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Abramov, Vyacheslav and Klebaner, Fima (2006): Forecasting and testing a non-constant volatility.

Adrian, Fernandez-Perez and Ana-Maria, Fuertes and Joelle, Miffre (2022): The Negative Pricing of the May 2020 WTI Contract. Forthcoming in: The Energy Journal

Ahmadov, Vugar and Huseynov, Salman and Mammadov, Fuad and Karimli, Tural (2015): Brent nefti opsiyonlarından neytral riskli ehtimal paylanmasının əldə olunması.

Ahoniemi, Katja and Lanne, Markku (2007): Joint Modeling of Call and Put Implied Volatility. Published in:



Albanese, Claudio and Lo, Harry and Stathis, Tompaidis (2006): A Numerical Method for Pricing Electricity Derivatives for Jump-Diffusion Processes Based on Continuous Time Lattices.

Albanese, Claudio and Mijatovic, Aleksandar (2006): SPECTRAL METHODS FOR VOLATILITY DERIVATIVES.

Albanese, Claudio and Osseiran, Adel (2007): Moment Methods for Exotic Volatility Derivatives.

Albanese, Claudio and Vidler, Alicia (2008): Dynamic Conditioning and Credit Correlation Baskets. Forthcoming in: The Complete Guide to CDOs - Market, Application, Valuation, and Hedging No. Book (1 July 2008)

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Almanzar, Miguel and Torero, Maximo and von Grebmer, Klaus (2014): Futures Commodities Prices and Media Coverage.

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Amira, Khaled and Bennour, Khaled (2010): Borrowing Constraint and the Effect of Option Introduction.

Andrea, Pascucci (2007): Free boundary and optimal stopping problems for American Asian options. Forthcoming in: Finance and Stochastics

Anginer, Deniz and Yildizhan, Celim (2009): Is there a Distress Risk Anomaly? Pricing of Systematic Default Risk in the Cross Section of Equity Returns.

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amri amamou, souhir and hellara, slaheddine (2021): The dynamic relationship between the sovereign CDS market and the Eurozone sovereign bond market (classified by maturity): Contagion or Spillovers?


B S, Balakrishna (2013): On multi-particle Brownian survivals and the spherical Laplacian.

Balakrishna, B S (2010): Alpha-root Processes for Derivatives pricing.

Balakrishna, B S (2007): Delayed Default Dependency and Default Contagion.

Balakrishna, B S (2008): Levy Density Based Intensity Modeling of the Correlation Smile.

Balakrishna, B S (2010): Levy Subordinator Model of Default Dependency.

Balakrishna, B S (2006): A Semi-Analytical Parametric Model for Dependent Defaults.

Balakrishna, B. S. (2010): Levy subordinator model: A two parameter model of default dependency.

Bao, Qunfang (2013): Mean-Reverting Logarithmic Modeling of VIX.

Bao, Qunfang and Chen, Si and Liu, Guimei and Li, Shenghong (2010): Unilateral CVA for CDS in Contagion Model_with Volatilities and Correlation of Spread and Interest.

Bao, Qunfang and Chen, Si and Liu, Guimei and Li, Shenghong (2010): Unilateral CVA for CDS in Contagion model: With volatilities and correlation of spread and interest.

Bao, Qunfang and Chen, Si and Liu, Guimei and Li, Shenghong (2010): Unilateral CVA for CDS in contagion model: with volatilities and correlation of spread and interest.

Bao, Qunfang and Li, Shenghong and Liu, Guimei (2010): Survival Measures and Interacting Intensity Model: with Applications in Guaranteed Debt Pricing.

Behera, Harendra (2010): Onshore and offshore market for Indian Rupee: recent evidence on volatility and shock spillover.

Bennani, Norddine and Maetz, Jerome (2009): A Spot Stochastic Recovery Extension of the Gaussian Copula.

Bennour, Khaled (2011): On the demand pressure hypothesis in option markets: the case of a redundant option.

Bianchetti, Marco (2008): Two Curves, One Price :Pricing & Hedging Interest Rate Derivatives Decoupling Forwarding and Discounting Yield Curves.

Bianchetti, Marco and Carlicchi, Mattia (2012): Markets Evolution After the Credit Crunch.

Bicchetti, David and Maystre, Nicolas (2012): The synchronized and long-lasting structural change on commodity markets: evidence from high frequency data. Forthcoming in:

Bonga-Bonga, Lumengo and Umoetok, Ekerete (2015): The effectiveness of index futures hedging in emerging markets during the crisis period of 2008-2010: Evidence from South Africa.

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Brace, Alan and Fabbri, Giorgio and Goldys, Benjamin (2007): An Hilbert space approach for a class of arbitrage free implied volatilities models.

Brogi, Athos (2016): A Binomial Tree to Price European and American Options.

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Cadogan, Godfrey (2010): Canonical Representation Of Option Prices and Greeks with Implications for Market Timing.

Calvo-Garrido, Maria del Carmen and Pascucci, Andrea and Vázquez Cendón, Carlos (2012): Mathematical analysis and numerical methods for pricing pension plans allowing early retirement.

Campbell, Gareth (2010): Bubbles and Leverage.

Cangoz, Mehmet Coskun and Boitreaud, Sebastien and Dychala, Christopher Benjamin (2018): How Do Countries Use an Asset and Liability Management Approach? A Survey on Sovereign Balance Sheet Management. Published in: Policy Research Working Paer , Vol. 1, No. WPS8624

Cantillo, Miguel (2017): A Reconsideration of the Equity Premium Puzzle.

Caporin, Massimiliano and Pres, Juliusz and Torro, Hipolit (2010): Model based Monte Carlo pricing of energy and temperature quanto options.

Carey, Alexander (2005): Higher-order volatility.

Carey, Alexander (2006): Higher-order volatility: dynamics and sensitivities.

Carey, Alexander (2010): Higher-order volatility: time series.

Carey, Alexander (2008): Natural volatility and option pricing.

Carey, Alexander (2006): Path-conditional forward volatility.

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Cartea, Álvaro and Meyer-Brandis, Thilo (2009): How Duration Between Trades of Underlying Securities Affects Option Prices. Forthcoming in: Review of Finance

Carter, Colin A. and Steinbach, Sandro (2023): Did Grain Futures Prices Overreact to the Russia-Ukraine War?

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Cayton, Peter Julian (2015): A Nonparametric Option Pricing Model Using Higher Moments.

Cayton, Peter Julian and Ho, Kin-Yip (2015): A Nonparametric Option Pricing Model Using Higher Moments.

Chang, Kuo-Ping (2020): On Option Greeks and Corporate Finance.

Chang, Kuo-Ping (2017): On Using Risk-Neutral Probabilities to Price Assets.

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Cifarelli, Giulio and Paesani, Paolo (2018): Navigating the oil bubble: A non-linear heterogeneous-agent dynamic model of futures oil pricing.

Cifarelli, Giulio and Paesani, Paolo (2017): On the difficulty of interpreting market behaviour in an uncertain world: the case of oil futures pricing between 2003 and 2016.

Cifarelli, Giulio and Paladino, Giovanna (2011): Hedging vs. speculative pressures on commodity futures returns.

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Dell'Era Mario, M.D. (2008): Pricing of Double Barrier Options by Spectral Theory.

Dell'Era Mario, M.D. (2008): Pricing of the European Options by Spectral Theory.


El Qalli, Yassine (2009): Term Structure Equations Under Benchmark Framework.

El-khatib, Youssef and Hatemi-J, Abdulnasser (2013): On option pricing in illiquid markets with random jumps.

Elverhøi, Morten and Fleten, Stein-Erik and Fuss, Sabine and Heggedal, Ane Marte and Szolgayova, Jana and Troland, Ole Christian (2010): Evaluation of hydropower upgrade projects - a real options approach.


Fagan, Stephen and Gencay, Ramazan (2008): Liquidity-Induced Dynamics in Futures Markets.

Fajardo, José (2016): Power Style Contracts Under Asymmetric Lévy Processes.



Fang, Fang and Oosterlee, Kees (2008): Pricing Early-Exercise and Discrete Barrier Options by Fourier-Cosine Series Expansions.

Farrell, Niall and Devine, Mel and Lee, William and Gleeson, James and Lyons, Seán (2013): Specifying An Efficient Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff.

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fajardo, José (2016): A New Factor to Explain Implied Volatility Smirk.


Gabrisch, Hubert and Orlowski, Lucjan T. and Pusch, Toralf (2012): Sovereign default Risk in the Euro-Periphery and the Euro-Candidate Countries.

García Muñoz, Luis Manuel (2013): CVA, FVA (and DVA?) with stochastic spreads. A feasible replication approach under realistic assumptions.

García Muñoz, Luis Manuel (2013): Interest rate modeling under multiple discounting curves.

García Muñoz, Luis Manuel and Palomar Burdeus, Juan Esteban and de Lope Contreras, Fernando (2016): A retained earnings consistent KVA approach and the impact of taxes.

García Muñoz, Luis Manuel and de Lope Contreras, Fernando and Palomar Burdeus, Juan Esteban (2015): Pricing Derivatives in the New Framework: OIS Discounting, CVA, DVA & FVA.

García de la Vega, Victor Manuel and Ruiz-Porras, Antonio (2009): Modelos estocásticos para el precio spot y del futuro de commodities con alta volatilidad y reversión a la media. Forthcoming in: Revista de Administración, Finanzas y Economía

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Giandomenico, Rossano (2010): Credit Derivatives.

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Giandomenico, Rossano (2006): Pricing of the Policy Life in Absence of Default Risk and Asset Liability Management.

Giandomenico, Rossano (2008): Valuing Coupon Bond Linked to Variable Interest Rate.

Giandomenico, Rossano (2006): Valuing an American Put Option.

Gikhman, Ilya (2008): Risky Swaps.

Gikhman, Ilya (2008): Risky Swaps.

Gikhman, Ilya (2008): Risky Swaps.

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Hannah, Lincoln (2013): Funding Cost and a New Capital Model.

Hassett, Kevin and Zhong, Weifeng (2017): On the Observational Implications of Knightian Uncertainty.

He, Qing and Gan, Jingyun and Wang, Shuwan and Chong, Terence Tai Leung (2018): The Effects of Trading Suspensions in China.

Henrard, Marc (2006): Bonds futures and their options: more than the cheapest-to-deliver; quality option and marginning.

Henrard, Marc (2006): Bonds futures: Delta? No gamma!

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ilya, gikhman (2005): Options valuation.

ilya, gikhman (2006): Some critical comments on credit risk modeling.


Jamshidian, Farshid (2007): Exchange Options.

Jamshidian, Farshid (2007): Exchange Options.

Jamshidian, Farshid (2007): Exchange Options.

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Janda, Karel and Vylezik, Tomas (2011): Financial Management of Weather Risk with Energy Derivatives.

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