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Special Theory of Employment and Co-Productive Goods

Noga, Adam (2016): Special Theory of Employment and Co-Productive Goods.


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In the paper is presented special theory of employment, which is not part of the four economic methods (simultaneous equations, partial equilibrium, macro- aggregates, Marxian hermeneutic). The special theory of employment indicating that households, as one of the four regulators of the economy, in addition to markets, the state and enterprises, in their search for work must themselves find a "loop" that integrates the regulators in order to achieve their goals. The building block for creating this "loop" is the disclosure, that in the history of economic thought too much importance was attributed to the substitutability and complementarity of goods (e.g. between leisure and consumption in the theories of employment), while not enough importance was attributed to the co-productivity of goods. The co-productivity of goods x and y means mutually gaining access to one of these goods as a result of using (consumption) of the other good. On account of this co-productivity households can control the remaining regulators of the economy and create employment for themselves, regardless of macroeconomic conditions of stability or instability.

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