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Y a-t-il adaptabilité des conditions monétaires actuelles ? Une perspective Régionale

Kuikeu, Oscar (2021): Y a-t-il adaptabilité des conditions monétaires actuelles ? Une perspective Régionale.


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In the Memoriam of Elinor Obstrom the nobel price’s in economics for the 2009 year the comtemporaneous crisis gives us some opportunity to revisit his main foundation has give thanks by the 2020’s economics nobel price to Paul Migrom bout the auction Theory. In fact, the main caractheristic of the contemporaneous crisis is to be influent in the managerial of Organization with the raise of the Old literature on barriers measures as mainly the meaning and Organization of an work place or the process by which the auctions governs this new Organization. Thus the main interest and the reason of the present study. Globally Speaking on a Broad consideration of Results this study gives the main task of Money as instruments against Covid-19 because the subsequent development place at the heart in the One hand the purchasing power as represented by price inflation and in the Other the Investment because this two reflect the main process of managing Organization and realize auctions in a context raises by the epidemic consideration of an unvaluable argument for industrialization process well doing by low transaction cost or inflation and a massive using of added value into the country to designe the auction Theory namely the employment for the case of the labour.

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