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Ahohounkpanzon, Michel (2009): L'ARTICULATION DES MODES DE PRODUCTION CHEZ GEORG ELWERT. Published in: Paulin J Hountondji (éditeur) ; 2009 : L’Ancien et le Nouveau ; la Production du savoir dans l’Afrique d’Aujourd’hui, Cotonou, Centre Africain de Hautes Etudes (2009): pp. 491-497.

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Aliu, Armando (2012): European industrial relations: transnational relations and global challenges.

Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko (2015): Networks in Manuel Castells’ theory of the network society.


Bandhyopadhyay, Tirthankar and Dinda, Soumyananda (2013): Neo-Liberalism and Protest in West Bengal: An Analysis through the Media lens. Published in: Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities , Vol. 3, No. 7 (6 July 2013): pp. 32-59.

Bellino, Enrico (2009): The Classical approach to distribution and the “natural system”.

Bellino, Enrico (2014): Sraffa’s price equations in light of Garegnani and Pasinetti - The ‘core’ of surplus theories and the ‘natural’ relations of an economic system.

Bellino, Enrico and Nerozzi, Sebastiano (2013): Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti's works and in the modern classical approach.

Birolo, Adriano (2010): The path of a scholar. Published in: Production, Distribution and Trade: Alternative Perspectives. Essays in honour of Sergio Parrinello.

Bukvić, Rajko (2013): Тадеуш Ковалик – велики политекономист. Published in: Зборник Матице српске за друштвене науке (Matica Srpska Social Science Quarterly) , Vol. 64, No. 142 (1) (2013): pp. 193-201.


Cajas Guijarro, John (2022): Unpaid family labor and self-employment: Two multi-sector models of capitalist reproduction and endogenous cycles.

Canale, Rosaria Rita (2003): Microfoundations of macroeconomics. Post-Keynesian contributions on the theory of the firm. Published in: Atti del Convegno AISPE 2003 (2005)

Cavalieri, Duccio (2013): A Critical Marxist Approach to Capital Theory.

Cavalieri, Duccio (2014): A Critical Marxist Simple Approach to Capital Theory.

Cavalieri, Duccio (2008): Hegelo-marxismo e cattolicesimo sociale. La "Rivista Trimestrale" di Napoleoni e Rodano. Published in: Il Ponte , Vol. 64, No. 9 (September 2008): pp. 56-67.

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Cavalieri, Duccio (2013): Towards a revision of the theory of capital.

Cavalieri, Duccio (2013): A theory of capital as value in progress.

Chatzarakis, Nikolaos and Tsaliki, Persefoni and Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2022): Does the Labour Theory of Value Explain Economic Growth? A Modern Classical View.

Cova, Bernard and Paranque, Bernard (2009): Maketing: le défi à relever.


Desai, Milinf (2010): An exploration of money & interest in the theory of value.

Duque Garcia, Carlos Alberto (2022): Ciclos económicos, inversión y rentabilidad del capital en Colombia: un análisis de series de tiempo.

Duque Garcia, Carlos Alberto (2021): Economic Growth and the Rate of Profit in Colombia 1967-2019: A VAR Time-Series Analysis.


Elveren, Adem Yavuz and Özgür, Gökçer (2018): The Effect of Military Expenditures on the Profit Rates in Turkey.

Ermanno C., Tortia (2018): A comparative institutional approach to co-operative self-finance: locked assets, divisible and indivisible reserves.

Escudé, Guillermo J. (2021): Karl Marx´s Theory of Capitalism Exposition, Critique, and Appraisal. Published in: (2021): pp. 1-590.

Escudé, Guillermo J. (2016): Un Marco General para la Ciencia de la Sociedad Humana. Forthcoming in: TEORIA Y POLITICA ECONOMICA Ensayos en honor del Profesor Dr. Julio H. G. Olivera No. Book. Publisher: EUDEBA


Flaschel, Peter and Fröhlich, Nils and Veneziani, Roberto (2011): The sources of profitability.

Fratini, Saverio Maria and Ravagnani, Fabio (2023): Sraffa and the ‘slogans not used’.

Fratini, Saverio M. (2013): Rent as a Share of Product and Sraffa’s Price Equations.

Fratini, Saverio M. (2010): A remark on intensive differential rent and the labour theory of value in Ricardo.

Freeman, Alan (1999): Between Two World Systems: A Response to David Laibman. Published in: Research in Political Economy No. 17 (April 1999): pp. 241-248.

Freeman, Alan (2004): Confronting the Evidence: Marx's Historians on the Falling Profit Rate.

Freeman, Alan (1999): Crisis and the Poverty of Nations: Two Market Products Which Value Explains Better. Published in: HIstorical Materialism No. 5 (November 1999): pp. 29-77.

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Freeman, Alan (1996): Ernest Mandel's Contribution to Economic Dynamics. Forthcoming in:

Freeman, Alan (1999): Four endogenous market failures which (TSS) value explains better: Inequality, Unemployment, Crisis and Liquidity Preference.

Freeman, Alan (2004): Geld. Published in: Historisch Kritisch Wörterbuch des Marxismus, Band 5: Gegenöffentlichkeit–Hegemonialapparat. No. Band 5 (May 2004)

Freeman, Alan (2004): Geld (Money). Published in: Historisch Kritisch Wörterbuch des Marxismus, Band 5: Gegenöffentlichkeit–Hegemonialapparat. No. Band 5 (May 2004)

Freeman, Alan (1997): If they're so rich, why ain't they smart? Another prelude to the critique of economic theory. Published in: SSRN accepted papers series No. Paper 2217892 (14 February 2013)

Freeman, Alan (2006): An Invasive Metaphor: the Concept of Centre of Gravity in Economics.

Freeman, Alan (2000): Making Sense of the Rate of Profit.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Marx After Marx After Sraffa.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Marx after Marx after Sraffa.

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Freeman, Alan (1995): Negative net products with positive profits.

Freeman, Alan (1997): The New Value debate and the birth of a paradigm. Published in: ASSA conference 1997 (January 1997)

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Freeman, Alan (1998): Reply to some objections.

Freeman, Alan (1998): Time, the value of money and the quantification of value.

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Freeman, Alan (2002): Valore e Marx: Perche sono importanti. Published in: Proteo No. 2001-2 (2002): pp. 52-61.

Freeman, Alan (2002): Value and Marx: why it matters. Published in: Proteo No. 2001-2 (2002): pp. 52-61.

Freeman, Alan (1999): Value from Nowhere: a response to Dumenil and Levy (first submission).

Freeman, Alan (2004): Value from Nowhere: a response to Dumenil and Levy (second submission).

Freeman, Alan (2000): Value, Price of Production and Market Price.

Freeman, Alan (1998): What happens in crashes? a non-equilibrium, value-theoretic approach to liquidity preference.

Freeman, Alan (1998): What happens in recessions? A value-theoretic approach to Liquidity Preference.

Freeman, Alan (2009): What makes the US Profit Rate Fall?

Freeman, Alan (2016): The Whole of the Storm: Money, debt and crisis in the current Long Depression. Published in: Marxism 21 , Vol. 13, No. No 2 (July 2016): pp. 190-224.

Freeman, Alan (1998): A dialogue concerning the two chief systems of value.

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Freeman, Alan (1999): The limits of Ricardian value: law, contingency and motion in economics.

Freeman, Alan and Kliman, Andrew (2008): Simultaneous Valuation vs. the Exploitation Theory of Profit: A summing up. Published in: Capital and Class No. 94 (January 2008)

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Freni, Giuseppe and Salvadori, Neri (2016): Ricardo on Machinery: A Textual Analysis.

Fumagalli, Andrea and Lucarelli, Stefano (2007): La finestra di fronte. La théorie de la régulation vista dall’Italia. Published in: Quaderni di Dipartimento di Economia e Metodi Quantitativi No. 201

Fusari, Angelo (2013): Methodological Misconceptions in the Social Sciences. Rethinking social thought and social processes. Published in: (2014): pp. 1-64.


Garbellini, Nadia (2014): International division of labour and countries’ competitiveness: the case of Italy and Germany.

Garbellini, Nadia (2009): Natural rates of profit, natural prices, and the actual economic systems - a theoretical framework.

Garbellini, Nadia (2010): Structural Change and Economic Growth: Production in the Short Run — A generalisation in terms of vertically hyper-integrated sectors.

Garbellini, Nadia and Wirkierman, Ariel (2010): Changes in the productivity of labour and vertically integrated sectors — an empirical study for Italy.

Garbellini, Nadia and Wirkierman, Ariel Luis (2010): Pasinetti’s Structural Change and Economic Growth: a conceptual excursus.

Graafland, J.J. (2008): Market operation and distributive justice: An evaluation of the ACCRA confession. Published in: ACE Journal No. 38 (2008): pp. 1-20.


Hagendorf, Klaus (2009): Arbeitswerte und die Theorie der Unternehmung. Teil I: Die Unternehmung unter vollständiger Konkurrenz.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2012): Crowding out Capitalism: A Law of Historical Materialism.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2011): Crowding out capitalism: A law of historical materialism.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2009): Labour Values and the Theory of the Firm: Part I: The Competitive Firm.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2006): A Note on Ronald Meek's 'Studies in the Labour Theory of Value'.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2009): Towards a Political Economy of the Hunters and Gatherers: A Study in Historical Materialism.

Hagendorf, Klaus (2008): The labour theory of value: a marginal analysis.

Hanappi, Hardy (2020): Alarm. The evolutionary jump of global political economy needed.

Hanappi, Hardy (2019): A Global Revolutionary Class will ride the Tiger of Alienation. Forthcoming in: tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique No. Special Issue (2020)

Hanappi, Hardy (2021): Sign Systems of Lust and Slavery. Money as the consecration of bread and wine.

Hanappi, Hardy (2011): Signs of reality - reality of signs. Explorations of a pending revolution in political economy.

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Jeong, Sangjun (2016): Biased Technical Change and Economic Growth : The Case of Korea, 1970-2013.

Jo, Tae-Hee (2016): A Heterodox Theory of the Business Enterprise.

Jo, Tae-Hee (2016): The Social Provisioning Process and Heterodox Economics.

Jo, Tae-Hee (2011): Social Provisioning Process and Socio-Economic Modeling.

Julian Wells, Julian (2007): The rate of profit as a random variable.


Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (2001): Общая теория систем и научная интерпретация социальной реальности.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (2012): Предисловие к монографии Е.М. Кузнецовой «Социальный контроль: сущность и методы реализации». Published in: Кузнецова Е.М. Социальный контроль: сущность и методы реализации (2012): pp. 5-10.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (1997): Кризис русской социальной философии. Published in: Region + No. 2 (1997): pp. 71-72.

Khan, Haider (2024): Development Orders and Disorders: Real Competition in Complex Global Capitalist System, China’s Ambiguous Case, and the Need for Democratic Socialism in the 21st Century.

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Kroës, Romain M. (2008): Quelques bénéfices heuristiques d’une redéfinition du profit.

Kurz, Heinz D. and Salvadori, Neri (2010): In Favor of Rigor and Relevance. A Reply to Mark Blaug.


Labrinidis, George (2014): International reserves in the era of quasi-world money. Published in: Research on Money and Finance Discussion Papers No. 46 (12 October 2014)

Labrinidis, George (2014): The forms of world money. Published in: Research on Money and Finance Discussion Papers No. 45 (7 May 2014)

Labrinidis, George and Maniatis, Thanasis and Bassiakos, Yannis and Oikonomou, Aris and Papadopoulou, Marianna and Passas, Costas (2010): Εμπειρική προσέγγιση της απόλυτης φτώχειας στην Ελλάδα: οι ανάγκες για κατοικία, διατροφή, ένδυση, υπόδηση, μεταφορά. Published in: Παρατηρητήριο Οικονομικών και Κοινωνικών Εξελίξεων: Μελέτες No. 5 (December 2010): pp. 1-140.

Lambert, Thomas (2023): The Economic Surplus, the Baran Ratio, and Long Wave Cycles.

Lambert, Thomas (2024): Richard III, the Tudor Myth, and the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism.

Lambert, Thomas and Tobe, Christopher (2024): “Safe” Annuity Retirement Products and a Possible US Retirement Crisis.

Lambert, Thomas (2019): Bankers as Immoral? The Parallels between Aquinas’s Views on Usury and Marxian Views of Banking and Credit.

Lambert, Thomas (2021): The Baran Ratio, Investment, and British Economic Growth and Investment.

Lambert, Thomas (2018): Big Business and Management: Too Many Bosses and Too Much Pay?

Lambert, Thomas (2022): The Great Resignation, Unemployment, and Underemployment in the US: A Study of Labor Market Segmentation.

Lambert, Thomas (2020): Investment Expenditures and the Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism.

Lambert, Thomas (2016): Monopoly Capital and Capitalist Inequality: Marx after Piketty.

Lambert, Thomas (2016): Monopoly Capital and Capitalist Management: Too Many Managers?

Lambert, Thomas (2017): Monopoly Capital and Entrepreneurism: Whither Small Business?

Lambert, Thomas (2018): Monopoly Capital and Innovation: An Exploratory Assessment of R&D Effectiveness.

Lambert, Thomas (2020): Paul Baran’s Economic Surplus Concept, the Baran Ratio, and the Decline of Feudalism.

Lambert, Thomas (2019): Rationality and Capitalist Schooling.

Lambert, Thomas and Kwon, Ed (2014): Monopoly Capital and Capitalist Inefficiency. Published in: International Review of Appplied Economics (2015)

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Lee, Frederic and Jo, Tae-Hee (2010): Social surplus approach and heterodox economics.

Levrero, Enrico Sergio (2009): Marx on absolute and relative wages.

León Díaz, John Jairo (2007): Keynesianismo, Poskeynesianismo y Nuevokeynesianismo: ¿Tres doctrinas diferentes y una sóla teoría verdadera?

Li, Wu (2010): Cobb-Douglas生产函数和效用函数下的均衡分析.

Li, Wu (2010): A Study on Dynamic General Equilibrium under the Classical Growth Framework.

Li, Wu (2008): A multi-agent growth model based on the von Neumann-Leontief framework.

Li, Wu and Li, Bangxi (2014): A Linear Multi-Sector Equilibrium Model with Taxation.

Lippert, Rainer (2019): Was ist falsch an der Arbeitswerttheorie? Wie Wert wirklich gebildet wird.

Lorde, Troy and Joseph, Tennyson S D (2018): Airbnb, Technological Change and Disruption in Barbadian Tourism: A Theoretical Framework. Forthcoming in: Third World Quarterly

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Maito, Esteban Ezequiel (2014): And yet it moves (down). Published in: Weekly Worker No. 1023 (August 2014)

Makovi, Michael (2016): The Foreign Policy of a Democratic Socialist Regime: From Intervention to Protection to Warfare.

Makovi, Michael (2016): The Freedom of the Prices: Hayek and Jewkes on Labor in a Planned Economy.

Makovi, Michael (2016): Hayek and Arrow's Impossibility Theorem: The Difficulty of Democratic Consensus.

Makovi, Michael (2015): The Impossibility of Democratic Socialism.

Makovi, Michael (2016): The Impossibility of Democratic Socialism: Two Conceptions of Democracy.

Makovi, Michael (2015): Two Opposing Economic-Literary Critiques of Socialism: George Orwell Versus Eugen Richter and Henry Hazlitt. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education No. Forthcoming (2016)

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Mariolis, Theodore (2012): Goodwin’s Growth Cycle Model with the Bhaduri-Marglin Accumulation Function.

Mariolis, Theodore (2010): Κριτική Έκθεση του "Νόμου της Πτωτικής Τάσης του Ποσοστού Κέρδους" του K. Marx: Κατανομή Εισοδήματος, Επισώρευση Κεφαλαίου και Τεχνολογική Μεταβολή στη Μακρά Περίοδο.

Mariolis, Theodore (2015): Testing Bienenfeld’s Second-Order Approximation for the Wage-Profit Curve.

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Mariolis, Theodore and Veltsistas, Panagiotis (2020): Γιορτάζοντας τα 60 χρόνια των Θεωριών του Rudolf E. Kálmán και του Piero Sraffa: Τα Συστήματα Τιμών του Πραγματικού Κόσμου είναι Σχεδόν Μη-Ελέγξιμα.

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Melendez-Plumed, Vicenc (2012): Annex to “Connecting labour values and relative prices”. New explanatory graphic.

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