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Accinelli, Elvio and Covarrubias, Enrique (2013): An extension of the Sard-Smale Theorem to domains with an empty interior.

Ahmed, Muhammad Ashfaq and Nawaz, Nasreen (2023): Adam Smith's Perfectly Competitive Market is Not Pareto Efficient: A Dynamic Perspective. Published in: Theoretical Economics Letters , Vol. 3, No. 13 (2023): pp. 419-450.

Andrea, Loi and Stefano, Matta (2006): Evolution paths on the equilibrium manifold.

Anton, Roman (2014): Sustainable Intrapreneurship - The GSI Concept and Strategy - Unfolding Competitive Advantage via Fair Entrepreneurship. Forthcoming in: Open Science , Vol. 2, No. 1 (1 March 2016): pp. 1-46.

Aoki, Takaaki (2003): A Simple Model of Speculation- The Welfare Analysis and Some Problems in the Decision Making Theory.

Arias-R., Omar Fdo. (2014): On the pseudo-equilibrium manifold in semi-algebraic economies with real financial assets.

Arias-R., Omar Fdo. (2013): A remark on definable paths in regular O-minimal equilibrium manifolds.

Arias-R., Omar Fdo. (2014): A short note on the definable Debreu map in regular O-minimal equilibrium manifolds.


Babkina, Tatiana and Myagkov, Mikhail and Lukinova, Evgeniya and Peshkovskaya, Anastasiya and Menshikova, Olga and Berkman, Elliot T. (2016): Choice of the Group Increases Intra-Cooperation. Published in: CEUR-WS , Vol. 1627, No. urn:nbn:de:0074-1627-1 (25 July 2016): pp. 13-23.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet and Yoo, Seung Jick (2019): Using a Local Public Good to Attract Representative Creative Class Members: The Inefficient Equilibrium Case.

Beladi, Hamid and Mandal, Biswajit (2011): Recessionary shock and factor return in an underemployed economy.

Bhowmik, Anuj (2022): On the core of an economy with arbitrary consumption sets and asymmetric information.

Bhowmik, Anuj and Dharanan, GVA (2021): Core equivalence in presence of satiation and indivisibilities.

Bosi, Stefano and Ha-Huy, Thai and Le Van, Cuong and Pham, Cao-Tung and Pham, Ngoc-Sang (2018): Financial bubbles and capital accumulation in altruistic economies.


Centeno, Alex (2020): A Note on the Application of Schubert Calculus in Heterogeneous Economies With Pure Exchange.

Chaudhuri, Sarbajit and Mandal, Biswajit (2012): Bureaucratic reform, informal sector and welfare.

Chaudhuri, Sarbajit and Roychowdhury, Somasree (2014): Economic Reforms and Gender-based Wage Inequality in the Presence of Factor Market Distortions.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1988): Resources and North-South trade: a macro analysis in open economies. Published in: Challenges of South-South Cooperation (1988): 1(263)-34(290).

Chichilnisky, Graciela and Di Matteo, Massimo (1998): Trade, migration, and environment: a general equilibrium analysis, Chapter 2.3. Published in: Sustainability: Dynamics and Uncertainty (1998)

Covarrubias, Enrique (2008): Determinacy of equilibria of smooth infinite economies.

Covarrubias, Enrique (2013): Global invertibility of excess demand functions.

Covarrubias, Enrique (2008): Necessary and sufficient conditions for global uniqueness of equilibria.

Covarrubias, Enrique (2008): The number of equilibria of smooth infinite economies with separable utilities.


D'Alessandro, Simone and Fanelli, Domenico (2009): The Role of Income Distribution in the Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Danilov, Vladimir and Koshovoy, Gleb and Page, Frank and Wooders, Myrna (2011): Existence of equilibrium with unbounded short sales: A new approach.

Das, Gouranga (2012): Fragmentation in Production, Vertical Integration and Wage Inequality: A Theoretical Note. Published in: Modern Economy , Vol. 6, No. 3 (29 December 2012): pp. 958-964.

Das, Gouranga (2009): How to Reap the Induced Technological Bonus? A Mechanism and Illustrative Implementation. Published in: Modern Economy , Vol. 1, No. 1 (August 2010): pp. 80-88.

David, Paul and Aghion, Philippe (2008): Science, Technology and Innovation for Economic Growth: Linking Policy Research and Practice in "STIG Systems".

Dominique, C-Rene (2009): Could Markets' Equilibrium Sets Be Fractal Attractors?

Dominique, C-Rene (2017): An Empirical Theory of Pure Exchange:Individual Demand and Equilibrium.


Easterlin, Richard A. (1974): Does Economic Growth Improve the Human Lot? Some Empirical Evidence. Published in: Nations and Households in Economic Growth: Essays in Honor of Moses Abramovitz (1974): pp. 89-125.

Egbert, Henrik and Naqvi, Nadeem (2011): Market-dependent production set.

Escañuela Romana, Ignacio (2016): Azar, Determinismo e Indecidibilidad en la Teoría del Ciclo Económico.


Fugarolas Álvarez-Ude, Guadalupe and Hervés-Beloso, Carlos (2005): A unified differential information framework assessing that more information is preferred to less.


Gallaway, Lowell and Cebula, Richard (1971): Impact of Property Rights in Human Capital on Regional Factors Proportions. Published in: Journal of Economics , Vol. 32, No. 4 (23 December 1972): pp. 501-503.

Goicoechea, Julio (2019): Teoría del valor en Valenzuela Feijóo: Una representación walrasiana de Marx.

Goucha, T (2012): Economy of referential preferences.


Harashima, Taiji (2009): Depression as a Nash Equilibrium Consisting of Strategies of Choosing a Pareto Inefficient Transition Path.

Harashima, Taiji (2011): A mechanism of cyclical volatility in the vacancy-unemployment ratio: what is the source of rigidity?

Herrmann, Peter and van der Maesen, Laurent J.G. (2008): Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration.


Icefield, William (2020): On treatment of interests, profits and equilibrium non-existence in general equilibrium models.


Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont (2014): Objective Principles of Economics.

Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont (2011): Primary and secondary markets.

Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont (2011): Properties of an economy without human beings.

Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont (2011): Qualitative and temporal aggregation.

Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont (2013): Walras’s law of markets as special case of the general Triangle Theorem: a laconic proof.

Kaluzhsky, M.L. (2006): Генезис цивитальной организации: идеология нового мира. Published in: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co, KG , Vol. full, No. - (2012): pp. 1-416.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (2006): Конкурентоспособность в маркетинге. Published in: Апрельские экономические чтения: Межвуз. Сб. науч. тр. No. 11 (2006): pp. 26-30.

Kantorovich, Leonid and Katyshev, Pavel and Kiruta, Alexander and Polterovich, Victor (1982): О некоторых направлениях исследований в математической экономике. Published in: Itogi Nauki i Tekhniki. Ser. Sovrem. Probl. Mat. No. 19 (1982): pp. 3-21.

Karingi, Stephen and Oulmane, Nassim and Lang, Rémi and Sadni Jallab, Mustapha and Perez, Romain (2005): Assessment of the impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement between the ECOWAS countries and the European Union.

Kilenthong, Weerachart and Qin, Cheng-Zhong (2010): Trade through endogenous intermediaries.

Kombarov, Sayan (2021): Action in Economics: Mathematical Derivation of Laws of Economics from the Principle of Least Action in Physics. Published in: Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies (24 August 2021): pp. 123-129.

Koska, Onur A. and Staehler, Frank (2015): Factor Price Differences in a General Equilibrium Model of Trade and Imperfect Competition. Published in: Research in Economics , Vol. 69, No. 2 (24 February 2015): pp. 248-259.

Kurz, Heinz D. and Salvadori, Neri (2010): In Favor of Rigor and Relevance. A Reply to Mark Blaug.


Le, Phuong (2013): Competitive Equilibrium in the Random Assignment Problem.

Leiashvily, Paata (2024): Симметричная МодельЭкономического Равновесия: Круговая Организация Экономических Рроцессов.

Leiashvily, Paata (2018): Рождение макроэкономического порядка из микроэкономического хаоса.

Leiashvily, Paata (2018): Рождение макроэкономического порядка из микроэкономического хаоса.

Leiashvily, Paata (2022): The Economy as a Nonlinear Complex System: In Search of a New Paradigm.

Leiashvily, Paata (2020): Macroeconomic Order from Microeconomic Chaos.

Leiashvily, Paata (2021): Macroeconomic Order from Microeconomic Chaos. Published in: American Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences , Vol. 7, No. 1 (January 2021): pp. 1-15.

Leiashvily, Paata (2017): The Relativity Theory of General Economic Equilibrium. Published in: American Journal of Economics , Vol. 7(5), No. 5 (2017): pp. 216-229.

Leiashvily, Paata (2018): The frame of reference for new economic thinking.

Leventides, John and Michelacakis, Nickolas (2016): A comment on ``Pareto improving taxes''.

Loi, Andrea and Matta, Stefano (2021): Minimal entropy and uniqueness of price equilibria in a pure exchange economy.

Loi, Andrea and Matta, Stefano (2009): A note on the structural stability of the equilibrium manifold.


Mandal, Biswajit and Marjit, Sugata and Beladi, Hamid (2010): Recessionary shock, capital mobility and the informal sector.

Mandal, Biswajit and Roy, Sangita (2018): Inflow of Educational Capital, Intermediation and Informal Sector.

Mandal, Biswajit and Roy, Sangita (2017): Trade liberalization, Skilled Intermediate input and Wage Distribution.

Marjit, Sugata and Kar, Saibal (2009): Emigration, Wage Inequality and Vanishing Sectors.

Marjit, Sugata and Roychowdhury, Punarjit (2011): Status, Poverty and Trade.

Maćkowiak, Piotr (2010): The existence of equilibrium without fixed-point arguments. Published in: The existence of equilibrium without fixed-point arguments , Vol. 46, No. 6 (2010): pp. 1194-1199.

Merfeld, Joshua D (2017): Spatially Heterogeneous Effects of a Public Works Program.

Mukhopadhyay, Ujjaini and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2011): Economic liberalization, gender wage inequality and welfare – a theoretical analysis.


Naqvi, Nadeem (2010): International economic theory and politics: world structure before, during and after the early 21st Century Crisis.

Nawaz, Nasreen (2019): Efficiency on the Dynamic Adjustment Path in a Financial Market. Published in: Journal of Economics and Finance , Vol. 1, No. 45 (2021): pp. 49-74.

Nwaobi, Godwin (2014): Inequality,Poverty and Hunger in Developing Countries: Sustainability Implications.

Nwaobi, Godwin (2012): Monetary Policies and Nigerian Economy:Simulations from Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium(DSGE)Model.


Parinov, Sergey (2024): Универсальный инструмент координации.

Parinov, Sergey (2024): Universal Coordination Instrument of Economic Individuals.

Plassard, Romain (2017): Clower's volte-face regarding the 'Keynesian Revolution'.

Polterovich, Victor (1970): Об одной модели перераспределения ресурсов. Published in: Economics and Mathematical Methods / Ekonomika i matematicheskie metody , Vol. 6, No. 4 (1970): pp. 583-593.

Polterovich, Victor (1971): A Model of Resource Redistribution. Published in: Matekon , Vol. 7, No. 3 (1971): pp. 245-262.

Polterovich, Victor and Spivak, Vladimir (1982): Отображения с валовой заменимостью в теории экономического равновесия. Published in: Journal of Mathematical Sciences , Vol. 4, No. 26 (1984): pp. 2013-2047.


Sen, Anindita (2012): Eco-Labelling and the Labour Market.

Sergio, Reuben (2012): Fundamentos hipotéticos para investigar la crisis económica contemporánea. Forthcoming in: Revista de Ciencias Económicas , Vol. Vol. X, No. #2

Sergio, Reuben (2009): La crisis económica actual: una visión desde la economía política. Published in: Revista de Ciencias Económicas , Vol. 16, No. 2 (3 March 2009): pp. 71-103.

Sinha, Pankaj and Sharma, Sakshi and Ghosh, Sayan (2015): An empirical analysis of competition in the Indian Banking Sector in dynamic panel framework.

Skribans, Valerijs (2012): European Union Economy System Dynamic Model Development. Published in: Proceedings of the 30th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (2012): pp. 3687-3697.

Song, In Ho (2010): House Prices and Consumption.

Sukati, Mphumuzi (2011): The SADC region and EPA/EBAI – trade balance analysis.


Tian, Guoqiang and Zhou, Jianxin (1990): The Maximum Theorem and the Existence of Nash Equilibrium of (Generalized) Games without Lower Semicontinuities. Published in: Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , Vol. 166, (1992): pp. 351-364.

Tian, Guoqiang and Zhou, Jianxin (1992): Transfer Method for Characterizing the Existence of Maximal Elements of Binary Relations on Compact or Noncompact Sets. Published in: SIAM Journal on Optimization , Vol. 2, No. 3 (August 1992): pp. 360-375.


Vanini, Paolo (2012): Fiancial Innovation, Structuring and Risk Transfer.

Vergés-Jaime, Joaquim (2020): Economics as a science -or viewed from the perspective of scientists in other fields. Published in: CADMUS , Vol. 4, No. 2 (July 2020): pp. 247-257.


Wayne, James J. (2014): Human Behavior Paradox and a Social Science Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Wayne, James J. (2014): Psychohistory Paradox and Introduction to Quantum Social Science.


Yang, Yu (2011): Frictionless economy and its implementation in real world.


Zheleznyak, Anatoliy (2013): Новая теория капитализма: узловые моменты и общая логика.

Zheleznyak, Anatoliy (2014): Новая теория рынка и капитализма. В 3-х частях. Предисловие.

Zheleznyak, Anatoliy (2014): Новая теория рынка и капитализма. В 3-х частях. Часть 1. Рынок.

Zheleznyak, Anatoliy (2014): Новая теория рынка и капитализма. В 3-х частях. Часть 2. Стоимость.

Zheleznyak, Anatoliy (2014): Новая теория рынка и капитализма. В 3-х частях. Часть 3. Капитализм.

Zheleznyak, Anatoliy (2013): A New Theory of Capitalism: Key Moments and General Logic.


Леиашвили, Паата (2011): Экономическая деятельность: телеологический анализ. Published in: Сиахле (2011)

Леиашвили, Паата (2015): Функциональная замкнутость рыночной экономики. Рановесие. Циклы. Воспроизводство. Published in: Сиахле (2015)

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