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Aizawa, Hiroki and Kono, Tatsuhito (2024): Quantitative evaluation of benefits of place-based policies for retail agglomeration.

Aizawa, Hiroki and Ikeda, Kiyohiro and Osawa, Minoru and Gaspar, José M. (2019): Break and sustain bifurcations of S_N-invariant equidistant economy.

Aizawa, Hiroki and Kono, Tatsuhito (2023): How should place-based policies be designed to efficiently promote retail agglomeration?

Aizawa, Hiroki and Kono, Tatsuhito (2022): Two-dimensional Geographical Position as a Factor in Determining the Growth and Decline of Retail Agglomeration.

Akamatsu, Takashi and Fujishima, Shota and Takayama, Yuki (2015): Discrete-Space Social Interaction Models: Stability and Continuous Limit.

Akamatsu, Takashi and Mori, Tomoya and Osawa, Minoru and Takayama, Yuki (2017): Endogenous agglomeration in a many-region world.

Asano, Koji (2023): Reputation and the Wall Street Walk.


Bhattacharya, Tania Ray and Managi, Shunsuke (2012): Contributions of the private sector to global biodiversity protection: case study of the fortune 500 companies.


Doi, Naoshi and Kono, Tatsuhito and Suzaki, Izumo (2023): Optimizing Multiple Airport Charges with Endogenous Airline Quality Considering the Marginal Cost of Public Funds.

Domon, Shohei and Hirota, Mayu and Kono, Tatsuhito and Managi, Shunsuke and Matsuki, Yusuke (2020): Congestion Tolls Efficiently Reduce CO2 Emissions from Homes in addition to Urban Transportation in the Long Run.


Horii, Ryo and Ikefuji, Masako (2014): Environment and Growth. Forthcoming in: Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia (2014)

Horii, Ryo and Ono, Yoshiyasu (2009): Information Cycles and Depression in a Stochastic Money-in-Utility Model.

Horii, Ryo and Sasaki, Masaru (2008): Dual Poverty Trap: Intra- and Intergenerational Linkages in Frictional Labor Markets.


Ikeda, Kiyohiro and Aizawa, Hiroki and Gaspar, Jose M. (2020): How and where satellite cities form around a large city: Sustain bifurcation mechanism of a long narrow economy.

Ikeda, Kiyohiro and Onda, Mikihisa and Takayama, Yuki (2018): Bifurcation theory of a racetrack economy in a spatial economy model.

Ikeda, Kiyohiro and Osawa, Minoru and Takayama, Yuki (2021): Time evolution of city distributions in Germany.

Ikefuji, Masako and Horii, Ryo (2012): Natural disasters in a two-sector model of endogenous growth.


Joto, Keigo and Konagane, Joji and Kono, Tatsuhito and Kuwahara, Masao (2020): Optimal Location-dependent Pricing Policies on Railways and Roads in a Continuous City.


Kishi, Akio and Kono, Tatsuhito (2020): Transportation Improvement and Hollowing-out of Urban Commercial Center: Do They Harm Consumer Welfare?

Kogure, Yosuke and Ikeda, Kiyohiro (2021): Group-theoretic analysis of a scalar field on a square lattice.

Konagane, Joji and Kono, Tatsuhito (2021): Heterogeneous Households’ Choices of Departure Time and Residential Location in a Multiple-origin Single-destination Rail System: Market Equilibrium and the First-best Solution.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Nakajima, Kentaro and Ozane, Kanta (2023): Quantitative Impact Analysis of the Centralization of Firms in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Considering Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Tsutaki, Keisuke (2023): Residential Land Use and Utilities of Multiple Generations with Lifespan Perspectives and Demographic Dynamics.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Kitamura, Naoki and Yamasaki, Kiyoshi and Iwakami, Kazuki (2016): Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Inconsistencies in Infrastructure Planning: An example of coastal levee improvement. Published in: Environment and Planning B , Vol. 43, No. 2 (2016): pp. 401-418.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Okuno, Masaya and Yamaura, Kazuho (2020): Regional Differences in Cognitive Dissonance in Evacuation Behavior at the time of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Sega, Kousuke and Seya, Hajime (2020): Estimating the willingness to pay for urban esthetic projects using an inter-temporal equilibrium: a difference-in-differences hedonic approach.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Tatano, Hirokazu and Ushiki, Kenji and Nakazono, Daisuke and Sugisawa, Fumihito (2022): The effects of hazard risk information on locations of firms by industry in tsunami-prone coastal areas.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Yoshida, Jun (2020): Travel Cost Method Considering Trip-day Counts as Integers.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Yoshida, Jun (2020): Travel Cost Method Considering Trip-day Counts as Integers.


Lo, Ashley Wan-Tzu and Kono, Tatsuhito (2023): Measuring the Gender Differences in Value of Time by Household Life Stage: An Intertemporal Analysis based on Japan Household Panel Survey.


Managi, Shunsuke and Okimoto, Tatsuyoshi and Matsuda, Akimi (2012): Do Socially Responsible Investment Indexes Outperform Conventional Indexes?

Momota, Akira and Horii, Ryo (2011): Timing of childbirth, capital accumulation, and economic welfare.


Osawa, Minoru and Akamatsu, Takashi (2019): Equilibrium refinement for a model of non-monocentric internal structures of cities: A potential game approach.


Ryo, Horii and Kazuhiro, Yamamoto and Ryoji, Ohdoi (2008): Financial infrastructure, technological shift, and inequality in economic development.


Tetsuya, Tsurumi and Shunsuke, Managi (2011): The Effect of Trade Openness on Deforestation: Empirical Analysis for 142 Countries.


Yoshida, Jun and Imoto, Tomoko and Kono, Tatsuhito (2022): Agricultural and urban land use policies to manage human–wildlife conflicts.

Yoshida, Jun and Kono, Tatsuhito (2020): Optimal Car-related Taxes and Pricing in Beijing Considering the Marginal Cost of Public Funds.

Yoshida, Jun and Kono, Tatsuhito (2020): Cities and biodiversity: Spatial efficiency of land use.

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