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Bercea, Monica Diana (2013): Quantitative versus qualitative in neuromarketing research.

Börjesson, Maria and Fosgerau, Mogens (2015): Response Time Patterns in a Stated Choice Experiment. Forthcoming in: Journal of Choice Modelling


Chan, Kwok Ho and Lu, Zhou and Fung, Ka Wai Terence (2013): Predation Due to Bargaining Power Difference in Financial Contracting.

Chatterjee, Sidharta (2010): Behavioral Aspects of Organizational Learning and Adaptation.

Chatterjee, Sidharta (2011): The Neuroeconomics of Learning and Information Processing; Applying Markov Decision Process.

Coleman, Stephen (2014): Evolution of the Russian Political Party System under the Influence of Social Conformity: 1993-2011.

Consoli, Domenico and Musso, Fabio (2010): Towards the integration of enterprise software: The business manufacturing intelligence. Published in: Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business , Vol. 4, No. 2 (2010): pp. 326-336.

Corbu, Ion (2023): Neuroeconomics – interdisciplinary science of investigation of the human brain function and of the decisional behaviour of the humankind. Published in: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/Annals-of-Spiru-Haret-University-Economic-Series-2393-1795 (9 April 2010)


Da Silva, Sergio and Moreira, Bruno and Da Costa Jr, Newton (2014): Preschoolers and the Endowment Effect. Published in: PLoS One , Vol. 9, No. 10 (9 October 2014): e109520.

Dorow, Anderson and Da Costa Jr, Newton and Takase, Emilio and Prates, Wlademir and Da Silva, Sergio (2017): On the neural substrates of the disposition effect and return performance.


Estrada, Fernando (2014): El Papel de los Muertos en el Cerebro de los Vivos: Metáforas en las Revoluciones Francesas (1789-99, 1848-51, 1870-71), Iraní (1977-81) y Bolchevique (1917-1924).

Estrada, Fernando (2004): Lenguaje como estrategia de poder en las guerras civiles.

Estrada, Fernando and Salazar, Boris (2010): Brains that make revolutions.


Fung, Ka Wai Terence and Demir, Ender and Lau, Marco Chi Keung and Chan, Kwok Ho (2013): An Examination of Sports Event Sentiment: Microeconomic Evidence from Borsa Istanbul.


Gosselin, Pierre and Lotz, Aileen and Wambst, Marc (2013): On apparent irrational behaviors : interacting structures and the mind.

Göbel, Jürgen (2009): Hayek’s approach to cognitive and social order.


Kechagia, Varvara and Drichoutis, Andreas C. (2016): The effect of olfactory sensory cues on economic decision making.

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Are Africans happy? 'Return to laughter' in times of war, famine and misery.

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Les Africains, sont-ils heureux ? « Retour au rire » en temps de guerre, de famine et de misère.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2009): Absolute vs. Relative Notion of Wealth Changes.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2009): Are People Really Risk Seeking for Losses?

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Density Based Regression for Inhomogeneous Data: Application to Lottery Experiments.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Estimation of Peaked Densities Over the Interval [0,1] Using Two-Sided Power Distribution: Application to Lottery Experiments.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2009): The Illusion of Irrationality.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Mean, Median or Mode? A Striking Conclusion From Lottery Experiments.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Multi-Outcome Lotteries: Prospect Theory vs. Relative Utility.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Two Kinds of Adaptation, Two Kinds of Relativity.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2011): What is the actual shape of perception utility?

Kuhnen, Camelia and Knutson, Brian (2008): The Influence of Affect on Beliefs, Preferences and Financial Decisions.

Kuhnen, Camelia M. and Chiao, Joan Y. (2008): Genetic Determinants of Financial Risk Taking. Published in: PLoS ONE , Vol. 2, No. 4 (February 2009)


Lotz, Aileen and Gosselin, Pierre (2012): A dynamic model of interactions between conscious and unconscious.


Marsh, Leslie and Onof, Christian (2007): Stigmergic epistemology, stigmergic cognition. Published in: Cognitive Systems Research , Vol. Vol. 9, No. issues 1-2 (March 2008): pp. 136-149.

Moreira, Bruno and Matsushita, Raul and Da Silva, Sergio (2008): Risk-seeking behavior of preschool children in a gambling task.


Neyse, Levent and Friedl, Andreas and Schmidt, Ulrich (2014): Payment Scheme Changes and Effort Provision: The Effect of Digit Ratio.


Pandey, S.S.D. (1991): Trafficking in drugs and economic theory. Published in: ISBN 81-85694-10-9 (1 May 1994): pp. 74-160.

Pearson, Matthew and Schipper, Burkhard C (2009): Menstrual cycle and competitive bidding.

Pearson, Matthew and Schipper, Burkhard C (2009): The Visible Hand: Finger ratio (2D:4D) and competitive behavior.


Rompf, Stephan Alexander (2014): System Trust and Cooperation: The Case of Recycling Behavior.

Rtischev, Dimitry (2012): Evolution of mindsight, transparency and rule-rationality.


Schilirò, Daniele (2012): Bounded rationality and perfect rationality: psychology into economics.

Schilirò, Daniele (2012): Bounded rationality and perfect rationality:psychology into economics. Published in: Theoretical and Practical Research in Economic Fields , Vol. 3, No. 2 (December 2012): pp. 101-111.

Schipper, Burkhard C (2009): How mindless is standard economics really?

Schipper, Burkhard C (2008): On an Evolutionary Foundation of Neuroeconomics.

Schniter, Eric and Sheremeta, Roman and Shields, Timothy (2015): Conflicted Emotions Following Trust-based Interaction. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Psychology

Snir, Avichai and Levy, Daniel (2019): If You Think 9-Ending Prices Are Low, Think Again. Forthcoming in: Journal of the Association for Consumer Research , Vol. 6, No. 1

Stanton, Angela A. (2008): Neuroeconomics: A Critique of ‘Neuroeconomics: A Critical Reconsideration’.


Tamilina, Larysa and Tamilina, Natalya (2019): Social Trust Formation in the Workplace: Applying the Job Strain Model to Explain Variations in Social Trust Levels among Employed Individuals. Forthcoming in:


Villani, Salvatore (2008): The 15-years-long emergency, the burial-of-the-dead conflict and the ultimatum game. Published in: Notizie di Politeia. Rivista di etica e di scelte pubbliche , Vol. XXV, No. 93 (2009): pp. 96-118.

Villani, Salvatore (2008): L’emergenza dei tre lustri, la salma contesa e il gioco dell’Ultimatum. Alcune riflessioni sui problemi che caratterizzano le decisioni pubbliche in Italia. Published in: Rivista dei tributi locali , Vol. XXVIII, No. 4 (August 2008): pp. 373-407.

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