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Ahmad, Munir and Boris E., Bravo-Ureta (1995): An econometric decomposition of dairy output growth. Published in: American Journal of Agricultural Economics , Vol. 77, No. 4 (November 1995): pp. 915-921.

Amundsen, Eirik S. and Lønning, Dag and Rasmussen, Heine (1995): An Analysis of International CO2 agreements.

Armstrong, Mark (1995): Delegation and discretion.

Attila Havas, Attila (1995): Hungarian car parts industry at a cross-roads: Fordism versus lean production. Published in: Emergo , Vol. 2, No. 3 (1995): pp. 33-55.

Baccar, Sourour (1995): Reliability of the Translog Cost Function : Some Theory & an Application to the Demand of Energy in French Manufacturing.

Bachev, Hrabrin (1995): Икономически измерения на аграрните транзакции. Published in: Икономика и управление на селското стопанство No. 7 (1996): pp. 1-14.

Bachev, Hrabrin (1995): Structures for organisation of transactions in Japanese agriculture.

Barja, Gover (1995): Time Series Analysis of Macroeconomic Conditions in Open Economies.

Beard, Rodney (1995): Reconciling resource economics and ecological economics: the economics of sustainability and resilience.

Becker, Fernando and Fernandez, Pascual and Fontela, Emilio (1995): The need for international monetary stability: proposals for stabilizing exchange rates. Published in: Futures , Vol. 27, No. 3 (April 1995): pp. 273-285.

Bloch, Harry and Madden, Gary G (1995): Productivity growth in Australian manufacturing: a vintage capital model. Published in: International Journal of Manpower , Vol. 16, No. 1 (1995): pp. 22-31.

Bos, Frits (1995): Economic theory and national accounting. Published in: Statistics Netherlands , Vol. 75,

Bouoiyour, Jamal and Rey, Serge (1995): Chocs externes et ajustements des taux de change réels européens.

Braun, Dieter (1995): Bank Deposit Insurance and EMU. Published in: Journal of European Integration (1995): pp. 211-219.

Brixen, Peter and Tarp, Finn (1995): A Simple Macroeconomic Framework for South Africa. Published in:

Buda, Rodolphe (1995): Abrégé de comptabilité nationale.

Buda, Rodolphe (1995): Robert E. Lucas Jr., Prix Nobel d'Économie 1995.

Bukvić, Rajko (1995): Efikasnost društvenog, privatnog i mešovitog sektora industrije Srbije u 1994. godini. Published in: Ekonomika , Vol. 31, No. 9-10 (1995): pp. 47-52.

Bukvić, Rajko (1995): Tržišne strukture u industriji Srbije i problemi tranzicije. Published in: Zastoji u jugoslovenskoj tranziciji (Stagnancies in Yugoslav transition), Institut društvenih nauka – Centar za ekonomska istraživanja, Beograd (1995): pp. 68-79.

Carrera, Jorge Eduardo (1995): Efectos precio y comercio en un area monetaria asimetrica. Published in: Económica , Vol. 42, No. 2 : pp. 89-124.

Cavalieri, Duccio (1995): Plusvalore e sfruttamento dopo Sraffa. Lo stato del problema. Published in: Economia Politica , Vol. 12, No. 1 (April 1995): pp. 23-56.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1995): Strategies for trade liberalization in the Americas. Published in: Trade Liberalization in the Western Hemisphere (1995): pp. 165-188.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1995): An axiomatic approach to sustainable development. Published in: Social Choice and Welfare , Vol. 13, (1996): pp. 231-257.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1995): The economic value of the Earth's resources. Published in: Trends in Ecology and Evolution (TREE) , Vol. 11, No. No. 3 (March 1996): pp. 135-140.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1995): The evolution of a global network: a game of coalition formation. Published in: Journal of International and Comparative Economics , Vol. 4, (1995): pp. 179-197.

Chichilnisky, Graciela and Heal, Geoffrey (1995): Markets with tradable CO2 emission quotas: principles and practice.

Cole, Rebel A. and Gunther, Jeffery W. (1995): A CAMEL rating's shelf life.

Dai, Meixing (1995): The Nominal Exchange Rate Implication of VAT Harmonization in EEC.

Dai, Meixing (1995): Reexamination of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) under Cournot Competition.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (1995): Towards a Hierarchical Approach to Trade Union Behaviour. Published in: Economic Notes , Vol. 25, No. No 1 (1996): pp. 47-56.

Elrod, Terry and Keane, Michael (1995): A Factor-Analytic Probit Model for Representing the Market Structure in Panel Data. Published in: Journal of Marketing Research , Vol. 32, (February 1995): pp. 1-16.

Fischer, Manfred M. and Gopal, Sucharita and Staufer, Petra and Steinnocher, Klaus (1995): Evaluation of Neural Pattern Classifiers for a Remote Sensing Application. Published in: Geographical Systems , Vol. 4, No. 2 (1997): pp. 195-226.

Fischer, Manfred M. and Openshaw, Stan (1995): A Framework for Research on Spatial Analysis Relevant to Geo-Statistical Informations Systems in Europe. Published in: Geographical Systems , Vol. 2, No. 4 (1995): pp. 325-337.

Fournier, Jacques (1995): EMU and France. Published in: Journal of European Integration (1995): pp. 127-154.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Marx without Equilibrium. Published in: Capital and Class No. Issue number 56, Summer 1995 (July 1995): pp. 49-81.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Negative net products with positive profits.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Relative Surplus Value and Expanded Reproduction.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Replacement Costs, Stocks and the Valuation of Inputs.

Galy, Michel (1995): Diversification in Africa in a macroeconomic perspective.

Gilroy, Bernard Michael (1995): Book Review: Mark Mason and Dennis Encarnation Does Ownership Matter?

Goodridge, Stephen and Harding, Don and Lloyd, Peter (1995): THE LONG TERM GROWTH IN UNEMPLOYMENT.

Goyal, Ashima (1995): The Simple Analytics of Aggregate Supply Demand and Structural Adjustment. Published in: Indian Economic Review , Vol. 30, No. 2 (1995): pp. 167-186.

Grace, Martin and Hotchkiss, Julie L. (1995): External impacts on the property-liability insurance cycle. Published in: The Journal of Risk and Insurance , Vol. Vol. 6, No. No. 4 (1995): pp. 738-754.

Grady, Patrick and Kapsalis, Constantine (1995): Income Security Reform and the Concept of a Guaranteed Annual Income.

Grimes, Paul W. (1995): Economic education for at-risk students: an evaluation of Choices & Changes. Published in: The American Economist , Vol. Volume, (1995): pp. 71-83.

Guilhoto, Joaquim J.M. (1995): Um modelo computável de equilíbrio geral para planejamento e análise de políticas agrícolas (PAPA) na economia brasileira.

Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins (1995): PAPA: An economy-wide general purpose computable general equilibrium model for the Brazilian economy.

Gács, János and Peck, Merton and Illarionov, Andrei and Havlik, Peter and Kuboniva, Masaaki and Panitch, Vladimir and Sutela, Pekka and Lányi, Kamilla and Bulantsev, Vsevolod and Goldberg, Linda and Tenorio, Rafael and De Nicola, Carlo and Gros, Daniel and Drebentsov, Vladimir and Kuznetsov, Yevgeny and Lücke, Matthias and Sarafanov, Michail and Astapovich, Alexander (1995): International Trade Issues of the Russian Federation. Published in: IIASA Collaborative Paper No. CP-95-2 (March 1995): pp. 1-264.

Hameed, Nabeela and Javed, M. Arshad (1995): MINISIS version H: a suitable library information system. Published in: PLA Journal , Vol. Octobe, No. 17 (1995): pp. 60-80.

Harabi, Najib (1995): Channels of R&D Spillovers: An Empirical Investigation*. Published in: WWI-Arbeitspapiere, Reihe D No. No. 37 : pp. 1-20.

Harabi, Najib (1995): Determinanten des technischen Fortschritts: eine industrieökonomische Analyse. Published in: WWI-Arbeitspapiere, Reihe D No. Nr. 29 : pp. 1-44.

Harrison, Ann (1995): Determinants and effects of direct foreign investment in Cote d'Ivoire, Morocco, and Venezuela. Published in: Industrial evoluation in developing countries (1996): pp. 163-183.

Hasan, Zubair (1995): Economic Development in Islamic Perspective: Concept, Objectives, and Some Issues. Published in: Journal of Islamic Economics, IIUM , Vol. 1, No. 1 (1995): pp. 80-111.

Hasan, Zubair (1995): Review of 'Islam and economic development' by Chapra, M. U. Published in: IIUM, Journal of Islamic Economics , Vol. 4, No. 1 & 2 (July 1995): pp. 51-70.

Hatzinikolaou, Dimitris and Ahking, Francis (1995): Government Spending and Consumer Attitudes Toward Risk, Time Preference, and Intertemporal Substitution: An Econometric Analysis. Published in: Southern Economic Journal , Vol. 61, No. April 1995 (April 1995): pp. 1117-1126.

Hellerstein, Daniel (1995): Welfare Estimation Using Aggregate and Individual-Observations Models: A Comparison Using Monte Carlo Techniques. Published in: American Journal of Agricultural Economics , Vol. 3, No. 77 (August 1995): pp. 620-630.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (1995): Dadabhai Naoroji – from economic nationalism to political nationalism. Published in: Economic Thought of Dadabhai Naoroji (2001): pp. 85-91.

Islam, R and Biswal, MP and Alam, SS (1995): Preference programming and inconsistent interval matrices. Published in: European Journal of Operational Research , Vol. 97, No. 1 (1997): pp. 53-62.

Jackson, Michael (1995): A Water Monetary Standard: An Economic Thesis.

Jensen, Mark J (1995): A Monte Carlo study on two methods of calculating the MLEs covariance matrix in a seemingly unrelated nonlinear regression. Published in: Econometric Review , Vol. 14, : pp. 315-330.

Jushan, Bai (1995): Estimation of multiple-regime regressions with least absolutes deviation. Published in: Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference , Vol. 74, No. 1 (October 1998): pp. 103-134.

Kant, Chander (1995): Minority ownership, deferral, perverse intrafirm trade and tariffs. Published in: International Economic Journal , Vol. 9, No. 1

Keshari, Pradeep Kumar (1995): Determinants of the propensity to export: the case of small firms in the diesel engine and chemicals industries in Gujarat. Published in: The Journal of Entrepreneurship , Vol. 4, No. 1 (1 March 1995): pp. 35-48.

Khan, Ashfaque Hasan and Hasan, Lubna and Malik, Afia (1995): Exports, Growth and Causality:An Application of Co-Integration and Error-correction Modelling.

Kirrane, Chris (1995): The Bretton Woods Experience and ERM. Published in: European Economic Integration Review , Vol. 13, (January 1995): pp. 23-34.

Knack, Stephen and Keefer, Philip (1995): Institutions and Economic Performance: Cross-Country Tests Using Alternative Institutional Indicators. Published in: Economics and Politics , Vol. 7, No. 3 (November 1995): pp. 207-228.

Kocenda, Evzen (1995): Volatility of a Seemingly Fixed Exchange Rate. Published in: Eastern European Economics , Vol. 34, No. 6 (1996): pp. 37-67.

Kohnert, Dirk (1995): Harte Zeiten für Afrikas Flüchtlinge. Published in: Nord-Süd aktuell , Vol. 1995, No. 1995.2 (July 1995): pp. 230-239.

Kohnert, Dirk (1995): New Markets for Local Experts in Africa? Published in: (1995): pp. 63-74.

Kohnert, Dirk (1995): New Markets for Local Experts in Africa? Published in: : pp. 63-74.

Kwasnicki, Witold (1995): Innovation regimes, entry and market structure. Published in: Journal of Evolutionary Economics , Vol. 6, No. 4 (1996): pp. 375-409.

Kwasnicki, Witold and Kwasnicka, Halina (1995): Long-term diffusion factors of technological development - an evolutionary model and case study. Published in: Technological Forecasting and Social Change , Vol. 52, No. 1 (1996): pp. 31-57.

Londero, Elio (1995): Industrialization and the Factor Content of Latin American Exports of Manufactures. Published in: The Journal of Development Studies , Vol. 32, No. 4 (1996): pp. 581-601.

Louri, H. and Anagnostaki, V. (1995): Entry and exit from Greek manufacturing industry: a test of the symmetry hypothesis. Published in: International Review of Applied Economics , Vol. 9, No. 1 (1995): pp. 86-95.

Markusen, James R. and Melvin, James R. and Maskus, Keith E. and Kaempfer, William (1995): International trade: theory and evidence.

Maudos, Joaquin and Mas, Matilde and Pérez, Francisco and Uriel, Ezequiel (1995): Public Capital and Productive Efficiency in the Spanish Regions (1964 1989). Published in: Entrepreneurship and Regional Development , Vol. 7, No. 4 (1995): pp. 309-327.

Merz, Joachim (1995): MICSIM : Concept, Developments and Applications of a PC-Microsimulation Model for Research and Teaching. Published in: , Vol. FFB Di,

Merz, Joachim and Kirsten, Dagmar (1995): Freie Berufe im Mikrozensus I - Struktur und quantitative Bedeutung anhand der ersten Ergebnisse für die neuen und alten Bundesländer 1991.

Merz, Joachim and Kirsten, Dagmar (1995): Freie Berufe im Mikrozensus II - Einkommen und Einkommensverteilung anhand der ersten Ergebnisse für die neuen und alten Bundesländer 1991.

Parrinello, Sergio and Fujimoto, Takao (1995): The transfer of statistical equilibrium from physics to economics.

Parsisson, David and Hanley, Nick and Spash, Clive L. (1995): Nitrate pollution due to agriculture: project report No.1: policy in the United Kingdom.

Polterovich, Victor (1995): Towards the Theory of Privatization.

Reinhart, Carmen (1995): Devaluation, Relative Prices, and International Trade: Evidence from Developing Countries. Published in: IMF Staff Papers , Vol. 42, No. 2 (June 1995): pp. 290-312.

Reinhart, Carmen and Arrau, Patricio and DeGregorio, Jose and Wickham, Peter (1995): The demand for money in developing countries: Assessing the role of financial innovation. Published in: Journal of Development Economics , Vol. 46, (1995): pp. 317-340.

Reinhart, Carmen and Asea, Patrick (1995): Real interest rate differentials and the real exchange rate: Evidence from four African countries.

Reinhart, Carmen and Calvo, Guillermo and Leiderman, Leonardo (1995): Capital inflows to Latin America with reference to the Asian experience. Published in: Capital Controls, Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy in the World Economy (1995): pp. 339-382.

Reinhart, Carmen and Khan, Mohsin (1995): Capital Flows in the APEC Region. Published in: IMF Occasional Paper 122, (Washington DC: International Monetary Fund, April 1995). (March 1995): pp. 1-17.

Reinhart, Carmen and Khan, Mohsin (1995): Macroeconomic Management in APEC Economies: The Response to Capital Inflows. Published in: Capital Flows in the APEC Region, (Mohsin S. Khan and Carmen M. Reinhart, eds.), IMF Occasional Paper 122, (Washington DC: International Monetary Fund, April 1995). (1995): pp. 1-17.

Reinhart, Carmen and Ogaki, Masao (1995): Measuring intertemporal substitution: The role of durable goods.

Reinhart, Carmen and Ogaki, Masao and Ostry, Jonathan (1995): Saving behavior in low- and middle-income developing countries. Published in: IMF Staff Papers , Vol. 43, No. 1 (March 1996): pp. 38-71.

Reinhart, Carmen and Ostry, Jonathan (1995): El ahorro y 1a tasa de interes real en los paises en desarrollo. Published in: Finanzas y Desarollo , Vol. 32, No. 4 : pp. 16-18.

Reinhart, Carmen and Ostry, Jonathan (1995): Saving and real interest rates in developing countries. Published in: Finance and Development , Vol. 32, No. 4 (December 1995): pp. 16-18.

Reinhart, Carmen and Vegh, Carlos (1995): Nominal interest rates, consumption booms, and lack of credibility: A quantitative examination. Published in: Journal of Development Econommics , Vol. 46, No. 2 (April 1995): pp. 357-378.

Rönnau, Andreas (1995): Freie Berufe in der DDR, der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und im wiedervereinigten Deutschland: Auswertungen von Berufstätigenerhebung und Arbeitsstättenzählung.

Sahay, Ratna and Vegh, Carlos (1995): Dollarization in transition economies: Evidence and policy implications.

Sandberg, Åke (1995): Enriching Production: Perspectives on Volvo's Uddevalla plant as an alternative to lean production. Published in:

Singh, Ajit (1995): "Close" vs. "Strategic" integration with the world economy and the "market friendly approach to development" vs. an "industrial policy".

Singh, Ajit (1995): Emerging markets, industrialisation and economic development. Published in: Book Chapter in Sen, S., Financial Fragility, Debt and Economic Reforms, Macmillan, London and New York (1996): pp. 1-30.

Singh, Ajit (1995): How East Asia grew so fast? slow progress towards an analytical consensus. Published in: RIS Occasional Paper Series, New Delhi (1 June 1995): pp. 1-71.

Singh, Ajit (1995): Institutional requirements for full employment in advanced economies. Published in: International Labour Review , Vol. 135, No. 4-5 (December 1995): pp. 1-45.

Singh, Ajit (1995): Notes on the Pension Reform in Turkey: an interim report. Published in: Special Interim Report to the ILO (1 January 1996): pp. 1-11.

Singh, Ajit (1995): 'Openness' and the 'Market Friendly' approach to development: learning the right lessons from development experience. Published in: World Development , Vol. 22, No. 12 (1 December 1994): pp. 1811-1823.

Soldatos, Gerasimos T. (1995): Why People Tolerate Underground Economy and Tax Evasion? Published in: Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia , Vol. 54, (1995): pp. 621-633.

Sonis, Michael and Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins and Hewings, Geoffrey J.D. (1995): The Asian economy: trade structure interpreted by feedback loop analysis.

Sonis, Michael and Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins and Hewings, Geoffrey J.D. and Martins, Eduardo B. (1995): Linkages, key sectors and structural change: some new perspectives. Published in: The Developing Economies , Vol. 32, No. 3 (September 1995): pp. 233-270.

Spahn, Paul Bernd (1995): China's reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations in the light of European experiences.

Spahn, Paul Bernd (1995): Local Taxation: Principles and Scope. Published in: Macroeconomic Management and Fiscal Decentralization : pp. 221-232.

Spash, Clive L. and Clayton, Anthony M. H. (1995): Strategies for the maintenance of natural capital. Published in: (1997): pp. 143-173.

Taguchi, Hiroyuki (1995): Policy assignment on money supply: the case of Indonesia in the 1980s. Published in: ASEAN Economic Bulletin , Vol. 12, No. 1 (July 1995): pp. 64-79.

Tarp, Finn (1995): Danish Balance of Payments Support. Published in:

Tarp, Finn and Kragh, Mads Váczy (1995): Danish Balance of Payments Support. Published in:

Tattara, Giuseppe (1995): ....storia. Published in: , Vol. Laterz, (1995): pp. 109-146.

Tyabji, Nasir (1995): Technological Slips between the Cup and the Lip: Unlearnt Lessons from Inter-War Colonial Madras. Published in: Economic and Political Weekly , Vol. 30, No. 30 : PE99-PE103.

Wang, Weiren and Zhou, Mai (1995): Iterative Least Squares Estimator of Binary Choice Models: a Semi-Parametric Approach.

Windmeijer, Frank (1995): A Note on R2 in the Instrumental Variables Model. Published in: Journal of Quantitative Economics , Vol. 11, (January 1995): pp. 257-261.

Xekalaki, Evdokia and Panaretos, John (1995): Replenishing Stock Under Uncertainty. Published in: Athens University of Economics & Business, Technical Report No. 15 (January 1995)

Zaman, Asad (1995): On the inconsistency of the Breusch-Pagan test. Published in: Journal of Economic and Social Research , Vol. 1, No. 2 (2000): pp. 1-11.

meng, xin (1995): The role of education in wage determination in China's rural industrial sector. Published in: Education Economics , Vol. 3, No. 3 (1995): pp. 235-247.

tattara, Giuseppe (1995): Bilancia dei pagamenti, movimenti dei capitali ed equilibrio interno nei primi 50 anni del regno d'Italia. Published in: moneta e credito , Vol. 3, No. 189(48) (1995): pp. 109-148.

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