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Abozaid, Abdulazeem (2013): حكم التعامل بالأسهم على ضوء الممارسة والتطبيق. Published in: Law Magazine of Ajman University for Sciences & Technologies , Vol. 1, No. 1 (January 2013): pp. 201-224.

Abozaid, Abdulazeem (2018): هل تعترف الشرعية بثمنية العملات الرقمية المشفرة. Published in: ISRA International journal of Islamic Finance (IJIF) , Vol. 9, No. 2 (December 2018)

Abozaid, Abdulazeem (2015): Role of Fiqh in Islamic finance. Published in: Islamic Economics – Basic Concepts”, New Thinking and Future Directions, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2015)

Apostolache, Mihai (2015): The review of constitutional norms concerning local public administration in the view of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission). Published in: Journal of Law and Administrative Sciences (JOLAS) , Vol. 1, No. 3 (5 March 2015): pp. 105-111.

Argesanu, Nicolae Razvan (2012): Statul de drept din perspectivă economică.

Asongu, Simplice A (2013): Fighting African corruption when existing corruption-control levels matter in a dynamic cultural setting. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Social Economics


Baffi, Enrico (2009): Protecting privacy amid questions of economic efficiency and egalitarianism.

Bagus, Philipp and Howden, David (2016): The Economic and Legal Significance of “Full” Deposit Availability. Published in: European Journal of Law and Economics , Vol. 1, No. 41 (2016): pp. 243-254.

Baldursson, Fridrik M. (2004): Réttlæti og sérhagsmunir. Published in: Fjármálatíðindi , Vol. 51, No. 2 (2004): pp. 78-86.

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Berceanu, Ionut Bogdan and Mititelu, Cristina (2016): The Impact of Economic Crisis on the Emerging Administrations from Southeastern Europe. Case Study: Romania. Published in: Dogaru T. , Cărăușan M. V., Peculea - Dumitrescu A., Berceanu I.B. (eds.). Re(forming) Public Administration Paradigms in Global Governance Context, Economica Publishing House, Bucharest , Vol. 1, No. ISBN 978-973-709-805-4 (2016): pp. 145-162.

baffi, enrico (2013): Understanding "The Problem of Social Cost".


Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros and Kyriazis, Nicholas (2014): Achaeans, Indians and Europeans: A Comparison of federations.

Enrico, Baffi (2007): The Problem of Internalisation of Social Costs and the Ideas of Ronald Coase.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Российская доктрина гражданского правоприменения: вопросы становления и развития. Published in: Lex Russica , Vol. LXX, No. 2 (2011): pp. 224-244.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Гражданское законодательство и международные договоры: взаимодействие внутри правовой системы Российской Федерации. Published in: Bulletin of PNU No. 4(27) (2012): pp. 303-308.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Методологические вопросы структуры нормы гражданского права. Published in: Legal Science and Law Enforcement Practice No. 16 (2011): pp. 39-48.

Eremenko, Alexander (2011): К философско-правовой системе атрибутов понятия "гражданский закон". Published in: Academical Law Journal No. 44 (2011): pp. 21-28.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Метод правоотношения как способ познания явлений правовой действительности: теоретико-правовые и гражданско-правовые вопросы. Published in: Leningrad Judicial Journal No. 1 (2011): pp. 29-35.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Организационно-методологические основания российской доктрины гражданского правоприменения (окончание). Published in: Civil Law No. 2 (2011): pp. 3-8.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Конкуренция норм гражданского права в механизме юридической квалификации гражданских отношений. Published in: Bulletin of Udmurt University No. 2-3 (2011): pp. 109-114.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Конкуренция норм гражданского права в механизме юридической квалификации гражданских отношений. Published in: Bulletin of Udmurt University No. 2-3 (2011): pp. 109-114.

Eremenko, Alexander (2010): Методологические принципы научно-теоретического изучения гражданского правоприменения. Published in: Civil Legal Notes , Vol. 1, (2011): pp. 8-29.

Ewerhart, Christian and Schmitz, Patrick W. (1998): Ex Post Liability for Harm vs. Ex Ante Safety Regulation: Substitutes or Complements? Comment.


Fernandez-Villaverde, Jesus (2015): Magna Carta, the Rule of Law and the Limits on Government.


GOMADO, Kwamivi Mawuli (2018): Diversité ethnique et déforestation dans les pays en développement: identification des principaux canaux.

Gorga, Carmine (2017): Concordian Economics: Beyond Micro and Macroeconomics.

Guemmegne, Juliette and Pongou, Roland (2013): A Policy-Based Rationalization of Collective Rules: Dimensionality, Specialized Houses, and Decentralized Authority.

Guerra, Alice and Hlobil, Tobias M. (2015): Tailoring Negligence Standards to Accident Records. Published in: Journal of Legal Studies , Vol. 47, No. 2 (June 2018): pp. 325-348.

Guha, Brishti (2016): Malicious Litigation.


Hasan, Lubna (2010): Rule of Law, Legal Development and Economic Growth: Perspectives for Pakistan.


Krupnikov, Yanna and Levine, Adam S. and Lupia, Arthur and Prior, Markus (2006): Public Ignorance and Estate Tax Repeal: The Effect of Partisan Differences and Survey Incentives. Forthcoming in: National Tax Journal , Vol. 59, No. September 2006 (2006)

Kunieda, Takuma and Shibata, Akihisa (2011): Collateral Constraints and Legal Protection of Lenders: A Macroeconomic Perspective.


Langlais, Eric (2005): Indemnisation des préjudices et fréquence des procès en présence d'une asymétrie d'informaion sur l'aversion au risque des parties.

Langlais, Eric (2009): On unilateral divorce and the "selection of marriages" hypothesis.

Levy, Daniel and Young, Andrew (2019): Promise, Trust and Betrayal: Costs of Breaching an Implicit Contract.


Muravchenko, Viktor (2005): Соотношение понятий должностное лицо и муниципальный служащий. Published in: Культурологическое исследование в Сибири. No. № 2 (16). (2005): pp. 132-140.

Muravchenko, Viktor (2004): Предмет муниципальной службы. Published in: Проблемы культуры городов: Материалы V всероссийского научно-практического семинара. Омск: Издательский дом «Наука». (2004): pp. 196-201.


Naqvi, Nadeem and Neumärker, Bernhard and Pech, Gerald (2018): Consolidated democracy, constitutional stability, and the rule of law.

Nofal, Christopher (2012): How the JPML Can Benefit from the Federal Circuit and Vice-Versa. Published in: IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review , Vol. 52, No. 3 (December 2012): pp. 379-416.

Nozharov, Shteryo (2015): "Economic growth and the reform of the judicial system of Bulgaria in the period 2000-2015 (vision for a new measurement model)". Published in: Conference proceedings "Economic challenges: growth, disbalance, sustainable development"-Sofia, Bulgaria No. Conference paper (7 March 2016): pp. 65-77.


Ramanujam, Padmanabha (2007): Floss (Free/Libre Open Source Software): A Theme For Cultural Differences Study.

Ramanujam, Padmanabha (2007): Floss (Free/Libre Open Source Software): A Theme For Cultural Differences Study.


Schmitz, Patrick W. (2000): On the Joint Use of Liability and Safety Regulation.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Fighting corruption with cultural dynamics: when legal-origins, religious-influences and existing corruption-control levels matter.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Fighting corruption in Africa: do existing corruption-control levels matter? Forthcoming in:

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Fighting corruption when existing corruption-control levels count : what do wealth effects tell us?

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Fighting corruption when existing corruption-control levels count : what do wealth-effects tell us in Africa? Forthcoming in:


Vértesy, László (2017): Constitutional Bases of Public Finances in the Central and Eastern European Countries. Published in: 25th NISPAcee Annual Conference - Papers


Wright, Nicholas Anthony and Lee, La-troy (2017): New Evidence on the Casual Effect of Traffic safety Laws on Drunk Driving Fatalities.


Yamamura, Eiji (2012): Death tolls from natural disasters: Influence of interactions between fiscal decentralization, institution, and economic development.

Yamamura, Eiji (2011): Institution, economic development, and impact of natural disasters.

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