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Abrar ul haq, Muhammd (2015): Agricultural Export and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan. Published in: Public Policy and Administration Research , Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015): pp. 88-96.

Alexander, Gigi and Foley, Maggie (2014): Determinants of Migration, Revisited.

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BAGDE, RAKSHIT (2019): भारत मे किसान आत्महत्याये. Published in: Gurukul Journal , Vol. 7(1), No. 4 (31 January 2019): pp. 24-27.

Baah-Ennumh, Theresa Yaaba and Forson, Joseph Ato (2015): The Impact of Artisanal Small-Scale Mining on Sustainable Livelihoods: A Case Study of Mining Communities in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality of Ghana. Published in: World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development , Vol. 13, No. 3 (10 July 2017): pp. 204-222.

Beja Jr, Edsel (2012): Two explanations to the willingness to accept and willingness to pay gap plus an alternative.

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Brady, Mark and Hedlund, Katarina and Cong, Rong-Gang and Hemerik, Lia and Hotes, Stefan and Machado, Stephen and Mattsson, Lennart and Schulz, Elke and Thomsen, Ingrid K. (2015): Valuing Supporting Soil Ecosystem Services in Agriculture: a Natural Capital Approach. Published in:


Catuna, Carmen (2023): O agricultura diferita este posibila, dar si necesara. Grupurile de producatori in contextul dezvoltarii durabile si rezilientei zonei montane privind crizele actuale. Published in: JURNALUL LIBERTATII DE CONSTIINTA , Vol. 11, No. 2 (2023): pp. 449-464.

Cseh, Arpad (2016): Designing a Climate Agreement for the Reality of Self-interested and Short-term Oriented Nations.


Das, Amarendra (2007): Poverty Induced Forest Degradation in JFM Regime: Evidence from India.

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Dickinson, Jeffrey (2020): Constraints to Agricultural Development: Input Use in Households Under Non-Separability.


Edwards, Peter E.T. (2008): Sustainable financing for ocean and coastal management in Jamaica: The potential for revenues from tourist user fees.


Fahim, Muhammad Amir (2011): Impact of water scarcity on food security at micro level in Pakistan.

Forson, Joseph Ato and Baah-Ennumh, Theresa Yaaba and Mensah, Sampson Obed (2014): Women’s Contribution to Local Economic Development: A Study of Women in Cassava Production and Processing in Central Tongu District of Ghana. Published in: Global Social Welfare , Vol. 4, No. 4 (15 January 2017): pp. 189-198.


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Gayle, Philip and Wang, Jin and Fang, Shengnan (2022): The organic food price premium and its susceptibility to news media coverage: Evidence from the U.S. milk industry. Forthcoming in: Applied Economics

Georgieva, Daniela (2021): Attitudes, priorities and opportunities for managerial development of female forest professionals and female forest owners in Bulgaria. Published in: 15th International Scientific Conference WoodEMA 2022 Crisis management and safety foresight in forest-based sector and SMEs operating in the global environment, International Association for Economics, Management, Marketing, Quality and Huma Resources in (August 2022): pp. 425-430.

Georgieva, Daniela and Popova, Radostina (2019): Digitisation in forest industry in Bulgaria - state and perspectives. Published in: Digitalisation and circular economy: forestry and forestry based industry implications, proceedings of scientific papers, Sofia: USB & WoodEMA, ISBN 978-954-397-042-1 (paper); ISBN 978-954-397-043-8 (CD); ISBN 978-954-397-044-5 ( (September 2019): pp. 181-186.

Georgieva, Daniela and Popova, Radostina (2019): Digitisation in forest industry in Bulgaria - state and perspectives. Published in: Digitalisation and circular economy: forestry and forestry based industry implications, proceedings of scientific papers, Sofia: USB and Woodema (September 2019): pp. 181-186.

Goodspeed, Tyler (2013): Famine, Finance, and Adjustment to Environmental Shock: Microcredit and the Great Famine in Ireland.

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Halkos, George and Gkargkavouzi, Anastasia (2024): Environmentalism in the light of Behavioral Economics.

Halkos, George and Gkargkavouzi, Anastasia (2024): Personality traits and associations with pro-environmental and economically-relevant behaviors: A brief overview of research evidence.

Halkos, George (2010): Construction of abatement cost curves: The case of F-gases.

Halkos, George (2013): Cost-effectiveness analysis in reducing nutrient loading in Baltic and Black Seas: A review.

Halkos, George and Gkargkavouzi, Anastasia and Matsiori, Steriani (2018): A multi-dimensional measure of environmental behavior: Exploring the predictive power of connectedness to nature, ecological worldview and environmental concern.

Halkos, George and Kitsos, Christos (2018): Mathematics vs. Statistics in tackling Environmental Economics uncertainty.

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Halkos, George and Tzeremes, Nickolaos (2012): Public sector transparency and countries’ environmental performance: A nonparametric analysis.

Halkos, George and Tzeremes, Nickolaos (2012): Ranking agricultural, environmental and natural resource economics journals: A note.

Halkos, George and Tzeremes, Nickolaos (2011): Towards a culture of environmental efficiency: An application of conditional partial nonparametric frontiers.


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Kounetas, Kostas and Alexopoulos, Elias and Tzelepis, Dimitris (2016): Environmental and Financial Performance. Is there a win-win or a win-loss situation? Evidence from the Greek manufacturing.

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Kyriazis, Nikolaos A. and Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros (2021): Ο ρόλος της Κεντρικής Τράπεζας μιας χώρας ως προς το ζήτημα της “Πράσινης” Οικονομίας.


Larsson, Simon and Fantazzini, Dean and Davidsson, Simon and Kullander, Sven and Hook, Mikael (2013): Reviewing electricity production cost assessments. Forthcoming in: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

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Minten, Bart and Reardon, Thomas and Singh, K.M. and Sutradhar, Rajib (2011): The potato value chain in Bihar: An assessment and policy implications.

Mora-Alfaro, Jorge (2006): Desarrollo Territorial Rural en America Latina: Discurso y Realidades.

Moreno, Frede (2023): Stateless sea gypsies in Bangsamoro coastlines: Understanding the Sama Bajau ethnic tribe in the Philippines. Published in:

Mosadegh Sedghy, Bahareh (2018): Evolution of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Agricultural Cold Chain Monitoring: A Literature Review. Published in: Journal of Agricultural Sience , Vol. 11, (15 February 2019): pp. 43-58.


Naeem ur Rehman, Khattak and Jangraiz, Khan and Muhammad, Tariq (2012): The Role of Education in Agricultural Productivity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(1975-2008). Published in: Sarhad Journal of Agriculture , Vol. 28, No. 2 (June 2012): pp. 345-352.

Nguon, Ponhneath (2018): Cambodia's Oil and Gas Activities and Future Outlooks.


Padli, Jaharudin and Habibullah, M.S. (2008): Natural disaster death and socio-economic factors in selected Asian countries: A panel data analysis.

Pajović, Ivan and Petrović, Dragan and Bukvić, Rajko (2018): Актуальное состояние и проблемы сельского хозяйства Сербии. Published in: Инновационные технологии в АПК, материалы Международной научно-практической конференции 21-23 ноября 2018 г. / под общ. ред. В.А. Бабушкина. – Мичуринск : Издательство Мичуринского ГАУ, 2018 (2018): pp. 186-201.

Parré, José Luiz and Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins (2001): A importância econômica do agronegócio na região sul. Published in: Análise Econômica , Vol. 19, No. 35 (2001)

Pincheira, Pablo and Hardy, Nicolas (2021): The Mean Squared Prediction Error Paradox.

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Ruiz Estrada, Mario Arturo (2013): The Macroeconomics evaluation of Climate Change Model (MECC-Model): The case Study of China.


Sahu, Santosh (2008): Trends and Patterns of Energy Consumption in India.

Schmidt, James (2020): The Butte Fire: A Case Study in Using LIDAR Measures of Pre-Fire Vegetation to Estimate Structure Loss Rates.

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Skribans, Valerijs (2010): Latvijas energosektora sistēmdinamikas prognozēšanas modeļa izstrāde. Published in: RTU zinātniskie raksti , Vol. 26, No. 4 (2010): pp. 34-40.

Smyth, Stuart J. and Falck-Zepeda, José B. and Gray, Richard S. and Nassem, Anwar and Paarlberg, Robert and Phillips, Peter W. B. and Pray, Carl E. and Savastano, Sara and Scandizzo, Pasquale L. and Scatasta, Sara and Wesseler, Justus H. H. and Zilberman, David (2010): Policy recommendations from the 13th ICABR conference on the emerging bioeconomy. Published in: AgBioForum , Vol. 13, No. 2 (June 2010): pp. 98-103.

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Tausch, Arno (2015): Globalization, the environment and the future “greening” of Arab politics.


Uduji, Joseph and Okolo-Obasi, Elda and Asongu, Simplice (2018): Does CSR contribute to the development of rural young people in cultural tourism of sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from the Niger Delta in Nigeria. Forthcoming in: Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

Urbina, Jilber (2017): Eficiencia técnica en la producción de café en Nicaragua: Un análisis de fronteras estocásticas.


Varma, Vijaya Krushna Varma (2015): Pro farmer, pro industry land acquisition act. Published in: TOP TAX SYSTEM (9 June 2015)

Venu Menon, Sudha (2006): Globalisation, state and disempowerment: study of farmers suicide in Warangal.

Vili, Dragomir (2021): Economie agrara si dezvoltare rurala - realitati si perspective pentru Romania. Published in: Agrarian Economy and Rural Development – Realities and perspectives for Romania , Vol. 12, No. 2021 (17 November 2021): pp. 1-364.

Vorobyev, Oleg Yu. (2016): Postulating the theory of experience and chance as a theory of co~events (co~beings). Published in: Proceedings of the XV FAMEMS-2016 Conference and the Workshop on Hilbert's sixth problem, Krasnoyarsk, Russia (30 September 2016): pp. 25-43.


Yawson, Robert M. and Greiman, Bradley (2014): Stakeholder Analysis as a Tool for Systems Approach Research in HRD. Published in: Proceedings of the 21st Annual AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas (19 February 2014): pp. 1-28.


Zhang, Lin and An, Yao (2017): The government capacity on industrial pollution management in Shanxi province: A response impulse analysis. Published in: Journal of Environmental Management , Vol. 223, (July 2018): pp. 1037-1046.


Георгиева, Даниела (2021): Заетост на жените в горския сектор в държави-членки на ЕС по Дунавския регион. Published in: Списание за наука „Ново знание“ No. 10-1 (2021) : pp. 32-51.

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