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Ahohounkpanzon, Michel (2009): L'ARTICULATION DES MODES DE PRODUCTION CHEZ GEORG ELWERT. Published in: Paulin J Hountondji (éditeur) ; 2009 : L’Ancien et le Nouveau ; la Production du savoir dans l’Afrique d’Aujourd’hui, Cotonou, Centre Africain de Hautes Etudes (2009): pp. 491-497.

Akhabbar, Amanar (2013): La Direction centrale de la statistique et la Balance de l’économie nationale de l’URSS en 1923—24. Published in: OEcononmia (2014)

Akhabbar, Amanar (2006): Machine de guerre, machine de paix : le cas de l’analyse input-output comme modèle pour l’intervention publique.

Alcouffe, Alain and Wells, Julian (2009): Marx, maths, and MEGA 2.


Bahçe, Serdal (2019): Is “The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation” Still Valid? An Analysis Based on Direct and Indirect Marxian Effects.

Bieri, David (2007): The Transformation Problem: A Tale of Two Interpretations.

Bukvić, Rajko (2012): Ново познанство с „несмењивим” министром. Published in: Зборник Матице српске за друштвене науке (Matica Srpska Social Science Quarterly) , Vol. 63, No. 140 (3) (2012): pp. 393-400.


Carnevali, Emilio and Sommacal, Matteo (2023): On the Takeover Mechanism in Market Socialism.

Cavalieri, Duccio (2014): A Critical Marxist Simple Approach to Capital Theory.

Cavalieri, Duccio (1995): Plusvalore e sfruttamento dopo Sraffa. Lo stato del problema. Published in: Economia Politica , Vol. 12, No. 1 (April 1995): pp. 23-56.

Cavalieri, Duccio (1997): Sfruttamento, alienazione e astrazione del lavoro: una nota. Published in: Trimestre , Vol. 30, No. 1 (1997): pp. 99-112.

Cavalieri, Duccio (2002): A proposito di marginalismo e socialismo nell'Italia liberale. Published in: Il pensiero economico italiano , Vol. 10, No. 1 (2002): pp. 143-160.


Desai, Meghnad and Veneziani, Roberto (2005): Rosa Luxemburg’s critique of Marx’s schemes of reproduction: a re-evaluation and a possible generalisation.


Escudé, Guillermo J. (2021): La Teoría del Capitalismo de Karl Marx. Exposición, Crítica y Evaluación. Published in: BUBOK (2021): pp. 1-679.

Estrada, Fernando and Salazar, Boris (2010): Brains that make revolutions.


Fischer, Justina AV (2020): Über die Versklavung von Tieren und Pflanzen, das So-Sein und das gute Leben.

Freeman, Alan (1999): Between Two World Systems: A Response to David Laibman. Published in: Research in Political Economy No. 17 (April 1999): pp. 241-248.

Freeman, Alan (2001): The Case for Simplicity: a Paradigm for the Political Economy of the 21st Century. Published in: The New Value Controversy (1 April 2001): pp. 55-66.

Freeman, Alan (2004): Confronting the Evidence: Marx's Historians on the Falling Profit Rate.

Freeman, Alan (2015): The Course of the Profit Rate.

Freeman, Alan (2010): Crisis and ‘law of motion’ in economics: a critique of positivist Marxism. Published in: Research in Political Economy No. 26 (2010): pp. 211-250.

Freeman, Alan (2011): Crisis, Marxism, and Economic Laws: A Response to Gary Mongiovi. Published in: Research in Political Economy No. 27 (17 June 2011): pp. 285-296.

Freeman, Alan (2006): Die Himmel über uns: Über die Bedeutung des Gleichgewichts für die Wirtschaftswissenschaft. Published in: EXIT! Krise und Kritik der Warengesellschaft No. 3 (2006): pp. 212-241.

Freeman, Alan (1996): Ernest Mandel's Contribution to Economic Dynamics. Forthcoming in:

Freeman, Alan (1999): Four endogenous market failures which (TSS) value explains better: Inequality, Unemployment, Crisis and Liquidity Preference.

Freeman, Alan (2004): Geld. Published in: Historisch Kritisch Wörterbuch des Marxismus, Band 5: Gegenöffentlichkeit–Hegemonialapparat. No. Band 5 (May 2004)

Freeman, Alan (2004): Geld (Money). Published in: Historisch Kritisch Wörterbuch des Marxismus, Band 5: Gegenöffentlichkeit–Hegemonialapparat. No. Band 5 (May 2004)

Freeman, Alan (2017): Introduction to Michel Husson's 'Value and price: a critique of neo-Ricardian claims'. Published in: Capital and Class , Vol. 42, No. Vol 42, Issue 3, 2018 (1 October 2018): pp. 509-516.

Freeman, Alan (2006): An Invasive Metaphor: the Concept of Centre of Gravity in Economics.

Freeman, Alan (2000): Making Sense of the Rate of Profit.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Marx After Marx After Sraffa.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Marx after Marx after Sraffa.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Marx without Equilibrium. Published in: Capital and Class No. Issue number 56, Summer 1995 (July 1995): pp. 49-81.

Freeman, Alan (1998): Marx: The Spectre Haunting Economics.

Freeman, Alan (2000): Marxian debates on the falling rate of profit.

Freeman, Alan (2009): Marxism without Marx: a note towards a critique. Published in: Capital and Class , Vol. 34, (February 2010): pp. 84-97.

Freeman, Alan (1999): Measuring the UK Economy (Conference Paper).

Freeman, Alan (2007): Money, Labour and Logic: A Critical Comparison. Published in: Critique of Political Economy No. 1 (12 August 2011): pp. 152-175.

Freeman, Alan (1996): Mr Marx and the neoclassics.

Freeman, Alan (1991): National Accounts in Value Terms: The Social Wage and Profit Rate in Britain 1950-1986. Published in: Quantitative Marxism, Ed. Paul Dunne No. Book (1 March 1991)

Freeman, Alan (1997): The New Value debate and the birth of a paradigm. Published in: ASSA conference 1997 (January 1997)

Freeman, Alan (1996): Price, value and profit – a continuous, general, treatment. Published in: Marx and Non-Equilibrium Economics (book) (April 1996): pp. 180-233.

Freeman, Alan (1996): The Psychopathology of Walrasian Marxism. Published in: Freeman, A. and Guglielmo Carchedi 'Marx and non-equilibrium economics', Aldershot: Edward Elgar (1996): pp. 1-29.

Freeman, Alan (1994): Reappraising the classics - the case for a dynamic reformulation of the labour theory of value.

Freeman, Alan (1995): Replacement Costs, Stocks and the Valuation of Inputs.

Freeman, Alan (1998): Reply to some objections.

Freeman, Alan (1998): Time, the value of money and the quantification of value.

Freeman, Alan (2001): Two Concepts of ‘Centre Of Gravity’: Commentary on Contributions by Gary Mongiovi and Fred Moseley.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Valore e Marx: Perche sono importanti. Published in: Proteo No. 2001-2 (2002): pp. 52-61.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Value and Marx: why it matters. Published in: Proteo No. 2001-2 (2002): pp. 52-61.

Freeman, Alan (1994): Value and the foundation of Economic Dynamics.

Freeman, Alan (1999): Value from Nowhere: a response to Dumenil and Levy (first submission).

Freeman, Alan (2000): Value, Price of Production and Market Price.

Freeman, Alan (2010): What Causes Booms?

Freeman, Alan (1998): What happens in recessions? A value-theoretic approach to Liquidity Preference.

Freeman, Alan (1991): Why Quantitative Marxism?

Freeman, Alan (1998): A dialogue concerning the two chief systems of value.

Freeman, Alan (2007): The discontents of Marxism. Published in: Debatte , Vol. 16, No. 1 (April 2008): pp. 121-131.

Freeman, Alan (1998): The indeterminacy of price-value correlations: a comment on papers by Simo Mohun and Anwar Shaikh. Published in: Bellofiore, R (ed) Marxian Economics: a Reappraisal, Volume 2, pp139-162. Basingstoke: McMillan. ISBN 0 333 64411 5 (1998): pp. 139-162.

Freeman, Alan (1999): The limits of Ricardian value: law, contingency and motion in economics.

Freeman, Alan and Kliman, Andrew (2008): Simultaneous Valuation vs. the Exploitation Theory of Profit: A summing up. Published in: Capital and Class No. 94 (January 2008)

Freeman, Alan and Kliman, Andrew (1998): Simultaneous and Temporal Valuation Contrasted.

Freeman, Alan and Kliman, Andrew (2000): Two Concepts of Value, Two Rates of Profit, Two Laws of Motion. Published in: Research in Political Economy No. 18 (April 2000): pp. 243-267.


Gabriele, Alberto (2010): Cuba: the surge of export-oriented services.

Gabriele, Alberto (2010): The Exaggerate Socialism Of Raul’s Cuba.


Hagendorf, Klaus (2009): Arbeitswerte und die Theorie der Unternehmung. Teil I: Die Unternehmung unter vollständiger Konkurrenz.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2009): Labour Values and the Theory of the Firm: Part I: The Competitive Firm.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2006): A Note on Ronald Meek's 'Studies in the Labour Theory of Value'.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2009): Towards a Political Economy of the Hunters and Gatherers: A Study in Historical Materialism.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2008): The labour theory of value: a marginal analysis.

Halkos, George (2011): The evolution of environmental thinking in economics.

Hein, Eckhard (2004): Money, credit and the interest rate in Marx's economic. On the similarities of Marx's monetary analysis to Post-Keynesian economics. Published in: International Papers in Political Economy , Vol. 11, No. 2 (2004): pp. 1-43.


Jeong, Sangjun (2012): Right conclusion with weak evidence: a review of the failure of capitalist production. Published in: Marxism 21 , Vol. 9, No. 4 (12 November 2012)


Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont (2011): Exploitation and its unintended outcomes.

Kirdina, Svetlana (2012): From Marxian school of economic thought to system paradigm in economic studies: the institutional matrices theory. Published in: Montenegrin Journal of Economics , Vol. 8, No. Number 2 (October 2012): pp. 53-71.

Kliman, Andrew and Freeman, Alan (2000): Rejoinder to Duncan Foley and David Laibman. Published in: Research in Political Economy No. 18 (April 2000): pp. 285-293.

Kliman, Andrew and Freeman, Alan (2006): Replicating Marx: a Reply to Mohun. Published in: Capital and Class No. 88 (April 2006): pp. 117-123.


Labrinidis, George (2018): The roots of the Euro. Published in: Voice of People Discussion Papers No. 6 (23 April 2018)

Levrero, Enrico Sergio (2009): Marx on absolute and relative wages.

Levy, Daniel (2007): Price adjustment under the table: Evidence on efficiency-enhancing corruption.

Lippert, Rainer (2019): Was ist falsch an der Arbeitswerttheorie? Wie Wert wirklich gebildet wird.


Maito, Esteban Ezequiel (2013): La transitoriedad histórica del capital: La tendencia descendente de la tasa de ganancia desde el siglo XIX. Published in: Razón y Revolución No. 26 (December 2013): pp. 129-159.

Mariolis, Theodore (2010): Κριτική Έκθεση του "Νόμου της Πτωτικής Τάσης του Ποσοστού Κέρδους" του K. Marx: Κατανομή Εισοδήματος, Επισώρευση Κεφαλαίου και Τεχνολογική Μεταβολή στη Μακρά Περίοδο.

Mavroudeas, Stavros (2010): Greece and the EU: capitalist crisis and imperialist rivalries.

Meacci, Ferdinando (1998): Fictitious Capital and Crises. Published in: Bellofiore R. (ed.), Marxian Economics: A Reappraisal , Vol. Vol.1, No. London: Macmillan (1998): pp. 189-204.

Michaelides, Panayotis G. and Milios, John G. (2004): Hilferding's Influence on Schumpeter : A First Discussion.

Michaelides, Panayotis G. and Milios, John G. and Vouldis, Angelos (2007): Schumpeter, Lederer and Hilferding on Economic Development, Credit and Business Cycles.

malikane, christopher (2015): Capital In the 21st Century: A Review.


Papageorgiou, Aris and Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2006): Kondratiev, Marx and the long cycle. Published in: Indian Development Review , Vol. 4, No. 2 (11 December 2006)

Pillai N., Vijayamohanan (2013): Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Philosophical Cradle of Marxism.

Pillai N., Vijayamohanan (2013): You Cannot Swim Twice in the Same River: The Genesis of Dialectical Materialism.

Polterovich, Victor (2020): Петр Кропоткин, философия сотрудничества и цифровая революция.


Quaas, Georg (2001): Die naturale Struktur einer Volkswirtschaft. Kapitel 2 in: Arbeitsquantentheorie. Frankfurt a.M. 2001. Published in:


Salvadori, Neri and Signorino, Rodolfo (2011): Competition.

Samaha, Amal (2020): Innovators, Bullshitters or Aristocrats: Towards an Explanation of Unproductive Work. Published in: Peace, Land and Bread No. 3 (November 2020): pp. 102-125.

Schneider, Herbert (2018): Zur mathematischen Struktur der Wertformen von Karl Marx in 'Das Kapital'.

Sergio, Reuben (2005): Family evolution and contemporary social transformations. Published in: Journal of comparative Family Studies , Vol. 37, No. No. 4

Stoica, Alina (2011): Relaţii Diplomatice Româno-Portugheze (1919-1933). Martinho De Brederode - Ambasador La Bucureşti. Published in:

Stravelakis, Nikos (2013): Hilferding over Marx: A Political Economy Viewpoint of Struggles in the Left 1900-1933 and the Modern Revival. Published in: 6th PHD Conference in Economics Department of Economics UOA (17 September 2013)

Stravelakis, Nikos (2012): Why recession and depression policies differ.


Tchipev, Plamen D (2000): The concept of the ownership in the late 'socialist economics'.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2010): Από την Οικονομική Άνθηση στην Κρίση του 1930.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2011): Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2005): Falling Rate of Profit and Overaccumulation in Marx and Keynes. Published in: Political Economy Quarterly , Vol. 43, No. 3 (2006): pp. 65-75.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2008): Keynes on the Marginal Efficiency of Capital and the Great Depression. Published in: History of Economic Ideas , Vol. 16, No. 3 (2008): pp. 65-78.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2005): Notes on Ricardo’s theory of value and taxation. Published in: Asian African Journal of Economic and Econometrics , Vol. 5, No. 1 (June 2005): pp. 35-47.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2001): Rethinking long cycles: are the 1990s the onset of a new phase of capital accumulation? Published in: , Vol. Atheni, (2002): pp. 89-96.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2018): Ricardo’s Theory of Value is Still Alive and Well in Contemporary Capitalism.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2013): The ‘new golden age of accumulation’, the new depression and the greek economy. Published in: Social Cohesion and Development , Vol. 8, No. 1 (1 June 2013): pp. 5-23.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris and Paitaridis, Dimitris (2016): Monetary Expressions of Labor Time and Market Prices: Theory and Evidence from China, Japan and Korea.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris and Papageorgiou, Aris (2017): The Recurrence of Long Cycles: Theories, Stylized Facts and Figures.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris and Tsaliki, Persefoni (2011): Classical competition and regulating capital: theory and empirical evidence. Published in: (2011)

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris and Tsimis, Achilleas and Paitaridis, Dimitris (2018): The Rise and Fall of Unproductive Activities in the US Economy 1964-2015: Facts, Theory and Empirical Evidence.



Wells, Julian (2017): Marx reads Quetelet: a preliminary report.

Wells, Julian (1998): Probabilism and determinism in political economy: the case of Bernstein and Engels.

Wells, Julian (2006): The dogs that didn’t bark: Marx and Engels and statistical fatalism.

Widodo, Tri (2008): Marx’s Capital: the Revolt against Classical Economics. Published in: Aki Ronsou , Vol. 13, (30 December 2008): pp. 23-42.


Ávalos, Eloy (2011): El excedente económico.

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