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Adrjan, Pawel (2018): The mightier, the stingier: Firms’ market power, capital intensity, and the labor share of income.

Armstrong, Mark (1997): Mobile telephony in the UK.

Armstrong, Mark (1996): Nonlinear pricing with imperfectly informed consumers.

Armstrong, Mark (2002): Competition in two-sided markets (2002 version).

Armstrong, Mark and Vickers, John (2019): Discriminating Against Captive Customers.

Armstrong, Mark and Zhou, Jidong (2019): Consumer information and the limits to competition.

armstrong, Mark and Vickers, John (2020): Patterns of competitive interaction.


Bhatia, Jai (2009): The impact of insolvency laws on venture capital. Published in: Social Science Research Network (2009)


Chen, Si (2012): Optimistic versus Pessimistic--Optimal Judgemental Bias with Reference Point.

Collier, Paul and Goderis, Benedikt (2009): Structural policies for shock-prone developing countries.

Collier, Paul and Goderis, Benedikt (2008): Commodity Prices, Growth, and the Natural Resource Curse: Reconciling a Conundrum.


Fenske, James (2011): "Rubber will not keep in this country": Failed development in Benin, 1897-1921.

Fenske, James (2010): Does land abundance explain African institutions?

Fenske, James (2011): Does land abundance explain African institutions?

Fenske, James (2012): Does land abundance explain African institutions?

Fenske, James (2012): Does land abundance explain African institutions?


Ghafele, Roya (2011): How developing countries can benefit from intellectual property: the role of collective marks in tourism.

Ghafele, Roya (2012): Financing University Research.

Ghafele, Roya (2010): Die Institutionalisierung von Wissensbeständen in Österreich. Die Diskrepanz zwischen wirtschaftlicher Realität und Politik. Published in: Diskussions Papier Rat fuer Forschung und Technologie Entwicklung , Vol. 3, No. 3 (16 May 2010): pp. 1-39.

Ghafele, Roya (2007): Trademark owners perspective on the Madrid system: practical experiences and theoretical underpinnings. Published in: Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice , Vol. 3, No. 2 (2007): pp. 160-169.

Ghafele, Roya (2010): Accounting for intellectual property? Published in: Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice No. 5 (10 May 2010): pp. 521-530.

Ghafele, Roya (2010): Can intellectual property diplomacy be more than war by other means? Published in: Oxford Journal on Intellectual Property Law and Practice , Vol. 3, No. 5 (2010): pp. 200-201.

Ghafele, Roya (2010): Of war and peace: analyzing the policy discourse on intellectual property. Published in: Intellectual Property Quarterly No. 3 (2010): pp. 237-255.

Ghafele, Roya and D. O’Brien, Robert (2012): Open innovation for sustainability: Lessons from the GreenXchange experience. Published in: International Centre on Trade and Sustainable Development Policy Brief No. 13 (June 2012): pp. 1-10.

Ghafele, Roya and Engel, Jakob (2011): Intellectual property related development aid: is supply aligned with demand?

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2011): The Transaction Cost Benefits of Electronic Patent Licensing Platforms: A Discussion at the Example of the PatentBooks Model.

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2011): A Changing Climate: Statistical Evidence of the Intellectual Property Landscape of Clean Energy Technologies.

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2012): A New Institutional Economics Perspective on Trademarks. Rebuilding Post Conflict Zones in Sierra Leone and Croatia.

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2011): Crowdsourcing patent application review: leveraging new opportunities to capitalize on innovation? Published in: Intellectual Property Quarterly No. 3 (September 2011): pp. 23-33.

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2011): The transformative impact of business models.

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2012): Promoting intellectual property monetization in developing countries : a review of issues and strategies to support knowledge-driven growth. Published in: World Bank Policy Research No. WPS6143 (July 2012): pp. 1-29.

Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin and DiGiammarino, Paul (2011): Crowdsourcing patent application review to capitalize on innovation. Published in: Journal of Intellectual Property Rights , Vol. 4, No. 16 (2011): pp. 303-308.

Ghafele, Roya and Mercer, Angus (2011): A Mountain Biker cannot start a journey in sixth gear: An Assessment of the U.N. Global Compact’s Use of Soft Law as a Global Governance Structure for Corporate Social Responsibility. Published in: U.C. Davis Journal of International Law & Practice , Vol. 17, No. 1 (June 2011): pp. 48-59.

Ghafele, Roya and Vanderslott, Samantha (2011): Trademarks as Fictitious Commodities: An Erosion of the Public Interest? An Assessment of the use of trademarks over urban space at the example of London’s Regent Street and Paris’ Champs-Elysées.

Gill, David and Prowse, Victoria (2013): A Novel Computerized Real Effort Task Based on Sliders.

Gill, David and Prowse, Victoria and Vlassopoulos, Michael (2013): Cheating in the workplace: An experimental study of the impact of bonuses and productivity.

Goderis, Benedikt and Malone, Samuel W. (2009): Natural Resource Booms and Inequality: Theory and Evidence.

Goderis, Benedikt and Wagner, Wolf (2009): Credit Derivatives and Sovereign Debt Crises.

Goodspeed, Tyler (2015): Slavery, Path Dependence, and Development: Evidence from the Georgia Experiment.


Heller, Yuval (2013): Stability and trembles in extensive-form games. Forthcoming in: Games and Economic Behaivor No. forthcoming

Heller, Yuval and Mohlin, Erik (2015): Unique Stationary Behavior.

Heller, Yuval and Winter, Eyal (2013): Rule Rationality.

Himaz, Rozana (2009): Is there a boy bias in household education expenditure: the case of Andhra Pradesh in India. Published in: Young Lives Working Paper , Vol. 46, (2009)

Himaz, Rozana and Galab, Sheikh and Reddy, Prudhvikar (2009): Young Lives Round 2 Survey Report Initial Findings: Andhra Pradesh, India. Published in: Young Country Reports


Keane, Michael (2005): Comment on "Multinational Firms and Backward Linkages" by Ping Lin and Kamal Saggi. Published in: Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Development? No. Institute for International Economics, Moran, Graham and Blomstrom (eds.) (April 2005): pp. 179-191.

Kitov, Ivan and Kitov, Oleg (2013): The dynamics of personal income distribution and inequality in the United States.

Kolpashnikova, Kamila and Chiba, Ryota and Shirakawa, Kiyomi (2019): Socioeconomic Status and Housework: Cultural Differences in Participation in Routine Housework in Japan, Canada, and the US. Published in: IER Discussion Papers No. 697 (4 July 2019): pp. 1-14.

Kolpashnikova, Kamila and Kan, Man-Yee and Shirakawa, Kiyomi (2019): Marriage Penalty: Unconditional Quantile Regression of Housework Participation in Japan. Published in: Discussion Paper Series No. No.695 (10 June 2019): pp. 1-20.

Kolpashnikova, Kamila and Kan, Man-Yee and Shirakawa, Kiyomi (2019): Marriage and Housework: Analyzing the Effects of Education Using the 2011 and 2016 Japanese Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities. Published in: IER Discussion Paper Series No. 696 (20 June 2019): pp. 1-28.


McCarthy, David and Mikkola, Kalle and Thomas, Teruji (2017): Representation of strongly independent preorders by vector-valued functions.

McCarthy, David and Mikkola, Kalle and Thomas, Teruji (2017): Aggregation for potentially infinite populations without continuity or completeness.


Ngo, Thi Minh-Phuong and Wahhaj, Zaki (2008): Microfinance and Gender Empowerment.

Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel and Roope, Laurence and Tarp, Finn (2014): Global interpersonal inequality Trends and measurement. Published in: WIDER Working Paper Series No. 014/004 (10 January 2014)


Omotor, Douglason G. (2009): The Nigerian economy and monetary policy: Some simple empirics.


Peter, Eckley (2015): Measuring economic uncertainty using news-media textual data.

Peter, Eckley (2015): (Non)rationality of consumer inflation perceptions.

Pérez Blanco, Carlos Dionisio and Gómez, Carlos Mario (2014): Drought management plans and water availability in agriculture:A risk assessment model for a Southern European basin. Published in: Weather and Climate Extremes , Vol. 4, No. 4 (1 August 2014): pp. 11-18.


Radanliev, Petar and De Roure, Dave and R.C. Nurse, Jason and Nicolescu, Razvan and Huth, Michael and Cannady, Stacy and Mantilla Montalvo, Rafael (2019): Cyber Security Framework for the Internet-of-Things in Industry 4.0.

Rungcharoenkitkul, Phurichai (2006): Learning and Hysteresis in a Dynamic Coordination Game.


Tarek, Syed Ali (2011): Study of Sustainable Growth Factors of SIE/ Micro-financed Business. Published in: World Review of Business Research , Vol. 1 (4), No. September 2011 (2011): pp. 142-159.

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