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Ahmad, Munir and Boris E., Bravo-Ureta (1995): An econometric decomposition of dairy output growth. Published in: American Journal of Agricultural Economics , Vol. 77, No. 4 (November 1995): pp. 915-921.

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Buda, Rodolphe (1995): Abrégé de comptabilité nationale.

Buda, Rodolphe (1995): Robert E. Lucas Jr., Prix Nobel d'Économie 1995.


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Dai, Meixing (1995): Reexamination of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) under Cournot Competition.

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Freeman, Alan (1995): Relative Surplus Value and Expanded Reproduction.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Replacement Costs, Stocks and the Valuation of Inputs.


Gilroy, Bernard Michael (1995): Book Review: Mark Mason and Dennis Encarnation Does Ownership Matter?

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Guilhoto, Joaquim J.M. (1995): Um modelo computável de equilíbrio geral para planejamento e análise de políticas agrícolas (PAPA) na economia brasileira.

Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins (1995): PAPA: An economy-wide general purpose computable general equilibrium model for the Brazilian economy.


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Kohnert, Dirk (1995): New Markets for Local Experts in Africa? Published in: : pp. 63-74.

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Merz, Joachim (1995): MICSIM : Concept, Developments and Applications of a PC-Microsimulation Model for Research and Teaching. Published in: , Vol. FFB Di,

Merz, Joachim and Kirsten, Dagmar (1995): Freie Berufe im Mikrozensus I - Struktur und quantitative Bedeutung anhand der ersten Ergebnisse für die neuen und alten Bundesländer 1991.

Merz, Joachim and Kirsten, Dagmar (1995): Freie Berufe im Mikrozensus II - Einkommen und Einkommensverteilung anhand der ersten Ergebnisse für die neuen und alten Bundesländer 1991.

meng, xin (1995): The role of education in wage determination in China's rural industrial sector. Published in: Education Economics , Vol. 3, No. 3 (1995): pp. 235-247.


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Sahay, Ratna and Vegh, Carlos (1995): Dollarization in transition economies: Evidence and policy implications.

Sandberg, Åke (1995): Enriching Production: Perspectives on Volvo's Uddevalla plant as an alternative to lean production. Published in:

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Tyabji, Nasir (1995): Technological Slips between the Cup and the Lip: Unlearnt Lessons from Inter-War Colonial Madras. Published in: Economic and Political Weekly , Vol. 30, No. 30 : PE99-PE103.

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Wang, Weiren and Zhou, Mai (1995): Iterative Least Squares Estimator of Binary Choice Models: a Semi-Parametric Approach.


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Zaman, Asad (1995): On the inconsistency of the Breusch-Pagan test. Published in: Journal of Economic and Social Research , Vol. 1, No. 2 (2000): pp. 1-11.

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