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Ajevskis, Viktors (2014): Global Solutions to DSGE Models as a Perturbation of a Deterministic Path.

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Ikegami, Munenobu (2009): Agricultural productivity and mortality: evidence from Kagera, Tanzania.


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Lu, Kelin (2024): Silver Spoons and Scales of Justice: The Fairness Preference over Unequal Intergenerational Wealth Transfers.

Lu, Kelin (2024): Silver Spoons and Scales of Justice: The Fairness Preference over Unequal Intergenerational Wealth Transfers.


Mabrouk, Mohamed (2018): On the Extension and Decomposition of a Preorder under Translation Invariance.

Mabrouk, Mohamed (2018): On the extension of a preorder under translation invariance.

Mabrouk, Mohamed (2018): On the extension of a preorder under translation invariance.

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Nyamwange, Mathew (2012): Economic Growth and Public Healthcare Expenditure in Kenya (1982 - 2012). Published in:


Pham, Ngoc-Sang (2023): Intertemporal equilibrium with physical capital and financial asset: role of dividend taxation.

Pham, Ngoc-Sang (2023): Some Lectures on Macroeconomics.

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Sheremeta, Roman (2018): Experimental Research on Contests. Forthcoming in:

Shi, Xiangyu and Gong, Jiaowei and Zhang, Xin and Wang, Chang (2024): Extreme high temperatures and adaptation by social dynamics: Theory and Evidence from China.

Shi, Xiangyu and Gong, Jiaowei and Zhang, Xin and Wang, Chang (2024): The dilemma of public information disclosures.

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