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Akhabbar, Amanar (2019): Introduction : Malaise dans la science économique ? Published in:

Alam, M. Shahid (2013): Constant Returns to Scale: Can the Neoclassical Economy Exist?

Alam, Niaz (2013): Ethical Investment and Consumers in Cultural History.

Albers, Scott (2013): Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works.

Albers, Scott and Albers, Andrew L. (2013): Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works.

Alomar, Ibrahim (2005): الدور التنموي للمصارف والوسطاء الماليين.

Alsayyed, Nidal (2009): The Guide to Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance.

Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio (2015): Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note.

Arikha, Dahlia (2022): Strategi Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam M. Umer Chapra.

aislahi, Abdul Azim (1989): Stages of socio-economic development: Shah Wali-Allah's concept of al-irtifaqat. Published in: Journal of Objective Studies , Vol. 1, No. 1-2 (1990): pp. 46-63.


Babayev, Bahruz (2015): The Rise of New Institutional Economics and Assessment its Contributions to the Post Washington Consensus. Published in: The Journal of Economic Sciences: Theory and Practice , Vol. 72, No. 2 (2015): pp. 87-97.

Barnett, William A. (2012): The internal politics of journal editing.

Beja Jr, Edsel (2010): Is inflation targeting preferred by Filipinos?

Bellino, Enrico and Nerozzi, Sebastiano (2013): Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti's works and in the modern classical approach.

Birolo, Adriano (2010): La ricerca economica in Italia tra pluralismo e monismo: i giovani economisti negli ultimi trent’anni.

Bojinov, Bojidar (2015): Flashes from the Past: Establishment of the Bulgarian national Bank as Central bank of Bulgaria.

Bojinov, Bojidar (2015): Flashes from the Past: The Origin and development of banking supervision in Bulgaria.

Bojinov, Bojidar (2015): Flashes from the past: The Origin and development of banking in Bulgaria.

Bos, Frits (2013): Meaning and measurement of national accounts statistics.

Bouzahzah, Mohamed (2020): Méthodes quantitatives et prévisions économiques en période de crise. Intérêt et limites.

Buda, Rodolphe (1992): Dynamique urbaine et développement économique local : une revue de la littérature. Published in: Revue d’économie régionale et urbaine No. 5 (1993): pp. 869-886.

Budiman, Mochammad Arif (2016): The Discourse on Islam and Development: Western and Muslim Scholars’ Opinions. Published in: Intekna , Vol. 1, No. 16 (1 May 2016): pp. 45-49.

Buiter, Willem (2009): The unfortunate uselessness of most ’state of the art’ academic monetary economics. Published in: VoxEY (6 March 2009)


Cavalieri, Duccio and Faucci, Riccardo (1994): Italian-style pluralism in economics. Published in: History of Economic Ideas , Vol. 1994, No. 3 (1994): pp. 63-98.

Conrad, Daren A. (2013): A Review of C.L.R. James and Marxism in the United States.


Diacon, Paula-Elena (2013): The economic crisis between liberalization and government intervention.

Dietlmeier, Simon Frederic and Urmetzer, Florian (2023): Tech Sovereignty and Industrial Ecosystems.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (2022): Value Judgements, Positivism and Utility Comparisons in Economics. Published in: Journal of Business Ethics (March 2023)

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (1989): The Historical Perspective of the Problem of Interpersonal Comparisons of Utility. Published in: Journal of Economic Studies , Vol. 16, No. 4 (1989): pp. 35-51.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (1997): Origins and Development of the Trend towards Value-Free Economics. Published in: Journal of the History of Economic Thought , Vol. 19, No. 2 (1997): pp. 286-300.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (2010): The history of the mainstream rejection of interdependent preferences.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. (2010): The history of the mainstream rejection of interdependent preferences.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. and Karayiannis, Anastassios (1999): Mainstream Consumer Theory: Delay, Acceptance and History Texts. Published in: History of Economics Review , Vol. 30, No. Summer (1999): pp. 68-71.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. and Katselidis, Ioannis (2013): From Edgeworth to Econophysics: A Methodological Perspective.

Drakopoulos, Stavros A. and Katselidis, Ioannis (2017): The Relationship between Psychology and Economics: Insights from the History of Economic Thought.

Dutta, Sourish (2014): Laws of Concentration and Centralization of Capital: A Modern Review.


Elsner, Wolfram (2016): Why economics textbooks must, and how they can, be changed into a real-world and pluralist economics. The example of a fundamentally new complexity-economics micro-textbook.

Erber, Georg (2010): The Problem of Money Illusion in Economics.

Escudé, Guillermo J. (2021): Karl Marx´s Theory of Capitalism Exposition, Critique, and Appraisal. Published in: (2021): pp. 1-590.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Benoit Mandelbrot 1924 -2010: A Greek among Romans.

Estrada, Fernando (2015): Economía y ciencias sociales: reporte de investigación.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Epistemology of the economy: comments from Robert Nozick.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Game theory on strategic communication: an approach from Thomas S. Schelling. Published in: Revista Sociedad y Economía (2013): pp. 1-16.

Estrada, Fernando (2011): Heuristic Schelling: economy of organized crime.

Estrada, Fernando (2011): Reconstruction of concept of Paradigm in Thomas S. Kuhn.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Rhetoric of independece: bicentennial Colombia 1810 - 2010.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Theory of argumentation in financial markets. Published in: Journal of Advanced Studies in Finance , Vol. Volume, No. Issue I (1) (16 July 2010): pp. 18-23.

Estrada, Fernando and Salazar, Boris (2010): Brains that make revolutions.


Firouzi Naeim, Peyman (2010): اخلاقیات در چاپ پول.

Frasser, Cristian and Guzmán, Gabriel (2020): What do we call money? An appraisal of the money-or-nonmoney view. Published in: Journal of Institutional Economics No. 16 (2020): pp. 25-40.

Freeman, Alan (2003): The Age of War: From World Market to World Conquest (English language version).

Freeman, Alan (2004): Confronting the Evidence: Marx's Historians on the Falling Profit Rate.

Freeman, Alan (1996): Die Armut von Nationen.

Freeman, Alan (2007): Explaining national inequality: the relevance of Marx and the irrelevance of equilibrium.

Freeman, Alan (2004): Geld. Published in: Historisch Kritisch Wörterbuch des Marxismus, Band 5: Gegenöffentlichkeit–Hegemonialapparat. No. Band 5 (May 2004)

Freeman, Alan (2004): Geld (Money). Published in: Historisch Kritisch Wörterbuch des Marxismus, Band 5: Gegenöffentlichkeit–Hegemonialapparat. No. Band 5 (May 2004)

Freeman, Alan (2004): The Inequality of Nations. Published in: Freeman, A, and Boris Kagarlitsky (eds) (2004) The Politics of Empire: Globalisation in crisis. London: Pluto Press. ISBN: 0 74532 183 6. No. 2004 (2004)

Freeman, Alan (2013): Learning from the makers of history: Bolshevism, Bolivarianism, and the Legacy of Hugo Chavez. Forthcoming in: America Latina XXI (web edition) No. web edition (2013)

Freeman, Alan (2000): Marxian debates on the falling rate of profit.

Freeman, Alan (1996): Mr Marx and the neoclassics.

Freeman, Alan (1996): Price, value and profit – a continuous, general, treatment. Published in: Marx and Non-Equilibrium Economics (book) (April 1996): pp. 180-233.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Valore e Marx: Perche sono importanti. Published in: Proteo No. 2001-2 (2002): pp. 52-61.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Value and Marx: why it matters. Published in: Proteo No. 2001-2 (2002): pp. 52-61.

Freeman, Alan (2003): When Things Go Wrong: the Political Economy of Market Breakdown. Published in: Westra; R and Alan Zuege (Eds) (2003) Value and the World Economy Today: Production; Finance and Globalization (2003): pp. 81-118.

Freeman, Alan (2007): The modernity of backwardness.

Freeman, Alan (2002): The present stage of globalisation.

Freeman, Alan and Kagarlitsky, Boris (2004): World Empire - or a world of Empires? Published in: Freeman, A, and Boris Kagarlitsky (eds) (2004) The Politics of Empire: Globalisation in crisis. London: Pluto Press. ISBN: 0 74532 183 6. No. 2004 (2004)


Galvis Ciro, Juan Camilo (2012): Beneficio positivo, teorema de Euler y el problema de la distribución en la economía neoclásica. Forthcoming in:

Ganev, Georgy (2017): Chapter 13. Economics. Published in:

Garas, Antonios and Lapatinas, Athanasios and Poulios, Konstantinos (2016): The relation between migration and FDI in the OECD from a complex network perspective. Published in: Advances in Complex Systems , Vol. 19, (2016): 1650009-1-1650009-20.

Ghosal, Vivek (2006): Discovering Cartels: Dynamic Interrelationships between Civil and Criminal Antitrust Investigations.

Ghosal, Vivek (2007): Regime Shift in Antitrust.

Goodwin, Neva (2010): A New Economics for the 21st Century. Forthcoming in: World Future Review

Gunarso, Gatot Hadi (2018): Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah’s Usury Concept. Published in: Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah’s Usury Concept , Vol. 02, No. 01 (16 June 2018): pp. 1-6.

Gunarso, Gatot Hadi (2018): Pemikiran Ekonomi Al-Maqrizi.

Góralczyk, Andrzej (2014): Economy as the value streams. Preliminary study.


Hadi, Gatot (2018): Konsep Riba menurut Ibnu Al-Qayyim al-Jauziyyah. Published in: The Usury Concept of According to Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (3 June 2018): pp. 1-6.

Hanappi, Gerhard (2019): From Integrated Capitalism to Disintegrating Capitalism. Scenarios of a Third World War. Published in: SCIREA Journal of Sociology Volume 3, Number 3 , Vol. 3, No. 3 (2019)

Hanappi, Hardy (2016): Capital after Capitalism The evolution of the concept of capital in the light of long-run sustainable reproduction of the species.

Hanappi, Hardy and Scholz-Waeckerle, Manuel (2015): Evolutionary Political Economy: Content and Methods.

Hayat, Azmat and Mohd Shafiai, Mohammad Hakimi (2018): Liberalism, Islam and the idea of Mankind.

Hayat, Azmat and Mohd Shafiai, Mohammad Hakimi (2018): Liberalism, Islam and the idea of Mankind.

Herrmann, Peter and van der Maesen, Laurent J.G. (2008): Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration.


Islahi, Abdul Azim (2016): Al-Asadi and his work al-Taysir: A study of his socio-economic ideas. Published in: IEI Publications (2016): pp. 1-35.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2012): Book review: The long divergence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran. Published in: Journal of King Abdulaziz University - Islamic Economics , Vol. 25, No. 2 (2012): pp. 253-261.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2006): Cash waqf: is it a usurious piety? Published in: Hiwar al-Arba`a’ (WEDNESDAY DISCUSSION) 1427-28/2006-07 (2007): pp. 27-30.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2005): Contributions of Muslim Scholars to the History of Economic Thought and Analysis upto 15th Century. Published in: (2005): pp. 1-138.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2012): Economic Ideas of Rifa`ah al-Tahtawi.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2012): Economic ideas of a nineteenth century Tunisian statesman: Khayr al-Din al-Tunisi. Published in: Hamdard Islamicus , Vol. 4, No. 35 (2012): pp. 61-80.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (1982): Economic thought of Ibn al-Qayyim (1292–1350). Published in: ECONOMIC THOUGHT OF IBN AL-QAYYIM (1292–1350 A.D.), King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah (1984): pp. 1-33.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (1993): 'Humanomics' of Ranade. Published in: Economic Ideas of M.G. Ranade, by O.P Brahamchary (ed.) New Delhi, Deep and Deep Publications, 1995 (1995): pp. 267-274.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (1991): Market and pricing mechanism in pre-classical literature.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2009): Muslim Economic Thinking and Institutions in the 10th AH/ 16th CE Century. Published in: Book : pp. 1-211.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2008): Shehu Uthman Dan Fodio and his economic ideas.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2014): What Did Hold Back the Middle East? The Thesis of The Long Divergence Revisited. Published in: Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society , Vol. 62, No. 2 (April 2016): pp. 7-31.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2012): The long divergence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran. Published in: Journal of King Abdulaziz University - Islamic Economics , Vol. 25, No. 2 (2012): pp. 253-261.

Islahi, Abdul Azim (2009): A study of Muslim economic thinking in the 11th A.H. / 17th C.E. century. Published in: Book (2011): pp. 1-101.

igescu, iulia (2023): With or Without Usura? Monetary Policy and Market Creation.


Jeri, Ramsito (2018): Economic Legal Minds By Al-Ghazali.

Jeri, Ramsito (2018): Pemikiran Ekonomi Al-Ghazali.


Kalan, Arezou and Oliveira, Eduardo (2014): A sustainable architecture approach to the economic and social aspects of the bazaar of Tabriz.

Kaya, Furkan (2014): Minority Policies of Turkey and Wealth Tax of 1942.

Keita, Moussa (2015): Théories et concepts fondamentaux de l'histoire de la pensée économique.

Khan, Haider (2008): Causal Depth: Aspects of a Scientific Realist Approach to Causal Explanation contra Humean Empiricism.

Khan, Haider A. (2008): Friedman’s Methodology: A Puzzle and A Proposal for Generating Useful Debates through Causal Comparisons (with a postscript on positive vs. normative theories).

Khan, Iram (2006): Public vs. private sector : an examination of neo-liberal ideology.

Khumalo, Bhekuzulu (2008): The Variable Time: crucial to understanding Knowledge Economics.

Kozhurin, Fedir (2011): Supramacroeconomics: the newest management technology.



Lans, Cheryl (2013): Co-operatives and their place in a global social economy. Published in: People over Capital: the co-operative alternative to capitalism

Lepore, Amedeo (2020): Rischio e incertezza in una dimensione storica. Le dinamiche dell’economia di fronte agli scenari della nuova pandemia. Published in: Rivista della Corte dei Conti No. 1 (14 April 2020): pp. 5-32.

Lettieri, Antonio (2012): Diseguaglianza, conflitto sociale e sindacati in America. Published in: Moneta e Credito , Vol. Vol 65, No. N° 258 (June 2012): pp. 115-144.

Li, Bin (2022): Algorithmic Economics.

Li, Bin (2020): The Birth of a Unified Economics.

Li, Bin (2019): How Could Cognitive Revolution Happen To Economics? An Introduction to the Algorithm Framework Theory.

Li, Bin (2022): How Various “Irrationalities” Proven to be Rational. Published in: Academia Letters No. AL4579 (6 January 2022): pp. 1-6.

Li, Bin (2020): Why is Algorithmic Theory a Necessary Basis of Economics?


Meacci, Ferdinando (1998): Wealth. Published in: The Elgar Companion to Classical Economics , Vol. 2, (1998): pp. 535-541.

Mehar, Muhammad Ayub (2010): Common Sense Economics, What Everyone Should Know about Economic Prosperity (Pakistani Edition). Published in:

Mejía Cubillos, Javier (2012): Libertad y desempeño económico.

Mohamed, Issam A.W. (2010): Economics and Hegemony; Globalization and International Trade Agreements.

Mourao, Paulo (2007): Os Pecados da Ciência. Published in: Brotéria - Cristianismo e Cultura , Vol. IV, No. 162 (April 2006): pp. 441-458.

Mr, Jamaludin (2021): Penetapan Harga Menurut Yahya Bin Umar dan Relevansinya Terhadap Undang-Undang Penetapan Harga Di Indonesia.

Mujahidin, Muhamad (2018): Ibn Khaldun's Economic Thought.

Mujahidin, Muhamad (2018): The concept of economic thought Ibn Khaldun.


Naifar, Nader (2008): La récente crise financière internationale cause t-elle la crise des marchés des swaps sur défaut de crédit?

Nair, Tara S. and Pradhan, Rachayeeta (2010): Binding stakeholders into moral communities: A review of studies on social responsibility of business. Published in: Asia Pacific Business Review , Vol. 5, No. 4 (January 2010): pp. 86-97.

Naqvi, Nadeem (2007): Constant returns to scale and economic theories of value.

Neeraj Parnami, Neeraj Parnami (2008): Commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) for Small and Medium Enterprisers (SMEs) in India. Published in: SSRN

Nenovsky, Nikolay and Karpouzanov, Momtchil (2010): Value, Prices and Money. Comparing Marx and Menger.

Nikolaev, Boris and Salahodjaev, Raufhon (2017): Historical Prevalence of Infectious Diseases, Cultural Values, and the Origins of Economic Institutions. Published in: Kyklos , Vol. 70, No. 1 (February 2017): pp. 97-128.


Ogawa, Shogo (2022): Survey of non-Walrasian disequilibrium economic theory.

Otten, J.A. (2008): Theories on executive pay. A literature overview and critical assessment. Published in: RSM workinpaper (January 2008)


Pancarini, Ans Shinta (2018): Market Mechanism in the View Of Ibn Taimiyyah.

Pancarini, Ans Shinta (2018): Market Mechanism in the View of Ibn Taymiyyah.

Passarella, Marco (2007): Per una storia analitica dell'economia politica. Alcune considerazioni sulle prospettive della Storia del Pensiero Economico. Published in: Foedus , Vol. 18, No. 2 (2007): pp. 9-20.

Pedrosa-Garcia, Jose Antonio (2017): Trends and Features of Research on Foreign Aid: A Literature Review.

Pillai N., Vijayamohanan (2008): In Quest of Truth: The War of Methods in Economics.

Pitelis, Christos (2009): The co-evolution of organizational value capture, value creation and sustainable advantage. Published in: Organization Studies , Vol. 10, No. 30

Pogany, Peter (2013): Thermodynamic Isolation and the New World Order.

Pogany, Peter (2012): Value and utility in a historical perspective.

Pogany, Peter (2012): Value and utility in a historical perspective.

Polterovich, Victor (2015): От социального либерализма - к философии сотрудничества. Forthcoming in: Общественные науки и современность

Polterovich, Victor (2015): Эволюция институтов конкуренции, власти и сотрудничества. Forthcoming in: Общественные науки и современность No. 4

Polterovich, Victor (2016): Позитивное сотрудничество: факторы и механизмы эволюции.

Ponce, Aldo F. (2004): The Behavioralist Empire and its Enemies: a Comparative Study of Successes and Dissatisfactions in American Political Science.

Popp, Alexandru W. A. (2008): The epistemic value of rationality.

Putra, Adhitya (2018): Teori pertukaran dan evolusi pasar perspektif Al-Ghazali.


Ramos-Toro, Diego (2014): Financial Thought as a Shield: Bogotá’s Stock Exchange and the Financial Ideas during its Foundation and Consolidation. Published in: International Journal of Business and Social Science , Vol. 5, No. 11(1) (October 2014): pp. 20-33.

Ramírez Chaparro, María Nathalia (2017): Thomas Malthus, de los indios en América a la planificación familiar.

Reggiani, Tommaso (2008): Book Review to Tibor Scitovsky - "The Joyless Economy" (1976). Published in: Aggiornamenti Sociali, vol. 01/2008 , Vol. Aggior, No. January (1 January 2008): pp. 69-71.

Reimer, Bill and Lyons, Tara and Ferguson, Nelson and Polanco, Geraldina (2007): Social Capital as Social Relations: the contribution of normative structures. Published in: Sociological Review , Vol. 2, No. 56 (2008): pp. 256-274.

Reinert, Erik S. (2006): The Economics of Reindeer Herding: Saami Entrepreneurship between Cyclical Sustainability and the Powers of State and Oligopolies. Published in: British Food Journal , Vol. 7, No. 108 (2006): pp. 522-540.

Rossi, Martin (2021): The Impact of Individual Wealth on Posterior Political Power.



Sapovadia, Vrajlal (2014): Saurashtra: A Language, Region, Culture & Community.

Schwarzkopf, Stefan (2013): Why business historians need a constructive theory of the archive. Published in: Business Archives No. 105 (November 2012): pp. 1-9.

Silvestri, Paolo (2011): Buon governo. Published in: Dizionario del liberalismo italiano , Vol. 1, (2011): pp. 152-162.

Sukati, Mphumuzi A (2010): The Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Region- The Case for South Africa.


Tarnell, Brown (2011): A brief look at Say's Law: Attempting to understand its relevance and meaning.

Thieme, Sebastian (2011): Economic thinking and ethics: an ethical approach for economical issues.

Thieme, Sebastian (2010): Individual Subsistence: On a Principle of Economy and Society.

Thieme, Sebastian (2010): Sozialstaat und ethische Legitimität.

Thieme, Sebastian (2010): Subsistenz: Geschichte, Bedeutung und Rekonstruktion des Subsistenzbegriffes.

Tochimoto, Michio (2017): Reproduction Structure and Technological Progress in Economy: The Role of Talents as Capital. Published in: Rikkyo Economic Review , Vol. 69-5, (14 March 2016): pp. 221-247.

Toro González, Daniel and Espinosa Espinosa, Aarón and Quintero Otero, Jorge (2005): El rompecabezas de la investigación económica en el Caribe colombiano 1996-2005 (in Spanish). Published in: Economía & Región , Vol. Vol.2, No. No.4 (December 2006): pp. 9-44.

Tsoulfidis, Lefteris and Paitaridis, Dimitris (2016): Monetary Expressions of Labor Time and Market Prices: Theory and Evidence from China, Japan and Korea.


van den Hauwe, Ludwig (2007): John Maynard Keynes and Ludwig von Mises on Probability.


Walter, Arthur (2012): Human behaviour and adequacy of satisfiers in the light of sustainable development.

Wu, Cheng (2016): New Result in Consumption Theory: Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later.


Yalcintas, Altug (2012): İktisat doga bilimlerinin Mekke’si mi oluyor?: Toplumsal ve doga bilimleri iliskisi uzerine bir atıf analizi. Published in: Darwin ve Evrimsel Iktisat (2010): pp. 85-100.

Yefimov, Vladimir (2009): Институциональный подход в экономической науке и к экономической науке.

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