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Armstrong, J. Scott (1997): Review of Co-opetition by Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Nalebuff. Published in: Journal of Marketing No. 61 (1997): pp. 92-95.

Armstrong, Mark (1997): Mobile telephony in the UK.


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Bhattacharya, Utpal and Ravikumar, B (1997): From Cronies to Professionals: The Evolution of Family Firms.

Bilgili, Faik (1997): Testing the Ricardian equivalence theorem in the framework of the permanent income hypothesis.

Bobeva, Daniela (1997): Brain Drain from Central and Eastern Europe. Published in: (1997)

Borooah, Vani and Carcach, Carlos (1997): Crime and Fear. Published in: British Journal Criminology , Vol. 37, No. 4 (1997): pp. 635-657.

Brunet-Jailly, Joseph (1997): Le SIDA et les choix de stratégie sanitaire : l'exemple de la Côte d'Ivoire.


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Cebula, Richard (1997): An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Federal Budget Deficits on Long-term Nominal Interest Rate Yields, 1973.2-1995.4, Using Alternative Expected Inflation Measures. Published in: Review of Financial Economics , Vol. 7, No. 1 (17 April 1998): pp. 55-64.

Chichilnisky, Graciela (1997): Topology and invertible maps. Published in: Advances in Applied Mathematics , Vol. 21, (1998): pp. 113-123.

Claar, Victor V (1997): An Incentive-Compatibility Approach to the Problem of Monitoring a Bureau. Published in: Public Finance Review , Vol. 26, No. 6 (November 1998): pp. 599-610.


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Erlat, Güzin and Arslaner, Ferhat (1997): Measuring Annual Real Exchange Rates: Series for Turkey. Published in: Yapi Kredi Economic Review , Vol. 8, No. 2 (1 December 1997): pp. 35-61.

Erlat, Güzin and Arslaner, Ferhat (1997): Measuring the Real Exchange Rate: Annual Series for Turkey. Published in: METU ERC Working Papers in Economics , Vol. 97, No. 10 (September 1997): pp. 1-99.

Ewerhart, Christian and Schmitz, Patrick W. (1997): Ausgewählte Anwendungen der Theorie unvollständiger Verträge. Published in: Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftswissenschaften , Vol. 48, No. 1 (1997): pp. 57-69.

Ewerhart, Christian and Schmitz, Patrick W. (1997): Der Lock in Effekt und das Hold up Problem. Published in: Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium , Vol. 26, No. 7 (1997): pp. 360-363.


Feige, Edgar L. (1997): Revised estimates of the Underground Economy: Implications of US Currency held abroad. Published in: The Underground Economy; Global evidence of its impact and size (1997): pp. 151-208.

Fernandez, Pascual (1997): Los fondos estructurales europeos y el desarrollo regional: balance de una década desde la perspectiva española. Published in: Informacion Comercial Española No. num. 766 (November 1997): pp. 135-145.

Ferrara, Ida and Missios, Paul (1997): Non-Use Values and the Management of Transboundary Renewable Resources. Published in: Ecological Economics , Vol. 25, No. 3 (1998): pp. 281-289.

Freeman, Alan (1997): Electronic publishing: technical constraints with policy consequences. Published in: Proceedings of the 1997 CALECO (Computer-aided learning in Economics) conference. (1997)

Freeman, Alan (1997): If they're so rich, why ain't they smart? Another prelude to the critique of economic theory. Published in: SSRN accepted papers series No. Paper 2217892 (14 February 2013)

Freeman, Alan (1997): The New Value debate and the birth of a paradigm. Published in: ASSA conference 1997 (January 1997)

Freeman, Alan (1997): An endogenous profit rate cycle.


Garcia, Isabella (1997): Spain and EMU. Published in: Review of Financial Economy (1997): pp. 58-75.

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Grande, Giuseppe (1997): Properties of the monetary conditions index. Published in: Temi di discussione (Economic working papers) , Vol. 324, (December 1997)

Grinols, Earl L. and Lin, Hwan C. (1997): Asymmetric Intellectual Property Rights Protection and North-South Welfare.

Groot, L.F.M. and Peeters, H.M.M. (1997): A model of conditional and unconditional social security in an efficiency wage economy: the economic sustainability of a basic income. Published in: Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics , Vol. 4, No. 19 (1997): pp. 573-597.

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Halkos, George (1997): Modelling optimal nitrogen oxides abatement in Europe.

Hannu, Schadewitz (1997): Financial and nonfinancial information in interim reports: Determinants and implications. Published in:

Hansen, Lars Gårn (1997): Environmental Regulation through Voluntary Agreements. Published in:

Harding, Don (1997): The Definition, Dating and Duration of Cycles.

Harrison, Ann and Revenga, Ana (1997): Labor markets, foregin investment and trade policy reform. Published in: Trade policy reform: lessons and implications (1998): pp. 247-276.

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Islahi, Abdul Azim (1997): Post Independence India's contribution to Islamic Economics. Published in: Muslim and Arab Perspectives , Vol. 4, No. 7-12 (February 1999): pp. 397-407.


Jackwerth, Jens Carsten (1997): Artificial Stupidity: A Reply. Published in: Journal of Portfolio Management , Vol. 27, No. 1 : pp. 120-121.


Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (1997): Кризис русской социальной философии. Published in: Region + No. 2 (1997): pp. 71-72.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (1997): Информационное поле Омского региона сегодня. Published in: Опыт решения проблем устойчивого развития регионов России: Материалы межрегиональной конференции. (1997): pp. 46-50.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (1997): Проблемы общественного самоуправления в свете теории самоорганизации. Published in: (1997): pp. 50-53.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (1997): Новая парадигма теории самоорганизации. Published in: Динамика систем, машин и механизмов: Тезисы докладов II междунар. конференции. , Vol. 3, (1997): p. 62.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (1997): Религиозная пропаганда в СМИ: проблематика сосуществования. Published in: Общество и религия: Материалы межрегионального семинара (23 May 1997): pp. 45-47.

Kapsalis, Constantine (1997): Employee Training: An International Perspective. Published in: (December 1997)

Kazi Abdul, Mannan and V.V, Kozlov (1997): Transits and Transnational Route of Migration and Trafficking: A Journey from Bangladesh to Italy via Moscow, Russia. Published in: Russian Management Journal , Vol. 8, No. 2 (1997): pp. 27-48.

Keane, Michael (1997): Current Issues in Discrete Choice Modeling. Published in: Marketing Letters , Vol. 8:3, (1997): pp. 307-322.

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Knack, Stephen (1997): The reappearing American voter why did turnout rise in '92? Published in: Electoral Studies , Vol. 16, No. 1 (March 1997): pp. 17-32.

Koray, Semih and Saglam, Ismail (1997): Justifiability of Bayesian Implementation in Oligopolistic Markets.


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Marco, Marini (1997): Managers Compensation and Collusive Behaviour under Cournot Oligopoly.

Mariam, Yohannes and Barre, Mike (1997): Statistical Time Series Analysis of Emission and Deposition of SO2 and NOx in Northeastern North America.

Mariam, Yohannes and Barre, Mike (1997): Use of Aggregate Emission Reduction Cost Functions in Designing Optimal Regional SO2 Abatement Strategies.

Mariam, Yohannes and Barre, Mike and Molburg, John (1997): Use of Aggregate Emission Reduction Cost Functions in Designing Optimal Regional SO2 Abatement Strategies.

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Meeusen, Wim and Dumont, Michel (1997): Some results on the graph-theoretical identification of microclusters in the Belgian National Innovation System.

Merz, Joachim (1997): Privatisierung, Deregulierung und Freie und staatlich gebundene Freie Berufe - Einige ökonomische Aspekte.

Merz, Joachim and Lang, Rainer (1997): Preferred vs. Actual Working Hours - A Ten Years Paneleconometric Analysis for Professions, Entrepreneurs and Employees in Germany.

Merz, Joachim and Lang*, Rainer (1997): Preferred vs. Actual Working Hours - A Ten Years Paneleconometric Analysis for Professions, Entrepreneurs and Employees in Germany.

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