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Aguirregabiria, Victor and Ho, Chun-Yu (2009): A Dynamic Oligopoly Game of the US Airline Industry: Estimation and Policy Experiments.

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durongkaveroj, wannaphong (2013): An Economic Impact of Development Project: Case of Phuket International Airport in Thailand.


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Price, Richard (2014): Coopération trans-modale et utilisation des pouvoirs de régulation et de concurrence au Royaume-Uni. Published in:

Price, Richard and Ross, Cathryn (2014): A better deal for consumers and an attractive environment for investors: How the UK’s economic regulators are developing the use of regulatory and competition powers. Published in:


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Vaz, Margarida and Silva, Jorge and Baltazar, Emília and Marques, Tiago and Reis, Tiago (2012): Dynamic processes of an airport's system. A value network analysis.

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