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Alvi, Mohsin (2016): Offshore Outsourcing: A positive perspective from U.S. region.

Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph (2017): Cultivating greater self-confidence in African management research. Forthcoming in: Thunderbird International Business Review (2017)

Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph (2014): Explanations for strategic persistence in the wake of others’ failures.

Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph (2017): Human Capital Flows in Failing Organizations: An Integrated Conceptual Framework. Forthcoming in: Journal of Intellectual Capital

Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph (2012): The evolution of lateral hiring and skill formation in the global airline industry, 1940–2010. Published in: AIB-UK & Ireland Conference, Liverpool


Baaren, Terence and Galloway, Cornelia (2014): Consequence of Job Satisfaction Factors on the Productivity Level of Operating Core. Published in: JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR , Vol. 7, No. 14 (5 July 2014): pp. 119-127.

Bartha, Zoltán and S. Gubik, Andrea (2014): The Role of Business Knowledge in the Internationalisation Process of Hungarian Corporations. Published in: Kiendl-Wendner, D. & Wach, K. (eds), International Competitiveness in Visegrad Countries: Macro and Micro Perspectives. Graz: Fachhochschule Joanneum : pp. 125-142.

Bartha, Zoltán and S. Gubik, Andrea (2014): SME Internalisation Index (SMINI) Based on the Sample of the Visegrad Countries. Published in: In: Gubik, A.S. & Wach, K. (eds), International Entrepreneurship and Corporate Growth in Visegrad Countries. Mickolc: University of Miskolc : pp. 23-40.

Bayari, Celal (2011): The Japanese Management and Production System in Australia Recruitment, Training and Bonus in Japanese Hybrid Factories. Published in: Annual Convention of Japanese Association of Administrative Science Proceedings. , Vol. 14, No. 14 (26 November 2011): pp. 331-336.

Bista, Raghu (2011): FDI and Corporate Social Responsibility in Nepal. Published in: Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility , Vol. 1, No. 1 (12 February 2011): pp. 11-20.

Bista, Raghu (2018): Understanding corporate social responsibility of the corporate sector to Sustainable Development Goal for energy in Nepal. Published in: Journal of Advanced Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering , Vol. 6, No. 1 (2 June 2019): pp. 13-22.


Calvo Fuentes, Maria Alejandra and Ponce Ponce, Citlaly Nohemi and Juarez Lugo, Kassandra Cristina (2020): Competitividad empresarial: una revisión teórica.

Chatterjee, Sidharta (2015): Teleological Dynamics of Organizational Performance: From Process to Practice and Perfectionism. Forthcoming in: The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management


DeLancey, Rebecca Mbuh (2014): Entrepreneurship and Immigration: A Study of Africans in the Korean Economy. Published in: International Journal of Knowledge and Innovation in Business , Vol. 1, No. 1 (15 February 2014): pp. 1-21.

Dorman, Peter and Nolte, Heike (2015): Worker problem-solving and the nature of the firm: new theory, new evidence.


Elshaer, Ibrahim (2012): What is the Meaning of Quality?


Fariñas, José C. and Martín-Marcos, Ana and Velázquez, Francisco J. (2019): Estimating the Scope Elasticity of Multinational Firms: An Empirical Assessment.


Groh, Maximilian (2014): Strategic Management in Times of Crisis. Published in: American Journal of Economics and Business Administration , Vol. 6, No. 2 (27 June 2014): pp. 49-57.


Hadjinikolov, Dimitar (2020): Новите предизвикателства пред външнотърговските кадри. Published in: Europe in my profession

Hunjra, Ahmed Imran and Raza, Hassan and Munir, Irfan Ullah (2014): The Role of Employee Retention and Employee Productivity on the Performance of Oil & Gas Sector of Pakistan. Published in: International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research , Vol. 2, No. 11 : pp. 449-453.


Kleinhempel, Johannes and Klasing, Mariko and Beugelsdijk, Sjoerd (2022): Cultural Roots of Entrepreneurship. Published in: Organization Science

Klunko, Natalia (2013): Strategic Management of Innovative Development of the Russian Pharmaceutical Complex. Published in: International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Review , Vol. 1, No. 1 (2013): pp. 22-31.

Koushafard, Shirin (2013): Strategy in Crisis Management.


Lago-Peñas, Santiago and Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio (2016): La internacionalización de la empresa gallega. Resultados 2015 de la Encuesta Ardán de empresa internacionalizada. Published in: Informe Económico y de Competitividad. Ardán 2015 (June 2015): pp. 221-269.

Lampón, Jesús F. (2019): Relocation in conditions of uncertainty: the Spanish automobile components industry during the economic crisis (2008-2012).

Lampón, Jesús F. and Cabanelas, Pablo and Frigant, Vincent (2017): The new automobile modular platforms: from the product architecture to the manufacturing network approach.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2014): Mergers and acquisitions transactions strategies in diffusion - type financial systems in highly volatile global capital markets with nonlinearities.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2015): Multivector strategy vs quantum strategy by Apple Inc.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2014): On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2014): On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2014): On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities.

Ledenyov, Dimitri O. and Ledenyov, Viktor O. (2016): Quantum strategy synthesis by Alphabet Inc.


Mohajan, Haradhan (2017): Knowledge Management Strategy to Improve Business Sector. Published in: Annals of Spiru Harat University, Economic Series , Vol. 17, No. 3 (30 September 2017): pp. 95-108.

Motohashi, Kazuyuki (2012): Growing R&D in Emerging Economies: Implications for International Management and Competitiveness. Published in: International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness , Vol. 7, No. 1 (2012): pp. 13-19.

Musso, Fabio (2000): Economie distrettuali e canali di distribuzione all’estero. Varietà di percorsi delle imprese pesaresi del mobile. Published in: (2000): pp. 1-138.

Musso, Fabio (2014): Lo sviluppo dei mercati esteri. Published in: Tunisini A., Pencarelli T., Ferrucci L. (eds) Economia e management delle imprese, Hoepli, Milano, pp. 392-411, ISBN 978-88-203-6308-6. : pp. 392-411.

Musso, Fabio and Francioni, Barbara (2012): How Do Smaller Firms Select Foreign Markets? Published in: International Journal of Marketing Studies , Vol. 4, No. 6 (2012): pp. 44-53.

Musso, Fabio and Francioni, Barbara (2012): The Influence Of Decision-Maker Characteristics On The International Strategic Decision-Making Process: An SME Perspective. Published in: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences , Vol. 58, (2012): pp. 279-288.


Naithani, Pranav (2010): Overview of work-life balance discourse and its relevance in current economic scenario. Published in: Asian Social Science , Vol. 6, No. 6 (June 2010): pp. 148-155.

Nguyen, Trinh Bao Trung and Huynh, Cong Minh (2022): Factors of Purchase Intentions toward Foreign Products: Empirical Evidence from Vietnamese Consumers’ Perspective.

Nguyen, Van Phuoc (2020): Evaluation of sustainability performance in supply chain management: an empirical research of Vietnam producers’ coordinates suppliers'.


Pepe, Cosetta and Musso, Fabio and Risso, Mario (2010): The social responsibility of retailers and small and medium suppliers in international supply chains. Published in: Finanza, Marketing e Produzione No. n. 3 (2010): pp. 32-61.

Piątkowski, Marcin J. (2020): Results of SME Investment Activities: A Comparative Analysis among Enterprises Using and Not Using EU Subsidies in Poland. Published in: Administrative Sciences , Vol. 10, No. 1 (8 January 2020): pp. 1-26.


Quoc Vu, Thong and Phu Pham, Cuong and Anh Nguyen, Thu and Thanh Nguyen, Phong and Thanh Phan, Phuong and Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen, Quyen (2020): Factors Influencing Cost Overruns in Construction Projects of International Contractors in Vietnam. Published in: Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business , Vol. 07, No. 09 (10 August 2020): pp. 389-400.


Raj, Keerthana and Aithal, Sreeramana (2018): The Concept of Cockroach Theory of Sustainable and Scalable Organizational and Individual Growth. Published in: International Journal of Advanced Trends in Engineering and Technology (IJATET) , Vol. 3, No. 1 (30 April 2018): pp. 146-149.

Rashid, Muhammad (2021): A brief perspective on globalization.

Rashid, Muhammad Mustafa (2018): Repercussions of International Trade on the Market Power of Firms in Different Market Structures.

Raza, Muhammad Wajid (2013): Affect of financial leverage on firm performance. Empirical evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2016): Corporate Restructuring in the Asian electronics market: Insights from Philips and Panasonic.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Determinants of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: A Comprehensive Review and Future Direction.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Extant Reviews on Entry-mode/Internationalization, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Diversification: Understanding Theories and Establishing Interdisciplinary Research.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2014): Institutional Dichotomy and Cross-Border Inbound Acquisitions: A Study of Three Cases.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2016): Institutional Voids and Tax litigation in Emerging Economies: The verdict of Vodafone cross-border acquisition of Hutchison.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2010): International Diversification through Acquisition: Fundamentals and Estimations of Vedanta buyout of Cairn India.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Macroeconomic Change, and Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Indian Experience, 1991-2010.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Market for Corporate Control and Contractual Buyout (CoBO): A New “Collective Ownership-and-Administrative” Strategy.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Revisiting and Reinforcing the Farmers Fox Theory: A Study (Test) of Three Cases in Cross-border Inbound Acquisitions.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): The State of Case Study Research in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Review of the Literature in Different Management Streams.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Why do Cross-border Merger/Acquisition Deals become Delayed, or Unsuccessful? – A Cross-Case Analysis in the Dynamic Industries.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): The impact of the global financial crisis on border-crossing mergers and acquisitions: A continental/industry analysis.

Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa and Nangia, Vinay Kumar and Agrawal, Rajat (2014): The 2007-2008 global financial crisis, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions: A 26-nation exploratory study. Published in: Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies , Vol. 6, No. 3 (2014): pp. 257-281.


S. Gubik, Andrea and Bartha, Zoltán (2014): The Significant Elements of Business Knowledge in the Internationalisation Process of the Visegrad Group Corporations. Published in: (25 October 2014): pp. 19-33.

Serrano-Arcos, Mª Mar and Sánchez-Fernández, Raquel and Pérez-Mesa, Juan Carlos and Riefler, Petra (2022): A Review of Consumer Affinity Research: Recent Advances and Future Directions. Published in: International Marketing Review , Vol. 39, No. 5

Shah, Mumtaz Hussain (2018): Corruption & Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of South Asia. Published in: PUTAJ – Humanities and Social Sciences , Vol. 25, No. 1 (June 2018): pp. 1-16.

Sijabat, Ferdi Nazirun and Muhammad, Muhammad (2019): Studi Eksplorasi Kesiapan Internasionalisasi Warung Kopi di Kota Banda Aceh ke Tingkat ASEAN. Published in: Jurnal Bisnis dan Kewirausahaan , Vol. 3, No. 15 (25 December 2019): pp. 137-147.

Sircar, Sanjoy and Agrawal, Rajat and SK, Shanthi and Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa (2015): Global Strategy of Asian Market Enterprises. Published in: Journal of Strategy and Management , Vol. 8, No. 4 (2015): 0-0.

Stojcic, Nebojsa and Orlic, Edvard (2016): Foreign direct investment and structural transformation of exports. Published in: Economic Thought and Practice , Vol. 2, No. 25 (December 2016): pp. 355-378.


Tanweer, Syeda Zainab and Shah, Muhammad Saud and Nabi, Agha Ammad and Mukhi, Aftab Ali and Ahad, Muhammad (2023): Accelerating Growth: Unleashing the Power of Accelerator Programs as Strategic Investments for Startups in Pakistan.

Ternus Lamb, Israel and Pacheco Lacerda, Daniel and Dresch, Aline (2016): A tecnologia empresarial Odebrecht como filosofia de projeto organizacional – um estudo de caso na Braskem S.A. Published in: Suma de Negocios , Vol. 8(17), (12 October 2016): pp. 31-46.


Şipoş, Sorin and Brie, Mircea and Horga, Ioan and Şarov, Igor and Gumenâi, Ion (2010): Politici imperiale în Estul şi Vestul Spaţiului Românesc. Published in: No. Collective volume. University of Oradea Press, Cartdidact Press. Oradea/Chisinau (2011): pp. 1-583.

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