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Interrelations between development factors and tourism factors. A quantitative point of view

Bob, Constantin and Grigorescu, Adriana (2009): Interrelations between development factors and tourism factors. A quantitative point of view. Published in: Conference proceeding ISBN 978-88-96116-20-3 (2009)


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The tourism development analysis is of maximum importance in the context of increasing the integration level of the Romania’s economy into of the European one. Various methods are used by specialists for evaluating and disseminating data on the evolution, in order to provide information to policy makers. The regional structure of Romania’s tourism is one of the basic elements for designing its economic prelaunch and development strategies, integration into the European economy and of course for establishing tourism policies. In the selection of the better way for the analysis an important place, has the multiple factor analysis that focused on disseminate the correlations between the specific tourism indicators and the indicators of economic growth. Consequences, the tourism policies could be seen as an instrument for providing the structure stability and as a way of harmonizing the European and national commercial interests through the use of promotion and protection measures. Regional structural are utilized like criteria for the utilization of multiple factor analysis or canonical analysis. We are proposing hereby such a unified method. Our proposed model defines of structure of the tourism regions, the stability degree and the intensity of the measures to be used for restructuring the tourism offer structure (existing and estimated). The case study was made on Romania’s tourism statistics. The modification of the tourism structure can be done only through several promotion and protection measures strong enough to facilitate the new trends.

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