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Atoi, Ngozi Victor (2018): Non-performing Loan and its Effects on Banking Stability: Evidence from National and International Licensed Banks in Nigeria. Published in: Central Bank of Nigeria Journal of Applied Statistics , Vol. 9, No. 2 (1 December 2018): pp. 43-74.


Blankmeyer, Eric (2021): Explorations in NISE Estimation.

Brissimis, Sophocles N. and Bechlioulis, Alexandros P. (2017): The link between consumption and leisure under Cobb-Douglas preferences:Some new evidence.

Bruno, Bruna and Fiorillo, Damiano (2013): Voluntary work and labour income.

Bruno, Bruna and Fiorillo, Damiano (2014): Voluntary work and wages.

Busilac, Aileen Jean and Deluna, Roperto Jr (2013): The Relationship between Population Dynamics and Investments for Energy and Telecommunication Infrastructures in the Philippines.


Chatelain, Jean-Bernard and Ralf, Kirsten (2020): How Macroeconomists Lost Control of Stabilization Policy: Towards Dark Ages. Forthcoming in: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought , Vol. 6, No. 27 (2020)

Chau, Tak Wai (2015): Identification through Heteroscedasticity: What If We Have the Wrong Form of Heteroscedasticity?

Clarke, Damian and Matta, Benjamín (2017): Practical Considerations for Questionable IVs.

Combey, Adama (2014): Le Policy mix de la zone UEMOA garantit-il la Stabilité Intérieure et la Croissance ?

Cui, Guowei and Sarafidis, Vasilis and Yamagata, Takashi (2020): IV Estimation of Spatial Dynamic Panels with Interactive Effects: Large Sample Theory and an Application on Bank Attitude Toward Risk.


Dobrescu, Emilian (2013): Modelling the sectoral structure of the final output.

Doko Tchatoka, Firmin (2013): On bootstrap validity for specification tests with weak instruments.


Escobari, Diego (2017): Airport, airline and departure time choice and substitution patterns: An empirical analysis. Forthcoming in: Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice


Fiorillo, Damiano and Nappo, Nunzia (2015): Formal volunteering and self-perceived health. Causal evidence from the UK-SILC.


KOUADIO, Hugues (2012): Droit foncier, productivité et investissement dans l'agriculture : cas du café en Côte d'Ivoire.

KOUADIO, Hugues and DESDOIGTS, Alain (2012): Déforestation, migrations, saturation et réformes foncières: La Côte d’Ivoire entre résilience rurale et litiges fonciers.

Kalaj, Ermira Hoxha (2010): Are Remittances Spent in a Healthy Way? Evidence from Albania.

Khan, Abdul Jalil and Ahmad, Hafiz Rizwan (2017): An Evaluation of Effective Prosperity Measure: A Case of Wellbeing Index. Published in: Annual General Meeting, Pakistan Society for Develpoment Economist No. 33 (15 December 2017): pp. 1-23.

Kundu, AMIT (2014): Effectiveness of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (MGNREGP) to Check Migration among the Rural Households. Published in: Journal of Rural Development , Vol. 34, No. April-June 2015 (30 June 2015): pp. 123-133.


La, Vincent (2014): Home Team Advantage in the NBA: The Effect of Fan Attendance on Performance.

Lof, Matthijs (2013): Essays on Expectations and the Econometrics of Asset Pricing.

lahlou, kamal (2017): Conduite de la politique budgétaire: enseignements des expériences internationales et évidences des fonctions de réaction. Published in: Critique économique , Vol. 1, No. 33 (2017): pp. 43-80.


MAT RAHIM, SITI ROHAYA (2014): Asymmetric Cointegration: Barley and Crude Oil Price in United States.

Makrevska Disoska, Elena and Tonovska, Jasna and Toshevska-Trpcevska, Katerina and Tevdovski, Dragan and Stojkoski, Viktor (2023): Empirical Determinants of Innovation in European Countries: Testing the Porter's Hypothesis.

Makrevska Disoska, Elena and Toshevska-Trpchevska, Katerina and Tevdovski, Dragan and Jolakoski, Petar and Stojkoski, Viktor (2021): A longitudinal overview of the European national innovation systems through the lenses of the Community Innovation Survey.

Mishra, SK (2017): A New Kind of Two-Stage Least Squares Based on Shapley Value Regression.

Mishra, SK (2018): A Study on Regime Type and Globalization in Simultaneous Equation Framework.

Mishra, Sudhanshu K (2018): A Simultaneous Equation Model of Globalization, Corruption, Democracy, Human Development and Social Progress.

Mori, Tomoya and Sakaguchi, Shosei (2018): Collaborative knowledge creation: Evidence from Japanese patent data.

Müller, Tobias and Boes, Stefan (2016): Disability Insurance Benefits and Labor Supply Choices: Evidence from a Discontinuity in Benefit Awards.

Müller, Tobias and Boes, Stefan (2016): Disability Insurance Benefits and Labor Supply Decisions: Evidence from a Discontinuity in Benefit Awards.


Osti, Davide (2022): Returns to scale with a Cobb-Douglas production function for four small Northern Italian firms.

Oukhallou, Youssef (2019): Military Expenditure and Economic Development.


Phiri, Andrew (2020): Genetic diversity, disease prevalence and the coronavirus pandemic.

Possebom, Vitor (2018): Sharp bounds on the MTE with sample selection.


Robertson, Donald and Sarafidis, Vasilis and Westerlund, Joakim (2014): GMM Unit Root Inference in Generally Trending and Cross-Correlated Dynamic Panels.

Rodríguez Núñez, Juan Bautista (2021): Causalidad Reversa entre Pobreza Monetaria e Informalidad Laboral, evidencia empírica para la República Dominicana año 2010 y 2016. Published in:

Rodríguez Núñez, Juan Bautista and Taveras Velez, Hamilton (2020): Determinantes de la Violencia entre Parejas (VEP) hacia la mujer en los hogares en la República Dominicana: un perfil basado en el Enfoque Ecológico de la Violencia (EEV).


Sabatini, Fabio and Sarracino, Francesco (2014): E-participation: social capital and the Internet.

Sabatini, Fabio and Sarracino, Francesco (2014): Online networks and subjective well-being.

Sabatini, Fabio and Sarracino, Francesco (2014): Will Facebook save or destroy social capital? An empirical investigation into the effect of online interactions on trust and networks.

Shijaku, Gerti (2012): Sustainability of fiscal policy: the case of Albania. Published in:

Shijaku, Gerti and Gjokuta, Arlind (2013): Fiscal policy and economic growth: the case of Albania. Published in:

Swamy, Vighneswara (2015): The Dynamics of Government Debt and Economic Growth.

Swamy, Vighneswara (2015): Government Debt and Economic Growth – Decomposing the Cause and Effect Relationship.

Swamy, Vighneswara (2015): Government Debt and Economic Growth: Estimating the Debt Thresholds and Debt Intolerance.

Swamy, Vighneswara (2015): Government Debt and its Macroeconomic Determinants – An Empirical Investigation.


Tansel, Aysit and Keskin, Halil Ibrahim (2017): Education Effects on Days Hospitalized and Days Out of Work by Gender: Evidence from Turkey.

Tumen, Semih and Zeydanli, Tugba (2014): Is Happiness Contagious? Separating Spillover Externalities from the Group-Level Social Context.


van Hoorn, Andre (2017): The Use of Identity Primes to Explain Behavioral Differences Between Groups: A Methodological Note. Published in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics No. 74 (June 2018): pp. 146-151.

van der Plaat, Mark (2020): Loan sales and the tyranny of distance in U.S. residential mortgage lending.


Windmeijer, Frank (1995): A Note on R2 in the Instrumental Variables Model. Published in: Journal of Quantitative Economics , Vol. 11, (January 1995): pp. 257-261.


Yuan, Mingqing (2023): The nexus between economic growth, healthcare expenditure, and CO2 emissions in Asia-Pacific countries: Evidence from a PVAR approach.


Zaghdoudi, Taha (2014): ivporbit:An R package to estimate the probit model with continuous endogenous regressors.

Zhao, Qiyi C. (2023): Rethinking “Distance From”: Lessons from Wittenberg and Mainz.

Zhu, Ying (2013): Sparse Linear Models and l1−Regularized 2SLS with High-Dimensional Endogenous Regressors and Instruments. Forthcoming in: Journal of Econometrics

Zhu, Ying (2015): Sparse Linear Models and l1−Regularized 2SLS with High-Dimensional Endogenous Regressors and Instruments.

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