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ADAM, Elena and TRIȘCAȘ, Floarea Elena and NICOARĂ, Raluca-Maria and IVAN, Ruben Ioan and DUȚĂ, Paul and PANAIT, Ion and MANOLACHE, Viorella and ANDRONACHE, Alin and TRANDAFIR, Andreea and TAROPA-IACOB, Anda and DUȚĂ, Andreea Emilia and IORDAN, Costel and ALEXA, Oana Alexandra and CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea and MARCAU, Flavius-Cristian and SIMA, Isabella Cristiana and MATEIU, Mihaela and NISIPEANU, Elena and CĂLIN, Alexandra and HARANGUS, Katalin and EDU, Filip Vladimir and MARIN, Aurelia Camelia and AŞER, Nica and BOGDAN, Laura and MOGA, Monika and VULPAȘU, Dana and COSTESCU, Elena-Alis and CIUNTUC, Cristina-Elena and NECHIFOR, Caleb Otniel Traian and CRISTESCU, Cosmina and PIPOŞ, Cristina (2013): Research and Science Today No. 1(5)/2013. Published in: Research and Science Today No. 1(5)/2013 (1. March 2013)

Alsayyed, Nidal (2009): The Guide to Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance.

Aritenang, Adiwan (2012): The City of Bandung: Unfolding the process of a Creative City.

Asuaga, Carolina (2008): La Gestión Museística, una perspeciva histórica. Published in: Portal Ineroamericano de Gestión Cultural No. 5

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Azuela Flores, José Ignacio and Cogco Calderón, Adolfo Rogelio (2013): Public Policy of Crafts in México: A Misconception.


BOUKA, ELENI and MERKOURI, MARIA-MARINA and METAXAS, THEODORE (2015): Indentifying Bollywood as a crucial factor of India’s economic development: A review analysis.

Bakhshi, Hasan and Freeman, Alan and Desai, Radhika (2010): Not Rocket Science: A Roadmap for Arts and Cultural R&D. Published in: Mission Money Models Web publication (1. January 2010)

Bakhshi, Hasan and Freeman, Alan and Hitchen, Graham (2009): Measuring intrinsic value – how to stop worrying and love economics. Published in: Mission Money Models Web publication (April 2008)

Besana, Angela (2010): Internet Marketing in Cultural Industries: from movie to arts.

Branea, Silvia (2003): Receptarea soap-opera de către tineri. Studiu de caz: „Beverly Hills”. Published in: Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication , Vol. Year 2, No. Spring (2003): pp. 121-128.


Cellini, Roberto and Cuccia, Tiziana (2007): Information externality in the arts and the public intervention: a brief note.

Cellini, Roberto and Martorana, Marco Ferdinando and Platania, Felicita (2014): The multi-product nature of the firm in the arts sector: A case study on ‘Centro Zo’. Forthcoming in:

Cellini, Roberto and Paolino, Alessandro (2007): Price of recreational products and the exchange rate: an empirical investigation on US data.


Del Sarto, Alessio and Zanola, Roberto (2007): Il pubblico di circo in Italia: il caso dell'acquatico Bellucci.

Di Gaetano, Luigi and Mazza, Isidoro (2012): “Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow?” On the implications of deaccess policies on donations to museums.


Estrada, Fernando (2014): Economía política de la modernidad.

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Freeman, Alan (2009): London's cultural and creative industries – 2010 update. Published in: Greater London Authority Working Paper No. Working Paper 40 (June 2010)

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Freeman, Alan (2007): London’s Creative Sector: 2007 Update. Published in: Greater London Authority Working Paper No. 22 (April 2007)


Ghafele, Roya and Gibert, Benjamin (2011): Counting the Costs of Collective Rights Management of Music Copyright in Europe.

Gul, Ejaz (2009): Culture and Economic Growth of Cities; Evidence from Liberia.


Haase, Fee-Alexandra (2008): “Parallel Worlds“. Clusters for a Theory of Concepts of Communications. Historical Intercultural and Cultural Comparative Studies in Perspectives of National and Transnational Constitutions, Values, Concepts, and Terms of ‘Communication’ - ‘Orality’ - ‘Literacy’ - ‘Rhetoric’ - ‘Media’.

Hachicha, Wafik and Ammeri, Ahmed and Masmoudi, Faouzi and Chachoub, Habib (2010): A comprehensive literature classification of simulation optimisation methods. Published in: International Conference on Multiple Objective Programming and Goal Programming - MOPGP10 No. May 24- 26, 2010 - Sousse - Tunisia

Harabi, Najib (2004): Copyright-Based Industries in Arab Countries.

Harabi, Najib (2004): Copyright-Based Industries in Arab Countries.

Harabi, Najib (2009): Creative Industries: Case Studies from Arab Countries.

Harabi, Najib (2007): Economic Performance Of the Arabic Book Translation Industry in Arab Countries.

Harabi, Najib (2007): Economic Performance Of the Arabic Book Translation Industry in Arab Countries.

Harabi, Najib (2007): Performance of the Arabic Book Translation Industry in Selected Arab Countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi-Arabia and Syria.

Harabi, Najib (2004): Performance économique de l’industrie du droit d’auteur dans certains pays arabes.

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Kaluzhsky, Mikhail and Petrunina, Anastasia (2006): Общая ситуация на российском рынке печатных СМИ: тенденции и перспективы развития. Published in: Редакторские чтения 2006: Материалы II Всероссийской научно-практической конференции с международным участием. (May 2006): pp. 84-91.

Keuschnigg, Marc (2015): Product Success in Cultural Markets: The Mediating Role of Familiarity, Peers, and Experts. Published in: Poetics No. 10.1016/j.poetic.2015.03.003

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2011): Gry komputerowe i branża gier a sztuka komiksowa. Published in: COntextual MIX. Through Graphic Stories to Analyses of Contemporary Culture : pp. 385-396.

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Makovi, Michael (2015): George Orwell and the Incoherence of Democratic Socialism.

Makovi, Michael (2015): George Orwell as a Public Choice Economist. Forthcoming in: American Economist

Makovi, Michael (2015): Two Opposing Economic-Literary Critiques of Socialism: George Orwell Versus Eugen Richter and Henry Hazlitt.

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Mulaj, Isa (2012): Terminology of economics in Albanian: Current state, problems and tasks.

Mărcău, Flavius-Cristian and Ciorei, Mihaela (2012): Research and Science Today No. 4. Published in: Research and Science Today No. 2(4)/2012


NWAOBI, GODWIN (2013): African Development,Partnership and Rationality Challenge:An Exposition.


O'Sullivan, John L. (2009): Economy of time and matter in a universal setting.


Perona, Mathieu (2009): Bookshop, blockbusters and readers’ tastes: a new appraisal of the fixed book price.

Perona, Mathieu (2010): Bookshop, blockbusters and readers’ tastes: a new appraisal of the fixed book price.

Plaza, Beatriz (2007): The Bilbao effect (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao). Published in: Museum News. American Association of Museums , Vol. 86, No. 5 (31. September 2007)

Poleszczuk, Jan and Sztop-Rutkowska, Katarzyna and Kiszkiel, Łukasz and Klimczuk, Andrzej and Mejsak, Rafał Julian and Winiecka, Katarzyna (2012): Diagnoza partycypacji w kulturze w województwie podlaskim. Published in: (2012)

Popovic, Milenko (2009): Dynamic Model of Arts Labor Supply.

Popovic, Milenko (2009): Dynamic Models of Arts Labor Supply.


Situngkir, Hokky (2012): Deconstructing Bataknese Gorga. Published in: BFI Working Paper Series No. WP-7-2012 (2. October 2012)

Situngkir, Hokky (2010): From Data to Celebration of Cultural Heritages: Preservations, Acquisitions, and Intellectual Property Regulations. Published in: Workshop “Intellectual Property and the Documentation and Establishment of Database of Traditional Knowledge, Folklore, and Intangible Cultural Heritage” (22. November 2010)

Snir, Avichai and Levy, Daniel (2014): Economic Growth in the Potterian Economy. Forthcoming in: Forthcoming in: The Law and Harry Potter, edited by Franklin Snyder and Jeffrey Thomas

Stahl, Sebastian (2009): Wertschöpfung in der zeitgenössischen Kunst: Zur „Young German Art“.




Yamamura, Eiji (2013): Externality of young children on parents’ watching of anime: Evidence from Japanese micro data.

Yamamura, Eiji (2013): The effect of young children on their parents’ anime viewing habits: Evidence from Japanese micro data.

Yamamura, Eiji and Shin, Inyong (2014): Effect of consuming imported cultural goods on tolerance for immigrants from trade partners: Case of Japanese anime in Korea.


Zhang, Weiguo and Liu, Guohui (2009): 语言政策与语言规划:一个经济学与语言学比较的视角.

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