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Adams, Abass and Cantah, William Godfred and Wiafe, Emmanuel Agyapong (2014): Income Insecurity, Job Insecurity and the Drift towards Self-employment in SSA.


Babucea, Ana-Gabriela and Danacica, Daniela-Emanuela (2007): Using Kaplan – Meier curves for preliminary evaluation the duration of unemployment spells. Published in: Annals of the University "Constantin Brancusi' of Targu Jiu , Vol. No. 2/, No. ISSN 1842-4856 (2007): pp. 33-38.

Biagetti, Marco and Scicchitano, Sergio (2009): Inequality in workers’ lifelong learning across european countries: Evidence from EU-SILC data-set.

Bruno, Bruno (2010): Economics of co-authorship.


Caruso, Raul and Di Domizio, Marco and Rossignoli, Domenico (2016): Aggregate Wages Of Players and Performance in Italian Serie A.

Colin-Romero, Alexis David and Venegas-Martínez, Francisco (2023): Impacto del Covid-19 en el mercado laboral en América del Norte en 2019-2020 por sectores económicos, nivel de instrucción, género y edad: un modelo de datos panel 2013-2020.


Danacica, Daniela-Emanuela and Babucea, Ana-Gabriela (2007): The role of education for the duration of unemplyment in Gorj County. Published in: Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Oeconomica , Vol. Volume, No. ISSN 1220-0506 (2007): pp. 67-81.

Di Meglio, Gisela and Barge-Gil, Andrés and Camiña, Ester and Moreno, Lourdes (2019): Knocking on Employment´s Door: Internships and Job Attainment.


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Gete, Pedro and Porchia, Paolo (2011): A real options analysis of dual labor markets and the single labor contract.

Guifu, Chen and Shigeyuki, Hamori (2009): Formal Employment, Informal Employment and Income Differentials in Urban China.


Herrmann, Peter (2008): Social Economy and Social Economics –The Situation in the Republic of Ireland.

Herrmann, Peter and van der Maesen, Laurent J.G. (2008): Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration.


Josheski, Dushko and Lazarov, Darko (2011): Labor market and natural rate of unemployment in US and Canadian time series analysis.


Karpov, Valery (2010): Основные направления развития трудового потенциала в условиях рынка труда Сибири. Published in: Инновационный бизнес региона: актуальные проблемы развития: Материалы Международной научно-практической конференции в рамках Международного экономического форума «Человеческий капитал – ключевой ресурс модернизации Российской экономики» (2010): pp. 72-75.

Kim, Soojin (2014): Reforming Korea's Migration Policy. Published in: International Journal of Knowledge and Innovation in Business , Vol. 1, No. 1 (15 February 2014): pp. 21-36.

Klimczuk, Andrzej and Baczyńska-Koc, Katarzyna and Borys, Magdalena and Pietrzak, Iwona and Plawgo, Bogusław and Radziewicz, Katarzyna and Rollnik-Sadowska, Ewa and Sadowska-Snarska, Cecylia and Żynel-Etel, Justyna (2015): Popyt na zawody i kompetencje na podlaskim rynku pracy a potrzeby pracodawców w zakresie kształcenia ustawicznego pracowników w wieku 45 lat i więcej. Published in:

Kumar B, Pradeep and S, Arya (2019): Participation of Indian Women in Agricultural Sector: A Study Based On Rural Areas in India. Published in: International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research , Vol. 9, No. 4 (8 September 2019): pp. 6008-6013.


Kässi, Otto and Lehdonvirta, Vili (2016): Online Labour Index: Measuring the Online Gig Economy for Policy and Research.


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Moniz, António and Godinho, Manuel M. (2001): A análise prospectiva como ferramenta de política de inovação: uma perspectiva socioeconómica [Foresight analysis as an innovation policy tool: a socio-economic approach]. Published in: ENSIOT Proceedings. Globalização e Competitividade - Novos cenários para o trabalho No. 9 (March 2001): pp. 1-14.

Munro, John H. (2004): Before and after the Black Death: money, prices, and wages in fourteenth-century England. Published in: New Approaches to the History of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Selected Proceedings of Two International Conferences at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen, Historisk-filosofiske Meddelser , Vol. 104, (February 2009): pp. 335-364.

Munro, John H. (2002): Wage-stickiness, monetary changes, and real incomes in late-medieval England and the Low Countries, 1300 - 1500: did money matter? Published in: Research in Economic History , Vol. 21, No. 1 (2003): pp. 185-297.

Munro, John H. (1998): The symbiosis of towns and textiles: urban institutions and the changing fortunes of cloth manufacturing in the Low Countries and England, 1270 - 1570. Published in: The Journal of Early Modern History: Contacts, Comparisons, Contrasts , Vol. 3, No. 1 (February 1999): pp. 1-74.

Muravyev, Alexander and Bilyk, Olga and Grechaniuk, Bogdana (2009): Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine.

Mutascu, Mihai (2008): Shadow economy, economic growth and labor market - Romanian case. Published in: Annales Universitatis Apulensis Series Oeconomica , Vol. 1 (200, No. 10 (0) (December 2009): pp. 36-42.


NWAOBI, GODWIN (2013): African Jobless Growth Morphology:Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses.

Nizamani, Sarah and Waheed, Muhammad Shahid (2020): Poverty and Inequality amid COVID-19 – Evidence from Pakistan’s Labour Market.

Nwaobi, Godwin (2019): Emerging African Economies:Digital Structures, Disruptive Responses and Demographic Implications.


Okamura, Kazuaki (2023): Job Tasks, Skill Formation, and Wages: An Internal Labor Market Approach.


Pillai, Rajasekharan (2010): Labour Market Structure: A Brief Literature Survey.

Piątkowski, Marcin J. (2020): Expectations and Challenges in the Labour Market in the Context of Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Agglomeration Method-Based Analysis for Poland and Other EU Member States. Published in: Sustainability , Vol. 13, No. 12 (July 2020): pp. 1-30.

Possumah, Bayu Taufiq and Ismail, Abdul Ghafar and Shahida, Shahimi (2012): Bringing Work Back In Islamic Ethic. Published in: Journal Of Business Ethic No. ISSN 0167-4544 (7 February 2012)


Quadros, Waldir and Antunes, Davi and Gimenez, Denis (2012): O BRASIL E A NOVA CLASSE MÉDIA DOS ANOS 2000. Published in: Carta Social e do Trabalho No. 20 (October 2012): pp. 2-11.


Roupakias, Stelios (2022): Employment and distributional effects of Greece’s national minimum wage.


Schwalje, Wes (2011): A Conceptual Model of National Skills Formation for Knowledge-based Economic Development.

Schwalje, Wes (2011): Knowledge-based Economic Development as a Unifying Vision in a Post-awakening Arab World.

Singh, Ajit and Zammit, Ann (1994): Employment and unemployment: North and South. Notes for a global development agenda for the 1990s. Published in: Book Chapter in Grieve-Smith, J. and Michie, J. (eds.), Managing the Global Economy, Oxford University Press (1995): pp. 93-110.

Surfield, Christopher and Welch, William (2009): Atypical Work and Employment Regulations: A Comparison of Right-to-Work to Closed-Shop States.


Tansel, Aysit and Kan, Elif Oznur (2011): Labor mobility across the formal/informal divide in Turkey: evidence from individual level data.

Tansel, Aysit and Kan, Elif Oznur (2012): The formal/informal employment earnings gap: evidence from Turkey.

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