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Bitros, George and Karayiannis, Anastassios (2006): Morality, institutions and economic growth: Lessons from ancient Greece.

Bitros, George C. and Karayiannis, Anastasios D. (2009): Character, knowledge and skills in ancient Greek education: Lessons for today’s policy makers.

Bukvić, Rajko (2017): Други канон и Маршалов план као модел економске политике. Published in: Развој малих земаља у условима глобализације (Development of small countries in conditions of globalization), Зборник радова, Академија наука и умјетности Републике Српске, Бања Лука (2019): pp. 117-144.


Cendejas Bueno, José Luis (2016): Ordenación de la actividad económica, ley natural y justicia en Aristóteles y en Santo Tomás.


Drakopoulos, Stavros A. and Karayiannis, Anastassios (2006): The Conceptual Roots of Work Effort in Pre-classical and Classical Economic Thought. Published in: Archives of Economic History , Vol. 18, No. 2 (2006): pp. 27-44.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. and Karayiannis, Anastassios (2007): The Paradox of Happiness: Evidence from the Late Pre-Classical and Classical Economic Thought. Published in: Storia del Pensiero Economico , Vol. 1, (2007): pp. 29-47.


Estrada, Fernando (2014): Economía política de la modernidad.


Fischer, Justina AV (2009): Subjective Well-Being as Welfare Measure: Concepts and Methodology.

Fischer, Justina AV (2020): Über die Versklavung von Tieren und Pflanzen, das So-Sein und das gute Leben.


Gotsis, George and Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (2008): Economic and Religious Choice: A Case-Study from Early Christian Communities.

Gul, Ejaz and Chaudhry, Imran Sharif and Faridi, Muhammad Zahir (2014): The Classical-Keynesian Paradigm: Policy Debate in Contemporary Era.


Hasan, Zubair (2014): Scarcity self-interest and maximization from Islamic angle. Published in: IDB/IRTI Prize laureat lecture series (July 2014): pp. 1-26.

Hasan, Zubair (2011): Scarcity, self-interest and maximization from Islamic angle. Published in: No. IRTI: IDB Laureate Lecture Series 2014 : pp. 1-25.


Islahi, Abdul Azim (2003): Book Review: The Mediterranean tradition in economic thought by Louis Baeck. Published in: Journal of King Abdulaziz University - Islamic Economics , Vol. 16, No. 1 (2003): pp. 55-58.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2006): Cash waqf: is it a usurious piety? Published in: Hiwar al-Arba`a’ (WEDNESDAY DISCUSSION) 1427-28/2006-07 (2007): pp. 27-30.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (1982): Economic thought of Ibn al-Qayyim (1292–1350). Published in: ECONOMIC THOUGHT OF IBN AL-QAYYIM (1292–1350 A.D.), King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah (1984): pp. 1-33.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2008): Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and his economic ideas. Published in: Journal of The Institute of Islamic Studies , Vol. 39, (2010): pp. 41-63.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (1983): Ibn Taimiyah's concept of market mechanism. Published in: Journal of Research in Islamic Economics , Vol. 2, No. 2 (1985): pp. 51-60.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2007): Perception of market and pricing among the sixteenth century Muslim scholars. Published in: Thought on Economics , Vol. 18, No. 1 (January 2008): pp. 31-42.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2008): Shehu Uthman Dan Fodio and his economic ideas.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2008): Works of economic interest in the seventeenth century Muslim world. Published in: Thoughts on Economics , Vol. 18, No. 2 (April 2008): pp. 35-50.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2001): An analytical study of al-Ghazali’s thought on money and interest.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2008): The myth of Bryson and economic thought in Islam. Published in: Journal of King Abdulaziz University - Islamic Economics , Vol. 21, No. 1 (30 June 2008): pp. 57-64.

Islahi, Abdul Azim and Ghazanfar, Shaikh Mohammad (1998): Economic Thought of al-Ghazali. Published in: (2011): pp. 1-99.


Jaelani, Aan (2015): Kontribusi Sarjana Muslim bagi Peradaban Eropa: Melacak Akar Sejarah dan Perkembangan Ekonomi. Published in: Festival & Seminar Tahunan Seni & Peradaban Tingkat Internasional , Vol. 1, No. Menuju Perdamaian Dunia Melalui Islam Berkemajuan Mencerahkan Keadaban Bangsa-bangsa (23 February 2016): pp. 1-28.

Jaelani, Aan (2018): Relasi negara dan pasar bebas dalam mewujudkan keadilan ekonomi: Analisis sejarah keuangan publik Islam. Published in: Al-Mustashfa: Jurnal Penelitian Hukum Ekonomi Islam , Vol. 3, No. 2 (26 December 2018): pp. 169-186.


Kyriazis, Nicholas and Paparrigopoulos, Xenophon and Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros (2013): The Glue of Democracy: Economics, Warfare and Values in Classical Greece.


Lambert, Thomas (2019): Bankers as Immoral? The Parallels between Aquinas’s Views on Usury and Marxian Views of Banking and Credit.

Lambrecht, Thijs A. (2001): Nine protestants are to be esteemed worth ten catholics. Representing religion, labour and economic performance in pre-Industrial Europe, c.1650 - c.1800. Forthcoming in:


Makovi, Michael (2016): Price-Controls in Jewish Law.

Michaelides, Panayotis G. and Kardasi, Ourania and Milios, John G. (2005): Democritus and his Influence on Classical Political Economy.

Milanovic, Branko (2010): Level of income and income distribution in mid-18th century France, according to Francois Quesnay.

Mohamed, Issam A.W. (2010): Economics and Hegemony; Globalization and International Trade Agreements.

Mujahidin, Muhamad (2018): Ibn Khaldun's Economic Thought.

Mujahidin, Muhamad (2018): The concept of economic thought Ibn Khaldun.

Munro, John H. (2002): The medieval origins of the 'Financial Revolution': usury, rentes, and negotiablity. Published in: The International History Review , Vol. 25, No. 3 (September 2003): pp. 505-562.

Munro, John H. (2007): The usury doctrine and urban public finances in late-medieval Flanders (1220 - 1550): rentes (annuities), excise taxes, and income transfers from the poor to the rich. Published in: La fiscalità nell’economia Europea, secc. XIII - XVIII, Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica “F. Datini”, Prato, Serie II: Atti delle “Settimane de Studi” et altri Convegni , Vol. 39, No. 1 (2008): pp. 973-1026.


Olah, Daniel (2016): A közös ős nyomában: modern nyugati közgazdasági gondolkodás és az iszlám hagyomány. Published in: Köz-gazdaság , Vol. 11, No. 4 (November 2016): pp. 177-190.


Puente-Ajovin, Miguel (2013): Ibn Jaldún: Pensamiento Económico En El S. XIV.


Schilirò, Daniele (2011): Mutamenti strutturali: modelli, metodi e principi in una nuova prospettiva.

Serrano, Franklin and Mazat, Numa (2013): Quesnay and the analysis of the surplus in an agrarian capitalist economy.

Soldatos, Gerasimos T. (2013): Modern Social Science Concepts, Proportionate Reciprocity, Modesty, and Democracy. Published in: European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies , Vol. 6, No. 1 (2014): pp. 15-27.


Yefimov, Vladimir (2012): How Capitalism, University and Mathematics as Institutions Shaped Mainstream Economics.

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