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Suvremeni kovinski novac i njemu slični kovinski objekti

Matić, Branko (2009): Suvremeni kovinski novac i njemu slični kovinski objekti. Published in: Numizmatičke vijesti No. 62 (2009): pp. 169-182.


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The author analyses and researches metal objects (artefacts) similar to contemporary coins that occasionally appear in monetary circulation for various reasons. The legal emission of objects similar to coins (local coins), made of metals or their alloys, appear in some countries relatively often as supplementary money with thepurpose of "crumbling" monetary sovereignty. Another, more frequent and more dangerous reason for issuing various metal objects (medals/counters) similar to the coins that are legal currency is to defraud coin users and to achieve unlawful gain. Globalisation and its impact on the monetary sphere, a common regulation of monetary policy in issuing coins and other trends connected with changes in the emission of coins to increase their demand, and therefore also placing them in treasuries, and some other reasons, have made it necessary to introduce restrictive measures in the emission of coins so as to protect their users and those who issue them.

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