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Abdelaal Mahmoud, Ashraf (2011): Financial Crises and Bilateral Foreign Direct Investment Flows.

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bailek, Alexandra (2018): Economic Impact Analysis of Hospital Readmission Rate and Service Quality Using Machine Learning. Published in:


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Chang, Jinyuan and Chen, Songxi (2011): On the Approximate Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Diffusion Processes. Published in:

Charlita de Freitas, Luciano and Euler de Morais, Leonardo and Manuel Baigorri, Carlos (2017): Risk and systemic risk perception in the telecommunications sector in Brazil: an investor perspective assessment.

Chen, Song Xi and Guo, Bin (2014): Tests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models.

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Chen, Songxi and Qin, Jing and Tang, Chengyong (2013): Mann-Whitney Test with Adjustments to Pre-treatment Variables for Missing Values and Observational Study. Published in:

Chen, Songxi and Van Keilegom, Ingrid (2012): Estimation in semiparametric models with missing data. Published in:

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Chhorn, Theara (2017): Spatial Linkage of Technological Progress, ICT base and Economic Output in CLMV Region.

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Ciliberto, Federico and Miller, Amalia and Skyt Nielsen, Helena and Simonsen, Marianne (2013): Playing the Fertility Game at Work: An Equilibrium Model of Peer Effects.

Costola, Michele and Lorusso, Marco (2021): Spillovers among Energy Commodities and the Russian Stock Market.


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emmanuel, mamatzakis and george, christodoulakis (2010): Return Attribution Analysis of the UK Insurance Portfolios. Forthcoming in: Annals of Finance


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