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Albahari, Alberto and Barge-Gil, Andrés and Pérez-Canto, Salvador and Modrego-Rico, Aurelia (2013): The Influence of Science and Technology Park Characteristics on Firms’ Innovation Results.

Albahari, Alberto and Pérez-Canto, Salvador and Barge-Gil, Andrés and Modrego, Aurelia (2013): Technology Parks versus Science Parks: does the university make the difference?

Alcalde, José and Romero-Medina, Antonio (2015): Strategy-Proof Fair School Placement.


Blanco, Iván and Wehrheim, David (2016): The Bright Side of Financial Derivatives: Options Trading and Firm Innovation.

Bornukova, Kateryna (2009): Real Business Cycles in The Model with Two-Person Household and Home Production.


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Cartea, Álvaro and Meyer-Brandis, Thilo (2009): How Duration Between Trades of Underlying Securities Affects Option Prices. Forthcoming in: Review of Finance

Casas, Isabel and Gao, Jiti (2006): Econometric estimation in long-range dependent volatility models: Theory and practice. Published in: Journal of Econometrics , Vol. 147, No. 1 (November 2008): pp. 72-83.

Chen, Liang (2012): Identifying observed factors in approximate factor models: estimation and hypothesis testing.

Chen, Liang and Dolado, Juan Jose and Gonzalo, Jesus (2011): Detecting big structural breaks in large factor models.

Crespo, Aranzazu (2012): Trade, Innovation and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of Europe.

Cristobal, Adolfo (2007): Trade and migration: a U-shaped transition in Eastern Europe.


Denter, Philipp (2019): Campaign Contests.

Denter, Philipp (2019): Valence, Complementarities, and Political Polarization.

Denter, Philipp and Dumav, Martin and Ginzburg, Boris (2019): Social Connectivity, Media Bias, and Correlation Neglect.


Escribano, Alvaro and Sucarrat, Genaro (2016): Equation-by-Equation Estimation of Multivariate Periodic Electricity Price Volatility.


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Garcia, Angel and Jaumandreu, Jordi and Rodriguez, Cesar (2004): Innovation and jobs: evidence from manufacturing firms.

Garcia Gonzalez, Javier (2018): Effects of Consumer Financial Protection Introduced after the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008.

Gonzalo, Jesus and Pitarakis, Jean-Yves (2010): Regime Specific Predictability in Predictive Regressions.


Hamidi Sahneh, Mehdi (2015): Are the shocks obtained from SVAR fundamental?

Hamidi Sahneh, Mehdi (2016): Testing for Non-Fundamentalness. Forthcoming in:

Harrison, Rupert and Jaumandreu, Jordi and Mairesse, Jacques and Peters, Bettina (2005): Does innovation stimulate employment? A firm-level analysis using comparable micro data on four European countries.


Jaumandreu, Jordi and Mairesse, Jacques (2006): Using price and demand information to identify production functions.

Jaumandreu, Jordi and Moral, Maria Jose (2006): Identifying behaviour in a multiproduct oligopoly: Incumbents reaction to tariffs dismantling.


Lizarazo, Sandra (2009): Contagion of financial crises in sovereign debt markets.


Marin, J. Miguel and Sucarrat, Genaro (2012): Financial Density Selection. Published in: The European Journal of Finance , Vol. 21, No. 13-14 (2015): pp. 1195-1213.

Motz, Nicolas (2016): How Political Parties Shape Electoral Competition.


Núñez-Sánchez, Ramón and Modrego-Rico, Aurelia (2004): Determinantes de la eficiencia técnica en las actividades I+DT de los Centros Tecnológicos españoles.


Osiris Jorge, Parcero and Adolfo, Cristobal-Campoamor (2009): Dynamics of neighborhood formation and segregation by income.

Osório-Costa, António M. (2009): Frequent Monitoring in Repeated Games under Brownian Uncertainty.

Osório-Costa, António M. (2009): Efficiency Gains in Repeated Games at Random Moments in Time.


Pinheiro, Roberto B. and Visschers, Ludo (2012): Unemployment risk and wage differentials.


Sant'Anna, Pedro H. C. (2013): Testing for Uncorrelated Residuals in Dynamic Count Models with an Application to Corporate Bankruptcy.

Sloev, Igor (2007): Market Share Discounts and Investment Incentives.

Sloev, Igor (2009): Strategic Vertical Separation.

Sucarrat, Genaro and Escribano, Alvaro (2013): Estimation of Log-GARCH Models in the Presence of Zero Returns.

Sucarrat, Genaro and Grønneberg, Steffen and Escribano, Alvaro (2013): Estimation and Inference in Univariate and Multivariate Log-GARCH-X Models When the Conditional Density is Unknown.


Tsakas, Nikolas (2012): Imitating the Most Successful Neighbor in Social Networks.

Tsakas, Nikolas (2014): Beatable Imitation in Symmetric Games with Perturbed Payoffs.


Vedia Jerez, Daniel Hernan (2007): De riesgo y pánico: una analítica de volatilidad y crecimiento 1960-2006.

Vásquez Urriago, Ángela Rocio and Barge-Gil, Andrés and Modrego Rico, Aurelia and Paraskevopoulou, Evita (2011): The impact of science and technology parks on firms´ product innovation: empirical evidence from Spain.

Vásquez-Urriago, Angela and Barge-Gil, Andrés and Modrego, Aurelia (2014): Which firms benefit more from being located in a Science and Technology Park? Empirical evidence for Spain.


Yılmaz, Engin (2015): Forecasting tourist arrivals to Turkey. Published in: Tourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal , Vol. 64, No. 4 (28 December 2015): pp. 435-445.

Yılmaz, Engin and Süslü, Bora (2015): The Relation between Money, Interest and Consumption in Developing Countries: The Case of Turkey. Published in: Journal of Economics and Development Studies , Vol. 3, No. 3 (September 2015): pp. 155-164.

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