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Digital Governance in the 21stCentury: The LiTCoDE Framework for Transparency, Leadership, and Technological Evolution A Comparative Study of Mexico and Vietnam

Medel-Ramírez, Carlos and Medel-López, Hilario and Lara-Mérida, Jennifer (2023): Digital Governance in the 21stCentury: The LiTCoDE Framework for Transparency, Leadership, and Technological Evolution A Comparative Study of Mexico and Vietnam.

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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the spotlight is on the pursuit of transparent governance as a critical facet of global public administration. As we immerse ourselves in the digital era, brimming with endless opportunities, it becomes essential to reflect on the convergence of governance, clarity, and technological innovation. By exploring the journeys of Mexico and Vietnam, nations with diverse backgrounds and administrative paradigms, we present the LiTCoDE Framework. This model offers a fresh perspective on addressing transparency challenges of the modern age.

The LiTCoDE Framework, symbolizing Leadership, Transformative Public Management, Collaboration, and Digital Evolution, stands out as a guidepost for nations aiming to amalgamate technology with their governance strategies, ultimately nurturing a transparent ethos. This approach posits that while digital tools play a pivotal role, genuine transparent governance stems from a leadership dedicated to openness, an ethos of teamwork, and a relentless drive for public management renewal.

Although Mexico and Vietnam differ in terms of geography and cultural backdrop, they converge in their goals: to bolster their administrative frameworks amidst digital metamorphosis and champion transparency as a core value. Their tales, marked by both hurdles and achievements, offer an insightful comparative analysis. This exploration dives deep into the intricacies of policy execution, leadership dynamics, and the catalytic impact of united endeavors in both countries. Yet, every path of transformation is dotted with challenges. The digital revolution, despite its promise of vast knowledge accessibility, brings with it substantial barriers. From the looming shadows of fake news and security breaches to the task of guaranteeing universal tech access, the journey towards transparency remains intricate. Herein lies the essence of our discourse: to unearth the challenges, unravel the strategies adopted by Mexico and Vietnam, and thereby forge a roadmap that other nations might emulate.

In dissecting the experiences of these two nations, we don't merely present a comparative study but a tapestry woven from threads of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Through the lens of the LiTCoDE Framework, we aim to glean actionable insights that transcend borders, offering a blueprint for nations worldwide. The objective isn't just academic elucidation but the fostering of an international collaborative spirit, an ethos of shared learning, and mutual growth.

The narrative of transparency in the digital age is a tale of endless possibilities, punctuated by challenges but illuminated by the beacon of hope that frameworks like LiTCoDE represent. Through a meticulous exploration of Mexico and Vietnam's experiences, this presentation aspires to light the path for nations and leaders, reaffirming the belief that in the confluence of leadership, technology, and collaboration, lies the promise of a transparent and accountable future.

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