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Zheng, Jianghuai and Gao, Yanyan and Hu, Xiaowen (2008): 企业“扎堆”、技术升级与经济绩效 ——对中国开发区产业集聚的性质及其变迁的实证分析.


Acosta, Camilo and Lyngemark, Ditte Håkonsson (2019): The Internal Spatial Organization of Firms: Evidence from Denmark.

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Chong, Terence Tai Leung and Shui, Kenny Chi Wai and Wong, Vivian H (2014): The Nexus between Labour Wages and Property Rents in the Greater China Area. Forthcoming in: China Economic Review

Christofakis, Manolis and Tsampra, Maria (2011): Opportunities and restrictions for the local-endogenous development in metropolitan areas of high industrial concentration: the case of Thriasio Pedio in Attica. Forthcoming in: Bulletin of Geography - Socio-economic Series

Crespo, Nuno and Fontoura, M. Paula and Simoes, Nadia (2014): Economic Centrality: How Much is Economics and How Much is Geography?

Dai, Tianran and Schiff, Nathan (2021): The Structure and Growth of Ethnic Neighborhoods.

Damianov, Damian S and Escobari, Diego (2015): Long-Run Equilibrium Shift and Short-Run Dynamics of U.S. Home Price Tiers during the Housing Bubble. Forthcoming in: Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

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Fioretti, Guido (2008): Individual Contacts, Collective Patterns. Prato 1975-97, a story of interactions.

Fu, Shihe and Hong, Junjie (2008): Testing urbanization economies in manufacturing industries: urban diversity or urban size?

Fu, Shihe and Liao, Yu and Zhang, Junfu (2015): The effect of housing wealth on labor force participation: evidence from China.

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Gelan, Ayele (2003): Trade Policy and Mega-Cities in LDCs: A General Equilibrium Model with Numerical Simulations. Published in: Integrative Modelling of Biophysical, Social, and Economic Systems for Resource Management Solutions – Proceeding of MODSIM 2003 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Post, David (ed) , Vol. 4, (2003): pp. 1938-1943.

Gil-Alana, Luis A. and Yaya, OlaOluwa S and Akinsomi, Omokolade and Coskun, Yener (2018): How do Stocks in BRICS co-move with REITs?

Gong, Yifan and Leung, Charles Ka Yui (2023): Does space natter? The case of the housing expenditure cap.

Hernández, Karla and Luna, Facundo and Madeira, Carlos (2022): Climate change’s impact on real estate prices in Chile. Published in: PLoS Sustainability and Transformation , Vol. 11, No. 1 (22 November 2022): pp. 1-17.

Iritié, B. G. Jean-Jacques (2015): Conditions of Diffusion of Competitiveness Clusters' Technologies: a Brief Theoretical Note. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Economics and Finance , Vol. 7, No. 10 (October 2015)

Kashefi, Mohammad Ali (2011): The effect of vertical knowledge spillovers via the supply chain on location decision of firms.

Katafuchi, Yuya (2021): Residential land price fluctuations caused by behavioral changes on work-from-home based on COVID-19.

Kishor, N. Kundan and Konkel, Rebecca and Yoon, Jangsu and Zhao, Tian (2023): Bridging the racial disparity in wealth creation in Milwaukee.

Kishor, N. Kundan (2017): Understanding the Relationship between Public and Private Commercial Real Estate Markets.

Kolko, Jed (2007): Agglomeration and Co-Agglomeration of Services Industries.

Kono, Tatsuhito and Nakajima, Kentaro and Ozane, Kanta (2023): Quantitative Impact Analysis of the Centralization of Firms in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Considering Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks.

Kronenberg, Kristin (2011): Firm relocations in the Netherlands: Why do firms move, and where do they go?

Kwan, Yum K. and Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Dong, Jinyue (2014): Comparing Consumption-based Asset Pricing Models: The Case of an Asian City.

Leung, Charles Ka Yui (2023): Real Estate Market.

Leung, Charles Ka Yui (2014): Error Correction Dynamics of House Prices: an Equilibrium Benchmark.

Leung, Charles Ka Yui and CHEUNG, W. Y. Patrick and TANG, C. H. Edward (2011): Financial Crisis and the Comovements of Housing Sub-markets: Do relationships change after a crisis?

Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Chow, Kenneth and Yiu, Matthew and Tam, Dickson (2010): House Market in Chinese Cities: Dynamic Modeling, In-Sampling Fitting and Out-of-Sample Forecasting.

Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Ng, Joe Cho Yiu (2018): Macro Aspects of Housing. Forthcoming in:

Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Ng, Joe Cho Yiu and Tang, Edward Chi Ho (2019): What do we know about Housing Supply? The case of Hong Kong.

Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Shi, Song and Tang, Edward Chi Ho (2013): Commodity house prices.

Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Tse, Chung-Yi (2017): Flipping in the Housing Market.

Lu, Zheng and Deng, Xiang (2012): Comparative Advantage, Scale Economy and Regional Specialization:An Empirical Analysis Based on China’s Industries. Published in: Journal of Management Science and Statistical Decision , Vol. 9, No. 3 (September 2012): pp. 1-9.

Lutey, Robert (2013): A Solar-Home Rental Business Model: Capturing Synergies from Solar Energy and Single Family Rental Properties.

Martinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues (2011): Agglomeration and interregional mobility of labor in Portugal.

Michael, Stella (2018): Symbolic Economy and Spatial Design: A Methodological Model for the Design of Competitive Spatial Narratives with Place Branding Strategies.

Mion, Giordano and Naticchioni, Paolo (2007): The spatial sorting and matching of skills and firms.

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Nakazawa, Katsuyoshi (2016): Differential market entry determinants for for-profit and non-profit at-home care providers in large Japanese cities.

Ogawa, Ryoh (2017): Using REIT Data to Assess the Geographic Effects of Mega-events: The Case of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Petkov, Ivan (2018): Weather Shocks, House Prices, and Population: Role of Expectation Revisions.

Piergallini, Alessandro (2019): Demographic Change and Real House Prices: A General Equilibrium Perspective.

Rizov, Marian (2003): The price of EU accession An insight into the Bulgarian real estate market. Published in: Property Management , Vol. 1, No. 22

Roy, Chandan and Roy Mukherjee, Sanchari (2014): Land Productivity, Artisanal Efficiency & Income Generation in Artisanal Silk Industry of West Bengal. Published in: North Bengal Development Perspective (ISBN : 978-93-81757-12-3 , Vol. 1, No. 1 (December 2014): pp. 178-209.

Tang, Chi Ho (2019): Speculate a lot.

Trofimov, Ivan D. and Md. Aris, Nazaria and C. D. Xuan, Dickson (2018): Macroeconomic and demographic determinants of residential property prices in Malaysia.

Vittorio, Daniele and Ugo, Marani (2008): Organized Crime and Foreign Direct Investment: the Italian Case.

Vittorio, Daniele and Ugo, Marani (2008): Organized Crime and Foreign Direct Investment: the Italian Case.

Wong, Maisy (2010): The Relationship between Marginal Willingness-to-Pay in the Hedonic and Discrete Choice Models.

Yoshida, Jiro (2007): Technology Shocks and Asset Price Dynamics: The Role of Housing in General Equilibrium.

Zheng, Jianghuai and Gao, Yanyan (2009): The nature of economic development zones in China:an empirical study based on data from the Yangtze River Delta.

Zhu, Guozhong and Vuralz, Gulfer (2012): Inter-generational effect of parental time and its policy implications.


Berentsen, Aleksander and Markheim, Marina (2020): Real Estate trifft auf Blockchain: Chancen und Herausforderungen der Tokenisierung von illiquiden Vermögenswerten.


Daniele, Vittorio and Marani, Ugo (2007): Criminalità e investimenti esteri. Un’analisi per le province italiane.


Abramovich, Albina (2016): Ценообразование жилой недвижимости в г. Омске. Published in: NovaInfo , Vol. 4, No. 45-1 (4 May 2016)

Zaytsev, Alexander (2012): Элементы региональной диагностики (на примере Краснодарского края).

Zaytsev, Alexander (2013): Региональная диагностика эффективности отраслевых производств (на примере сельского хозяйства). Forthcoming in: Proceedings of the all-Russian conference on methodology of socio-economic modeling (14-15th of November, 2013, Russia, Ufa)

Zaytsev, Alexander (2012): Региональная диагностика и отраслевой анализ производительности труда. Published in: Federalizm , Vol. 18, No. 1(69) (April 2013): pp. 57-74.


Estrada, Fernando (2014): Leviatán débil, un concepto para explicar el estado desde las regiones.

Mendoza, Jorge Eduardo and Calderon, Cuauhtemoc (2001): Determinantes Regionales de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportación en los Estados de la Frontera Norte. Published in: Comercio Exterior , Vol. Vol. 5, No. Núm. 3 (March 2001): pp. 96-202.

Villalobos López, José Antonio (2022): Visión económica de asentamientos irregulares en la Ciudad de México.


ARSLAN, Yavuz and CERİTOĞLU, Evren and KANIK, Birol (2013): Nüfus Yapısındaki Değişimlerin Uzun Dönem Konut Talebi Üzerindeki Etkileri.

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