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Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo and Noguchi, Masayoshi (2011): Auditors and the supervision of retail finance: evidence from two small-sized building societies, 1976-1978.


Chen, Guifu and Hamori, Shigeyuki (2009): Energy prices and China’s international competitiveness.


Demachi, Kazue (2012): The effect of crude oil price change and volatility on Nigerian economy.


Fukushima, Marcelo and Kikuchi, Toru (2008): A Simple Model of Trade with Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy.

Furukawa, Yuichi and Lai, Tat-kei and Sato, Kenji (2017): Receptivity and Innovation.


Gonzales, Erick (2015): Comentario a: Los alcances de la seguridad ciudadana en Bolivia como bien público y tarea de todos.

Guifu, Chen and Shigeyuki, Hamori (2009): Formal Employment, Informal Employment and Income Differentials in Urban China.


HASHIGUCHI, Yoshihiro and HAMORI, Shigeyuki (2010): Small sample properties of CIPS panel unit root test under conditional and unconditional heteroscedasticity.

HASHIGUCHI, Yoshihiro and HAMORI, Shigeyuki (2010): The sustainability of trade balances in Sub-Saharan Africa: panel cointegration tests with cross-section dependence.

Hashiguchi, Yoshihiro (2009): Bayesian Estimation of Spatial Externalities Using Regional Production Function: The Case of China and Japan.

Hashiguchi, Yoshihiro and Chen, Kuang-hui (2010): Has China's Interregional Capital Mobility Been Low? A Spatial Econometric Estimation of the Feldstein-Horioka Equation.

Hisako, KAI and Shigeyuki, HAMORI (2009): Microfinance and Inequality.

Hsieh, Kunlin and Hsieh, Yuching and Hamori, Shigeyuki (2010): The interdependence of Taiwanese and Japanese stock prices.


Inoue, Takeshi and Hamori, Shigeyuki (2013): Financial Permeation and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Iwasa, Kazumichi and Kikuchi, Toru (2007): Indirect Network Effects, Trade Liberalization, and Excess Standardization.

Iwasa, Kazumichi and Kikuchi, Toru (2007): Strategic Divisionalization, Product Differentiation and International Competition.

Iwasa, Kazumichi and Kikuchi, Toru (2008): Software Provision and the Impact of Market Integration.

Iwasa, Kazumichi and Kikuchi, Toru and Shimomura, Koji (2007): A Dynamic Chamberlin-Heckscher-Ohlin Model with Endogenous Time Preferences: A Note.


KAI, Hisako (2009): Competition and Wide Outreach of Microfinance Institutions.

Kanao, Koji and Hamori, Shigeyuki (2010): The size of the underground economy in Japan.

Kasuga, Norihro and Manabu, Shishikura and Masanori, Kondo (2007): Platform Competition in Pay-TV Market.

Kazumichi, Iwasa and Kikuchi, Toru (2008): Indirect Network Effects and the Impact of Trade Liberalization: A Note.

Kazumichi, Iwasa and Toru, Kikuchi (2007): Cost Hetrogeneity and Strategic Divisionalization.

Kikuchi, Toru (2007): Network Externalities and Comparative Advantage. Forthcoming in: Bulletin of Economic Research

Kikuchi, Toru (2008): Distribution Costs, International Trade and Industrial Location.

Kikuchi, Toru (2008): Footloose Capital and Locational Advantage of a Hub.

Kikuchi, Toru and Iwasa, Kazumichi (2008): Competing Industrial Standards and the Impact of Trade Liberalization.

Kikuchi, Toru and Shimomua, Koji (2008): Comparative Advantage and Trade Liberalization in a Chamberlinian-Ricardian Model.

Kobayashi, Teruyoshi (2010): Firm entry, credit availability and monetary policy.


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Lee, Sang-Ho and Nakamura, Tamotsu and Park, Chul-Hi (2017): Optimal Privatization Policy in a Mixed Eco-Industry in the Presence of Commitments on Abatement Technologies.

Li, Zhen and Yada, Katsutoshi and Zennyo, Yusuke (2019): Duration of Price Promotion and Retail Profit: An In-depth Study Based on Point-of-Sale Data. Forthcoming in:


Sato, Masayuki and Samreth, Sovannroeun and Sasaki, Kengo (2013): The Stability of Sustainable Development Path and Institutions: Evidence from Genuine Savings Indicators.

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Shintani, Masaya and Yasuoka, Masaya (2019): Child Care Policy and Capital Mobility.


Takeuchi, Nobuyuki (2010): Industrialization and the role of government.


Yagi, Michiyuki and Managi, Shunsuke (2016): Demographic determinants of car ownership in Japan. Forthcoming in: Transport Policy

Yoichi, Matsubayashi and Shigeyuki, Hamori (2009): Empirical Analysis of Import Demand Behavior of Least Developed Countries. Published in: Economics Bulletin , Vol. 29, No. 2 (June 2009): pp. 1460-1475.

Yoshihiro, Hashiguchi and Shigeyuki, Hamori (2009): Saving-Investment Relationship and Capital Mobility:Evidence from Chinese Provincial Data, 1980—2007. Published in: Economics Bulletin , Vol. 29, No. 3 (August 2009): pp. 1986-1994.

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