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Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. and Wendland, Nicolai (2010): How polycentric is a monocentric city? The role of agglomeration economies.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Aithal, Shubhrajyotsna (2016): Nanotechnology Innovations and Commercialization – Opportunities, Challenges & Reasons for Delay. Published in: International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing (IJEM) , Vol. 6, No. 6 (15 August 2016): pp. 15-25.

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Bildirici, Melike (2012): Economic growth and electricity consumption in Africa and ASIA: MS-VAR and MS-GRANGER causality analysis.

Boon, Marten (2019): Deuss’ demise: an oil trader’s struggle to keep up with the market, 1970s-1990s.


Campbell, Douglas L and Pyun, Ju Hyun (2014): Through the Looking Glass: A WARPed View of Real Exchange Rate History.

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Cirer Costa, Joan Carles (2019): The Crumbling of Francoist Spain’s Isolationism Thanks to Foreign Currency Brought by European Tourists in the Early Years of the Golden Age.


Esposito, Federico (2020): Estimating the welfare costs of autarky: a sufficient statistics approach.

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Evers, Hans-Dieter and Karim, Azhari (2011): The maritime potential of ASEAN economies. Published in: Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs , Vol. 30, No. 1 (15 April 2011): pp. 117-124.


Glaser, Darrell and Rahman, Ahmed (2015): Ex Tridenti Mercatus? Sea-power and Maritime Trade in the Age of Globalization.

Guajardo, Guillermo (2009): Between the Workshop and the State: Training Human Capital in Railroad Companies in Mexico and Chile, 1850-1930.


Hanedar, Avni Önder (2013): Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Growth in a Dissolving Country: (Ir)relevance of Railroads in the Ottoman Empire.

Hanedar, Avni Önder (2013): Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Growth in a Dissolving Country: (Ir)relevance of Railroads in the Ottoman Empire.

Hasan, Syed Akif and Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz and Osman, Ms. Amber (2012): The energy short fall and its after effects (a case study for Karachi city in context to Karachi electric supply corporation). Published in: Science Series Data Report , Vol. 4, No. 2 (2012): pp. 42-49.


Irigoin, Alejandra (2018): Global silver: Bullion or Specie? Supply and demand in the making of the early modern global economy. Published in: LSE Economic History Dept Working Papers Series , Vol. 2018, No. 285 (1 September 2018)


Jacks, David and Stuermer, Martin (2020): Dry Bulk Shipping and the Evolution of Maritime Transport Costs, 1850-2020.


Khattak, Naeem Ur Rehman Khattak and Hussain, Anwar Hussain (2009): Determinants of Gas Energy Consumption in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis (1971-2006). Published in: PUTAJ Humanities and Social Sciences , Vol. 16, (2009): pp. 57-66.

Klasing, Mariko and Milionis, Petros (2012): Reassessing the Evolution of World Trade, 1870-1949.

Kodila-Tedika, Oasis and Asongu, Simplice and Cinyabuguma, Matthias (2016): Financial Development and Geographic Isolation: Global Evidence.

Koundouri, Phoebe and Kountouris, Yannis and Stithou, Mavra (2012): A Choice Experiments Application in Transport Infrastructure: A Case Study on Travel Time Savings, Accidents and Pollution Reduction. Published in: Research Topics in Agricultural and Applied Economics, Volume 3 (2012)

Kox, Henk L.M. (2013): Cybersecurity in the perspective of Internet traffic growth.


Liu, Hongtao and Polenske, Karen R. and Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins and Xi, Youmin (2011): Direct and indirect energy consumption in China and the United States.


Maixe-Altes, J. Carles and Castro Balaguer, Rafael (2013): Structural Change in Distribution Markets in Peripheral Europe: Spanish Food Retailing, 1950-2007.

McCloskey, Deirdre Nansen (2009): Science, Bourgeois Dignity, and the Industrial Revolution.

Moreira, Guilherme Renato Caldo and Ichihara, Silvio Massaru and Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins (2007): O impacto do aumento das exportações de álcool sobre a distribuição de renda do Brasil.


Obeng, George Yaw and Evers, Hans-Dieter (2009): Solar PV rural electrification and energy-poverty: A review and conceptual framework with reference to Ghana. Published in: ZEF Working Paper Series No. 36 (2 February 2009): pp. 1-18.

Okoye, Dozie and Pongou, Roland and Yokossi, Tite (2016): On the Dispensability of New Transportation Technologies: Evidence from the Heterogeneous Impact of Railroads in Nigeria.

Okoye, Dozie and Pongou, Roland and Yokossi, Tite (2017): On the Dispensability of New Transportation Technologies: Evidence from the Heterogeneous Impact of Railroads in Nigeria.


Rodríguez, Carlos A. (2012): Análisis empírico de la función de demanda por gasolina en Puerto Rico: (1999-2006). Published in: Observatorio de la economía latinoamericana , Vol. N/A, No. 171 (2012): pp. 1-25.


Scattola, Elena and Stocchetti, Andrea (2010): Efficienza energetica, sostenibilità ed opportunità strategiche nel comparto dei trasporti stradali.

Scheltjens, Werner (2009): New routines, growing interference and operational efficiency gains: the influence of Czar Peter the Great's economic policy on Dutch maritime shipping with Russia, 1709-1724.

Scheltjens, Werner (2008): The impact of a new port on the organization of maritime shipping: an attempt to generalize the results of a case-study on the foundation of St. Petersburg and its influence on Dutch maritime shipping in the Gulf of Finland and Archangel (1703-1740).

Scheltjens, Werner (2009): The influence of spatial change on operational strategies in early-modern Dutch maritime shipping: a case-study on Dutch maritime shipping in the Gulf of Finland and on Archangel, 1703-1740. Forthcoming in:

Schiltz, Michael (2007): ‘Separating the Roots of the Chrysanthemum’: Nishihara Kamezō and the Abortive China Loans, 1917-18.

Setyawan, Dhani (2020): Decomposing the Influencing Factors of Energy Intensity in the Passenger Transportation Sector in Indonesia. Published in: Communications - Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina , Vol. 22, No. COMMUNICATIONS 22 (3) 49-58 (10 July 2020): pp. 49-58.

Shkunov, Vladimir (2016): Развитие внешнеторговых связей России в период царствования Михаила Федоровича Романова. Published in: Известия Самарского научного центра Российской Академии наук , Vol. Vol.18, No. T.18, №3 (15 June 2016): pp. 12-16.

Siegfried, Patrick (2010): Angewandtes Service Engineering für KMU. Published in: Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WHL , Vol. 21, No. 1 (1 July 2010): pp. 1-55.

Siegfried, Patrick (2014): The importance of the service sector for the industry. Published in: Teaching Crossroads: 9th IPB Erasmus Week (1 January 2014): pp. 13-23.

Singh, Ajit (1996): The Asia-Pacific developing countries and the new world trading system: a historical overview of emerging policy issues.

Sony, Michael and Aithal, Sreeramana (2020): Developing an Industry 4.0 Readiness Model for Indian Engineering Industries. Published in: International Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences (IJMTS) , Vol. 5, No. 2 (1 September 2020): pp. 141-153.

Sony, Michael and Aithal, Sreeramana (2020): Practical Lessons for Engineers to adapt towards Industry 4.0 in Indian Engineering Industries. Published in: International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT, and Education (IJCSBE) , Vol. 4, No. 2 (25 August 2020): pp. 86-97.

Stocchetti, Andrea and Volpato, Giuseppe (2010): In quest for a sustainable motorization: the CNG opportunity. Published in: Int. J. Automotive Technology and Management , Vol. 10, No. 1 : pp. 13-36.

Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz and Osman, Ms.Amber and Habib, Sukaina (2010): Determinants of Short-Term Export Performance in Pakistan.

Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz and Osman, Ms.Amber and Khokhar, Rabbia (2010): Determinants and barriers to bilateral trade A study on developing economies.


Taalbi, Josef (2015): Development Blocks in Innovation Networks. The Swedish Manufacturing Industry, 1970-2007.

Tanase, Ion Alexandru (2016): The spectrum of Azerbaijan’s increasing economy. Published in: Junior Scientific Researcher , Vol. 2, No. 1 (May 2016): pp. 30-35.

Tyabji, Nasir (1984): Japanese Miracle: Review Article of Chalmers Johnson MITI and the Japanese Miracle: The Growth of Industrial Policy, 1925-75. Published in: Social Scientist , Vol. 12, No. 4 (April 1984): pp. 73-90.


ULLAH, NAZIM (2021): A Comparative Analysis between Unilever and Johnson & Johnsons.


Yallwe, Alem Hagos and Buscemi, Antonino (2011): It is time to re-think on environment, energy and economics (E3). Published in: Rivista Elettronica di Diritto, Economia, Management , Vol. YEAR, No. ISSN 2039-4926 (August 2011): pp. 85-104.

Yawson, Robert M. and Quaye, Wilhemina and Williams, Irene E. and Yawson, Ivy (2008): A stakeholder approach to investigating public perception and attitudes towards agricultural biotechnology in Ghana. Published in: Tailoring Biotechnologies , Vol. 4, No. 1-2 (2008): pp. 55-70.

Yawson, Robert M. and Sutherland, Alistair J. and Amoa-Awua, Wisdom A (2003): Broadening monitoring and evaluation within reforming national agricultural research systems. Published in: PROCEEDINGS OF THE POLICY DIALOGUE FORUM : pp. 1-103.

Yawson, Robert M. and Yawson, Ivy (2008): Policy options of agricultural biotechnology R&D in Sub-Saharan Africa: key issues and aspects. Published in: University of Minnesota

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