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Abatemarco, Antonio and Cascavilla, Alessandro and Dell’Anno, Roberto and Morone, Andrea (2023): Maximal Fines and Corruption: An Experimental Study on Illegal Waste Disposal.

Ahad, Muhammad (2016): Nexus Between Income Inequality, Crime, Inflation and Poverty: New Evidence from Structural Breaks for Pakistan. Published in: International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research , Vol. 4, No. 3 (March 2016): pp. 133-145.

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Brand, Sam and Price, Richard (2000): The economic and social costs of crime. Published in:


Cerro, Ana Maria and Michel Rivero, Andrés (2012): Business cycles and crime. the case of Argentina.

Cerro, Ana María and Ortega, Ana Carolina (2012): Sources of Regional Crime Persistence Argentina 1980-2008.

Cerro, Ana María and Rodríguez Andrés, Antonio (2010): The Effect of Crime on the Job Market: An ARDL approach to Argentina.

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Choe, Jongmook (2009): Another Look at the Deterrent Effect of Death Penalty.

Christmann, Robin (2021): Plea Bargaining and Investigation Effort: Inquisitorial Criminal Procedure as a Three-Player Game.

Christmann, Robin (2018): Prosecution and Conviction under Hindsight Bias in Adversary Legal Systems.

Christmann, Robin and Kirstein, Roland (2020): You go First! Coordination Problems and the Standard of Proof in Inquisitorial Prosecution.

Ciacci, Riccardo (2018): Banning the purchase of prostitution increases rape: evidence from Sweden.


Ciacci, Riccardo and Sansone, Dario (2020): The Impact of Sodomy Law Repeals on Crime.


Deiana, Claudio and Giua, Ludovica (2018): The US Opidemic: Prescription Opioids, Labour Market Conditions and Crime.

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Di Tella, Rafael and Dubra, Juan (2006): Crime and Punishment in the "American Dream".

Diallo, Ibrahima Amadou (2018): How Internal Violence Lowers Economic Growth: A Theoretical and Empirical Study.

Donna, Javier and Espin Sanchez, Jose (2019): Let the Punishment Fit the Criminal: Punishment Progressivity in a Self-governed Community in Southeastern Spain.


Entorf, Horst (2011): Turning 18: What a Difference Application of Adult Criminal Law Makes.


Feess, Eberhard and Schramm, Markus and Wohlschlegel, Ansgar (2014): The Impact of Fine Size and Uncertainty on Punishment and Deterrence: Evidence from the Laboratory.

Freeborn, Beth and Hartmann, Monica (2009): Judicial Discretion and Sentencing Behavior.


Georgieva, Daniela and Bankova, Diyana (2021): Security and safety of tourists as a factor for sustainable tourism, based on the example of Bulgarian black sea resorts. Published in: PROCEEDINGS OF CBU IN ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS No. 2 (2021): pp. 48-54.

Gomez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2006): Decomposing violence: terrorist murder in the twentieth century in the U.S.

Gomez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Terrorist murder, cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks in New York City during the last two centuries.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence and terrorist attacks index for the State of Arizona.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Arkansas.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Massachusetts.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2006): Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Ohio.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Washington.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2006): Decomposing violence: terrorist murder and attacks in New York State from 1933 to 2005.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2006): Using the Beveridge & Nelson decomposition of economic time series for pointing out the occurrence of terrorist attacks.

Gómez-sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, riots, and terrorist attacks index for the State of California.

Gómez-sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Terrorist murder, cycles of violence, and attacks index for the City of Philadelphia during the last two centuries.


Heng, Stefan (2009): "A serious business with plenty to play for: The PC, console and mobile gaming sector". Published in: E-conomics No. 72 (28 August 2009): pp. 1-12.

Herrman, C. S. (2008): Common Denominators in White Collar Crime: I'm Special, You're Special, Let's Fleece them in Style.


Johnson, Noel D and Koyama, Mark (2011): Taxes, lawyers, and the decline of witch trials in France.


Kanaya, Shin and Taylor, Luke (2020): Type I and Type II Error Probabilities in the Courtroom.

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Kohnert, Dirk (2009): Democratisation via elections in an African 'narco state'? The case of Guinea-Bissau.

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Outside sources of terrorist threats in West Africa.

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Sources extérieures des menaces terroristes en Afrique de l'Ouest.

Koyama, Mark (2012): The Law and Economics of Private Prosecutions in Industrial Revolution England.

Kumar, Surender (2013): Crime and Economic Growth: Evidence from India.

Kumar, Surender and Kumar, Sudesh (2013): Does Modernization Improve Performance: Evidence from Indian Police.


Lagravinese, Raffaele and Paradiso, Massimo (2012): Corruption and health expenditure in Italy.


Marques, Rui and Simões, Pedro (2009): How far are Portuguese prisons inefficient? A non-parametric approach.

Moro, Andrea and Van der Linden, Martin (2021): Exclusion of Extreme Jurors and Minority Representation: The Effect of Jury Selection Procedures.

Mulholland, Sean E. (2011): Hate Source: White Supremacist Hate Groups and Hate Crime.

Müller, Daniel and Schmitz, Patrick W. (2015): Overdeterrence of repeat offenders when penalties for first-time offenders are restricted. Published in: Economics Letters , Vol. 129, (2015): pp. 116-120.


Pachankis, Yang (2023): Immune Deficiency in SARS-CoV-2 Virology — Institutional Crimes and Administrative Oversights. Forthcoming in: Journal of Clinical and Translational Research

Pachankis, Yang (2022): A Self-help Guide to Psychoanalysis in Cisgender Homosexual Male from Consciousness. Published in: Journal of Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior , Vol. 4, No. 2 (13 November 2022): pp. 93-110.

Paul, Sohini (2014): Women labour force participation and domestic violence: Evidence from India.

Pradiptyo, Rimawan (2012): Does Corruption Pay in Indonesia? If So, Who are Benefited the Most?

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Rambarran, Richard (2015): The Economic and Social Implications of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act on a Small, Developing Economy.


Saccal, Alessandro (2022): A Nash equilibrium against gun control.

Sadana, Divya (2021): Effects of Early Childhood Exposure to Pollution on Crime: Evidence from 1970 Clean Air Act.

Schneider, Andreas (2019): Deterrence Theory in Paraguay: Exploring Fraud and Violation of Trust Cases. Published in: Social Sciences , Vol. 8, (13 January 2019): pp. 1-17.

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Sciulli, Dario (2010): Conviction, Gender and Labour Market Status: A Propensity Score Matching Approach.


Travaglini, Guido (2010): Supervised Principal Components and Factor Instrumental Variables. An Application to Violent CrimeTrends in the US, 1982-2005.


Yearwood, Douglas L. and Koinis, Gerry (2009): Revisting Property Crime and Economic Conditions: An Exploratory Study to Identify Predictive Indicators beyond Unemployment Rates.


Zar Rokh, Ehsan and Radmanesh, Mansour (2008): Comparative study about Crimes against the Person's.

Zar Rokh, Ehsan and Radmanesh, Mansour (2007): Crimes against property & ownership.

Zarrokh, Ehsan (2008): Case Study in Iranian Criminal system.

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