110422Jan/31/13 10:17 PMID:14948 -- Amavilah; Voxi Heinrich: National identity globalization and the well-being of nations
110522Jan/28/13 7:10 PMID:32515 -- Diaw; Abdou: Imam Al-Ghazali's views on economic activities
110622Jan/31/13 11:17 AMID:34334 -- Arvis; Jean-Francois: The Poisson quasi-maximum likelihood estimator: A solution to the “adding up” problem in g
110722Jan/31/13 10:43 PMID:38621 -- Raihan; Selim: Access to land and other natural resources by the rural poor: the case of Bangladesh
110822Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:26046 -- de Carvalho Filho; Irineu E.: Household income as a determinant of child labor and school enrollment in Brazil: Evidence
110922Jan/25/13 9:08 AMID:43624 -- Zawadzki; Krystian: Transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Pomerania due to organization of E
111022Jan/31/13 7:09 PMID:40010 -- Akhter; Waheed: Takaful Models and Global Practices
111122Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:8296 -- Laakkonen; Helinä: Asymmetric News Effects on Volatility: Good vs. Bad News in Good vs. Bad Times
111222Jan/31/13 12:15 PMID:5495 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: What Determines the Banking Sector Performance in Globalized Financial Markets: The Case o
111322Jan/29/13 4:29 PMID:36319 -- OKPARA; GODWIN CHIGOZIE: On whether foreign direct investment catalyzes economic development in Nigeria.
111422Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:14108 -- Beria; Paolo: The role of regulation in financing transport infrastructures in Italy
111522Jan/31/13 1:53 AMID:36030 -- Farzanegan; Mohammad Reza: Does the Iranian oil supply matter for the oil prices
111622Jan/31/13 10:10 PMID:8292 -- Wasim; Mohammad Pervez: Family Types Authority Structure and Women Workers in Sindh Labor Force: Problems and Pro
111721Jan/29/13 10:53 PMID:17448 -- Okoye; A.C: Gender Constraints in Small-Holder Cocoyam Production in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of
111821Jan/31/13 10:29 AMID:41480 -- Alfano; M. Rosaria: Political Competition Electoral System and Corruption: the Italian case
111921Jan/29/13 5:43 PMID:43191 -- Khanal; Prabin: Trends and Scenario of Poverty in Nepal
112021Jan/31/13 5:46 AMID:37792 -- Gurgul; Henryk: Political instability and economic growth: Evidence from two decades of transition in CEE
112121Jan/31/13 7:25 PMID:32973 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Capital market expectations asset allocation and safe withdrawal rates
112221Jan/29/13 12:22 PMID:38980 -- Pramod Kumar; Naik: The impact of Macroeconomic Fundamentals on Stock Prices revisited: An Evidence from India
112321Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:43550 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: Economics Research Ranking Place of Turkey in Europe
112421Jan/30/13 9:53 AMID:29209 -- Ahmed; Saira: Trade agreements between developing countries: a case study of Pakistan - Sri Lanka free t
112521Jan/30/13 9:47 AMID:2858 -- Halkos; George: Efficiency Measures of the Greek Banking Sector: A Non-Parametric Approach for the Period
112621Jan/30/13 8:57 AMID:13029 -- Bhattacharyya; Surajit: Does the Firm Size Matter An Empirical Enquiry into the Performance of Indian Manufacturi
112721Jan/31/13 5:01 PMID:38716 -- Clemens; Jeffrey: The role of fiscal institutions in analysis of fiscal policy
112821Jan/31/13 4:03 PMID:41920 -- Levitin; Adam: Explaining the Housing Bubble
112921Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:1002 -- Aragon; Aker: Discriminant Analysys of Default Risk
113021Jan/31/13 10:38 PMID:33030 -- Le; Thai-Ha: Dynamic relationships between the price of oil gold and financial variables in Japan: a b
113121Jan/29/13 3:57 PMID:7436 -- Shah; Syed Azhar Hussain: Anti Money Laundering Mechanism: An Application of Principal-Agent Model for Pakistan
113221Jan/31/13 4:06 PMID:41981 -- Tommaso; Proietti: Maximum likelihood estimation of time series models: the Kalman filter and beyond
113321Jan/30/13 9:02 PMID:474 -- Tausch; Arno: Sozial und gesundheitspolitische Aspekte der EU-Erweiterung
113421Jan/31/13 3:36 AMID:43557 -- Delis; Manthos D: Enforcement actions and bank behavior
113521Jan/31/13 3:42 PMID:6841 -- Chantarat; Sommarat: Social Network Capital Economic Mobility and Poverty Traps
113621Jan/31/13 4:11 PMID:43443 -- Elkady; Sohier Mohamed: القدرة التنافسية لصادرات البطاطس المصرية فى الأسواق الخارجية
113721Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:22271 -- Tarassow; Artur: The empirical relevance of Goodwin’s business cycle model for the US economy
113821Jan/30/13 5:51 AMID:14322 -- Chakroun; Mohamed: Health care expenditure and GDP: An international panel smooth transition approach
113921Jan/31/13 6:48 AMID:31583 -- Fulvio; Castellacci: The dynamics of national innovation systems: a panel cointegration analysis of the coevolu
114021Jan/31/13 9:36 AMID:39648 -- Mimir; Yasin: Financial intermediaries credit Shocks and business cycles
114121Jan/31/13 9:21 AMID:40014 -- Husain; Zakir: Opportunities and challenges of health management information system in India: a case stud
114221Jan/30/13 3:14 PMID:5201 -- Schnabl; Gunther: Monetary Policy Vagabonding Liquidity and Bursting Bubbles in New and Emerging Markets -
114321Jan/31/13 11:59 AMID:25740 -- Rascher; Daniel: NBA Expansion and Relocation: A Viability Study of Various Cities
114421Jan/31/13 11:59 PMID:1730 -- Yusuf; Arief Anshory: Constructing Indonesian Social Accounting Matrix for Distributional Analysis in the CGE Mo
114521Jan/31/13 10:28 AMID:40005 -- Akhter; Waheed: Risk management in Takaful
114621Jan/30/13 9:37 AMID:42822 -- Khatun; Fahmida: Investigating the determinants of inflationary trends in Bangladesh: an ARDL bounds F-Test
114721Jan/31/13 12:43 PMID:27379 -- Manthos; Delis: Bank regulations and income inequality: Empirical evidence
114821Jan/30/13 7:13 AMID:38154 -- Mohammad; Irfan: Youth employment and unemployment in Pakistan - an overview of 1990's
114921Jan/25/13 9:45 AMID:19175 -- Hamel; Jean-Yves: Information and Communication Technologies and Migration
115021Jan/30/13 3:38 AMID:2366 -- Fabio; Sabatini: The empirics of social capital and economic development: a critical perspective
115121Jan/30/13 8:59 AMID:41958 -- Ardliansyah; Rifqi: Stock Market Integration and International Portfolio Diversification between U.S. and ASEA
115221Jan/28/13 8:05 AMID:11539 -- Lam; Alice: Organizational Innovation
115321Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:6821 -- Mehar; Ayub: Unemployment Economic Status and Ethnic Politics
115421Jan/28/13 2:52 AMID:2723 -- Landiyanto; Erlangga Agustino: Pertumbuhan dan Konvergensi pada Industri Tebu di Asia Tenggara
115521Jan/31/13 6:23 AMID:34098 -- Chodak; Grzegorz: Evolution of polish E-commerce - main trends and perspectives
115621Jan/31/13 9:34 PMID:42369 -- Azam; Rehan: Consumption style among young adults toward their shopping behavior:an empirical study in
115721Jan/31/13 8:10 AMID:11928 -- Baharom; A.H.: The relationship between trade openness foreign direct investment and growth: Case of Mal
115821Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:16705 -- Agboola; A. A.: Impact of Digital Revolution on the Structure of Nigerian Banks
115921Jan/29/13 11:54 AMID:2922 -- Gumpp; Andreas: The “Mobility-M”-framework for Application of Mobile Technology in Business Processes
116021Jan/31/13 4:42 PMID:27955 -- Giovannucci; Daniele: Guide to Geographical Indications: Linking Products and Their Origins (Summary)
116121Jan/31/13 7:34 PMID:42472 -- Nagayasu; Jun: The Forward Premium Puzzle And Risk Premiums
116221Jan/31/13 8:40 AMID:32137 -- Rode; Sanjay: Integrated approach to solid waste management in Pune city
116321Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:28117 -- Popov; Vladimir: Currency crises in Russia and other transition economies
116421Jan/31/13 11:07 AMID:12126 -- Abdul Majid; Muhamed Zulkhibri: Market Structure and Competition in Emerging Market: Evidence from Malaysian Islamic Banki
116521Jan/31/13 2:32 PMID:29571 -- Adenutsi; Deodat E.: Financial development bank savings mobilization and economic performance in Ghana: eviden
116621Jan/31/13 10:51 AMID:41270 -- Barge-Gil; Andrés: R&D Determinants: accounting for the differences between research and development
116721Jan/30/13 6:53 PMID:22930 -- Hanif; M Nadim: A small-size macroeconometric model for Pakistan economy
116821Jan/31/13 3:06 PMID:41047 -- Dai; Meixing: In Search of an Optimal Strategy for Yuan’s Real Revaluation
116921Jan/22/13 10:41 AMID:27099 -- Morales Meoqui; Jorge: Comparative advantage and the labor theory of value
117021Jan/31/13 5:16 PMID:39151 -- Kayam; Saime S.: What causes the regional disparity of FDI in Russia a spatial analysis
117121Jan/29/13 4:51 PMID:40811 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Algorithm for calculating corporate marginal tax rate using Monte Carlo simulation
117221Jan/31/13 9:40 PMID:30561 -- Michailova; Julija: Overconfidence risk aversion and (economic) behavior of individual traders in experimenta
117321Jan/30/13 2:48 PMID:43577 -- Nganou; Jean-Pascal: Sources of Growth in Post-Conflict Burundi: From Destruction to Production
117421Jan/29/13 6:25 PMID:43702 -- Carrillo-Tudela; Carlos: Unemployment and Endogenous Reallocation over the Business Cycle
117521Jan/31/13 4:22 AMID:42885 -- Mongay; Jorge: Foreign Direct Investment in Cambodia: The case of G.E.
117621Jan/31/13 8:31 AMID:3059 -- Hasan; Zubair: Treatment of Consumption in Islamic Economics: An Appraisal
117721Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:41491 -- Bandyopadhyay; Subhayu: Biofuel subsidies and international trade
117821Jan/31/13 2:07 PMID:38227 -- Tripathi; Sabyasachi: Do large agglomerations lead to economic growth evidence from urban India
117921Jan/31/13 8:14 PMID:41450 -- Josheski; Dushko: New Keynesian macroeconomics : Empirically tested in the case of Republic of Macedonia
118021Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:9743 -- Gupta; Abhay: Comparing and contrasting growth of India with China
118121Jan/31/13 10:30 AMID:15056 -- Arshad Khan; Muhammad: Energy Demand in Pakistan: A Disaggregate Analysis
118221Jan/31/13 9:58 PMID:27239 -- Maha; Sorin-Stefan: The impact of illegal immigration on U.S. economy
118321Jan/31/13 7:30 PMID:41942 -- Mojsoska-Blazevski; Nikica: Western Balkan’s trade with the EU and CEFTA-2006: Evidence from Macedonian data
118421Jan/29/13 5:11 PMID:31746 -- Tsoulfidis; Lefteris: Από την Οικονομική Άνθηση στην Κρίση του 1930
118521Jan/31/13 2:30 PMID:42347 -- Dhas; Albert Christopher: Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development in Tamil Nadu
118621Jan/31/13 6:41 PMID:40718 -- Sofia; AmaralGarcia: curb your premium! evaluating state intervention in medical malpractice insurance
118721Jan/30/13 9:13 AMID:38167 -- Nwaobi; Godwin: Monetary Policies and Nigerian Economy:Simulations from Dynamic Stochastic General Equilib
118821Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:41329 -- Simtowe; Franklin: Determinants of Agricultural Technology adoption: the Case of Improved Pigeonpea Varieties
118921Jan/31/13 1:06 AMID:26106 -- James; Simon: An annotated bibliography of tax compliance and tax compliance costs
119021Jan/30/13 5:33 AMID:24572 -- Salvadori; Neri: The classical notion of competition revisited
119121Jan/30/13 8:12 AMID:128 -- Al-Samarrai; Samer: Where has all the education gone in Sub-Saharan Africa Employment and other outcomes amon
119221Jan/30/13 6:22 PMID:492 -- Tausch; Arno: Die endlose Tuerkei-Debatte
119321Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:8349 -- Zu; Liangrong: Determinants of Managerial Values on Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from China
119421Jan/30/13 9:11 PMID:3606 -- Khodawandi; Darius: Akzeptanz mobiler Bezahlverfahren in Deutschland
119521Jan/31/13 4:57 PMID:1421 -- Henningsen; Arne: systemfit: A Package to Estimate Simultaneous Equation Systems in R
119621Jan/30/13 8:54 PMID:31639 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Identyfikacja i strukturalizacja cech otoczenia przedsiębiorstwa
119721Jan/30/13 2:39 PMID:21184 -- Husain; Zakir: Analysing demand for primary education: Slum dwellers of Kolkata
119821Jan/30/13 1:36 PMID:43830 -- Metaxas; Theodore: Public- Private Partnerships in Southeastern Europe: The case of Croatia
119921Jan/31/13 3:55 PMID:37966 -- Atanda; Akinwande A.: The role of population on economic growth and development: evidence from developing countr
120021Jan/31/13 7:36 PMID:42291 -- Wang; Ping: Real effects of money growth and optimal rate of inflation in a cash-in-advance economy wi
120121Jan/31/13 5:36 PMID:8471 -- Osipian; Ararat: Misdeeds in the US higher education: Illegality versus corruption
120221Jan/31/13 11:26 AMID:40370 -- Somosi; Sarolta: Winners or losers: State measures in crisis management and the energy markets
120321Jan/31/13 8:57 AMID:3357 -- Harding; Don: The Definition Dating and Duration of Cycles
120421Jan/30/13 8:42 PMID:11012 -- Munro; John H.: The usury doctrine and urban public finances in late-medieval Flanders (1220 - 1550): rent
120521Jan/31/13 9:23 AMID:40002 -- Jangili; Ramesh: Causal relationship between saving investment and economic growth for India – what does t
120621Jan/31/13 1:36 PMID:10297 -- Pinheiro-Alves; Ricardo: Behavioural determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
120721Jan/30/13 12:13 PMID:4140 -- Klimov; Blagoy: Eastern Enlargement of the EU: Bulgaria and Romania’s Accession- Geo-economic and Geopolit
120821Jan/31/13 7:01 AMID:39162 -- Oparinde; Adewale: Building livelihood resilience: a case study of factors affecting farm households’ adoptio
120921Jan/30/13 6:20 PMID:15973 -- Aguirregabiria; Victor: Econometric Issues and Methods in the Estimation of Production Functions
121021Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:23664 -- Borooah; Vani / K: Comparing levels of job satisfaction in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe
121121Jan/30/13 7:38 PMID:22773 -- Vieira; Pedro Cosme da Costa: Matemática Financeira com aplicações em Excel e R
121221Jan/30/13 7:57 PMID:43605 -- Staley; Mark: Capital Substitution in an Industrial Revolution
121321Jan/27/13 11:11 AMID:43361 -- Honma; Satoshi: Environmental and economic efficiencies in the Asia-Pacific region
121421Jan/31/13 5:59 AMID:27643 -- Mimir; Yasin: Financial intermediaries leverage ratios and business cycles
121521Jan/31/13 3:07 AMID:12624 -- Aloysius Gunadi; Brata: Social Impact of Coffee Crisis on the Pasemah coffee farmers in South Sumatera
121621Jan/30/13 10:21 AMID:7066 -- Azar; Ofer H.: A Citation-Based Ranking of Strategic Management Journals
121721Jan/31/13 7:48 AMID:20883 -- Michaelides; Marios: Are self-employment training programs effective Evidence from Project GATE
121921Jan/30/13 10:45 AMID:42011 -- Hussain; Anwar Hussain: Role of Community Based Organizations in Rural Development: A Case Study of Selected CBOs
122021Jan/30/13 8:55 PMID:26716 -- Lluka; Valon: Business Ethics: Some Theoretical Issues
122121Jan/31/13 9:59 PMID:10109 -- Schubert; Samuel R.: Revisiting the oil curse: are oil rich nations really doomed to autocracy and inequality
122221Jan/31/13 2:53 PMID:41149 -- Emura; Takeshi: Survival prediction based on compound covariate under cox proportional hazard models
122321Jan/31/13 2:07 AMID:23199 -- Frijters; Paul: Is the Internet Bad News The Online News Era and the Market for High-Quality News
122421Jan/31/13 3:32 PMID:41895 -- Ávalos; Eloy: La teoría del consumidor: dualidad elasticidades restricciones de la demanda y bienestar
122521Jan/30/13 1:05 PMID:16021 -- Pammolli; Fabio: Medical Devices Competitiveness and Impact on Public Health Expenditure
122621Jan/29/13 2:22 AMID:40993 -- Ávalos; Eloy: La teoría clásica de la renta y de la distribución
122721Jan/31/13 1:59 AMID:23192 -- Ahmad Bello; Dogarawa: Islamic Social Welfare and the Role of Zakah in the Family System
122821Jan/31/13 7:23 AMID:34665 -- Jaafar; Harlina Suzana: Innovation in logistics services – halal logistics
122921Jan/28/13 8:21 PMID:7837 -- Dufour; Mathieu: The 2000-2001 Financial Crisis in Turkey: A Crisis for Whom
123021Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:1998 -- Freeman; Alan: A general refutation of Okishio’s theorem and a proof of the falling rate of profit
123121Jan/31/13 9:15 PMID:27206 -- Shmelev; Stanislav Edward: Environmentally Extended Input–Output Analysis of the UK Economy: Key Sector Analysis
123221Jan/30/13 11:59 AMID:2225 -- Javed; Attiya Y.: Relationship between Corporate Governance Indicators and Firm Value: A Case Study of Karac
123321Jan/30/13 10:14 AMID:19743 -- Siddiqui; Danish Ahmed: The Causal Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Current Account: An Empirica
123421Jan/30/13 5:57 AMID:11457 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: An econometric study of CO2 emissions energy consumption income and foreign trade in Tur
123521Jan/31/13 1:49 PMID:32924 -- Zaman; Gheorghe: Sovereign risk and debt sustainability: warning levels for Romania
123621Jan/31/13 5:22 PMID:5280 -- Beckmann; Rainer: Financial integration within the European Union: Towards a single market for insurance
123721Jan/31/13 7:18 PMID:41796 -- Bildirici; Melike: Economic growth and electricity consumption in Africa and ASIA: MS-VAR and MS-GRANGER caus
123821Jan/31/13 4:46 PMID:42591 -- Lord; Montague J.: Mapping the organic vegetable value chain along the EWEC
123921Jan/30/13 10:34 AMID:43255 -- Alonso; Jose M.: Did New Public Management Matter An Empirical Analysis of The Outsourcing and Decentraliz
124021Jan/31/13 11:03 AMID:25197 -- Akal; Mustafa: Economic Implications of International Tourism on Turkish Economy
124121Jan/31/13 12:09 PMID:42248 -- Marco; Bianchetti: Interest Rates After The Credit Crunch: Multiple-Curve Vanilla Derivatives and SABR
124221Jan/30/13 6:59 AMID:38468 -- Brida; Juan Gabriel: Determinants of tourist expenditure: a review of microeconometric models
124321Jan/30/13 2:11 PMID:21459 -- Ninka; Eniel: Go West: The Western Balkans towards European integration
124421Jan/30/13 6:25 AMID:38349 -- Ackerberg; Daniel: Structural identification of production functions
124520Jan/28/13 1:45 PMID:43111 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Keynes’s employment function and the gratuitous Phillips curve disaster
124620Jan/30/13 4:12 PMID:7626 -- Stewart; Hayden: Price Dispersion and Accessibility: A Case study of Fast Food
124720Jan/31/13 7:36 PMID:38415 -- Dehornoy; Julien: PPPs in the rail sector - A review of 27 projects
124820Jan/30/13 9:12 AMID:39821 -- Eagle; David M.: Nominal GDP targeting for a speedier economic recovery
124920Jan/31/13 7:29 PMID:27744 -- Hasan; Mohammad Monirul: The macroeconomic determinants of remittances in Bangladesh
125020Jan/30/13 10:35 AMID:17897 -- Vernikov; Andrei: Рыночная доля банков с государственным участием в России
125120Jan/31/13 8:33 PMID:9543 -- Coats; R. Morris: The effect of opening up ANWR to drilling on the current price of oil
125220Jan/31/13 2:24 PMID:40629 -- Choi; Jong-Seo: Earnings management surrounding CEO turnover: evidence from Korea
125320Jan/29/13 2:01 PMID:43205 -- Ochsenfeld; Fabian: The gender income gap and the influence of family formation reconsidered
125420Jan/30/13 12:27 AMID:10210 -- Jaafar; Abdul Hamid: A CGE Analysis of the Economic Impact of Output-Specific Carbon Tax on the Malaysian Econo
125520Jan/30/13 10:42 AMID:38254 -- Shepherd; Ben: Logistics costs and competitiveness: measurement and trade policy applications
125620Jan/31/13 8:23 PMID:29598 -- Sulku; Seher Nur: The impacts of health care reforms on the efficiency of the Turkish public hospitals: Prov
125720Jan/28/13 6:26 PMID:40861 -- Schilirò; Daniele: The crisis of euro’s governance: institutional aspects and policy issues
125820Jan/29/13 6:28 PMID:25902 -- Chen; Yenming: Effective e-waste management-The role of international cooperation and fragementation
125920Jan/31/13 8:40 AMID:2722 -- Husain; Fazal: Analysis of Public Expenditure on Education in Pakistan
126020Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:31122 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Retirement Withdrawal Rates and Portfolio Success Rates: What Can the Historical Record Te
126120Jan/31/13 8:53 AMID:4185 -- Rapoport; Amnon: Unique bid auctions: Equilibrium solutions and experimental evidence
126220Jan/31/13 5:52 AMID:39031 -- Wamboye; Evelyn: External debt trade and FDI on economic growth of least developed countries
126320Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:40947 -- Serbanoiu; Georgian Valentin: Transmission of fiscal policy shocks into Romania's economy
126420Jan/31/13 11:28 AMID:5591 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: Relevance or irrelevance of retention for dividend policy irrelevance
126520Jan/29/13 10:20 PMID:42341 -- Josheski; Dushko: International trade and Economic growth: cross-country evidence
126620Jan/31/13 2:55 PMID:19828 -- Jardin; Mathieu: Efficiency of French football clubs and its dynamics
126720Jan/29/13 7:34 AMID:41686 -- Popescu; Iulia Vasile: Effects of monetary policy in Romania. A VAR approach.
126820Jan/31/13 3:07 AMID:13096 -- Neziri; Hekuran: Can Credit Default Swaps Predict Financial Crises: An Empirical Test on Emerging Markets
126920Jan/31/13 10:25 PMID:43505 -- Jayaraman; T.K.: Implications of Excess Liquidity in Fiji’s Banking System: An Empirical Study
127020Jan/31/13 10:59 PMID:35581 -- Aliyu; Shehu Usman Rano: Reactions of stock market to monetary policy shocks during the global financial crisis: th
127120Jan/31/13 3:42 AMID:35967 -- Skold; Alida S.: Intended and Unintended Results of the Proposed Volcker Rule
127220Jan/31/13 1:09 PMID:28672 -- Bandyopadhyay; Arindam: Internal Assessment of Credit Concentration Risk Capital: A Portfolio Analysis of Indian P
127320Jan/27/13 2:08 PMID:12273 -- Silasi; Grigore: Migration Mobility and Human Rights at the Eastern Border of the European Union - Space o
127420Jan/30/13 8:14 AMID:22022 -- Bianchetti; Marco: Two Curves One Price :Pricing & Hedging Interest Rate Derivatives Decoupling Forwarding a
127520Jan/31/13 5:27 AMID:28047 -- Nasrollahi Shahri; Nima: Power market reforms and privatization of the electricity industry in the Iranian energy s
127620Jan/31/13 10:37 AMID:4955 -- Arby; M. Farooq: Seigniorage Earnings of Commercial Banks and State Bank of Pakistan
127720Jan/31/13 7:46 AMID:35551 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 27 Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements - A Closer Look
127820Jan/30/13 4:08 PMID:818 -- Gai; Prasanna: Measuring Investors' Risk Appetite
127920Jan/30/13 11:09 AMID:15748 -- Munro; John H.: Before and after the Black Death: money prices and wages in fourteenth-century England
128020Jan/31/13 2:39 PMID:1711 -- Bhide; M G: Emerging Challenges in Indian Banking
128120Jan/31/13 8:59 PMID:37794 -- Kalantzis; Fotis: Investigating the Impact of the Greek Electricity Market Reforms on its Day-Ahead Market P
128220Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:812 -- Roberts; John M: Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics
128320Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:20414 -- Arias; Javier: Policies to Promote Growth and Economic Efficiency in Mexico
128420Jan/31/13 5:22 PMID:8256 -- Malik; Afia: How Pakistan is coping with the Challenge of High Oil Prices
128520Jan/31/13 8:35 AMID:37315 -- Desai; Milinf: An exploration of money & interest in the theory of value
128620Jan/30/13 8:52 AMID:15339 -- Fu; Shihe: Industry specialization diversification churning and unemployment in Chinese cities
128720Jan/31/13 5:20 PMID:3121 -- Isgut; Alberto: Learning-by-Exporting Effects: Are They for Real
128820Jan/30/13 8:44 AMID:42030 -- Khemraj; Tarron: The Non-Zero Lower Bound Lending Rate and the Liquidity Trap
128920Jan/31/13 12:13 AMID:26247 -- Zambrano; Joshua: The Zambrano Report
129120Jan/29/13 3:55 PMID:8259 -- Li; Minqiang: Multi-asset Spread Option Pricing and Hedging
129220Jan/31/13 8:08 PMID:34459 -- Freddy; Liew: Productivity-wage-growth nexus: an empirical study of Singapore
129320Jan/31/13 9:30 PMID:41871 -- Almosabbeh; Imadeddin: العوامل المؤثرة في البطالة في الجمهورية العربية السورية دراسة تطبيقية باستخدام منهجية التك
129420Jan/30/13 2:29 PMID:42851 -- Fulli-Lemaire; Nicolas: A Dynamic Inflation Hedging Trading Strategy Using a CPPI
129520Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:8377 -- Cerami; Alfio: Central Europe in transition: emerging models of welfare and social assistance
129620Jan/31/13 6:45 AMID:25326 -- Courtemanche; Charles: The skinny on big box retailing: Wal-Mart warehouse clubs and obesity
129720Jan/31/13 8:09 PMID:34778 -- Feige; Edgar L.: New estimates of U.S. currency abroad the domestic money supply and the unreported Econom
129820Jan/31/13 5:27 PMID:39460 -- Khazabi; Massoud: R&D Spillovers Innovation and Entry
129920Jan/30/13 3:21 PMID:23066 -- Lee; King Fuei: Retail Minority Shareholders and Corporate Reputation as Determinant of Dividend Policy in
130020Jan/30/13 10:40 PMID:35597 -- Sun; Churen: When Pareto meets Melitz: the inapplicability of the Melitz-Pareto model for Chinese firms
130120Jan/31/13 6:36 AMID:14385 -- Drezner; Zvi: A modified Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for normality
130220Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:15715 -- Rao; B. Bhaskara: Is the US Demand for Money Unstable
130320Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:28859 -- bouoiyour; jamal: Trade and GDP Growth in Morocco: Short-run or Long-run Causality
130420Jan/31/13 7:48 AMID:33139 -- Gopalakrishnan; Ambili: Employability and transition to labour market in emerging economies: An Indian perspective
130520Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:11286 -- Mehar; Ayub: Unemployment economic status and ethnic politics: A case study of Karachi
130620Jan/30/13 8:03 AMID:41804 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Exports by Indian Manufacturing SMEs: Regional Patterns and Determinants
130720Jan/30/13 9:18 PMID:15657 -- Uppal; Yogesh: Does legislative turnover adversely affect state expenditure policy Evidence from Indian
130820Jan/31/13 6:18 AMID:13274 -- Mansur; Kasim: Perception towards the Importance of Education among Muslim Women in Papar Sabah (Malaysi
131020Jan/30/13 6:38 PMID:27022 -- Choudhary; M. Ali: Procyclical Monetary Policy and Governance
131120Jan/31/13 11:58 PMID:43642 -- Mensah; Justice T.: Does Automation Improve Stock Market Efficiency Evidence from Ghana
131220Jan/31/13 6:28 PMID:38059 -- Javid; Attiya Yasmin: Test of Higher Moment Capital Asset Pricing Model in Case of Pakistani Equity Market
131320Jan/31/13 11:31 AMID:42124 -- Fristrup; Peter: Vertical Integration and Fuel Diversity in Electricity Generation – a theoretical study in
131420Jan/31/13 3:55 PMID:42634 -- El-Shazly; Fawzy A.: التركيب المحصولى المصرى فى ظل المخاطرة والمتغيرات المحلية والدولية
131520Jan/31/13 6:42 PMID:29766 -- Stefanelli; Valeria: An Empirical Analysis on Board Monitoring Role and Loan Portfolio Quality Measurement in B
131620Jan/28/13 3:44 PMID:41609 -- Metaxas; Theodore: Τοπική οικονομκή ανάπτυξη ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά πόλεων πολιτικές ανάπτυξης και ανταγω
131720Jan/30/13 12:47 AMID:18612 -- Dumitru; Ionut: Adoptarea euro in Romania
131820Jan/31/13 4:44 PMID:35911 -- Théoret; Raymond: 'Forecasting stochastic Volatility using the Kalman filter: an application to Canadian Int
131920Jan/31/13 8:54 PMID:41000 -- Masino; Serena: Macroeconomic instability and the incentive to innovate
132020Jan/31/13 7:29 AMID:2681 -- Iqbal; Muhammad: Zero-tillage Technology and Farm Profits: A Case Study of Wheat Growers in the Rice Zone o
132120Jan/29/13 10:14 PMID:12620 -- Gray; Wesley: Fundamental Value Investors: Characteristics and Performance
132220Jan/30/13 4:02 PMID:41244 -- Victor; Olivo: The role of money in economies with monetary policy regimes that ignore monetary aggregate
132320Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:26149 -- Grady; Patrick: Background Paper on Inflation and Unemployment
132420Jan/31/13 9:17 PMID:30558 -- Khilji; Bashir Ahmad: The Impact of Recent Financial Recession on the Banking sector of Pakistan
132520Jan/30/13 4:33 AMID:42496 -- Shaikh; Salman: Consumption & Savings Behavior in Pakistan
132620Jan/28/13 10:02 AMID:1952 -- Lord; Roger: A fast and accurate FFT-based method for pricing early-exercise options under Lévy process
132720Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:9611 -- Modena; Matteo: The term structure and the expectations hypothesis: a threshold model
132820Jan/31/13 4:53 PMID:39145 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Choosing a Retirement Income Strategy: Outcome Measures and Best Practices
132920Jan/29/13 9:07 PMID:42529 -- Obradovits; Martin: Austrian-style gasoline price regulation: How it may backfire
133020Jan/31/13 11:16 AMID:31535 -- Skoglund; Jimmy: Calculating incremental risk charges: The effect of the liquidity horizon
133120Jan/31/13 3:14 PMID:23360 -- Potgieter; Petrus H.: Water and energy in South Africa – managing scarcity
133220Jan/30/13 2:22 PMID:6977 -- Schmitz; Patrick W.: Book Review of “Contract Theory” (Bolton and Dewatripont 2005)
133320Jan/31/13 3:31 PMID:14173 -- Whitehouse; Edward: The tax treatment of funded pensions
133420Jan/31/13 8:08 AMID:35872 -- Kakarlapudi; Kiran Kumar: The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Employment: Evidence from India’s Manufacturing Sect
133520Jan/30/13 3:39 AMID:27811 -- Ale Ebrahim; Nader: Virtual marketing in virtual enterprises
133620Jan/31/13 4:41 AMID:13828 -- Kannan; Srinivasan: Socio-economic Impact of Sethusamudram Project
133720Jan/31/13 10:39 AMID:7019 -- Kohnert; Dirk: On the Renaissance of African Modes of Thought - The Example of the Belief in Magic and Wi
133820Jan/31/13 12:33 PMID:1333 -- Mishra; SK: Globalization and Structural Changes in the Indian Industrial Sector: An Analysis of Produ
133920Jan/30/13 8:31 PMID:35494 -- Kronenberg; Tobias: Regional input-output modelling in Germany: The case of North Rhine-Westphalia
134020Jan/31/13 4:14 PMID:35740 -- Biffis; Enrico: The cost of counterparty risk and collateralization in longevity swaps
134120Jan/31/13 6:19 PMID:42362 -- Celikay; Ferdi: Türkiye'de Sağlık Hizmetleri ve Finansmanı
134220Jan/30/13 9:41 PMID:35765 -- Nakhoda; Aadil: The influence of financial leverage of firms on their international trading activities
134320Jan/31/13 1:16 PMID:13080 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Does Monetary Policy Play Effective Role in Controlling Inflation in Pakistan
134420Jan/31/13 5:53 PMID:13731 -- Fiona; Tregenna: An empirical investigation of the effects of concentration on profitability among US banks
134520Jan/31/13 5:38 PMID:36729 -- Bielsa; Jorge: An economic model for water allocation in North Eastern Spain
134620Jan/31/13 2:24 AMID:24819 -- Balcombe; Kelvin: The Nature and Determinants of Volatility in Agricultural Prices
134720Jan/31/13 7:48 PMID:38337 -- Varadi; Vijay Kumar: An evidence of speculation in Indian commodity markets
134820Jan/31/13 1:02 PMID:2057 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Modelling the Demand for Money in Pakistan
134920Jan/31/13 10:20 PMID:39769 -- Swaminathan; J.: Employee engagement practices in private hospitals: a cross sectional study in mayiladuthu
135020Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:24576 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Methodology for an Early Warning System: The Signals Approach
135120Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:1848 -- Newton; Da Costa Jr: Disposition effect and gender
135220Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:15399 -- Makoka; Donald: The impact of drought on household vulnerability: The case of rural Malawi
135320Jan/30/13 4:35 AMID:36046 -- Murhadi; Werner-Ria: Study On Dividend Policy in Indonesian Capital Market
135420Jan/31/13 5:41 PMID:38865 -- McKee; Michael: Behavioral dynamics of tax compliance under an information services initiative
135520Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:22831 -- Faridi; Muhammad Zahir: The Socio-Economic and Demographic Determinants of Women Work Participation in Pakistan: E
135620Jan/31/13 8:54 PMID:12396 -- Campos; Javier: The cost of building and operating a new high speed rail line
135720Jan/30/13 8:19 AMID:11450 -- Madden; Gary G: Subscriber churn in the Australian ISP market
135820Jan/31/13 1:47 PMID:41484 -- Kodila Tedika; Oasis: Empirical Survey on the Causes of the Corruption
135920Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:34922 -- Aldashev; Alisher: Determinants of internal migration in Kazakhstan
136020Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:36845 -- Kwak; Sungil: The Impact of Taxes on Charitable Giving: Empirical Evidence from the Korean Labor and Inc
136120Jan/30/13 2:22 PMID:8576 -- Bağdigen; Muhlis: Causality between Public Expenditure and Economic Growth: The Turkish Case.
136220Jan/31/13 5:08 AMID:29626 -- Rode; Sanjay: Effects of urbanisation on multiple cropping pattern in coastal districts in India
136320Jan/30/13 4:12 PMID:21236 -- Chirwa; Themba G.: Program evaluation of agricultural input subsidies in Malawi using treatment effects: meth
136420Jan/31/13 10:51 AMID:41761 -- Böhme; Enrico: Monopolistic Location Choice in Two-Sided Industries
136520Jan/30/13 11:40 AMID:10755 -- Munadi; Ernawati: Business cycle transmission between the USA and Indonesia: A vector error correction model
136620Jan/31/13 7:02 PMID:21102 -- Ahamad; Mazbahul Golam: Infant Mortality Situation in Bangladesh in 2007: A District Level Analysis
136720Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:37677 -- Puah; Chin-Hong: Budget-current account deficits nexus in Malaysia
136820Jan/31/13 9:38 AMID:43907 -- Ouchen; Mariam: Optimal choice of an exchange rate regime: a critical literature review
137020Jan/31/13 1:35 AMID:44 -- Monastiriotis; Vassilis: Macro-determinants of UK regional unemployment and the role of employment flexibility
137120Jan/31/13 1:34 PMID:13122 -- de Mello; Luiz: Message on a Bottle: Colours and Shapes in Wine Labels
137220Jan/31/13 5:31 PMID:3100 -- Albu; Lucian-Liviu: Non-linear models: applications in economics
137320Jan/29/13 1:23 PMID:29505 -- Ananth; A.: Service quality gap analysis in private sector bank - a customer perspective
137420Jan/31/13 7:07 AMID:38742 -- Chani; Muhammad Irfan: Some socio-economic determinants of fertility in Pakistan: an empirical analysis
137520Jan/30/13 9:51 PMID:31247 -- Syahruddin; Normansyah: Towards traceability in cocoa - chocolate supply chain
137620Jan/31/13 11:10 PMID:37391 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Does Trade Openness Affect Long Run Growth Cointegration Causality and Forecast Error Va
137720Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:11398 -- Carlo Alberto; Magni: Splitting Up Value: A Critical Review of Residual Income Theories
137820Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:26134 -- Quader; Syed Manzur: Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis on its Determinants and Imp
137920Jan/31/13 7:11 PMID:43310 -- Bell; William: Feed-in tariffs for promoting solar PV: progressing from dynamic to allocative efficiency
138020Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:11985 -- Adam; Anokye M.: Foreign Direct Investment and Stock market Development: Ghana’s Evidence
138120Jan/31/13 9:43 PMID:29555 -- Hasanov; Fakhri: Analyzing price level in a booming economy: the case of Azerbaijan
138220Jan/29/13 7:48 PMID:39702 -- Litina; Anastasia: Unfavorable land endowment cooperation and reversal of fortune
138320Jan/31/13 6:57 PMID:18732 -- D'Amuri; Francesco: 'Google it!' Forecasting the US unemployment rate with a Google job search index
138420Jan/31/13 10:10 AMID:7820 -- Krammer; Marius S.S.: Drivers of national innovative systems in transition: an Eastern European cross-country an
138520Jan/31/13 10:08 AMID:17204 -- Ali; Muhammad: Connecting People With Disabilities: ICT Opportunities for All
138620Jan/30/13 2:54 PMID:16276 -- Khan; Muhammad: Adverse health effects risk perception and pesticide use behavior
138720Jan/31/13 12:20 PMID:41161 -- Lord; Montague J.: A Macroeconomic Simulation Model for Uzbekistan: Technical Guide to Macroeconomic Applicat
138820Jan/31/13 9:12 PMID:13074 -- Bacha; Obiyathulla I.: The Market for Financial Derivatives: Removing Impediments to Growth
138920Jan/31/13 1:57 PMID:27315 -- Bas; Maria: Does importing more inputs raise exports Firm level evidence from France
139020Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:8693 -- Khan; Safdar Ullah Khan: Macro Determinants of Total Factor Productivity in Pakistan
139120Jan/31/13 8:44 PMID:10610 -- Aslan; Alper: Türkiye’de Suç Oranları Sürekliliğinin Analizi
139220Jan/29/13 8:25 PMID:39483 -- Dumludag; Devrim: Küreselleşmeyi “Büyük Dönüşüm” Üzerinden Okumak
139320Jan/30/13 8:03 PMID:39736 -- Ahmed; Waqas: Estimation of discount factor (beta) and coefficient of relative risk aversion (gamma) in
139420Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:42848 -- Avino; Davide: Are CDS spreads predictable An analysis of linear and non-linear forecasting models
139520Jan/30/13 3:43 PMID:18548 -- Agoraki; Maria-Eleni: The effect of board size and composition on bank efficiency
139620Jan/29/13 10:03 PMID:17491 -- Nachane; D M: Credit rating and bank behavior in India: Possible implications of the new Basel accord
139720Jan/30/13 2:11 PMID:43386 -- Claudio; Vicarelli: Euro introduction and export behaviour of Italian firms
139820Jan/30/13 3:40 PMID:6854 -- Proietti; Tommaso: Structural Time Series Models for Business Cycle Analysis
139920Jan/30/13 3:58 PMID:25072 -- Halkos; George: Performance evaluation using bootstrapping DEA techniques: Evidence from industry ratio an
140019Jan/31/13 12:52 AMID:20387 -- Bag; Pinaki: Exposure at Default Model for Contingent Credit Line
140119Jan/31/13 6:39 PMID:34846 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: How the Future Shaped the Past: The Case of the Cashless Society
140219Jan/30/13 12:49 AMID:10703 -- Eckardt; Martina: The Quality of Insurance Intermediary Services – Empirical Evidence for Germany
140319Jan/30/13 10:01 AMID:37774 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Multivariate granger causality between CO2 Emissions energy intensity financial developm
140419Jan/31/13 2:26 AMID:8030 -- Saraogi; Ravi: Macromanagement and Business Environment: Analysis of the 1991 Indian Economic Crisis
140519Jan/30/13 8:22 AMID:961 -- Oslington; Paul: Dismissal Costs and their Impact on Employment: Evidence from Australian Small and Medium
140619Jan/31/13 8:02 PMID:5779 -- Umakrishnan; K U: Changing Income Structure Ownership and Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Indian Bank
140719Jan/30/13 6:44 PMID:7463 -- Kv; Bhanu Murthy: Operationalizing and Measuring Competition: Determinants of Competition in Private Banking
140819Jan/30/13 7:38 PMID:7125 -- Reinhart; Carmen: “Capital Inflows and Real Exchange Rate Appreciation in Latin America: The Role of Externa
140919Jan/30/13 11:19 AMID:9587 -- Baleanu; V: About the Romanian Tourism Potential: The Natural Strengths of the Main Tourist Destinatio
141019Jan/31/13 6:12 PMID:12817 -- Annicchiarico; Barbara: Economic Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Italy 1861-2003
141119Jan/31/13 10:31 PMID:29785 -- Thapa; Sridhar: A Ricardian analysis of the climate change impact on Nepalese agriculture
141219Jan/29/13 11:40 PMID:5520 -- Maswana; Jean-Claude: China-Africa’s Emerging Economic Links: A review under the Core-Periphery perspective
141319Jan/30/13 5:08 PMID:35050 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: (Un)common suffering: distributional impact of recent inflation in India
141419Jan/28/13 9:39 AMID:30936 -- Zervopoulos; Panagiotis: Εφαρμογή μετρήσεων απόδοσης – αποτελεσματικότητας - αποδοτικότητας στη δημόσια διοίκηση: δ
141519Jan/31/13 9:39 AMID:39754 -- Josheski; Dushko: External audit and relation between internal auditors supervisory body and external audit
141619Jan/30/13 2:08 PMID:43392 -- Kitov; Ivan: Sustainable trends and periodicity in consumer price indices indicate that the era of low
141719Jan/31/13 10:33 AMID:2648 -- Kirdar; Murat: Migration and Regional Convergence: An Empirical Investigation for Turkey
141819Jan/30/13 7:55 AMID:31793 -- Karan Singh; B: Revisiting the empirical existence of the Phillips Curve for India
141919Jan/31/13 2:47 PMID:27692 -- Milanovic; Branko: Level of income and income distribution in mid-18th century France according to Francois
142019Jan/31/13 3:43 PMID:43570 -- Da Costa Jr; Newton: The disposition effect and investor experience
142219Jan/30/13 2:24 PMID:24665 -- Colistete; Renato P.: Revisiting Import-Substituting Industrialisation in Post-War Brazil
142319Jan/29/13 11:53 AMID:43638 -- Rego; Conceição: Eficiência e/ou coesão territorial: de que modo uma rede de Instituições de Ensino Superio
142419Jan/31/13 6:11 PMID:42923 -- Malikane; Christopher: The Microfoundations of the Keynesian Wage-Price Spiral
142519Jan/31/13 7:10 AMID:25104 -- Bob; Constantin: Strategic concerns about technological research of the Romanian baking and flour products
142619Jan/30/13 10:48 AMID:93 -- Budria; Santiago: Education Educational Mismatch and Wage Inequality: Evidence for Spain
142719Jan/31/13 6:55 AMID:32212 -- Torrisi; Gianpiero: (Re-)exploring the link between devolution and regional disparities in Italy
142819Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:27093 -- Tiwari; Aviral Kumar: Does financial development increase rural-urban income inequality Cointegration analysis
142919Jan/31/13 1:26 PMID:40437 -- Bellemare; Marc F.: The Productivity Impacts of Formal and Informal Land Rights: Evidence from Madagascar
143019Jan/31/13 5:20 AMID:20339 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: Engineering Change in Mexico: The Adoption of Computer Technology at Grupo ICA (1965-1971)
143119Jan/31/13 12:44 AMID:32116 -- Arnold Cote; K. Nicole: Municipal Non-Residential Real Property Valuation Forecast Accuracy
143219Jan/31/13 10:16 PMID:14180 -- Colignatus; Thomas: The macro-economics of repressed stagflation. Part 2: The crisis of 2009+ and a reduction
143319Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:26845 -- Hildenbrand; Andreas: Cournot or Stackelberg Competition A Survey of Experimental Research
143419Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:26125 -- Ukoha; O.O: Analysis of the Determinants of Total Factor Productivity among Small-Holder Cassava Farme
143519Jan/31/13 1:11 AMID:14292 -- Karne; Manisha: Ananlysis of productivity and efficiency in MSRTC
143619Jan/31/13 6:45 PMID:23067 -- Lee; King Fuei: An Empirical Study of Dividend Payout and Future Earnings in Singapore
143719Jan/30/13 6:11 AMID:22900 -- Pahnke; Luise: Different Effects of Financial Literacy and Financial Education in Germany
143819Jan/31/13 4:14 PMID:40165 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Evolution of security transaction tax in India
143919Jan/29/13 9:08 PMID:191 -- Mumcu; Ayşe: An analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the Turkish banking sector
144019Jan/31/13 4:33 PMID:4885 -- Beja; Edsel Jr.: Capital Flight and Economic Performance
144119Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:2387 -- Alasrag; Hussien: دور سوق الأوراق المالية فى تنمية الادخار فى مصر
144219Jan/30/13 12:43 PMID:20287 -- Block; Joern: Venture capital and the financial crisis: an empirical study across industries and countri
144319Jan/31/13 11:56 AMID:28135 -- Ismihan; Mustafa: A New Framework for Output-Unemployment Relationship: Okun’s Law Revisited
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144519Jan/29/13 12:16 PMID:42781 -- EL-Mohammadi; Rachid: BSWithJump Model And Pricing Of Quanto CDS With FX Devaluation Risk
144619Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:25338 -- Egbetokun; A: Innovation in Nigerian SMEs: types and impact
144719Jan/30/13 8:28 PMID:28736 -- Garrouste; Christelle: Validating SHARE in France with other French surveys : health and income data
144819Jan/30/13 11:37 AMID:41004 -- Metaxas; Theodore: Strategic place marketing and place branding: 15 years of mega-events in Lisbon
144919Jan/31/13 7:59 PMID:24602 -- Huhtala; Anni: What price recreation in Finland – A contingent valuation study of non-market benefits of
145019Jan/31/13 5:30 PMID:26088 -- Caprio; Gerard Jr.: Macro Financial Determinants of the Great Financial Crisis: Implications for Financial Reg
145119Jan/31/13 7:24 PMID:42385 -- Atif; Syed Muhammad: Globalization and Income Inequality: A Panel Data Analysis of 68 Countries
145219Jan/31/13 12:34 AMID:28213 -- Kelaher; Richard: Crime and Punishment Revisited
145319Jan/31/13 9:15 AMID:39794 -- Che; Yi: Mismatch: land reallocations recovery land rental and land rental market development in r
145419Jan/30/13 6:25 AMID:22403 -- Kolesnikova; Irina: State Aid for Industrial Enterprises in Belarus: Remedy or Poison
145519Jan/31/13 7:22 AMID:14886 -- Sarker; Debnarayan: A Study of Economic Outcome of Joint Forest Management Programme in West Bengal: The Strat
145619Jan/31/13 10:03 PMID:2636 -- Bhanu Murthy; K.V.: Social responsibility standards and global environmental accountability : a developing cou
145719Jan/25/13 8:56 PMID:3190 -- Cohen; Ruben D: Incorporating default risk into Hamada's Equation for application to capital structure
145819Jan/31/13 3:53 PMID:10670 -- Kamaruddin; Badrul Hisham: Assessing production efficiency of Islamic banks and conventional bank Islamic windows in
145919Jan/29/13 4:53 AMID:29809 -- Karahasan; Burhan Can: Causal Links Between Trade And Economic Growth Evidence From Turkey And European Union Cou
146019Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:24654 -- Abdel Aal Mahmoud; Ashraf: FDI and Local Financial Market Development:A Granger Causality Test Using Panel Data
146119Jan/31/13 4:50 PMID:11143 -- Pires Gonçalves; Ricardo: Management Quality Measurement: Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Estimation Approach
146219Jan/31/13 9:28 AMID:22911 -- Aziz; Babar: Surmising Consumer Demand System & Structural Changes Using Time Series Data
146319Jan/31/13 8:14 PMID:19114 -- Spash; Clive L.: The Brave New World of Carbon Trading
146419Jan/31/13 10:58 AMID:17174 -- Giovannucci; Daniele: Adding Value: Certified Coffee Trade in North America
146519Jan/26/13 12:11 PMID:2201 -- Khan; M. Ali Khan: The Harris-Todaro Hypothesis
146619Jan/31/13 2:51 PMID:4814 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: INFRASTRUCTURE AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA
146719Jan/31/13 4:47 AMID:26381 -- Ismail; Abdul Ghafar: The Impact of Domestic Resource Cost on the Comparative Advantages of Iran Crude Steel Sec
146819Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:8935 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: Scomposizione di sovraprofitti: Economic Value Added e Valore Aggiunto Sistemico
146919Jan/31/13 5:04 PMID:38866 -- govori; fadil: The Financial Lobby and Impact of Other Stakeholders in the EU: A good model for emancipat
147019Jan/31/13 10:31 PMID:15732 -- Pandey; Manoj K.: Investigating suicidal trend and its economic determinants: evidence from India
147119Jan/30/13 12:40 PMID:15041 -- Steinbacher; Matjaz: Self-Interest Incentives and the Decision-Making
147219Jan/31/13 2:00 AMID:15903 -- Munro; John H.: The Low Countries’ export trade in textiles with the Mediterranean basin 1200-1600: a cos
147319Jan/30/13 10:35 PMID:28812 -- Kirkpatrick; Colin: Trade sustainability impact assessment (SIA) on the comprehensive economic and trade agree
147419Jan/31/13 4:56 AMID:808 -- Fabiani; Silvia: What Firms' Surveys Tell Us about Price-Setting Behavior in the Euro Area
147519Jan/31/13 8:36 PMID:5489 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: Globalization of Turkey’s Banking Sector: the Determinants of Foreign Bank Penetration in
147619Jan/31/13 7:32 PMID:38536 -- Tang; Chor Foon: A re-examination of the role of foreign direct investment and exports in Malaysia's econom
147719Jan/30/13 12:02 AMID:40057 -- Giandomenico; Rossano: Asset Liability Management in Insurance Company
147819Jan/31/13 9:32 PMID:4753 -- Lai; Richard: Inventory Signals
147919Jan/31/13 8:04 PMID:35062 -- Ahmed; Sofia: Does economic geography matter for Pakistan a spatial exploratory analysis of income and
148019Jan/31/13 11:11 AMID:34121 -- Campbell; Carl: Efficiency wage setting labor demand and Phillips curve microfoundations
148119Jan/31/13 5:02 PMID:15649 -- Arpaia; Alfonso: Understanding labour income share dynamics in Europe
148219Jan/31/13 9:37 AMID:43226 -- Mărcău; Flavius-Cristian: Research and Science Today No. 4
148319Jan/31/13 11:57 AMID:3135 -- Parkhomenko; Alexander: Estimating hedonic price indexes for personal computers in russia: Case of Yekaterinburg
148419Jan/30/13 12:32 PMID:16625 -- Fuerst; Franz: Green Noise or Green Value Measuring the Price Effects of Environmental Certification in
148519Jan/30/13 10:12 AMID:31253 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Mergers and Acquisitions: A pre-post analysis for the Indian financial services sector
148619Jan/29/13 4:48 PMID:42003 -- Khaing; Khaing Sape Saw: Globalization and Change of Investment Environment in ASEAN
148719Jan/31/13 9:46 PMID:25631 -- Resiandini; Pramesti: Financial development and trade: evidence from the world's three largest economies.
148819Jan/31/13 2:18 PMID:20910 -- Vinokurov; Evgeny: The CIS Common Electric Power Market
148919Jan/31/13 10:56 PMID:42062 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Forecasting 2012 United States Presidential election using Factor Analysis Logit and Prob
149019Jan/29/13 4:42 AMID:29816 -- Gouvea; Raphael Rocha: Balance-of-payments-constrained growth in a multisectoral framework: a panel data investig
149119Jan/30/13 6:36 PMID:26722 -- Jin; Yi: Real Estate the External Finance Premium and Business Investment: A Quantitative Dynamic
149219Jan/31/13 4:11 PMID:41669 -- Tamura; Robert: Secular fertility declines baby booms and economic growth: international evidence
149319Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:35087 -- Korobilis; Dimitris: Assessing the transmission of monetary policy shocks using dynamic factor models
149419Jan/31/13 2:22 PMID:8981 -- Roelen; Keetie: Measuring Child Poverty and Well-Being: a literature review
149519Jan/30/13 9:58 PMID:2181 -- Pirouz; Dante: The Neuroscience of Consumer Decision-Making
149619Jan/30/13 10:46 PMID:18446 -- Sinha; Dipendra: The energy consumption-GDP nexus: Panel data evidence from 88 countries
149719Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:13365 -- Bandeira; Pablo: Access to land and rural poverty in developing countries: theory and evidence from Guatema
149819Jan/29/13 5:10 AMID:41138 -- Herrera Gómez; Marcos: Introducción a la econometría espacial: Una aplicación al estudio de la fecundidad en la A
149919Jan/31/13 1:01 PMID:21373 -- Vernikov; Andrei: Direct and indirect state ownership on banks in Russia
150019Jan/31/13 3:20 AMID:16468 -- Mughal; Mazhar: Boon or bane- role of FDI in the economic growth of Pakistan
150119Jan/30/13 4:25 PMID:27908 -- Müller; Christopher: A note on the relationship of mainstream and art house movie theaters
150219Jan/30/13 1:34 PMID:21562 -- Kanao; Koji: The size of the underground economy in Japan
150319Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:31283 -- Chu; Angus C.: Cultural preference on fertility and the growth and welfare effects of intellectual proper
150419Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:8153 -- Hussain; M. Haider: Estimating the Black Economy through Monetary Approach: A Case Study of Pakistan
150519Jan/31/13 3:51 PMID:42984 -- Ray; Jhilam: Wages & income mobility in Indian labour market: the post-reform scenario
150619Jan/30/13 11:49 AMID:14753 -- Srinivas; P.S.: Regulating private pension funds’ structure performance and investments: cross-country ev
150719Jan/31/13 10:10 PMID:22477 -- Bouallegui; Imen: Capital structure determinants and the new High-Tech firms: The critical distinction betwe
150819Jan/31/13 12:48 AMID:24067 -- Dasgupta; Purnamita: Indian Agricultural Scenario and Food Security Concerns in the Context of Climate Change:
150919Jan/30/13 8:28 AMID:41532 -- Masood; Sarwar Awan: Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty in Pakistan
151019Jan/30/13 9:25 PMID:27674 -- Angel-Urdinola; Diego F.: Labor Markets and School-to-Work Transition in Egypt: Diagnostics Constraints and Policy
151119Jan/30/13 7:55 AMID:42794 -- Metaxas; Theodore: Assessing the determinants of Firms’ Competitiveness in Greece: A Structural Equation Mode
151219Jan/31/13 9:59 AMID:40212 -- Colacicco; Rudy: The 'Average' Within-Sector Firm Heterogeneity in General Oligopolistic Equilibrium
151319Jan/31/13 3:35 PMID:29095 -- Kincal; Gokce: Cross Border Business Cycle Impacts on the El Paso Housing Market
151419Jan/31/13 3:40 PMID:20197 -- Nelson; Richard: An Evolutionary Theory of Household Consumption Behavior
151519Jan/31/13 6:07 AMID:40405 -- Murray; Cameron K.: What if consumers decided to all ‘go green’ Environmental rebound effects from consumptio
151619Jan/31/13 11:13 AMID:21601 -- Ling; Tai-Hu: Does Fisher hypothesis hold for the East Asian Economies an application of panel unit roo
151719Jan/30/13 5:39 PMID:11572 -- Ahlfeldt; Gabriel M.: Spatial Determinants of CBD Emergence: A Micro-level Case Study on Berlin∗
151819Jan/31/13 5:47 AMID:22915 -- Tanin; Fahian: Does FDI intensify Economic Growth Empirics from Bangladesh.
151919Jan/30/13 5:57 AMID:28435 -- Hernandez; Gustavo Adolfo: A dynamic general equilibrium model for tax policy analysis in Colombia
152019Jan/31/13 6:51 AMID:43657 -- Çankaya; Serkan: Effects of gender on credit card usage among university students in Turkey.
152119Jan/31/13 9:25 AMID:41675 -- Calance; Madalina: Free economy in a Jewish perspective.
152319Jan/31/13 10:16 PMID:5223 -- Bernardi; Luigi: Tax systems and tax reforms in Latin America: country studies
152419Jan/31/13 9:52 AMID:26793 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: Bypassing Russia: Nabucco project and its implications for the European gas security
152519Jan/31/13 9:04 AMID:34913 -- Cloyne; James S: Discretionary tax shocks in the United Kingdom 1945-2009: a narrative account and dataset
152619Jan/31/13 6:12 PMID:16610 -- Kowalski; Tadeusz: Comparative analysis of economic transformation in Poland and selected central European co
152719Jan/31/13 7:01 PMID:13070 -- Atiq-ur-Rehman; Atiq-ur-Rehman: Impact of Hydropower Projects on Economic Growth of AJK.
152819Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:2108 -- Aragon; Fernando: Intergovernmental transfers and fiscal effort in Peruvian local governments
152919Jan/30/13 9:27 PMID:25289 -- Chauhan; Vinay: Tourism: A Tool for Crafting Peace Process in Kashmir J&K India
153019Jan/30/13 6:19 PMID:15254 -- Maudos; Joaquin: Banking competition financial dependence and economic growth
153119Jan/31/13 1:56 PMID:32430 -- Mandler; Martin: Threshold effects in the monetary policy reaction function of the Deutsche Bundesbank
153219Jan/30/13 9:45 AMID:43293 -- Behera; Smruti Ranjan Behera: Horizontal and Vertical Technology Spillover of Foreign Direct Investment: An Evaluation a
153319Jan/30/13 9:14 PMID:24994 -- Lin; Tun: Tourism for pro-poor and sustainable growth: economic analysis of tourism projects
153419Jan/27/13 7:49 PMID:7272 -- Hasan; Zubair: Evaluation of Islamic banking performance: On the current use of econometric models
153519Jan/29/13 3:47 PMID:31159 -- Criveanu; Maria: Role of management control in small and medium enterprises performance assurance
153619Jan/31/13 4:24 AMID:22780 -- Mechtel; Mario: Political Cycles in Active Labor Market Policies
153719Jan/30/13 8:11 PMID:32271 -- Palivos; Theodore: The Colonization of Hong Kong: Establishing the Pearl of Britain-China Trade
153819Jan/31/13 4:42 PMID:6154 -- Kamat; Manoj: Does Financial Growth lead Economic Performance in India Causality-Cointegration using Un
153919Jan/30/13 8:22 PMID:8008 -- Khanam; Rasheda: Child Labour in Bangladesh: Trends Patterns and Policy Options
154019Jan/30/13 8:53 AMID:13108 -- Hirnissa; M.T: Military and Economic Growth in ASEAN-5 Countries
154119Jan/30/13 8:29 AMID:19483 -- Idris; Nurjihan: Construct validation of supply chain management in cooperative
154219Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:23094 -- Quaas; Georg: Clusters and Loops of the German Phillips Curve
154319Jan/31/13 8:58 AMID:20928 -- Chandra; Vandana: Options for Income-Enhancing Diversification in Burkina Faso
154419Jan/31/13 1:08 AMID:22242 -- Jee; Hui-Siang Brenda: Domestic fuel price and economic sectors in Malaysia: a future of renewable energy
154519Jan/30/13 3:33 PMID:10887 -- Safa; Mohammad Samaun: Potential fishery industry activities and financial aspects of east Malaysian marine fishe
154619Jan/31/13 3:53 AMID:36012 -- Shachmurove; Tomer: String of defaults: Spanish financial crises through the years
154719Jan/30/13 12:13 PMID:13604 -- Reinhart; Carmen: The first global financial crisis of the 21st century: Part II June-December 2008
154819Jan/31/13 5:17 AMID:31564 -- Dasgupta; Dipak: Domestic Wheat Price Formation and Food Inflation in India
154919Jan/31/13 7:51 PMID:28177 -- Pillai; Rajasekharan: Group Norms and Consumer Behaviour
155019Jan/30/13 4:08 PMID:929 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: Growth of the Spanish Multinational in Latin America during the 1990s
155119Jan/27/13 5:08 AMID:25920 -- Kueh; Swee Hui Jerome: Selected Macroeconomic Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Outflow of Singapore
155219Jan/30/13 9:26 AMID:39817 -- Pasaribu; Rowland Bismark Fernando: Pemilihan Model Asset Pricing
155319Jan/31/13 5:33 PMID:25799 -- Mark; Nagel: Major League Baseball Anti-Trust Immunity: Examining the Legal and Financial Implications
155419Jan/26/13 4:51 PMID:43387 -- Ojo; Marianne: Why the transfer of bank supervisory powers back to the Bank of England is a step in the r
155619Jan/31/13 1:14 PMID:24898 -- Gupta; Poonam: Performance of Indian Manufacturing in the Post Reform Period
155719Jan/29/13 9:55 PMID:6998 -- Barrios; Salvador: Mapping the ICT in EU Regions: Location Employment Factors of Attractiveness and Economi
155819Jan/30/13 12:34 AMID:12358 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Outward Foreign Direct Investment from India: Recent Trends and Patterns
155919Jan/31/13 10:12 PMID:12725 -- van der Eng; Pierre: Growth and Inequality: The Case of Indonesia 1960-1997
156019Jan/31/13 6:20 PMID:32951 -- Kablan; S: Efficiency of islamic and conventional banks in countries with islamic banking
156119Jan/31/13 10:00 AMID:33119 -- Mohamed; Issam A.W.: Assessment of the Role of Agriculture in Sudan Economy
156219Jan/31/13 1:15 AMID:594 -- Lee; Lena: Antecedents for Entrepreneurial Propensity: Findings from Singapore Hong Kong and Taiwan
156319Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:26921 -- Căpuşneanu; Sorinel/I: Activity-Based Management principles and implementation opportunities of the ABM system
156419Jan/31/13 2:30 PMID:32150 -- Roychowdhury; Punarjit: Regulation enforcement and informality: an analysis based on selected countries
156519Jan/30/13 6:55 PMID:24029 -- Tzeremes; Nickolaos: A DEA approach for measuring university departments’ efficiency
156719Jan/31/13 6:46 AMID:31002 -- Fulvio; Castellacci: Service innovation and the proximity-concentration trade-off model of trade and FDI
156819Jan/31/13 8:46 AMID:41174 -- Lord; Montague J.: Macroeconomic Policies for Poverty Reduction in Cambodia
156919Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:22084 -- Filippetti; Andrea: Innovation in Times of Crisis: The Uneven Effects of the Economic Downturn across Europe
157019Jan/31/13 5:43 AMID:36154 -- Sarafidis; Vasilis: GMM Estimation of short dynamic panel data models with error cross-sectional dependence
157119Jan/30/13 2:11 PMID:43065 -- Skouras; Thanos: The triangle of democratic interdependence and the media's role in contemporary society
157219Jan/31/13 7:08 AMID:29237 -- Tang; Chor Foon: Temporal Granger causality and the dynamics examination on the tourism-growth nexus in Mal
157319Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:1384 -- Parker; Steve: Has the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement Led to Higher FDI into Vietnam
157419Jan/31/13 5:59 PMID:43693 -- Hasan; Iftekhar: Market Discipline during Crisis: Evidence from Bank Depositors in Transition Countries
157519Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:36279 -- Harrison; Ann: Are there dynamic externalities from direct foreign investment Evidence for Morocco
157619Jan/31/13 3:03 PMID:25905 -- Bandyopadhyay; Kaushik Ranjan: Petroleum Pricing in India: Transition from APM to MDPM
157719Jan/31/13 12:56 PMID:32293 -- Mohamed; Issam A.W.: Effects of Investment on Macroeconomic Variables in the Sudanese Economy
157819Jan/30/13 8:30 AMID:6557 -- Weiss; Volkmar: The Population Cycle Drives Human History - from a Eugenic Phase into a Dysgenic Phase and
157919Jan/31/13 1:47 PMID:35940 -- Papahristodoulou; Christos: Optimal football strategies: AC Milan versus FC Barcelona
158019Jan/31/13 10:02 AMID:22247 -- Behera; Harendra: Onshore and offshore market for Indian Rupee: recent evidence on volatility and shock spil
158119Jan/31/13 8:16 AMID:35867 -- Dutta; Nabamita: Is culture a determinant of financial development
158219Jan/31/13 9:32 AMID:39568 -- Jamilov; Rustam: Channels of Monetary Transmission in the CIS
158319Jan/31/13 7:18 PMID:18804 -- Alomar; Ibrahim: قدرة النظام المصرفي على الحد من ظاهرة الفقر: دراسة قياسية تجميعية على الدول النامية
158419Jan/31/13 8:16 AMID:33775 -- Roychowdhury; Punarjit: Regulation governance and informality: an empirical analysis of selected countries
158519Jan/31/13 1:22 PMID:36742 -- Sun; Churen: Export Productivity Pattern and Firm Size Distribution
158619Jan/30/13 4:17 PMID:21944 -- Rosellon; Juan: Different Approaches to Supply Adequacy in Electricity Markets
158719Jan/30/13 8:47 AMID:41151 -- Lord; Montague J: Implications of WTO Accession for Selected Domestic Industries of Laos
158819Jan/30/13 8:13 AMID:28924 -- Stoop; Jan: From the lab to the field: Cooperation among fishermen
158918Jan/31/13 1:59 PMID:1824 -- Mitra; MK: Rural indebtedness : concept correlates and consequences: a study of four tribal villages
159018Jan/31/13 4:24 PMID:4784 -- Argov; Eyal: A Small Macroeconomic Model to Support Inflation Targeting in Israel
159118Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:20634 -- Levent; Korap: Analyzing CBRT's FOREX interventions using EGARCH (2001-2006)
159218Jan/30/13 10:00 AMID:42010 -- Khan; Abdul Qayyum Khan: Crowding-in Effect of Budget Deficit: Evidence from Pakistan (1960-2005)
159318Jan/31/13 11:01 AMID:39316 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: Fiscal decentralization in Eastern Europe: a twenty-year perspective
159418Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:29365 -- Merola; Rossana: Financial frictions and the zero lower bound on interest rates: a DSGE analysis
159518Jan/30/13 12:33 PMID:32520 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Is devaluation contractionary empirical evidence for Pakistan
159618Jan/31/13 10:11 AMID:6835 -- Demir; Firat: Volatility of short term capital flows and socio-political instability in developing count
159718Jan/31/13 8:39 PMID:22463 -- Makochekanwa; Albert: Zimbabwe’s Currency Crisis: Which Currency To Adopt In The Aftermath Of The Multi-Currency
159818Jan/27/13 4:17 PMID:43490 -- Lof; Matthijs: Rational Speculators Contrarians and Excess Volatility
159918Jan/29/13 12:59 PMID:10925 -- Munro; John H.: The medieval origins of the 'Financial Revolution': usury rentes and negotiablity
160018Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:25587 -- Nguyen; Viet: Agricultural Land Distribution in Vietnam: Emerging Issues and Policy Implications
160118Jan/31/13 7:39 PMID:39039 -- Parinduri; Rasyad: The effects of owners' family hardship on micro and small firms' growth: an evidence from
160218Jan/30/13 11:20 AMID:43736 -- Kuznetsov; Alexey: Transborder corporate integration in the Baltic Sea Region
160318Jan/29/13 7:25 PMID:4929 -- Arby; M. Farooq: Long-run trend Business Cycle & Short-run shocks in real GDP
160418Jan/31/13 10:19 PMID:39582 -- Jo; Tae-Hee: Financing investment under fundamental uncertainty and instability: A heterodox microecono
160518Jan/30/13 12:00 AMID:43301 -- METAXAS; THEODORE: Οικονομική ανάπτυξη ανταγωνιστικότητα και μάρκετινγκ της πόλης: η άποψη των επιχειρήσεων
160618Jan/31/13 5:12 PMID:32813 -- Shingal; ANIRUDH: Services growth and convergence: Getting India’s states together
160718Jan/27/13 4:30 AMID:2306 -- Czech; Brian: Economic associations among causes of species endangerment in the United States.
160818Jan/30/13 8:50 AMID:40654 -- Ito; Yutaka: Performances of Socially Responsible Investment and Environmentally Friendly Funds
160918Jan/30/13 3:37 PMID:20401 -- Mazumdar; Surajit: Industry and services in growth and structural change in India: some unexplored features
161018Jan/31/13 3:47 AMID:1115 -- Abu-Bader; Suleiman: Government Expenditures Military Spending and Economic Growth: Causality Evidence from Eg
161118Jan/31/13 11:11 PMID:41403 -- Madau; Fabio A.: Technical and scale efficiency in the Italian Citrus Farming: A comparison between Stochas
161218Jan/30/13 6:32 PMID:36717 -- Cova; Bernard: Working Consumers: The Next Step in Marketing Theory
161318Jan/28/13 10:25 PMID:34361 -- Sarwar; haroon: Money Demand Functions for Pakistan (Divisia Approach)
161418Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:7177 -- Lorca-Susino; Maria: The European Union Budget
161518Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:34802 -- Herbst; Mikolaj: Divergent historical experiences and inequality in academic achievement: the case of Polan
161618Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:4844 -- Stanisic; Nenad: Attraction of Foreign Direct Investments as a Challenge in Accession Process to European U
161718Jan/30/13 5:14 AMID:17012 -- Okay; Nesrin: Analysis of ESCO Activities Using Country Indicators
161818Jan/31/13 1:17 PMID:4431 -- Narayanan; Supreena: The Effect of Legal Systems and Accounting Conservatism on Corporate Governance: The U.S.
161918Jan/31/13 5:59 AMID:36894 -- Kucukkale; Yakup: Cointegration causality and Wagner’s law with disaggregated data: evidence from Turkey 1
162018Jan/31/13 7:36 AMID:40857 -- Fan; Haichao: Credit Constraints Quality and Export Prices: Theory and Evidence from China
162118Jan/28/13 2:10 PMID:31492 -- Schilirò; Daniele: Economia della conoscenza istituzioni e sviluppo economico
162218Jan/30/13 6:53 PMID:13293 -- Ben Hammouda; Hakim: The Cost of non-Maghreb: Achieving the Gains from Economic Integration
162318Jan/30/13 10:00 AMID:25015 -- Kotera; Go: A study on the relationship between corruption and government size: the role of democracy
162418Jan/31/13 5:01 AMID:2821 -- Hasan; Zubair: Islamic banking at the crossroads: theory versus practice
162518Jan/30/13 8:30 PMID:7578 -- Reinhart; Carmen: The Realities of Modern Hyperinflation
162618Jan/31/13 2:20 PMID:41756 -- Bick; Alexander: Revisiting the Effect of Household Size on Consumption Over the Life-Cycle
162718Jan/30/13 8:44 AMID:2461 -- Bougette; Patrice: Merger Remedies at the European Commission: A Multinomial Logit Analysis
162818Jan/30/13 4:21 PMID:1379 -- Bitter; Chris: Incorporating spatial variation in housing attribute prices: A comparison of geographicall
162918Jan/31/13 7:16 AMID:16195 -- Lee; Lena: Entrepreneurial intentions: The influence of organizational and individual factors
163018Jan/30/13 1:45 PMID:38426 -- Birol; Ekin: Using the Choice Experiment Method to Inform Flood Risk Reduction Policies in the Upper Si
163118Jan/31/13 8:56 PMID:6542 -- Mico; Apostolov: Catching up with the EU - the economic case of Macedonia
163218Jan/31/13 5:25 AMID:39739 -- Tsoulfidis; Lefteris: Rethinking long cycles: are the 1990s the onset of a new phase of capital accumulation
163318Jan/31/13 4:35 PMID:20857 -- Porzecanski; Arturo C.: When Bad Things Happen to Good Sovereign Debt Contracts: The Case of Ecuador
163418Jan/31/13 7:31 PMID:39167 -- Nakhoda; Aadil: The effect of foreign competition on product switching activities: A firm level analysis
163518Jan/31/13 10:43 PMID:30209 -- Akhabbar; Amanar: Anne P. Carter: a Biographical Presentation
163618Jan/31/13 11:53 PMID:19449 -- Mapa; Dennis S.: What really matters for income growth in the Philippines: Empirical evidence from provinci
163718Jan/29/13 8:05 AMID:17421 -- Okoye; B.C: Technical Efficiency of Small Holder Cocoyam Production in Anambra State Nigeria: A Cobb-D
163818Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:13198 -- Reinhart; Carmen: For better or for worse Job and earnings mobility in nine middle- low-income countries: A
163918Jan/31/13 3:51 PMID:36317 -- Nasrollahi Shahri; Nima: The Effectiveness of international investment instruments on the amount of foreign investm
164018Jan/31/13 4:57 AMID:37942 -- Kowalski; Tadeusz: The economic and monetary union countries vs. the global crisis
164118Jan/31/13 5:37 AMID:22661 -- Mariolis; Theodore: An Input-Output Approach to the Estimation of the Maximum Attainable Economic Dependency R
164218Jan/31/13 4:50 AMID:38969 -- Haq; Rashida: Impact of water management on agricultural production
164318Jan/29/13 10:15 AMID:43862 -- Bai; Zhidong: The best estimation for high-dimensional Markowitz mean-variance optimization
164418Jan/31/13 1:56 PMID:35353 -- Alphin Jr.; H.C.: Economic Analysis of Carnegie Mellon University
164518Jan/31/13 7:32 AMID:5362 -- Reichling; Felix: Optimal Unemployment Insurance in Labor Market Equilibrium when Workers can Self-Insure
164618Jan/31/13 5:56 PMID:35193 -- Kundu; Amit: Effectiveness of Microfinance under SGSY scheme to reduce Poverty and Vulnerability of Rur
164718Jan/31/13 9:38 PMID:9563 -- Bergmann; Manfred: Imposing a unilateral carbon constraint on European energy-intensive industries and its im
164818Jan/31/13 1:06 AMID:37825 -- Ikefuji; Masako: Natural disasters in a two-sector model of endogenous growth
164918Jan/30/13 3:52 PMID:32074 -- Mailu; Stephen: Application of various count models: Sahiwal demand from Naivasha
165018Jan/31/13 6:14 AMID:1378 -- Dall'erba; Sandy: Distribution of Regional Income and Regional Funds in Europe 1989-1999: an Exploratory Spa
165118Jan/31/13 1:51 AMID:4344 -- Shishikura; Manabu: An Analysis on Market Structure of Broadcast Service – Issues on Optimal Level of Channel
165218Jan/30/13 5:40 PMID:28608 -- Kingston; Kato Gogo: Shell Oil Company in Nigeria: Impediment or Catalyst of Socio-Economic Development
165318Jan/31/13 5:52 AMID:38291 -- Partridge; Mark D.: Integrating regional economic development analysis and land use economics
165418Jan/31/13 2:49 PMID:20357 -- De La Motte; Laura: Zur Vertrauensökonomik: Der Interbankenmarkt in der Krise von 2007-2009
165518Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:15044 -- Kochanowicz; Jacek: Intra-Provincial Inequalities and Economic Growth in China
165618Jan/31/13 7:40 AMID:20951 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: R&D strategy of small and medium enterprises in India: Trends and determinants
165718Jan/31/13 4:42 PMID:6151 -- Kamat; Manasvi: Implications of the WTO on Indian Marine Industry Issues and Policy Perspectives
165818Jan/31/13 5:13 PMID:32149 -- Hassan; Rubina: The Reserve Equation and The Analytics of Pakistan's Monetary Policy
165918Jan/31/13 8:21 PMID:7104 -- Stefanescu; Camelia: MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION
166018Jan/30/13 3:15 PMID:20997 -- Havrylchyk; Olena: Rapid loan growth in Russia : A lending boom or a permanent financial deepening
166118Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:36563 -- Stefanescu; Răzvan: Impactul investitiilor straine directe asupra exporturilor din Romania
166218Jan/31/13 7:05 AMID:36158 -- Subhani; Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz: Bilateral trade: a study on SAARC countries
166318Jan/26/13 6:32 AMID:4082 -- de Vaujany; François-Xavier: Between eternity and actualization: the co-evolution of the fields of communication in the
166418Jan/31/13 9:56 PMID:11510 -- Rena; Ravinder: Enhancing productivity efficiency and international competitiveness of indian economy
166518Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:34838 -- Coskun; Yener: Financial Engineering and Engineering of Financial Regulation
166618Jan/29/13 8:11 PMID:36459 -- Sk. Mahmudul Alam; Mahmud: Microfinance institutions will be an important instrument to earn more remittance send re
166718Jan/29/13 11:06 AMID:6765 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: An Econometric Analysis of Aggregate Outbound Tourism Demand of Turkey
166818Jan/31/13 7:44 AMID:33887 -- Cortuk; Orcan: Turkey’s trilemma trade-offs: is there a role for reserves
166918Jan/31/13 10:18 AMID:20275 -- Gielissen; R.: Perceptions of price fairness: An empirical research
167018Jan/31/13 4:21 AMID:3079 -- Kaplan; David: What Happens to Wages After Displacement
167118Jan/30/13 10:37 AMID:35209 -- Çokgezen; Murat: Türkiye’de devletin eğitime müdahalesi: Piyasa ve devletin başarısızlıkları
167218Jan/31/13 3:50 PMID:35377 -- Wong; Koi Nyen: Outward FDI merchandise and services trade: evidence from Singapore
167318Jan/29/13 7:33 AMID:1461 -- Keister; Todd: Lecture Notes on The Optimal Growth Problem
167418Jan/31/13 3:50 PMID:37824 -- Mpabe Bodjongo; Mathieu Juliot: Infrastructures institutionnelles et développement financier en zone CEMAC
167518Jan/31/13 8:00 AMID:37385 -- Raji; Rahman Olanrewaju: REAL Exchange Rate Misalignment and Economic Performance of WEST AFRICAN MONETARY ZONE:Imp
167618Jan/25/13 8:46 PMID:13797 -- Menkhoff; Thomas: Wissensbasierte Entwicklung in Singapur und Malaysia
167718Jan/31/13 9:29 PMID:35328 -- Pessoa; Argentino: The Euro Area sovereign debt crisis: Some implications of its systemic dimension
167818Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:35796 -- Egbetokun; A: The types and intensity of innovation in developing-country SMEs: evidences from a Nigeria
167918Jan/29/13 6:18 PMID:36094 -- Anja; Breitwieser: Intellectual property rights innovation and technology transfer: a survey
168018Jan/31/13 4:06 PMID:16373 -- Kotov; Denis: How Decisions on Investing in Russia are made by German Firms
168118Jan/30/13 4:22 PMID:9616 -- Mottaleb; Khondoker Abdul: Rural Craftsmanship Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation: The Case of the Bamboo C
168218Jan/31/13 8:15 PMID:2466 -- Jurdziak; Leszek: Lignite price and split of profit negotiation in bilateral monopoly of lignite opencast mi
168318Jan/31/13 11:41 PMID:31385 -- Peyton; Kyle: The case for human development: a cross-country analysis of corruption perceptions
168418Jan/31/13 9:26 PMID:35660 -- Echevin; Damien: Vulnerability to asset-poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
168518Jan/31/13 9:53 PMID:2557 -- Yayla; Hilmi Erdogan: Accounting Employees’ Behavioral Variables and Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkish Eas
168618Jan/29/13 11:00 PMID:40915 -- Lu; Zheng: Regional Specialization: A Measure Method and Trends in China
168718Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:38359 -- Lumineau; Fabrice: Shadow of the contract: how contract structure shapes inter-firm dispute resolution
168818Jan/31/13 7:16 AMID:33602 -- Martin-Barroso; David: The European Map of Job Flows
168918Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:35645 -- Hasanat Shah; Syed: The Causality and Economic Impact of FDI inflows from Trade Partners in Pakistan
169018Jan/30/13 2:00 PMID:21068 -- Kitchen; John: Real-Time Forecasting in Practice: The U.S. Treasury Staff's Real-Time GDP Forecast System
169118Jan/31/13 1:13 PMID:10407 -- Canegrati; Emanuele: Testing the CAPM: Evidences from Italian Equity Markets
169218Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:41156 -- Yıldırım; Metin: Testing the Lucas critique for the Turkish money demand function
169318Jan/31/13 6:39 PMID:19568 -- Abdel Hameed; Amna Awad: Supply and Demand Model for the Malaysian Cocoa Market
169418Jan/31/13 5:29 PMID:7288 -- Cömertler; Necmiye: Türkiye’de Suç Oranının Sosyo-Ekonomik Belirleyicileri: Yatay Kesit Analizi
169518Jan/31/13 12:01 AMID:39168 -- Owyang; Michael T.: Forecasting national recessions using state-level data
169618Jan/30/13 9:56 PMID:27425 -- Carolin; Hoh: Selbstbeteiligung als Lösung für das Moral-Hazard-Problem auf dem Arzneimittelmarkt
169718Jan/31/13 9:33 AMID:38818 -- De Prato; Giuditta: Global technological collaboration network. Network analysis of international co-invention
169818Jan/30/13 7:00 PMID:43846 -- Mahanta; Bidisha: Gender Inequality in North East India
169918Jan/31/13 9:01 PMID:32595 -- Montgomery; Heather: Meeting the double bottom line: the impact of Khushhali bank's microfinance program in Pak
170018Jan/31/13 2:38 PMID:26152 -- Khaleque; Abdul: An assessment of the demand for flexible saving services: evidence from Bangladesh
170118Jan/31/13 9:58 AMID:13407 -- Lou; Weifang: The Effects of Product Ageing on Demand: The Case of Digital Cameras
170218Jan/30/13 4:39 PMID:20685 -- Saba; Irum: Economic Pricing Mechanisms for Islamic Financial Instruments: Ijarah Model
170318Jan/31/13 3:25 PMID:7017 -- Pillai N.; Vijayamohanan: INFRASTRUCTURE GROWTH AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN KERALA
170418Jan/31/13 7:49 PMID:40997 -- Delis; Manthos D: On the estimation of the risk of financial intermediaries
170518Jan/31/13 9:01 AMID:4296 -- Mattarocci; Gianluca: Market characteristics and chaos dynamics in stock markets: an international comparison
170618Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:26806 -- Zangeneh; Hamid: Saving Investment and Growth: A Causality Test
170718Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:35427 -- Neustadt; Ilja: Income redistribution: how to divide the pie
170818Jan/31/13 7:46 AMID:23940 -- Pitelis; Christos: Open innovation and the management of intra-firm conflict
170918Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:417 -- Barnett; William A.: Rotterdam vs Almost Ideal Models: Will the Best Demand Specification Please Stand Up
171018Jan/29/13 5:08 PMID:36182 -- Chen; Shiu-Sheng: Reverse Globalization: Does High Oil Price Volatility Discourage International Trade
171118Jan/31/13 9:37 PMID:9621 -- Guncavdi; Oner: Economic Growth under Embargoes in North Cyprus: An Input-Output Analysis
171218Jan/31/13 12:24 PMID:11072 -- Angel-Urdinola; Diego: Assessing the Targeting Performance of Social Programs: Cape Verde
171318Jan/31/13 1:21 PMID:35748 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Integration of macroeconomic behavioural relationships and the input-output block: Romania
171418Jan/31/13 5:31 AMID:4866 -- Mukherjee; Dipa: Informal Manufacturing Sector in India: Pre and Post Reform Growth Dynamics
171518Jan/31/13 7:10 PMID:36378 -- Nguyen; Cuong: Rural Poverty and Inequality Maps in Vietnam: Estimation using Vietnam Household Living St
171618Jan/30/13 10:17 AMID:43397 -- Michalsky; Grzegorz: Crisis Caused Changes in Intrinsic Liquidity Value in Non-Profit Institutions
171718Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:24397 -- Shin; Inyong: Income Inequality and Economic Growth
171818Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:26074 -- Kumar; Saten: Money demand stability: A case study of Nigeria
171918Jan/30/13 10:20 AMID:43225 -- Minondo; Asier: The relationship between export status and productivity in services: A firm-level analysis
172018Jan/31/13 10:35 PMID:29310 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: Nexus between aid and security: the case of Pakistan
172118Jan/30/13 1:19 AMID:41533 -- Bento Cerdeira; João Paulo: The role of foreign direct investment in the renewable electricity generation and economic
172218Jan/31/13 6:35 AMID:16450 -- Asimakopoulos; Ioannis: The effect of M&A announcement on Greek bank stock returns
172318Jan/30/13 9:57 AMID:42259 -- Sedmihradská; Lucie: Property tax in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1993
172418Jan/31/13 11:59 AMID:5019 -- Parkhomenko; Alexander: Estimating Hedonic Price Indexes for Personal Computers in Russia
172518Jan/31/13 5:36 PMID:31808 -- Kumar; Santosh: Does improved sanitation reduce diarrhea in children in rural India
172618Jan/29/13 5:10 PMID:32048 -- Arby; Muhammad Farooq: Some Issues in the National Income Accounts of Pakistan (Rebasing Quarterly and Provincia
172718Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:11637 -- Constantinides; George M.: Option Pricing: Real and Risk-Neutral Distributions
172818Jan/29/13 10:28 AMID:8929 -- Santella; Paolo: A Comparative Analysis of the Legal Obstacles to Institutional Investor Activism in Europe
172918Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:24816 -- Gliksberg; Baruch: The Role of Consumption-Labor Complementarity as a Source of Macroeconomic Instability
173018Jan/31/13 11:33 AMID:32738 -- Yang; hongqiang: Study on China's timber resource shortage and import structure:natural forest protection p
173118Jan/31/13 2:11 PMID:32368 -- Choudhary; M. Ali: Formal sector price discoveries: preliminary results from a developing country
173218Jan/31/13 5:22 PMID:8961 -- Meşter; Ioana: The quantitative and qualitative aspect of the touristic demand in the Romanian mountain r
173318Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:27185 -- Mallick; Debdulal: Where NGOs go and do not go
173418Jan/30/13 11:06 PMID:10350 -- Verbic; Miroslav: Modelling the pension system in an overlapping-generations general equilibrium modelling f
173518Jan/31/13 10:17 PMID:30138 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Financial Development Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions: Evidence from ARDL Approach f
173618Jan/30/13 9:46 PMID:13271 -- Mansur; Kasim: Contract Farming System: A Tool to Tranforming Rural Society in Sabah.
173718Jan/31/13 2:12 AMID:38379 -- Mohammad; Irfan: Skills development and competitiveness - the role of HRD
173818Jan/31/13 5:52 PMID:39178 -- Amjad; Rashid: Small-scale industries and rural development: implications for rural industrialisation in
173918Jan/31/13 11:55 PMID:23757 -- Siddiqui; Amir Hussain: Impact of trade openness on output growth for Pakistan: an empirical investigation
174018Jan/31/13 5:55 AMID:35588 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Electricity Consumption Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus: A Revisit Study
174118Jan/31/13 10:16 AMID:27256 -- Gnidchenko; Andrey: Defragmentation of Economic Growth with a Focus on Diversification: Evidence from Russian
174218Jan/29/13 12:01 PMID:8464 -- Osipian; Ararat: Higher education corruption in Ukraine as reflected in the nation’s media
174318Jan/27/13 3:05 AMID:320 -- Tausch; Arno: Die Tuerkei die islamische Welt und die Zukunft Europas. Ein Lehrstueck zur US-Außenpolit
174418Jan/31/13 2:12 PMID:4112 -- Klimov; Blagoy: Geopolitics vs. Globalization in the Balkans: The New Rivalries in the Energy and Transpor
174518Jan/30/13 3:45 PMID:11029 -- Munro; John H.: The 'New Institutional Economics' and the Changing Fortunes of Fairs in Medieval and Early
174618Jan/30/13 1:48 PMID:28376 -- Castellacci; Fulvio: A new panel dataset for cross-country analyses of national systems growth and development
174718Jan/31/13 7:48 PMID:43369 -- Dai; Meixing: Union bancaire européenne permet-elle de sauver l’euro
174918Jan/31/13 4:06 PMID:43398 -- Atta; Sahra Khaleel: تقدير الطلب على عنصر العمل البشرى فى الزراعة المصرية طبقاً للمنهج الثنائى
175018Jan/31/13 5:34 AMID:39274 -- Deepak; Shah: Financial and economic crisis: implications for agricultural sector in India
175118Jan/31/13 6:36 AMID:37956 -- Banerjee; Ritwik: An Evaluation of the Revenue side as a source of fiscal consolidation in high debt economi
175218Jan/30/13 1:38 PMID:23735 -- Walkenhorst; Peter: Trade Diversification and Growth in Nigeria
175318Jan/30/13 12:34 AMID:11646 -- Cuberes; David: Democracy Diversification and Growth Reversals
175418Jan/30/13 3:01 PMID:43561 -- Liberati; Paolo: Government Size and Trade Openness: Some Additional Insights
175518Jan/30/13 4:43 PMID:26972 -- Fachin; Stefano: The decline in Italian productivity: a study in estimation of Total Factor Productivity wi
175618Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:35810 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Macromodels of the Romanian transition Economy
175718Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:4024 -- Gottlieb; Daniel: העוני וההתנהגות בשוק העבודה בחברה החרדית
175818Jan/29/13 11:11 AMID:43072 -- Yashobanta; Yashobanta Parida: Causal Link between Central Government Revenue and Expenditure: Evidence for India
175918Jan/30/13 4:08 PMID:6420 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Changing Character of Rural Economy and Migrant Labour in Punjab
176018Jan/31/13 2:58 PMID:13417 -- Galimberti; Jaqueson K.: Conditioned Export-Led Growth Hypothesis: A Panel Threshold Regressions Approach
176118Jan/29/13 8:40 AMID:38509 -- Escobari; Diego: Dynamic Pricing Advance Sales and Aggregate Demand Learning in Airlines
176218Jan/31/13 6:00 AMID:29710 -- Cozzi; Guido: Privatization of Knowledge: Did the U.S. Get It Right (New Version).
176318Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:2883 -- Gomes; Orlando: Consumer confidence endogenous growth and endogenous cycles
176418Jan/31/13 8:38 AMID:25858 -- Ari; Ali: An Early Warning Signals Approach for Currency Crises: The Turkish Case
176518Jan/30/13 7:06 AMID:38948 -- Haq; Rashida: Estimating demand and supply of edible oil in Pakistan
176618Jan/31/13 2:49 AMID:27940 -- Goodwin; Neva: The limitations of markets: Background essay
176718Jan/29/13 10:31 PMID:40260 -- Qayyum; Unbreen: Foreign Aid External Debt and Governance
176918Jan/31/13 2:59 PMID:17459 -- Asumugha; G.N: An Analysis of the Supply for Seed Yams in Nigeria
177018Jan/31/13 10:41 PMID:641 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Globalization national innovation systems and response of public policy
177118Jan/31/13 8:52 PMID:6291 -- De; Utpal Kumar: Ericulture as a Remedy of Rural Poverty in Assam: A Micro Level Study in Barpeta District
177218Jan/31/13 8:44 PMID:7609 -- Khan; haider: Analyzing Poverty Impact of Trade Liberalization Policies in CGE Models: Theory and Some P
177318Jan/31/13 8:36 PMID:2163 -- McCauley; Joseph L.: The Futility of Utility: how market dynamics marginalize Adam Smith
177418Jan/29/13 10:06 PMID:16700 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: Redistributive effect of personal income taxation in Pakistan
177518Jan/30/13 7:56 PMID:16539 -- Kochanski; Tim: 'An Agent Based Cournot Simulation with Innovation: Identifying the Determinants of Market
177618Jan/31/13 2:48 PMID:14626 -- Msuya; Elibariki Emmanuel: Explaining Productivity Variation among Smallholder Maize Farmers in Tanzania
177718Jan/30/13 2:30 PMID:26359 -- Gabriele; Alberto: The Exaggerate Socialism Of Raul’s Cuba
177818Jan/31/13 8:40 AMID:37390 -- Suleiman; Sa’ad: Price and Income Elasticities of Demand for Oil Products in African Member Countries of OP
177918Jan/31/13 10:07 AMID:42743 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Securities transaction tax and the stock market– an Indian experience
178018Jan/31/13 8:01 PMID:43233 -- Mongeon; Kevin: Cross-ownership league policies and player investment across sports leagues
178118Jan/30/13 5:28 AMID:12122 -- de Farias Neto; Joao Jose: S-shaped utility subprime crash and the black swan
178218Jan/31/13 8:18 PMID:29484 -- Boehm; Michael J.: The Allocation of Talent: Evidence from the Market of Economists
178318Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:6886 -- Andrei; Tudorel: Tendencies in the Romania's Regional Economic Development during the Period 1991-2004
178418Jan/30/13 10:53 AMID:32547 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Environmental consequences of economic growth and foreign direct investment: evidence from
178518Jan/31/13 1:36 AMID:23641 -- Bellemare; Marc F.: The Determinants of Music Piracy in a Sample of College Students
178618Jan/31/13 1:32 AMID:3572 -- Cave; Martin: Six Degrees of Separation : Operational Separation as a Remedy in European Telecommunicati
178718Jan/31/13 11:54 AMID:17847 -- OUEDRAOGO; Salmata: Social effect and female genital mutilation (FGM)
178818Jan/31/13 12:27 PMID:24824 -- Loening; Josef: Tanzania: Pilot Rural Investment Climate Assessment. Stimulating Nonfarm Microenterprise G
178918Jan/29/13 7:56 PMID:41185 -- Teguh; Dartanto: Finding out of the Determinants of Poverty Dynamics in Indonesia: Evidence from Panel Data
179018Jan/31/13 11:53 PMID:4648 -- Fuchi; Hitoshi: A Historical Evaluation of Financial Accelerator Effects in Japan's Economy
179118Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:18090 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: Analysis of reaching the Lisbon Strategy targets at the national level: the EU-27 and Slov
179218Jan/31/13 5:01 AMID:22059 -- Oesch; Daniel: Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in Switzerland
179318Jan/30/13 7:32 PMID:27913 -- Chang; Chia-Lin: Knowledge sourcing and firm performance in an industrializing economy: The case of Taiwan
179418Jan/29/13 1:16 AMID:21154 -- Bulla; Jan: Markov-switching Asset Allocation: Do Profitable Strategies Exist
179518Jan/31/13 2:12 AMID:18741 -- Saltoglu; Burak: The role of Regime Shifts in the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Further evidence from a
179618Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:22120 -- Moron; Eduardo: The global crisis and the Peruvian labor market: impact and policy options
179718Jan/31/13 6:51 PMID:24292 -- Ghosh; Saibal: Financial Deregulation and Profit Efficiency: A Non-parametric Analysis of Indian Banks
179818Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:11113 -- Addison; Douglas: Macroeconomic Volatility Private Investment Growth and Poverty in Nigeria
179918Jan/31/13 8:00 PMID:52 -- Hicks; Michael: Transportation and Infrastructure Retail Clustering and Local Public Finance: Evidence f
180018Jan/31/13 5:12 AMID:22837 -- Miankhel; Adil Khan: Integration decoupling and the global financial crisis: A global perspective
180118Jan/31/13 4:56 AMID:23350 -- Growiec; Katarzyna: Trusting Only Whom You Know Knowing Only Whom You Trust: The Joint Impact of Social Capit
180218Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:14017 -- Daianu; Daniel: Strain and the inflation - unemployment relationship: a conceptual and empirical investiga
180318Jan/31/13 2:46 PMID:27032 -- Vecchione; Gaetano: EU rural policy: proposal and application of an agricultural sustainability index
180418Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:21082 -- Mara (Nandra); Eugenia Ramona: Tax Competition in the European Union – Evidence from Panel Data
180518Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:14221 -- Fernandez; Pablo: Prima de Riesgo del Mercado: Histórica Esperada Exigida e Implícita
180618Jan/31/13 2:13 AMID:14412 -- Ang; James: Growth Volatility and Financial Repression: Time Series Evidence from India
180718Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:5324 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: Formation of SEZ Agricultural Productivity and Urban Unemployment
180818Jan/31/13 7:50 PMID:25560 -- Sircar; Jyotirmoy: India’s Increased International Integration and the Financial Crisis: Has India Become Mor
180918Jan/29/13 10:07 PMID:6758 -- Krings; Bettina: Internet für alle Die Diskussion des »digital divide« revisited
181018Jan/31/13 6:12 PMID:41351 -- Possumah; Bayu Taufiq: Bringing Work Back In Islamic Ethic
181118Jan/29/13 8:42 AMID:619 -- Mehar; Ayub: Corporate governance and dividend policy
181218Jan/31/13 5:31 AMID:1111 -- White; Howard: Impact evaluation: the experience of the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank
181318Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:30251 -- Chen; Hung-Ju: Migration Social Security and Economic Growth
181418Jan/30/13 6:22 AMID:22738 -- Barua; Alokesh: Entry Competitiveness and Exports: Evidence from Firm Level Data of Indian Manufacturing
181518Jan/29/13 2:29 PMID:32828 -- Chowdhury; Mamta B: India’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Closed Doors to Open Souk
181618Jan/30/13 2:45 PMID:42949 -- Cruces; Guillermo: Permanent Effects of Economic Crises on Household Welfare: Evidence and Projections from A
181718Jan/31/13 2:45 PMID:15568 -- Altinanahtar; Alper: A Dynamic Econometric Study of Suicides in Turkey
181818Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:11680 -- Sula; Ozan: Demand for International Reserves: A Quantile Regression Approach
181918Jan/31/13 11:59 AMID:42498 -- Shaikh; Salman: Estimating the Federal Direct Tax Buoyancy for Pakistan in Post-1973 Era
182018Jan/31/13 2:17 PMID:39235 -- Karlsson; Tobias: Workforce Reductions in Theory and Practice: The Swedish Tobacco Monopoly in the 1920s
182118Jan/31/13 9:06 AMID:20683 -- Saba; Irum: Alternative Pricing Mechanisms for Islamic Financial Instruments: Economic Perspective
182218Jan/31/13 6:24 AMID:12497 -- Naqvi; Nadeem: Structure versus Agency in the Great Deprivation of 21st Century
182318Jan/30/13 8:47 AMID:41689 -- Cloyne; James S: Government spending shocks wealth effects and distortionary taxes
182418Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:11706 -- Tatom; John: Imbalances in China and U.S. Capital Flows
182518Jan/31/13 9:53 PMID:35365 -- Marko; Jelocnik: Economic crisis and its consequences on the living standard and development of the agricul
182618Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:38182 -- Bishnu; Monisankar: Distortionary Taxes and Public Investment in a Model of Endogenous Investment Specific Tec
182718Jan/31/13 9:25 AMID:4670 -- Notten; Geranda: Managing risks: what Russian households do to smooth consumption
182818Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:17619 -- Tenovici; Cristina: Modul de determinare a costului unitar de producţie pentru metrul cub de masă lemnoasă pe
182918Jan/30/13 9:44 AMID:11949 -- Matchaya; Greenwell C: Trends in life expectancy and the macroeconomy in Malawi
183018Jan/31/13 5:44 PMID:40691 -- Azam; Rauf i: Financial crises and economic growth in Pakistan: a time series analysis
183118Jan/30/13 6:11 AMID:33391 -- Ichiue; Hibiki: Inflation dynamics and labor market specifications: a Bayesian DSGE approach for Japan's e
183218Jan/30/13 4:13 PMID:7265 -- Ching; Andrew: Consumer Learning and Heterogeneity: Dynamics of Demand for Prescription Drugs after Paten
183318Jan/30/13 12:13 PMID:17768 -- Akin; Guzin Gulsun: Non-price competition in credit card markets through bundling and bank level benefits
183418Jan/28/13 8:53 PMID:28122 -- Iqbal; Nasir: Democracy Autocracy and Macroeconomic Performance in Pakistan
183618Jan/30/13 11:03 AMID:15763 -- Arigoni Ortiz; Ramon: Energy efficiency in Europe: trends convergence and policy effectiveness
183718Jan/31/13 11:33 AMID:2595 -- Kibritçioğlu; Aykut: Adam Smith'in 'Uluslararası İktisat Kuramı'na Katkıları Hakkında
183818Jan/31/13 1:04 PMID:21839 -- Tallman; Ellis W: Banking and Financial Crises in United States History: What Guidance can History Offer Pol
183918Jan/31/13 7:57 AMID:16249 -- Bunea-Bontas; Cristina Aurora: Interim Financial Reporting in the Perspective of harmonization of the Romanian Accountanc
184018Jan/30/13 10:21 AMID:8637 -- Etzo; Ivan: Determinants of interregional migration in Italy:A panel data analysis
184118Jan/31/13 3:15 PMID:42900 -- DE KONING; Kees: The United States: An Economic Balance Sheet Analysis
184218Jan/31/13 11:02 AMID:28578 -- Saikia; Dilip: Total Factor Productivity in Indian Agriculture: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues
184318Jan/31/13 2:05 AMID:26694 -- Bell; Peter N: New methodology for event studies in Bonds
184418Jan/30/13 9:20 AMID:40604 -- D'Agostino; Antonello: The pricing of G7 sovereign bond spreads – the times they are a-changin
184518Jan/30/13 9:24 PMID:33379 -- Constantinescu; Radu: Raţionalitatea în economie: de la homo oeconomicus la homo irationalis
184618Jan/31/13 5:00 PMID:22393 -- Arpaia; Alfonso: EU labour market behaviour during the Great Recession
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205517Jan/30/13 6:10 AMID:33785 -- Mukherjee; Soumyatanu: Special Economic Zones and Agriculture with Increasing Returns
205617Jan/29/13 6:55 PMID:40330 -- Bildirici; Melike: Nonlinear volatility models in economics: smooth transition and neural network augmented G
205717Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:19539 -- Quiñones; Esteban J.: The Indigenous Heterogeneity of Oportunidades: Ample or Insufficient Human Capital Accumul
205817Jan/30/13 11:01 PMID:29703 -- Asgary; Ali: Local Residents’ Preferences for Second Home Tourism Development Policies: A Choice Experi
205917Jan/30/13 10:59 AMID:15463 -- Doran; James: Gambling Preference and the New Year Effect of Assets with Lottery Features
206017Jan/30/13 10:47 AMID:3415 -- Sadraoui; Tarek: Coopération en R&D et croissance économique : Une analyse par les données de panel dynamiq
206117Jan/31/13 1:07 AMID:37392 -- Berentsen; Aleksander: Monetary policy implications of digital money
206217Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:22233 -- Neustadt; Ilja: Is the Welfare State Sustainable Experimental Evidence on Citizens' Preferences for Redis
206317Jan/31/13 2:51 PMID:11360 -- Kenny; Geoff: Bayesian VAR Models for Forecasting Irish Inflation
206417Jan/30/13 1:19 PMID:43224 -- Minondo; Asier: Trading firms in the Spanish services sector
206517Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:14661 -- Nkamleu; Guy Blaise: On measuring indebtedness of African countries: A stochastic frontier debt production func
206617Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:37221 -- Zhang; Chuanchuan: The relationship between elderly employment and youth employment: evidence from China
206717Jan/29/13 10:06 PMID:24632 -- Goyal; Ashima: The Money Supply Process in India: Identification Analysis and Estimation
206817Jan/30/13 8:49 PMID:37895 -- Raihan; Selim: Supply-Side Capacity and Export Response in Leather and Home Textile Sectors in Bangladesh
206917Jan/31/13 1:24 PMID:2369 -- Stanton; Angela: Evolving Economics: Synthesis
207017Jan/31/13 9:05 AMID:36205 -- Halkos; George: Evaluating alternative estimators for optimal order quantities in the newsvendor model wit
207117Jan/30/13 12:09 PMID:2153 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Monetary Conditions Index: A Composite Measure of Monetary Policy in Pakistan
207217Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:17444 -- Chukwu; G.O: Development of Gocing Storage Method for Cocoyam
207317Jan/31/13 2:39 AMID:5499 -- Ghosal; Vivek: Discovering Cartels: Dynamic Interrelationships between Civil and Criminal Antitrust Inves
207417Jan/31/13 12:27 PMID:41082 -- Hernández; Pedro: Is there a producer quality wage premium similar to the exporter wage premium
207517Jan/30/13 6:55 PMID:24391 -- Halkos; George: Financial and real sector interactions:the case of Greece
207617Jan/30/13 4:02 PMID:197 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Unorganised Manufacturing Industry in the Era of Globalization: A Study of Punjab
207717Jan/29/13 3:05 PMID:42105 -- Ricco; Giovanni: Government Spending Reloaded: Fundamentalness and Heterogeneity in Fiscal SVARs
207817Jan/31/13 5:52 AMID:38168 -- Simplice A; Asongu: Democracy and Stock Market Performance in African Countries
207917Jan/29/13 7:18 PMID:43236 -- Hanif; Muhamad Nadim: Intrinsic Inflation Persistence in a Developing Country
208017Jan/31/13 6:36 PMID:22865 -- Cizakca; Murat: Was Shari'ah indeed the culprit
208117Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:12310 -- Wodon; Quentin: Training for the Urban Unemployed: A Reevaluation of Mexico's Training Program Probecat
208217Jan/30/13 5:52 PMID:16493 -- Adam; Antonis: Public sector efficiency: Leveling the playing field between OECD countries
208317Jan/31/13 11:10 AMID:40352 -- Kerényi; Ádám: Need for rethinking of the Hungarian fiscal and monetary policy
208417Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:23372 -- Hein; Eckhard: The rate of interest as a macroeconomic distribution parameter: Horizontalism and Post-Key
208517Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:17819 -- Verbic; Miroslav: R&D and Economic Growth in Slovenia: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach with Endogenou
208617Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:32043 -- Duran-Vazquez; Rocio: Valuation of Latin-American stock prices with alternative versions of the Ohlson model: An
208717Jan/31/13 5:03 PMID:38079 -- Amjad; Rashid: Pakistan's poverty reduction strategy: why employment matters
208817Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:4828 -- Beja; Edsel Jr.: Forensic Accounting: Hidden balance of payments of the Philippines
208917Jan/31/13 9:18 AMID:20093 -- Aiello; Francesco: Do trade preferential agreements enhance the exports of developing countries Evidence fro
209017Jan/30/13 2:48 PMID:8346 -- Appleton; Simon: Growing out of poverty: trends and patterns of urban poverty in China 1988–2002
209117Jan/31/13 9:33 AMID:24534 -- Siddiqui; Aamir Hussain: Trade Openness and Growth: An Analysis of Transmission Mechanism in Pakistan
209217Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:24018 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Group Affiliation and Location of Indian Firms’ Foreign Acquisitions
209317Jan/31/13 3:28 PMID:2655 -- Khan; M. Arshad: Trade Liberalization Financial Sector Reforms and Growth
209417Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:6811 -- Freeman; Alan: Reply to some objections
209517Jan/31/13 7:29 AMID:29591 -- Schenker; Oliver: How uncertainty reduces greenhouse gas emissions
209617Jan/31/13 3:19 PMID:39348 -- Ojo; Marianne: The need for the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): some expl
209717Jan/31/13 3:00 AMID:43032 -- Gu; Gyun Cheol: Developing Composite Indicators for Fiscal Decentralization: Which Is The Best Measure For
209817Jan/31/13 9:02 PMID:30254 -- Lanne; Markku: Forecasting U.S. Macroeconomic and Financial Time Series with Noncausal and Causal AR Mode
209917Jan/29/13 10:49 PMID:36353 -- Modena; Francesca: Economic insecurity and fertility intentions: the case of Italy
210017Jan/30/13 9:59 PMID:26280 -- Chodak; Grzegorz: ABC Analysis in an Internet Shop: A New Set of Criteria
210117Jan/31/13 4:51 AMID:34071 -- Yadav; Swati: Impact of fiscal policy shocks on the Indian economy
210217Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:11882 -- Dressler; Scott: Economies of scale in banking indeterminacy and monetary policy
210317Jan/31/13 6:06 AMID:556 -- Sterlacchini; Alessandro: The R&D drop in European utilities. Should we care about it
210417Jan/30/13 2:35 PMID:40447 -- Quaas; Georg: A Nelson-Winter Model of the German Economy
210517Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:24171 -- Rodousakis; Nikolaos: Testing Goodwin’s Growth Cycle Disaggregated Models: Evidence from the Input-Output Table
210617Jan/31/13 5:37 PMID:23027 -- Ansay; Thomas: Firm valuation: tax shields & discount rates
210717Jan/31/13 1:01 AMID:18012 -- Bitros; George C.: Character knowledge and skills in ancient Greek education: Lessons for today’s policy mak
210817Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:28227 -- Gradzewicz; Michal: Estimating the output gap in the Polish economy: the VECM approach
210917Jan/30/13 4:13 PMID:4317 -- Gonzalez; Adrian: Resilience of Microfinance Institutions to National Macroeconomic Events: An Econometric A
211017Jan/30/13 6:44 PMID:538 -- Castro; Lucio: The impact of trade with China and India on Argentina’s manufacturing employment
211117Jan/26/13 9:08 AMID:43621 -- Bazhanov; Andrei: Disregarded inefficiency may dominate sustainability policies
211217Jan/30/13 10:01 PMID:26840 -- G; Thiagarajan: Mediating effects of broadband consumers’ behavior in India
211317Jan/31/13 4:40 AMID:19097 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: An Expose of Bioenergy and its Potential and Utilization in Turkey
211417Jan/31/13 1:09 PMID:2116 -- Kox; Henk L.M.: Services trade and domestic regulation
211517Jan/31/13 6:34 AMID:28157 -- Mark D.; Partridge: Dwindling U.S. Internal Migration: Evidence of Spatial Equilibrium
211617Jan/30/13 5:27 PMID:32414 -- Estrada; Fernando: Estabilidad política y tributación
211717Jan/31/13 11:10 PMID:11483 -- Bartczak; Anna: Valuing forest recreation on the national level in a transition economy: The case of Polan
211817Jan/31/13 5:36 AMID:6716 -- White; Howard: Evaluating Aid Impact
211917Jan/30/13 9:20 AMID:41997 -- Lazarevski; Dimche: Evolution of the venture capital financing for growing small and medium enterprises in Cen
212017Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:4032 -- D'Erasmo; Pablo: Investment and firm dynamics
212117Jan/31/13 3:39 AMID:18019 -- Alva González; Miguel Ángel: Environmentally Unfriendly Consumption Behaviour: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence from
212217Jan/30/13 5:04 PMID:42594 -- Gu; Gyun Cheol: Denial Rationalization and the Administered Price Thesis
212317Jan/30/13 8:55 AMID:41860 -- Saikia; Dilip: Entrepreneurship and Micro and Small Enterprises Growth in Assam
212417Jan/29/13 10:20 PMID:13111 -- Spahn; Paul Bernd: Local Taxation: Principles and Scope
212517Jan/30/13 9:41 PMID:1480 -- Sarfaraz; Leyla: Economic reforms and foreign direct investment in Iran
212617Jan/29/13 6:21 PMID:38358 -- Malhotra; Deepak: Trust and collaboration in the aftermath of conflict: the effects of contract structure
212717Jan/30/13 7:11 AMID:21899 -- Grady; Patrick: Indexation and the Taxation of Business and Investment Income
212817Jan/31/13 7:25 PMID:43317 -- Rost van Tonningen; Nicholas A.: Indexed Bonds
212917Jan/31/13 6:06 AMID:1721 -- Mion; Giordano: The spatial sorting and matching of skills and firms
213017Jan/30/13 10:57 AMID:326 -- Hałaj; Grzegorz: Strategic groups in Polish banking sector and financial stability
213117Jan/31/13 8:53 AMID:18215 -- Sobbrio; Francesco: Indirect Lobbying and Media Bias
213217Jan/31/13 7:41 AMID:17051 -- Alexander; Apostolides: Economic growth or stagnation during the interwar Period: reconstruction of Cypriot GDP 19
213317Jan/31/13 8:06 PMID:37564 -- Haleem; Fazli: Modeling Dividend Behavior in Pakistan
213417Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:1690 -- Naticchioni; Paolo: Employment protection and regional worker flows in Italy
213517Jan/26/13 9:58 AMID:32558 -- Kwasnicki; Witold: China India and the future of the global economy
213617Jan/31/13 9:52 AMID:23585 -- Everett; Tim: Economic growth and the environment
213717Jan/30/13 8:17 PMID:16378 -- Gutierrez Girault; Matias Alfredo: Modeling extreme but plausible losses for credit risk: a stress testing framework for the
213817Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:31590 -- Campbell; Carl M.: The formation of wage expectations in the effort and quit decisions of workers
213917Jan/30/13 9:27 AMID:21173 -- Nguyen; Thanh Nhan: ECONOMIC Potential of Renewable Energy in Vietnam's Power Sector
214017Jan/30/13 9:41 PMID:26296 -- Klinedinst; Mark: A strength of credit unions: employee productivity of credit unions versus banks in the U.
214117Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:38113 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: Assessing the adverse effects of interbank funds on bank efficiency through using semipara
214217Jan/31/13 10:55 PMID:835 -- Allington; Nigel FB: One Market One Money One Price
214317Jan/31/13 4:34 AMID:38153 -- Janjua; Yasin: Situation Analysis to Support the Programme Design Process for National Skills Strategy of
214417Jan/30/13 7:47 AMID:10679 -- Puah; Chin-Hong: Factors stimulating corporate crime in Malaysia
214517Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:14757 -- Wong; Kai Seng Kelly: Financial Social Accounting Matrix: Concepts Constructions and Theoretical Framework
214617Jan/31/13 12:31 PMID:40369 -- Marinela; Simuţ Ramona: Challenges for Romania’s employment policy in the Real Economy
214717Jan/31/13 8:41 PMID:21575 -- Simatele; Munacinga C H: Financial sector reforms and monetary policy reforms in Zambia
214817Jan/31/13 4:43 PMID:38954 -- Zvezdov; Ivelin: Rational and mechanics of a peak risk variance swap for a property insurance portfolio
214917Jan/31/13 2:50 PMID:1643 -- Thams; Andreas: Inflation Transmission in the EMU: A Markov-Switching VECM Analysis
215017Jan/26/13 6:19 AMID:29914 -- Muntean; Mihaela: Business Intelligence Approach In A Business Performance Context
215117Jan/31/13 9:24 AMID:17612 -- Carbo Valverde; Santiago: Estimating the intensity of price and non-price competition in banking
215217Jan/30/13 10:13 AMID:27890 -- Bera; Soumitra Kumar: International Trade Modeling Indices and Measurement Issues
215317Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:12780 -- Stegaroiu; Carina-Elena: Intellectual Products Result of Economic Development
215417Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:10031 -- Pouliakas; Konstantinos: Pay enough don’t pay too much or don’t pay at all An empirical study of the non-monotoni
215517Jan/31/13 10:16 AMID:1911 -- Alper; C. Emre: The welfare effects of government's preferences over spending and its financing
215617Jan/31/13 9:47 PMID:31471 -- Matei; Ani: Instruments of policy analysis. the impact assessment development by public authorities in
215717Jan/31/13 5:08 PMID:37409 -- Eichengreen; Barry: Exports of Services: Indian Experience in Perspective
215817Jan/31/13 10:25 PMID:35149 -- Sahu; Pritish Kumar: FDI wage inequality and employment in emerging economies: recent evidence from Indian man
215917Jan/31/13 3:38 PMID:6523 -- Arshad Khan; Muhammad: Trade Financial and Growth Nexus in Pakistan
216017Jan/31/13 1:53 AMID:20019 -- Pulina; Manuela: A discrete choice approach to model credit card fraud
216117Jan/31/13 8:54 PMID:37885 -- Raihan; Selim: Employment Effects of FTA Agreements: The Perspectives from Bangladesh
216217Jan/31/13 4:24 PMID:28849 -- Menezes; Jose H. V.: The political economy of innovation; an institutional analysis of industrial policy and de
216317Jan/31/13 6:28 PMID:31520 -- Guilhoto; Joaquim J.M.: The oil and gas sector in the brazilian economy
216417Jan/31/13 3:56 AMID:1613 -- Cowling; Marc: The Role of Loan Guarantee Schemes in Alleviating Credit Rationing in the UK
216517Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:30129 -- Simplice A.; Asongu: Post-crisis bank liquidity risk management disclosure
216617Jan/31/13 2:42 PMID:19201 -- Tirtosudarmo; Riwanto: Mobility and Human Development in Indonesia
216717Jan/31/13 2:06 PMID:12800 -- Schouten; Michael C.: The Case for Mandatory Ownership Disclosure
216817Jan/31/13 2:19 PMID:2003 -- Kox; Henk L.M.: Analysing the contribution of business services to European economic growth
216917Jan/29/13 12:44 PMID:35825 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Macromodels of the Romanian transition economy Second edition
217017Jan/31/13 2:27 PMID:25402 -- Boopen; Seetanah: Transport Capital as a Determinant of Tourism Development: A Time Series Approach
217117Jan/31/13 2:09 PMID:40642 -- Mirabile; McDonald: Can schools buy success in college football Coach compensation expenditures and performa
217217Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:38539 -- Forte; Antonio: Microeconomic determinants of losses in financial institutions during the crisis
217317Jan/30/13 10:59 PMID:39239 -- Drakopoulos; Stavros A.: The Development of Trade Union theory and Mainstream Economic Methodology
217417Jan/31/13 6:31 PMID:38708 -- Elasrag; Hussein: حوكمة الوقف الاسلامى
217517Jan/31/13 4:44 PMID:37979 -- Lotfi; Habib: Investigating the effect of granted facilities by specialist banks to agriculture part on
217617Jan/25/13 6:53 AMID:3115 -- Henrard; Marc: The irony in the derivatives discounting
217717Jan/31/13 5:10 PMID:3013 -- Hasan; Zubair: Determination of Profit and Loss Sharing Ratios in Interest-Free Business Finance
217817Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:35750 -- Peeters; Marga: On wage formation wage flexibility and wage coordination : A focus on the nominal wage im
217917Jan/27/13 6:15 PMID:39023 -- Bartolucci; Francesco: Latent Markov models: a review of a general framework for the analysis of longitudinal dat
218017Jan/31/13 3:03 PMID:20966 -- Salotti; Simone: Wealth effect in the US: evidence from brand new micro-data
218117Jan/30/13 8:59 PMID:11634 -- Jackwerth; Jens Carsten: Option Implied Risk-Neutral Distributions and Implied Binomial Trees: A Literature Review
218217Jan/30/13 9:37 AMID:6707 -- Harabi; Najib: Performance of the Arabic Book Translation Industry in Selected Arab Countries: Egypt Leb
218317Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:30478 -- Mukherjee; Sanchita: The effects of capital market openness on exchange rate pass-through and welfare in an inf
218417Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:18426 -- Alper; Emre: The Conduct of Monetary Policy in Turkey in the Pre- and Post-crisis Period of 2001 in Com
218517Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:4162 -- Husain; Fazal: Stock Prices Real Sector and the Causal Analysis: The Case of Pakistan
218617Jan/31/13 2:42 AMID:9548 -- Zafar; Sabahat: Impact of Trade Liberalization on External Debt Burden: Econometric Evidence from Pakistan
218717Jan/30/13 12:58 AMID:37883 -- Raihan; Selim: Economic Corridors in South Asia: Exploring the Benefits of Market Access and Trade Facili
218917Jan/31/13 1:28 PMID:29498 -- Muhammad; Javid: Foreign Aid-Growth Nexus in Pakistan: Role of Macroeconomic Policies
219017Jan/30/13 9:31 PMID:974 -- Pashev; Konstantin: Understanding Tax Corruption in Transition Economies: Evidence from Bulgaria
219117Jan/31/13 9:35 PMID:34976 -- Matyas; Laszlo: The estimation of three-dimensional fixed effects panel data models
219217Jan/30/13 9:15 PMID:15676 -- Colignatus; Thomas: Elegance with substance
219317Jan/31/13 2:50 PMID:26390 -- Michailova; Julija: Overconfidence risk aversion and (economic) behavior of individual traders in experimenta
219417Jan/31/13 9:24 AMID:22669 -- Omotor; Douglason G.: Food Security and Nutition trend in Nigeria
219517Jan/31/13 11:41 AMID:25948 -- Avendano; Rolando: Adapting to the Rise of China: How can Latin American Companies Succeed
219617Jan/29/13 9:24 PMID:42735 -- Mongay; Jorge: Scotch Whisky in Thailand. Strategic implications of international alliances and product a
219716Jan/31/13 7:04 AMID:31561 -- Karabarbounis; Loukas: Labor wedges and open economy puzzles
219816Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:31638 -- Hasan; Zubair: 'Islamic house financing:current models and a proposal from social perspective
219916Jan/31/13 9:46 PMID:5496 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: The Competitiveness of Turkey with Respect to the Slovak Republic for the 1995-1999 Period
220016Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:27887 -- Prada-Sarmiento; Juan David: A note on concavity homogeneity and non-increasing returns to scale
220116Jan/31/13 1:26 PMID:21072 -- Consoli; Davide: An analysis of the Graduate Labour Market in Finland: the impact of Spatial Agglomeration
220216Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:13123 -- Manas; Arnaud: Pricing the implicit contracts in the Paris Club debt buybacks
220316Jan/30/13 7:53 PMID:14501 -- Bleischwitz; Raimund: EU Policies and Cluster Development of Hydrogen Communities
220416Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:28949 -- Cyrenne; Philippe: On the Incentive Effects of Municipal Tax Credits
220516Jan/31/13 1:38 PMID:38995 -- Dachs; Bernhard: The servitization of European manufacturing industries
220616Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:39834 -- Jangili; Ramesh: Determinants of Private Corporate Sector Investment in India
220716Jan/30/13 4:48 PMID:42617 -- Kano; Kazuko: Menu Costs and Dynamic Duopoly
220816Jan/30/13 10:36 AMID:43740 -- Kaluzhsky; M.L.: Генезис цивитальной организации: идеология нового мира
220916Jan/30/13 2:43 PMID:37807 -- Makochekanwa; Albert: Estimating the size and trends of the second economy in Zimbabwe
221016Jan/31/13 3:06 PMID:11154 -- Bloch; Harry: Economies of scale and scope in Australian telecommunications
221116Jan/31/13 12:12 PMID:20646 -- Durand-Viel; Laure: Strategic Capacity Investment under Holdup Threats: The Role of Contract Length and Width
221216Jan/31/13 2:34 PMID:30410 -- Cruceru; Gheorghe: Correlating car sales and credit availability on the Romanian market
221416Jan/31/13 12:08 PMID:20754 -- Graafland; J.J.: Strategies and instruments for organising CSR by small and large businesses in the Netherl
221516Jan/31/13 6:50 PMID:35792 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Updated scenarios for the Romanian economy medium-term dynamics
221616Jan/31/13 5:37 PMID:17941 -- Maku; Olukayode E.: Does government spending spur economic growth in Nigeria
221716Jan/31/13 1:02 PMID:2156 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Demand for Real Money Balances by the Business Sector: An Econometric Investigation
221816Jan/30/13 5:58 PMID:16710 -- Cintra; Marcos: Bank transactions: pathway to the single tax ideal A modern tax technology;the Brazilian e
221916Jan/30/13 2:55 PMID:42853 -- Fulli-Lemaire; Nicolas: Swapping Headline for Core Inflation: An Asset Liability Management Approach
222016Jan/24/13 6:09 AMID:42131 -- Chi; Wei: Capital income and income inequality: evidence from urban China
222116Jan/31/13 7:20 PMID:37246 -- Bruder; Benjamin: Managing risk exposures using the risk budgeting approach
222216Jan/30/13 10:46 AMID:10141 -- Vadlamannati; Krishna Chaitanya: DO CHOICE & SPEED OF REFORMS MATTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS DURING TRANSITION
222316Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:18094 -- Goh; Soo Khoon: Managing the Impossible Trinity: The Case of Malaysia
222416Jan/31/13 10:26 PMID:39564 -- Fujii; Hidemichi: Corporate environmental and economic performances of Japanese manufacturing firms: Empiric
222516Jan/31/13 11:51 AMID:14809 -- Guo; Xinqiang: Consumer Confidence News and Consumption Stimulation
222616Jan/30/13 7:11 PMID:21410 -- Rockerbie; Duane W: Marginal revenue product and salaries: Moneyball redux
222716Jan/31/13 1:18 PMID:10229 -- Delfiner; Miguel: Commercial Banks and Microfinance
222816Jan/30/13 9:28 PMID:28348 -- CHATTI; Mohamed Ali: Activity diversification and performance of Islamic banks in Malaysia
222916Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:330 -- Kadochnikov; Denis: Economic Impact of Capital Flight from Russia and its Institutional Context: Why Capital C
223016Jan/31/13 4:56 PMID:19939 -- Bleischwitz; Raimund: Eco-innovation - putting the EU on the path to a resource and energy efficient economy
223116Jan/31/13 2:38 AMID:29880 -- Albu; Lucian-Liviu: Problems in the structure of Romania’s economy
223216Jan/31/13 5:32 PMID:43858 -- Solomos; Dionysios: Financial Sector and Business Cycles Determinants in the EMU context: An Empirical Approac
223316Jan/30/13 12:03 AMID:2759 -- Bejan; Maria: Trade Openness and Output Volatility
223416Jan/31/13 5:13 AMID:15871 -- Nag; Biswajit: Services in Regioanl Trade Agreements: Implications for India
223516Jan/30/13 12:46 PMID:18746 -- Gąsiorowska; Agata: The Relationship of Income And Money Attitudes To Subjective Assessment of Financial Situa
223616Jan/30/13 2:17 PMID:15628 -- Harabi; Najib: Creative Industries: Case Studies from Arab Countries
223716Jan/30/13 11:47 AMID:40635 -- Bailet; Isabelle: Determinant factors in reputation of wines:analysis of wine production in Central Italy
223816Jan/31/13 10:33 PMID:10230 -- Lawless; Martina: Deconstructing Gravity: Trade Costs and Extensive and Intensive Margins
223916Jan/31/13 6:01 PMID:29234 -- Beria; Paolo: Unconventional factors of efficiency in public transport. A case study and theory.
224016Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:24578 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Rating the Rating Agencies
224116Jan/31/13 10:35 AMID:6319 -- De Haas; Ralph: What determines banks’ customer choice Evidence from transition countries
224216Jan/31/13 2:47 AMID:20654 -- Jing; Li: A Note on the Oil Price Trend and GARCH Shocks
224316Jan/31/13 1:31 PMID:7613 -- Khan; Haider: Globalization and the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Making a Rules-based Trading Regim
224416Jan/31/13 5:29 PMID:37622 -- Brida; Juan Gabriel: Análisis de los factores que afectan la repetición de la visita a una atracción cultural:
224516Jan/30/13 4:07 PMID:34084 -- Delis; Manthos D: The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in the USA: Evidence from micro-level data
224616Jan/30/13 9:18 AMID:1795 -- Lipinska; Anna: The Maastricht convergence criteria and optimal monetary policy for the EMU accession coun
224716Jan/30/13 7:25 PMID:12435 -- Bogetic; Zeljko: Russian economic report No.16 (June 2008) The World Bank
224816Jan/31/13 12:29 PMID:22858 -- Das; Rituparna: Determination of Money Supply in India: The Great Debate
224916Jan/31/13 6:53 PMID:12275 -- Ye; Maoliang: One Step at a Time: Do threshold patterns matter in public good provision
225016Jan/31/13 5:33 AMID:29761 -- Caruso; Raul: International Relative Prices and Civil Wars in Sub-Saharan Africa. Theory and Evidence ov
225116Jan/31/13 7:24 AMID:41193 -- Pashchenko; Svetlana: Quantitative analysis of health insurance reform: separating regulation from redistributio
225216Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:11780 -- Dashkeyev; Vladimir: Institutional and General Economic Constraints to Economic Growth: Findings from the Indus
225316Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:15901 -- Vadlamannati; Krishna Chaitanya: Quantifying Economic Reforms in India: Where Have We Been and What Lies Ahead 1960 - 2006
225416Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:38064 -- Setty; Ofer: Unemployment accounts
225516Jan/31/13 4:03 PMID:29414 -- Hasan; Zubair: Scarcity self-interest and maximization from Islamic angle
225616Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:26178 -- Manoudakis; Kosmas: Choosing techniques or typical subsystems instead A PhD thesis
225716Jan/31/13 7:23 AMID:41033 -- Li; Kui-Wai: A study on the volatility forecast of the US housing market in the 2008 crisis
225816Jan/31/13 2:07 PMID:26160 -- Ellahi; Abida: Domestic or International Hotels: The Frontrunner of Service Innovation and Customer Choic
225916Jan/30/13 8:36 PMID:23976 -- Berg; Tim Oliver: Cross-country evidence on the relation between stock prices and the current account
226016Jan/31/13 11:38 AMID:2463 -- Shirkosh; Mehdi: The Case for an International Minimum Wage in the Context of Free Trade
226116Jan/31/13 7:37 AMID:33591 -- Briceño Avalos; Hernán Ricardo: Peruvian experience on prevent and resolve collective labour conflicts
226216Jan/30/13 1:34 PMID:16553 -- Beja; Jr.; Edsel: The Philippines on debt row
226316Jan/27/13 8:36 PMID:33531 -- Arbelaez; Maria Angelica: Low-income housing finance in Colombia
226416Jan/30/13 9:04 AMID:43343 -- Adam; Antonis: (Tax evasion) power to the people: does 'early democratization' increase the size of the i
226516Jan/31/13 1:40 PMID:37664 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: Disparity in the structure of wages in Pakistan
226616Jan/31/13 2:14 AMID:5967 -- Hasan; Zubair: Fifty Years of Malaysian Economic Development:Policies and Achievements
226716Jan/31/13 4:15 PMID:38346 -- Ghafele; Roya: The transformative impact of business models
226816Jan/31/13 4:59 AMID:2242 -- Dorosh; Paul: Social Accounting Matrix for Pakistan 2001-02: Methodology and Results
226916Jan/31/13 10:28 AMID:43911 -- Gogodze; Joseph: Composite indicator for regional innovative systems of the countries with developing and t
227016Jan/31/13 5:47 AMID:20133 -- Alcantud; José Carlos R.: Evaluations of infinite utility streams: Pareto-efficient and egalitarian axiomatics
227116Jan/30/13 6:24 AMID:15151 -- Gerasimchuk; Ivetta: Re-Think Russian Investment in Southern Africa
227216Jan/31/13 4:19 PMID:40612 -- Veysov; Alexander: Financial Contagion and Systemic Risk: From Theory to Applicable Macroeconomic Model
227316Jan/30/13 6:13 PMID:28373 -- Medel; Carlos A.: The Effects of Global Warming on Fisheries
227416Jan/31/13 9:36 PMID:5756 -- Jain; Varinder: Quality of Jobs Generated by Unorganised Establishments During Globalisation: A Diagnosis
227516Jan/29/13 6:01 PMID:35306 -- Omer; Muhammad: Stability of money demand function in Pakistan
227616Jan/28/13 2:08 AMID:8822 -- Kirsch; Fabian: Regulation of NGN: Structural Separation Access Regulation or No Regulation at All
227716Jan/28/13 5:25 PMID:4711 -- Trueck; Stefan: Outlier Treatment and Robust Approaches for Modeling Electricity Spot Prices
227816Jan/31/13 9:59 PMID:41902 -- Groom; Ben: The Economics of Water Resource Allocation: Valuation Methods and Policy Implications
227916Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:31081 -- Wang; Hung-Jen: Estimating fixed-effect panel stochastic frontier models by model transformation
228016Jan/30/13 8:32 AMID:15663 -- Chen; Xikang: Domestic Value Added and Employment Generated by Chinese Exports: A Quantitative Estimatio
228116Jan/30/13 9:53 PMID:25412 -- Powell; Benjamin: Housing
228216Jan/29/13 8:36 PMID:2771 -- Mierzejewski; Fernando: Liquidity preference as rational behaviour under uncertainty
228316Jan/31/13 2:01 AMID:21639 -- Havrylchyk; Olena: A macroeconomic credit risk model for stress testing the South African banking sector
228416Jan/31/13 6:10 AMID:30184 -- SINGH; SAURABH: Integrated Agribusiness Model- A Public Sector Success Story of Instructional Dairy Farm
228516Jan/31/13 6:12 AMID:13888 -- Kannan; Srinivasan: Impact of Migration on Health
228616Jan/30/13 6:47 PMID:9612 -- Lupia; Arthur: How “Point Blindness” Dilutes the Value of Stock Market Reports
228716Jan/31/13 7:48 AMID:25814 -- Marini; Giovanni: An Application of Constant Market Share Analysis for the Study of Firm Profitability
228816Jan/31/13 8:07 PMID:38196 -- Josheski; Dushko: Socially - optimal level of co-determination of labor and the European directive on worker
228916Jan/31/13 5:44 PMID:5459 -- Ghosal; Vivek: Investments in Modernization Innovation and Gains in Productivity: Evidence from Firms in
229016Jan/30/13 10:20 PMID:25439 -- Mavri; Maria: Forecasting the Growth of e-Tourism Sector: The Case Study of Mediterranean Countries
229116Jan/30/13 6:22 PMID:2485 -- Cifter; Atilla: Estimating the Effects of Interest Rates on Share Prices Using Multi-scale Causality Test
229216Jan/29/13 8:43 PMID:8145 -- Reinhart; Carmen: “A Model of Adjustment and Growth
229316Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:26679 -- Park; Innwon: Modes of foreign direct investment and patterns of trade: Why do multinational enterprises
229416Jan/29/13 9:08 PMID:4952 -- Tharavanij; Piyapas: Capital Market and Business Cycle Volatility
229516Jan/30/13 10:50 PMID:29128 -- Dong; Yan: What Drives Fixed Asset Holding and Risk-Adjusted Performance of Corporate in China An Em
229616Jan/31/13 11:22 AMID:26114 -- Okoye; B.C: An Ordered Probit Model Analysis of Transaction Costs and Market Participation by Small-Ho
229716Jan/31/13 7:55 AMID:13896 -- Chen; George Shih-Ku: Agglomeration economies and the location of Taiwanese investment in China
229816Jan/30/13 9:01 PMID:31659 -- Morawczyński; Rafał: Does Polish foreign trade impact employment Empirical investigation.
229916Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:28162 -- Mazumdar; Surajit: Indian Capitalism: A Case that doesn’t Fit
230016Jan/31/13 12:54 AMID:19092 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: A Snapshot of Geothermal Energy Potential and Utilization in Turkey
230116Jan/31/13 7:11 AMID:26791 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: An analysis of Turkish hydropower policy
230216Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:16797 -- Hussain; Karrar: Causal Ordering Between Inflation and Productivity of Labor and Capital: An Empirical Appr
230316Jan/30/13 6:33 PMID:27240 -- Charles; Steindel: The Financial Crisis and the Measurement of Financial Sector Activity
230416Jan/30/13 8:55 AMID:19591 -- Pillai; Rajasekharan: How Fragrant are perfumes A Micro Perspective from Middle East
230516Jan/31/13 8:57 AMID:25202 -- Getachew; Legese: Live animal and meat export value chains for selected areas in Ethiopia: Constraints and o
230616Jan/29/13 10:07 PMID:3516 -- PRADO; Emili: The Role of Public Service Broadcasters in the Era of Convergence A Case Study of Televisi
230716Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:19855 -- Md Shoaib Ahmed; Shoaib: An Empirical Study on Exchange Rate Volatility and it Impacts on Bilateral Export Growth:
230816Jan/31/13 1:04 AMID:10078 -- Fu; Shihe: Testing urbanization economies in manufacturing industries: urban diversity or urban size
230916Jan/31/13 10:46 PMID:408 -- Mariam; Yohannes: Agricultural Information and Indigenous Knowledge in Peasant Economy
231016Jan/31/13 4:37 PMID:33832 -- Briceño Avalos; Hernán Ricardo: Commercially-and-socially-oriented postal services
231116Jan/31/13 7:36 AMID:37289 -- Grady; Patrick: The parent and grandparent immigration program in Canada: costs and proposed changes
231216Jan/31/13 4:34 PMID:7731 -- Osipian; Ararat: Economic Growth—Human Capital Nexus in Post-Soviet Ukraine 1989-2009
231316Jan/31/13 1:03 PMID:34751 -- Fernandes; Cristina: Knowledge Spillovers and Knowledge Intensive Business Services: An Empirical Study
231416Jan/30/13 7:23 PMID:29316 -- Melesse; Wondemhunegn Ezezew: The Dynamics between Real Exchange Rate Movements and Trends in Trade Performance: The Cas
231516Jan/29/13 7:17 PMID:16132 -- Kazumasa; Oguro: Child Benefit and Fiscal Burden: OLG Model with Endogenous Fertility
231616Jan/31/13 5:47 PMID:24950 -- Islam; Asadul: Medium and Long-Term Participation in Microcredit: An Evaluation Using a New Panel Dataset
231716Jan/30/13 9:58 AMID:35553 -- Sarkar; Prabirjit: Indian labour law and its impact on unemployment 1970-2006: A leximetric study
231816Jan/31/13 2:34 PMID:31060 -- Naidu; Sirisha C.: Rural Livelihoods Forest Access and Time Use: A Study of Forest Communities in Northwest
231916Jan/30/13 12:51 PMID:20986 -- Sippel; Maike: Does Global Climate Policy Promote Low-Carbon Cities Lessons Learnt From The CDM
232016Jan/31/13 11:44 PMID:17782 -- Tatom; John: Are High Taxes Restricting Indiana’s Growth
232116Jan/30/13 9:29 AMID:16693 -- Tey; (John) Yeong-Sheng: Symmetry in farm-retail price transmission: pork in Malaysia
232216Jan/30/13 2:13 PMID:14270 -- Mechtel; Mario: Political Cycles in Active Labor Market Policies
232316Jan/31/13 6:19 PMID:434 -- Fullerton; Thomas: Milkshake Prices International Reserves and the Mexican Peso
232416Jan/30/13 7:41 PMID:8873 -- Modena; Matteo: Yield curve time varying term premia and business cycle fluctuations
232516Jan/27/13 9:17 AMID:37849 -- Sivakumar; Marimuthu: Regional Disparities in Poverty and Education in India
232616Jan/28/13 2:15 PMID:37997 -- Saumitra; Bhaduri: The bank lending channel of monetary policy transmission: evidence from an emerging aarket
232716Jan/30/13 10:40 AMID:7915 -- Dutta; Probal: Web-based Corporate Reporting in Bangladesh:An Exploratory Study
232816Jan/31/13 3:47 AMID:3192 -- Cohen; Ruben D: The long-run behavior of the S&P Composite Price Index and its risk premium
232916Jan/31/13 2:30 AMID:33650 -- Kucerova; Renata: Mapping the Czech wine market
233016Jan/30/13 1:21 PMID:4974 -- Makoka; Donald: The Demand for Private Health Insurance in Malawi
233116Jan/30/13 4:14 PMID:9267 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: Welfare impact of external balance in pakistan: CGE-microsimulation analysis
233216Jan/30/13 11:57 AMID:22130 -- INSEL; Aysu: Econometric analysis of the bilateral trade flows in the Gulf Cooperation Council countrie
233316Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:8173 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Commodity Prices: Cyclical Weakness or Secular Decline
233416Jan/31/13 2:56 AMID:816 -- Baba; Naohiko: The Bank of Japan's Monetary Policy and Bank Risk Premiums in the Money Market
233516Jan/29/13 9:36 PMID:2948 -- Hasan; Zubair: The 1997-98 Financial Crisis in Malaysia: Causes Response and Results
233616Jan/31/13 4:36 PMID:33127 -- Hu; Zhining: Impact of industrial linkages on firm performance in development zones
233716Jan/31/13 2:36 PMID:38815 -- Kronenberg; Tobias: Macroeconomic Effects of the German Government’s Building Rehabilitation Program
233816Jan/31/13 12:51 PMID:25049 -- Ponzo; Michela: On-the-job search in italian labour markets: an empirical analysis
233916Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:13898 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Nominal interest rates consumption booms and lack of credibility: A quantitative examina
234016Jan/30/13 4:17 AMID:34024 -- Josheski; Dushko: IS-LM model for US economy: testing in JMULTI
234116Jan/30/13 5:44 PMID:13981 -- Stanislav; Kološta: Regional disparities among countries and analysis of reasons of their creation
234216Jan/29/13 7:37 PMID:30638 -- Qadri; Faisal Sultan: Relationship between education health and crime: fable fallacy or fact
234316Jan/30/13 11:06 PMID:15002 -- Mahmud; Muhammad: Livlihood Diversification and Opinion Polls’ Analysis: Evidence From Tharparkar-Sindh (Pak
234416Jan/30/13 1:53 PMID:15476 -- Ponzo; Michela: On-the-job Search in Italian Labour Markets: An Empirical Analysis
234516Jan/31/13 9:28 PMID:3524 -- Cotter; John: Multivariate Modeling of Daily REIT Volatility
234616Jan/30/13 4:35 PMID:43410 -- Souza; Filipe: Mixed Equilibrium: When Burning Money is Rational
234716Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:13746 -- Ismail; Abdul Ghafar: Sustainability of BMT financing for Developing Micro-enterprises
234816Jan/31/13 7:19 AMID:33529 -- Taufemback; Cleiton: Queuing theory applied to the optimal management of bank excess reserves
234916Jan/31/13 2:59 PMID:40698 -- Assa; Maganga: Selected Macroeconomic Variables Affecting Private Investment in Malawi
235016Jan/31/13 2:17 AMID:15968 -- Magazzini; Laura: Dynamic Competition in Pharmaceuticals: Patent Expiry Generic Penetration and Industry S
235116Jan/30/13 11:46 AMID:30475 -- Bayraci; Selcuk: A Vector Auto-Regressıve (VAR) Model for the Turkish Financial Markets
235216Jan/31/13 3:05 AMID:1089 -- Thaiprasert; Nalitra: Rethinking the Role of Agriculture and Agro-Industry in the Economic Development of Thaila
235316Jan/31/13 3:15 PMID:43037 -- Ravi; S.B.: Mobilizing Neglected and Underutilized Crops to Strengthen Food Security and Alleviate Pov
235416Jan/29/13 3:50 PMID:15648 -- Sánchez-Fung; José R.: The day-to-day interbank market volatility and central bank intervention in a developing
235516Jan/31/13 8:37 PMID:35295 -- Kumar; Saten: Assessing Sustainability of the Irish Public Debt
235616Jan/31/13 3:21 PMID:24623 -- Cruz; Carlos: Contribution to the study of PPP arrangements in airport development management and opera
235716Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:19564 -- Feige; Edgar L.: New estimates of overseas U.S. currency holdings the Underground economy and the 'Tax Gap
235816Jan/31/13 1:00 AMID:22420 -- Brito; Dagobert: The Political Economy of Solar Energy
235916Jan/28/13 7:35 PMID:36529 -- Aghion; Edouard: NAFTA and its Impact on Mexico
236016Jan/31/13 3:13 AMID:3571 -- Lundborg; Jörg: Infrastructure-Based Versus Service-Based : Competition In Telecommunications
236116Jan/30/13 8:31 AMID:17356 -- Biagetti; Marco: Inequality in workers’ lifelong learning across european countries: Evidence from EU-SILC
236216Jan/31/13 3:56 PMID:42997 -- Spanos; Loukas: Internet corporate reporting in Greece
236316Jan/31/13 10:04 PMID:33627 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 23 Borrowing Costs - A Closer Look
236416Jan/31/13 5:49 PMID:37326 -- Bouoiyour; Jamal: The determining factors of foreign direct investment in Morocco
236516Jan/31/13 11:57 PMID:12571 -- Corduneanu; Carmen: Steps in the development of the Romanian financial system and the corellation with the lev
236616Jan/31/13 1:37 PMID:8862 -- Alkire; Sabina: Choosing Dimensions: The Capability Approach and Multidimensional Poverty
236716Jan/31/13 8:02 PMID:3922 -- Shah; Deepak: Strategies to Resurrect Rural Credit Delivery System in India
236816Jan/31/13 5:07 PMID:40705 -- Oloufade; Djoulassi K.: Dual Citizenship Institution: A Pareto Improvement
236916Jan/30/13 7:43 PMID:12084 -- Matu; Jeffrey Ben: Attracting Microfinance Investment Funds: Promoting Microfinance Growth through Increased
237016Jan/31/13 12:54 PMID:11076 -- Gunter; Bernhard: Analyzing Debt Sustainability: An Application of SimSIP Debt for Paraguay
237116Jan/31/13 5:23 PMID:34067 -- Noussair; Charles: Punishment reward and cooperation in a framed field experiment
237216Jan/31/13 7:05 PMID:22997 -- Mukherjee; Sacchidananda: Is there any relationship between Economic Growth and Human Development Evidence from Ind
237316Jan/31/13 2:35 AMID:3463 -- McManus; Walter: The link between gasoline prices and vehicle sales:economic theory trumps conventional Det
237416Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:11996 -- Sosunov; Kirill: Monetary policy rules and indterminacy
237516Jan/31/13 12:12 PMID:38252 -- Phillips; Kerk L.: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of Korean Immigration Policy
237616Jan/28/13 11:40 AMID:5291 -- Blecker; Thorsten: Product Configuration Systems: State of the Art Conceptualization and Extensions
237716Jan/31/13 8:30 AMID:26645 -- Cizakca; Murat: The case against the Islamic gold dinar
237816Jan/31/13 1:27 PMID:22012 -- Lazonick; William: The rise and demise of Lucent Technologies
237916Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:19187 -- Fang; Cai: Migration and Labor Mobility in China
238016Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:2737 -- Kitov; Ivan: The Japanese economy
238116Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:21077 -- Graafland; J.J.: From Phillips curve to wage curve
238216Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:4425 -- Meyer; Rolf: Frauen-Power unter Der Lupe: Geschlechtsspezifische Unterschiede zwischen Jungunternehmeri
238316Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:19293 -- Kumar; Saten: Real Wages Inflation and Labour Productivity in Australia
238416Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:20332 -- Roman; Monica: The efficiency analysis applied for the evaluation of labour market policies: Study case f
238516Jan/31/13 5:44 PMID:8313 -- Yang; Ling: Interregiona;Decomposition of labor productivity differences in China 1987-1997
238616Jan/31/13 8:57 AMID:8692 -- Vuorenmaa; Tommi A.: Decimalization Realized Volatility and Market Microstructure Noise
238716Jan/31/13 10:18 AMID:705 -- Hahm; Joon-Ho: Complementarity among International Asset Holdings: Do Banks Have a Special Role
238816Jan/31/13 1:11 PMID:30926 -- Mamoon; Dawood: Daily and monthly costs of terrorism on Pakistani exports
238916Jan/31/13 8:06 AMID:1280 -- Eischen; Kyle: Lost Dysfunctional or Evolving A View of Business Schools from Silicon Valley
239016Jan/25/13 4:59 AMID:35310 -- Khorunzhina; Natalia: Dynamic Stock Market Participation of Households
239116Jan/29/13 7:59 PMID:40198 -- Raja; Ammar: Future of option pricing: use of log logistic distribution instead of log normal distribut
239216Jan/31/13 11:42 PMID:7784 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Governing of agrarian innovations
239316Jan/30/13 1:02 PMID:2455 -- Bauer; Johannes M.: Unbundling Policy in the United States Players Outcomes and Effects
239416Jan/30/13 2:47 PMID:22067 -- Yamada; Gustavo: Growth Employment and Internal Migration. Peru 2003-2007
239516Jan/30/13 6:46 PMID:7848 -- Lee; Jeongdong: Estimating Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for the Individual Quality Attributes with DEA
239616Jan/30/13 8:14 AMID:35584 -- Haider; Adnan: Consequences of Political Instability Governance and Bureaucratic Corruption on Inflation
239816Jan/31/13 4:36 AMID:23097 -- Kumral; Neşe: Competitive Industrial Performance Index and It’s Drivers: Case of Turkey and Selected Cou
239916Jan/30/13 5:15 PMID:22187 -- Vinokurov; Evgeny: The Evolution of Kаzakhstan's Position on Relations with Russia in 1991-2010
240016Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:27735 -- Parra; Juan Carlos: How Does Growth Affect Labor Income by Gender A Structural Path Analysis for Tanzania
240116Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:24580 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Some Policy Issues Regarding an Early Warning System
240216Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:23912 -- Marjit; Sugata: Labor productivity growth informal wage and capital mobility: A general equilibrium analy
240316Jan/31/13 4:06 PMID:40027 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 11 Construction Contracts - A Closer Look
240416Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:25570 -- Polin; Veronica: Family Intertemporal Fiscal Incidence: A new Methodology for Assessing Public Policies
240516Jan/31/13 12:13 AMID:4228 -- Siddiqui; Rizwana: Remittances trade liberalisation and poverty in Pakistan: The role of excluded variables
240616Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:26419 -- Van de Vrande; Vareska: Additivity and complementarity in external technology sourcing: The added value of corpora
240716Jan/31/13 11:18 AMID:41542 -- Boissin; Romain: Orphan versus non-orphan IPOs: the difference analyst coverage makes
240816Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:36800 -- Raza; Syed Ali: Effect of corporate income tax and firms’ size on investment: evidence by Karachi stock ex
240916Jan/31/13 9:53 PMID:7769 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Environmental management in Bulgarian agriculture
241016Jan/31/13 3:07 PMID:37905 -- Raihan; Selim: Trade Liberalization and Poverty in Bangladesh
241116Jan/31/13 9:48 PMID:262 -- Tausch; Arno: World Bank Pension reforms and development patterns in the world system and in the 'Wider
241216Jan/31/13 5:23 AMID:5144 -- Carney; Richard: Chinese Capitalism in the OECD Mirror
241316Jan/31/13 1:56 PMID:27137 -- Lanot; Gauthier: The Performance of UK Securitized Subprime Mortgage Debt: ‘Idiosyncratic’ Behaviour or Mor
241416Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:7933 -- Mendez; Ildefonso: Promoting Permanent Employment: Lessons from Spain
241516Jan/30/13 10:07 AMID:43691 -- Gnidchenko; Andrey A.: Новый метод оценки структуры и базы экспортного потенциала
241616Jan/31/13 8:38 AMID:4758 -- Lai; Richard: Bullwhip in a Spanish Shop
241716Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:28504 -- Barran; Fernando: Internal finance and corporate investment: Belgian evidence with panel data
241816Jan/31/13 2:59 PMID:28836 -- Rode; Sanjay: Fiscal regulation and expenditure pattern in Maharashtra state
241916Jan/31/13 10:11 AMID:23599 -- Nikopour; Hesam: Shadow Economy and Poverty
242016Jan/31/13 7:53 AMID:13867 -- Dai; Meixing: Public debt and currency crisis: how central bank opacity can make things bad
242116Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:13588 -- Albu; Lucian-Liviu: Scenarios of economic development in Romania - medium to long-term forecasting models
242216Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:8431 -- Cuberes; David: A Model of Sequential City Growth
242316Jan/31/13 3:27 PMID:28424 -- Abraham; Vinoj: Regional Skill Supplies and Location of Firms: The Case of Information Technology Industry
242416Jan/30/13 9:47 PMID:12404 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Trends and Patterns of Overseas Acquisitions by Indian Multinationals
242516Jan/30/13 9:40 PMID:9963 -- Nasution; Zamal: Farm Development and Rural Poverty Comparison among Villages in Kulon Progo Regency of Yog
242616Jan/29/13 10:56 PMID:30646 -- Casadio; Paolo: The dynamics of Italian public debt: Alternative paths for fiscal consolidation
242716Jan/26/13 1:21 PMID:43195 -- Cvijanović; Drago: Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Terms of The Republic of Serbia Strategic
242816Jan/31/13 7:33 PMID:41123 -- Chu; Angus C.: Money and random matching in an endogenous growth model
242916Jan/31/13 4:33 PMID:37799 -- Abraham; Vinoj: Wages and earnings of marginalized social and religious groups in India: Data sources sco
243016Jan/31/13 7:40 AMID:31675 -- Czaja; Izabela: Zmiany obrotów handlu zagranicznego Polski przed akcesją i po akcesji do Unii Europejskiej
243116Jan/30/13 1:19 AMID:8674 -- Achy; Lahcen: The Impact of Liberalizing International Trade of Banking Services in Morocco
243216Jan/29/13 9:08 PMID:4693 -- Armstrong; Mark: Price discrimination
243316Jan/31/13 12:53 PMID:26719 -- Sakellaris; Kostis: Evaluating the New Greek Electricity Market Rules
243416Jan/31/13 8:03 PMID:2990 -- Ramirez-Urquidy; Martin: Nafta and industrial efficiency in Baja California
243516Jan/30/13 12:00 PMID:21114 -- Chen; Hui: Corporate Lobbying and Financial Performance
243616Jan/31/13 9:51 PMID:30861 -- Flaschel; Peter: The sources of profitability
243716Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:5366 -- Tatom; John: China currency dispute: is a rise in the yuan inevitable necessary or desirable
243816Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:15193 -- Uppal; Yogesh: Preferential trading areas: investment and welfare effects when countries differ in their
243916Jan/31/13 12:13 AMID:36499 -- G. M.; Arif: An introduction to the 1998-99 Pakistan socioeconomic survey (PSES)
244016Jan/31/13 5:26 PMID:14409 -- Li; Jia: Finance-growth Nexus in China: A Channel Decomposition Analysis
244116Jan/31/13 7:46 AMID:17643 -- Kishor; N. Kundan: The Instability in the Monetary Policy Reaction Function and the Estimation of Monetary Po
244216Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:38191 -- Klinedinst; Mark: Going forward financially: credit unions as an alternative to commercial banks
244316Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:17202 -- Sustek; Roman: Monetary Aggregates and the Business Cycle
244416Jan/30/13 7:14 AMID:43012 -- Musca; Maria: An investigation into medium-sized multinational enterprises
244516Jan/31/13 2:26 AMID:12907 -- Rodríguez; Javier: Banking on Democracy: The Political Economy of International Private Bank Lending in Emerg
244616Jan/31/13 8:22 AMID:40967 -- Alkhareif; Ryadh: Divisia monetary aggregates for the GCC countries
244716Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:15262 -- Cachanosky; Nicolas: GDP vs EVA as an Economic Indicator
244816Jan/30/13 11:41 PMID:36195 -- OLDANI; CHIARA: The Management of Greek Sovereign Risk
244916Jan/29/13 6:22 PMID:20722 -- Eddy Yusof; Ezry Fahmy: Islamic Finance: Debt versus Equity Financing in the Light of Maqasid al-Shari'ah
245016Jan/29/13 11:28 AMID:38396 -- Salerno; Nicola Carmine: La Riforma del Welfare il Paygo i nuovi Ammortizzatori per il Mercato del Lavoro
245116Jan/31/13 7:58 AMID:21958 -- Perekhozhuk; Oleksandr: Marktstruktur und Preisbildung auf dem ukrainischen Markt für Rohmilch
245216Jan/31/13 2:37 PMID:15415 -- Castro-Fernandez; Rodriguo: Government Programs for the Insertion of Youth and Women in Chile's Labor Market: A Discus
245316Jan/30/13 10:59 PMID:41627 -- Chang; Chia-Lin: Dynamic Price Integration in the Global Gold Market
245416Jan/29/13 9:09 PMID:31355 -- Papageorgiou; Aris: Kondratiev Marx and the long cycle
245516Jan/29/13 11:58 PMID:38341 -- Antonakakis; Nikolaos: Business cycle synchronization during US recessions since the beginning of the 1870's
245616Jan/31/13 5:48 AMID:24989 -- Guo; Jang-Ting: On Expectations-Driven Business Cycles in Economies with Production Externalities: A Comme
245716Jan/29/13 8:40 PMID:15546 -- Farzanegan; Mohammad Reza: Macroeconomic of populism in Iran
245816Jan/30/13 2:39 PMID:37144 -- Baskaran; Thushyanthan: The flypaper effect: evidence from a natural experiment in Hesse
245916Jan/30/13 10:09 PMID:7816 -- Rajesh Raj; Seethamma Natarajan: Technical Efficiency in the Informal Manufacturing Enterprises: Firm level evidence from a
246016Jan/31/13 1:12 AMID:23168 -- Blache; Guillaume: Active Labour Market Policies in Denmark: A Comparative Analysis of Post-Program Effects
246116Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:29106 -- Anastasios; Pappas: Capital mobility and macroeconomic volatility: evidence from Greece
246216Jan/31/13 5:44 AMID:1128 -- Bögenhold; Dieter: The Social Embeddedness of Consumption: Towards the Relationship of Income and Expenditure
246316Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:37360 -- Ghafele; Roya: Accounting for intellectual property
246416Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:10289 -- Barnett; William A.: International Financial Aggregation and Index Number Theory: A Chronological Half-Century
246516Jan/29/13 10:13 PMID:9463 -- NWAOBI; GODWIN C: The Economics of Financial Derivative Instruments
246616Jan/31/13 12:17 PMID:23608 -- Abdel Aal Mahmoud; Ashraf: FDI local Financial Markets employment and poverty alleviation
246716Jan/31/13 1:54 AMID:3596 -- Pavasuthipaisit; Robert: Optimal exchange rate policy in a low interest rate environment
246816Jan/31/13 12:10 AMID:40360 -- Czékus; Ábel: Responses of European competition policy to the challenges of the global economic crisis
246916Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:26662 -- Magazzino; Cosimo: Wagner's law and Italian disaggregated public spending: some empirical evidences
247016Jan/31/13 8:02 AMID:32674 -- Crotty; James: The great austerity war: what caused the deficit crisis and who should pay to fix it
247116Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:4763 -- De Borger; Bruno: The Trade-off between money and time: A test of the theory of reference-dependent preferen
247216Jan/30/13 1:38 AMID:6829 -- Ojo; Marianne: Comparative Analysis Between the External Auditor's Role in Bank Regulation and Supervisio
247316Jan/30/13 9:09 AMID:10211 -- Kolasa; Marcin: Structural heterogeneity or asymmetric shocks Poland and the euro area through the lens o
247416Jan/30/13 12:34 AMID:19858 -- James; Simon: Successful tax reform: the experience of value added tax in the United Kingdom and goods a
247516Jan/30/13 12:45 PMID:7086 -- Huang; Biao: The Use of Pseudo Panel Data for Forecasting Car Ownership
247616Jan/31/13 7:20 PMID:36102 -- Gbaguidi; David Sedo: Expectations impact on the effectiveness of the inflation-real activity trade-off
247716Jan/31/13 6:44 PMID:1385 -- Nguyen; Anh: Vietnam’s Trade Liberalisation: Potential Impacts on Child Well-being
247816Jan/31/13 10:11 AMID:23381 -- Perlin; Marcelo: The Drivers of Cross Market Arbitrage Opportunities: Theory and Evidence for the European
247916Jan/31/13 7:42 PMID:33645 -- Sarker; Debnarayan: Performance of manufacturing industry in Indian states: who loose and why
248016Jan/31/13 10:16 AMID:15464 -- Cichocki; Stanislaw: Shadow Employment in Transition - A Matter of Choice or No Choice
248116Jan/30/13 6:11 AMID:15934 -- Pandey; Manoj K.: Maternal health and child mortality in rural India
248216Jan/31/13 10:15 AMID:20178 -- Goudswaard; Kees: The redistributive impact of public and private social expenditure
248316Jan/31/13 10:57 PMID:39433 -- Castiglione; Concetta: Rule of law and its implications for the environmental taxation-income path across Europea
248416Jan/31/13 9:48 PMID:39228 -- Mohammad; Irfan: Employment Structure and Wage Levels in Namibia: A Report based on Establishment Survey 19
248516Jan/31/13 5:27 PMID:33498 -- Mussa; Richard: Intrahousehold and interhousehold child nutrition inequality in Malawi
248616Jan/30/13 9:13 PMID:28228 -- Gradzewicz; Michał: Globalization and the Polish economy: stylized facts and simulations using a Computable Ge
248716Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:20561 -- Rizza; Pietro: Testing the altruism hypothesis with italian cohort data
248816Jan/31/13 8:12 AMID:18949 -- Chirwa; Themba G.: The role of real and nominal variables in defining business cycles: dynamic properties of
248916Jan/29/13 6:03 AMID:37759 -- Bikash Ranjan Mishra; Dr.: Spill-over effects of foreign direct investment: an econometric study of Indian firms
249016Jan/30/13 9:56 AMID:43332 -- Chalabi; Yohan: Portfolio optimization based on divergence measures
249116Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:4351 -- Tatom; John: Manufacturing employment productivity and the business cycle
249216Jan/31/13 2:01 PMID:14880 -- Schouten; Michael C.: The Case for Mandatory Ownership Disclosure
249316Jan/31/13 7:04 AMID:27717 -- Mirucki; Jean: What Can EconLit Reveal Us About Ukraine's Scholarly Production
249416Jan/30/13 9:42 PMID:15105 -- Nkamleu; Guy Blaise: Poverty and Child Farm Labor in Africa: Wealth Paradox or bad Orthodoxy
249516Jan/31/13 10:51 PMID:30804 -- Lim; Ewe Ghee: Is Malaysia exempted from impossible trinity: empirical evidence from 1991-2009
249616Jan/31/13 1:07 PMID:31442 -- Mohamed Hassan; Hisham: Social protection and economic growth in the Sudan: Trends perspectives cointegration an
249716Jan/31/13 6:10 AMID:23676 -- Santos; Susana: A quantitative approach to the effects of social policy measures. An application to Portug
249816Jan/31/13 12:02 AMID:406 -- Mariam; Yohannes: Production efficiency in Peasant Agriculture: The Case of Mixed Farming System in the Ethi
249916Jan/30/13 5:22 AMID:16896 -- Ha; Wei: Internal Migration and Income Inequality in China: Evidence from Village Panel Data
250016Jan/31/13 9:13 AMID:28509 -- Bose; Sukanya: Financial Liberalization and the Agrarian Sector: India and Kenya Compared
250116Jan/31/13 7:32 AMID:8243 -- Bitros; George C.: Aggregation of Producer Durables with Exogenous Technical Change and Endogenous Useful liv
250216Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:14470 -- Rao; B. Bhaskara: How to Increase the Long Run Growth Rate of Bangladesh
250316Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:925 -- Chilosi; Alberto: The European Union and its neighbours: 'Everything but institutions'
250416Jan/30/13 9:21 AMID:41438 -- Islahi; Abdul Azim: An analytical study of al-Ghazali’s thought on money and interest
250516Jan/30/13 12:26 PMID:18925 -- McCloskey; Deirdre Nansen: Domestic Reshufflings Such as Transport and Coal Do Not Explain the Modern World
250616Jan/25/13 4:25 AMID:43719 -- Mariolis; Theodore: On Bródy’s conjecture: facts and figures from the US economy
250716Jan/31/13 6:16 PMID:43166 -- Davidovska Stojanova; Biljana: Real Estate Prices in the Republic of Macedonia
250816Jan/31/13 6:38 PMID:34575 -- Cipollone; Angela: Education as a precautionary asset
250916Jan/31/13 1:31 PMID:10574 -- Wodon; Quentin: Migration and Poverty in Mexico’s Southern States
251116Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:42173 -- Matkovskyy; Roman: The Index of the Financial Safety (IFS) of South Africa and Bayesian Estimates for IFS Vec
251216Jan/31/13 11:52 PMID:8200 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Capital Flows in the APEC Region
251416Jan/31/13 7:26 PMID:20938 -- Vinokurov; Evgeny: Nuclear Energy Complexes: Prospects for Development and Cooperation
251516Jan/31/13 2:05 AMID:15965 -- Gambardella; Alfonso: Global Competitiveness in Pharmaceuticals: A European Perspective
251616Jan/31/13 12:00 AMID:43465 -- Pieroni; Luca: Smoking habit changes and body weight: causal estimates from the British Household Panel S
251716Jan/31/13 6:57 AMID:18454 -- Suteja; Hardiansyah: The New Cosmology: Its Implications to Religiousity
251816Jan/31/13 1:29 PMID:2518 -- Baake; Pio: A Regulatory Framework for New and Emerging Markets
251916Jan/31/13 11:11 AMID:32941 -- D'Agostino; Antonello: Nowcasting Irish GDP
252016Jan/31/13 10:08 PMID:3751 -- Kox; Henk L.M.: Dynamic effects of European services liberalisation: more to be gained
252116Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:22833 -- Martin-Acena; Pablo: War and Economics: Spanish Civil War Finances Revisited
252216Jan/30/13 8:55 PMID:29153 -- K; S Chalapati Rao: India's FDI Inflows: Trends and Concepts
252316Jan/29/13 6:36 PMID:36440 -- Mara; Eugenia Ramona: The underground economy in Romania
252416Jan/31/13 8:29 AMID:30150 -- Wiederhold; gio: What is Your Software Worth
252516Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:28367 -- Gray; Patrick Francis: Private renting in Romania
252616Jan/31/13 2:21 AMID:39119 -- Morone; Marco: Determining marginal contributions of the economic capital of credit risk portfolio: an an
252716Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:551 -- Chang; Yanqin: How a small open economy's asset are priced by heterogeneous international investors
252816Jan/30/13 6:33 PMID:4391 -- Landiyanto; Erlangga Agustino: Strategi Alternatif Penanggulangan Kemiskinan di Papua melalui Pengembangan Keuangan Mikro
252916Jan/31/13 11:08 AMID:6058 -- Spoerer; Mark: The Laspeyres-Paradox: Tax Overshifting in Nineteenth Century Prussia
253016Jan/29/13 9:03 AMID:30148 -- Orth; Walter: The predictive accuracy of credit ratings: Measurement and statistical inference
253116Jan/28/13 4:33 AMID:42910 -- Iqbal; Javed: Terrorism & Its Impact On Foreign Flows: Lessons From Pakistan
253216Jan/30/13 8:54 AMID:23004 -- Simina; Ovidiu Laurian: Romania Part of the European Area of Freedom Security and Justice (Migration Asylum Bo
253316Jan/30/13 6:34 PMID:24930 -- Santeramo; Fabio Gaetano: Spatial price dynamics in the EU F&V sector: the cases of tomato and cauliflower
253416Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:35623 -- Cortuk; Orcan: Turkey's trilemma trade-offs
253516Jan/30/13 11:10 AMID:2615 -- Lee; Lena: Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Propensity: Findings from Singapore Hong Kong and Taiwan
253616Jan/30/13 12:00 PMID:42741 -- Anderson; Simon: Push-Me Pull-You: Comparative Advertising in the OTC Analgesics Industry
253716Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:6137 -- Kox; Henk L.M.: Market structure productivity and scale in European business services
253816Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:14716 -- Oprean; Camelia: An Analyses of Romanian Companies’ Financing Decisions under Macroeconomic Influences
253916Jan/31/13 10:32 PMID:2649 -- Kirdar; Murat: Explaining Ethnic Disparities in School Enrollment in Turkey
254016Jan/31/13 10:11 AMID:6795 -- Ghani; SARFRAZ K: Domestic Resource Mobilisation for Development in Pakistan
254116Jan/30/13 5:14 PMID:28414 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: The impact of power market reforms on electricity price-cost margins and cross-subsidy lev
254216Jan/30/13 6:55 AMID:1736 -- Alisjahbana; Armida: Assessing Indonesia's sustainable development: long-run trend impact of the crisis and a
254316Jan/30/13 8:03 PMID:29538 -- Onyenweaku; C.E: Productivity Growth in Food Crop Production in Imo State Nigeria
254416Jan/30/13 8:27 PMID:5461 -- Ghosal; Vivek: Small is Beautiful but Size Matters: The Asymmetric Impact of Uncertainty and Sunk Costs o
254516Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:36005 -- Dekkers; gijs: The future development of living standards of the retirees in Belgium. [:] an application
254616Jan/31/13 12:25 PMID:15974 -- Aguirregabiria; Victor: Some Notes on Sample Selection Models
254716Jan/30/13 10:10 PMID:32352 -- Driouchi; Ahmed: How zero price affects demand: experimental evidence from the Moroccan telecommunication
254816Jan/31/13 5:58 PMID:17660 -- Przystupa; Jan: Asymmetry of the exchange rate pass-through: An exercise on the Polish data.
254916Jan/30/13 8:26 AMID:6894 -- Freeman; Alan: Measuring the UK Economy
255016Jan/30/13 8:49 AMID:1449 -- ilya; gikhman: Fixed-income instrument pricing.
255116Jan/30/13 12:20 PMID:26982 -- Vo; Xuan Vinh: The determinants of home bias puzzle in equity portfolio investment in Australia
255216Jan/31/13 2:27 PMID:3943 -- Finger; Robert: Modelling Agricultural Production Risk and the Adaptation to Climate Change
255316Jan/31/13 3:00 AMID:16726 -- Alcidi; Cinzia: What lessons from the 1930s
255416Jan/31/13 2:12 AMID:35236 -- Banga; Rashmi: Role of trade policies in growth of Indian manufacturing sector
255516Jan/31/13 10:47 PMID:3895 -- Bieri; David: The Transformation Problem: A Tale of Two Interpretations
255616Jan/31/13 10:53 AMID:34030 -- Asghar; Zahid: Measuring Food Security for Pakistan Using 2007-08 HIES Data
255716Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:22238 -- Kasat; Puja: Innovative Approaches to Developmental Microfinance in India
255816Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:36249 -- Lorant; Kaszab: Fiscal Multipliers Are Not Necessarily That Large: A Comment On Eggertsson (2010)
255916Jan/31/13 9:14 PMID:4294 -- Carretta; Alessandro: The performance evaluation of hedge funds: a comparison of different approaches using Euro
256016Jan/31/13 2:41 PMID:18708 -- Colombo; Emilio: Investment decisions and the soft budget constraint: evidence from Hungarian manufacturing
256116Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:16436 -- Das; Rituparna: Indian G-Sec Market: How the Term Structure Reacts to Monetary Policy
256216Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:38766 -- Masino; Serena: Macroeconomic instability and the incentive to innovate
256316Jan/29/13 11:09 PMID:4019 -- Schnabl; Gunther: Geldpolitik vagabundierende Liquidität und platzende Blasen in neuen und Aufstrebenden Mä
256416Jan/31/13 1:52 PMID:34114 -- Melecky; Ales: Analyzing the Impact of Macroeconomic Shocks on Public Debt Dynamics: An Application to th
256516Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:8120 -- Chichilnisky; Graciela: Resources and North-South trade: a macro analysis in open economies
256616Jan/31/13 10:41 AMID:25394 -- Reynolds; Johnny Sue: Influence of Age on Customer Dinning Experience Factors in US Japanese Restaurants
256716Jan/31/13 9:00 PMID:34062 -- Balan; A. Ana Maria: Theoretical approach and practical analysis on employment measures- case study on Romania
256816Jan/30/13 7:57 AMID:38994 -- Nath; Golaka: Indian money market dynamics
256916Jan/30/13 12:20 PMID:40221 -- Dong; Ming: Overvalued equity and financing decisions
257016Jan/30/13 11:47 PMID:37157 -- Maggioni; Daniela: Learning by exporting in Turkey: an investigation for existence and channels
257116Jan/30/13 6:44 AMID:11813 -- Bagaka; Obuya: Fiscal Decentralization in Kenya: The Constituency Development Fund and the Growth of Gove
257216Jan/31/13 4:07 PMID:43859 -- Pillai N.; Vijayamohanan: Women Empowerment: An Epistemic Quest
257316Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:1880 -- Razzak; Weshah: Education and labour productivity in New Zealand
257416Jan/31/13 10:35 AMID:3239 -- Behringer; Stefan: Equilibrium Market and Pricing Structures in Virtual Platform Duopoly
257516Jan/31/13 9:49 AMID:28563 -- Shahbaz; Muhammad: Impact of economic growth and financial development on exports: Cointegration and causalit
257616Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:21149 -- Dmitriev; Mikhail: Confidence of Agents and Market Frictions
257716Jan/31/13 10:33 PMID:11346 -- Winther; K. Tobias: Analyzing new profit opportunities: a guide to making business projects financially succes
257816Jan/28/13 12:09 PMID:43654 -- Zhang; Zhichao: Strategic Asset Allocation for Central Bank’s Management of Foreign Reserves: A new approa
257916Jan/30/13 10:15 PMID:10424 -- Weron; Rafal: Heavy-tails and regime-switching in electricity prices
258016Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:4136 -- Shelley; Gary: Long run effects of money on real consumption and investment in the U.S.
258116Jan/31/13 5:14 PMID:39704 -- Yuki; Kazuhiro: Stereotypes segregation and ethnic inequality
258216Jan/31/13 7:28 PMID:8984 -- Galati; Davide: Sovereign bond ratings and market spreads. a dynamic panel analysis.
258316Jan/30/13 8:15 PMID:7329 -- Saleem; Shahid: SMEDA SME Policy paper 2007- A Critical Review (An analytical commentary upon SME policy p
258416Jan/31/13 5:55 PMID:37343 -- Arslan; Yavuz: Housing prices and transaction volume
258516Jan/31/13 1:13 PMID:33990 -- Haque; Nadeem: Reforms for competitive markets in Pakistan
258616Jan/31/13 1:50 AMID:38907 -- Mazumdar; Surajit: Continuity and Change in Indian Capitalism
258716Jan/31/13 2:51 AMID:30414 -- Ene; Sebastian: Indirect taxation in the European Union
258816Jan/30/13 8:05 PMID:28685 -- Mayur; Manas: An Empirical Investigation of Going Public Decision of Indian Companies
258916Jan/30/13 6:18 AMID:19095 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: Some Thoughts on the Turkish Electricity Distribution Industry
259016Jan/31/13 4:49 AMID:13875 -- Paglayan; Agustina: Reading between the lines: A closer look at the effectiveness of early childhood education
259116Jan/30/13 5:22 PMID:31599 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Empiryczna analiza konkurencyjności małopolskich przedsiębiorstw w procesie integracji eur
259216Jan/27/13 10:34 AMID:4215 -- Husain; Fazal: The Stock Market and the Economy in Pakistan
259316Jan/30/13 7:01 AMID:23555 -- Morini; Massimo: Risky funding: a unified framework for counterparty and liquidity risk
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259516Jan/31/13 12:28 PMID:39641 -- Swaminathan; j: Perceived effectiveness of training and development: a case study in stc technologies pvt
259616Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:33409 -- Haug; Alfred A.: Empirical evidence on inflation and unemployment in the long run
259816Jan/31/13 2:33 AMID:4827 -- Coleman; Stephen: The Minnesota income tax compliance experiment: State tax results
259916Jan/31/13 3:06 AMID:24346 -- Singh; Ajit: Are the Institutions of the Stock Market and the Market for Corporate Control Evolutionary
260016Jan/31/13 12:41 PMID:25865 -- Torrisi; Gianpiero: Redistributive policies and recipients: an empirical analysis
260216Jan/30/13 11:17 AMID:1722 -- Herciu; Mihaela: Competitiveness Economic Freedom and Real Exchange Rate. Evidence from Romania
260416Jan/30/13 10:51 AMID:42440 -- Malgarini; Marco: Re-engineering the ISAE manufacturing survey
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260916Jan/31/13 11:32 AMID:39442 -- Mohd Safian; Edie Ezwan: The Evolution of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a Decision Making Tool in Property
261016Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:20082 -- Giandomenico; Rossano: Valuing an American Put Option
261116Jan/30/13 5:29 PMID:29379 -- Tang; Chor Foon: Tourism real output and real effective exchange rate in Malaysia: a view from rolling sub
261216Jan/30/13 9:59 PMID:3408 -- Dura; Codruta: Optimizing the Managerial Decision in Energetic Industry
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261416Jan/31/13 4:39 AMID:7178 -- Beard; Rodney: End-Point versus Point of Sale Levying of Plant Breeding Royalties: An Economic Analysis u
261516Jan/30/13 4:35 PMID:3582 -- Cipollini; Andrea: Dynamic Factor analysis of industry sector default rates and implication for Portfolio Cre
261616Jan/31/13 2:18 PMID:27737 -- Backiny-Yetna; Prospere: Gender Labor Income Shares and Human Capital Investment in the Republic of Congo
261716Jan/31/13 5:32 PMID:38294 -- Fallah; Belal: Geography and high-tech employment growth in U.S. counties
261816Jan/30/13 2:44 PMID:7869 -- Singh; Nirvikar: Decentralization and Public Delivery of Health Care Services in India
261916Jan/31/13 8:22 PMID:432 -- Fullerton; Thomas: Water transfers in El Paso County Texas
262016Jan/30/13 9:43 PMID:12837 -- Heller; Claudia: Keynes’s slip of the pen: aggregate supply curve vs employment function
262116Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:2276 -- Manuel; Eduardo: Phillips Curve for Advanced Economies on Period 1996-2007 - United States and Euro Area Ca
262216Jan/30/13 5:11 PMID:29049 -- Asalatha; B. P.: Raising the ‘Beatrice’s Goat’: The Indian Experience in Microcredit
262316Jan/31/13 2:19 PMID:37659 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: Co-movements of consumption patterns of high and low involvement products
262416Jan/30/13 2:55 PMID:28834 -- Aktas; Erkan: Bilişim Teknolojileri Kullanımının Öğrencilerin Öğrenimleri Üzerine Etkileri ve Bilişim Ha
262516Jan/28/13 6:16 AMID:39082 -- Lopez-Feldman; Alejandro: Deforestación en México: Un análisis preliminar
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262815Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:3760 -- Albu; Lucian-Liviu: A model to estimate informal economy at regional level: Theoretical and empirical investig
262915Jan/31/13 4:47 AMID:32806 -- Cai; Wenbiao: Skill investment farm size distribution and agricultural productivity
263015Jan/31/13 2:19 PMID:18283 -- Sinha; Dipendra: Saving and economic growth in India
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263215Jan/30/13 10:34 AMID:17195 -- Faria; Joao: A Socio-Psychological Theory of Efficiency Wage Growth
263315Jan/31/13 11:03 AMID:21448 -- Lahiri; Kajal: Learning and heterogeneity in GDP and inflation forecasts
263415Jan/30/13 12:21 PMID:16739 -- Aguirregabiria; Victor: A Dynamic Oligopoly Game of the US Airline Industry: Estimation and Policy Experiments
263515Jan/31/13 12:08 PMID:35000 -- Liu; Luke: Asset price asset securitization and financial stability
263615Jan/31/13 3:41 PMID:39101 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: Effect of Trust Factors on Consumer’s Acceptance of Word of Mouth Recommendation
263715Jan/30/13 6:44 PMID:4395 -- Harabi; Najib: Employment Effects of Ecological Innovations: An Empirical Analysis
263815Jan/31/13 7:35 AMID:1067 -- Gray; Matthew: Reservation wages and the earnings capacity of lone and couple mothers: Are wage expectati
263915Jan/31/13 3:24 PMID:32481 -- González-Val; Rafael: Growth in a cross-section of cities: location increasing returns or random growth
264015Jan/30/13 11:33 AMID:11149 -- Oliveira; Andre R de: Private Provision of Water Service in Brazil: Impacts on Access and Affordability
264115Jan/30/13 9:27 PMID:37698 -- Barros; Gustavo: The regional economic structure of Brazil in 1959: an overview based on an inter-State inp
264215Jan/31/13 8:23 PMID:43511 -- Fan; Haichao: Credit Constraints Quality and Export Prices: Theory and Evidence from China
264315Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:32922 -- Rode; Sanjay: Adolescent pregnancies and health issues in Uttar Pradesh: Some policy implications
264415Jan/31/13 10:03 PMID:33758 -- Cohen; Joseph N: “Economic freedom” and economic growth: questioning the claim that freer markets make soci
264515Jan/30/13 10:53 AMID:24691 -- Cole; Rebel A.: Who needs credit and who gets credit Evidence from the Surveys of Small Business Finances
264615Jan/30/13 3:07 PMID:26671 -- Muyambiri; Brian: The Causal Relationship between Private and Public Investment in Zimbabwe
264715Jan/31/13 12:08 PMID:37720 -- Lupu; Dan: Public sector pay policy in East European countries
264815Jan/30/13 10:13 PMID:36323 -- Brown; Martin: Foreign banks and foreign currency lending in emerging Europe
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265115Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:11864 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Eight Hundred Years of Financial Folly
265215Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:23550 -- Bradford; Scott C.: The Economic Reunification of Korea: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model
265315Jan/30/13 4:29 PMID:33443 -- Loening; Josef L.: Lao People’s Democratic Republic: responding to rice price inflation
265415Jan/30/13 12:31 PMID:20340 -- Perez Truglia; Ricardo Nicolas: Deconstructing the Hedonic Treadmill: Is Happiness Autoregressive
265515Jan/30/13 6:37 PMID:12382 -- Muñoz de Bustillo; Rafael: Health care utilization and immigration in Spain
265615Jan/31/13 11:39 AMID:32754 -- DIAW; Abdou: La crise financière mondiale et la finance islamique: une revue de la litérature
265715Jan/31/13 11:55 AMID:34347 -- Beleva; Iskra: European labour markets challenges in the context of the “Europe 2020” srategy
265815Jan/31/13 9:25 PMID:42831 -- Bonanno; Graziella: L’efficienza del sistema bancario italiano dal 2006 al 2010. Un’applicazione delle frontie
265915Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:17308 -- Benedek; Dora: The distributional implications of income underreporting in Hungary
266015Jan/30/13 7:10 AMID:10837 -- Nakanishi; Yasuo: Measuring the Rate of Obsolescence of Patents in Japanese Manufacturing Firms
266115Jan/31/13 12:00 PMID:25094 -- Grigorescu; Adriana: Models of public – private partnership projects in tourism industry
266215Jan/31/13 11:55 PMID:18130 -- Freeman; Alan: The GLA’s interim metro area dataset
266315Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:16478 -- NR; Bhanumurthy: Understanding Economic Growth in Indian States
266415Jan/30/13 1:06 PMID:42499 -- Shaikh; Salman: Comparative Economic Systems: A Brief Review
266515Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:32944 -- Hirose; Yasuo: Do investment-specific technological changes matter for business fluctuations Evidence fr
266615Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:28493 -- Magazzino; Cosimo: The nexus between public expenditure and inflation in the Mediterranean countries
266715Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:25577 -- Lluka; Valon: Functions of Central Bank of Kosovo and the need for their advancement
266815Jan/31/13 6:20 AMID:16578 -- Attia; Sayed Moawad: The Role of USAID in Development in Egypt
266915Jan/24/13 7:02 PMID:26586 -- Berg; Nathan: As-if behavioral economics: Neoclassical economics in disguise
267015Jan/31/13 6:39 AMID:35902 -- Roy; Satyaki: High Non-Wage Employment in India: Revisiting the ‘Paradox’ in Capitalist Development
267115Jan/31/13 5:09 AMID:7876 -- Qiao; Yongyuan: Analysis into IPO underpricing and clustering in Hong Kong equity market
267215Jan/31/13 12:58 AMID:24130 -- Walkenhorst; Peter: Policies to strengthen trade competitiveness in Tunisia
267315Jan/29/13 4:37 AMID:28887 -- Kitov; Oleg: Inflation and unemployment in Switzerland: from 1970 to 2050
267415Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:20672 -- Ottoz; Elisabetta: Choosing the scope of trade secret law when secrets complement patents
267515Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:31225 -- Mussa; Richard: Household expenditure components and the poverty and inequality relationship in Malawi
267615Jan/29/13 8:34 PMID:25451 -- Ghosh; Saibal: Firm performance and CEO pay: Evidence from Indian manufacturing
267715Jan/30/13 11:06 PMID:15108 -- Luigi; Cannnari: Capital Gains and Wealth Distribution in Italy
267815Jan/30/13 6:15 PMID:39272 -- Jamilov; Rustam: J-Curve dynamics and the Marshall-Lerner condition: evidence from Azerbaijan
267915Jan/31/13 11:42 PMID:17130 -- Arezki; Rabah: An Alternative Explanation for the Resource Curse: The Income Effect Channel
268015Jan/31/13 3:24 PMID:32127 -- Verbic; Miroslav: Innovativeness and intangibles in transition: the case of Slovenia
268115Jan/30/13 11:30 AMID:12315 -- Dima; Bogdan: The Romanian Financial Market and the Financial Markets from EU - A Integration Analysis
268215Jan/30/13 7:31 PMID:9456 -- Stevans; Lonnie: Speculation Futures Prices and the U.S. Real Price of Crude Oil
268315Jan/30/13 1:01 PMID:28955 -- Iordache; Emilia: Romania’s competitive advantage within the European Union area
268415Jan/31/13 6:27 AMID:33339 -- Declich; Carlo: Absolute poverty and the cost of living: an experimental analysis for italian households
268515Jan/31/13 1:28 PMID:14099 -- Reinhart; Carmen: What does a G-3 target zone mean for emerging-market economies
268615Jan/31/13 12:35 AMID:27334 -- Bhattacharya; Kaushik: Demand and Supply of Currencies of Small Denominations: A Theoretical Framework
268715Jan/31/13 6:54 AMID:39257 -- Amjad; Rashid: A critique of the green revolution in West Pakistan
268815Jan/31/13 8:47 PMID:7154 -- Moniz; António: Fisheries Development and Fisheries Dependent Communities in Portugal: Socio-Economic Chan
268915Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:12029 -- Ye; Maoliang: Do threshold patterns matter in public good provision
269015Jan/30/13 6:55 PMID:7843 -- Carrera; Jorge Eduardo: Hard peg and monetary unions.Main lessons from the Argentine experience
269115Jan/30/13 4:43 PMID:43374 -- Courvoisier; François: Du musée au parc d’attractions : opportunités et risques de l’éduvertissement
269215Jan/31/13 11:41 AMID:30780 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: Effectiveness of HRD for developing SMEs in South Asia
269315Jan/31/13 1:30 PMID:39613 -- Mimir; Yasin: Required reserves as a credit policy tool
269415Jan/30/13 7:51 PMID:3342 -- Patalano; Roberta: Resistance to change. Exploring the convergence of institutions organizations and the min
269515Jan/30/13 2:42 PMID:39302 -- Beja; Edsel Jr.: Do international remittances cause Dutch disease
269615Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:8183 -- Lahiri; Soumitra: WORLD WAR III A TECHNO ECONOMIC INTROSPECTION
269715Jan/30/13 10:06 PMID:22444 -- Sherstnev; Mikhail: Enterprise in transition: institutional framework economic behavior and the implications
269815Jan/31/13 12:25 PMID:37154 -- Daniela; Maggioni: Productivity dispersion and its determinants: the role of import penetration
269915Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:31354 -- Duran-Vazquez; Rocio: Valuation of Latin-American stock prices with alternative versions of the Ohlson model: An
270015Jan/31/13 4:07 AMID:25376 -- Nanthakumar; Loganathan: Tourism Development Policy Strategic Alliances and Impact of Consumer Price Index on Tour
270115Jan/30/13 7:19 AMID:40203 -- Guzman; Giselle C.: Using sentiment to predict GDP growth and stock returns
270215Jan/31/13 8:38 PMID:11402 -- Popescu; Ramona Florina: General view regarding the recent contribution of the World Bank in Europe and Central Asi
270315Jan/29/13 9:30 PMID:2549 -- Kibritçioğlu; Aykut: Friedrich List'in Bebek Endüstriler Tezi
270415Jan/29/13 9:20 PMID:36812 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: Securitization in Turkish banking system
270515Jan/30/13 4:05 PMID:24347 -- Lambais; Guilherme B. R.: The Metropolitan Region of Campinas Brazil: applying the technopolis framework
270615Jan/31/13 3:58 PMID:20317 -- Kathuria; Vinish: Organized versus Unorganized Manufacturing Performance in India in the Post-Reform Period
270715Jan/31/13 2:08 PMID:27088 -- Lin; Mi: Sectoral Location of FDI in China
270815Jan/31/13 1:24 PMID:23000 -- Shaikh; Salman Ahmed: Proposal for a New Economic Framework Based On Islamic Principles
270915Jan/30/13 2:54 AMID:15423 -- Barkin; David: Water management strategies in urban Mexico: Limitations of the privatization debate
271015Jan/30/13 4:20 PMID:3460 -- McManus; Walter: Can proactive fuel economy strategies help automakers mitigate fuel price risk
271115Jan/31/13 10:18 AMID:38574 -- Mateou; Nicos H.: Fuzzy cognitive maps face the question of the Greek current account deficit sustainability
271215Jan/30/13 9:36 PMID:5412 -- Paschke; Raphael: Integrating Multiple Commodities in a Model of Stochastic Price Dynamics
271315Jan/30/13 5:10 PMID:6904 -- Buncic; Daniel: A note on long horizon forecasts of nonlinear models of real exchange rates: Comments on R
271415Jan/26/13 5:11 PMID:43451 -- Rimgailaite; Ramune: Exchange rate modelling for Lithuania and Switzerland
271515Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:7242 -- Merz; Joachim: Time Use Dynamics in Paid Work and Household Activities of Married Women - A Panel Analysi
271615Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:21222 -- Dauti; Bardhyl: Economic Convergence between Macedonia and European Monetary Union Member States. The Five
271715Jan/31/13 9:30 AMID:14242 -- Baldan; Cristina: The Employment and Unemployment in Romania - Decisive Factors
271815Jan/30/13 7:57 AMID:20902 -- Aggarwal; Aradhna: Economic impacts of SEZs: Theoretical approaches and analysis of newly notified SEZs in In
271915Jan/30/13 8:28 PMID:1282 -- Racoceanu; Constantin: Method of the exponential adjustement using directly the terms of the empiric series in th
272015Jan/29/13 10:52 PMID:41984 -- Husain; Anwar Hussain: Economic Analysis of Sugarcane Crop in District Charsadda
272115Jan/30/13 4:30 AMID:17966 -- Scorbureanu; Alexandrina Ioana: Productivity and Growth: Least Absolute Deviation estimator and bootstrap techniques to pr
272215Jan/31/13 6:19 PMID:40717 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Regional Policies Firm Characteristics and Exporting in the Indian State of Karnataka
272315Jan/31/13 1:01 PMID:27180 -- Liviu-George; Maha: Characteristics of the financial crisis in 2008 and its implications on Romanian economy
272415Jan/31/13 11:37 AMID:26120 -- Okoye; B.C: Effect of Transaction Costs on Seller Decisions among Small-Holder Cassava Farmers in Sout
272515Jan/31/13 12:33 PMID:17300 -- Basher; Syed A.: Channels of risk-sharing among Canadian provinces: 1961–2006
272615Jan/30/13 8:12 PMID:37846 -- Cimoli; Mario: Real Exchange Rate and the Structure of Exports
272715Jan/29/13 10:15 PMID:17042 -- Libman; Alexander: Мировой опыт оптимизации налогообложения: роль налоговой конкуренции и оффшорных центров в
272815Jan/31/13 12:12 AMID:37897 -- Raihan; Selim: Doha Round Impacts on India: A Study in a Sequential Dynamic CGE Framework
272915Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:33982 -- Briciu; Sorin: The results account of the ABC method. The main source of underlining the performances of
273015Jan/30/13 8:02 PMID:15256 -- Fernandez de Guevara; Juan: Regional Financial Development and Bank Competition: Effects on Firms' Growth
273115Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:15068 -- Ferstl; Robert: Asset-Liability Management under time-varying Investment Opportunities
273215Jan/30/13 5:55 PMID:35743 -- Coughlan; Guy: Longevity hedging 101: A framework for longevity basis risk analysis and hedge effectivene
273315Jan/31/13 8:00 PMID:13682 -- Reinhart; Carmen: El problema de la afluencia de capital: Conceptos y temas
273415Jan/30/13 10:12 AMID:26591 -- Berg; Nathan: New Reform Strategies and Welfare Participation in Canada
273515Jan/31/13 8:29 PMID:43564 -- Papakonstantinou; A.: Short Communication: DEA based auctions
273615Jan/31/13 4:43 PMID:41471 -- Pham; Thi Thanh Hong: Industrial Clustering Policy and Economic Restructuring in Vietnam
273715Jan/31/13 2:19 AMID:6662 -- Bartram; Söhnke M.: Corporate Cash Flow and Stock Price Exposures to Foreign Exchange Rate Risk
273815Jan/31/13 4:12 AMID:15953 -- Yilmazkuday; Hakan: Is there a Role for International Trade Costs in Explaining the Central Bank Behavior
273915Jan/31/13 8:26 PMID:29668 -- Menji; Sisay: Determinants of Recent Inflation in Ethiopia
274015Jan/30/13 6:48 PMID:4178 -- Cernat; Lucian: Is the concept of sustainable tourism sustainable Developing the Sustainable Tourism Benc
274115Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:30565 -- Singh; Vivek Kumar: Agricultural development and regional carrying capacity measurement of agro-ecosystem in J
274215Jan/30/13 7:07 AMID:3840 -- Nachane; Dilip: Basel II and bank lending behavior: Some likely implications for monetary policy in India
274315Jan/31/13 10:51 PMID:3147 -- Gottlieb; Daniel: On the Determinants of a Country's Creditworthiness - The Case of Israel: 1971 to 1983
274415Jan/30/13 9:53 PMID:9098 -- Bandyopadhyay; Arindam: Assessment of Economic Capital: An Equity Market approach
274515Jan/31/13 7:42 AMID:27348 -- Basher; Syed Abul: Country Heterogeneity and Long-Run Determinants of Inflation in the Gulf Arab States
274615Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:14613 -- Douch; Mohamed: Equity Premiums In Small Open Economy
274715Jan/24/13 8:13 AMID:42998 -- Kirdina; Svetlana: From Marxian school of economic thought to system paradigm in economic studies: the instit
274815Jan/31/13 3:02 AMID:18069 -- Boudriga; Abdelkader: What determines IPO underpricing Evidence from a frontier market
274915Jan/30/13 3:52 PMID:43033 -- Senanayaka; Tharaka Sameera: The Employment Status of the Elderly in Sri Lanka: Patterns and Determinants
275015Jan/30/13 9:46 PMID:27918 -- Reda; Cherif: Public Debt Dynamics and Debt Feedback
275115Jan/31/13 11:25 AMID:26824 -- Di Giulio; Daniele: Bank lending to the production sector: credit crunch or extra-credit
275215Jan/30/13 8:48 PMID:25212 -- Alam; Mahbubul: Forest-based Tourism in Bangladesh: Status Problems and Prospects
275315Jan/31/13 6:28 AMID:40494 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 26 Accounting and Reporting by Retirement Benefit Plans - A Closer Look
275415Jan/31/13 11:54 PMID:18045 -- Luigi; Bernardi: Tax systems and tax reforms in Europe: Italy
275515Jan/29/13 3:34 PMID:22899 -- Ciriaci; Daria: Geography environmental efficiency and Italian economic growth: a spatially-adapted Envir
275615Jan/30/13 7:32 PMID:35595 -- Broecke; Stijn: Gender gaps in higher education participation: An analysis of the relationship between pri
275715Jan/31/13 11:42 PMID:23629 -- Cooray; Arusha: Investment and Savings Cycles and Tests for Capital Market Integration
275815Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:21319 -- Tarhan; Simge: Public Investment and Corruption in an Endogenous Growth Model
275915Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:5905 -- van der Hoek; M. Peter: Does the Dutch Model Really Exist
276015Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:28548 -- Dai; Meixing: Multiplicative uncertainty central bank transparency and optimal degree of conservativene
276115Jan/29/13 10:09 PMID:8262 -- Razzak; Weshah: On The dynamic of search matching and productivity in New Zealand and Australia
276215Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:3806 -- Chi; Wei: Decomposition of Changes in Earnings Inequality in China: A Distributional Approach
276315Jan/31/13 11:42 PMID:29843 -- Dai; Meixing: Fiscal disciplining effect of central bank opacity: Stackelberg versus Nash equilibrium
276415Jan/31/13 5:42 AMID:36250 -- Shahiduzzaman; Md: Changes in energy efficiency in Australia: A decomposition of aggregate energy intensity u
276515Jan/25/13 12:48 AMID:43533 -- Sheremeta; Roman: Three-Player Trust Game with Insider Communication
276615Jan/30/13 8:31 AMID:41861 -- Saikia; Dilip: Role of Unorganized Manufacturing in Expanding Employment Opportunities in Assam
276715Jan/31/13 9:51 PMID:3995 -- Buda; Rodolphe: La modélisation macroéconomique comme processus de communication : pour une formalisation
276815Jan/31/13 7:35 AMID:41331 -- DE KONING; Kees: When Capitalism no longer works - a Profit Warning
276915Jan/29/13 9:24 PMID:8728 -- Carlucci; Domenico: New challenges and opportunities for Italian exports of table wines and high quality wines
277015Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:17603 -- Giertz; Seth: The Elasticity of Taxable Income During the 1990s: A Sensitivity Analysis
277115Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:34729 -- Căpuşneanu; Sorinel/I: Forms of presentation for synthesis documents of managerial accounting. Advantages for dec
277215Jan/30/13 7:18 PMID:13315 -- Gluschenko; Konstantin: Is the cost of living in Russia really that low
277315Jan/31/13 5:49 PMID:2283 -- Siddiqui; Rizwana: Poverty-reducing or Poverty-inducing A CGE-based Analysis of Foreign Capital Inflows in P
277415Jan/31/13 12:03 AMID:33476 -- Colignatus; Thomas: High Noon at the EU corral. An economic plan for Europe September 2011
277515Jan/31/13 5:11 PMID:17076 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions by Indian Enterprises: Patterns and Motivations
277615Jan/31/13 10:18 AMID:29415 -- Tarp; Finn: Economic Structure and Development in an Emergent Asian Economy: Evidence from a Social Ac
277715Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:9808 -- Kitov; Ivan: Comprehensive macro-model for the U.S. economy
277815Jan/29/13 7:35 PMID:15092 -- Holt; Matthew T.: The Almost Ideal and Translog Demand Systems
277915Jan/30/13 12:46 PMID:21890 -- Misra; Biswa Swarup: Performance of Primary Cooperatives in India: An Empirical Analysis
278015Jan/31/13 4:46 AMID:28584 -- Durmaz; Nazif: Housing Prices and Fundamentals: The Role of a Supply Shifter
278115Jan/30/13 11:11 AMID:42708 -- Klinge Jacobsen; Henrik: Modelling a sector undergoing structural change: The case of Danish energy supply
278215Jan/31/13 2:30 PMID:41167 -- Lord; Montague J.: Furniture Industry Assessment: Trade Policy and Market Opportunities
278315Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:27677 -- Resende-Filho; Moises: Economics of traceability for mitigation of food recall costs
278415Jan/31/13 1:16 PMID:24078 -- Ahlfeldt; Gabriel M.: How polycentric is a monocentric city The role of agglomeration economies
278515Jan/31/13 1:29 AMID:15020 -- Onour; Ibrahim: Testing Efficiency Performance of an Underdeveloped Stock Market
278615Jan/30/13 11:43 PMID:27596 -- Korobilis; Dimitris: The dynamic effects of U.S. monetary policy on state unemployment
278715Jan/30/13 7:01 PMID:37785 -- Jan; Sajjad Ahmad: Physical infrastructure and economic development in Pakistan
278815Jan/31/13 9:28 PMID:2503 -- Martin; Ludivine: Investing in a Website: A Top Dog or a Resource-Based Strategy for Firms
278915Jan/31/13 1:09 PMID:33962 -- Klinedinst; Mark: Going forward financially: credit unions as an alternative to commercial banks
279015Jan/31/13 2:49 AMID:35270 -- Jouanjean; Marie-Agnes: Reputation matters: Spillover effects in the enforcement of US SPS measures
279115Jan/30/13 4:40 PMID:15336 -- Chisari; Omar O.: Liberalization of trade in services: A CGE analysis for Argentina Brazil and Uruguay
279215Jan/29/13 4:36 AMID:9564 -- Li; Zhe: Productivity Dispersion across Plants Emission Abatement and Environmental Policy
279315Jan/31/13 7:40 PMID:41027 -- Angus C.; Chu: Monetary policy and endogenous market structure in a schumpeterian economy
279415Jan/30/13 5:08 PMID:12361 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: India’s Emerging Multinationals in Developed Region
279515Jan/31/13 5:42 AMID:19217 -- Mazzolari; Francesca: The Effects of Immigration on the Scale and Composition of Demand: A study of California e
279615Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:21994 -- Drine; Imed: Efficiency frontier and matching process on the labor market: Evidence from Tunisia
279715Jan/31/13 11:58 AMID:42294 -- Ahmad; Mahyudin: Institutions and growth: Testing the spatial effect using weight matrix based on the insti
279815Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:18223 -- Hein; Eckhard: Interest rates distribution and capital accumulation – A Post-Kaleckian perspective on th
279915Jan/30/13 7:01 AMID:4187 -- Ponce; Aldo Fernando: Openness and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Free Trade Agreements in Latin America
280015Jan/31/13 2:06 AMID:37250 -- Das; Gouranga Gopal: Information age to genetic revolution: Embodied technology transfer and assimilation — A t
280115Jan/29/13 8:36 PMID:9927 -- Giang; Thanh Long: Determinants of Elderly Poverty in Vietnam
280215Jan/30/13 10:57 AMID:6210 -- Negri; Mariano: Burley Tobacco Clubs in Malawi: Nonmarket Institutions for Exports
280315Jan/30/13 4:31 PMID:39731 -- Gray; Jo Anna: Debt and nonlinear fiscal policy: evidence from the states
280415Jan/29/13 1:26 PMID:39609 -- Abbasi; Nasreen: Socio-economic effects of international migration on the families left behind
280515Jan/30/13 7:39 AMID:5137 -- Hilber; Christian A. L.: Agglomeration Economies and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment: Empirical Evidence
280615Jan/31/13 11:45 PMID:29770 -- Stein; K: An Internet “Value of Health” panel: recruitment participation and compliance
280715Jan/31/13 8:18 AMID:11606 -- Sanogo; Issa: Private investment in guinea does macro-instability matter A comparative analysis
280815Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:22538 -- Gray; Joanna: A birth-cohort test of the wilson willis model of nonmarital fertility
280915Jan/30/13 4:07 PMID:7723 -- Canaday; Neil: White discrimination in provision of black education: plantations and towns
281015Jan/27/13 1:08 AMID:26797 -- Rapisarda; Grazia: A Non-parametric Approach to Incorporating Incomplete Workouts Into Loss Given Default Est
281115Jan/31/13 2:11 PMID:33964 -- Kümpel; Arndt: On Australia’s foreign economic relations
281215Jan/31/13 10:11 AMID:23949 -- Abdul Karim; Zulkefly: Monetary policy and inflation targeting in a small open-economy
281315Jan/31/13 8:00 AMID:21484 -- Rubini; Loris: Innovation and the Elasticity of Trade Volumes to Tariff Reductions
281415Jan/31/13 1:23 AMID:27848 -- Zimmerman; Paul R.: Critical import supply elasticities and the ‘imports-as-market-discipline’ hypothesis
281515Jan/30/13 11:21 AMID:25390 -- Botti; Laurent: An Econometric Model of Tourism Demand in France
281615Jan/30/13 3:19 PMID:14942 -- Mierzejewski; Fernando: The cost of capital in markets with opaque intermediaries and the risk-structure of intere
281715Jan/28/13 5:42 AMID:21292 -- Tomasson; Gunnar: What is the Source of Profit and Interest A Classical Conundrum Reconsidered
281815Jan/30/13 2:59 AMID:26980 -- Bationo; Rakissiwinde: Estimation des changements des cours du café et du cacao: Filtre de Kalman filtre de Hodr
281915Jan/31/13 6:19 AMID:38194 -- Klinedinst; Mark: Going forward financially: credit unions as an alternative to commercial banks
282015Jan/30/13 8:02 PMID:2483 -- Cifter; Atilla: Multi-scale Causality between Energy Consumption and GNP in Emerging Markets: Evidence fro
282115Jan/31/13 10:29 PMID:29268 -- Ahmad; Imtiaz: Role of Public Expenditures and Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Determining Private Investmen
282215Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:41571 -- Naseem; N.A.M: Exchange Rate Misalignment Volatility and Import Flows in Malaysia
282315Jan/30/13 7:09 AMID:10198 -- Kemal; A.R.: Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Heterogeneous Panel of High Inc
282415Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:27147 -- Rambaccussing; Dooruj: Exploiting price misalignements
282515Jan/30/13 6:57 PMID:27866 -- Casson; Catherine: Revolutionary change and structural breaks: A time series analysis of wages and commodity
282615Jan/29/13 8:31 PMID:43316 -- Denny; Eleanor: A smart integrated network for an offshore island
282715Jan/30/13 4:20 PMID:5175 -- George; Michael: Predicting the Profit Potential of a Microeconomic Process: An Information Theoretic/Therm
282815Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:19404 -- Janda; Karel: The Origins of Czech Credit Guarantees Programs and the Value of Guarantee Fund Portfolio
282915Jan/30/13 4:22 AMID:17781 -- Geloso Grosso; Massimo: Liberalizing air cargo services in APEC
283015Jan/30/13 1:49 AMID:34961 -- Zagonov; Maxim: Securitization and bank intermediation function
283115Jan/31/13 9:56 PMID:40390 -- Schmid; Peter Alfons: The crisis of the EMU
283215Jan/31/13 5:45 PMID:24721 -- Barnett; William A.: How better monetary statistics could have signaled the financial crisis
283315Jan/31/13 1:16 AMID:15728 -- Nayak; Purusottam: Structural Change in Meghalaya: Theory and Evidence
283415Jan/29/13 4:04 PMID:16251 -- Hyder; Kalim: Why Private Investment In Pakistan Has Collapsed And How It Can Be Restored
283515Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:27432 -- Pillai; Rajasekharan: Labour as an Agent of Production: A Classical Economy Perspective
283615Jan/31/13 5:36 AMID:20048 -- Franckx; Laurent: Environment related health costs in Flanders
283715Jan/31/13 11:06 PMID:31562 -- LEUNG; K. Y. Charles: Comparing two financial crises: the case of Hong Kong real estate markets
283815Jan/31/13 1:14 AMID:15562 -- Amstad; Marlene: The oil price and monetary policy – a new paradigm
283915Jan/30/13 8:13 AMID:13007 -- Cooper; Russel: Estimating components of ICT expenditure: a model-based approach with applicability to sho
284015Jan/29/13 3:06 PMID:2662 -- Colignatus; Thomas: A measure of association (correlation) in nominal data (contingency tables) using determi
284115Jan/31/13 8:49 AMID:2129 -- McCauley; Joseph L.: Response to worrying trends in econophysics
284215Jan/30/13 9:37 AMID:19061 -- van der Mensbrugghe; Dominique: How to feed the world in 2050: Macroeconomic environment commodity markets - A longer ter
284315Jan/31/13 4:40 PMID:8920 -- Bandyopadhyay; Arindam: RAROC & EVA :The New Drivers of Business Growth in Indian Banks
284415Jan/30/13 9:21 AMID:16252 -- Ahmed; Naeem: Gender Inequality and Trade Liberalization: A Case Study of Pakistan
284515Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:27167 -- Cuzman; Ioan: IFRSs for financial instruments quality of information and capital market’s volatility: a
284615Jan/31/13 12:05 PMID:35702 -- Blom; Martin: Defence firms facing liberalization: innovation and export in an agent-based model of the
284715Jan/30/13 11:27 AMID:11112 -- Barry; Boubacar-Sid: Conflict Growth and Poverty in Guinea-Bissau
284815Jan/28/13 6:21 AMID:19081 -- Scott; David J: Moments of the generalized hyperbolic distribution
284915Jan/30/13 2:33 PMID:18640 -- Tsoukalas; John: Time to Build Capital: Revisiting Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities
285015Jan/31/13 9:58 AMID:29559 -- Fakhri; Hasanov: Why had the Money Market Approach been irrelevant in explaining inflation in Azerbaijan du
285115Jan/30/13 6:10 PMID:41826 -- Odozi; John C;: Socio economic gender inequality in Nigeria: A review of theory and measurements
285215Jan/31/13 1:56 AMID:18196 -- Bonache; Adrien: Nonlinear and chaotic patterns in Japanese video game console sales and consequences for m
285315Jan/30/13 2:12 PMID:27820 -- Saikia; Dilip: Agriculture-Industry Interlinkages: Some Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Indi
285415Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:13389 -- Fratini; Saverio M.: RESWITCHING AND DECREASING DEMAND FOR CAPITAL
285515Jan/30/13 3:18 PMID:31931 -- Lizarazo; Sandra: Optimal monetary policy and default
285615Jan/30/13 11:43 PMID:2457 -- Kibritçioğlu; Aykut: The Labour Market Implications of Large-Scale Restructuring in the Banking Sector in Turke
285715Jan/30/13 12:02 AMID:27266 -- Simplice A.; Asongu: Post-crisis bank liquidity risk management disclosure
285815Jan/31/13 4:05 AMID:35147 -- Hsieh; Chee-Ruey: Endogenous technological change in medicine and its impact on healthcare costs: evidence f
285915Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:19160 -- Kinda; Tidiane: Foreign ownership sales to multinationals and firm efficiency: The Case of Brazil Moroc
286015Jan/31/13 4:57 PMID:5216 -- Silva; Maria José: What Determines the Entrepreneurial Innovative Capability of Portuguese Industrial Firms
286115Jan/30/13 8:24 PMID:20069 -- Polterovich; Victor: Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves and Long Term Growth
286215Jan/31/13 9:00 PMID:37059 -- Melecky; Martin: Institutional structures of financial sector supervision their drivers and emerging bench
286315Jan/31/13 4:00 AMID:38852 -- varma; Vijaya krushna varma: Banking Redefined
286415Jan/29/13 10:56 PMID:27107 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Will 2000-era retirees experience the worst retirement outcomes in U.S. history A progres
286515Jan/31/13 8:08 PMID:32820 -- Shingal; Anirudh: Examining responsiveness of India’s trade flows to exchange rate movements
286615Jan/31/13 3:54 PMID:39860 -- Delatte; Anne-Laure: Commodity and Equity Markets: Some Stylized Facts from a Copula Approach.
286715Jan/30/13 8:36 PMID:7181 -- Anon-Higon; Dolores: Productivity Multinationals and Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from the UK Retail Sector
286815Jan/31/13 8:17 PMID:41389 -- Costa; Stefano: Access to credit for Italian firms: new evidence from the ISTAT confidence business survey
286915Jan/31/13 2:36 AMID:29561 -- Hasanov; Fakhri: Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in Azerbaijan
287015Jan/30/13 6:10 AMID:23508 -- Chen; Maggie: The Matching of Heterogeneous Firms and Politicians
287115Jan/30/13 4:41 PMID:27821 -- Saikia; Dilip: Industrial Location in India under Liberalization
287215Jan/29/13 7:27 PMID:37109 -- Ahortor; Christian R.K.: The impact of remittances on economic growth in small-open developing economies
287315Jan/31/13 2:18 AMID:38152 -- Mohammad; Irfan: Rural non-farm sector in Pakistan
287415Jan/31/13 8:41 AMID:36395 -- Lux; Matthias: Defying Gravity: The Substitutability of Transportation in International Trade
287515Jan/31/13 7:00 PMID:41052 -- Yelowitz; Aaron: The market for real estate brokerage services in low- and high-income neighborhoods: A 6 c
287615Jan/31/13 11:10 AMID:37771 -- Albers; Scott: On the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises: toward a harmonic interpretati
287715Jan/31/13 9:31 PMID:16905 -- Creamer; Kenneth: Price setting in South Africa 2001-2007 - stylised facts using consumer price micro data
287815Jan/29/13 4:11 PMID:36990 -- Fischer; Justina A.V.: The choice of domestic policies in a globalized economy
287915Jan/31/13 12:26 AMID:16348 -- Demarco; Gustavo: Supervising mandatory funded pension systems: issues and challenges
288015Jan/31/13 4:00 PMID:43395 -- Shehata; Emad Abd Elmessih: الآثار الإقتصادية للتجارة الخارجية بين مصر والكوميسا بإستخدام نموذج الجاذبية للتحليل المكا
288115Jan/29/13 10:41 PMID:3750 -- Kox; Henk L.M.: Business services and the changing structure of European economic growth
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293515Jan/31/13 2:51 AMID:16988 -- Heng; Stefan: 'A serious business with plenty to play for: The PC console and mobile gaming sector'
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294315Jan/30/13 12:45 PMID:17747 -- Cuberes; David: Democracy Diversification and Growth Reversals
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301615Jan/29/13 8:51 PMID:36396 -- Lee; Neil: Free to grow Assessing the barriers faced by actual and potential high growth firms
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303415Jan/30/13 9:14 AMID:18556 -- Chandra; Vandana: Commodity Export Diversification in Rwanda - Many Export Discoveries with Little Scaling-U
303515Jan/30/13 10:19 PMID:38524 -- Wach; Marlena: Polish Telecom Regulator’s Decisions Regarding Mobile Termination Rates and the Standpoint
303615Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:10140 -- Cozzi; Guido: Technological policy and wage inequality
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303815Jan/30/13 3:33 PMID:22430 -- Balli; Faruk: From Home Bias to Euro Bias: Disentangling the Effects of Monetary Union on the European F
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304015Jan/31/13 3:31 AMID:39150 -- Kayam; Saime S.: Spoilt for Choice: Explaining the location choice of Turkish Transnationals
304115Jan/28/13 7:29 PMID:12763 -- Bacha; Obiyathulla I.: Dual Banking Systems and Interest Rate Risk for Islamic Banks
304215Jan/31/13 2:35 AMID:20276 -- Graafland; J.J.: Market operation and distributive justice: An evaluation of the ACCRA confession
304315Jan/28/13 1:30 PMID:35717 -- Rao; Gargi P: An investigation into poverty among domestic maids in Lusaka Zambia
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304515Jan/31/13 2:55 PMID:26518 -- Su; Yongyang: Strategic asset allocation and intertemporal hedging demands: with commodities as an asset
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304815Jan/31/13 4:38 AMID:19630 -- Levent; Korap: An empirical analysis of Turkish inflation (1988-2004): some non-monetarist estimations
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305015Jan/31/13 8:26 PMID:40956 -- Bhatta; Kiran Prasad: Role of non-farm sector in poverty and income distribution among rural households: a case
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305215Jan/29/13 3:30 PMID:29669 -- Kainth; Dr Gursharan Singh: Analysis of Non-Fund Based Financial Services: Some Insights From Inida
305315Jan/25/13 2:37 AMID:25748 -- Husain; Zakir: Gender disparities in completing school education in India: Analyzing regional variations
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305515Jan/31/13 12:07 PMID:25705 -- Ugur; Mehmet: Innovation and competition in EU15: Empirical evidence on the Lisbon Decade and beyond
305615Jan/31/13 1:19 PMID:29500 -- Sanusi; Aliyu Rafindadi: An empirical analysis of the money supply process in Ghana: 1983-2006
305715Jan/31/13 5:06 PMID:41784 -- Krieger; Kevin: Do Senior Citizens Prefer Dividends Local Clienteles vs. Firm Characteristics
305815Jan/31/13 12:59 AMID:8392 -- Alrubaie; falah.K.Ali: أثر التغيرات الهيكلية في قطاع الصناعة التحويلية على اتجاهات الإنتاجية والتشغيل في الاقتصا
305915Jan/30/13 9:31 PMID:37560 -- Din; Shahab-u-: Impact of managerial ownership on financial policies and the firm’s performance: evidence
306015Jan/31/13 3:14 PMID:39788 -- Compton; Ryan: Backdating tax evasion and the unintended consequences of Canadian tax reform
306115Jan/31/13 12:37 AMID:28506 -- Douven; Rudy: GDP-spillovers in multi-country models
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306315Jan/31/13 1:32 AMID:18391 -- Panetta; Ida Claudia: Financial markets trend: ageing and pension system reform
306415Jan/31/13 1:36 PMID:35534 -- Zhang; Hewitt: House-price crash and macroeconomic crisis: a Hong Kong case study
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306615Jan/30/13 9:00 PMID:28473 -- Fofana; Ismael: Exports and labor income by gender: a social accounting matrix analysis for Senegal
306715Jan/31/13 1:05 PMID:10770 -- Havranek; Tomas: The Supply of Foreign Direct Investment Incentives: Subsidy Competition in an Oligopolisti
306815Jan/31/13 3:57 AMID:33789 -- Bosi; Stefano: Health growth and welfare: a theoritical appraisal of the long run impact of medical R&D
306915Jan/27/13 1:52 PMID:40603 -- Shahbaz; Muhammad: Does Financial Development Reduce CO2 Emissions in Malaysian Economy A Time Series Analys
307015Jan/30/13 11:43 AMID:6454 -- Palanisamy; Saravanan: Housing Finance System in India and China - An Exploratory Investigation
307115Jan/31/13 10:27 PMID:37183 -- Ramon Antonio; Rosales Alvarez: Fundamentos de econometría intermedia: Teoría y aplicaciones
307215Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:17772 -- Aysan; Ahmet Faruk: The Shadowing Role of Redistributive Institutions in the Relationship Between Income Inequ
307315Jan/31/13 6:09 AMID:15187 -- Onour; Ibrahim: Financial Integration of GCC Capital Markets:Evidence of Nonlinear Cointegration
307415Jan/31/13 10:18 AMID:225 -- Nguyen; Thang: Separating Quantity Shock and Quality Innovation in Relative Prices
307515Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:19037 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: The Role of International Diversification in Public Pension Systems: The Case of Pakistan
307615Jan/29/13 9:03 PMID:4574 -- Stuart; Graham: The Impact of Patenting on New Product Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Industry
307715Jan/31/13 5:48 AMID:10150 -- Barnett; William A.: Measurement Error in Monetary Aggregates: A Markov Switching Factor Approach
307815Jan/31/13 12:56 PMID:39277 -- Janczura; Joanna: Identifying spikes and seasonal components in electricity spot price data: A guide to robu
307915Jan/31/13 9:37 PMID:6962 -- Kohnert; Dirk: On the Articulation of Witchcraft and Modes of Production among the Nupe Northern Nigeria
308015Jan/30/13 10:28 PMID:17445 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: The Economic and Monetary Union’s effect on (international) trade: the case of Slovenia be
308115Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:14455 -- Giuriato; Luisa: The Domestic Stability Pact: Assessment of the Italian experience and comparison with the
308215Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:10619 -- Erauskin-Iurrita; Inaki: Financial openness and the size of the public sector: a portfolio approach
308315Jan/31/13 7:30 PMID:20415 -- Zagaglia; Paolo: Informed trading in the Euro money market for term lending
308415Jan/31/13 6:25 PMID:3566 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: The Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus for Turkey
308515Jan/31/13 1:34 PMID:5048 -- Plantinga; Auke: PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION
308715Jan/30/13 5:51 PMID:19185 -- Bakewell; Oliver: South-South Migration and Human Development: Reflections on African Experiences
308815Jan/30/13 9:25 AMID:33116 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 17 Leases - A Closer Look
308915Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:25525 -- Korap; Levent: Determinants of reserve money demand: a multivariate co-integrating approach
309015Jan/29/13 4:34 AMID:415 -- Barnett; William A.: Is Macroeconomics a Science
309115Jan/31/13 6:29 AMID:39450 -- Jo; Tae-Hee: Financing investment under fundamental uncertainty and instability: A heterodox microecono
309215Jan/31/13 7:14 PMID:25761 -- Nguyen Viet; Cuong: Targeting the Poor in Vietnam using a Small Area Estimation Method
309315Jan/31/13 10:18 AMID:17031 -- Livanos; Ilias: Multiple-Job Holding Among Male Workers in Greece.
309415Jan/31/13 11:33 AMID:34906 -- Tan; Teck Hong: Home owning motivation in Malaysia
309515Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:30726 -- Charles; Sébastien: Post-Keynesian modelling: where are we and where are we going to
309615Jan/31/13 10:39 AMID:25413 -- Bergs; Rolf: Cross-border co-operation and European economic integration: an empirical analysis
309715Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:26124 -- Smant; David / D.J.C.: Real time data regime shifts and a simple but effective estimated Fed policy rule 1969-
309815Jan/30/13 11:05 AMID:22652 -- Moreno; L: The effect of international trade on mark-ups distribution
309915Jan/30/13 10:36 AMID:34941 -- Nyamdash; Batsaikhan: The impact of electricity storage on wholesale electricity prices
310015Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:12568 -- Donath; Liliana: The role and the performance of public sector in the European Union
310115Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:19962 -- Su; Dongwei: A Hybrid Intelligent Early Warning System for Predicting Economic Crises: The Case of Chin
310215Jan/31/13 6:35 AMID:19018 -- Matei; Ani: The Impact of Reducing the Administrative Costs on the Efficiency in the Public Sector
310315Jan/31/13 6:10 PMID:11153 -- Rena; Ravinder: Recent trends in the world economy: a case study of Africa
310415Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:19379 -- Mamatzakis; E: European Banking Integration under a Quadratic Loss Function
310515Jan/30/13 7:59 PMID:14795 -- Jin; Zhong: Iowa’s Tax Incentive Programs Used by Biofuel Producers Tax Credits Program Evaluation Stu
310615Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:3549 -- Di Bartolomeo; Giovanni: Do tax distortions lead to more indeterminacy A New Keynesian perspective
310715Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:8248 -- Wendner; Ronald: Finite Horizon Externalities and Growth
310815Jan/31/13 6:19 AMID:11336 -- Islam; Rafikul: Application of quality function deployment in redesigning website: A case study on TV3
310915Jan/31/13 4:20 PMID:129 -- Al-Samarrai; Samer: Education Employment and Earnings of Secondary School and University Leavers in Tanzania:
311015Jan/30/13 6:46 PMID:26451 -- Haefliger; Thomas: Hedging currency risk: Does it have to be so complicated
311115Jan/31/13 3:00 AMID:37962 -- AMANN; E.: Structural Change in the Automotive Industry and its Regional Impacts: The Case of Brazil
311215Jan/31/13 8:04 AMID:38206 -- Gulam Hassan; Mohamed Aslam: Financial crisis - US versus Asian. Factors and policy response F
311315Jan/30/13 3:12 PMID:24921 -- Nguyen Viet; Cuong: Measuring the Impact of Cash Crops on Household Expenditure and Poverty in Rural Viet Nam
311415Jan/31/13 10:59 AMID:9307 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: CGE-Microsimulation Modelling: A Survey
311515Jan/31/13 6:12 AMID:25076 -- Bob; Constantin: Interrelations between development factors and tourism factors. A quantitative point of vi
311615Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:40194 -- Mueller-Langer; Frank: Does parallel trade freedom harm consumers in small markets
311715Jan/30/13 6:25 PMID:39043 -- Li; Yan: The proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile: Are there unexhausted scale economies in U.S. mo
311815Jan/30/13 5:17 AMID:41979 -- Hussain; Anwar Hussain: The Future of Budgetary Allocation to Sports Sector in Pakistan: Evidences from Autoregres
311915Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:22843 -- Rosellon; Juan: A Dynamic Incentive Mechanism for Transmission Expansion in Electricity Networks – Theory
312015Jan/31/13 11:03 AMID:13606 -- Mihaescu; Diana: Romanian educational system - component of the national economy
312115Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:4865 -- Mukherjee; Dipa: The Changing World of Work and No-Work
312215Jan/30/13 8:26 PMID:12262 -- Talpos; Ioan: The Fiscal Policy and the Stability of the nominal Sector: The Romanian Case (revisited ve
312315Jan/31/13 1:30 AMID:18064 -- Kamerbeek; S.P.: Merger Performance and Efficiencies in Horizontal Merger Policy in the US and the EU
312415Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:28226 -- Li; Cheng: Government Size and Macroeconomic Stability: Sub-National Evidence from China
312515Jan/30/13 5:06 PMID:1138 -- Freeman; Alan: An endogenous profit rate cycle
312615Jan/31/13 7:50 AMID:33170 -- Ghosh; Saibal: Price jitters: Do markets punish political stocks
312715Jan/31/13 1:52 PMID:30446 -- Tan; Teck Hong: Measuring the willingness to pay for houses in a sustainable neighborhood
312915Jan/31/13 9:40 PMID:10681 -- Madden; Gary G: Australian telephone network subscription and calling demands: evidence from a stated-pref
313015Jan/31/13 9:23 AMID:37052 -- Christofakis; Manolis: Opportunities and restrictions for the local-endogenous development in metropolitan areas
313115Jan/29/13 2:04 PMID:32703 -- Ndlela; Thandinkosi: Evolution of Zimbabwe’s economic tragedy: a chronological review of macroeconomic policies
313215Jan/31/13 3:38 AMID:30076 -- Hyytinen; Ari: The return-to-entrepreneurship puzzle
313315Jan/31/13 11:49 AMID:41608 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Is Renewable Energy Consumption Effective to Promote Economic Growth in Pakistan: Evidence
313415Jan/31/13 12:55 AMID:35354 -- Palombizio; Ennio A.: Canadian Oil Sands Investments: FOCUS on a Controversial Energy Source
313515Jan/31/13 9:17 AMID:42852 -- Fulli-Lemaire; Nicolas: Allocating Commodities in Inflation Hedging Portfolios: A Core Driven Global Macro Strateg
313615Jan/30/13 10:49 PMID:4458 -- Narayanan; Supreena: The Role of Accounting Conservatism in a well-functioning Corporate Governance System
313715Jan/31/13 12:46 PMID:13930 -- Baldursson; Fridrik M.: Out of reach Convergence to an inflation target in the Central Bank of Iceland's macroeco
313815Jan/31/13 8:43 AMID:6831 -- Freeman; Alan: The modernity of backwardness
313915Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:34994 -- Simplice A.; Asongu: Finance and inequality: exploring pro-poor investment channels in Africa
314015Jan/31/13 8:51 PMID:21717 -- Levent; Korap: An essay upon the business cycle facts: the Turkish case
314115Jan/31/13 11:42 PMID:17354 -- Das; Abhiman: Is there excess capacity in rural banking markets: Some empirical insights for India
314215Jan/31/13 10:13 AMID:18041 -- Luigi; Bernardi: Tax systems and tax reforms in Europe: Rationale and open issue for more radical reforms
314315Jan/31/13 4:39 PMID:38210 -- Hewings; Geoffrey J.D.: Impacts of reallocation of resource constraints on the northeast economy of Brazil
314415Jan/27/13 4:44 AMID:43330 -- ARI; YAKUP: Volatility modelling of foreign exchange rate: discrete GARCH family versus continuous GAR
314515Jan/29/13 12:27 PMID:3012 -- Hasan; Zubair: Profit Theory: the Islamic viewpoint
314615Jan/31/13 1:47 PMID:35321 -- laino; antonella: Innovation and monopoly: The position of Schumpeter
314715Jan/31/13 1:00 AMID:9480 -- Gao; Pingyang: Keynesian Beauty Contest Accounting Disclosure and Market Efficiency
314815Jan/31/13 9:19 PMID:34376 -- Singh; Ashish: Inequality of opportunity in Indian children: the case of immunization and nutrition
314915Jan/30/13 9:47 PMID:20908 -- Vinokurov; Evgeny: The EurAsEC Transport Corridors
315015Jan/31/13 9:52 PMID:12354 -- Cuesta; Jose: Political Space Pro-Poor Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy in Honduras
315115Jan/30/13 1:44 PMID:40349 -- Cărămidariu; Dan: Dismantling a weak state: The crisis as a pretext for even more neoliberalism in the Roman
315215Jan/31/13 3:44 AMID:23992 -- Kuik; Krzysztof: 2007 EC Competition Law and Sector-specific Regulatory Case Law Developments with a Nexus
315315Jan/31/13 11:09 AMID:39185 -- Moayedi; Vafa: The Impact of Policy Shocks on Financial Structure: Empirical Results from Japan
315415Jan/31/13 1:00 AMID:23835 -- Mitze; Timo: Testing the validity of the neoclassical migration model: Overall and age-group specific e
315515Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:7138 -- Islam; Asadul: Skilled Immigration and Wages in Australia
315615Jan/30/13 12:16 PMID:21878 -- Küçük; Ugur N.: Emerging Market Local Currency Bond Market Too Risky to Invest
315715Jan/31/13 5:26 PMID:20083 -- Yamamura; Eiji: Heterogeneity trust human capital and productivity growth: Decomposition analysis
315815Jan/31/13 2:41 PMID:32939 -- Nikolov; Kalin: A model of borrower reputation as intangible collateral
315915Jan/31/13 10:20 PMID:37886 -- Raihan; Selim: Economic Reforms and Agriculture in Bangladesh: Assessment of Impacts using Economy-wide S
316015Jan/30/13 1:41 PMID:40749 -- Alkhareif; Ryadh: Divisia monetary aggregates for the GCC countries
316115Jan/30/13 3:55 PMID:9570 -- Dhas; Albert Christopher: Population Pressures and Land Use Changes in Southeast Asian Countries: Recent Evidences
316215Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:20715 -- Douch; Mohamed: Monetary policy conduct: A hybrid framework
316315Jan/31/13 9:10 PMID:12721 -- Arce; Rafael de: A Euro-Mediterranean Agricultural Trade Agreement: Benefits for the South and Costs for th
316415Jan/31/13 11:54 PMID:17486 -- Sustek; Roman: Nonconvex Margins of Output Adjustment and Aggregate Fluctuations
316515Jan/31/13 2:29 AMID:29032 -- Alessio; Moro: Heterogeneous Productivity Shocks Elasticity of Substitution and Aggregate Fluctuations
316615Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:12981 -- Alexandru; Ciprian Antoniade: Indicators for the analysis of the evolution of the stock exchange
316715Jan/30/13 5:26 AMID:36177 -- Foster; Jarred: Target variation in a loss avoiding pension fund problem
316815Jan/28/13 10:23 PMID:41171 -- Lord; Montague J.: Modeling the Macro-Economy of Bangladesh
316915Jan/31/13 12:50 AMID:42706 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Environmental Kuznets Curve in an Open Economy: A Bounds Testing and Causality Analysis fo
317015Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:24774 -- Halkos; George: Dynamic regulations in non –renewable resources oligopolistic markets
317115Jan/31/13 5:45 PMID:12437 -- Zaghla; Abdessalem: Les Facteurs Explicatifs d'Efficience-X Dans Les Banques Tunisiennes : Une Approche De Fro
317215Jan/30/13 4:46 PMID:10655 -- Bah; El-hadj M.: Structural Transformation in Developed and Developing Countries
317315Jan/30/13 10:14 AMID:29089 -- Mirucki; Jean: What Can EconLit Reveal Us About Ukraine's Scholarly Production
317415Jan/31/13 9:11 PMID:28943 -- Cohen; Joseph N: Neoliberalism’s relationship with economic growth in the developing world: Was it the powe
317515Jan/31/13 1:01 PMID:10278 -- Bokor; László: Optimality criteria of hybrid inflation-price level targeting
317615Jan/31/13 2:49 PMID:28572 -- Omay; Tolga: The Term Structure of Interest Rate as a Predictor of Inflation and Real Economic Activity
317715Jan/30/13 10:07 AMID:4701 -- Böckerman; Petri: Perception of job instability in Europe
317815Jan/31/13 9:03 PMID:43730 -- Martin-Mayoral; Fernando: Las remesas en América Latina ¿amenaza u oportunidad
317915Jan/30/13 7:39 PMID:43279 -- Fioriti; Linda: Obesity epidemic: the role of retailing sector in promoting fruit and vegetable consumptio
318015Jan/29/13 5:19 PMID:38184 -- Jamilov; Rustam: Capital mobility in the Caucasus
318115Jan/30/13 10:42 AMID:43674 -- Senderski; Marcin: Justifiable Thrift or Feverish Animal Spirits: What Stirred the Corporate Credit Crunch in
318215Jan/30/13 2:16 AMID:19234 -- Laczko; Frank: Trafficking in Persons and Human Development: Towards A More Integrated Policy Response
318315Jan/30/13 7:47 PMID:29810 -- Araujo; Ricardo Azevedo: Embodied technological change capital sectoral allocation and export-led growth
318415Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:35418 -- He; Qichun: Dances with Chinese data: are the reform period Chinese provincial panel data reliable
318515Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:37485 -- Hirota; Haruaki: Municipal mergers and special provisions of local council members in Japan
318615Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:16725 -- M.R. Anand; Anand: Seasonality in Government Expenditure Examined
318715Jan/30/13 7:46 AMID:15258 -- Carbo; Santiago: Cross-Country Comparisons of Competition and Pricing Power in European Banking
318815Jan/30/13 4:03 PMID:3161 -- Ji; Tingting: Essays on consumer portfolio choice and credit risk
318915Jan/30/13 3:33 PMID:17569 -- Timmermann; Martina: Partnerships for Women's Health - Striving for Best Practice within the UN Global Compact
319015Jan/31/13 6:45 PMID:25458 -- González; Pablo Rodríguez: Spanish Tourist Behaviour: A Specific Objective-base Segmantation
319115Jan/31/13 2:43 PMID:18068 -- Boudriga; Abdelkader: Does bank supervision impact nonperforming loans : cross-country determinants using agrega
319215Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:35326 -- Ben Youssef; Slim: Cooperating firms in inventive and absorptive research
319315Jan/30/13 5:28 AMID:1207 -- Freeman; Alan: Marx without Equilibrium
319415Jan/30/13 12:01 PMID:41703 -- Jackman; Mahalia: What Prompts Central Bank Intervention in the Barbadian Foreign Exchange Market
319515Jan/31/13 12:03 PMID:39087 -- Louis; Rodolphe: On the market portfolio for multi-asset classes
319615Jan/31/13 5:59 PMID:37787 -- Varma; Vijaya Krushna Varma: Tax reforms - taxes without tax laws
319715Jan/31/13 12:42 PMID:10853 -- Penasse; Julien: Cash Flow-Wise ABCDS pricing
319815Jan/30/13 12:51 AMID:37073 -- Pradiptyo; Rimawan: A growing pain: an experimental approach to discover the most acceptable strategy for lift
319915Jan/31/13 11:48 PMID:29549 -- Goodspeed; Timothy: The Relationship Between State Income Taxes and Local Property Taxes: Education Finance in
320015Jan/30/13 5:23 AMID:9692 -- K P; Kannan: In the Vacuum of Public Action Social Security in Orissa: A Long Way to Go
320115Jan/31/13 8:57 PMID:27195 -- Ottoz; Elisabetta: Choosing the scope of trade secret law when secrets complement patents
320215Jan/31/13 5:47 AMID:36532 -- Stevenson; Adam: The Labor Supply and Tax Revenue Consequences of Federal Same-Sex Marriage Legalization
320315Jan/30/13 10:46 AMID:32909 -- Faíña; Andres / A.: Nontaxable income and necessary consumption: the Rousseau’s paradox of fiscal egalitariani
320415Jan/31/13 11:49 PMID:37903 -- Raihan; Selim: A Social Accounting Matrix for Nepal for 2007: Methodology and Results
320515Jan/31/13 2:29 AMID:33096 -- Janeba; Eckhard: Viewing tax policy through party-colored glasses: What German politicians believe
320615Jan/31/13 10:50 PMID:32537 -- Baskaran; Thushyanthan: Soft budget constraints and strategic interactions in subnational borrowing: Evidence from
320715Jan/30/13 10:44 AMID:22689 -- Lisi; Gaetano: The unemployment volatility puzzle: the role of the underground economy
320815Jan/30/13 8:46 AMID:16263 -- Abiola; A.G: Foreign aid food supply and poverty reduction in Nigeria - Examination of possible nexus
320915Jan/30/13 3:58 PMID:14328 -- Kamiya; Marco: The automotive industry developments in China and implications for Latin America
321015Jan/31/13 3:43 AMID:23640 -- Bellemare; Marc F.: Insecure Land Rights and Share Tenancy in Madagascar
321115Jan/31/13 4:06 AMID:24689 -- Cole; Rebel: Bank credit trade credit or no credit: Evidence from the Surveys of Small Business Financ
321215Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:18660 -- Gilroy; Bernard Michael: Book Review: John H. Dunning Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy
321315Jan/30/13 10:03 PMID:40946 -- Dissanayake; D.M.N.S.W.: Strategy Formulation Approach Industry Factors Competition and the Notion of Learning Or
321415Jan/31/13 10:51 PMID:24914 -- Ciliberto; Federico: Bankruptcy and Product-Market Competition: Evidence from the Airline Industry
321515Jan/31/13 9:20 AMID:28695 -- Kablan; Sandrine: Performance of islamic banks across the world: an empirical analysis over the period 2001-
321615Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:29429 -- Moussa; Zakaria: The Japanese Quantitative Easing Policy under Scrutiny: A Time-Varying Parameter Factor-Au
321715Jan/30/13 10:19 PMID:4121 -- Tatom; John: Banking and Economic Development in Morocco
321815Jan/31/13 11:50 PMID:8518 -- Alrubaie; falah.K.Ali: تحليل الهيكل الإنتاجي والعلاقات القطاعية في الاقتصاد العراقي خلال الفترة (1970 -1990)
321915Jan/30/13 4:58 PMID:89 -- Schröder; Philipp J.H.: On Privatisation and Restructuring
322015Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:24587 -- Ikegami; Munenobu: Agricultural productivity and mortality: evidence from Kagera Tanzania
322115Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:24767 -- Blyde; Juan: Trade Resource Reallocation and Industry Heterogeneity
322215Jan/30/13 10:02 AMID:23289 -- Onkar; Shivraj Swami: Post Reform Period Trends in Deposits and Credit Deployments of Regional Rural Banks in Ka
322315Jan/31/13 10:27 AMID:34187 -- Arteaga; Julio Cesar: Regulation competition and fraud: evidence from retail gas stations in Mexico
322415Jan/30/13 10:10 AMID:17079 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Liberalization Firm Size and R&D performance: A Firm Level Study of Indian Pharmaceutical
322515Jan/29/13 8:41 AMID:42835 -- Hasan; Zubair: Excel formula and Islamic norms for home financing
322615Jan/30/13 7:08 AMID:9449 -- Iquiapaza; Robert: Assimetria de Informações e Pagamento de Dividendos na Bovespa
322715Jan/31/13 9:59 AMID:18700 -- Weise; Charles L.: Political Constraints on Monetary Policy During the U.S. Great Inflation
322815Jan/30/13 7:29 PMID:11698 -- Farina; Vincenzo: Banks’ centrality in corporate interlock networks: evidences in Italy
322915Jan/30/13 7:53 PMID:12926 -- Corduneanu; Carmen: Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Development in Romania
323015Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:17774 -- Tatom; John: Are Returns to Capital Hitting New Historic Highs
323115Jan/30/13 10:45 AMID:25596 -- Murhadi; Werner-Ria: Study On Dividend Policy: Antecedent and Its Impact On Share Price
323215Jan/29/13 6:50 PMID:39778 -- Chu; Angus C.: R&D and economic growth in a cash-in-advance economy
323315Jan/30/13 4:12 PMID:8507 -- Saghaian; Sayed: The Impacts of Atlantic Bonito Rush and the Avian Influenza on Meat Products in Turkey
323415Jan/30/13 11:47 PMID:27964 -- Tan; Bee Wah: The dynamic relationship between private domestic investment the user cost of capital an
323515Jan/29/13 6:28 PMID:16619 -- Fischer; Justina AV: Subjective Well-Being as Welfare Measure: Concepts and Methodology.
323615Jan/31/13 10:31 AMID:35563 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: Vertical linkage between formal and informal credit markets: corruption and credit subsidy
323715Jan/30/13 10:52 PMID:15035 -- Tey; (John) Yeong-Sheng: Demand for beef in Malaysia: Quality or Quantity
323815Jan/31/13 3:01 PMID:1290 -- Freeman; Alan: Price value and profit – a continuous general treatment
324015Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:14014 -- Kurokawa; Yoshinori: Fixed Cost Number of Firms and Skill Premium: An Alternative Source for Rising Wage Ineq
324115Jan/31/13 9:13 AMID:329 -- Rixen; Thomas: Internationale Kooperation im asymmetrischen Gefangenendilemma: Das OECD Projekt gegen sch
324215Jan/31/13 6:44 PMID:37678 -- Ahmad; Munir: An econometric decomposition of dairy output growth
324315Jan/29/13 2:01 PMID:23828 -- Govan; Hugh: Status and potential of locally-managed marine areas in the Pacific Island Region: meeting
324415Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:11452 -- Madden; Gary G: Sources of Australian labour productivity change 1950-1994
324514Jan/31/13 5:56 AMID:24258 -- Shyjan; D: Municipal Solid Waste Management in Cities - Issues of Basic Rights of People Surrounding
324614Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:4833 -- Beja; Edsel Jr.: Win or Lose it’s the policy we choose: Comparative economic performance of the inflation
324714Jan/30/13 10:47 AMID:21260 -- Alexiadis; Stilianos: Technology adoption and club convergence
324814Jan/29/13 7:50 PMID:43219 -- Hagendorf; Klaus: Crowding out Capitalism: A Law of Historical Materialism
324914Jan/30/13 4:32 PMID:4834 -- Beja; Edsel Jr.: Unchained Melody: Economic performance after the Asian crisis
325014Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:18129 -- Aruga; Osamu: Conventional or New Optimal Investment Allocation across Vintages of Technology
325114Jan/31/13 4:59 AMID:30932 -- Sial; Maqbool Hussain: Institutional credit and agricultural production nexus
325214Jan/30/13 10:37 AMID:29725 -- Boehm; Michael J.: The Allocation of Talent: Evidence from the Market of Economists
325314Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:12353 -- Skokan; Karel: The Role of Clusters in the Regional Policy of the Czech Republic
325414Jan/31/13 3:05 AMID:2654 -- Qayyum; Abdul: X-efficiency scale economies Technological Progress and Competition of Pakistani’s banks
325514Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:22484 -- Marzovilla; Olga: From dollar peg to basket peg:the experience of Kuwait in view of the GCC monetary unifica
325614Jan/31/13 1:55 PMID:39 -- Kyn; Oldrich: Strukturální modely růstu
325714Jan/31/13 8:13 AMID:29640 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: Does Corruption Increase Financial Development A Time Series Analysis in Pakistan
325814Jan/30/13 5:27 AMID:9718 -- Heng; Stefan: Telecom regulation in the EU facing change of tack: Competition requires a clear policy li
325914Jan/31/13 5:34 PMID:38758 -- Apostolides; Alexander: Copper and Foreign Investment: The development of the mining industry in Cyprus during the
326014Jan/30/13 8:34 PMID:21139 -- Anderson; Karen M.: Pension systems in the European Union: Variable patterns of influence in Italy the Nether
326114Jan/31/13 9:54 PMID:39095 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: KESC’s Performance is it due to the Financial Crisis at KESC
326214Jan/31/13 6:42 PMID:3962 -- Kibritçioğlu; Aykut: Türkiye’deki Hükümetlerin Makroekonomik Performanslarının Bir Karşılaştırması 1987-2007
326314Jan/29/13 1:07 PMID:40683 -- Rehman; Kashif-Ur-: Students’ attitude towards the uses of internet
326414Jan/30/13 2:44 PMID:35198 -- Banga; Rashmi: Role of trade policies in growth of Indian manufacturing sector
326514Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:23673 -- Phillips; Kerk L.: The Dynamic Effects of Changes to Japanese Immigration Policy
326614Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:22842 -- Rosellón; Juan: Long-run Cost Functions for Electricity Transmission
326714Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:29711 -- Boehm; Michael J.: The Allocation of Talent: Evidence from the Market of Economists
326814Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:22680 -- Norlida Hanim; Mohd Salleh: The Impact of Marine Park Gazettement to Local Community Sustainable Livelihoods: A Case S
326914Jan/31/13 10:43 PMID:19424 -- Borooah; Vani / K: Home is Where the Hurt is: An Econometric Analysis of Injuries Caused By Spousal Assault
327014Jan/30/13 11:32 AMID:4290 -- Panagiotopoulos; Miltiadis: The Evolution of Trade Unions in Britain
327114Jan/30/13 6:52 AMID:42519 -- Krämer; Jan: Network neutrality and congestion sensitive content providers: Implications for content va
327214Jan/27/13 9:06 PMID:7121 -- Tonus; Özgür: Gümrük Birliği sonrasında Türkiye'de dışa açıklık ve sanayileşme
327314Jan/30/13 5:12 PMID:22275 -- Abu-Qarn; Aamer: The Defense-growth nexus: An application for the Israeli-Arab conflict
327414Jan/30/13 5:15 PMID:28366 -- Hasan; Zubair: Money creation and control from Islamic perspective
327514Jan/29/13 7:40 PMID:39669 -- Jang; Tae-Seok: Structural estimation of the New-Keynesian Model: a formal test of backward- and forward-l
327614Jan/30/13 2:38 PMID:26928 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: Turkey and Europe: Undivided but not united
327714Jan/30/13 10:31 AMID:34278 -- Blake; David: Target-driven investing: Optimal investment strategies in defined contribution pension pla
327814Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:27884 -- Gelber; Alexander M.: How do 401(k)s Affect Saving Evidence from Changes in 401(k) Eligibility
327914Jan/31/13 9:33 PMID:18244 -- Olayeni; Olaolu Richard: A Bayesian analysis of government expenditure in Nigeria
328014Jan/30/13 11:44 PMID:42422 -- TUNCEL; Cem Okan: Finansal Liberalizasyon ve Küresel Krizin Yapısal Nedenleri: Gelişmekte Olan Ülkeler İçin
328114Jan/31/13 4:00 PMID:37373 -- Görtz; Christoph: News and financial intermediation in aggregate and sectoral fluctuations
328214Jan/31/13 5:02 PMID:15296 -- Campbell; Carl M.: An efficiency wage - imperfect information model of the aggregate supply curve
328314Jan/31/13 1:29 AMID:3538 -- Cotter; John: International Equity Market Integration in a Small Open Economy: Ireland January 1990 – De
328414Jan/31/13 3:41 AMID:32115 -- Daney; Valdivia: Boosting cycles and Stabilization effects of Fiscal Rules
328514Jan/30/13 9:08 AMID:819 -- Svensson; Lars O: Monetary Policy with Judgment: Forecast Targeting
328614Jan/31/13 12:43 AMID:2622 -- Ferrer; Julian: Administración del conocimiento en instituciones de educación superior. Un análisis concep
328714Jan/28/13 6:26 PMID:13034 -- Attia; Sayed Moawad: The informal Economy as an engine for poverty reduction and development in Egypt
328814Jan/31/13 12:41 AMID:35935 -- Pinje; Jori Veng: Tax evasion information reporting and the regressive bias prediction
328914Jan/27/13 6:06 AMID:5607 -- Calvo; Esteban: What Makes Retirees Happier: A Gradual or 'Cold Turkey' Retirement
329014Jan/29/13 7:23 PMID:25781 -- Gavazza; Alessandro: The role of trading frictions in real asset markets
329114Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:24722 -- Nagayasu; Jun: Regional Inflation in China
329214Jan/30/13 10:57 AMID:21128 -- Li; Yanfei: Demand Uncertainty Information Processing Ability and Endogenous Firm: Another Perspecti
329314Jan/30/13 9:18 PMID:41830 -- Santi; Emanuele: Unlocking North Africa’s Potential through Regional Integration : Challenges and Opportuni
329414Jan/30/13 6:45 PMID:27551 -- Giovannucci; Daniele: Trends in the Trade of Certified Coffees
329514Jan/31/13 11:07 AMID:19215 -- Martin; Philip: Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region: Trends factors impacts
329614Jan/29/13 10:49 PMID:41012 -- Federici; Daniela: Corporate taxation and exports
329714Jan/31/13 6:35 PMID:26570 -- Sastry; D. V. S.: Stability of Lending Rate Stickiness: A Case Study of India
329814Jan/30/13 2:24 PMID:10348 -- Majcen; Boris: The Income Tax Reform in Slovenia: Should the Flat Tax Have Prevailed
329914Jan/31/13 10:41 PMID:38854 -- Raboy; David G.: More efficient production subsidies for emerging agriculture in micro Arab states: a conce
330014Jan/30/13 4:16 AMID:35083 -- Demirdöğen; Alper: Tarımsal Korumacılık Korumacılığın Ölçümü ve Türkiye
330114Jan/30/13 5:02 PMID:7087 -- Bokosi; Fanwell Kenala: SELLING OUR WAY INTO POVERTY: The Commercialisation of Poverty in Malawi
330214Jan/31/13 12:55 PMID:20972 -- Sterlacchini; Alessandro: Energy R&D in private and state-owned utilities: an analysis of the major world electric c
330314Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:5908 -- van der Hoek; M. Peter: Reforming the Dutch Welfare State: A Scenario Approach
330414Jan/30/13 4:54 PMID:8851 -- Yamori; Nobuyoshi: Preparing for Large Natural Catastrophes: The current state and challenges of earthquake i
330514Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:13447 -- Schmitz; Patrick W.: Partial Privatization and Incomplete Contracts: The Proper Scope of Government Reconsidere
330614Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:5675 -- Lu; Jiangyong: Determinants of Entrepreneurial Activities in China
330714Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:25511 -- Tsyplakov; Alexander: Revealing the arcane: an introduction to the art of stochastic volatility models
330814Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:2829 -- Yokoyama; Kazuki: Too Big to Fail: the Panic of 1927
330914Jan/31/13 3:59 AMID:17859 -- Jahan-Parvar; Mohammad: Equity Price Bubbles in the Middle Eastern and North African Financial Markets
331014Jan/30/13 7:52 PMID:14519 -- bleischwitz; raimund: The Sustainability Impact of the EU Emissions Trading System on the European Industry
331114Jan/30/13 5:09 PMID:30758 -- Coughlin; Cletus C: Ethnic networks and trade: Intensive vs. extensive margins
331214Jan/28/13 4:16 PMID:43365 -- Eichengreen; Barry: The global financial crisis and indian banks: survival of the fittest
331314Jan/30/13 9:48 AMID:30851 -- Willis; Geoff: Why money trickles up – wealth & income distributions
331414Jan/29/13 4:50 AMID:37934 -- Malini; Nair: An Actuarial Analysis of Calibration of Crop Insurance Premiums to Heterogeneous Risks
331514Jan/30/13 12:04 PMID:3088 -- Higgins; Matthew: Robust Correlates of County-Level Growth in the U.S.
331614Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:22572 -- Aiello; Francesco: Regional economic divide and the role of technological spillovers in Italy. Evidence from
331714Jan/31/13 5:56 AMID:30886 -- Msuya; E. E: Addressing food self-sufficiency in Tanzania: a balancing act of policy coordination
331814Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:10874 -- Strauss; Jason David: Uberrimae Fidei and Adverse Selection: the equitable legal judgment of Insurance Contracts
331914Jan/31/13 6:01 PMID:13191 -- Reinhart; Carmen: A Modern History of Exchange Rate Arrangements: The Country Histories 1946-2001
332014Jan/30/13 11:09 AMID:4454 -- Siddiqui; Rizwana: Salient features of social accounting matrix of Pakistan for 1989-90: Disaggregation of th
332114Jan/29/13 4:53 AMID:35604 -- Muhammad; Irfan: Non-standardized form of CAPM and stock returns
332214Jan/30/13 6:32 PMID:11180 -- Gacitua-Mario; Estanislao: Livelihoods in Guinea-Bissau
332314Jan/30/13 2:57 PMID:2229 -- Alasrag; HUSSIEN: الحقوق الاقتصادية والحق فى التنمية فى مصر
332414Jan/30/13 6:49 AMID:43011 -- Desiderio; Saul: Long-run consequences of debt in a stock-flow consistent network economy
332514Jan/31/13 5:51 AMID:5547 -- Columba; Francesco: The Speed of Euro Adoption
332614Jan/30/13 9:56 PMID:29665 -- Estrada; Fernando: Theory of financial risk
332714Jan/30/13 12:46 PMID:13921 -- Baldan; Cristina: The Employment and Unemployment in Romania - Decisive Factors
332814Jan/31/13 2:03 PMID:37398 -- Demir; Firat: Growth under Exchange Rate Volatility: Does Access to Foreign or Domestic Equity Markets M
332914Jan/31/13 8:28 AMID:30618 -- Visinescu; Sorin: Romanian SME’s sector trough crisis: the effectiveness of government policies and the pres
333014Jan/30/13 6:59 AMID:8630 -- Etzo; Ivan: Determinants of interregional migration in Italy:A panel data analysis
333114Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:38429 -- Jellal; Mohamed: Unemployment and work sharing in an efficiency wage model
333214Jan/31/13 1:48 AMID:24239 -- Panousi; Vasia: Investment idiosyncratic risk and ownership
333314Jan/29/13 11:16 AMID:25374 -- Ghada Abdalla; Mohamed: Egypt's Image as a Tourist Destination: A Perspective of Foreign Tourists
333414Jan/29/13 3:53 PMID:42098 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Agri-environmental Management during EU Integration of Bulgaria
333514Jan/30/13 6:51 PMID:13996 -- Abdullai; Besim: The EPS as an e-commerce enabler: The Macedonian perspective
333614Jan/30/13 6:10 AMID:28374 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: The disciplinary power of accounting-based regulation: the case of building societies cir
333714Jan/31/13 9:54 AMID:42899 -- Kebewar; Mazen: La structure du capital et la profitabilité : Le cas des entreprises industrielles françai
333814Jan/30/13 7:01 AMID:36786 -- Rosenthal; Dale W.R.: Market structure counterparty risk and systemic risk
333914Jan/31/13 5:27 PMID:11547 -- van der Hoek; M. Peter: The dual corporate income tax in China: the impact of unification
334014Jan/31/13 8:29 AMID:26195 -- Castagnetti; Carolina: Who skims the cream of the Italian graduate crop Wage-employment versus self-employment
334114Jan/29/13 5:27 PMID:36437 -- Al-Hmoud; Rashid: Private sector participation in the water and sanitation sector: alternative options and m
334214Jan/31/13 4:02 AMID:23747 -- Sen Gupta; Abhijit: Management of International Capital Flows: The Indian Experience
334314Jan/30/13 11:07 AMID:14989 -- Siregar; Reza Yamora: Determinants of International Bank Lending from the Developed World to East Asia
334414Jan/30/13 8:43 PMID:40029 -- Chisari; Omar Osvaldo: Local taxes in Buenos Aires City: A CGE approach
334614Jan/29/13 10:02 PMID:39074 -- Armstrong; Mark: Discount pricing
334714Jan/30/13 11:30 AMID:2396 -- Chung; Heejung: Different paths towards Flexibility Deregulated employment protection or temporary employ
334814Jan/31/13 1:12 AMID:19025 -- Funk; Matt: On the Problem of Sustainable Economic Development: A Theoretical Solution to this Prisone
335014Jan/30/13 6:41 AMID:10708 -- Mitu; Narcis Eduard: Acquis implications on the companies and insurance institutions from the Central and Easte
335114Jan/30/13 11:47 PMID:1261 -- Verbic; Miroslav: Memory and Asset Pricing Models with Heterogeneous Beliefs
335214Jan/31/13 2:30 PMID:42631 -- Martins; Paulo do Carmo: Leite e derivados e a geração de emprego renda e ICMS no contexto da economia brasileira
335314Jan/31/13 3:55 PMID:31782 -- Mohamed; Issam A.W.: Introduction to the Macroeconomic Structure of Yemen
335414Jan/30/13 8:26 AMID:24376 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Debt and Growth Revisited
335514Jan/29/13 9:30 PMID:10806 -- Rena; Ravinder: WAR-TORN ERITREAN ECONOMY – SOME ISSUES AND TRENDS
335614Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:5281 -- VAN HOVE; Leo: Central Banks and Payment Instruments: a Serious Case of Schizophrenia
335714Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:35612 -- Lorant; Kaszab: Fiscal multipliers are not necessarily that large: a comment on Eggertsson (2010)
335814Jan/31/13 5:21 AMID:7078 -- Gikhman; Ilya: Risky Swaps
335914Jan/29/13 10:04 PMID:28188 -- Billand; Pascal: Networks of Collaboration in Multi-market Oligopolies
336014Jan/28/13 4:12 AMID:35273 -- Shirai; Daichi: 温室効果ガス排出規制の地域間CGE分析
336114Jan/31/13 5:11 PMID:40443 -- Movahedi; Mohammad: Innovation productivity and export: Evidence from SMEs in Lower Normandy France
336214Jan/31/13 4:03 PMID:38962 -- Nishida; Keigo: Agricultural Productivity Differences and Credit Market Imperfections
336314Jan/30/13 10:40 AMID:21848 -- Misra; Biswa: Changing Dimensions of India's Growth Process: A State Level Analysis
336414Jan/30/13 4:13 PMID:4211 -- McFarlane; Adian: Work Rest and Play: Exploring Trends in Time Allocation in Canada and the United States
336514Jan/31/13 1:34 PMID:34591 -- Cotter; John: Integration and contagion in US housing markets
336614Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:17080 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: FDI spillovers and local productivity growth: evidence from Indian pharmaceutical industry
336714Jan/30/13 6:59 AMID:27166 -- Dima (Cristea); Stefana Maria: A perspective on the recent developments in international financial reporting
336814Jan/27/13 5:49 PMID:24553 -- Thieme; Sebastian: Subsistenz: Geschichte Bedeutung und Rekonstruktion des Subsistenzbegriffes
336914Jan/30/13 12:19 PMID:8563 -- Alrubaie; falah.K.Ali: اتجاهات التنويع الإنتاجي في قطاع الصناعة التحويلية وأثرها على الاقتصاد العراقي
337014Jan/30/13 7:00 AMID:20765 -- Husain; Zakir: Self Help Groups and empowerment of women: Self-selection or actual benefits
337114Jan/30/13 5:33 AMID:10005 -- Lawless; Martina: Firm Export Participation: Entry Spillovers and Tradability
337214Jan/30/13 1:03 PMID:17400 -- Nachane; D M: Banking in India
337314Jan/29/13 8:51 PMID:1356 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: Wage Inequality in a Dual Economy and International Mobility of Factors: DO Factor Intensi
337414Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:14491 -- Liu; L.: Foreign Exchange Market Pressure and Monetary Policy: An Empirical Study Based on China’s
337514Jan/29/13 3:36 PMID:32749 -- Abdul; waheed: Inward foreign direct investment and aggregate imports: time series evidence from Pakistan
337614Jan/30/13 3:31 PMID:30820 -- Khan; Safdar Ullah: Contextual Assessment of Women Empowerment and Its Determinants: Evidence from Pakistan
337714Jan/29/13 7:06 PMID:39066 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: An international perspective on “safe” savings rates for retirement
337814Jan/31/13 12:16 PMID:3763 -- Xu; Zeyu: A survey on intra-household models and evidence
337914Jan/29/13 12:08 PMID:41165 -- Lord; Montague J.: The Machinery Industry In Kazakhstan: Economic Conditions and Policies
338014Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:10470 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Hierarchical Bayes prediction for the 2008 US Presidential election
338114Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:16139 -- Tatom; John: Is there a revolution in American saving
338214Jan/29/13 10:12 PMID:31868 -- Chang; Ming-Jen: The dynamic process of economic takeoff and industrial transformation
338314Jan/30/13 7:42 PMID:4491 -- Pavasuthipaisit; Robert: Monetary policy responses amid credit and asset booms and busts
338414Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:20120 -- Chatterjee; Swarn: Self-esteem and Individual Wealth
338514Jan/31/13 3:25 AMID:24318 -- Pitelis; Christos: Edith Penrose and a learning-based perspective on the MNE and OLI
338614Jan/30/13 9:59 PMID:21283 -- Hsu; Minchung: China’s Business Cycles between 1954 – 2004: Productivity and Fiscal Policy Changes
338714Jan/31/13 5:45 PMID:27214 -- Drumea; Cristina: European Union emission trading scheme (ETS). An analysis of its impact for Romanian econo
338814Jan/31/13 3:24 AMID:1393 -- Gray; Matthew: Indigenous Job Search Success
338914Jan/29/13 6:45 PMID:36764 -- Dechenaux; Emmanuel: Tacit collusion and capacity withholding in repeated uniform price auctions
339014Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:12689 -- Columba; Francesco: Narrow money and transaction technology: new disaggregated evidence
339114Jan/31/13 9:04 PMID:35624 -- Qureshi; Javed: The role of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in the socio-economic stability of Ka
339214Jan/30/13 6:48 PMID:35231 -- Yan; Isabel K.: Too much of a good thing on the effects of limiting foreign reserve accumulation
339314Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:36691 -- Chu; Angus C.: Search and endogenous growth: when Romer meets Lagos and Wright
339414Jan/31/13 6:11 AMID:38633 -- Mohammad; Irfan: Socioeconomic correlates of mortality in Pakistan
339514Jan/30/13 4:40 PMID:1113 -- Abu-Bader; Suleiman: Financial Development and Economic Growth: Time Series Evidence from Egypt
339614Jan/30/13 7:12 AMID:5269 -- Arslan; Mesut Murat: Dynamics of Sticky Information and Sticky Price Models in a New Keynesian DSGE Framework
339714Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:8547 -- Arato; Hiroki: Optimal operational monetary policy rules in an endogenous growth model: a calibrated anal
339814Jan/31/13 11:44 PMID:2442 -- Garcia-Murillo; Martha: International Broadband Deployment: The Impact of Unbundling
339914Jan/30/13 11:00 PMID:24593 -- Bilgili; Faik: The Permanent and Transitory Effects on Consumption and Income: Evidence from the Turkish
340014Jan/29/13 10:07 PMID:13299 -- Muffels; Ruud: The Role of European Welfare States in Explaining Resources Deprivation
340114Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:29993 -- Pekdemir; Recep: Exploratory Evidence for the Adoption of the Ias 7 in Turkey
340214Jan/31/13 6:59 AMID:4349 -- Chu; Angus C.: Special Interest Politics and Intellectual Property Rights: An Economic Analysis of Streng
340314Jan/31/13 2:11 PMID:42536 -- Vanini; Paolo: Fiancial Innovation Structuring and Risk Transfer
340414Jan/31/13 12:05 AMID:29028 -- Bafile; Romina: Firms’ Money Demand and Monetary Policy
340514Jan/31/13 2:19 AMID:22188 -- Chandan; Sharma: Estimating Infrastructural Investment Needs for India
340614Jan/31/13 8:21 AMID:40556 -- Rosenthal; Dale W.R.: Transact taxes in a price maker/taker market
340714Jan/31/13 11:04 PMID:35749 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Macromodel of the Romanian market economy (version 2005)
340814Jan/30/13 7:37 AMID:41536 -- Shcherbakova; Nadezda: Social-ecological-economic efficiency assessment of the existing scheme of communal solid
340914Jan/30/13 10:26 PMID:34773 -- Armstrong; Mark: Economic models of consumer protection policies
341014Jan/27/13 7:19 AMID:6393 -- Xekalaki; Evdokia: A Binomial Distribution With Dependent Trials And Its Use in Stochastic Model Evaluation
341114Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:6572 -- Dax; Thomas: The territorial dimension of the Common Agricultural and Rural Development policy (CAP) an
341214Jan/31/13 9:24 PMID:34601 -- Liu; Jing: Productivity growth and ownership change in China: 1998-2007
341314Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:13131 -- Stöwhase; Sven: Pareto-Inefficiencies in Intrahousehold-Decision-Making: Empirical evidence from Germany
341414Jan/31/13 4:38 AMID:4330 -- Collan; Mikael: Lazy User Behaviour
341514Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:1838 -- Harashima; Taiji: Why should central banks be independent
341614Jan/30/13 10:16 AMID:12440 -- Salvary; Stanley: The impact of firm-type dominance on regional manufacturing growth
341714Jan/30/13 4:15 PMID:10258 -- Rath; D.P.: A User’s Perspective on the Database of Services Sector in Indian Economy
341814Jan/31/13 3:45 PMID:3697 -- Harding; Don: Evaluation of the Australian Industry Group / PricewaterhouseCoopers - Performance of Manu
341914Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:38719 -- Simplice A; Asongu: Linkages between investment flows and financial development: causality evidence from selec
342014Jan/29/13 10:13 PMID:24577 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Early Warning System: Empirical Results from The Signals Approach
342114Jan/31/13 4:21 PMID:13874 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Twin fallacies about exchange rate policy in emerging markets
342214Jan/26/13 8:04 AMID:29388 -- Nakkeeran; Senthilkumar: Indian textile industry: sea of potential opportunities
342314Jan/31/13 2:42 PMID:39583 -- Hanif; M. Nadim: Intrinsic Inflation Persistence in a Developing Country
342414Jan/31/13 11:56 PMID:10007 -- Lawless; Martina: Measurement Issues and International Comparisons of Output and Productivity Growth
342514Jan/31/13 12:03 PMID:35734 -- Chindamo; Phillip: Sensitivity of scrap metal prices to global economic conditions
342614Jan/31/13 11:05 PMID:38850 -- Kumar; Ronald R.: Role of Financial and Technology Inclusion Remittances and Exports vis-à-vis growth: A st
342714Jan/30/13 10:28 AMID:1403 -- Ongan; Tevfik Hakan: The Nature Of Impulse Mechanısm: An Empırıcal Study For Turkey
342814Jan/31/13 4:39 AMID:2031 -- Kirdar; Murat: Regional convergence and the causal impact of migration on regional growth rates
342914Jan/27/13 2:24 PMID:23278 -- Loening; Josef: Ethiopia: Diversifying the Rural Economy. An Assessment of the Investment Climate for Smal
343014Jan/28/13 3:14 AMID:16052 -- Toprak; Metin: The Headscarf Controversy in Turkey
343114Jan/30/13 4:29 PMID:9834 -- Rajeev; Meenakshi: Problems and Prospects of Business Process Outsourcing Industry: A Case Study of India
343214Jan/30/13 12:22 PMID:7787 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Production and productivity of Bulgarian agriculture in post war years
343314Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:37492 -- Ravi; S.B.: Mobilizing neglected and underutilized crops to strengthen food security and alleviate pov
343414Jan/30/13 1:41 PMID:16581 -- Albulescu; Claudiu Tiberiu: Assessing Romanian financial sector stability: the importance of the international economi
343514Jan/30/13 11:15 AMID:12816 -- Shipman; Arthur F.: The New Arthurian Economics
343614Jan/30/13 3:11 PMID:248 -- Dupas; Pascaline: Relative Risks and the Market for Sex: Teenagers Sugar Daddies and HIV in Kenya
343714Jan/30/13 4:02 AMID:27073 -- Laurent; Catherine: Pourquoi s'intéresser à la notion d''Evidence -based policy'
343814Jan/30/13 10:08 PMID:21981 -- Estrada; Fernando: Devouring the Leviathan: fiscal policy and public expenditure in Colombia
343914Jan/30/13 3:53 PMID:33659 -- Olczyk; Magdalena: Structural changes in the Polish economy - the analysis of input-output
344014Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:10830 -- Khiabani; Nasser: Evaluation of the effect of policy regime shifts in Iranian Distributional changes using a
344114Jan/30/13 7:01 AMID:25590 -- Munteanu; Ionica: Systemic Risk in Banking: New Approaches Under the Current Financial Crisis
344214Jan/30/13 12:58 PMID:23994 -- Voigtländer; Michael: The Link between the Office Market and Labour Market in Germany
344314Jan/30/13 6:10 AMID:14977 -- Miao; Jianjun: Does Lumy Investment Matter for Business Cycles
344414Jan/30/13 1:19 AMID:37299 -- Pramod; Kumar Naik: R&D intensity and market valuation of firm: a study of R&D incurring manufacturing firms i
344514Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:29278 -- Annim; Samuel Kobina: Does Access and Use OF Financial Service Smoothen Household Food Consumption
344614Jan/31/13 4:14 PMID:9445 -- Mishra; SK: A new method of robust linear regression analysis: some monte carlo experiments
344714Jan/29/13 3:38 PMID:42489 -- Vu; Van Huong: Private manufacturing SMEs survival and growth in Vietnam: The role of export participatio
344814Jan/30/13 11:50 PMID:13750 -- Antoci; Angelo: Indeterminacy bifurcations and chaos in an overlapping generations model with negative en
344914Jan/31/13 2:15 PMID:39715 -- Goh; Soo Khoon: Does Outward FDI Matter in International Trade Evidence from Malaysia
345014Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:33685 -- Jayaraman; T. K.: Impact of global growth fluctuations on India: an empirical study
345114Jan/31/13 7:48 AMID:37116 -- Adenutsi; Deodat E.: Effects of trade openness and foreign direct investment on industrial performance in Ghana
345214Jan/28/13 4:56 PMID:23824 -- Dronkers; Jaap: Positieve maar ook negatieve effecten van etnische diversiteit in scholen op onderwijspres
345314Jan/30/13 12:18 PMID:27004 -- Zenger; Hans: Perfect surcharging and the tourist test interchange fee
345414Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:9442 -- He; Dong: The growth of consumer credit in Asia
345514Jan/31/13 8:40 AMID:16370 -- Skribans; Valerijs: Latvian and Europe construction comparison: stability and reasons of crisis
345614Jan/30/13 1:33 AMID:37900 -- Raihan; Selim: Impact of Food Price Rise on School Enrollment and Dropout in the Poor and Vulnerable Hous
345714Jan/31/13 3:17 PMID:1798 -- Böckerman; Petri: Unemployment and self-assessed health: Evidence from panel data
345814Jan/30/13 6:07 AMID:39068 -- Amber; Fatima: Nexus of trade investment and poverty: evidence from Pakistan
345914Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:9124 -- Barnett; William A.: Divisia Second Moments: An Application of Stochastic Index Number Theory
346014Jan/31/13 4:14 AMID:15950 -- Herani; Gobind M.: Earlier Research Work on Tharparkar and Sindh Barrage and Similar Studies Related to Demo
346114Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:31594 -- Ubreziová; Iveta: Role of small and medium-sized enterprises in economies of Poland and Slovakia - comparati
346214Jan/31/13 2:33 AMID:35725 -- Cont; Walter: Energy populism and household welfare
346314Jan/30/13 4:08 PMID:3461 -- McManus; Walter: Economic analysis of feebates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from light vehicles for C
346414Jan/31/13 6:34 PMID:28255 -- Salies; Evens: A Measure of Switching Costs in the GB Electricity Retail Market
346514Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:18235 -- Ugur; Mehmet: Turkish economic policy under AKP government: an assessment for 2002-2007
346614Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:35049 -- Mukherjee; Dipa: Child workers in India: an overview of macro dimensions
346714Jan/31/13 4:09 AMID:10594 -- Aslan; Alper: Testing Gibrat’s law: empirical evidence from panel unit root tests of turkish firms
346814Jan/30/13 11:52 PMID:43452 -- Igan; Deniz: The effects of relative performance objectives on financial markets
346914Jan/30/13 3:51 PMID:26336 -- Abo-Zaid; Salem: Optimal Monetary Policy and Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Frictional Labor Markets.
347014Jan/31/13 6:30 PMID:12318 -- Barnett; William A.: Measuring Consumer Preferences and Estimating Demand Systems
347114Jan/31/13 4:24 PMID:5971 -- Burgert; Derik: The Impact of German Job Protection Legislation on Job Creation in Small Establishments -
347214Jan/31/13 10:05 PMID:12034 -- Sek; Siok Kun: Interactions between monetary policy and exchange rate in inflation targeting emerging cou
347314Jan/30/13 11:13 AMID:19096 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: On the Wind Energy in Turkey
347414Jan/31/13 1:36 AMID:11651 -- Merz; Joachim: Representative time use data and new harmonised calibration of the American Heritage Time
347514Jan/28/13 8:01 PMID:15388 -- Gaudeul; Alexia: A (micro) course in microeconomic theory for MSc students
347614Jan/31/13 1:01 PMID:24245 -- Scrimitore; Marcella: Managerial Incentives and Stackelberg Equilibria in Oligopoly
347714Jan/30/13 5:58 PMID:23610 -- Barajas; A: Measuring the impact of international R&D cooperation: the case of Spanish firms participa
347814Jan/31/13 5:48 PMID:34225 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Matter matters: productivity resources and prices
347914Jan/30/13 4:14 PMID:8620 -- Fernandez; Jose: Evaluating the Effect of a Policy Change to Hospital Productivity: 80 Hours Work Restricti
348014Jan/30/13 9:15 AMID:43445 -- Shehata; Emad Abd Elmessih: تقدير عرض العمالة فى القطاع الزراعى المصرى
348114Jan/31/13 7:02 PMID:30989 -- Khemraj; Tarron: Foreign exchange market bid-ask spread and market power in an underdeveloped economy
348214Jan/31/13 5:07 PMID:28109 -- Popov; Vladimir: Is Chinese variety of capitalism really unique
348314Jan/31/13 5:32 AMID:23510 -- Madsen; Jakob: Four Centuries of British Economic Growth: The Roles of Technology and Population
348414Jan/30/13 2:58 PMID:6040 -- Chaney; Paul: The Quality of Accounting Information in Politically Connected Firms
348514Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:2227 -- Nayab; Durr-e-: Demographic Dividend or Demographic Threat in Pakistan
348714Jan/31/13 5:48 AMID:3310 -- Dawood; Mamoon: Is TRIPS suffering from Big Giant’s Syndrome: Good Economics versus Self Interest
348814Jan/30/13 4:13 PMID:9624 -- Guncavdi; Oner: Openness to Trade and Structural Changes in the Sources of Economic Growth and Labour Dema
348914Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:34980 -- S M A; Islam: Inequality and economic growth in Bangladesh- a diversified evidence on Kuznets pattern 'U
349014Jan/31/13 4:18 PMID:31819 -- Mohamed; Issam A.W.: The Impacts of Water Pollution on Economic Development in Sudan
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349314Jan/29/13 10:06 PMID:17362 -- Okoye; B.C: Allocative Efficiency of Small-Holder Cocoyam Farmers in Anambra State Nigeria
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349714Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:5907 -- van der Hoek; M. Peter: The European Union: Eastern Enlargement and Taxation
349814Jan/31/13 6:50 AMID:41801 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Regional Origin of Manufacturing Exports: Inter-State Patterns in India
349914Jan/31/13 5:03 AMID:43847 -- Benner; Maximilian: Cluster Policy: Principles and a Toolbox
350014Jan/30/13 5:24 PMID:25996 -- Garita; Gus: An Inquiry into Banking Portfolios and Financial Stability Surrounding 'The Great Recessio
350114Jan/31/13 4:17 AMID:18613 -- Dumitru; Ionut: An assessment of the current account sustainability in Romania
350214Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:14332 -- Pablo; Agnese: Unemployment in Japan: A look at the ‘lost decade’
350314Jan/26/13 6:22 AMID:43084 -- MUNTEAN; MIHAELA I.: Some Considerations About Collaborative Systems Supporting Knowledge Management in Organiz
350414Jan/31/13 12:47 PMID:26035 -- Block; Walter: Banks insurance companies and discrimination
350514Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:18634 -- Aruga; Osamu: The Allocation of Investment across Vintages of Technology
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350714Jan/30/13 10:11 PMID:26929 -- Erdogdu; Erkan: Energy market reforms in Turkey: An economic analysis
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350914Jan/31/13 11:38 AMID:1869 -- Bernardi; Luigi: Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in South and East Asia: Overview of Tax Systems and main polic
351014Jan/30/13 1:36 AMID:13409 -- Prentice; David: The origins of American industrial success: Evidence from the US portland cement industry
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351614Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:8577 -- Waldkirch; Andreas: Foreign Presence Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Ghana
351714Jan/29/13 11:36 AMID:33252 -- Drichoutis; Andreas: (Re)estimating marginal changes after “truncreg” and “tobit” in Stata
351814Jan/30/13 7:13 AMID:35775 -- Forte; Antonio: Italy after the crisis: a case of recoveryless credit growth
351914Jan/30/13 4:02 PMID:11085 -- Siaens; Corinne: Assessing the Welfare of Orphans in Rwanda: Poverty Work Schooling and Health
352014Jan/25/13 9:38 AMID:38998 -- Jawaid; Syed Tehseen: Effects of terms of trade and its volatility on economic growth in India
352114Jan/31/13 7:00 PMID:33275 -- Liu; Jing: Productivity growth and ownership change in China: 1998-2007
352214Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:2208 -- Chan; Tze-Haw: Measuring Capital Mobility in the Asia Pacific Rim
352314Jan/30/13 8:00 PMID:27414 -- Ale Ebrahim; Nader: Virtual R&D Teams: A potential growth of education-industry collaboration
352414Jan/30/13 8:49 PMID:36507 -- Faundez; Sebastian: Productivity growth in Latin American manufacturing: what role for international trade int
352614Jan/31/13 10:47 PMID:11334 -- Mason; Patrick L.: The janus face of race: Rhonda M. Williams on orthodox economics schizophrenia
352714Jan/30/13 3:54 PMID:7322 -- Lorca-Susino; Maria: It Ain`t Broken But It Has To Be Fixed
352814Jan/31/13 1:28 PMID:32349 -- Faiz ur; rehman: A structural VAR (SVAR) approach to cost channel of monetary policy
352914Jan/30/13 1:34 AMID:13327 -- Imbriani; Cesare: Exporting quality: is it the right strategy for the Italian manufacturing sector
353014Jan/31/13 9:12 PMID:26209 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: Virgin Finance: Sir Richard Brandson’s pursuit of a significant presence in retail financi
353114Jan/29/13 1:24 PMID:25459 -- Zounta; Stella: Cost-based Management and Decision Making in Greek Luxury Hotels
353214Jan/30/13 7:13 AMID:12661 -- Rena; Ravinder: Eritrean Trade with Italy in Post-Independence Period – An Analytical Study
353314Jan/29/13 9:16 PMID:40361 -- Dabija; Dan-Cristian: The economic crisis an opportunity for retailers in Romania
353414Jan/30/13 6:04 PMID:1123 -- Simwaka; Kisu: The effectiveness of official intervention in foreign exchange market in Malawi
353514Jan/30/13 5:16 PMID:29330 -- Adenutsi; Deodat E.: Financial development international migrant remittances and endogenous growth in Ghana
353614Jan/30/13 11:02 AMID:8458 -- Ching; Andrew: Payment Card Rewards Programs and Consumer Payment Choice
353714Jan/31/13 1:53 AMID:7955 -- Chandra; Ambarish: Targeted Advertising: The Role of Subscriber Characteristics in Media Markets
353814Jan/31/13 3:20 PMID:39855 -- Hoffmann; Peter: A dynamic limit order market with fast and slow traders
353914Jan/31/13 2:47 AMID:19825 -- Besana; Angela: Internet Marketing in Cultural Industries: from movie to arts
354014Jan/30/13 5:33 PMID:8916 -- Beard; Rodney: A dynamic model of renewable resource harvesting with Bertrand competition
354114Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:21026 -- Ahmed; Mansur: Cointegration Error Correction and the Demand for Money in Bangladesh
354214Jan/31/13 9:44 AMID:37399 -- Jang; Tae-Seok: Identification of Animal Spirits in a Bounded Rationality Model: An Application to the Eur
354314Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:32777 -- González-Val; Rafael: Unilateral divorce vs. child custody and child support in the U.S.
354414Jan/30/13 11:44 AMID:15809 -- Delfiner; Miguel: Técnicas cualitativas para la gestión del Riesgo Operacional
354514Jan/31/13 3:11 AMID:8191 -- Lupia; Arthur: How “Point Blindness” Dilutes the Value of Stock Market Reports
354614Jan/31/13 6:19 AMID:18302 -- Natário; Maria Manuela: Innovation Processes and Factors on Peripheral Regions of Portugal and Spain
354714Jan/29/13 5:16 PMID:35732 -- Haq; Munshi Masudul: Growth and openness: empirical evidence from Bangladesh
354814Jan/30/13 6:32 PMID:6619 -- Hasan; Lubna Hasan: On Measuring the Complexity of Urban Living
354914Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:18805 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: Accounting Regulation and Management Discretion in a British Building Society Circa 1960
355014Jan/30/13 5:28 PMID:8743 -- Cayetano; Gea: Valuing a portfolio of dependent RandD projects: a Copula approach
355114Jan/27/13 6:47 PMID:22053 -- Ryan; John: Surviving in a Commoditized World
355314Jan/31/13 5:51 AMID:16351 -- Agrawal; Ashwini K.: The Impact of Investor Protection Law on Corporate Policy: Evidence from the Blue Sky Laws
355414Jan/31/13 12:34 AMID:29756 -- Sulku; Seher Nur: The impacts of health care reforms on the efficiency of the Turkish public hospitals: Prov
355514Jan/27/13 1:58 PMID:43504 -- Bitros; George C.: From Riches to Rags or What Went Wrong in Greece
355614Jan/31/13 8:44 AMID:19012 -- Salotti; Simone: Wealth effect in the US: evidence from brand new micro-data
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355814Jan/29/13 10:12 PMID:12726 -- Radam; Alias: Effect of mergerson efficiency and productivity: Some evidence for banks in Malaysia
355914Jan/25/13 8:37 AMID:12129 -- Sufian; Fadzlan: Efficiency and Bank Merger in Singapore: A Joint Estimation of Non-Parametric Parametric
356014Jan/31/13 3:11 AMID:6533 -- Prasetyantoko; Agustinus: Financing Policies and Firm Vulnerability in Indonesia
356114Jan/30/13 2:58 PMID:24302 -- Singh; Ajit: Corporate governance corporate finance and stock markets in emerging countries
356214Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:13018 -- Nwaobi; Godwin: Fiscal Responsibility And Economic Efficiency:A Functional Approach
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356414Jan/28/13 3:42 PMID:2001 -- Henrard; Marc: Bonds futures and their options: more than the cheapest-to-deliver; quality option and mar
356514Jan/30/13 11:00 PMID:16159 -- Giertz; Seth: Recent Literature on Taxable-Income Elasticities
356614Jan/29/13 10:03 PMID:14754 -- Webb; Natalie J: Diagnosing performance management and performance budgeting systems: A case study of the U
356714Jan/31/13 2:06 PMID:29183 -- Cole; Rebel: What can we learn from privately held firms about executive compensation
356814Jan/31/13 6:11 AMID:37739 -- Cloyne; James S: Discretionary tax shocks in the United Kingdom 1945-2009: a narrative account and dataset
356914Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:25627 -- Nguyen Viet; Cuong: Assessing the Impact of Poverty Reduction Programs in Vietnam
357014Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:14883 -- Saqib; Omar F: Monetary Targeting in Pakistan: A Skeptical Note
357114Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:23527 -- Roman; Monica: Some Socio-Economic Effects of Labour Migration on the Sending Country. Evidence from Roma
357214Jan/31/13 12:00 AMID:30801 -- Mc Quaid; Ronald: Employer recruitment preferences and discrimination: a stated preference experiment
357314Jan/30/13 11:59 AMID:5277 -- Neicheva; Maria: Non-Keynesian effects of Government Spending: Some implications for the Stability and Grow
357414Jan/30/13 10:50 PMID:38634 -- Banik; Nilanjan: The curious case of Indian agriculture
357514Jan/31/13 5:51 AMID:25951 -- Kapsalis; Constantine: Social Assistance and the Employment Rate of Lone Mothers: An Analysis of Ontario's Live E
357614Jan/31/13 11:01 AMID:18000 -- Caminha-Noronha; J. C.: Optimal Strategies for Investment in Generation of Electric Energy through Real Options
357714Jan/31/13 9:17 PMID:920 -- Willenbockel; Dirk: Structural Effects of a Real Exchange Rate Revaluation in China: A CGE Assessment
357814Jan/31/13 3:01 PMID:5188 -- Tharavanij; Piyapas: Capital Market and Business Cycle Volatility
357914Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:38996 -- Mohammad; Irfan: Employment income and wages in informal sector of Greater Khartoum: findings of a survey
358014Jan/30/13 8:11 PMID:3532 -- Cotter; John: Modelling extreme financial returns of global equity markets
358114Jan/28/13 8:40 PMID:37653 -- Omay; Tolga: Energy consumption and economic growth: evidence from nonlinear panel cointegration and ca
358214Jan/30/13 2:44 PMID:4046 -- Belloc; Marianna: A Two-Country NATREX Model for the Euro/Dollar
358314Jan/29/13 4:50 PMID:30501 -- KUMARA; Ajantha Sisira: IMPACT of Cash Transfer Programs on School Attendance and Child Poverty: An Ex-ante Simula
358414Jan/30/13 4:22 PMID:11701 -- Farina; Vincenzo: Network embeddedness specialization choices and performance in investment banking industr
358514Jan/31/13 7:26 AMID:38659 -- Banik; Nilanjan: The location substitution effect: does it apply for China
358614Jan/30/13 11:01 AMID:11380 -- Nkamleu; Guy Blaise: Productivity Growth Technical Progress and Efficiency Change in African Agriculture
358714Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:31842 -- Halkos; George: Non-negative demand in newsvendor models:The case of singly truncated normal samples
358814Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:30530 -- Ahmed; Shaghil: The Economy in the Aftermath of the Earthquake
358914Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:36444 -- cole; Chip: Competition on MARS A study of broker-dealer competition in the U.S. municipal auction ra
359014Jan/30/13 7:51 PMID:38353 -- Amjad (edited by); Rashid: Jobs for Iraq: an employment and decent work strategy
359114Jan/30/13 7:37 AMID:41496 -- Shabbir; Safia: Balance Sheet Channel of Monetary Policy and Economic Growth under Fiscal Dominance: Evide
359214Jan/30/13 9:34 PMID:19009 -- Aguado; Itziar: La Agenda 21 Local como instrumento de desarrollo sostenible
359314Jan/30/13 11:40 PMID:9007 -- Freeman; Alan: Culture Creativity and Innovation in the Internet Age
359414Jan/29/13 3:59 AMID:19389 -- Ciumara; Tudor: Points of reference in the evolution of the Romanian management consultancy market
359514Jan/31/13 6:45 PMID:36923 -- Bielsa; Jorge: Modelling water resource allocation: a case study on agriculture versus hydropower product
359614Jan/30/13 11:25 AMID:34858 -- Javid; Attiya Y.: Fiscal Policy and Current Account Dynamics in Case of Pakistan
359714Jan/30/13 10:23 AMID:745 -- Belessiotis; Tassos: A dynamic analysis of France's external trade
359814Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:13999 -- Siddiqui; Rizwana: Human Capital vs Physical Capital: A cross country analysis of human development strategie
359914Jan/31/13 3:01 AMID:21214 -- Lejour; Arjan: Trade costs Openness and Productivity: Market Access at Home and Abroad
360014Jan/30/13 12:33 PMID:42681 -- Bande; Roberto: The Consumption-Investment-Unemployment Relationship in Spain: an Analysis with Regional D
360114Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:33233 -- Das; Rituparna: Computing skills in the market risk management in the G-Sec portfolio by the banks in Indi
360214Jan/31/13 3:43 PMID:22496 -- De Simone; Elina: Exploring Convergence in some OECD Public Social Expenditure Trends
360414Jan/30/13 7:01 AMID:32421 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Reconstructing the Quantity Theory (I)
360514Jan/30/13 9:04 PMID:25585 -- Barnes; Paul: Insider dealing and market abuse: the UKs record on enforcement
360614Jan/30/13 9:45 PMID:7320 -- Kudrna; Zdenek: Banking reform in China: Driven by international standards and Chinese specifics
360714Jan/31/13 5:59 PMID:19219 -- Tabar; Paul: Immigration and Human Development: Evidence from Lebanon
360814Jan/31/13 6:18 PMID:30571 -- Liu; Jing: Productivity Growth and Ownership Change in China: 1998-2007
360914Jan/29/13 6:34 PMID:34053 -- Tombe; Trevor: Structural change and regional convergence: the case of declining transport costs
361014Jan/30/13 3:54 PMID:4852 -- Mukherjee; Dipa: Problems and Prospects of Informal Manufacturing Sector: A Case Study of Durgapur City
361114Jan/30/13 1:24 AMID:33003 -- Albu; Lucian-Liviu: Simulation on long-term correlation between demographic variables and economic growth
361214Jan/30/13 7:07 AMID:25327 -- Hutchison; Michael: India’s trilemma: financial liberalization exchange rates and monetary policy
361314Jan/31/13 5:49 AMID:4248 -- Cengiz; Gulfer: A Monetary Union Model with Cash-in-Advance Constraints
361414Jan/30/13 4:03 PMID:1055 -- Thaiprasert; Nalitra: Rethinking the Role of the Agricultural Sector in the Thai Economy and Its Income Distribu
361514Jan/31/13 1:48 PMID:25300 -- Kumawat; Lokendra: Effect of Rainfall on Seasonals in Indian Manufacturing Production: Evidence from Sectoral
361614Jan/29/13 10:45 PMID:12875 -- Sadni Jallab; Mustapha: Economic and Welfare Impacts of the EU-Africa Economic Partnership Agreements
361814Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:13056 -- Khan; Safdar Ullah: Political Instability and Inflation in Pakistan
361914Jan/29/13 5:59 AMID:12351 -- Kueh; Jerome Swee-Hui: Bounds Estimation for Trade Openness and Government Expenditure Nexus of ASEAN-4 Countries
362014Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:35421 -- Hasan; Zubair: Riba in La-riba contracts: where to turn in Islamic home financing
362114Jan/31/13 5:08 PMID:38859 -- Paz; Lourenco: Trade liberalization and inter-industry productivity spillovers: an analysis of the 1989-1
362214Jan/30/13 10:12 PMID:483 -- Aristovnik; Aleksander: The Determinants & Excessiveness of Current Account Deficits in Eastern Europe & the Forme
362314Jan/30/13 11:46 PMID:34001 -- Petrushchak; Bohdan: The influence of metallurgical sector on Ukrainian economy
362414Jan/30/13 6:39 PMID:29619 -- Cyrenne; Philippe: Analysing Shared Service Contracts: The Case of Food Services for Winnipeg Hospitals
362514Jan/30/13 2:19 PMID:31132 -- Imori; Denise: The development of the brazilian amazon region and greenhouse gases emission: a dilemma to
362614Jan/31/13 6:38 AMID:31721 -- Popesc; Eleodor: Researches in a sistemic approach of intangible assets accounting
362714Jan/30/13 4:12 AMID:24968 -- De Hoop; Thomas: Do people invest in local public goods with long-term benefits: Experimental evidence from
362814Jan/30/13 4:57 PMID:6702 -- Bhattacharyya; Surajit: Determinants of Corporate Investment: Post Liberalization Panel Data Evidence from Indian
362914Jan/31/13 10:20 AMID:8094 -- Moniz; António: Methods for Scenario-building: it’s importance for policy analysis
363014Jan/29/13 5:08 PMID:40376 -- Roy; Chandan: Economic backwardness of Uttar Dinajpur : a block level analysis
363114Jan/29/13 6:31 PMID:34234 -- Blake; David: Spend more today: Using behavioural economics to improve retirement expenditure decisions
363214Jan/30/13 7:15 AMID:4120 -- Roy; Sunanda: On the (non-)lattice structure of the equilibrium set in games with strategic substitutes
363314Jan/31/13 8:42 AMID:28256 -- Sanya; Carley: Decarbonization of the U.S. electricity sector: Are state energy policy portfolios the sol
363414Jan/30/13 3:41 AMID:16607 -- Ollivier; TO: The usefulness of aggregate sustainability indicators for policy making: What do they say
363514Jan/31/13 2:00 AMID:3603 -- Davies; Simon: Mental Accounting and Remittances: A Study of Malawian Households
363614Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:25296 -- Gorry; Aspen: Minimum Wages and Youth Employment
363714Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:11995 -- Fosgerau; Mogens: The value of headway for a scheduled service
363814Jan/30/13 8:45 PMID:26713 -- Pham; Vivienne: An empirical analysis of the counterfactual: a merger and divestiture in the Australian ci
363914Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:14000 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Fear of floating
364014Jan/31/13 7:46 AMID:7158 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: Measuring performance and valuing firms: In search of the lost capital
364114Jan/30/13 1:44 AMID:22864 -- Spenkuch; Jörg L.: Understanding the Impact of Immigration on Crime
364214Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:26537 -- Lavrov; Aleksei: Fiscal federalist relations in Russia: a case for subnational autonomy
364314Jan/30/13 6:57 AMID:8277 -- Magdaléna; Kudelová: Free Movement of Goods and the Czech Republic with Emphasis on Environmental Protection
364414Jan/31/13 1:07 AMID:23164 -- McNair; Ben J.: Households’ Willingness to Pay for Undergrounding Electricity and Telecommunications Wires
364514Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:19719 -- Pusch; Toralf: Central Banks Trade Unions and Reputation – Is there Room for an Expansionist Manoeuvre i
364614Jan/31/13 5:47 AMID:12256 -- Rajar; Allah Wasayo: Demographic Social and Economic Changes in Tharparkar (1988-2006) - An Analysis
364714Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:24766 -- Gao; Song: Impacts of Restructurings on Manufacturing Productive Efficiency: Evidence from China
364814Jan/30/13 5:14 PMID:30937 -- Vandegrift; Donald: The effect of Walmart on the tax base: evidence from New Jersey
364914Jan/31/13 10:12 AMID:26135 -- Syed Manzur; Quader: Constraints to SMEs: A Rotated Factor Analysis Approach.
365014Jan/31/13 12:28 PMID:27740 -- Banerjee; Sudeshna: Access affordability and alternatives: Modern infrastructure services in Africa
365114Jan/31/13 2:12 AMID:25250 -- Pavla; Vodová: Markets of loans provided to household and their integration measured by price indicators
365214Jan/30/13 4:38 PMID:9060 -- Kohnert; Dirk: Togo: Thorny transition and misguided aid at the roots of economic misery
365314Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:12375 -- Skokan; Karel: Innovative Concepts in the Regional Policy of the Czech Republic
365414Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:24085 -- Hirano; Tomohiro: Asset Bubbles Endogenous Growth and Financial Frictions
365514Jan/30/13 4:04 PMID:18972 -- Chung; Anna: The Effects of For-Profit College Training on Earnings
365614Jan/31/13 10:53 AMID:7574 -- Hong; Junjie: Information and communication technologies and geographic concentration of manufacturing i
365714Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:23111 -- Simwaka; Kisu: Official intervention in Foreign Exchange Market in Malawi: A comparison of GARCH and Equi
365814Jan/31/13 1:55 AMID:23353 -- Zaki; Chahir: Towards an explicit modeling of trade facilitation in CGE models: evidence from Egypt
365914Jan/30/13 10:49 PMID:10863 -- Safa; Mohammad Samaun: Poverty-environment interaction through participatory forest management in Bangladesh: an
366014Jan/31/13 8:05 PMID:19837 -- Rotariu; Ilie: Globalization and Tourism: Study case Romania
366114Jan/30/13 8:05 PMID:13401 -- Giovannucci; Daniele: Seeking Sustainability: COSA preliminary analysis of sustainability initiatives in the cof
366214Jan/30/13 4:08 PMID:382 -- Erzan; Refik: Turkey’s Customs Union with the European Union: A Framework for Evaluating the Impact of E
366314Jan/30/13 3:04 PMID:13537 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: Splitting Up Value: A Critical Review of Residual Income Theories
366414Jan/30/13 3:53 PMID:38103 -- Yaghoubi; Esmaeil: An analysis of correlation between organizational justice and job satisfaction
366514Jan/31/13 4:38 AMID:5096 -- Gundogan; Naci: The working poor: a comparative analysis
366614Jan/30/13 12:07 AMID:3250 -- Heng; Stefan: Media industry facing biggest upheaval since Gutenberg. Media consumers morphing into medi
366714Jan/31/13 4:27 AMID:35018 -- Aldieri; Luigi: Knowledge spillovers and productivity in Italian manufacturing firms
366814Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:34536 -- Finke; Michael: Spending flexibility and safe withdrawal rates
366914Jan/31/13 5:47 AMID:7186 -- Delescluse; Mico: The EU trade policy is an important contribution to overcome slow economic growth in the E
367014Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:26283 -- Zangeneh; Hamid: Iran: Past Present and the Future
367114Jan/30/13 6:50 AMID:41075 -- Mary Ellen; Benedict: The price of morals: an empirical investigation of industry sectors and perceptions of mor
367214Jan/28/13 4:50 PMID:43188 -- Kukushkin; Nikolai S.: Cournot tatonnement and potentials
367314Jan/30/13 8:20 PMID:17363 -- Okoye; B.C: Cost Return Analysis of Cocoyam Production at NRCRI Umudike
367414Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:27593 -- Korobilis; Dimitris: Assessing the transmission of monetary policy using dynamic factor models
367514Jan/31/13 4:13 AMID:28361 -- Coskun; Yener: An Analysis of the Strenghts and Weaknesses of the Turkish Real Estate Market
367614Jan/29/13 8:00 AMID:731 -- Feridun; Mete: Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Environment in Developing Countries: The Case of Nig
367714Jan/30/13 7:17 AMID:26473 -- Kamal; Mona: Empirical Investigation of Fiscal Policy Shocks in the UK
367814Jan/31/13 2:52 AMID:25164 -- Atay; Lütfi: Determining Factors that Affect Satisfaction of Students in Undergraduate Tourism Educatio
367914Jan/30/13 6:21 PMID:39098 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: What affects the most to the recall and recognition of brand symbols
368014Jan/31/13 6:30 AMID:27645 -- Antipov; Evgeny: Mass appraisal of residential apartments: An application of Random forest for valuation an
368114Jan/31/13 8:42 PMID:28659 -- Puiu; Cristina: Aprecierea optimalitatii zonei monetare Euro
368214Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:11115 -- Barry; Boubacar-Sid: Conflict Livelihoods and Poverty in Guinea-Bissau: An Overview
368314Jan/31/13 3:11 AMID:13607 -- Reinhart; Carmen: The first global financial crisis of the 21st century Part II: Introduction
368414Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:9823 -- Tatom; John A.: New actions on the housing and financial crises—do no harm
368514Jan/29/13 1:29 PMID:43007 -- Armstrong; J. Scott: Effects of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility policies
368614Jan/30/13 4:04 PMID:6113 -- Böckerman; Petri: Minimum wages and youth employment: Evidence from the Finnish retail trade sector
368714Jan/30/13 12:26 PMID:22382 -- Gowri; B: A Study about the Impact of Nutrition Education and Awareness of Food Safety among Women S
368814Jan/31/13 5:55 AMID:27658 -- Magazzino; Cosimo: Public expenditure and revenue in Italy 1862-1993
368914Jan/31/13 11:05 AMID:28111 -- Popov; Vladimir: Development theories and development experience: half a century journey
369014Jan/27/13 10:20 AMID:41543 -- Fischer; Justina AV: Ist eine Deregulierung der Arbeitsmärkte in den südlichen EU-Staaten zur Bekämpfung der Eu
369114Jan/31/13 12:10 PMID:38034 -- Gurgul; Henryk: Financial development and economic growth in Poland in transition: causality analysis
369214Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:33660 -- Golmohammadpoor Azar; Kamran: 2008 economic crisis analysis
369314Jan/28/13 12:09 PMID:28012 -- Fumagalli; Andrea: A model of Cognitive Capitalism: a preliminary analysis
369414Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:19288 -- Smith; Mark W.: The impact of state welfare policies on women's cohabitation
369514Jan/29/13 10:51 PMID:40927 -- Craigwell; Roland: Price Rigidity: A Survey of Evidence From Micro-Level Data
369614Jan/31/13 9:09 PMID:38275 -- Koundouri; Phoebe: Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh: A Household Labor Market Approach
369714Jan/30/13 9:49 AMID:43756 -- Mirdala; Rajmund: Interest Rates Determination and Crisis Puzzle (Empirical Evidence from the European Trans
369814Jan/31/13 8:18 AMID:26532 -- Halkos; George: Construction of abatement cost curves: The case of F-gases
369914Jan/31/13 12:55 AMID:23760 -- Shiu; Alice: Production Efficiency versus Ownership: The Case of China
370014Jan/30/13 2:08 AMID:16098 -- Kishor; N. Kundan: Modeling Inflation in India: The Role of Money
370114Jan/31/13 5:11 AMID:38476 -- Khondker; Bazlul Haque: Macroeconomic framework for the economy of Bangladesh
370214Jan/31/13 1:36 AMID:10748 -- Massón-Guerra; José Luis: Entrepreneurship Spillover and the determinants of Key Sectors for new business creation:
370314Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:9729 -- Drummond; Paulo: Foreign Reserve Adequacy in Sub-Saharan Africa.
370414Jan/31/13 1:50 PMID:20329 -- Gordanier; John: On the Duration of Technology Licensing
370514Jan/31/13 9:05 PMID:42892 -- Portmann; David: Private equity and venture capital in South Africa: A comparison of project financing deci
370614Jan/31/13 9:26 AMID:35802 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Assessing environmental management in agriculture
370714Jan/29/13 4:05 AMID:42514 -- Tjandrawinata; Raymond R.: Factors affecting productivity of research-based pharmaceutical companies following merger
370814Jan/30/13 10:51 PMID:31370 -- Karabarbounis; Loukas: Labor wedges and open economy puzzles
370914Jan/30/13 9:10 AMID:13249 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Ratings rating agencies and the global financial system: Summary and policy implications
371014Jan/30/13 11:48 PMID:26952 -- Musonda; Anthony: Exchange Rate Volatility and Non-Traditional Exports Performance: Zambia 1965–1999
371114Jan/31/13 11:16 AMID:23979 -- Nassif; Claudia: Trade competitiveness and employment in Jordan
371214Jan/27/13 11:03 AMID:34588 -- Konov; Joshua Ioji / JK: 2001 & 2007 Recessions prompted remaking of the international organizations
371314Jan/30/13 7:44 AMID:41750 -- Edwards; Jeffrey A.: Building a simple general model of municipal water conservation policy for communities ove
371414Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:26760 -- James; Simon: Financing multi-level government
371514Jan/30/13 3:10 PMID:20346 -- Hendrickson; Joshua: An Overhaul of Fed Doctrine: Nominal Income and the Great Moderation
371614Jan/31/13 10:33 AMID:29079 -- Saikia; Dilip: Outward Foreign Direct Investment from India
371714Jan/30/13 7:20 AMID:25243 -- Aritenang; Adiwan F.: The Impact of Government Budget shifts to Regional Disparities in Indonesia: Before and Af
371814Jan/30/13 2:57 PMID:2226 -- Kemal; M. Ali: Fresh Assessment of the Underground Economy and Tax Evasion in Pakistan: Causes Consequen
371914Jan/31/13 10:10 AMID:18967 -- Chung; Anna: For-Profit Student Heterogeneity
372014Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:17831 -- Tatom; John: Is negative personal saving a serious problem
372114Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:10963 -- Henriksen; Espen: The High Cross-Country Correlations of Prices and Interest Rates
372214Jan/31/13 8:56 AMID:37702 -- Ahmad; Munir: An analysis of technical efficiency of rice farmers in pakistani Punjab
372314Jan/30/13 6:35 AMID:40935 -- Craigwell; Roland: The effectiveness of government expenditure on education and health care in the Caribbean
372414Jan/30/13 4:47 PMID:41056 -- Shaw; Ming-fu: Capital Adequacy and the Bank Lending Channel: Macroeconomic Implications
372514Jan/29/13 5:51 PMID:1576 -- Serletis; Apostolos: The North American natural gas liquids markets are chaotic
372614Jan/30/13 9:34 PMID:16365 -- Skribans; Valerijs: Construction industry forecasting model
372714Jan/30/13 1:27 AMID:41034 -- Zhou; Xianbo: An Analysis on Technical Efficiency in Post-reform China
372814Jan/29/13 11:04 AMID:36662 -- Managi; Shunsuke: Do Socially Responsible Investment Indexes Outperform Conventional Indexes
372914Jan/30/13 10:36 PMID:11673 -- Ahmad; Imtiaz: Effect of Government Spending and Macro-Economic Uncertainty on Private Investment in Serv
373014Jan/29/13 10:24 PMID:38031 -- Sauter; Oliver: Assessing uncertainty in Europe and the US: is there a common uncertainty factor
373114Jan/30/13 7:04 AMID:412 -- Mariam; Yohannes: The Implication of Incorporating Environmental Costs in Utility Rate Setting
373214Jan/30/13 5:14 PMID:2063 -- Mersland; Roy: Microbanks: Ownership performance and social tradeoffs - a global analysis
373314Jan/31/13 3:19 AMID:14887 -- Sarker; Debnarayan: Efficiency of Market Behaviour of NTFPs for Households under JFMP: A Case Study in West Be
373414Jan/31/13 12:21 PMID:33472 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 19 employee benefits - a closer look
373514Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:25465 -- Clark; Gregory: Malthus to Modernity: England’s First Fertility Transition 1760-1800
373614Jan/30/13 6:11 AMID:15954 -- Yilmazkuday; Hakan: Is the Armington Elasticity Really Constant across Importers
373714Jan/31/13 5:56 PMID:21098 -- Gerasimchuk; Ivetta: Pure Profit for Russia: Benefits of Responsible Finance
373814Jan/31/13 9:26 PMID:41704 -- Shepherd; Ben: Imported intermediates innovation and product scope: Firm-level evidence from developing
373914Jan/31/13 12:11 AMID:34681 -- Etkes; Haggay: The impact of employment in Israel on the Palestinian labor force (2005–08)
374014Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:35404 -- Slonimczyk; Fabian: The effect of taxation on informal employment: evidence from the Russian flat tax reform
374114Jan/31/13 4:25 AMID:24616 -- Dennis; Richard: Expectations Traps and Coordination Failures: Selecting among Multiple Discretionary Equil
374214Jan/31/13 1:09 PMID:12383 -- Lee; King Fuei: An Empirical Study of the Fisher Effect and the Dynamic Relation Between Nominal Interest
374314Jan/31/13 3:22 PMID:33937 -- Mark; Skidmore: The Political Economy of State Government Subsidy Adoption: The Case of Ethanol
374414Jan/31/13 1:01 PMID:36237 -- Lorant; Kaszab: Fiscal multipliers are not necessarily that large: a comment on Eggetsson (2010)
374514Jan/31/13 4:48 AMID:27547 -- Magazzino; Cosimo: Public expenditure and revenue in Italy 1862-1993
374614Jan/30/13 11:50 PMID:29662 -- Raveh; Ohad: Dutch Disease Factor Mobility Costs and the ‘Alberta Effect’ – The Case of Federations
374714Jan/31/13 12:48 PMID:43643 -- Roy; Chandan: Child Labour & Inclusive Education in Backward Districts of India
374814Jan/30/13 6:59 PMID:965 -- Pandey; Adya Prasad: Routes of survial of SSI in India and its futurity - a study of pre and post reform period
374914Jan/31/13 2:58 PMID:41553 -- Simplice A; Asongu: Fighting consumer price inflation in Africa. What do dynamics in money credit efficiency
375014Jan/30/13 8:16 AMID:38575 -- Simplice A; Asongu: New indicators for the mobile banking nexus
375114Jan/31/13 10:03 AMID:5588 -- Freeman; Alan: The Age of War: From World Market to World Conquest (English language version)
375214Jan/30/13 12:37 PMID:7118 -- Ken; Crucita: Belize’s Northern Region; Its Economic Performance in the post-independence period
375314Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:38054 -- Louis; Rosmy: On the feasibility of monetary union among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: does
375414Jan/30/13 4:30 PMID:39825 -- Cinquegrana; Giuseppe: Financial constraints and relationship lending in the growth of italian SMEs
375514Jan/31/13 1:07 PMID:18555 -- Schoellman; Todd: Measuring and Accounting for Cross-Country Differences in Education Quality
375614Jan/30/13 7:57 PMID:25113 -- Bornukova; Kateryna: Real Business Cycles in The Model with Two-Person Household and Home Production
375714Jan/31/13 2:16 PMID:39446 -- Pangapanga; Phiriinnocent: Participation in pro poor agro based enterprises in Malawi: do households’ poverty levels
375814Jan/31/13 7:29 PMID:40497 -- Petreski; Marjan: New Approach to Analyzing Monetary Policy in China
375914Jan/30/13 7:45 PMID:28214 -- Melecky; Martin: Macroeconomic Management Financial Sector Development and Crisis Resilience: Some Stylize
376014Jan/31/13 10:39 PMID:41994 -- Khattak; Sharafatullah: An Analysis of the Utilization of Asian Development Bank’s Loans for Books Procurement: A
376114Jan/30/13 4:19 AMID:4441 -- Harabi; Najib: Introduction and Diffusion of Electronic Commerce – What is Switzerland’s position in an i
376214Jan/31/13 6:56 PMID:30363 -- Abbassi; Abdessalem: Trade liberalization and inter-provincial dumping in a spatial equilibrium model: the case
376314Jan/31/13 12:19 PMID:5889 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: Rating and ranking firms with fuzzy expert systems: the case of Camuzzi
376414Jan/30/13 10:45 PMID:11735 -- Eliza; Nor: Demand For International Reserves in ASEAN-5 Economies
376514Jan/30/13 11:10 AMID:24971 -- Mlambo; Chipo: The consequences of online information dissemination on stock market liquidity and efficie
376614Jan/29/13 9:57 PMID:43419 -- Shehata; Emad Abd Elmessih: الآثار الإقتصادیة لهجرة العمالة المصریة إلى الخارج
376714Jan/30/13 10:37 AMID:35599 -- Elasrag; Hussein: المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات فى مصر
376814Jan/31/13 5:48 AMID:10179 -- Barnett; William A.: Measurement Error in Monetary Aggregates: A Markov Switching Factor Approach
376914Jan/31/13 8:06 AMID:34295 -- Musgrave; Ralph S.: Consolidation causes little austerity
377014Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:25693 -- Sly; Nicholas: Labor Matching Behavior in Open Economies and Trade Adjustment
377114Jan/31/13 5:53 AMID:25751 -- Kapsalis; Constantine: Profiles and Transitions of Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion: Lone Parents
377214Jan/30/13 6:33 AMID:9968 -- Apostolides; Alexander: “How Similar to South-Eastern Europe were the Islands of Cyprus and Malta in terms of Agri
377314Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:5590 -- Freeman; Alan: Confronting the Evidence: Marx's Historians on the Falling Profit Rate
377414Jan/31/13 10:42 PMID:42154 -- Sugawara; Shinya: A nonparametric Bayesian approach for counterfactual prediction with an application to the
377514Jan/31/13 11:43 PMID:42009 -- Hussain; Anwar Hussain: Costs Benefit Analysis of Different Rice Varieties in District Swat
377614Jan/30/13 9:01 AMID:39813 -- Grydaki; Maria: The Role of Credit in Great Moderation: a Multivariate GARCH Approach
377714Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:26137 -- Kapsalis; Constantine: The Impact of Bill C-12 on New Entrants and Re-Entrants
377814Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:42717 -- Bruno; Bruna: Reconciling economics and psychology on intrinsic motivation
377914Jan/30/13 8:35 PMID:27428 -- Kucuk; Ugur N.: Non-default Component of Sovereign Emerging Market Yield Spreads and its Determinants: Evi
378014Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:11440 -- Dobrota; Gabriela: Workforce Occupancy – Essential Indicator within the Analysis of the Country Economic Deve
378114Jan/30/13 7:30 PMID:6846 -- Civan; Abdülkadir: The Effect of Newer Drugs on Health Spending: Do They Really Increase the Costs
378214Jan/31/13 2:11 AMID:8726 -- Ilzetzki; Ethan: Rent seeing distortions and fiscal procyclicality
378314Jan/30/13 9:47 AMID:20481 -- Susanu; Monica: Impact of the Financial Turmoil on the Romanian Capital Market
378414Jan/31/13 12:45 PMID:38463 -- Ravi; S.B.: Mobilizing neglected and underutilized crops to strengthen food security and alleviate pov
378514Jan/31/13 9:43 PMID:2563 -- Sinha; Dipendra: Effects of Volatility of Exports in the Philippines and Thailand
378614Jan/25/13 2:34 PMID:15251 -- Sinha; Pankaj: Evaluation of riskiness of Indian Banks and probability of book value insolvency
378714Jan/30/13 2:50 PMID:15487 -- Torrisi; Gianpiero: A multilevel analysis on the economic impact of public infrastructure and corruption on It
378814Jan/31/13 3:30 PMID:41433 -- Olszewski; Krzysztof: Hotele w gospodarce polskiej – zarys rozwoju ekonomiki i ryzyka
378914Jan/30/13 9:38 AMID:14794 -- Jin; Zhong: Iowa’s Historic Preservation and Cultural and Entertainment District Tax Credit Program Ev
379014Jan/31/13 5:51 AMID:15061 -- Böckerman; Petri: Micro-level Rigidity vs. Macro-level Flexibility: Lessons from Finland
379114Jan/30/13 9:54 AMID:41930 -- MUREŞAN; Adriana Rodica: Research and Science Today No.2
379214Jan/30/13 10:16 PMID:37313 -- Hsu; Chih-Chiang: Estimation of a panel stochastic frontier model with unobserved common shocks
379314Jan/31/13 4:51 PMID:40416 -- Rajesh; Raj: Investigating the impact of global financial crisis on indian economy in an aggregate dema
379414Jan/31/13 6:06 AMID:28930 -- Ogundari; Kolawole: Estimating Demand for Nutrients in Nigeria: A Vector Error Correction Model
379514Jan/31/13 3:22 AMID:24126 -- Nikolov; Pavel: Procyclical Effects of the banking System during the financial and economic Crisis 2007-20
379614Jan/31/13 10:15 PMID:37835 -- Kemp-Benedict; Eric: The national bioenergy investment model: Technical documentation
379714Jan/26/13 5:10 AMID:42793 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Intertwined real and monetary stochastic business cycles
379814Jan/31/13 2:40 PMID:3272 -- Bobirca; Ana: Corporate Governance: a South-Eastern European perspective
379914Jan/29/13 9:03 PMID:8736 -- Sekmen; Fuat: Cointegration and Causality among Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism Sector GDP and Ex
380014Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:11353 -- Murray; Christian: Inflation Persistence and the Taylor Principle
380114Jan/30/13 10:38 PMID:24872 -- Grimaldi; Raffaele: The choice between bus and light rail transit: a stylised cost-benefit analysis model
380214Jan/29/13 4:38 AMID:6110 -- van der Hoek; M. Peter: The Use Of Labor Market Supplements By Central Government In The Netherlands
380314Jan/31/13 1:01 PMID:40874 -- Chen; Yongmin: (When) Do Stronger Patents Increase Continual Innovation
380414Jan/28/13 7:16 PMID:21790 -- Ortigueira; Luis C.: Communication and Debate in a Public Environment: An Analysis of Obama–McCain Presidential
380514Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:952 -- Bruhns; Ramona: The Long-run Effects of HIV/AIDS in Kenya
380614Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:8750 -- Kolasa; Marcin: Structural heterogeneity or asymmetric shocks Poland and the euro area through the lens o
380714Jan/29/13 10:58 PMID:35493 -- Mariolis; Theodore: The rate of profit in the Greek economy 1988-1997. an input-output analysis
380814Jan/31/13 2:32 AMID:1418 -- Ilmolelian; Peter: The determinants of the Harare Stock Exchange (HSE) market capitalisation
380914Jan/31/13 8:00 PMID:32236 -- Balfoussia; Hiona: The theoretical framework of monetary policy revisited
381014Jan/29/13 4:57 PMID:36443 -- Edwards; Jeffrey A.: Politics Inflation and the Mundell-Tobin Effect
381114Jan/31/13 8:40 PMID:12363 -- Saraswat; Deepak: Towards a sustainable Growth story: A critical analysis of the fundamentals
381214Jan/31/13 5:52 PMID:25004 -- Sly; Nicholas: Skill Acquisition Incentive Contracts and Jobs: Labor Market Adjustment to Trade
381314Jan/29/13 10:12 PMID:35447 -- Chang; Ming Jen: The behavior of real exchange rates: the case of Japan
381414Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:4387 -- Rhodes; James: Japan's monetary policy transition 1955-2004
381514Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:10043 -- Zhang; Yan: Tariff and Equilibrium Indeterminacy--(II)
381614Jan/31/13 1:37 PMID:10827 -- Madden; Gary G: Internet traffic dynamics
381714Jan/30/13 8:39 AMID:42762 -- Mitkov; Yuliyan: Deficit Financed Public Expenditure in Argentina: A Structural Vector Autoregression Analy
381814Jan/31/13 1:17 PMID:10713 -- Schmidt; Christian W.: The effect of exchange rate risk on U.S. foreign direct investment: An empirical analysis
381914Jan/31/13 5:53 AMID:6121 -- Jaag; Christian: Liberalization of the Swiss Letter Market and the Viability of Universal Service Obligatio
382014Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:22806 -- Chakraborty; Debashis: The Structural Relationship between Current and Capital Account Balance in India: A Time S
382114Jan/31/13 8:44 AMID:9438 -- Repkine; Alexandre: Measuring the Value of a Moscow Apartment: a Spatial Approach to the Hedonic Pricing of At
382214Jan/30/13 9:49 PMID:841 -- Bégué-Turon; Jean-Loïc: The potential use of derivatives to manage the price risk of seafood markets: the case of
382314Jan/29/13 7:37 PMID:37957 -- Azzoni; Carlos Roberto: Commodity price changes and their impacts on poverty in developing countries: the Brazilia
382414Jan/31/13 6:32 PMID:20127 -- Scopelliti; Alessandro Diego: Competition and Economic Growth: an Empirical Analysis for a Panel of 20 OECD Countries
382514Jan/30/13 4:57 AMID:12525 -- Gay; Brigitte: Firm dynamic governance of global innovation by means of flexible networks of connections
382614Jan/29/13 4:37 PMID:35564 -- Bandopadhyay; Titas Kumar: Job-search and FDI in a two-sector general equilibrium model
382714Jan/29/13 10:26 PMID:14703 -- Tang; Weiqi: Oil price shocks and their short- and long-term effects on the Chinese economy
382814Jan/29/13 9:36 AMID:12124 -- Ruiz-Porras; Antonio: Financial structure financial development and banking fragility: International evidence
382914Jan/31/13 12:00 PMID:3249 -- Heng; Stefan: UMTS broadband mobile technology is a reality – Confounding many expectations
383014Jan/30/13 1:12 PMID:10858 -- Marković; Branimir: The Process of Transition and the Capital Market in the Republic of Croatia
383114Jan/31/13 1:45 AMID:28571 -- Gulzar; Ahmed: What is Hidden in the Hidden Economy of Pakistan Size Causes Issues and Implications
383214Jan/30/13 3:17 PMID:34646 -- Ghafele; Roya: Counting the Costs of Collective Rights Management of Music Copyright in Europe
383314Jan/30/13 3:19 PMID:19556 -- Decker; Christopher: The impact of military forts on agricultural investments on the Great Plains in 1880
383414Jan/31/13 9:16 PMID:33705 -- Halkos; George: Economic incentives for optimal sulphur abatement in Europe
383514Jan/29/13 3:25 PMID:22991 -- Haouat; Meriem: Foreign Banks and Credit Volatility: The Case of Latin American Countries
383614Jan/30/13 8:55 PMID:24201 -- De Luca; Giuliana: Primary care utilisation and workers’ opportunity costs. Evidence from Italy
383714Jan/30/13 1:21 PMID:2945 -- Vitek; Francis: An Evaluation of the Exchange Rate Forecasting Performance of the New Keynesian Model
383814Jan/31/13 7:56 AMID:220 -- Fleten; Stein-Erik: Optimal hedging strategies for multi-period guarantees in the presence of transaction cost
383914Jan/31/13 4:21 PMID:3080 -- Demir; Firat: Volatility of short term capital flows financial anarchy and private investment in emergi
384014Jan/31/13 1:45 AMID:2452 -- Rasyid; Asmiati: Indonesia: Liberalization at the Crossroad Impact on Sector Performance Teledensity and Pr
384114Jan/31/13 3:35 AMID:400 -- Fairris; David: Minimum wages and wage structure in Mexico
384214Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:8087 -- Berkman; Henk: Political connections and minority-shareholder protection: Evidence from securities-market
384314Jan/27/13 8:47 PMID:43057 -- Muysken; Joan: Migration Unemployment and Over-qualification: A Specific-Factors Model Approach
384414Jan/30/13 3:16 PMID:16501 -- Agnese; Pablo: The fading 1990s in Japan: Driving forces behind the unemployment upsurge
384514Jan/31/13 4:21 PMID:7604 -- Chakraborty; Pinaki: Is Fiscal Policy Contracyclical in India: An Empirical Analysis
384614Jan/30/13 12:02 AMID:40830 -- Khan; Rana Ejaz Ali: Determinants of food security in rural areas of Pakistan
384714Jan/31/13 9:20 AMID:8430 -- Cuberes; David: Democracy Diversification and Growth Reversals
384814Jan/29/13 11:57 AMID:38812 -- Banerjee; Ritwik: The financial crisis: impact on BRIC and policy response
384914Jan/30/13 3:54 PMID:9836 -- Rajeev; Meenakshi: Ensuring Rural Infrastructure in India: Role of Rural Infrastructure Development fund
385014Jan/31/13 10:50 AMID:14434 -- Farmanesh; Amir: Youth and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Challenges and Opportunities for Implem
385114Jan/30/13 11:54 PMID:5606 -- Calvo; Esteban: Does Working Longer Make People Healthier and Happier
385213Jan/31/13 1:25 AMID:20037 -- Niaz Ahmad; Khan: Economic Revolution Of This Century
385313Jan/31/13 1:36 PMID:23655 -- Zeren; Fatma: A cost-based empirical model of the aggregate price determination for the Turkish economy:
385413Jan/30/13 10:32 PMID:3362 -- Kolko; Jed: Agglomeration and Co-Agglomeration of Services Industries
385513Jan/30/13 10:34 AMID:43209 -- Klinedinst; Mark: Topology of Economic Systems
385613Jan/30/13 3:58 PMID:21485 -- Reinhart; Carmen: The Second Great Contraction
385713Jan/29/13 9:51 PMID:198 -- Mumcu; Ayşe: Competition Policy in Turkey
385813Jan/30/13 7:17 AMID:30444 -- Mohun; Simon: Goodwin cycles and the U.S. economy 1948-2004
385913Jan/31/13 5:51 AMID:27646 -- Antipov; Evgeny: Applying a CART-based approach for the diagnostics of mass appraisal models
386013Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:10506 -- Carlo Alberto; Magni: Splitting Up Value: A Critical Review of Residual Income Theories
386113Jan/31/13 9:21 AMID:18827 -- Chen; Guifu: Energy prices and China’s international competitiveness
386213Jan/31/13 7:49 AMID:24828 -- Cioffi; Antonio: The price stabilization effects of the EU entry price scheme for fruits and vegetables
386313Jan/30/13 12:27 PMID:24146 -- Hallak; Juan Carlos: Productivity quality and exporting behavior under minimum quality constraints
386413Jan/30/13 7:30 AMID:4443 -- Harabi; Najib: DIE DIFFUSION VON TELEARBEIT: Wo steht die Schweiz heute im internationalen Vergleich Er
386513Jan/30/13 2:50 PMID:5580 -- Mohan; Ramesh: Hysteresis in Unemployment: Panel Unit Roots Tests Using State Level Data
386613Jan/30/13 5:41 AMID:42339 -- Ávalos; Eloy: Incertidumbre: loterías y riesgo.
386713Jan/29/13 3:29 PMID:36331 -- Ali; Heba: Inflation Dynamics: The Case of Egypt
386813Jan/31/13 1:10 AMID:9691 -- K P; Kannan: Evolution of Social Security in the Lap of Public Action: Recounting the Experience of Ker
386913Jan/29/13 8:50 PMID:19069 -- Enowbi Batuo; Michael: Economic Development Institutional Quality and Regional integration: Evidence from Africa
387013Jan/30/13 5:33 AMID:39857 -- Idrovo Aguirre; Byron: Inversión en infraestructura pública y crecimiento económico evidencia para Chile.
387113Jan/31/13 1:17 PMID:37061 -- Snarr; Hal W.: The design and use of macroeconomics simulation using maple software: A pilot study
387213Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:22522 -- Cohen; Joseph N: The historical relationship between inflation and political rebellion and what it might t
387313Jan/30/13 7:31 PMID:25067 -- Skribans; Valerijs: Development of the Latvian energy sector system dynamic model
387413Jan/30/13 2:52 AMID:38830 -- Masino; Serena: Macroeconomic instability and the incentive to innovate
387513Jan/31/13 6:55 AMID:41172 -- Lord; Montague J.: Jordan and the WTO Government Procurement Agreement: An Economic Impact Assessment
387613Jan/31/13 11:13 PMID:26251 -- Steiner; Bodo: Regional food clusters and government support for clustering: Evidence for a ‘dynamic food
387713Jan/31/13 3:07 AMID:3998 -- Mamede; Ricardo: Brand effects mobility costs and industry evolution
387813Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:36723 -- Muthupandian; K S: IFRS 7 Financial Instruments: Disclosures - A Closer Look
387913Jan/30/13 4:10 PMID:25812 -- Ribeiro; Ricardo: Consumer demand for variety: intertemporal effects of consumption product switching and p
388013Jan/30/13 5:44 PMID:13890 -- Delis; Manthos D: Competitive conditions in the Central and Eastern European banking systems
388113Jan/30/13 4:43 PMID:11968 -- Tweneboah; George: Implications of Oil Price Shocks for Monetary Policy in Ghana: A Vector Error Correction M
388213Jan/30/13 11:10 AMID:36847 -- Coskun; Yener: Does Power of Political Economy and Regulation Make Istanbul a Financial Center (Ekonomi
388313Jan/31/13 12:10 AMID:29840 -- Campbell; Gareth: Bubbling Dividends
388413Jan/29/13 10:29 AMID:32730 -- Whittington; Dale: Using contingent valuation in the design of payments for environmental services mechanisms
388513Jan/31/13 2:15 PMID:34698 -- Simplice A.; Asongu: Law Finance and Investment: does legal origin matter
388613Jan/31/13 2:41 PMID:39190 -- Yim; Andrew: Industry Effects on Firm and Segment Profitability Forecasting: Do Aggregation and Diversi
388713Jan/30/13 7:20 PMID:32906 -- De Silva; Dakshina G.: Geographic concentration and firm survival
388813Jan/30/13 10:57 AMID:21954 -- Meritet; Sophie: LNG in the Northwestern Coast of Mexico: Impact on Prices of Natural Gas in Both Sides of
388913Jan/31/13 3:07 PMID:17981 -- de Haas; Ralph: The crisis as a wake-up call. Do banks tighten screening and monitoring standards during a
389013Jan/30/13 9:39 AMID:21204 -- Lin; William: What Causes Herding:Information Cascade or Search Cost
389113Jan/31/13 7:35 PMID:26490 -- Forte; Francesco: On the failure of European planning for less developed regions. The case of Calabria
389213Jan/31/13 10:08 AMID:36191 -- Donici; Andreea Nicoleta/NA: The Impact of soft drug legalization on Romania
389313Jan/30/13 8:54 AMID:41993 -- Khattak; Naeem Ur Rehman Khattak: Determinants of Gas Energy Consumption in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis (1971-2006)
389413Jan/31/13 9:30 AMID:36185 -- Minondo; Asier: Are trade costs higher for services than for manufactures Evidence from firm-level data
389513Jan/28/13 10:25 PMID:10186 -- Dutta; Nabamita: Foreign Direct Investment Financial Development and Political Risks
389613Jan/31/13 6:49 AMID:6200 -- Willenbockel; Dirk: The Impact of China's Import Demand Growth on Sectoral Specialization in Brazil: A CGE Ass
389713Jan/31/13 10:14 AMID:33293 -- Huang; Zongye: Structural Transformation under Trade Imbalances: the Case of Postwar U.S.
389813Jan/30/13 5:49 PMID:754 -- Tattara; Giuseppe: Il decentramento produttivo in Romania in tre distretti del Nord-Est
389913Jan/26/13 12:24 PMID:34294 -- Rubin; Jared: Printing and protestants: an empirical test of the role of printing in the Reformation
390013Jan/29/13 6:56 PMID:42982 -- Lozano Rojas; Felipe Andres: HUMAN Capital Contracts in Chile : An excercise based on Income data on Chilean HE graduat
390113Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:42855 -- Shabbir; Safia: Balance Sheet Channel of Monetary Policy and Economic Growth under Fiscal Dominance: Evide
390213Jan/30/13 6:19 PMID:381 -- Erzan; Refik: Customs Union with EU and the Impact of Foreign Competition on the Structure and Performan
390313Jan/29/13 4:35 PMID:36509 -- Stávková; Jana: Income differentiation of households in the CR
390413Jan/27/13 10:28 PMID:13171 -- Tarp; Finn: Aid and Development
390513Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:30027 -- Islas-Camargo; Alejandro: How relevant is monetary policy to explain Mexican unemployment fluctuations
390613Jan/30/13 3:32 AMID:38953 -- Zvezdov; Ivelin: Insurance portfolio risk aggregation and solvency capital computation with mathematical co
390713Jan/31/13 3:31 PMID:5413 -- erdogdu; oya safinaz: The Effects of Energy Imports: The Case of Turkey
390813Jan/31/13 8:20 AMID:19629 -- Mazumdar; Surajit: Investment and growth in India under liberalization: Asymmetries and Instabilities
390913Jan/26/13 6:07 AMID:5701 -- Rohrbeck; Rene: Veille stratégique en entreprise multinationale - Une étude de cas auprès de la Deutsche T
391013Jan/31/13 7:31 PMID:37982 -- Terheggen; Anne: The new kid in the forest: the impact of China's resource demand on Gabon's tropical timbe
391113Jan/30/13 1:15 PMID:20366 -- Garita; Gus: Risk-Factor Portfolios and Financial Stability
391213Jan/31/13 8:04 PMID:38992 -- Nath; Golaka: Indian corporate bonds market –an analytical prospective
391313Jan/31/13 5:05 PMID:35670 -- Girardi; Daniele: Do financial investors affect commodity prices The case of Hard Red Winter Wheat
391413Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:33147 -- Montgomery; Heather: Bank recapitalization in the U.S. - lessons from Japan
391513Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:7721 -- Simon; Curtis: Do higher rents discourage fertility evidence from U.S. cities 1940-2000
391613Jan/29/13 8:34 PMID:26933 -- Stavarek; Daniel: Determinants of the exchange market pressure in the euro-candidate countries
391713Jan/30/13 1:11 PMID:39180 -- Elasrag; Hussein: الأمن الغذائى العربى
391813Jan/31/13 5:46 AMID:37397 -- Demir; Firat: Firm Productivity Exchange Rate Movements Sources of Finance and Export Orientation
391913Jan/31/13 3:53 PMID:28229 -- Cifarelli; Giulio: Hedging vs. speculative pressures on commodity futures returns
392013Jan/30/13 3:03 PMID:1158 -- Bergen; Mark: When Little Things Mean a Lot: On the Inefficiency of Item Pricing Laws
392113Jan/28/13 7:55 AMID:20540 -- Profeta; Adriano: A Theoretical Framework for Country-of-Origin-Research in the Food sector
392213Jan/30/13 9:55 PMID:35498 -- Farzanegan; Mohammad Reza: Military spending and economic growth: the case of Iran
392313Jan/30/13 4:40 PMID:27284 -- Salchev; Petko: Stress test of hospitals in Bulgaria - proposed methodology
392413Jan/28/13 9:34 PMID:21264 -- Herani; Gobind M.: Microfinance and Self-Help Finance System to Reduce Poverty from Pakistan: An It-Based Sol
392513Jan/30/13 10:45 AMID:31011 -- Skardziukas; Domantas: Practical approach to estimating cost of capital
392613Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:36783 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 10 Events After the Reporting Period - A Closer Look
392713Jan/29/13 8:36 PMID:24402 -- Grady; Patrick: Some Observations on Net Fiscal Transfers to Recent Immigrants Resulting From Income Taxes
392813Jan/31/13 10:01 PMID:32255 -- Chang; Kuang Liang: The Dynamics of Housing Returns in Singapore: How Important are the International Transmis
392913Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:36751 -- Nguyen Viet; Cuong: The Impact of a Minimum Wage Increase on Employment Wages and Expenditures of Low-Wage Wo
393013Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:17998 -- Hui; Taylor Shek-wai: The Determinants of Participation in Adult Education and Training in Canada
393113Jan/30/13 11:40 AMID:38443 -- Pearce; David: Diffuse Pollution and the Role of Agriculture
393213Jan/30/13 12:12 PMID:7737 -- Tomescu Dumitrescu; C.: ANOVA în cercetrările de marketing
393313Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:26358 -- Shafaeddin; Mehdi: The Role of China in Regional South-South Trade in Asia-Pacific: Prospects for industriali
393513Jan/31/13 12:42 PMID:38687 -- Jellal; Mohamed: Gouvernance éducation et croissance économique
393613Jan/30/13 3:05 PMID:37493 -- Ewa; Lechman: Okun`s and Barro`s Misery Index as an alternative poverty assessment tool. Recent estimati
393713Jan/30/13 3:52 AMID:38635 -- Ciliberto; Federico: Market structure and multiple equilibria in airline markets
393813Jan/31/13 12:17 AMID:21984 -- Guidi; Francesco: Weak-form market efficiency and calendar anomalies for Eastern Europe equity markets
393913Jan/29/13 4:48 PMID:31394 -- Temel; Tugrul: Family planning growth and income distribution in Rwanda: SAM multiplier and graph-theore
394013Jan/31/13 4:31 AMID:31917 -- Temel; Tugrul: Industrial policy collective action and the direction of technological change
394113Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:32494 -- Pang; Iris Ai Jao: Comparisons of different monetary policies in China with yield curve information
394213Jan/30/13 6:59 AMID:6271 -- Yoshida; Jiro: Technology Shocks and Asset Price Dynamics: The Role of Housing in General Equilibrium
394313Jan/30/13 1:01 PMID:22458 -- Manjrekar; Rajesh: Myopic investment view of the Indian mutual fund industry
394413Jan/31/13 4:18 PMID:32888 -- Berg; Sanford V: Pro-poor water service strategies in developing countries: promoting justice in Uganda’s u
394513Jan/31/13 3:59 AMID:8287 -- Mohammed; Aliyu Dahiru: Microfinance in Nigeria and the prospects of introducing its Islamic version there in the
394613Jan/30/13 9:23 AMID:7846 -- Carrera; Jorge Eduardo: An econometric approach to macroeconomic risk. A cross country study
394713Jan/31/13 9:33 AMID:23232 -- Beja; Edsel Jr.: The Philippines on debt row
394813Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:29789 -- Abbott; Philip: A Critical Review of Studies on the Social and Economic Impacts of Vietnam’s International
394913Jan/31/13 1:36 PMID:37816 -- Fischer; Justina A.V.: The choice of domestic policies in a globalized economy: Extended Version
395013Jan/30/13 8:04 AMID:10950 -- sivakumar; marimuthu: Gender Discrimination and Women's Development in India
395113Jan/30/13 11:54 PMID:32704 -- Cok; Mitja: Distribution of personal income tax changes in Slovenia
395213Jan/29/13 6:54 PMID:43952 -- Calzolari; Giorgio: Econometric notes
395313Jan/27/13 2:09 PMID:43284 -- Antonakakis; Nikolaos: Sovereign Bond Yield Spillovers in the Euro Zone During the Financial and Debt Crisis
395413Jan/30/13 4:12 AMID:32354 -- Szarowska; Irena: Changes in taxation and their impact on economic growth in the European Union.
395513Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:13422 -- Kitov; Ivan: MECHANICAL MODEL of PERSONAL INCOME DISTRIBUTION
395613Jan/31/13 9:21 PMID:22213 -- Dronkers; Jaap: Negative selectivity of Europe’s guest-worker immigration
395713Jan/31/13 11:19 AMID:31757 -- Puah; Chin-Hong: Nexus between Oil Price and Stock Performance of Power Industry in Malaysia
395813Jan/29/13 8:41 PMID:2367 -- Niño-Zarazúa; Miguel: The impact of credit on income poverty in urban Mexico. An endogeneity-corrected estimatio
396013Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:15030 -- Rao; B. Bhaskara: Demand for Money in the Asian Countries: A Systems GMM Panel Data Approach and Structural
396113Jan/30/13 7:16 PMID:336 -- Scalas; Enrico: The art of fitting financial time series with Levy stable distributions
396213Jan/30/13 8:45 AMID:41755 -- Wada; Tatsuma: The Real Exchange Rate and Real Interest Differentials: The Role of the Trend-Cycle Decomp
396313Jan/30/13 12:15 PMID:652 -- Allen; Franklin: The Financial System of the EU 25
396413Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:954 -- Young; Andrew: Heterogeneous Convergence
396513Jan/30/13 11:22 AMID:6720 -- Shafaeddin; Mehdi: Oil and Challenges of Trade Policy Making In Sudan in a Globalizing Arena
396613Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:16533 -- Duda-Daianu; Dana Codruta: Aspects regarding the contribution of research and technical progress at GDP’s growth
396713Jan/31/13 7:24 AMID:16246 -- Hoque; Serajul: The impact of tariff reduction on Bangladesh economy: a computable general equilibrium ass
396813Jan/30/13 10:31 PMID:5757 -- Glavan; Bogdan: Coordination Failures Poverty Traps 'Big Push' Policy and Entrepreneurship: A Critical V
396913Jan/29/13 2:47 PMID:36843 -- Takauchi; Kazuhiro: International R&D Rivalry with a Shipping Firm
397013Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:9479 -- Bibu; Nicolae Aurelian: Considerations about the Influence Factors on the Competitiveness of SME’s from Western Re
397113Jan/30/13 5:53 AMID:14013 -- Kurokawa; Yoshinori: Skill Intensity Reversal and the Rising Skill Premium: Evidence from the U.S. and Mexico
397213Jan/30/13 8:28 PMID:20534 -- Huber; Peter: The Relocation of Russian Industry 1987-1993
397313Jan/31/13 4:23 AMID:35562 -- Hameed; Irfan: Impact of monetary policy on gross domestic product (GDP)
397413Jan/31/13 12:00 AMID:27543 -- Sarkissian; Sergei: Why are U.S. firms listed in foreign markets worth more
397513Jan/31/13 4:34 PMID:10570 -- Dumitru; Ionut: Tintirea directa a inflatiei in Romania – provocari si perspective
397613Jan/30/13 7:27 AMID:20724 -- Kilenthong; Weerachart: Market Based Segregated Exchanges with Default Risk
397713Jan/29/13 6:21 PMID:33125 -- Zheng; Jianghuai: The underdevelopment of service industry in China: an empirical study of cities in Yangtze
397813Jan/30/13 1:12 PMID:7184 -- Dutta; Jayasri: Industrial Activity in Indian States: The Role of Infrastructure
397913Jan/30/13 7:29 PMID:22348 -- Samaniego; Roberto: Financing Creative Destruction
398013Jan/31/13 9:01 PMID:37894 -- Raihan; Selim: Global Financial Crisis Remittances Exports and Poverty in Bangladesh
398113Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:31270 -- Abdul; waheed: Inward foreign direct investment and aggregate imports: time series evidence from Pakistan
398213Jan/30/13 10:54 AMID:15259 -- Carbo Valverde; Santiago: Estimating the intensity of price and non-price competition in banking: an application to
398313Jan/28/13 3:35 PMID:25307 -- Gronau; Werner: Tourism as a Stimulus for Sustainable Development in Rural Areas: A Cypriot Perspective
398413Jan/30/13 3:50 PMID:41961 -- Yasmeen; : The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
398513Jan/29/13 5:27 PMID:23227 -- Fries; Christian P.: Discounting Revisited. Valuations under Funding Costs Counterparty Risk and Collateraliza
398613Jan/30/13 6:58 PMID:33883 -- Ahmad Zaini; Afzan: Contractors’ Approaches to Risk Management at the Construction Phase in Malaysia
398713Jan/31/13 3:28 PMID:5896 -- Alpanda; Sami: Oil Crisis Energy-Saving Technological Change and the Stock Market Crash of 1973-74
398813Jan/31/13 9:09 PMID:37477 -- Dimitriou; Dimitrios: Monetary Union effects on European stock market integration: An international CAPM approac
398913Jan/29/13 5:18 PMID:22310 -- Alasrag; Hussien: الريادية ودورها فى التنمية العربية فى ظل اقتصاد المعرفة
399013Jan/30/13 11:54 AMID:36376 -- Soylu; Ali: Profitability of Interest-free vs. Interest-based Banks in Turkey
399113Jan/31/13 9:31 PMID:25293 -- Richins; Harold: Climate Change and Sustainable practices: A Case Study of the Resort Industry in Florida
399213Jan/31/13 1:33 PMID:32549 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: What is wrong with heterodox economics Kalecki’s profit theory as an example
399313Jan/30/13 9:36 PMID:3854 -- Shah; Deepak: India's Trade Practices in Livestock Sector
399413Jan/30/13 6:31 PMID:3607 -- Pousttchi; Key: Relativer Vorteil bei mobilen Bezahlverfahren - mobiles Bezahlen aus dem Blickwinkel der D
399513Jan/30/13 7:01 AMID:15924 -- Pandey; Manoj K.: Domestic violence and women’s health in India: evidence from health survey
399613Jan/31/13 6:32 PMID:37644 -- Belliveau; Stefan: Money aggregates and economic activity during the Great Depression and 2007-11
399713Jan/30/13 5:41 AMID:42342 -- Ávalos; Eloy: Incertidumbre: enfoque media - varianza dominancia estocástica manejo de riesgos y riesg
399813Jan/29/13 8:39 PMID:18789 -- Yang; Zaigui: Population Growth Rate Life Expectancy and Pension Program Improvement in China
399913Jan/30/13 1:57 PMID:11212 -- Strauss; Jason: Price Regulation Market Exit and Financial Leverage of Canadian Property-Liability Insur
400013Jan/30/13 8:22 PMID:19623 -- Andrei; Tudorel: Econometric Models used for the Corruption Analysis
400113Jan/30/13 6:31 PMID:11014 -- Wenzelburger; Jan: A Note on the Two-fund Separation Theorem
400213Jan/30/13 8:56 PMID:12010 -- van Ommeren; Jos: Workers' marginal costs of commuting
400313Jan/31/13 2:33 PMID:30058 -- Ko; Jun-Hyung: Has the Government Lowered the Hours Worked Evidence from Japan
400413Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:43647 -- Hoppe; Eva I.: Observability of information gathering in agency models
400513Jan/30/13 3:47 AMID:32181 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: The dynamic of financial development imports foreign direct investment and economic grow
400613Jan/30/13 9:29 AMID:22173 -- Khan; Muhammad Aamir: Production Possibilities in Catchment Areas Under Dharabi Dam in Chakwal
400713Jan/31/13 6:02 AMID:15290 -- Vadlamannati; Krishna Chaitanya: Testing The Effects of Economic Social and Political Globalization on Human Rights in Af
400813Jan/29/13 8:51 PMID:11169 -- Nkamleu; Guy Blaise: Religious faith and agricultural growth: exploring some correlations in Africa. Oxford Con
400913Jan/31/13 1:55 AMID:34081 -- Manthos; Delis: Bank regulations and income inequality: Empirical evidence
401013Jan/29/13 6:12 PMID:27017 -- Lopez-Vega; Henry: Connecting open and closed innovation markets: A typology of intermediaries
401113Jan/30/13 7:12 AMID:453 -- Papanastasopoulos; George: Using Option Theory and Fundamentals to Assessing Default Risk of Listed Firms
401213Jan/30/13 4:30 AMID:36577 -- Dumitriu; Ramona: Motivations for the Romanian exporters
401313Jan/29/13 8:16 PMID:39411 -- Kuhnen; Camelia M.: Exploration for human capital: Theory and evidence from the MBA labor market
401413Jan/30/13 10:00 AMID:23134 -- Küçük; Ugur N.: Emerging Market Local Currency Bond Market Too Risky to Invest
401513Jan/30/13 9:42 PMID:98 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Domestic and International Knowledge Spillovers in the South Korean Manufacturing Industri
401613Jan/31/13 2:28 AMID:15607 -- Reitz; Stefan: Are oil-price-forecasters finally right -- Regressive expectations towards more fundament
401713Jan/30/13 10:36 AMID:1829 -- Mishra; SK: On self-financing of institutions of higher learning in India
401813Jan/31/13 4:56 PMID:38062 -- Belliveau; Stefan: Estimation of the fiscal impact multiplier in reduced-form equations.
401913Jan/30/13 7:15 PMID:27408 -- Janda; Karel: Vertical integration in the Czech agriculture – focus on dairy and meat sectors
402013Jan/31/13 3:36 AMID:15977 -- Arora; Ashish: The Nature and the Extent of the Market for Technology in Biopharmaceuticals
402113Jan/30/13 7:07 PMID:12158 -- Lungu; Ion: Manageability comparison: Oracle database 10g and Oracle 9i database
402213Jan/31/13 6:13 AMID:29790 -- Jensen; Henning Tarp: Economic Instruments and the Pollution Impact of the 2006-2010 Vietnam Socio-Economic Deve
402313Jan/27/13 8:57 AMID:43463 -- Kodila Tedika; Oasis: Anatomy of corruption Democratic Republic of Congo.
402413Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:17817 -- Verbic; Miroslav: Education and Economic Growth in Slovenia: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach with End
402513Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:13701 -- Che; Natasha Xingyuan: The great dissolution: organization capital and diverging volatility puzzle
402613Jan/31/13 7:41 PMID:12125 -- Pasricha; Gurnain Kaur: Imperfect Competition in Financial Markets and Capital Controls: A Model and a Test.
402713Jan/31/13 5:05 PMID:29800 -- Turel; Asli: The Expectation Gap in Internet Financial Reporting: Evidence from an Emerging Capital Mar
402813Jan/30/13 7:07 AMID:2707 -- Nachane; D M: Bank nominee directors and corporate performance: micro evidence for India
402913Jan/31/13 3:33 PMID:27157 -- Ahmed; Vaqar: Afghanistan – Pakistan transit trade agreement
403013Jan/28/13 1:53 PMID:37831 -- Wadho; Waqar Ahmed: Education Rent-seeking and the Curse of Natural Resources.
403113Jan/31/13 11:07 PMID:38722 -- Swami; Onkar Shivraj: Determinants of the exit decision of foreign banks in India
403213Jan/31/13 8:52 PMID:518 -- Liew; Venus Khim-Sen: A complementary test for ADF test with an application to the exchange rates returns
403313Jan/30/13 4:03 AMID:1740 -- Víctor; Cuchí Espada: Corporate Policy in Mexico During the Porfirian Age. The Telephone Companies 1881-1905
403413Jan/30/13 2:33 PMID:1886 -- Razzak; Weshah: A Macroeconomic perspective on skill shortages and the skill premium in New Zealand
403513Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:26344 -- Abo-Zaid; Salem: The Trade–Growth Relationship in Israel Revisited: Evidence from Annual Data 1960-2004
403613Jan/30/13 5:20 PMID:39177 -- Amjad; Rashid: Employment strategies and labor market policies: interlinkages with macro and sectoral pol
403713Jan/31/13 2:01 AMID:1978 -- Gustavo; Manfrim: Estimating demand elasticities of fixed telephony in Brazil
403813Jan/31/13 11:30 AMID:42295 -- Ahmad; Mahyudin: The effect of financial deregulation on money demand in Malaysia
403913Jan/31/13 1:02 PMID:27133 -- Fleten; Stein-Erik: Evaluation of static hedging strategies for hydropower producers in the Nordic market
404013Jan/31/13 3:57 PMID:3703 -- Calzaroni; Manlio: Metodologia - O Sector Informal em Moçambique: Resultados do Primeiro Inquérito Nacional
404113Jan/31/13 8:23 PMID:5582 -- Mohan; Ramesh: Testing Export-led Growth Hypothesis in Kenya: An ADRL Bounds Test Approach
404213Jan/31/13 9:53 PMID:2634 -- Bhanu Murthy; K.V.: Business ethics and corporate responsibility:a new perspective
404313Jan/31/13 5:44 PMID:40617 -- Man; Mariana: Abc method – guarantor of real costs in the mining extractive industry entities
404413Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:32898 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Keynes’s missing axioms
404513Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:32258 -- Balfoussia; Hiona: The theoretical framework of monetary policy revisited
404613Jan/30/13 7:16 PMID:34113 -- Görtz; Christoph: News and Financial Intermediation in Aggregate Fluctuations
404713Jan/30/13 6:19 PMID:16485 -- Orkodashvili; Mariam: A Case of Mimetic Isomorphism: A Short-Cut to Increasing Loyalty to Academia
404813Jan/30/13 11:47 PMID:29161 -- Melesse; Wondemhunegn Ezezew: The Dynamics between Real Exchange Rate Movements and Trends in Trade Performance: The Cas
404913Jan/28/13 7:30 PMID:600 -- Ayub; Mehar: A computational model for inventory management and planning
405013Jan/30/13 10:35 AMID:328 -- Pruski; Jerzy: Changes in the financing structure of the real economy in Poland - challenges for the bank
405113Jan/29/13 9:44 PMID:2847 -- Gomes; Orlando: The dynamics of television advertising with boundedly rational consumers
405213Jan/29/13 3:06 PMID:42358 -- Rajeev; Meenakshi: Nature and Dimensions of Farmers’ Indebtedness in India
405313Jan/30/13 9:45 PMID:16488 -- Grancay; Martin: Evaluating competitiveness of airports - Airport competitiveness index
405413Jan/30/13 3:00 PMID:25672 -- Holly; Sean: Factor Demand Linkages Technology Shocks and the Business Cycle
405513Jan/29/13 7:56 PMID:40009 -- D'Elia; Enrico: Measuring inflation when prices change slowly
405613Jan/31/13 6:53 PMID:17741 -- Navon; Guy: Human Capital Spillovers in the Workplace: Labor Diversity and Productivity
405713Jan/31/13 3:56 AMID:15045 -- Tyrowicz; Joanna: When Eastern Labour Markets Enter Western Europe CEECs. Labour Market Institutions upon Eu
405813Jan/31/13 6:30 AMID:8226 -- Damiani; Mirella: Mergers acquisitions and technological regimes: the European experience over the period 2
405913Jan/29/13 3:23 PMID:34245 -- Béjaoui Rouissi; Raoudha: Cost and profit efficiency of french commercial banks
406013Jan/29/13 5:09 PMID:25011 -- Knack; Stephen: Election Day Registration: The Second Wave
406113Jan/31/13 8:10 PMID:13699 -- Adam; Anokye M.: Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Market Movement: Evidence from Ghana
406213Jan/30/13 9:05 AMID:43039 -- Fulli-Lemaire; Nicolas: A Dynamic Inflation Hedging Trading Strategy Using a CPPI
406313Jan/31/13 2:16 AMID:30531 -- Hyder; Kalim: Poverty Income Distribution and Social Development in Lahore
406413Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:16099 -- Kishor; N. Kundan: Data Revisions in India and its Implications for Monetary Policy
406513Jan/30/13 10:12 PMID:27549 -- Chang; Chia-Yu: Should SA Tour A Singapore Travel company Use External financing to Expand the MICE busi
406613Jan/28/13 6:16 PMID:527 -- An; Lian: Exchange Rate Pass-Through:Evidence Based on Vector Autoregression with Sign Restrictions
406713Jan/31/13 1:00 AMID:34412 -- De Silva; Dakshina G.: Entry growth and survival in the green industry
406813Jan/30/13 2:41 PMID:4206 -- Jones; Nicola: Trade liberalisation and intra-household poverty in Vietnam: a q2 social impact analysis
406913Jan/29/13 4:28 PMID:33569 -- Sarath Chandran; B.P.: Financial Inclusion Strategies For Inclusive Growth In India
407013Jan/26/13 9:21 AMID:43030 -- Thorat; Amit: Ethnicity Caste and Religion: Implications for Poverty Outcomes
407113Jan/26/13 10:20 AMID:6540 -- Seguino; Stephanie: Gender equity and globalization: Macroeconomic policy for developing countries
407213Jan/30/13 7:07 AMID:14568 -- Mahmoud; Chowdhury Shameem: Addressing Regional Inequality Issues in Bangladesh Public Expenditure
407313Jan/30/13 6:51 PMID:12377 -- Skokan; Karel: The Use of Structural Funds for Enterprise Competitiveness Growth in the Czech Republic
407413Jan/30/13 7:58 AMID:23418 -- Malhotra; Karan: Autoregressive multifactor APT model for U.S. Equity Markets
407513Jan/26/13 6:58 PMID:27466 -- Ketenci; Natalya: Determinants of current account in the EU: the relation between internal and external bala
407613Jan/30/13 5:33 AMID:12764 -- Bacha; Obiyathulla I.: Pricing Hybrid Securities: The Case of Malaysian ICULS
407713Jan/31/13 12:27 AMID:28097 -- Dinda; Soumyananda: Factors Determining FDI to Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation
407813Jan/30/13 10:45 PMID:10932 -- Brekalo; Miljenko: Telecommunications as a Segment of the Information System in the Republic of Croatia Finan
407913Jan/30/13 10:09 AMID:5787 -- Saleem; Kashif: Time-varying global and local sources of risk in Russian stock market
408013Jan/31/13 5:15 PMID:43671 -- Liberati; Paolo: Teoria positiva del beneficio e finanza locale responsabile: il contributo di Sergio Steve
408113Jan/27/13 6:39 AMID:27822 -- Al-mulali; Usama: The Impact of Oil Shocks on Qatar’s GDP
408213Jan/28/13 3:45 PMID:40449 -- Stasi; Antonio: Strategie di prezzo e profittabilità nel mercato degli oli extra-vergine di oliva:un model
408313Jan/31/13 3:55 AMID:25639 -- Nasrollahi Shahri; Nima: Natural resource wealth “a truly double edged sword”: a comparative study between Iran an
408413Jan/29/13 10:04 PMID:22441 -- Ghosh; Saibal: Economic Geography of Industrial Location: Evidence from Indian States
408513Jan/31/13 3:30 AMID:9097 -- Finger; Robert: The Application of Robust Regression to a Production Function Comparison – the Example of
408613Jan/30/13 3:25 AMID:11921 -- Padli; Jaharudin: Natural disaster death and socio-economic factors in selected Asian countries: A panel dat
408713Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:29140 -- Laurino; Antonio: Financing transport infrastrucure projects in Italy: a critical analysis of the main appro
408813Jan/31/13 10:40 AMID:11984 -- Chaton; Corinne: Some Economics of Seasonal Gas Storage
408913Jan/30/13 12:27 PMID:5504 -- de Gorter; Harry: The economics of U.S. ethanol import tariffs with a consumption mandate and tax credit
409013Jan/31/13 10:44 PMID:22285 -- Rashid; Abdul: Testing the Weak Form Efficiency in Pakistan’s Equity Badla and Money Markets
409113Jan/28/13 3:35 AMID:21104 -- Swagel; Phillip: The financial crisis: an inside view
409213Jan/30/13 10:49 PMID:31859 -- Salike; Nimesh: Effect of regional integration agreement on foreign direct investment : A theoretical pers
409313Jan/30/13 10:41 PMID:25831 -- Matt; Brown: The use of Public Funds for Private Benefit: An Examination of the Relationship between Pu
409413Jan/25/13 3:27 PMID:43411 -- Fosgerau; Mogens: Hypercongestion in downtown metropolis
409513Jan/31/13 2:16 PMID:34855 -- Contreras; Sergio: U.S. commercial electricity consumption
409613Jan/30/13 2:57 PMID:42921 -- Malikane; Christopher: The microfoundations of the Keynesian wage-price spiral
409713Jan/30/13 2:37 PMID:10924 -- Munro; John H.: The Low Countries’ export trade in textiles with the Mediterranean basin 1200-1600: a cos
409813Jan/30/13 4:39 PMID:1124 -- Bögenhold; Dieter: Konsummuster im Kontrast: Die Entwicklung unterschiedlicher Einkommensverwendungsmuster an
409913Jan/31/13 3:49 PMID:32682 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: International factor mobility informal interest rate and capital market imperfection: a g
410013Jan/30/13 5:10 PMID:13015 -- Tamazian; Artur: Do Economic Financial and Institutional Developments Matter for Environmental Degradation
410113Jan/31/13 8:48 PMID:31015 -- Omay; Tolga: The effects of terrorist activities on foreign direct investment: nonlinear Evidence
410213Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:38945 -- Ghosh; Saibal: Does R&D intensity influence leverage Evidence from Indian firm-level data
410313Jan/30/13 4:44 PMID:25683 -- Eddy Yusof; Ezry Fahmy: Appraisal on End Products and Services Offered by Islamic Banks from Maqasid Shari’ah Pers
410413Jan/31/13 6:18 AMID:15659 -- Zenger; Hans: Successive Monopolies with Endogenous Quality
410513Jan/31/13 4:14 PMID:40100 -- Goyal; Ashima: Sustainable debt and deficits in emerging markets
410613Jan/29/13 7:28 PMID:43185 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Regional Origin of Manufacturing Exports: Inter-State Patterns in India
410713Jan/30/13 5:18 PMID:8104 -- Neeraj Parnami; Neeraj Parnami: Collaborative Research in India: Academic Institution v/s Industry
410813Jan/30/13 10:14 AMID:17188 -- Toivanen; Hannes: Antitrust and the competitive structure of the U.S. pulp and paper industry 1950-1990
410913Jan/31/13 8:25 AMID:7084 -- Melad; Khaled: Egyptian Foreign trade status with special focus on USA and EU as Egypt’s major trading pa
411013Jan/28/13 7:23 PMID:25075 -- Grady; Patrick: The Challenges of Complying with the Kyoto Protocol
411113Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:28383 -- Gheorghiu; Anca: Econophysical Approaches for the Direct Foreign Investments
411213Jan/30/13 2:17 AMID:14510 -- Escaith; Hubert: Old and new dualisms in Latin America and Asia: labour productivity international competi
411313Jan/27/13 4:23 PMID:16167 -- Jockers; Heinz: The Successful Ghana Election of 2008: A Convenient Myth Ethnicity in Ghana's elections r
411413Jan/31/13 3:03 AMID:24077 -- Marin; Giovanni: Sector CO2 and SOx emissions efficiency and investment: homogeneous vs heterogeneous estim
411513Jan/30/13 10:21 PMID:27947 -- Saikia; Dilip: Service Sector Led Economic Growth in India and Some Measurement and Database Issues
411613Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:13383 -- Tierney; Heather L.R.: A Local Examination for Persistence in Exclusions-from-Core Measures of Inflation Using Re
411713Jan/30/13 9:47 PMID:39144 -- Cooke; Edgar F. A.: A skeptics view of the AGOA preferences of the USA: A propensity score matching approach
411813Jan/30/13 12:49 AMID:13347 -- Mota; Rui Pedro: Analysis of green net national product and genuine saving in Portugal 1991 - 2005
411913Jan/30/13 2:14 PMID:3110 -- Hirshleifer; David: Driven to distraction: Extraneous events and underreaction to earnings news
412013Jan/31/13 2:45 AMID:17119 -- Nguyen; Quang: Revenue Targeting in Fisheries: The Case of Hawaii Longline Fishery
412113Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:15025 -- Sucháček; Jan: Regional Development in Transitional Economies after 1989: Reformation or Deformation
412213Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:33611 -- Nguyen Viet; Cuong: Ethnic minority children’s access to public services in Vietnam
412313Jan/31/13 2:19 PMID:35389 -- Piya; Luni: Collection and marketing of non-timber forest products by the Chepang community in Chitwan
412413Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:34175 -- Robinson; Joshua J: The effects of asymmetric and symmetric fetal growth restriction on human capital developm
412513Jan/30/13 11:32 AMID:10441 -- Hirawan; Fajar Bambang: An Analysis of Employment and Growth in Java after the Economic Crisis 1997/1998: Examinin
412613Jan/30/13 4:18 PMID:14463 -- Kamiya; Marco: Japanese investment in Peru: limits of developmental investment
412713Jan/29/13 4:26 PMID:42183 -- Halkos; George: The use of contingent valuation in assessing marine and coastal ecosystems’ water quality:
412813Jan/30/13 9:40 AMID:3690 -- Noguchi; Masayoshi: Reforming the Form of the Auditors’ Report: The Case of Building Societies 1956-1960
412913Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:16480 -- Kannan; R: Debt-deficit dynamics in India and macroeconomic effects: A structural approach
413013Jan/29/13 4:45 PMID:27675 -- Angel-Urdinola; Diego F.: Is Social Assistance Contributing to Higher Informality in Turkey
413113Jan/30/13 7:45 PMID:1863 -- Arcand; Jean-Louis: Testing for Separation in Agricultural Household Models and Unobservable Household-Specifi
413213Jan/30/13 4:34 AMID:2758 -- Neves; J. Anchieta: Is Mercosur an optimum currency area
413313Jan/31/13 4:59 PMID:11445 -- Fuerst; Franz: Office Rent Determinants: A Hedonic Panel Analysis
413413Jan/30/13 11:50 AMID:16233 -- Ozturk; Orgul: Employment Effects of Minimum Wages in Inflexible Labor Markets
413513Jan/31/13 3:45 AMID:19039 -- Pfau; Wade Donald: Emerging Market Pension Funds and International Diversification
413613Jan/31/13 2:05 AMID:34710 -- Zhang; Shuguang: The Achilles' heels of growth: factor price distortion and consequential adverse wealth tr
413713Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:17656 -- Ang; James: Financial Reforms Patent Protection and Knowledge Accumulation in India
413813Jan/31/13 4:46 AMID:25467 -- Clark; Gregory: The Consumer Revolution: Turning Point in Human History or Statistical Artifact
413913Jan/31/13 3:09 PMID:19978 -- Mamatzakis; E: Threshold Cointegration in BRENT crude futures market
414013Jan/28/13 11:47 AMID:23542 -- Combey; Adama: Effets Non Linéaires de l'Inflation sur la Croissance dans l'UEMOA
414113Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:3706 -- Goodridge; Stephen: THE LONG TERM GROWTH IN UNEMPLOYMENT
414213Jan/31/13 10:06 PMID:36657 -- Chong; Lucy Lee-Yun: Theory of rational expectations hypothesis: banks and other financial institutions in Mala
414313Jan/31/13 2:36 AMID:24313 -- Martinez; Steve: Local food systems: concepts impacts and issues
414413Jan/31/13 4:21 AMID:29502 -- Sanusi; Aliyu Rafindadi: Lessons from the foreign exchange market reforms in Ghana: 1983-2006
414513Jan/30/13 4:31 PMID:25363 -- Dritsakis; Nikolaos: Seasonal Analysis of Tourist Revenues: An Empirical Research for Greece
414613Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:25925 -- Honekamp; Ivonne: The potential effects for families of introducing the French fiscal system in Germany
414713Jan/31/13 10:41 AMID:23471 -- Jimborean; Ramona: The cost-efficiency of French banks
414813Jan/30/13 8:44 AMID:42470 -- Ben Youssef; Slim: Timing of adoption of clean technologies by regulated monopolies
414913Jan/30/13 6:55 PMID:15517 -- Dey; Dipankar: Energy management in 21st century: an inquiry into the mounting corporate hegemony over ba
415013Jan/31/13 10:26 AMID:25288 -- Psillakis; Zaharias: Low Cost Inferential Forecasting and Tourism Demand in Accommodation Industry
415113Jan/30/13 6:42 AMID:14727 -- Block; Joern: What is the Effect of the Current Financial Crisis on Venture Capital Financing Empirical
415213Jan/31/13 6:10 PMID:29569 -- Adenutsi; Deodat E.: Entrepreneurship job creation income empowerment and poverty reduction in low-income eco
415313Jan/31/13 1:56 PMID:33219 -- Yawson; Robert M.: Management of technology in Ghana – problems & prospects
415413Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:25161 -- Jaba; Elisabeta: Statistical evaluation of spatial concentration of unemployment by gender
415513Jan/30/13 10:10 PMID:10931 -- Marković; Branimir: Problems of financing local and regional self-government
415613Jan/31/13 4:35 PMID:8463 -- Osipian; Ararat: Human capital—economic growth nexus in the former Soviet Bloc
415713Jan/30/13 8:57 PMID:32840 -- Halkos; George: Economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions: Empirical evidence from China
415813Jan/30/13 12:10 PMID:7713 -- Khan; Haider: Building an Innovative Economy through Managed Creative Destruction: A Theory with Applica
415913Jan/30/13 5:56 AMID:12499 -- Tatom; John: The foreclosure crisis: a two-pronged attack on the U.S. economy
416013Jan/31/13 9:21 AMID:25270 -- Delis; Manthos D: The chicken or the egg A note on the dynamic interrelation between government bond spread
416113Jan/29/13 11:30 AMID:33329 -- Ton; Giel: Challenges for smallholder market access: a review of literature on institutional arrangem
416213Jan/26/13 11:58 AMID:3185 -- Hasan; Zubair: Macro Consumption Function in an Islamic Framework by Fahim Khan: Comments
416313Jan/28/13 10:58 PMID:43091 -- Ruiz-Porras; Antonio: La investigación econométrica mediante paneles de datos: Historia modelos y usos en Méxic
416413Jan/25/13 8:35 PMID:209 -- Papatheodorou; Christos: Accounting for inequality in the EU: Income disparities between and within member states a
416513Jan/30/13 10:15 PMID:27117 -- Bensassi; Sami: Economic integration and the two margins of trade: the impact of the Barcelona Process on
416613Jan/26/13 2:00 AMID:6361 -- Merz; Joachim: Existenzgründung Wie werde ich selbständig wie werde ich Freiberufler Ein Leitfaden
416713Jan/28/13 2:39 PMID:10945 -- KAPITSINAS; SPYRIDON: Derivatives Usage in Risk Management by Non-Financial Firms: Evidence from Greece
416813Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:37557 -- Hossain; Muhammad Iqbal: Total labor force and GDP of Bangladesh: an analysis in between the year 2002-2009
416913Jan/31/13 6:20 AMID:3127 -- Gottlieb; Daniel: Social Policy Targeting and Binary Information Transfer between Surveys
417013Jan/30/13 10:46 AMID:16313 -- Nunley; John M.: Child-Custody Reform and Marriage-Specific Investment in Children
417113Jan/29/13 5:39 PMID:12696 -- Orlowski; Lucjan T: Stages of the 2007/2008 Global Financial Crisis: Is There a Wandering Asset-Price Bubble
417213Jan/30/13 1:12 PMID:136 -- Basher; Syed A.: Is there Really a Unit Root in the Inflation Rate More Evidence from Panel Data Models
417313Jan/30/13 3:42 PMID:17538 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: In search of the 'lost capital'. A theory for valuation investment decisions performance
417413Jan/30/13 7:26 AMID:6120 -- v an der Hoek; M.: An Incomes Policy for the Professions: the Dutch Experience
417513Jan/31/13 12:36 PMID:37396 -- Demir; Firat: Preferential Trade Agreements and Manufactured Goods Exports: Does It Matter Whom You PTA
417613Jan/30/13 1:34 AMID:35467 -- Ulgen; Faruk: Shaky emerging economies in view of the global financial crisis: the Turkish economy after
417713Jan/31/13 12:31 AMID:31982 -- Dutrénit; gabriela: El sistema nacional de innovación mexicano: estructuras políticas desempeño y desafíos
417813Jan/29/13 2:26 PMID:8708 -- Fontainha; Elsa: Communities of Practice and Virtual Learning Communities: Benefits barriers and success f
417913Jan/31/13 6:28 PMID:3148 -- Gottlieb; Daniel: The Effect of Migrant Workers on Employment Real Wages and Inequality The Case of Israel -
418013Jan/31/13 10:49 AMID:7585 -- Grum; Andraž: The analysis of factors that determine the level of interest rates paid on treasury bills
418113Jan/31/13 3:31 PMID:38873 -- Dachs; Bernhard: The Servitization of European Manufacturing Industries
418213Jan/30/13 2:21 PMID:3299 -- Heng; Stefan: RFID chips: Future technology on everyone’s lips
418313Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:6933 -- Gikhman; Ilya: Risky Swaps.
418413Jan/30/13 3:11 AMID:34761 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: New Article of Clothing translates the Mood of an Individual
418513Jan/31/13 4:02 AMID:27451 -- Mikic; Mia: Achieving the trade targets of Millennium Development Goal 8: Status in the least develope
418613Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:25929 -- Mandler; Martin: Explaining ECB and Fed interest rate correlation: Economic interdependence and optimal mon
418713Jan/31/13 11:13 AMID:31195 -- Jena; Pradyot: A study of changing patterns of energy consumption and energy efficiency in the Indian man
418813Jan/29/13 3:43 AMID:15265 -- Vistesen; Claus: Carry Trade Fundamentals and the Financial Crisis 2007-2010
418913Jan/31/13 7:34 PMID:38541 -- Peng; Fei: Labour market institutions and skill premiums: an empirical analysis on the UK 1972-2002
419013Jan/29/13 6:14 PMID:23300 -- Hebous; Shafik: The Effects of Discretionary Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic Aggregates: A Reappraisal
419113Jan/30/13 3:20 PMID:19196 -- Ivakhnyuk; Irina: Russian Migration Policy and Its Impact on Human Development
419213Jan/30/13 8:47 PMID:15828 -- Mas; Matilde: The Role of ICT on the Spanish Productivity Slowdown
419313Jan/30/13 10:30 PMID:6410 -- van der Hoek; M. Peter: From Cash to Accrual Budgeting and Accounting in the Public Sector: The Dutch Experience
419413Jan/30/13 3:25 PMID:27242 -- Delis; Manthos D: Supervisory effectiveness and bank risk
419513Jan/30/13 6:07 PMID:40041 -- Mejía Cubillos; Javier: Crecimiento económico de largo plazo en Antioquia Colombia: Estimación del PIB. 1800-1913
419613Jan/30/13 11:45 AMID:22088 -- Hoque; Serajul: Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Employment in Bangladesh: A Computable General Equilibri
419713Jan/30/13 9:29 AMID:35614 -- BESSO; CHRISTOPHE RAOUL: Phillips Curve case study in Cameroon: evaluation of fundamental assumptions
419813Jan/31/13 4:15 PMID:29031 -- Cai; Wenbiao: Skill Investment Farm Size Distribution and Agricultural Productivity
420013Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:33511 -- Martinho; Vítor João Pereira Domingues: A non linear model of the new economic geography for Portugal. Another perspective
420113Jan/31/13 8:55 PMID:21312 -- Mailu; Stephen: The influence of prices on market participation decisions of indigenous poultry farmers in
420213Jan/26/13 1:39 PMID:29560 -- Tamuli; Jitu: RE looking at forest policies in Assam: facilitating reserved forests as de facto open acc
420313Jan/31/13 1:53 AMID:18347 -- Sinha; Dipendra: Economic growth and government expenditure in China
420413Jan/30/13 7:52 PMID:33462 -- Paun; Cristian: Banii băncile centrale politica monetară şi reglementarea sistemului bancar modern
420513Jan/28/13 10:25 PMID:36632 -- Hirano; Tomohiro: Asset Price Bubbles in the Kiyotaki-Moore Model
420613Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:24650 -- Sonora; Robert: Asymmetries in New Keynesian Phillips Curves: Evidence from US Cities
420713Jan/31/13 2:03 AMID:36016 -- Mahmud; Mir Nahid: Government Expenditure and Household Consumption in Bangladesh through the Lens of Economi
420813Jan/31/13 3:05 AMID:32465 -- Jawaid; Syed Tehseen: Monetary-fiscal-trade policy and economic growth in Pakistan: Time series empirical invest
420913Jan/24/13 3:12 AMID:41945 -- Teymourzadeh; Rozita: An Overview of the Decimation process and its VLSI implementation
421013Jan/30/13 9:33 PMID:20223 -- Perumal; Koshy: Diversity and multiculturalism as a strategy for strengthening Micro Small and Medium Ent
421113Jan/30/13 12:43 AMID:1446 -- Singh; Nirvikar: Services-Led Industrialization in India: Assessment and Lessons
421213Jan/31/13 4:55 AMID:2981 -- Hasan; Zubair: Islamization of Knowledge in Economics: Issues and Agenda
421413Jan/30/13 9:23 AMID:33438 -- Moore; Winston: Foreign direct investment and tourism in SIDS: evidence from panel causality tests
421513Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:12991 -- van den Hauwe; Ludwig: Credit Expansion the Prisoner´s Dilemma and Free Banking as Mechanism Design
421613Jan/30/13 5:47 AMID:11385 -- Yamamura; Eiji: The role of social capital in homogeneous society: Review of recent researches in Japan
421713Jan/30/13 6:27 PMID:20107 -- Palombini; Edgardo: Factor models and the credit risk of a loan portfolio
421813Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:11372 -- Strawinski; Pawel: What drives the Unemployment Rate in Poland.
421913Jan/31/13 3:06 PMID:15622 -- Telyukova; Irina A.: Precautionary Demand for Money in a Monetary Business Cycle Model
422013Jan/30/13 1:39 PMID:26228 -- Llussá; Fernanda: Financial Development Gender and Entrepreneurship
422113Jan/30/13 2:50 PMID:40931 -- Greenidge; Kevin: A Note on Causality between Debt and Sovereign Credit Ratings using Panel Tests
422213Jan/31/13 2:28 PMID:39849 -- Di Gaetano; Luigi: A Model of corporate donations to open source under hardware–software complementarity
422313Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:28564 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: Improving the system of internal control through regulation: cases of small-sized building
422413Jan/29/13 8:50 PMID:6600 -- Lu; Jiangyong: The Effects of Corporate Governance and Institutional Environments on Export Behaviour: Ev
422513Jan/31/13 1:50 PMID:2238 -- Colvin; Chris: Universal Banking Failure An Analysis of the Contrasting Responses of the Amsterdamsche B
422613Jan/31/13 7:49 PMID:4848 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: Productivity Growth in Small Enterprises - Role of Inputs Technological Progress and 'Lea
422713Jan/29/13 5:13 AMID:32047 -- Athanasoglou; Panayiotis: New trade theory non-price competitiveness and export performance
422813Jan/30/13 7:31 PMID:11447 -- Fuerst; Franz: Spatial Patterns of Office Employment in the New York Region
422913Jan/31/13 6:07 PMID:24399 -- Cohen; Joseph N: Neoliberalism’s relationship with economic growth in the developing world: Was it the powe
423013Jan/31/13 4:51 PMID:27096 -- Skribans; Valerijs: Nodokļu ieņēmumu modelēšana izmantojot sistēmdinamikas metodi
423113Jan/30/13 10:45 AMID:41909 -- Karousakis; Katia: A Typology of Economic Instruments and Methods for Efficient Water Resources Management in
423213Jan/29/13 10:13 PMID:6833 -- Freeman; Alan: Crisis and the Poverty of Nations: Two Market Products Which Value Explains Better
423313Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:38917 -- Stanovnik; Tine: The distribution of wages and employee incomes in Slovenia 1991–2009
423413Jan/30/13 5:52 PMID:25650 -- Chen; Yenming: The diffusion dynamics of the informal sector and sustainable WEEE supply chain
423513Jan/30/13 6:10 PMID:13220 -- Singh; Bhupal: Corporate choice for overseas borrowings: The Indian evidence
423613Jan/31/13 7:06 AMID:24755 -- Hossain; Monzur: Financial Reforms and Persistently High Bank Interest Spreads in Bangladesh: Pitfalls in I
423713Jan/31/13 2:30 PMID:17260 -- Mazumder; Sandeep: The Price-Marginal Cost Markup and its Determinants in U.S. Manufacturing
423813Jan/30/13 1:35 PMID:42106 -- Gumus; Erdal: Crime in Urban Areas: An Empirical Investigation
423913Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:33573 -- Tealdi; Cristina: How do employment contract reforms affect welfare Theory and evidence
424013Jan/31/13 3:09 AMID:24595 -- Hashiguchi; Yoshihiro: Has China's Interregional Capital Mobility Been Low A Spatial Econometric Estimation of t
424113Jan/30/13 9:38 AMID:22016 -- Othman; Jamal: Linking Agricultural Trade Land Demand and Environmental Externalities: Case of Oil Palm
424213Jan/31/13 8:49 PMID:41545 -- zvingilaite; Erika: Heat savings and heat generation technologies: Modelling of residential investment behavio
424313Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:10568 -- Leong; Choi-Meng: Testing the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Malaysia Using Alternative Monetary Aggreg
424413Jan/29/13 3:56 PMID:38643 -- Bouoiyour; Jamal: Exchange Rate Regime Real Exchange Rate Trade Flows and Foreign Direct Investments: The
424513Jan/30/13 11:51 AMID:23351 -- Basu; Parantap: Uninsurable Risk and Financial Market Puzzles
424613Jan/30/13 6:01 AMID:39516 -- Rabie; Mohamed: Can America pay its public debt
424713Jan/30/13 1:31 PMID:24371 -- Xiao; Qin: Systemic Stability of Housing and Mortgage Market: A state-dependent four-phase model
424813Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:16838 -- Yilmazkuday; Hakan: How Important is Technology A Counterfactual Analysis
424913Jan/31/13 12:12 PMID:11720 -- Liu; Shuang: A Meta-Analysis of Contingent Valuation Studies in Coastal and Near-Shore Marine Ecosystem
425013Jan/29/13 8:34 PMID:15183 -- Giuriato; Luisa: The domestic stability pact in Italy: a rule for discipline
425113Jan/30/13 2:47 AMID:35823 -- Tanaka; Kenta: Potential climate effects on Japanese rice productivity
425213Jan/31/13 8:37 AMID:12423 -- Rena; Ravinder: Historical Development of Money and Banking in Eritrea from the Axumite Kingdom to the Pre
425313Jan/30/13 8:15 PMID:29733 -- Khemraj; Tarron: Elected Oligarchy and Economic Underdevelopment: The Case of Guyana
425413Jan/31/13 9:34 PMID:35510 -- Bachev; Hrabrin: Effects of EU CAP implementation on Bulgarian farms
425513Jan/30/13 9:38 PMID:20916 -- Emerson; Michael: Optimisation of Central Asian and Eurasian Inter-Continental Land Transport Corridors
425613Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:2049 -- Everts; Martin: Band-Pass Filters
425713Jan/31/13 10:39 PMID:31778 -- Mohamed; Issam A.W.: The economic and environmental factors of water in arid regions: Study of the rural water
425813Jan/30/13 5:39 PMID:43541 -- Simplice A; Asongu: The ‘Knowledge Economy’-finance nexus: how do IPRs matter in SSA and MENA countries
425913Jan/31/13 12:57 AMID:1097 -- Levy; Daniel: Asymmetric Price Adjustment in the Small
426013Jan/28/13 1:10 PMID:9257 -- Kortelainen; Mika: Estimation of semiparametric stochastic frontiers under shape constraints with application
426113Jan/30/13 9:41 PMID:357 -- Kulaksizoglu; Tamer: Measuring the Effectiveness of Competition Policy: Evidence from the Turkish Cement Indust
426213Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:12016 -- Robalino; David: lmplicit Pension Debt in the Middle-East and North Africa: Magnitude and Fiscal lmplicatio
426313Jan/31/13 7:46 AMID:22902 -- Sherstnev; Mikhail: Economic development governance and accounting: Lessons for LDCs from the past Western ex
426413Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:9397 -- Khanam; Rasheda: Impact of Child Labour on School Attendance and School Attainment: Evidence from Banglades
426513Jan/30/13 6:05 PMID:12640 -- Ramos; Maria Priscila: Politique Commerciale Qualité et Environnement: une Application aux Négociations Commerci
426613Jan/30/13 1:30 PMID:3266 -- Iqbal; Javed: Market for statisticians in developing economies: The case study of Pakistan’s corporate s
426713Jan/30/13 1:41 PMID:14375 -- Oksuzler; Oktay: Does Education Pay off in Turkey An Ordered Logit Approach
426813Jan/31/13 5:50 AMID:21807 -- Khalidi; Raja J.: The Arab economy in Israel: dependency or development
426913Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:17965 -- Scorbureanu; Alexandrina Ioana: The competitive advantage in The Middle East. An empirical approach
427013Jan/31/13 6:46 AMID:42664 -- Leitão; Nuno Carlos: Bank credit and economic growth
427113Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:14472 -- Chu; Angus C.: Effects of Patent Policy on Income and Consumption Inequality in an R&D-Growth Model
427213Jan/30/13 10:12 PMID:2514 -- Marcus; J. Scott: Is the U.S. Dancing to a Different Drummer
427313Jan/31/13 4:31 AMID:37083 -- Wu; Ji: Does Distance Affect the Performance of Foreign Banks Evidence from Multinational Banking
427413Jan/30/13 10:22 AMID:23616 -- Mitze; Timo: Testing the Validity of the Neoclassical Migration Model: Overall and Age-Group Specific E
427513Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:14079 -- Adam; Anokye M.: Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Market Movement: Evidence from Ghana
427613Jan/30/13 2:18 AMID:41807 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: The Demand for Calories in Turkey
427713Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:13262 -- Freeman; Alan: How much is enough
427813Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:37527 -- Roman; Mihai Daniel: Entreprises behavior in cooperative and punishment‘s repeated negotiations
427913Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:12691 -- José Luis; Massón-Guerra: Measures of Science & Technology in Ecuador
428013Jan/29/13 4:37 AMID:32505 -- Singh; Ashish: Inequality of opportunity in Indian children: the case of immunization and nutrition
428113Jan/30/13 3:19 AMID:14496 -- Ang; James: Financial Liberalization and Income Inequality
428213Jan/30/13 10:41 PMID:7602 -- Chakraborty; Lekha S: Determinants of Declining Child Sex Ratio in India: An Empirical Investigation
428313Jan/31/13 4:30 AMID:3446 -- Cristobal; Adolfo: Trade and migration: a U-shaped transition in Eastern Europe
428413Jan/29/13 7:19 AMID:39604 -- Halkos; George: State owned enterprises privatization and the public interest: evidence of S.O.E. perform
428513Jan/31/13 2:52 PMID:13440 -- Castagnetti; Carolina: Euro corporate bonds risk factors
428613Jan/31/13 9:47 PMID:26206 -- Ahmed; Shahid: India-Korea CEPA: Potentials and Realities
428713Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:21426 -- Andrianesis; Panagiotis: Impact of Reserve and Fixed Costs on the Day-Ahead Scheduling Problem in Greece’s Electric
428813Jan/27/13 9:39 PMID:5935 -- prasad; syam: Life of elderly in India
428913Jan/27/13 2:37 PMID:42293 -- Ahmad; Mahyudin: Economic growth and institutions in developing countries: Panel evidence
429013Jan/26/13 9:09 PMID:2793 -- Silasi; Grigore: Europe Space of Freedom and Security. Migration and mobility: Assets and challenges for t
429113Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:35628 -- Rotaru; Paul Costel: Identificarea disparităților regionale privind ocuparea populatiei pe domenii de activitat
429213Jan/31/13 5:52 PMID:29407 -- Murphy; Daniel P: Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats Welfare Consequences of Asymmetric Growth
429313Jan/30/13 11:26 AMID:4474 -- Bardhan; Ashok: Diversified Occupations Offshoring and Labor Market Volatility
429413Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:14476 -- Kitov; Ivan: Does economics need a scientific revolution
429513Jan/29/13 5:48 PMID:12107 -- Law; Siong Hook: The Quality of Institutions and Financial Development
429613Jan/30/13 3:27 AMID:13668 -- Antoci; Angelo: Structural change economic growth and environmental dynamics with heterogeneous agents
429713Jan/31/13 6:51 AMID:37561 -- Javid; Attiya Yasmin: Time Varying Risk Return Relationship: Evidence from Listed Pakistani Firms
429813Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:17946 -- Bala; Madhu: Economic Policy and State Owned Enterprises: Evolution Towards Privatisation in India
429913Jan/30/13 2:00 PMID:18906 -- Matei; Lucica: Partnership and Local Governance in Romania
430013Jan/29/13 12:42 PMID:24024 -- Cattaneo; Olivier: The potential for ICT-development in Morocco
430113Jan/30/13 1:58 PMID:558 -- Hartmann; Daniel: Nonlinear Links between Stock Returns and Exchange Rate Movements
430213Jan/30/13 7:40 AMID:1862 -- d'Hombres; Beatrice: Does social capital determine health Evidence from eight transition countries
430313Jan/29/13 8:41 PMID:9622 -- Guncavdi; Oner: Aggregate Imports and Expenditure Components in Turkey: Theoretical and Empirical Assessme
430413Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:2340 -- Mandler; Martin: The Taylor rule and interest rate uncertainty in the U.S. 1955-2006
430513Jan/30/13 3:10 PMID:26979 -- Tran; Tuyen: Industrialization economic and employment structure changes in Vietnam during economic tr
430613Jan/31/13 6:15 AMID:34909 -- Tan; Teck Hong: Determinants of homeownership in Malaysia
430713Jan/31/13 4:23 PMID:19504 -- Levent; Korap: Exogenous characteristics of short-term capital flows: can they be under control evidence
430813Jan/31/13 1:16 AMID:451 -- Almada; Christa: Econometric Evidence Regarding Education and Border Income Performance
430913Jan/31/13 4:30 PMID:18592 -- Mehar; Ayub: Flow of portfolio investment among the Muslim countries: modelling and possibilities
431013Jan/31/13 11:22 AMID:11136 -- NWAOBI; GODWIN: Energy Power Digital Infrastructure and Elearning Platforms: Afrrican Experience.
431113Jan/30/13 7:02 AMID:2718 -- Mishra; Sudhanshu: Some new test functions for global optimization and performance of repulsive particle swar
431213Jan/31/13 2:20 PMID:33693 -- Hirose; Yasuo: Monetary policy and sunspot fluctuation in the U.S. and the Euro area
431313Jan/30/13 7:33 PMID:16779 -- Okay; Nesrin: Analysis of Innovation and Energy Profiles in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector
431413Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:20025 -- Yamamura; Eiji: The Effect of Learning Varies According to Locality: Micro Data Analysis of the Lawyer Mar
431513Jan/28/13 2:14 PMID:4579 -- Mabillot; David: User Generated Content: Web 2.0 Taking the Video Sector by Storm
431613Jan/30/13 12:02 AMID:70 -- Armstrong; Mark: Competitive nonlinear pricing and bundling
431713Jan/31/13 7:45 PMID:36160 -- Subhani; Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz: Determinants of export performance in textile industries of Pakistan
431813Jan/30/13 9:10 AMID:13869 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Financial markets in time of stress
431913Jan/31/13 9:22 PMID:28072 -- Waters; James: The effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on innovation
432013Jan/30/13 7:55 AMID:18683 -- Swain; Braja Bandhu: The role of contract farming in agricultural development in globalise world: an institutio
432113Jan/30/13 1:09 PMID:22300 -- Alasrag; Hussien: المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة ودورها في التشغيل فى الدول العربية
432213Jan/30/13 2:53 PMID:36358 -- Panetta; I. C.: Il rischio di liquidità: regolamentazione e best practice
432313Jan/30/13 4:35 PMID:27506 -- Ciliberto; Federico: Does Multimarket Contact Facilitate Tacit Collusion Inference on Conduct Parameters in th
432413Jan/30/13 10:06 AMID:2911 -- Pousttchi; Key: Current Mobile Payment Procedures on the German Market from the View of Customer Requireme
432513Jan/31/13 10:49 AMID:35997 -- Willi; Semmlero: Fiscal policy public expenditure composition and growth. theory and empirics
432713Jan/30/13 3:55 PMID:35296 -- Antonio; Paradiso: A New Keynesian IS Curve for Australia: Is it Forward Looking or Backward Looking
432813Jan/31/13 5:00 AMID:2977 -- Hasan; Zubair: Measuring efficiency of Islamic banks: criteria methods and social priorities
432913Jan/30/13 6:46 PMID:8955 -- Matić; Branko: Models of Including Financially Inactive Population into the Financial System
433013Jan/30/13 10:54 AMID:18867 -- Moretti; Luigi: Bank Concentration and Structure of Manufacturing Sectors: Differences Between High and Lo
433113Jan/29/13 8:46 PMID:39332 -- Goagara; Daniel: National and international exigencies on increasing the quality of accounting information
433213Jan/29/13 5:13 PMID:31369 -- Mamoon; Dawood: Pakistan's trade competitiveness & complementarities in South Asia
433313Jan/31/13 8:30 AMID:8509 -- Brooks; Robert: An Inflated Ordered Probit Model of Monetary Policy: Evidence from MPC Voting Data
433413Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:27941 -- Akbari; Ather H.: Labour market performance of immigrants in smaller regions of western countries: some evid
433513Jan/29/13 8:51 PMID:40147 -- Amdur; David: Trend shocks and the countercyclical U.S. current account
433613Jan/31/13 7:10 AMID:39049 -- Cripps; Francis: Global imbalances under-consumption and overborrowing: the state of the world economy & f
433713Jan/30/13 12:31 PMID:8195 -- Anderson; Evelyn: Nissan's keiretsu 1956-1970
433813Jan/29/13 11:27 AMID:2578 -- Mihhailova; Gerda: E-learning as internationalization strategy in higher education: Lecturer’s and student’s
433913Jan/29/13 10:13 PMID:33664 -- Golmohammadpoor Azar; Kamran: 2008 Economic Crisis Analysis
434013Jan/31/13 5:08 PMID:23772 -- Surugiu; Marius-Răzvan: Comparative structural approaches regarding relevant indicators of Input-Output analysis a
434113Jan/30/13 5:16 PMID:27479 -- Pillai; Rajasekharan: Labour Market Structure: A Brief Literature Survey
434213Jan/31/13 7:15 AMID:3989 -- Alasrag; Hussien: تأثير الاتحاد الجمركى العربى على الصناعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة فى الدول العربية
434313Jan/30/13 9:01 PMID:26516 -- Su; Yongyang: Strategic asset allocation and intertemporal demands: with commodities as an asset class
434413Jan/31/13 12:46 PMID:41978 -- Amjad; Rashid: Export Barriers in Pakistan: Results of a Firm-Level Survey
434513Jan/29/13 10:05 PMID:9787 -- Tatom; John: The U.S. foreclosure crisis: a two-pronged assault on the U.S. economy
434613Jan/30/13 1:15 AMID:2849 -- Gomes; Orlando: Monetary policy and economic growth: combining short and long run macro analysis
434713Jan/31/13 3:36 AMID:37617 -- Martino; Gaetano: Trust contracting and adaptation in agri-food hybrid structure
434813Jan/31/13 5:37 AMID:31181 -- Soliman; Ibrahim: Impact of technological changes and economic liberalization on agricultural labor employme
434913Jan/31/13 11:11 AMID:26129 -- Shewmake; Sharon: Can carpooling clean the air The economics of HOV lanes hybrid cars and the Clean Air Ac
435013Jan/30/13 9:36 AMID:15522 -- Das; Keshab: Externally-oriented Small and Medium Enterprises: Predicament and Possibilities
435113Jan/31/13 5:43 PMID:32057 -- Groot; Loek: A global view on demographic pressure and labour market participation
435213Jan/30/13 10:07 PMID:2756 -- Cimoli; Mario: Institutional Requirements for Market-led Development in Latin America
435313Jan/31/13 1:19 PMID:19653 -- Che; Natasha Xingyuan: Sectoral Structural Change in a Knowledge Economy
435413Jan/27/13 2:24 PMID:17886 -- Jellal; Mohamed: Family Capitalism Corporate Governance Theory
435513Jan/31/13 5:26 PMID:10162 -- Balli; Faruk: Spillover Effects on Government Bond Yields in Euro Zone. Does Full Financial Integration
435613Jan/30/13 10:03 PMID:41147 -- Lord; Montague: East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC)Strategy and Action Plan
435713Jan/30/13 3:49 PMID:42675 -- Halkos; George: Economic growth and environmental efficiency: Evidence from U.S. regions
435813Jan/31/13 6:33 PMID:35413 -- Mariolis; Theodore: Return to devalued drachma cost-push inflation and international competitiveness
435913Jan/31/13 1:53 PMID:28665 -- Shahbaz; Muhammad: Intra-industry trade: The Pakistan experience
436013Jan/31/13 2:21 PMID:39672 -- DE KONING; Kees: Pension savings and economic growth
436113Jan/30/13 10:00 AMID:2891 -- Gomes; Orlando: On the stability of endogenous growth models: an evaluation of the agents’ response to out
436213Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:4212 -- Tedds; Lindsay: Estimating the Income Reporting Function for the Self-Employed
436313Jan/29/13 8:42 PMID:16199 -- Chauvet; Marcelle: Real Time Changes in Monetary Policy
436513Jan/31/13 10:18 PMID:2150 -- Qayyum; Abdul: Capital Flows and Money Supply: The Degree of Sterilisation in Pakistan
436613Jan/31/13 2:40 PMID:39459 -- Atallah; Gamal: A model of R&D capitalization
436713Jan/31/13 4:39 AMID:3319 -- Depta; Peter: Extended Measures of Investment and Saving
436813Jan/29/13 6:26 PMID:39052 -- Singh; Ajit: The global economic and financial crisis: a review and commentary
436913Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:33692 -- Kakarot-Handtke; Egmont: Keynes’s missing axioms
437013Jan/25/13 9:02 PMID:2076 -- Caiado; Jorge: Discrimination between deterministic trend and stochastic trend processes
437113Jan/30/13 12:27 PMID:13690 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Measuring intertemporal substitution: The role of durable goods
437213Jan/30/13 4:17 AMID:42130 -- Klinge Jacobsen; Henrik: Energy intensities and the impact of high energy prices on producing and consuming sectors
437313Jan/31/13 4:44 PMID:40389 -- Povoledo; Laura: Modelling the sectoral allocation of labour in open economy models
437413Jan/29/13 10:11 PMID:9308 -- Al-Amin; Abul Quasem: Impacts of External Price Shocks on Malaysian Macro Economy-An Applied General Equilibrium
437513Jan/30/13 1:52 PMID:26668 -- Magazzino; Cosimo: Wagner's law and augmented Wagner's law in EU-27. A time-series analysis on stationarity
437613Jan/30/13 6:59 AMID:22210 -- Nicolau; Mihaela: The influence of taxation on energy products price and consequences on the global economy
437713Jan/31/13 8:35 AMID:35694 -- Mukherjee; Sanchita: Technology intensity of Indian merchandise exports
437813Jan/31/13 10:16 AMID:36061 -- Weber; Patrick: Timing asset market peaks: the role of the liquidity risk cycle of the banking system
437913Jan/31/13 1:47 PMID:36749 -- Kleiner; George: Ресурсная теория системной организации экономики
438013Jan/31/13 12:03 PMID:25389 -- Asprogerakas; Evangelos: City Competition and Urban Marketing: The Case of Tourism Industry in Athens
438113Jan/31/13 5:21 AMID:38888 -- Sengupta; Rajeswari: Does reserve accumulation lead to higher currency-risk taking in the corporate sector Fir
438213Jan/30/13 7:11 AMID:8623 -- Coe; David T.: Structural Determinants of the Natural Rate of Unemployment in Canada
438313Jan/30/13 6:59 AMID:21012 -- Tarassow; Artur: The empirical relevance of Goodwin’s business cycle model for the US economy
438413Jan/30/13 8:30 AMID:42847 -- Avino; Davide: Price Discovery of Credit Spreads in Tranquil and Crisis Periods
438513Jan/31/13 11:26 AMID:23022 -- Edsel; Beja Jr: Do international remittances cause Dutch disease
438613Jan/30/13 3:37 PMID:4527 -- Ventura Dias; Vivianne: Production sharing in Latin American trade: a research note
438713Jan/29/13 3:53 PMID:37046 -- Abdulai; Awudu: Property rights and investment in agriculture: Evidence for Ghana
438813Jan/29/13 6:24 PMID:7683 -- Joy; Joseph: Understanding Advertising Adstock Transformations
438913Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:34990 -- Simplice A.; Asongu: Investment and inequality in Africa: which financial channels are good for the poor
439013Jan/30/13 7:32 PMID:41594 -- Dutcher; E. Glenn: Does Team Telecommuting Affect Productivity An Experiment
439113Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:20226 -- Lin; William: Price informativeness and predictability: how liquidity can help
439213Jan/30/13 6:19 AMID:19198 -- Gligorov; Vladimir: Mobility and Transition in Integrating Europe
439313Jan/30/13 9:27 PMID:6725 -- Harabi; Najib: Technischer Fortschritt in der Schweiz: Empirische Ergebnisse aus industrieökonomischer Si
439413Jan/31/13 8:48 PMID:33295 -- Lorca-Susino; Maria: Man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone
439513Jan/29/13 5:37 PMID:9926 -- Giang; Thanh Long: Social Health Insurance in Vietnam
439613Jan/29/13 1:37 PMID:42974 -- Muhammad; Shahbaz: The Dynamic Link between Energy Consumption Economic Growth Financial Development and Tr
439713Jan/31/13 8:56 PMID:36450 -- Harrison; Ann: Globalization's impact on compliance with labor standards
439813Jan/31/13 10:48 AMID:42566 -- Delisle; R. Jared: The dynamic relation between short sellers option traders and aggregate returns
439913Jan/30/13 1:17 AMID:14157 -- Pouliakas; Konstantinos: Modelling the Effects of Immigration on Regional Economic Performance and the Wage Distrib
440013Jan/30/13 1:36 PMID:19960 -- de Carvalho Filho; Irineu: Inflation Targeting and the Crisis: An Empirical Assessment
440113Jan/31/13 3:15 PMID:14088 -- Aretz; Kevin: Corporate Hedging and Shareholder Value
440213Jan/29/13 5:15 PMID:28096 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Regional heterogeneity and firms’ innovation: the role of regional factors in industrial R
440313Jan/30/13 10:51 PMID:16415 -- Toivanen; Hannes: Learning and Corporate Strategy: The Dynamic Evolution of the North American Pulp and Pape
440413Jan/31/13 2:12 PMID:25388 -- Mohamed; Ghada Abd-Alla: Service Quality of Travel Agents: The Viewpoint of Tourists in Egypt
440513Jan/30/13 5:04 AMID:12224 -- Zhang; ZhongXiang: Asian Energy and Environmental Policy: Promoting Growth While Preserving the Environment
440613Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:36995 -- Perry; Bryan: Real wages and monetary policy: A DSGE approach
440713Jan/31/13 3:59 AMID:875 -- Inguanotto; Irina: Elda Pavan Cecchele e il mondo della moda: 1950-1970
440813Jan/31/13 3:32 PMID:34966 -- Choy; Marylin: Monetary policy operating procedures: the Peruvian case
440913Jan/29/13 7:32 PMID:39875 -- Cinquegrana; Giuseppe: The dynamics of the housing market prices and the business cycle: a VAR analysis for the e
441013Jan/31/13 6:43 AMID:25103 -- Sukati; Mphumuzi A: The Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) R
441113Jan/27/13 7:20 PMID:25443 -- Trabelsi; Mohamed Ali: Peut-on encore parler des mesures de performance
441213Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:25237 -- Ruiz-Porras; Antonio: The separation of ownership and control and investment decisions in Mexican manufacturing
441313Jan/30/13 6:45 AMID:41383 -- Khan; Reza Ahmed/Md.: A proven model for achieving localized food security and farmers benefit protection
441413Jan/31/13 8:01 PMID:13603 -- Steinbacher; Matjaz: Stochastic Processes in Finance and Behavioral Finance
441513Jan/31/13 6:43 PMID:17665 -- Zafar; Sohail: External scale economies in manufacturing sector of Pakistan: a comparison of large scale
441613Jan/30/13 10:52 PMID:11448 -- Madden; Gary G: Telecommunications productivity catch-up and innovation
441713Jan/29/13 6:16 PMID:37142 -- Anwar; Mumtaz: Effectiveness of foreign aid in the light of millennium development goal on the health sec
441813Jan/30/13 9:07 PMID:21985 -- Bilgin; Cevat: Türkiye’de Büyüme ve İhracat Arasındaki Nedensellik İlişkileri
441913Jan/31/13 1:34 PMID:37025 -- Abu Mansor; Shazali: Subsidy and export: Malaysian case
442013Jan/25/13 4:18 AMID:42968 -- Choi; Kangsik: Indirect Taxation and Privatization in a Model of Government's Preference
442113Jan/31/13 10:32 AMID:13986 -- Sanjaya; M Ryan: Health cost in Indonesia: evidences from IFLS and Susenas data
442213Jan/30/13 2:57 PMID:17758 -- STAVRINOS; VASILIOS G.: The Vicious Cycle of the Foreign Military Debt
442313Jan/31/13 5:20 PMID:25841 -- Bandyopadhyay; Kaushik Ranjan: Does OPEC act as a Residual Producer
442413Jan/30/13 12:22 PMID:4876 -- Andraž; Grum: Razvitost slovenskega trga dolžniškega kapitala in ocenitev krivulje donosnosti
442513Jan/30/13 2:24 PMID:4466 -- Cordoba; Juan-Carlos: Malthus to Romer: On the Colonial Origins of the Industrial Revolution
442613Jan/30/13 3:49 AMID:16194 -- Lee; Lena: Novel Opportunity Exploitation: Impact of Personality Environment and Uncertainty Avoidan
442713Jan/30/13 7:10 AMID:8386 -- Chmielewski; Tomasz: Impact of globalisation Changes in the MTM in Poland
442813Jan/29/13 8:35 PMID:15744 -- Stavarek; Daniel: Exchange Market Pressure in Central Europe: An Application of the Girton-Roper Model
442913Jan/31/13 3:58 AMID:31930 -- Temel; Tugrul: Are the U.S. farm wages equalizing Markov chain approach
443013Jan/31/13 12:14 AMID:5034 -- Husain; Fazal: The Random Walk Model in the Pakistani Equity market: An Examination
443113Jan/31/13 9:14 PMID:41076 -- Chakraborty; Suparna: Deconstructing Growth - A Business Cycle Accounting Approach with application to BRICs
443213Jan/30/13 9:22 PMID:5211 -- Holden; Stein T.: Impact of Land Certification on Land Rental Market Participation in Tigray Region Norther
443313Jan/27/13 9:12 PMID:35837 -- Odusanya; Ibrahim Abidemi: Analysis of inflation and its determinants in Nigeria
443413Jan/28/13 8:15 PMID:19330 -- Fagerberg; Jan: The evolution of Norway’s national innovation system
443513Jan/30/13 4:22 AMID:915 -- Ikonnikova; Svetlana: Coalition Formation Bargaining and Investments in Networks with Externalities: Analysis o
443613Jan/31/13 9:11 AMID:24017 -- Chin-Hong; Puah: Is Money Neutral In Stock Market The Case of Malaysia
443713Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:9736 -- S. Adnan H. A. S.; Bukhari: Estimating Output Gap for Pakistan Economy:Structural and Statistical Approaches
443813Jan/31/13 9:26 PMID:31509 -- Qian; Hang: Estimating SUR Tobit Model while errors are gaussian scale mixtures: with an application t
443913Jan/29/13 3:58 PMID:42821 -- Esposito; Francesco Paolo: Multidimensional Black-Scholes options
444013Jan/30/13 3:40 PMID:14191 -- Zhang; ZhongXiang: Is it fair to treat China as a Christmas tree to hang everybody’s complaints Putting its
444113Jan/31/13 4:36 AMID:15896 -- Bezemer; Dirk J: Disaggregated Credit Flows and Growth in Central Europe
444213Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:26461 -- Popov; Sergey V.: University Competition Grading Standards and Grade Inflation
444313Jan/30/13 11:04 PMID:28798 -- Sunny; Kumar Singh: An Analysis of Remuneration Employment & VRS at Executive level in CPSEs
444413Jan/29/13 11:02 PMID:16561 -- Baltusnikiene; Jurate: Viešojo valdymo sistemos decentralizacija: turinys pranašumai ir trūkumai
444513Jan/31/13 6:25 PMID:19434 -- Libman; Alexander: Модели экономической интеграции: мировой и постсоветский опыт
444613Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:21750 -- Siddiqi; Hammad: The Puzzle of a Unique Instrument in Emerging Markets of South Asia
444713Jan/31/13 4:39 PMID:6488 -- Drobot; Elena: Globalization of International Relationships
444813Jan/31/13 10:36 PMID:42108 -- Gumus; Erdal: Benefit-Cost Analysis of Reforming the Turkish Social Insurance Institution for the Self-E
444913Jan/30/13 3:09 PMID:3648 -- Resende-Filho; Moises: A principal-agent model for evaluating the economic value of a beef traceability system: a
445013Jan/30/13 10:02 AMID:39773 -- Gallurt; Jesus: La asimetria de la informacion en la crisis financiera el racionamiento del credito y la
445113Jan/31/13 8:54 AMID:20177 -- Caminada; Koen: Patterns of welfare state indicators in the EU: Is there convergence
445213Jan/31/13 4:37 PMID:5382 -- Pelnar; Gregory: Antitrust Analysis of Sports Leagues
445313Jan/31/13 7:32 PMID:10307 -- Hanif; Muhammad N.: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Coordination
445413Jan/28/13 4:59 PMID:2951 -- Hasan; Zubair: Mudaraba as a mode of finance in Islamic banking: theory practice and problems
445513Jan/31/13 9:56 AMID:2719 -- Alam; Tasneem: The monetary transmission mechanism in Pakistan: a sectoral analysis
445613Jan/31/13 5:03 PMID:39552 -- Da Rin; Marco: The law and finance of venture capital financing in Europe: findings from the RICAFE resea
445713Jan/27/13 10:35 AMID:7232 -- Merz; Joachim: Microsimulation - A Survey of Methods and Applications for Analyzing Economic and Social P
445812Jan/31/13 5:45 AMID:14913 -- Yamori; Nobuyoshi: Credit Ratings in the Japanese Bond Market
445912Jan/28/13 7:28 PMID:16440 -- Maciej; Szelewicki: Labour Market Racial Discrimination in South Africa Revisited
446012Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:25524 -- Cok; Mitja: Labour Market Reforms in the Context of Political Power Theory: The Case of Slovenia
446112Jan/29/13 5:43 PMID:11054 -- Sosa Navarro; Ramiro: Default Recovery Rates and Implied Default Probability Estimations: Evidence from the Arge
446212Jan/30/13 3:41 PMID:17021 -- Georgellis; Yannis: Reference-dependent preferences in the public and private sectors: A nonlinear perspective
446312Jan/31/13 5:38 AMID:19598 -- Levent; Korap: Information content of exchange rate volatility: Turkish experience
446412Jan/31/13 7:30 PMID:30790 -- Husain; Zakir: Contraceptive use among illiterate women in India: does proximate illiteracy matter
446512Jan/30/13 7:10 AMID:24324 -- Singh; A.: The institution of a stockmarket in a socialist economy: Notes on the Chinese economic ref
446612Jan/31/13 1:50 PMID:5559 -- Schmidt; Oliver: The becoming of a market - A reflection illustrated by two case studies from Uganda
446712Jan/29/13 10:59 PMID:12808 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: Emergence of Knowledge Society: The Indian Scenario
446812Jan/30/13 6:42 AMID:42990 -- Fullerton; Thomas M.; Jr.: Border zone mass transit demand in Brownsville and Laredo
446912Jan/30/13 11:05 AMID:11161 -- Madden; Gary G: Market structure competition and pricing in United States international telephone servic
447012Jan/31/13 9:04 PMID:37043 -- Casu; Barbara: Towards a new model for early warning signals for systemic financial fragility and near cr
447112Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:38293 -- Partridge; Mark: Country Road Take Me Home: Migration Patterns in the Appalachia America and Place-Based Po
447212Jan/27/13 9:12 AMID:6932 -- Gold; David: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of the US War on Terror
447312Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:17286 -- Zoican; Marius Andrei: The quest for monetary integration – the Hungarian experience
447412Jan/30/13 10:42 PMID:777 -- White; Howard: Child poverty in Vietnam: using adult equivalence scales to estimate income-poverty for di
447512Jan/29/13 10:05 PMID:8362 -- Alrubaie; falah.K.Ali: تحلیل مؤشرات التنمیة الإنسانیة في الدول العربیة
447612Jan/30/13 7:39 PMID:22362 -- Avellaneda; Maria Belen: The Transatlantic Economy Dollar vs Euro relations amid the Global Financial Crisis
447712Jan/30/13 12:30 PMID:4888 -- Rodríguez Vicente; Mario: La distribución de servicios financieros por empresas no financieras: El caso español
447812Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:34832 -- De Silva; Dakshina G.: Entry growth and survival in the green industry
447912Jan/31/13 3:40 PMID:40121 -- Khan; Haider A.: Bangladesh: National Political Econmic Strategies in Perilous Times
448012Jan/28/13 3:17 PMID:38282 -- Groisman; Fernando: Cambios en la informalidad en el mercado de trabajo argentino 2004 – 2010
448112Jan/31/13 5:18 PMID:40419 -- Kaur; Gunjeet: An empirical investigation on the inter-sectoral linkages in India
448212Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:16748 -- Hernandez-Verme; Paula: Multiple Reserve Requirements Exchange Rates Sudden Stops and Equilibrium Dynamics in a
448312Jan/31/13 9:42 AMID:23661 -- Kumbhar; Vijay: Food Insecurity in India: Natural or Manmade
448412Jan/25/13 3:26 AMID:22818 -- Evenhouse; Eirik: Multiple-Father Fertility and Arrest Rates
448512Jan/31/13 10:39 AMID:43758 -- Lea; Kubíčková: Identification of the risk factors of the internationalitaion process of SMEs operating in
448612Jan/31/13 1:48 AMID:34564 -- Makochekanwa; Albert: Botswana’s revealed comparative advantage
448712Jan/31/13 10:26 PMID:35387 -- Joshi; Niraj Prakash: Poverty and Food Insecurity in Nepal A Review
448812Jan/31/13 10:16 PMID:35723 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Stochastic simulations on the Romanian macroeconomic model
449012Jan/31/13 4:46 PMID:26196 -- Castagnetti; Carolina: Estimation methods in panel data models with observed and unobserved components: a Monte C
449112Jan/30/13 7:54 PMID:13222 -- Zhang; ZhongXiang: The World Bank's prototype carbon fund and China
449212Jan/27/13 8:00 PMID:29639 -- Niño-Zarazúa; Miguel: Mexico’s Progresa-Oportunidades and the emergence of social assistance in Latin America
449312Jan/30/13 5:01 PMID:32366 -- Suchánek; Petr: Method of supply chain optimization in E-commerce
449412Jan/27/13 10:55 AMID:17691 -- Bezemer; Dirk J: Disaggregated Credit Flows and Growth in Central Europe
449512Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:8719 -- Papahristodoulou; Christos: Wage Differences Bonus and Team Performances: A parametric non-linear integer programming
449612Jan/29/13 10:57 AMID:38405 -- Tengeh; Robertson Khan: Financing the Start-up and Operation of Immigrant-owned Businesses: the path taken by Afri
449712Jan/30/13 3:59 PMID:2871 -- Pant; Manoj: Does Openness Promote Competition A Case Study of Indian Manufacturing
449812Jan/30/13 1:43 AMID:17489 -- Abo-Zaid; Salem: Optimal Monetary Policy and Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Frictional Labor Markets.
449912Jan/30/13 10:08 PMID:20594 -- Larch; Martin: The Cyclically Adjusted Budget Balance in EU Fiscal Policymaking. Love at First Sight Turn
450012Jan/31/13 2:24 AMID:11901 -- Vodová; Pavla: Credit risk regulation in the Czech Republic after Basel II
450112Jan/31/13 2:55 AMID:25916 -- Mardukhi; Jian: The General Equilibrium Wage Impact of Trade-Induced Shifts in Industrial Compositions of
450212Jan/27/13 8:02 PMID:30580 -- Atuesta; Laura: A Spatial Cost of Living Index for Colombia using a Microeconomic Approach and Censored Da
450312Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:19403 -- Alcala; Francisco: Firms' Main Market Human Capital and Wages
450412Jan/31/13 6:37 AMID:29820 -- Jensen; Tarp: Agricultural Technology and Marketing Margins in Vietnam
450512Jan/31/13 4:58 PMID:38988 -- Kapp; Daniel: Real output costs of financial crises: a loss distribution approach
450612Jan/30/13 4:41 PMID:40343 -- Sági; Judit: Debt trap - monetary indicators of Hungary's indebtedness
450712Jan/30/13 3:53 PMID:39793 -- Tedds; Lindsay M.: Learning to play by the disclosure rules: accuracy of insider reports in Canada 1996-2010
450812Jan/29/13 10:06 PMID:668 -- Mariam; Yohannes: Use of Aggregate Emission Reduction Cost Functions in Designing Optimal Regional SO2 Abate
450912Jan/30/13 10:19 AMID:38265 -- Koundouri; Phoebe: Three approaches to measuring natural resource scarcity: theory and application to groundw
451012Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:35774 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Macromodel estimations for the Romanian 'Preaccesion economic programme'
451112Jan/29/13 10:56 PMID:19059 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Technological Capability Employment Growth and Industrial Development: A Quantitative Ana
451212Jan/31/13 7:30 AMID:17101 -- Gachet; Ivan: Determinantes de la Inflación en una Economía Dolarizada: El Caso Ecuatoriano
451312Jan/31/13 7:05 PMID:14438 -- Ghiselli Ricci; Roberto: Axiomatization of residual income and generation of financial securities
451412Jan/30/13 5:44 PMID:16382 -- de Haas; Ralph: The crisis as a wake-up call. Do banks tighten lending standards during a financial crisis
451512Jan/31/13 3:53 PMID:25115 -- Grady; Patrick: Free Trade and Investment in the Fisheries Sector of the Asia-Pacific Region: An Economic
451612Jan/31/13 6:01 AMID:24814 -- Neba; Cletus: The Determinants Of the Technical Efficiency of Cotton Farmers in Northern Cameroon
451712Jan/31/13 11:40 PMID:18062 -- Pagiola; Stefano: Estimating the costs of REDD at the country level
451812Jan/31/13 12:09 PMID:38979 -- Hernandez-Hernandez; Emilio: The economic significance of the Gulf of Mexico related to population income employment
451912Jan/28/13 5:49 AMID:41437 -- Cecere; Grazia: Perceived Internet privacy concerns on social network in Europe
452012Jan/30/13 11:57 PMID:34694 -- Lopes; F.: Azorean savings banks and the 1929 economic crisis
452112Jan/31/13 1:48 PMID:25880 -- Burgalassi; David: Defining and measuring polycentric regions: the case of Tuscany
452212Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:8338 -- Zhang; Yan: Tariff and Equilibrium Indeterminacy--(I)
452312Jan/30/13 3:50 AMID:26166 -- Robertson; Donald: IV Estimation of Panels with Factor Residuals
452412Jan/31/13 12:18 PMID:26346 -- Dang; D Anh: Trade Liberalization and Institutional Quality: Evidence from Vietnam
452512Jan/30/13 5:48 PMID:5728 -- Leitão; João: Liberalization of European Telecommunications and Entrepreneurship: Why German and Portugu
452612Jan/31/13 8:48 AMID:99 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Technological Progress Structural Change and Productivity Growth in Manufacturing Sector
452712Jan/29/13 10:56 PMID:18550 -- Elena; Trukhacheva: The role of home and foreign prices on tradables and nontradables in RER fluctuations in R
452812Jan/31/13 7:11 AMID:22989 -- Hagemejer; Jan: Standardization union effects: the case of EU enlargement
453012Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:9860 -- Chiumya; Chiza: The Parallel Economy in Malawi: Size Effect on Tax Revenue and Policy Options
453112Jan/30/13 6:21 AMID:16673 -- Emmy; F.A.: Export and Import Cointegration in Forestry Domain: The Case of Malaysia
453212Jan/30/13 8:59 PMID:17107 -- Meroz; Yael: Eliciting environmental preferences of Ghanaians in the laboratory: An incentive-compatibl
453312Jan/31/13 5:16 AMID:23005 -- Elverhøi; Morten: Evaluation of hydropower upgrade projects - a real options approach
453412Jan/29/13 8:57 PMID:6693 -- Resende-Filho; Moises: A principal-agent model for evaluating the economic value of a beef traceability system: a
453512Jan/30/13 2:41 PMID:25943 -- Sunel; Enes: On inflation wealth inequality and welfare in emerging economies
453612Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:30568 -- Beleva; Iskra: Decent work in Bulgaria
453712Jan/31/13 2:09 AMID:28163 -- Mazumdar; Surajit: On the Sustainability of India’s Non-Inclusive High Growth
453812Jan/31/13 8:08 AMID:34448 -- Amjad; Rashid: Why Pakistan must break-into the knowledge economy
453912Jan/29/13 8:51 PMID:15358 -- Chisari; Omar O.: Choosing the extent of private participation in public services: A computable general equi
454012Jan/30/13 10:35 AMID:35752 -- Halkos; George: Social-economic integration of Greek repatriates from the former USSR: obstacles to entry
454112Jan/30/13 6:21 AMID:35215 -- Semko; Roman: Bayesian estimation of small-scale DSGE model of the Ukrainian economy
454212Jan/27/13 8:39 AMID:29628 -- aislahi; Abdul Azim: Stages of socio-economic development: Shah Wali-Allah's concept of al-irtifaqat
454312Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:2510 -- Baranes; Edmond: An Economist's Guide to Local Loop Unbundling
454412Jan/31/13 12:43 AMID:5309 -- Chatterjee; Sushmita: Estimating Cost of Air Pollution Abatement for Road Transport in India: Case Studies of An
454512Jan/31/13 5:45 AMID:10732 -- Massón-Guerra; José Luis: The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Latinamerican Scoreborard: The impact of University-In
454612Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:14893 -- Sarker; Debnarayan: Social Capital and Joint Forest Management Programme: A Comparative Study on Female-headed
454712Jan/30/13 10:26 AMID:10829 -- Madden; Gary G: A dynamic model of mobile telephony subscription incorporating a network effect
454812Jan/31/13 6:54 AMID:35200 -- Hashim; Danish: Impact of Trade on Labour Productivity and Wage Inequality in India
454912Jan/30/13 3:59 PMID:24987 -- Zhang; Qingfeng: Rural biomass energy 2020: People's Republic of China
455012Jan/30/13 7:53 PMID:41743 -- Dumitriu; Ramona: Changes in the monthly effects from the Romanian foreign exchange market
455112Jan/29/13 10:12 PMID:10219 -- Yamamura; Eiji: The Cubic Form Hypothesis and the Flying Geese Pattern Hypothesis of Income Distribution:
455212Jan/30/13 1:13 PMID:23342 -- Stephen; Roper: Perceived financial barriers and the start-up decision: An econometric analysis of gender
455312Jan/29/13 8:36 PMID:29837 -- Tilling; C: The impact of losses in income due to ill health: does the EQ-5D reflect lost earnings
455412Jan/29/13 12:19 PMID:13581 -- Al Ajlouni; Ahmed: Developing Strategies for Islamic Banks to Face the Future Challenges of Financial Globali
455512Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:11426 -- Li; Yao: Industrial Agglomeration and Wage Inequality in China
455612Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:17518 -- Sustek; Roman: Monetary Business Cycle Accounting
455712Jan/30/13 12:52 PMID:23358 -- Furceri; Davide: Tax Design in the OECD: A test of the Hines-Summers Hypothesis
455812Jan/29/13 6:46 PMID:38390 -- Jellal; Said: Essai sur les régions et la décentralisation au Maroc
455912Jan/31/13 1:16 PMID:24269 -- Voudouris; V: The ACEGES 1.0 Documentation: Simulated Scenarios of Conventional Oil Production
456012Jan/28/13 10:25 PMID:29239 -- Kamal; Mona: Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model Using UK Data
456112Jan/29/13 5:03 PMID:36306 -- Barajas; A.: The Impact of International Research Joint Ventures on SMEs Performance
456212Jan/31/13 2:01 PMID:15795 -- Mas; Matilde: Infrastructures and New Technologies as Sources of Spanish Economic Growth
456312Jan/30/13 8:39 PMID:36699 -- Puah; Chin-Hong: Testing the Rational Expectations Hypothesis on the Retail Trade Sector Using Survey Data
456412Jan/31/13 12:23 PMID:34521 -- Chi; Wei: Capital Income and Income Inequality: Evidence from Urban China
456512Jan/30/13 1:52 PMID:562 -- Hartmann; Daniel: International Equity Flows and the Predictability of U.S. Stock Returns
456612Jan/31/13 9:54 AMID:33024 -- Bridgman; Benjamin: Threatening to increase productivity
456712Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:28293 -- Cifarelli; Giulio: Oil and portfolio risk diversification
456812Jan/30/13 8:00 PMID:27433 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: Economic recession demand constraint and labour markets in a developing economy
456912Jan/31/13 5:33 PMID:2591 -- Freeman; Alan: Europe the US and the world economy: Alan Greenspan’s search for a fifth Kondradieff
457012Jan/31/13 10:37 AMID:38475 -- Raihan; Selim: WTO and regional trade negotiation outcomes: quantitative assessments of potential implica
457112Jan/31/13 5:06 AMID:27601 -- Castellacci; Fulvio: The interactions between national systems and sectoral patterns of innovation: a cross-cou
457212Jan/30/13 8:07 AMID:17613 -- Lim; Jamus Jerome: Estimates of Trade-Related Adjustment Costs in Syria
457312Jan/30/13 12:47 PMID:9420 -- Clifton; Judith: Evaluating EU policies on public services: a citizens´ perspective
457412Jan/30/13 12:00 PMID:8085 -- Cole; Rebel: Legal origin creditor protection and bank lending: Evidence from emerging markets
457512Jan/31/13 12:33 PMID:28681 -- Prentice; David: Estimating a Differentiated Products Model with a Discrete/Continuous Choice and Limited D
457612Jan/30/13 6:21 AMID:11047 -- Swanson; Norman: BOOK REVIEW of “Statistical Foundations for Econometric Techniques” by Asad Zaman
457712Jan/31/13 3:19 AMID:19776 -- NR; Bhanumurthy: External Shocks and the Indian Economy: Analyzing through a Small Structural Quarterly Ma
457812Jan/31/13 4:20 AMID:29325 -- Tarp; Finn: Agrarian Transformation in Mozambique
457912Jan/31/13 12:53 PMID:24468 -- Hildenbrand; Andreas: Cournot or Stackelberg competition A survey on experimental evidence
458012Jan/30/13 1:57 PMID:10617 -- Baki; Birdoğan: The Logistics Education In The Universities of Turkey
458112Jan/30/13 12:57 PMID:28557 -- Mapa; Dennis S.: Determinants of Poverty in Elderly-Headed Households in the Philippines
458212Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:35981 -- Murray; Michael/ M J: The Regional Benefits of the Employer of Last Resort Program
458312Jan/30/13 5:26 PMID:19856 -- Naudé; Wim: Africa and the global economic crisis: A Risk assessment and action guide
458412Jan/30/13 1:23 PMID:42202 -- Stancic; Predrag: Value-Based Management and Corporate Governance: a Study of Serbian Corporations
458512Jan/31/13 5:12 AMID:13288 -- Reinhart; Carmen: The first global financial crisis of the 21st century: Introduction
458612Jan/31/13 11:41 AMID:38597 -- Çokgezen; Murat: Attitudes of Turkish students towards markets: a comparison
458712Jan/31/13 11:20 AMID:26368 -- Berg; Nathan: Dynamic correlation: A tool hedging house-price risk
458812Jan/31/13 3:25 PMID:39139 -- Easterly; William: Rhetoric versus reality: the best and worst of aid agency practices
458912Jan/30/13 3:50 PMID:8333 -- Chichilnisky; Graciela: Financial Innovation in Property Catastrophe Reinsurance: The Convergence of Insurance and
459012Jan/29/13 9:05 PMID:8389 -- Gaiotti; Eugenio: Has globalisation changed the Phillips curve Firm-level evidence on the effect of activit
459112Jan/30/13 2:28 PMID:42541 -- Seidler; Jakub: Excessive credit growth and countercyclical capital buffers in basel III: an empirical evi
459212Jan/30/13 9:19 PMID:43396 -- Shehata; Emad Abd Elmessih: دور التغير التكنولوجى فى الطلب على العمالة الزراعية فى مصر
459312Jan/30/13 4:43 PMID:38686 -- Estrada; Fernando: Herbert Simon: bounded rationality y teoría de las organizaciones
459412Jan/31/13 11:51 PMID:31093 -- Soliman; Ibrahim: Role of dairy buffalo in Egypt food security
459512Jan/31/13 1:12 PMID:5370 -- Kelly; Austin: Zero down payment mortgage default
459612Jan/30/13 10:47 AMID:1079 -- Bieri; David: Picking a Winner Evidence from the Non-Manufacturing High-Tech Industry in the Blacksburg
459712Jan/31/13 1:12 AMID:28573 -- Haider; Adnan: Estimating Output Gap for Pakistan Economy:Structural and Statistical Approaches
459812Jan/31/13 4:24 PMID:28023 -- Paradiso; Antonio: What Caused the Decline in the US Saving Ratio
459912Jan/31/13 4:28 PMID:4746 -- Chu; Angus C.: A Generalized Quality-Ladder Growth Model with Patent Breadth: Quantifying the Effects of
460012Jan/31/13 12:40 PMID:10810 -- Islam; Rafikul: MBNQA criteria in education: Assigning weights from a Malaysian perspective and propositio
460112Jan/30/13 1:22 AMID:41162 -- Lord; Montague J.: A Macroeconomic Model for Romania's Flexible Exchange Rate System
460212Jan/29/13 8:40 PMID:14614 -- Wan Mahmood; Wan Mansor: Multivariate Causal Estimates of Dividend Yields Price Earning Ratio and Expected Stock R
460312Jan/30/13 2:46 PMID:5037 -- Isbasoiu; George - Marian: Industrial Clusters and Regional Development. The Case of Timisoara and Montebelluna.
460412Jan/27/13 5:10 AMID:17846 -- Caulier; Jean-François: The effective number of relevant parties : how voting power improves Laakso-Taagepera’s in
460512Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:29646 -- Mark D.; Partridge: The Winner's Choice: Sustainable Economic Strategies for Successful 21st Century Regions
460612Jan/31/13 3:54 PMID:40217 -- Muthupandian; K S: IFRS 8 Operating Segments - A Closer Look
460712Jan/30/13 3:03 PMID:11858 -- Nabi; Mahmoud Sami: Unemployment and Labor Market Institutions: Theory and Evidence from the GCC
460812Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:12821 -- Majumder; Rajarshi: State intervention and labour market in India: issues and options
460912Jan/30/13 10:41 AMID:1092 -- Kulaksizoglu; Tamer: Measuring the Effectiveness of Competition Policy: Evidence from the Turkish Cement Indust
461012Jan/31/13 7:24 PMID:13884 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Forecasting turning points in Canada
461112Jan/29/13 3:40 PMID:2920 -- Hartmann; Daniel: Economic and Financial Crises and the Predictability of U.S. Stock Returns
461212Jan/31/13 6:11 PMID:31996 -- Athanasoglou; Panayiotis: Assessing output and productivity growth in the banking industry
461312Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:8337 -- Inaba; Masaru: The Role of Investment Wedges in the Carlstrom-Fuerst Economy and Business Cycle Accountin
461412Jan/30/13 3:39 PMID:14352 -- Bandyopadhyay; Arindam: Factors Driving Demand and Default Risk in Residential Housing Loans: Indian Evidence
461512Jan/31/13 12:15 AMID:21201 -- Villa; Juan M.: A Survey on Labor Markets Imperfections in Mexico Using a Stochastic Frontier
461612Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:8832 -- van den Hauwe; Ludwig: Credit Expansion the Prisoner´s Dilemma and Free Banking as Mechanism Design
461712Jan/31/13 2:41 PMID:37206 -- Sarmidi; Tamat: Resource curse: new evidence on the role of institutions
461812Jan/31/13 10:17 AMID:10349 -- Verbic; Miroslav: Varying the parameters of the Slovenian pension system: an analysis with an overlapping-ge
461912Jan/29/13 10:14 PMID:39497 -- Khazabi; Massoud: Innovation and cooperation with horizontal spillovers
462012Jan/31/13 4:15 AMID:35763 -- Stone; Joe A.: The black-white gap in non marital fertility education and mates in segmented marriage mar
462112Jan/30/13 12:19 PMID:5151 -- de Gorter; Harry: The Welfare Economics of an Excise-Tax Exemption for Biofuels
462212Jan/31/13 7:25 PMID:29863 -- Vo; Xuan Vinh: Foreign ownership in Vietnam stock markets - an empirical analysis
462312Jan/31/13 8:30 AMID:43345 -- Mezgebo; Taddese: The nature of volatility in temporal profit with in Ethiopian commodity exchange: The case
462412Jan/31/13 1:54 AMID:19612 -- Guarini; Giulio: Innovation and growth in the Grossman-Helpman’s model with increasing returns: a note.
462512Jan/31/13 7:07 PMID:14053 -- Göbel; Jürgen: Local policy income and housing prices
462612Jan/29/13 4:58 PMID:28359 -- Dahar; Muhammad Arshad: Impact of the prior school environment on academic achievement of students at the secondar
462712Jan/29/13 10:09 PMID:27246 -- Di Cintio; Marco: Internal Migration and Wage Differentials among Italian University Graduates
462812Jan/31/13 4:02 PMID:33426 -- Craigwell; Roland C: Loan loss provisioning in the commercial banking system of Barbados: practices and determi
462912Jan/30/13 3:21 PMID:7085 -- Melad; Khaled: The Euro-Mediterranean Trade relations
463012Jan/30/13 4:18 AMID:32132 -- HYE; Qazi Muhammad Adnan: Revenue and Expenditure Nexus: A Case Study of Romania
463112Jan/31/13 9:42 PMID:43936 -- Golmohammadpoor Azar; Kamran: اقتصاد زیرزمینی در شهرهای مرزی
463212Jan/29/13 8:43 PMID:31984 -- Dutrénit; Gabriela: Sistemas regionales de innovación: un espacio para el desarrollo de las PYMES. El caso de
463312Jan/29/13 1:47 AMID:8098 -- Molero; Juan Carlos: Gasto Público y Federalismo Fiscal en España. Período 1984-1998
463412Jan/31/13 10:43 PMID:12940 -- Buono; Ines: The Micro Dynamics of Exporting: Evidence from French Firms
463512Jan/30/13 10:12 PMID:5511 -- Lim; Jamus Jerome: Political Economic Pressures in Financial Crisis Resolution
463612Jan/29/13 1:53 PMID:38971 -- Mohammad; Irfan: The Namibian Economic Ferfomance During 1990-93 - An Overview
463712Jan/31/13 6:44 PMID:38946 -- Haq; Rashida: Poverty and Access to Maternal Health Care Services in Pakistan: Evidence from Perception
463812Jan/31/13 4:59 PMID:15345 -- Proietti; Tommaso: The Multistep Beveridge-Nelson Decomposition
463912Jan/30/13 12:42 AMID:6804 -- Zhang; Xiaobo: Incremental Reform and Distortions in China’s Product and Factor Markets
464012Jan/27/13 5:24 AMID:5527 -- Reichenvater; Arno: Business Cycles Political Incentives and the Macroeconomy: Comparison of Models
464112Jan/30/13 6:53 PMID:43796 -- Dai; Lili: Political Uncertainty and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from the U.S. Presidential Ele
464212Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:13847 -- Muñoz de Bustillo; Rafael: Low wage work in high employment growth economy Spain 1994-2004
464312Jan/31/13 1:04 AMID:27086 -- Batiz-Lazo; Bernardo: Managing technological change by committee: Adoption of computers in Spanish and British s
464412Jan/30/13 3:50 PMID:5646 -- Magni; Carlo Alberto: Rating and ranking firms with fuzzy expert systems: the case of Camuzzi
464512Jan/29/13 11:06 PMID:17779 -- Tatom; John: When Will China’s Prosperity Catch up with the US
464612Jan/29/13 2:18 PMID:35033 -- Liu; Luke: Monetary policy bank size and bank lending: Evidence from Australia
464712Jan/31/13 10:09 AMID:19575 -- Naqvi; Bushra: What Does Pakistan Have to Join Inflation Targeters Club A Royal Flush or A Seven-Deuce O
464812Jan/31/13 12:10 AMID:23778 -- Durmaz; Nazif: US Cotton Exports to Textile Producers: The Effects of Bilateral Exchange Rates
464912Jan/31/13 2:39 PMID:14820 -- Emini; Christian Arnault: Decomposing the Effects of Economic Policies on Poverty Trends in Cameroon: A Double Calib
465012Jan/31/13 8:05 PMID:9029 -- Boshoff; Willem H.: The transmission of foreign financial crises to South Africa: a firm-level study
465112Jan/30/13 1:28 AMID:38266 -- Koundouri; Phoebe: A Micro-Econometric Approach to Deriving Use and Non-Use Values of in-situ Groundwater: Th
465212Jan/30/13 2:30 PMID:31411 -- Azzoni; Carlos R.: Modal composition of cargo transportation and income inequality in Brazil
465312Jan/31/13 11:53 AMID:41359 -- Muntean; Mihaela: Theory and Practice in Business Intelligence
465412Jan/30/13 2:11 PMID:25320 -- Kayat; Kalsom: The Nature of Cultural Contribution of a Community-based Homestay Programme
465512Jan/29/13 8:27 PMID:39353 -- Givens; Gregory: Inferring monetary policy objectives with a partially observed state
465612Jan/31/13 10:02 PMID:37899 -- Raihan; Selim: India’s PTAs and their Economic Impacts: Quantitative Assessments using a Partial Equilibr
465712Jan/29/13 10:06 PMID:3696 -- Harding; Don: Perspectives on Unemployment from a General Equilibrium Search Model
465812Jan/29/13 4:57 PMID:28939 -- Sorhun; Engin: Oil Boom Chewing-Gum and Oil Fund
465912Jan/30/13 5:24 PMID:8115 -- Grammig; Joachin: Trading activity and liquidity supply in a pure limit order book market: An empirical anal
466012Jan/29/13 8:39 PMID:23311 -- Schmid; Andreas: Incentive Compatibility and Efficiency in the contractual Insurer-Provider Relationship: E
466112Jan/30/13 9:56 PMID:10884 -- Madden; Gary G: Asia-Pacific telecommunications liberalisation and productivity performance
466212Jan/31/13 5:08 AMID:19549 -- Przystupa; Jan: Approaching a problem of the long-run real equilibrium exchange rate of Polish zloty while
466312Jan/30/13 2:17 PMID:1423 -- Henrard; Marc: TIPS Options in the Jarrow-Yildirim model
466412Jan/31/13 12:46 PMID:37947 -- Raihan; Selim: Economic and Social Impact of Financial Crisis on Households: A Case Study of Bangladesh w
466512Jan/30/13 1:56 PMID:505 -- Yaya; Mehmet-Erdem: Immigration Trade and Wages in Germany
466612Jan/30/13 11:03 PMID:21707 -- Skribans; Valerijs: Construction industry forecasting model
466712Jan/30/13 4:39 AMID:6545 -- Mico; Apostolov: THE NEW FACE OF THE IMF
466812Jan/31/13 12:16 PMID:21356 -- Wendner; Ronald: Ramsey Pigou and a Consumption Externality
466912Jan/30/13 2:08 PMID:2768 -- Yokoyama; Kazuki: Too Big to Fail: the Panic of 1927
467012Jan/30/13 12:49 PMID:41399 -- Schilirò; Daniele: Italian medium-sized enterprises and the fourth capitalism
467112Jan/31/13 4:32 PMID:849 -- Martin; Chris: Testing the Opportunistic Approach to Monetary Policy
467212Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:24919 -- Aziz; Zohaib: Global environment and factors affecting the salary of the CEO (chief executive officer) o
467312Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:4996 -- Sarkar; Prabirjit: Stock Market Developments and Capital Accumulation in India: Does Better Shareholder Prote
467412Jan/29/13 9:04 PMID:7970 -- Stewart; Hayden: Price Dispersion and Accessibility: A Case study of Fast Food
467512Jan/31/13 6:31 AMID:16823 -- Cozzi; Guido: Changing the Research Patenting Regime: Schumpeterian Explanation
467612Jan/31/13 10:27 PMID:17792 -- Digdowiseiso; Kumba: Education inequality economic growth and income inequality: Evidence from Indonesia 199
467712Jan/31/13 1:58 AMID:10735 -- Erdinç; Didar: From credit crunch to credit boom: transitional challenges in Bulgarian banking 1999-2006
467812Jan/30/13 10:54 PMID:24716 -- Ghosh; Saibal: How did state-owned banks respond to privatization Evidence from the Indian experiment
467912Jan/31/13 12:01 AMID:43600 -- Carney; Richard W.: Responding to Financial Crisis: The Rise of State Ownership and Implications for Firm Perf
468012Jan/31/13 4:22 PMID:24745 -- Eyler; Robert: Is a National Monetary Policy Optimal
468112Jan/26/13 4:48 PMID:3747 -- Msuya; Elibariki: Estimation of Technical Efficiency in Tanzanian Sugarcane Production: A Case Study of Mtib
468212Jan/31/13 5:19 PMID:25897 -- Popescu; Razvan-Florin: The analysis of budget rules and macroeconomic implications in several developed economies
468312Jan/31/13 4:18 AMID:26741 -- Singh; Lakhwinder: Post-reform economic development in Punjab: constraints and remedies
468412Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:13789 -- Göbel; Jürgen: How can the power of Leviathans be measured
468512Jan/30/13 10:41 PMID:15521 -- Okey; Mawussé Komlagan Nézan: Consommation d’énergies et croissance du PIB dans les pays de l’UEMOA : Une analyse en don
468612Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:22063 -- Grady; Patrick: On The Use and Misuse of Input-Output Based Impact Analysis in Evaluation
468712Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:22666 -- Petrou; Anastasia: Entrepreneurial culture and innovation in the services sector: case study evidence from Gr
468812Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:21291 -- De Kort; Joop: Russia's role in fostering the CIS trade regime
468912Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:13382 -- Colignatus; Thomas: Consumer durables as investments that can help us out of the current economic crisis
469012Jan/26/13 10:22 PMID:34598 -- Vergara; Sebastián: ICT in Latin America: A Microdata Analysis
469112Jan/30/13 5:08 PMID:22428 -- Mwansa; Katwamba: The Impact of Central Bank's intervention in the foreign exchange market on the Exchange R
469212Jan/29/13 4:35 PMID:36284 -- Ojo/Roedl; Marianne: The role of the external auditor in bank regulation and supervision: A comparative analysi
469312Jan/31/13 4:17 AMID:10224 -- Shafaeddin; Mehdi: Knocked-down Agriculture After De-industrialization; Another Destructive Influence of Neo-
469412Jan/29/13 8:40 PMID:13357 -- Reinhart; Carmen: Real interest rate differentials and the real exchange rate: Evidence from four African co
469512Jan/29/13 11:00 PMID:41148 -- Lord; Montague: Azerbaijan’s WTO Accession Process and Its Potential Impact on Vulnerable Non-Competitive
469612Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:21533 -- Jac; Heckelman: The connection between democratic freedoms and growth in transition economies
469712Jan/30/13 12:24 PMID:14769 -- Edwards; Peter E.T.: Sustainable financing for ocean and coastal management in Jamaica: The potential for reven
469812Jan/30/13 4:11 PMID:4409 -- Siddiqui; Rizwana: The role of household income and public provision of social services in satisfaction of ba
469912Jan/31/13 1:17 AMID:10629 -- Dumitru; Ionut: Money Demand in Romania
470012Jan/31/13 10:49 PMID:36420 -- Li; Kui-Wai: Productivity and Manufacture Export Causality among World Regions: 1989-1999
470112Jan/31/13 8:18 AMID:11845 -- Memon; Manzoor Hussain: Causal Relationship Between Exports and Agricultural GDP in Pakistan
470212Jan/31/13 12:35 PMID:13926 -- Giofré; Maela/M.: EMU Effects on Stock Markets: From Home Bias to Euro Bias
470312Jan/31/13 7:59 PMID:21302 -- Sarno; Lucio: Properties of Foreign Exchange Risk Premia
470412Jan/30/13 7:58 PMID:11451 -- Shahrestani; Hamid: Demand for money in Iran: An ARDL approach
470512Jan/30/13 8:40 AMID:42392 -- Berge; Travis: Has globalization increased the synchronicity of international business cycles
470612Jan/30/13 6:20 AMID:218 -- Fleten; Stein-Erik: Optimal investment strategies in decentralized renewable power generation under uncertaint
470712Jan/30/13 10:45 AMID:20320 -- Tomasson; Gunnar: What is the Source of Profit and Interest A Classical Conundrum Reconsidered
470812Jan/25/13 9:42 AMID:18632 -- Parpandel; Denisa Elena: Managementul bazat pe cunostinte - o noua tendinta in managementul contemporan
470912Jan/29/13 8:39 PMID:5476 -- Chu; Angus C.: Economic Growth and Patent Policy: Quantifying the Effects of Patent Length on R&D and Con
471012Jan/29/13 7:02 PMID:35712 -- Arya; Anita: Performance of Gujarat economy: an analysis of growth and instability
471112Jan/31/13 1:31 AMID:23575 -- Walkenhorst; Peter: Uganda’s Access to Global and Regional Markets
471312Jan/31/13 6:55 PMID:37671 -- Puah; Chin-Hong: Dynamic linkage between Macroeconomic Activities and Stock Prices in Fiji
471412Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:18154 -- Valicová; Alena: Entrepreneur’s Tax Records
471512Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:17810 -- Barbuta Misu; Nicoleta: The recovering of the finances by the state budget
471612Jan/29/13 10:07 PMID:15447 -- Böckerman; Petri: Creative destruction and employee well-being
471712Jan/31/13 6:43 AMID:23469 -- Satyaki; Roy: Garments Industry in India: Lessons from Two Clusters
471812Jan/30/13 7:16 AMID:3150 -- Gottlieb; Daniel: Globalization and World financial Turmoil - A Test for Israel's Economic Policy
471912Jan/29/13 3:21 PMID:23488 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: FDI in Agricultural Land Welfare and Unemployment in a Developing Economy
472012Jan/31/13 7:59 PMID:23006 -- Stucchi; Rodolfo: Innovation and job creation in a dual labor market: Evidence from Spain
472112Jan/30/13 9:44 AMID:9412 -- Argov; Eyal: An Estimated New Keynesian Model for Israel
472212Jan/31/13 2:46 PMID:11764 -- Ponzo; Michela: The Use of Informal Networks in Italian Labor Markets: Efficiency or Favoritisms
472312Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:13721 -- Kitov; Ivan: What is the best firm size to invest
472412Jan/30/13 7:49 PMID:26934 -- Ale Ebrahim; Nader: Virtual Teams: A New Opportunity to Develop a Business
472512Jan/30/13 7:23 AMID:12362 -- Pradhan; Jaya Prakash: Overcoming Innovation Limits through Outward FDI: The Overseas Acquisition Strategy of Ind
472612Jan/30/13 6:56 PMID:33146 -- Dehejia; Rajeev: Do interest rates matter credit demand in the Dhaka Slums
472712Jan/31/13 5:30 AMID:35782 -- KANIK; Birol: Learning monetary policy and housing prices
472812Jan/31/13 4:38 AMID:30211 -- Bessonovs; Andrejs: GDP Modelling with Factor Model: an Impact of Nested Data on Forecasting Accuracy
472912Jan/31/13 3:38 AMID:21200 -- Ear; Sophal: Sowing and sewing growth: The political economy of rice and garments in Cambodia
473012Jan/30/13 6:40 PMID:7413 -- Hasan; Lubna: On Measuring the Complexity of Urban Living
473112Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:22020 -- Ponce; Aldo: Foreign Direct Investment and Civil Rights: Testing Decreasing Returns to Civil Rights
473212Jan/31/13 4:56 PMID:19177 -- Demir; Firat: Asymmetric Effects of Financial Development on South-South and South-North Trade: Panel Da
473312Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:29650 -- Molnar; Maria: Development and poverty in Romania
473412Jan/31/13 1:35 PMID:35375 -- Waqas; Muhammad: Are Pakistani Consumers Ricardian
473512Jan/29/13 8:39 PMID:18631 -- Islahi; Abdul Azim: Zakah on stocks: some unsettled issues
473612Jan/29/13 8:37 PMID:37501 -- Leitão; Nuno Carlos: A panel data modelling of agglomeration and growth: cross-country evidence
473712Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:25918 -- Hibbs; Douglas A.: The 2010 Midterm Election for the US House of Representatives
473812Jan/30/13 1:39 PMID:9757 -- He; Dong: A Family Divided-Labor Market Duality in Korea
473912Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:33508 -- Turčínková; Jana: Assessment of the income situation of households in the Czech Republic
474012Jan/30/13 12:40 PMID:37945 -- santi; emanuele: Assessing Governance Staff Guidance Note on the Governance Rating of the Bank’s Country P
474112Jan/30/13 9:07 AMID:35793 -- Dobrescu; Emilian: Macromodel estimations for the Romanian 'pre-accession economic programme
474212Jan/27/13 4:37 PMID:31610 -- Wach; Krzysztof: Od człowieka racjonalnego do emocjonalnego. Zmiana paradygmatu nauk ekonomicznych
474312Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:22225 -- Singh; Bhupal: Worker’s remittances as stable financial flows: some evidence from India
474412Jan/29/13 8:39 PMID:26412 -- Hessami; Zohal: Globalization's Winners and Losers - Evidence from Life Satisfaction Data 1975 - 2000
474512Jan/30/13 5:31 AMID:17151 -- Ali; Muhammad: Our Water Scenario: Are We Heading Towards Disaster
474612Jan/31/13 12:28 AMID:19559 -- Pillai; K R: How Fragrant are perfumes A Micro Perspective from Middle East
474712Jan/29/13 8:49 PMID:18192 -- Titarenko; Deniss: The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Investment Processes in Latvia
474812Jan/30/13 3:53 AMID:41671 -- DE KONING; Kees: When capitalism no longer works - a profit warning
474912Jan/30/13 2:29 PMID:23692 -- Banik; Pabitra: Natural Resource Endowments Subsistence Agriculture and Poverty in the Chhotanagpur Plat
475012Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:14538 -- Ngozo; Thandokuhle I.: Openess and Economic Growth: The case of European Expansion
475112Jan/31/13 1:15 PMID:31457 -- Bouoiyour; Jamal: Foreign direct investment in Morocco
475212Jan/29/13 10:05 PMID:7867 -- Arellano; Cristina: Default risk and income fluctuations in emerging economies
475312Jan/31/13 12:32 PMID:36508 -- Stejskal; Ladislav: Structure and determinants of consumer expenditures
475412Jan/30/13 2:18 PMID:11209 -- Munro; John H.: Builders’ wages in southern England and the southern Low Countries 1346 -1500: a comparat
475512Jan/31/13 4:24 PMID:33380 -- Grech; Aaron George: Assessing employment in Malta
475612Jan/29/13 8:49 PMID:21069 -- Kitchen; John: A Note on Interest Rates and Structural Federal Budget Deficits
475712Jan/31/13 7:20 AMID:701 -- Amaro de Matos; Joao: The exact value for European options on a stock paying a discrete dividend
475812Jan/30/13 4:14 PMID:14172 -- Whitehouse; Edward: Administrative charges for funded pensions: An international comparison and assessment
475912Jan/31/13 12:20 AMID:33464 -- Grech; Aaron George: The Framework of Monetary Policy in Malta
476012Jan/30/13 2:25 AMID:41894 -- Varma; Vijaya Krushna Varma: Money supply in top tax system
476112Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:2318 -- Mandler; Martin: Are there gains from including monetary aggregates and stock market indices in the monetar
476212Jan/31/13 5:25 AMID:14237 -- Galimberti; Jaqueson Kingeski: Explaining earnings persistence: a threshold autoregressive panel unit root approach
476312Jan/31/13 3:08 AMID:22784 -- Abraham; Vinoj: Labour Cost and Export Behaviour of Firms in Indian Textile and Clothing Industry
476412Jan/31/13 12:23 PMID:15999 -- Gelhausen; Marc Christopher: Airport Choice in a Constraint World: Discrete Choice Models and Capacity Constraints
476512Jan/29/13 6:27 AMID:8642 -- Etzo; Ivan: Internal migration and growth in Italy
476612Jan/29/13 5:05 PMID:43665 -- Pagnozzi; Marco: Multi-Object Auctions with Resale: An Experimental Analysis
476712Jan/30/13 10:48 AMID:10893 -- Donze; Jocelyn: The effects of regulating interchange fees at cost on the ATM market
476812Jan/29/13 5:58 PMID:24358 -- Oesch; Daniel: Explaining union growth and decline with flows in and out of membership. An analysis of Sw
476912Jan/31/13 12:27 AMID:29826 -- Iqbal; Javed: Forecasting Performance of Alternative Error Correction Models
477012Jan/31/13 4:05 PMID:8488 -- Alrubaie; falah.K.Ali: اتجاهات التحول في النسب والعلاقات الهيكلية في الاقتصاد العراقي خلال الفترة (1975-1990)
477112Jan/26/13 1:37 AMID:4869 -- Mukherjee; Dipa: Educational Attainment in India: Trends Patterns and Policy Issues
477212Jan/30/13 4:25 PMID:26907 -- Vecchione; Gaetano: Economic growth electricity consumption and foreign dependence in Italy between 1963 and
477312Jan/30/13 6:36 PMID:10412 -- Lee; Boon: Comparative Analysis of Transport and Communications Korea and Australia
477412Jan/31/13 10:48 AMID:36702 -- Milonas; Nikolaos /T: Pension Funds under Investments Constraints: An Assessment of the Opportunity Cost to the
477512Jan/30/13 10:29 PMID:24344 -- Ojo; Marianne: Juridical and financial considerations on the public re capitalisation and rescue of finan
477612Jan/30/13 1:48 PMID:2853 -- Quella; Núria: Intra- and Inter-Sectoral Knowledge Spillovers and TFP Growth Rates
477712Jan/28/13 11:14 AMID:4327 -- Morrow; John: Strategic Interaction in the Sex Market
477812Jan/31/13 1:18 AMID:4953 -- Tharavanij; Piyapas: Capital Market Severity of Business Cycle and Probability of Economic Downturn
477912Jan/29/13 6:12 PMID:36451 -- Li; Kui-Wai: The Economic strategy for Hong Kong SAR: evidence from productivity and cost analysis
478012Jan/31/13 3:31 PMID:9775 -- Landon; Stuart: The risk premium exchange rate expectations and the forward exchange rate: Estimates for
478112Jan/29/13 10:03 PMID:22443 -- Banerjee; Saumya S: Demand following and supply leading relationships: An empirical analysis for India
478212Jan/31/13 12:15 PMID:41791 -- Halicioglu; Ferda: Balance-of-Payments Constrained Growth: the Case of Turkey
478312Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:21815 -- Tarassow; Artur: The empirical relevance of Goodwin’s business cycle model for the US economy
478412Jan/31/13 6:58 PMID:22938 -- Otrok; Christopher: Stochastic Discount Factor Models and the Equity Premium Puzzle
478512Jan/30/13 10:57 PMID:28749 -- Buzaglo; Jorge: Simulating extended reproduction: Poverty reduction and class dynamics in Bolivia
478612Jan/30/13 8:27 PMID:24332 -- Kondo; Kazumine: Does the Presence of the Japan Post Bank in a Regional Financial Market Affect the Deposit
478712Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:37946 -- Raihan; Selim: Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Migration and Remittances in Bangladesh: A Survey
478812Jan/30/13 2:10 AMID:14435 -- Bonardi; Jean-Philippe: The political economy of international regulatory convergence in public utilities
478912Jan/31/13 4:31 PMID:14481 -- Gupta; Abhay: Pre-reform Conditions Intermediate Inputs and Distortions: Solving the Indian Growth Puzz
479012Jan/30/13 2:23 PMID:16449 -- Athanasoglou; Panayiotis: The effect of M&A on bank efficiency in Greece
479112Jan/31/13 8:53 PMID:26499 -- Peng; Chao: The contracts between leading agribusiness enterprises and rural households: its effects o
479212Jan/31/13 12:09 AMID:23962 -- Abdul Karim; Zulkefly: Monetary policy and firms’ investment: Dynamic panel data evidence from Malaysia
479312Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:19156 -- Marjit; Sugata: International Trade and Local Outsourcing
479412Jan/31/13 8:17 AMID:26179 -- Subhani; Dr.Muhammad Imtiaz: Determinants and barriers to bilateral trade A study on developing economies
479512Jan/26/13 12:39 AMID:7234 -- Krickhahn; Thomas: Lobbyismus und Mittelstand: Zur Identifikation der Interessenverbände des Mittelstands in
479612Jan/27/13 2:24 PMID:11707 -- Ahlfeldt; Gabriel M.: If Alonso was Right: Residual Land Price Accessibility and Urban Attraction
479712Jan/30/13 3:52 AMID:41243 -- Hsu; Sara: “Ideal” financial development and financial overaccumulation
479812Jan/30/13 9:31 AMID:14937 -- Onour; Ibrahim: Natural Gas markets:How Sensitive to Crude Oil Price Changes
479912Jan/31/13 9:44 AMID:8584 -- Gray; W: Two Essays on Self-Tender Offers
480012Jan/31/13 4:45 PMID:33279 -- Stella; Fabio: Defensive online portfolio selection
480112Jan/30/13 7:10 AMID:9990 -- Gurnani; Haresh: A Procurement Auction Model Under Supplier Uncertainty
480212Jan/31/13 10:30 AMID:37258 -- Das; Gouranga: Absorption Capacity Structural Similarity and Embodied Technology Spillovers in A ‘Macro’
480312Jan/31/13 11:07 AMID:5772 -- Hartogh; Matthew: The Thai Currency Crisis: Fracture in a Fixed Exchange Rate Regime
480412Jan/31/13 9:58 AMID:38636 -- Ciliberto; Federico: Limited access to airport facilities and market power in the airline industry
480512Jan/30/13 7:48 PMID:4478 -- Azar; Ofer H.: The slowdown in first-response times of economics journals: Can it be beneficial
480612Jan/28/13 11:41 AMID:40950 -- sivakumar; marimuthu: 2008 Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on India's Exports and Imports
480712Jan/29/13 10:13 PMID:36330 -- Zhao; Kai: War Debt and the Baby Boom
480812Jan/30/13 6:17 AMID:14532 -- Tey; (John) Yeong-Sheng: Farm-retail price spread for pork in Malaysia
480912Jan/29/13 7:11 PMID:29103 -- Akram; Naeem: Fiscal Scenario of South Asian Countries: Implications for Economic Growth and Poverty All
481012Jan/30/13 6:25 PMID:32019 -- Schüder; Stefan: Monetary policy trade-offs in a portfolio model with endogenous asset supply
481112Jan/30/13 3:42 PMID:14495 -- Ang; James: Do Financial Sector Policies Promote Innovative Activity in Developing Countries Evidence
481212Jan/31/13 7:40 AMID:19723 -- McCloskey; Deirdre: Foreign Trade Was Not an Engine of Growth
481312Jan/31/13 9:28 AMID:30086 -- Korap; Levent: Testing homogeneity for real income and prices in a money demand equation: the case of Tur
481412Jan/31/13 1:45 AMID:3987 -- Alberto; Gabriele: Child Mortality In China And Vietnam In A Comparative Perspective
481512Jan/31/13 4:11 AMID:669 -- Mariam; Yohannes: Trends in Resource Extraction and Implications for Sustainability in Canada
481612Jan/30/13 12:48 AMID:6594 -- White; Howard: Economic Reform and Economic Performance: Evidence from 20 Developing Countries
481712Jan/31/13 6:10 AMID:20280 -- Graafland; J.J.: Conceptions of God normative convictions and socially responsible business conduct: An ex
481812Jan/31/13 6:54 PMID:24610 -- Ojo; Marianne: Measures aimed at mitigating pro cyclical effects of the Capital Requirements Framework: c
481912Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:12314 -- Tvrdon; Michal: Labour Market Flexibility: the Case of Visegrad Countries
482012Jan/31/13 4:06 AMID:25430 -- Nagayasu; Jun: Regional Inflation (Price) Behaviors: Heterogeneity and Convergence
482112Jan/31/13 1:53 PMID:14670 -- Pandey; Alok Kumar: Export and Economic Growth in India: Causal Interpretation
482212Jan/30/13 7:26 AMID:15434 -- Drakopoulos; Stavros A.: Mainstream Consumer Theory: Delay Acceptance and History Texts
482312Jan/28/13 2:32 AMID:25561 -- Hamel; Jean-Yves: ICT4D and the human development and capabilities approach: the potentials of information a
482412Jan/31/13 5:58 PMID:22802 -- Bandhu; Yogesh: Trade Competitiveness Subsidies and Barriers to Trade:Implication for Indian Agriculture
482512Jan/30/13 5:05 AMID:28465 -- Parra Osorio; Juan Carlos: Gender Time Use and Labor Income in Guinea: Micro and Macro Analyses
482612Jan/29/13 3:53 PMID:7503 -- Moniz; António: The automobile sector and the organisation of the industrial space: the case of Setúbal Re
482712Jan/30/13 2:48 PMID:431 -- Ruiz; Juan: Causas y consecuencias de la evolución reciente del precio del petróleo
482812Jan/29/13 9:21 AMID:42945 -- Yousuf; Ahmed Sadek: Impact of Health Aid on Infant Mortality Rate
482912Jan/29/13 2:31 PMID:42063 -- Georgescu; George: Inward Processing Trade and the Romanian foreign trade
483012Jan/31/13 8:45 PMID:35675 -- Mukherjee; Sanchita: Examining Farmer Suicides in India: A Study of Literature
483112Jan/30/13 10:24 PMID:41631 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: Endogenous skill formation foreign capital and education subsidy in a dual economy
483212Jan/30/13 12:07 PMID:12997 -- Das; Rituparna: Computing Skills in the Market Risk Management in the G-Sec Portfolio by the Banks in Indi
483312Jan/31/13 1:55 AMID:21117 -- Parsley; David: Understanding Real Exchange Rate Movements with Trade in Intermediate Products
483412Jan/31/13 4:57 AMID:13358 -- Ben Hammouda; Hakim: Can Market Access Help African Agriculture
483512Jan/24/13 4:39 PMID:39920 -- Sahoo; Ganeswar: F.A. Hayek and his rational choice of monetary arrangements
483612Jan/31/13 3:06 AMID:25804 -- Daniel; Rascher: Where did National Hockey League Fans go During the 2004-2005 Lockout: An Analysis of Eco
483712Jan/30/13 3:29 PMID:6736 -- Castro; Lucio: Infrastructure and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment A Regional Analysis
483812Jan/31/13 1:37 PMID:28734 -- Cousins; Mel: Occupational structures migration religion and poor relief in nineteenth century urban I
483912Jan/31/13 5:54 AMID:24527 -- Cohen; Joseph N: Neoliberalism’s relationship with economic growth in the developing world: Was it the powe
484012Jan/31/13 7:03 PMID:18653 -- Kuppannan; Palanisami: Impacts of Watershed Development Programmes: Experiences and Evidences from Tamil Nadu
484112Jan/31/13 4:26 PMID:27768 -- Goyal; Ashima: Macroeconomic policy and the exchange rate: working together
484212Jan/30/13 3:25 AMID:16606 -- Sahu; Santosh: Determinants of Energy Intensity: A Preliminary Investigation of Indian Manufacturing
484312Jan/29/13 9:40 PMID:43027 -- Koutsobinas; Theodore: Animal spirits liquidity-preference and Keynesian behavioural macroeconomics: An intertem
484412Jan/30/13 7:24 PMID:19421 -- Borooah; Vani / K: The Effectiveness of Jobs Reservation: Caste Religion and Economic Status in India
484512Jan/31/13 8:00 PMID:4138 -- Buncic; Daniel: An estimated New Keynesian policy model for Australia
484612Jan/31/13 5:14 AMID:9797 -- Contreras; Juan: An Empirical Model of Factor Adjustment Dynamics
484712Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:17171 -- Giordani; Paolo E.: On Robust Asymmetric Equilibria in Asymmetric R&D-Driven Growth Economies
484812Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:28762 -- Kitov; Ivan: The Australian Phillips curve and more
484912Jan/30/13 10:37 AMID:10259 -- Herwany; Aldrin: Co-integration and Causality Analysis on Developed Asian Markets For Risk Management & Por
485012Jan/31/13 4:30 AMID:18258 -- Marvasti; Akbar: Barter and Business Cycles: A Comment and Further Empirical Evidence
485112Jan/31/13 5:39 AMID:36605 -- Yurko; Anna: From Consumer Incomes to Car Ages: How the Distribution of Income Affects the Distribution
485212Jan/31/13 2:23 AMID:43231 -- Dietrich; Franz: Mentalism versus behaviourism in economics: a philosophy-of-science perspective
485312Jan/30/13 12:25 PMID:14709 -- Vadlamannati; Krishna Chaitanya: Growth effects of U.S. FDI in 64 developing economies 1980 – 2007: The role of absoptive
485412Jan/31/13 8:40 AMID:25764 -- Bandyopadhyay; Kaushik: Passenger Road Transport in India: Major Challenges in Reducing Energy Consumption and CO2
485512Jan/31/13 2:27 AMID:16494 -- Delis; Manthos D: Bank competition institutional strength and financial reforms in Central and Eastern Euro
485612Jan/30/13 11:27 AMID:22909 -- Heng; Stefan: Broadband infrastructure: The regulatory framework market transparency and risk-sharing p
485712Jan/31/13 12:11 PMID:7228 -- Rönnau; Andreas: Freie Berufe in der DDR der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und im wiedervereinigten Deutschla
485812Jan/29/13 5:29 PMID:37811 -- Carfì; David: Asymmetric Cournot duopoly: game complete analysis
485912Jan/29/13 11:08 PMID:16856 -- Woock; Christopher: Do unions protect injured workers from earnings losses
486012Jan/27/13 3:20 AMID:28674 -- Passarella; Marco: Per una storia analitica dell'economia politica. Alcune considerazioni sulle prospettive d
486112Jan/30/13 12:22 PMID:5272 -- Beckmann; Rainer: Deepening European Financial Integration: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evaluat
486212Jan/30/13 3:41 PMID:9818 -- Senn; Myriam: SuperMontage in the American Securities Markets Context
486312Jan/30/13 1:42 PMID:41404 -- Bhatta; Siddha Raj: Stability of demand for money function in Nepal: A cointegration and error correction mode
486412Jan/30/13 12:46 AMID:32083 -- Halkos; George: A note on the choice of Malmquist productivity index and Malmquist total factor productivi
486512Jan/29/13 9:24 PMID:10565 -- Wright; Malcolm: A new theorem for optimizing the advertising budget
486612Jan/30/13 1:55 PMID:3818 -- Record; Richard: Determinants and impact of private sector investment in Malawi: evidence from the 2006 inv
486712Jan/29/13 11:41 PMID:16338 -- Yamamura; Eiji: The Effect of Learning Varies According to Locality: Micro Data Analysis of the Lawyer Mar
486812Jan/28/13 3:22 PMID:4566 -- Harabi; Najib: State of Corporate Governance in Arab Countries: An Overview
486912Jan/30/13 7:07 AMID:6482 -- Bartram; Söhnke M.: The Exchange Rate Exposure Puzzle
487012Jan/29/13 1:11 PMID:42309 -- Atif; Syed Muhammad: The determinants of australian exchange rate: a time series analysis
487112Jan/31/13 4:27 PMID:3881 -- Akhter; Naseem: Does Trade Liberalization Increase the Labor Demand Elasticities Evidence from Pakistan
487212Jan/31/13 12:02 AMID:14482 -- Gupta; Abhay: Looking beyond the methods: Productivity Estimates and Growth Trends in Indian Manufacturi
487312Jan/27/13 4:06 PMID:32365 -- Ansari; Nasim: FDI and regional economic integration in SAARC region: problems and prospects
487412Jan/31/13 10:00 PMID:22228 -- Campbell; Gareth: Cross-Section of a ‘Bubble’: Stock Prices and Dividends during the British Railway Mania
487512Jan/31/13 1:11 PMID:22570 -- Grassi; Stefano: Characterizing economic trends by Bayesian stochastic model specification search
487612Jan/31/13 6:19 AMID:24420 -- Boniface; Bonaventure: Relationship quality as the predictor of long term relationship in the Malaysian dairy ind
487712Jan/30/13 6:16 PMID:13210 -- Weiss; Volkmar: National IQ means calibrated and transformed from educational attainment and their under
487812Jan/29/13 5:30 PMID:13924 -- Göbel; Jürgen: How can the power of Leviathans be measured
487912Jan/29/13 8:42 PMID:14992 -- Onour; Ibrahim: Forward-Looking Beta Estimates:Evidence from an Emerging Market
488012Jan/31/13 1:39 PMID:3769 -- Mishra; SK: Recent trend of village and small enterprise sector: exploring and exploiting its opportun
488112Jan/31/13 11:46 AMID:32060 -- dumludag; devrim: An analysis of the determinants of foreign direct investment in Turkey: the role of the in
488212Jan/30/13 3:13 PMID:1353 -- Chaudhuri; Sarbajit: Economic Liberalization and Informal Wage in a Small Open Economy: Does Capital Mobility c
488312Jan/31/13 7:06 PMID:38056 -- Jean Louis; Rosmy: On the choice of an anchor for the GCC currency: does the symmetry of shocks extend to bot
488412Jan/29/13 10:33 PMID:16311 -- Delatte; Anne-Laure: The Determinants of International Reserves in the Emerging Countries: a Non-Linear Approac
488512Jan/31/13 7:44 AMID:17172 -- Giovannucci; Daniele: The State of Sustainable Coffee: A Study of Twelve Major Markets
488612Jan/31/13 5:43 AMID:40623 -- Lizarazo; Sandra: Contagion of financial crises in sovereign debt markets
488712Jan/30/13 12:06 PMID:586 -- Tschoegl; Adrian: Foreign ownership in Mexican Banking: A Self- Correcting Phenomenon
488812Jan/31/13 6:54 PMID:25993 -- Shimshack; Jay P.: Enforcement and over-compliance
488912Jan/31/13 11:51 AMID:13292 -- Karingi; Stephen: Assessment of the impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement between the ECOWAS countrie
489012Jan/31/13 1:24 AMID:13045 -- Balogun; Emmanuel Dele: Inflation differential in the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) area:Implications for unio
489112Jan/31/13 7:04 PMID:25356 -- Bokor; László: Optimality criteria of hybrid inflation-price level targeting (outdated version)
489212Jan/29/13 10:11 PMID:35951 -- Tian; Can: Technology choice and endogenous productivity dispersion over the business cycles
489312Jan/30/13 5:53 PMID:24888 -- Ciliberto; Federico: Does Multimarket Contact Facilitate Tacit Collusion Inference on Conjectural Parameters i
489412Jan/30/13 1:33 PMID:12103 -- Habibullah; M.S.: Bordering neighbours: Testing for border effect on Malaysia's northern states and Southern
489512Jan/28/13 12:43 PMID:20595 -- Polterovich; Victor: Institutional Trap
489612Jan/31/13 7:18 PMID:354 -- Ojo; Marianne: The Role of External Auditors and International Accounting Bodies in Financial Regulation
489712Jan/31/13 12:43 AMID:27070 -- Dogruel; Fatma: The Deindustrialization of Istanbul
489812Jan/31/13 4:25 PMID:15869 -- Maudos; Joaquin: Public Capital and Productive Efficiency in the Spanish Regions (1964 1989)
489912Jan/31/13 3:23 PMID:24669 -- Cole; Rebel: What do we know about the capital structure of privately held firms Evidence from the Sur
490012Jan/31/13 3:16 PMID:168 -- Ruiz-Porras; Antonio: Financial systems and banking crises: An assessment
490112Jan/29/13 1:00 PMID:26131 -- Okoye; B.C: Gender Differentials in Labour Productivity among Small-Holder Cassava Farmers in Ideato L
490212Jan/31/13 1:29 AMID:18615 -- Singh; Vik: Earnings of culture workers: findings from Canadian Census data
490312Jan/30/13 9:28 AMID:15054 -- Ahmad; Usman: Efficiency Dynamics and Financial Reforms: Case Study of Pakistani Banks
490412Jan/29/13 1:42 AMID:5523 -- Raposo; Mário: A model of university choice: an exploratory approach
490512Jan/30/13 1:17 AMID:29198 -- Goyal; Ashima: Interest groups or incentives: the political economy of fiscal decay
490612Jan/30/13 7:26 AMID:40259 -- Hartwell; Christopher A: Employment Protection Legislation and Labor Markets in Transition: Assessing the Effects o
490712Jan/30/13 6:50 PMID:26187 -- Zimmerman; Paul R.: Deterrence from self-protection measures in the ‘market model’ of crime: dynamic panel dat
490812Jan/31/13 9:24 AMID:43006 -- Badolo; Felix: Climatic shocks and food security in developing countries
490912Jan/31/13 11:25 AMID:27553 -- Das; Rituparna: Indian G-Sec Market II: Anatomy of Short Rates
491012Jan/30/13 9:52 AMID:29053 -- Muthupandian; K S: IAS 2 Inventories - A Closer Look
491112Jan/29/13 8:41 PMID:18607 -- Hein; Eckhard: Interest Rates Income Shares and Investment in a Kaleckian Model
491212Jan/31/13 12:12 AMID:30079 -- Cai; Wenbiao: Skill Investment Farm Size Distribution and Agricultural Productivity
491312Jan/31/13 9:40 AMID:34590 -- Maganga; Assa: Determinants of smallholder farmers’ demand for purchased inputs in Lilongwe District Mal
491412Jan/30/13 12:34 AMID:19567 -- Md Shoaib Ahmed; Ahmed; M; S.: An Empirical Study on Exchange Rate Volatility and it Impacts on Bilateral Export Growth:
491512Jan/31/13 9:03 AMID:3944 -- Davies; Simon: Income gender and consumption: A study of Malawian households
491612Jan/31/13 3:56 AMID:41721 -- Hasan; Dr. Syed Akif: Does economics treat fashion in a similar way everywhere
491712Jan/31/13 8:41 AMID:12891 -- Sen Gupta; Rajorshi: Stochastic Dominance Approach to Evaluate Optimism Bias in Truck Toll Forecasts
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