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Deolalikar, Anil and Hasan, Rana and Khan, Haider and Quibria, M.G. (1997): Competiveness and Human Resource Development. Published in: Asian Development Review , Vol. 15, No. 2 (1997): pp. 131-163.


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Khan, Haider (2008): Friedman’s Methodology: A Puzzle and A Proposal for Generating Useful Debates through Causal Comparisons (with a postscript on positive vs. normative theories).


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Khan, Haider (2008): Building an Innovative Economy through Managed Creative Destruction: A Theory with Applications to South Korea.


Khan, Haider (2008): Making Globalization Work: Towards Global Economic Justice.


Khan, Haider (2008): Causal Depth: Aspects of a Scientific Realist Approach to Causal Explanation contra Humean Empiricism.


Khan, Haider (2008): Causal Depth contra Humean Empiricism: Aspects of a Scientific Realist Approach to Explanation.


Khan, Haider (2008): Hermeneutics and Dialectics: (Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger and) Hans-Georg Gadamer.


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Khan, Haider (2011): A Broader Framework for Analyzing the US-China Problems with an Emphasis on Exchange Rates.


Khan, Haider (2011): Constructing Global Governance of Global Finance: Towards a Hybrid Global Financial Architecture.


Khan, Haider (2013): Global Financial Governance: Towards a New Global Financial Architecture for Averting Deep Financial Crises.


Khan, Haider (2013): Basel III, BIS and Global Financial Governance.


Khan, Haider (2013): Deep Financial Crises, Reforming the IMF and Building Regional Autonomy:Towards a New Hybrid Global Financial Architecture.


Khan, Haider (2013): Globalization and Democracy: A Short Introduction.


Khan, Haider (2013): Constructing a New Global Economy after the Global Financial Crisis : Stagnation and Social Crisis or Towards a Green Economy and Global Freedom?


Khan, Haider and Patomäki, Heikki (2013): A reconstructive critique of IPE and GPE from a critical scientific realist perspective: An alternative Keynesian-Kaleckian approach.


Khan, Haider (2013): Bangladesh: Towards a Non-partisan Search for a Pro-people National Political Economic Strategy during Crisis.


Khan, Haider (2013): U.S. Foreign Policy and Asia: Peace and Prosperity or Instability and Crisis?


Khan, Haider (2013): Industrialization and Development Strategies in the 21st Century: Towards Sustainable Innovation Systems.


Dost, Ahmad Najim and Khan, Haider (2015): Explaining NGO-State Wage Differentials in Afghanistan: Empirical Findings and New Theoretical Models with Policy Implications in General Equilibrium.


Khan, Haider and Schettino, Francesco (2018): Income Polarization in the USA (1983-2016): what happened to the middle class?


Khan, Haider and Schettino, Francesco and Gabriele, Alberto (2017): Polarization and the Middle Class in China: a Non-Parametric Evaluation Using CHNS and CHIP Data.


Khan, Haider (2020): Economic Impact of COVID-19 On Bangladesh: Agenda for Immediate Action and Planning for the Future.


Khan, Haider (2021): COVID-19 in South Africa: An Intersectional Perspective based on Socio-economic Modeling and Indigenous Knowledge Base. Forthcoming in:


Khan, Haider (2020): Towards a Green New Deal: Scenarios for the US Transition to Renewable Energy and Green Infrastructure. Forthcoming in:


Khan, Haider and Szymanski-Burgos, Adam (2021): Modeling the Social Economy of Pandemics in China: An Input-Output Approach.

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