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Albadri, Abdul Aziz Munawar and Sedjati, Retina Sri (2015): Riba Dalam Perspektif Fiqih Muamalah dan Teori Bunga Atas Produk Lembaga Keuangan Konvensional. Forthcoming in: Al-Musthafa , Vol. 2, No. 3 (14 July 2015)

Aloui, Zouhaier (2019): Governance and foreign direct investment: comparative study between Arab Maghreb countries and ASEAN.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Dimitrova, Diana (2019): Нарушенията на трудовото законодателство – основание за отстраняване от обществена поръчка. Published in: Известия , Vol. 63, No. 1 (2019): 25 -39.

Ariska, Riska and Albadri, Abdul Aziz Munawar (2018): PENIMBUNAN BARANG PERSPEKTIF HUKUM EKONOMI ISLAM. Forthcoming in: Al-Musthasfa , Vol. 3, No. 2 (13 July 2015)

Atalay Chiu, Ece Selma (2018): Struggles of security and secularism in Turkey and its impact on gender issues. Published in: International Journal of Economics, Politics, Humanities & Social Sciences , Vol. 2, No. 1 (15 January 2019): pp. 27-45.


Bachev, Hrabrin (2010): Study on Agrarian Contracts in Bulgaria.

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Bagus, Philipp and Howden, David and Gabriel, Amadeus (2015): Oil and water do not mix, or: aliud est credere, aliud deponere. Published in: Journal of Business Ethics , Vol. 1, No. 128 (2015): pp. 197-206.

Balkenborg, Dieter and Kaplan, Todd R and Miller, Tim (2010): A simple economic teaching experiment on the hold-up problem.

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Busthomi, Achmad Otong (2015): Transaksi drop shipping perspektif ekonomi syari’ah. Published in: Al-Mustashfa , Vol. 3, No. 1 (1 July 2015): pp. 54-61.

baffi, enrico (2013): Understanding "The Problem of Social Cost".


Cebuc, Iuliana and Iordache, Carmen and Pănoiu, Laura (2010): Evolutii legislative comunitare privind contractul de timesharing. Stadiul reglementarilor in Romania.


D'Agostino, Elena and Lisciandra, Maurizio (2014): Binding and Non-Binding Contracts: A Theoretical Appraisal.

Diathesopoulos, Michael (2010): Relational contract theory and management contracts: A paradigm for the application of the Theory of the Norms.


Ehsan, zarrokh (2008): Practical concepts in Contract Law.

enrico, baffi (2012): Activity-Level Externalities.


FERNANDEZ, ANGEL (2010): Property and subjective rights in Juan de Mariana.

Fernandez, Angel (2010): Derechos de propiedad y subjetivos en Juan de Mariana.


Hegadekatti, Kartik (2016): Analysis of Contracts in Various Formats of Blockchain. Published in: Contracts & Commercial Law eJournal , Vol. 18, No. 12 (1 March 2017)

Hegadekatti, Kartik (2017): Legal Systems and Blockchain Interactions. Published in: Transnational Litigation/Arbitration, Private International Law, & Conflict of Laws eJournal , Vol. 04, No. 11 (2 March 2017)

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Häseler, Sönke (2011): Collective action clauses in sovereign bonds. Published in: Sovereign Debt: From Safety to Default

Häseler, Sönke (2008): Individual Enforcement Rights in International Sovereign Bonds.

Häseler, Sönke (2011): Individual enforcement rights in international sovereign bonds.

Häseler, Sönke (2012): Individual versus Collective Enforcement Rights in Sovereign Bonds. Forthcoming in: Eugenio A Bruno (ed.) “Sovereign Debt and Debt Restructuring”, Globe Business Publishing

Häseler, Sönke (2010): Trustees versus Fiscal Agents and Default Risk in International Sovereign Bonds.

Häseler, Sönke (2010): Trustees versus fiscal agents and default risk in international sovereign bonds. Published in: European Journal of Law and Economics


Ivan, Mangatchev (2008): Financial collateral Arrangements under Directive 2002/47/ec of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 June 2002. Published in: Social Science Research Network


Jumena, Juju and Nurjannah, Nurjannah (2015): Praktek Jual Beli Kain Kiloan dalam Perspektif Ekonomi Islam. Published in: Al-Mustashfa , Vol. 2, No. 3 (12 December 2015): pp. 62-71.


Kingston, Kato Gogo (2010): Shell Oil Company in Nigeria: Impediment or Catalyst of Socio-Economic Development? Published in: African Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 1, No. 1 (1 February 2011): pp. 14-34.

Krasniqi, Armand (2010): Contract law as an alternative possibility for investments in transition economies.


Langlais, Eric (2009): On unilateral divorce and the "selection of marriages" hypothesis.

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MAREK, KAREL and JANKU, MARTIN (2018): Credit Contract and Lending Contract in the Context of the New Czech Civil Code - Selected Issues. Published in: Enterprise and Competitive Environment: Conference Proceedings , Vol. 21, No. 2018 (13 July 2018): 435 -444.

MAREK, KAREL and JANKU, MARTIN (2020): New in the Czech Civil Code - rules for family Enterprise. Published in: ACTA VŠFS , Vol. 14, No. 2/2020 (September 2020): pp. 43-54.

Matić, Branko and Brekalo, Miljenko and Marijanović, Goran (2002): Expected Legal and Financial Effects of the Continuation of the Process of Privatization of the Housing Fund in the Republic of Croatia. Published in: International Conference of the Faculty of Economics Sarajevo ICES 2002 (2002): pp. 75-80.

Mayorga-Toledano, María Cruz (2014): La franquicia hotelera.

Meilindawati, Rahayu Meilindawati (2017): PEMBAHASAN PEMBIAYAN MUDHARABAH.

Mwenya, Mwenya (2013): Consumer Rights Bill 2013: what could it mean for us?

Müller, Daniel and Schmitz, Patrick W. (2021): The Right to Quit Work: An Efficiency Rationale for Restricting the Freedom of Contract. Published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization , Vol. 184, (2021): pp. 653-669.


Naendhy Sunaendy, Lilla Fadhilah (2017): PEMBIAYAAN BANK SYARIAH. Published in: PEMBIAYAAN BANK SYARIAH No. PEMBIAYAAN (26 December 2018): pp. 1-11.

Navajas, Fernando H. (2008): Infrastructure integration and incomplete contracts: natural gas in the Southern Cone. Published in: Integration and Trade No. No. 28 (February 2008): pp. 25-48.


Ozili, Peterson Kitakogelu (2021): Financial inclusion and legal system quality: are they correlated? Forthcoming in: Journal of Money and Business


Ponce, Aldo (2010): Foreign Direct Investment and Civil Rights: Testing Decreasing Returns to Civil Rights.

Porzecanski, Arturo C. (2017): Human Rights and Sovereign Debts in the Context of Property and Creditor Rights.


Schmitz, Patrick W. (2022): How (Not) to Purchase Novel Goods and Services: Specific Performance Versus At-Will Contracts. Published in: Economic Journal , Vol. 132, No. ueac024

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Supardi, Azizan and Adnan, Hamimah and Mohammad, Mohammad Fadhil (2011): The adequacy of Malaysian security of payment legislation for sub-contractors in construction industry. Published in: Sixth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (5 July 2011): pp. 677-684.

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Tealdi, Cristina (2011): Typical and atypical employment contracts: the case of Italy.


Uddin, Md Akther (2015): Conventional Futures: Derivatives from Islamic Law of Contract Perspective.


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Vargas-Chaves, Ivan (2015): Reflexiones Sobre el Contrato en el Derecho Colombiano. Published in: Reflexiones sobre derecho privado patrimonial No. 5 (2015): pp. 287-306.

Vymetal, Dominik (2008): Některé právní otázky související se zaváděním informačních systémů v nadnárodních firmách.


Yi, Lu and Zhigang, Tao (2009): Contract Enforcement and Family Control of Business: Evidence from China. Forthcoming in: Journal of Comparative Economics

Young, Andrew and Levy, Daniel (2013): Explicit Evidence of an Implicit Contract. Forthcoming in: Journal of Law, Economics & Organization (Forthcoming)

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