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Abdala Rioja, Yamile E (2016): Cash-Only Real Estate Transactions and Property Prices in San Francisco, California.

Acikgoz, Omer and Kahn, James (2016): A Quantitative Model of "Too Big to Fail,"' House Prices, and the Financial Crisis.

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Alola, Andrew and Asongu, Simplice and Alola, Uju (2019): House prices and tourism development in Cyprus: A contemporary perspective. Forthcoming in: Journal of Public Affairs

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Arbelaez, Maria Angelica and Camacho, Carolina and Fajardo, Johanna (2011): Low-income housing finance in Colombia. Published in: IDB WORKING PAPER SERIES No. 256

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Augustyniak, Hanna and Leszczyński, Robert and Łaszek, Jacek and Olszewski, Krzysztof and Waszczuk, Joanna (2014): On the dynamics of the primary housing market and the forecasting of house prices.

Augustyniak, Hanna and Łaszek, Jacek and Olszewski, Krzysztof and Waszczuk, Joanna (2012): Cykle na rynku nieruchomości mieszkaniowych i komercyjnych, ryzyko dla inwestora oraz potrzeba adekwatnej i ostrożnej wyceny. Forthcoming in: Biuletyn wydany z okazji Sympozjum Wyceny Nieruchomości i Przedsiębiorstw, 20-22 września 2012 r. (www.swnip.pl) (September 2012)

Augustyniak, Hanna and Łaszek, Jacek and Olszewski, Krzysztof and Waszczuk, Joanna (2014): Housing market cycles – a disequilibrium model and its application to the primary housing market in Warsaw. Published in: Ekonomia No. 35 (2014): pp. 5-23.

Aysoy, Cem and Aysoy, Cevriye and Tumen, Semih (2014): Quantifying and Explaining Stickiness in Housing Rents: A Turkish Case Study with Micro-Level Data.


Bar-Isaac, Heski and Gavazza, Alessandro (2013): Brokers' contractual arrangements in the Manhattan residential rental market.

Berentsen, Aleksander and Markheim, Marina (2022): Real estate tokenization as an alternative investment solution. Forthcoming in: Springer Book on “Innovation and Real Estate”

Bilotkach, Volodymyr and Braakmann, Nils and Gonzalo-Almorox, Eduardo and Wildman, John (2017): The effect of house prices on the long-term care market: Evidence from England.

Braakmann, Nils (2013): Immigration and property prices: Evidence from England and Wales.

Braakmann, Nils (2012): The link between non-property crime and house prices – Evidence from UK street-level data.


Carvallo, Oscar and Pagliacci, Carolina (2013): Macroeconomic Shocks, Housing Market and Banks’ Performance in Venezuela.

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Chong, Terence Tai Leung and Ding, Haoyuan and Park, Sung Y (2014): Nonlinear Dependence between Stock and Real Estate Markets in China. Forthcoming in: Economics Letters

Chong, Terence Tai Leung and Liu, Hengliang (2020): How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect housing prices in China?

Coskun, Yener (2011): Does re-design of the policies on housing finance and supply help to solve housing question of Turkey?


Damjanović, Milan and Lenarčič, Črt (2023): Constructing a house price misalignment indicator: revisited and revamped.

Delgado Narro, Augusto Ricardo and Katafuchi, Yuya (2020): COVID-19, state of emergency, and housing market.

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Doojav, Gan-Ochir and Damdinjav, Davaasukh (2019): The policy-driven boom and bust in the housing market: Evidence from Mongolia.

Durmaz, Nazif (2011): Housing Prices and Fundamentals: The Role of a Supply Shifter.

d'Albis, Hippolyte and Iliopulos, Eleni (2013): Collateral constraints and rental markets. Forthcoming in: Economics Letters

de Silva, Ashton J and Boymal, Jonathan and Potts, Jason and Thomas, Stuart (2015): Does innovation in residential mortgage products explain rising house prices? No.

de Silva, Ashton J and Boymal, Jonthan and Potts, Jason and Thomas, Stuart (2015): The Residential Mortgage (De)regulation–Innovation nexus.


Elasrag, Hussein (2014): الإسكان الميسر بدول الخليج.

Escobari, Diego and Damianov, Damian and Bello, Andres (2012): A time series test to identify housing bubbles.

Escobari, Diego and Jafarinejad, Mohammad (2018): Investors’ Uncertainty and Stock Market Risk. Forthcoming in: Journal of Behavioral Finance


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Fingleton, Bernard (2010): Predicting the Geography of House Prices.

Fu, Shihe (2008): Sexual orientation and neighborhood quality: Do same-sex couples make better communities?

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Fuentes Castro, Daniel (2009): Una nota sobre el exceso de oferta de viviendas y la duración del ajuste del sector. Published in: Boletín Económico de Información Comercial Española No. 2958 : pp. 15-24.

Fuentes Castro, Daniel (2010): Una nota sobre la relevancia del sistema de amortización en el mercado hipotecario español entre 1998 y 2008. Published in: Boletín Económico de Información Comercial Española No. 2984 : pp. 17-28.


Garcia-López, Miquel-Àngel and Jofre-Monseny, Jordi and Martínez Mazza, Rodrigo and Segú, Mariona (2019): Do short-term rent platforms affect housing markets? Evidence from Airbnb in Barcelona.

Gete, Pedro and reher, Michael (2017): Mortgage Supply and Housing Rents. Forthcoming in: Review Financial Studies

Gray, Patrick Francis and Epure, Manuela (2010): Private renting in Romania.

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Han, Bing and Han, Lu and Zhou, Zhengyi (2020): Housing Market and Entrepreneurship: Micro Evidence from China.

Hasan, Lubna and Chaudhry, Aqeel and Ahmad, Ayaz and Jalil, Hanzla (2021): Slums, Sprawl and Contemporary Islamabad - A Doxiadis’ Mess.

He, Qing and Liu, Fangge and Qian, Zhongxin and Chong, Terence Tai Leung (2016): Housing Prices and Business Cycle in China: A DSGE Analysis. Forthcoming in: International Review of Economics and Finance

Hilber, Christian A. L. (2007): New Housing Supply and the Dilution of Social Capital.

Hilber, Christian A. L. (2007): New Housing Supply and the Dilution of Social Capital.

Hilber, Christian A. L. and Liu, Yingchun (2007): Explaining the Black-White Homeownership Gap: The Role of Own Wealth, Parental Externalities and Locational Preferences.

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Idrovo Aguirre, Byron and Lozano Navarro, Francisco-Javier (2018): ¿Cuánto tardan los permisos de edificación habitacional en iniciar obras?: Caso Chile. Published in: Documentos de Trabajo CChC No. 86 (1 March 2018)

Ihlanfeldt, Keith and Yang, Cynthia Fan (2019): The Impact of Rental Housing on Neighborhood Racial and Social Integration.

Immergluck, Dan (2007): Large-Scale Redevelopment Initiatives and Home Values: The Case of the Atlanta Beltline Project.

Inderst, Georg (2020): Social Infrastructure Finance and Institutional Investors. A Global Perspective.

Iwata, Shinichiro and Sumita, Kazuto and Fujisawa, Mieko (2012): Price competition in the spatial real estate market: Allies or rivals?


Janmaat, John A (2007): Factors Affecting Residential Property Values in a Small Historic Canadian University Town.

Jin, Yi and Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Zeng, Zhixiong (2010): Real Estate, the External Finance Premium and Business Investment: A Quantitative Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis.


Karimova, Amira (2020): Forecast of Ontario’s housing stock 2020-2046.

Kim, Jinwon (2012): Financial Repression and Housing Investment: An Analysis of the Korean Chonsei.

Kincal, Gokce and Fullerton, Thomas M., Jr. and Holcomb, James H. and Barraza de Anda, Martha P. (2010): Cross Border Business Cycle Impacts on the El Paso Housing Market. Published in: Estudios Fronterizos , Vol. 11, No. 2 (15 December 2010): pp. 49-77.

Kishor, N. Kundan (2024): Does Zillow Rent Measure Help Predict CPI Rent Inflation?

Kishor, N. Kundan (2023): Forecasting House Prices: The Role of Fundamentals, Credit Conditions, and Supply Indicators.

Ko, Jun-Hyung (2011): Productivity shocks and housing market inflations in new Keynesian models.


LE BOENNEC, Rémy and SALLADARRE, Frédéric (2017): The impact of air pollution and noise on the real estate market. The case of the 2013 European Green Capital: Nantes, France. Published in: Ecologicial Economics No. 138 (August 2017): pp. 82-89.

Laamanen, Jani-Petri (2013): Home-ownership and the Labour Market: Evidence from Rental Housing Market Deregulation.

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Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Ng, Joe Cho Yiu and Tang, Edward Chi Ho (2019): What do we know about Housing Supply? The case of Hong Kong.

Levitin, Adam and Wachter, Susan (2012): Explaining the Housing Bubble. Published in:

Levy, Daniel and Snir, Avichai (2018): Here Lives a Wealthy Man: Price Rigidity and Predictability in Luxury Housing Markets.

Lima, Valesca (2018): Delivering Social Housing: An Overview of the Housing Crisis in Dublin. Published in: Critical Housing Analisis , Vol. 5, No. 1 (1 July 2018): pp. 1-11.

Lisi, Gaetano (2013): Can the Mortensen-Pissarides model match the housing market facts?

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Lisi, Gaetano (2011): The Hedonic Price Function in a Matching Model of Housing Market.

Lisi, Gaetano (2012): Home seekers in the housing market. Forthcoming in: International Real Estate Review No. (forthcoming)

Lisi, Gaetano (2012): On the functional form of the hedonic price function: a matching-theoretic model and empirical evidence. Forthcoming in: International Real Estate Review No. (forthcoming)

Lisi, Gaetano (2011): Price dispersion in the housing market: the role of bargaining and search costs.

Lisi, Gaetano and Iacobini, Mauro (2012): Estimation of a Hedonic House Price Model with Bargaining: Evidence from the Italian Housing Market. Published in: XLI Incontro di Studio del Ce.S.E.T. No. Appraisals. Evolving proceedings in global change, Firenze University Press (2012): pp. 41-54.

Lozano, Francisco-Javier (2013): Evaluación de modelos de predicción para la venta de viviendas. Published in: Working Papers No. 73 (2013)

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Martin, Thorsten (2017): You shall not build! (until tomorrow) [:] Electoral cycles and housing policies in Germany.

Matysiak, George and Olszewski, Krzysztof (2019): Panel Analysis of Polish Regional Cities: Residential Price Convergence in the Primary Market.

Mazzocchetti, Andrea and Lauretta, Eliana and Raberto, Marco and Teglio, Andrea and Cincotti, Silvano (2018): Systemic Financial Risk Indicators and Securitised Assets: an Agent-Based Framework.

Mikulić, Josip and Vizek, Maruska and Stojcic, Nebojsa and Payne, James E. and Čeh Časni, Anita and Barbić, Tajana (2021): The Effect of Tourism Activity on Housing Affordability. Published in: Annals of Tourism Research , Vol. 90C, (September 2021): pp. 1-12.

Montrone, Silvestro and Perchinunno, Paola and Torre, Carmelo Maria (2008): Identification of relationship between housing difficulty and property values in urban areas.

Morgenroth, Edgar (2014): Modelling the Impact of Fundamentals on County Housing Markets in Ireland.

Murray, Tim (2019): Do potential future health shocks keep older Americans from using their housing equity?


Nakatani, Ryota (2020): Macroprudential Policy and the Probability of a Banking Crisis.

Njindan Iyke, Bernard (2015): Assessing the Effects of Housing Market Shocks on Output: The Case of South Africa.


Oribuyaku, Damilola (2015): Partnering and the Viability of Affordable Housing Projects in London: Determining a causation.


Pan, Lei and Matsuki, Takashi (2021): House price convergence in the very long run: new evidence from Fourier quantile unit root test.

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Powell, Benjamin and Stringham, Edward (2008): Housing. Published in:


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Segú, Mariona (2018): Taxing Vacant Dwellings: Can fiscal policy reduce vacancy?

Seko, Miki and Sumita, Kazuto and Yoshida, Jiro (2012): Downward-sloping term structure of lease rates: a puzzle.

Shi, Tie and Zhu, Wenzhang and Fu, Shihe (2021): Quality of Life in Chinese Cities.

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Vértesy, László (2018): A lakhatás megfizethetősége: lakbérek és albérletpiac.

van der Plaat, Mark (2020): Loan sales and the tyranny of distance in U.S. residential mortgage lending.


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Yang, Cynthia Fan (2017): Common Factors and Spatial Dependence: An Application to US House Prices.

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