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Alam, M. Shahid (2003): A Short History of the Global Economy Since 1800.

Arroyo, Santiago and Bolaños, Juan (2010): Tensión diplomática entre Colombia y Ecuador durante 2006-2009: una mirada desde la teoría de juegos. Published in: Revista Economía, Gestión y Desarrollo , Vol. 10, No. 1657-5946 (17 December 2010): pp. 125-141.

Asongu, Simplice (2014): Fresh Patterns of Liberalization, Bank Return and Return Uncertainty in Africa.

Asongu, Simplice (2018): Introduction. Published in: Palgrave Macmillan , Vol. 1, (2018): pp. 1-9.

Asongu, Simplice (2015): On the dynamic effects of foreign aid on corruption. Published in: European Economics Letters , Vol. 1, No. 5 (June 2015): pp. 1-5.

Asongu, Simplice (2015): Rational Asymmetric Development, Piketty and the Spirit of Poverty in Africa.

Asongu, Simplice (2015): Rational Asymmetric Development: Transfer Mispricing and Sub-Saharan Africa’s Extreme Poverty Tragedy. Published in: ‘Economics and Political Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards’. IGI Global (February 2016): pp. 282-302.

Asongu, Simplice (2015): Rational Asymmetric Development: Transfer Pricing and Sub-Saharan Africa’s Extreme Poverty Tragedy.

Asongu, Simplice (2015): Reinventing foreign aid for inclusive and sustainable development: Kuznets, Piketty and the great policy reversal. Published in: Journal of Economic Surveys (May 2015)

Asongu, Simplice (2014): Reinventing foreign aid for inclusive and sustainable development: a survey.

Asongu, Simplice (2014): Taxation, foreign aid and political governance: figures to the facts of a celebrated literature.

Asongu, Simplice (2014): A brief clarification to the questionable economics of foreign aid for inclusive human development.

Asongu, Simplice (2014): The questionable economics of development assistance in Africa: hot-fresh evidence, 1996-2010. Published in: The Review of Black Political Economy , Vol. 4, No. 41 (13 December 2014): pp. 455-480.

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Asongu, Simplice and Jellal, Mohamed (2014): International aid corruption and fiscal behavior policy.

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Asongu, Simplice and Nwachukwu, Jacinta (2017): Increasing foreign aid for inclusive human development in Africa. Forthcoming in: Social Indicators Research

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Asongu, Simplice and Nwachukwu, Jacinta C. (2014): Foreign Aid and Governance in Africa.

Asongu, Simplice and Nwachukwu, Jacinta C. (2015): Foreign Aid and Inclusive Development: Updated Evidence from Africa, 2005-2012. Forthcoming in: Social Science Quarterly

Asongu, Simplice A (2013): Consult your gods: the questionable economics of development assistance in Africa. Forthcoming in:

Asongu, Simplice A (2014): The Evolving Debate on the Effect of Foreign Aid on Corruption and Institutions in Africa. Forthcoming in: Hand Book on the Economics of Foreign Aid

Asongu, Simplice A (2013): Inequality, poverty and quality of institutions: which freedom channels of globalization matter for Africa? Forthcoming in: European Economics Letters

Asongu, Simplice A (2014): On taxation, political accountability and foreign aid: empirics to a celebrated literature. Published in: South African Journal of Economics (September 2014)

Asongu, Simplice A (2013): On the effectiveness of foreign aid in institutional quality. Forthcoming in: European Economics Letters

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Asongu, Simplice A and Nwachukwu, Jacinta C. (2016): Unjust Enrichment from Official Corruption in Africa: Theory and Model on how Lenders have benefited.

Avadanei, Andreea (2011): Implicații ale politicii monetare unice în susținerea integrării financiare europene.


Belhadj, Aam (2009): Heterogeneity of the Maghreb: the results of optimized monetary rules. Published in: Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal , Vol. 1, No. 3 & 4 (2009): pp. 1-24.

Brams, Steven J. and Ismail, Mehmet S. (2018): Stabilizing Cooperative Outcomes in Two-Person Games: Theory and Cases.

Bukvić, Rajko and Pajović, Ivan (2017): Економски односи Србије и Румуније на почетку 21. века и могућности унапређења. Published in: Студије и истраживања ‒ Studii şi cercetări, Радови симпозијума „Банат – историја и мултикултуралност” ‒ Actele simpozionului „Banat ‒ istorie şi multiculturalitate”, Зрењанин 2016, Решица 2017 ‒ Zrenianin 2016, Reçiţa 2017, Издаваштво РДЕФВ ‒ Editura Fun (2017): pp. 403-424.

Bukvić, Rajko and Petrović, Dragan (2018): Геополитички аспекти стратешких коридора Србије. Published in: Tematski zbornik radova Koridori u Srbiji i regionu Jugoistočne Evrope, ed. Slobodan Nešković, Beograd: Centar za strateška istraživanja nacionalne bezbednosti - CESNA B ; Travnik: Internacionalni univerzitet “Travnik”, Beograd, 2018. (2018): pp. 119-132.


Cheng, Zhiming and Smyth, Russell (2014): Why Give it Away When You Need it Yourself? Understanding Public Support for Foreign Aid in China.

Cristea, Ana Ionela (2013): La condicionalidad de la Unión Europea en el espacio administrativo rumano.

Cunedioglu, Ekrem and Yucel, Eray (2010): Does Mediterranean define an economic region?


Dhingra, Swati (2006): Reconciling Observed Tariffs and the Median Voter Model.

Drobot, Elena (2007): Globalization of International Relationships.

Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena (2008): A major controversy: globalization or not?


Efobi, Uchenna and Beecroft, Ibukun and Asongu, Simplice A (2014): Foreign Aid and Corruption: Clarifying Murky Empirical Conclusions.

Elem Eyrice, Tepeciklioğlu and M. Evren, Tok and Syed Abul, Basher (2017): Turkish and BRICS Engagement in Africa: Between humanitarian and economic interests.


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Fracasso, Andrea and Grassano, Nicola and Vittucci Marzetti, Giuseppe (2014): The gravity of foreign news coverage in the EU: does the euro matter?

Frik, Olga (2004): Культурные стандарты в интернациональном менеджменте персонала. Published in: Управление персоналом: теория и практика. Материалы всероссийской научно-практической конференции. 25-26 июня 2004 года, Санкт-Петербург. – СПб.: ООО «Книжный дом», 2004. (2004): pp. 231-235.


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Genchev, Vassil (2005): Immigration to the European Union - Challenges and Opportunities for a Europe of 25+.

Ghafele, Roya and Vanderslott, Samantha (2011): Trademarks as Fictitious Commodities: An Erosion of the Public Interest? An Assessment of the use of trademarks over urban space at the example of London’s Regent Street and Paris’ Champs-Elysées.

Grechyna, Daryna (2017): Political Instability: The Neighbor vs. the Partner Effect.

Gugushvili, Alexi (2006): How Globalisation Shapes Public Policy? A Case of Azerbaijan.


Halkos, George and Tzeremes, Nickolaos (2012): Ranking policy and political economic journals.

Hubert, Franz and Ikonnikova, Svetlana (2009): Investment Options and Bargaining Power the Eurasian Supply Chain for Natural Gas.


Iulia Monica, Oehler-Șincai (2018): 16+1, a New Issue in China-EU Relations? Published in: Working paper series of the China-CEE Institute Budapest (2018): pp. 1-11.

Iulia Monica, Oehler-Șincai and Costin, Lianu and Cristina, Ilie and Rădulescu, Irina (2017): Romanian Attitudes and Perceptions towards the 16+1 Cooperation Platform. Published in: Working paper series of the China-CEE Institute Budapest No. 2017 (2017): pp. 1-13.

Iulia Monica, Oehler-Șincai and Costin, Lianu and Irina Gabriela, Rădulescu (2017): European Union and Big Four’s Position Towards the 16+1 Cooperation Platform.


Jafarli, Said (2017): Moves Towards an Islamic Common Market: Evaluation of the Potentials.


Kar, Ashim Kumar (2016): Aid and Human Development: Is There A Role for Good Policy Environment?

Kern, Holger and Hainmueller, Jens (2007): Opium for the Masses: How Foreign Free Media Can Stabilize Authoritarian Regimes.

Kibritçioğlu, Aykut (2012): Küresel Ekonomi ve Türkiye Açısından G20'nin Bugünü ve Geleceği. Published in: ResearchTurkey , Vol. 4, No. I (18 June 2012): pp. 26-34.

Kincses, Áron and Bálint, Lajos (2017): Migration settlement networks in the Carpathian Basin, 2001–2011. Published in: Regional Statistics , Vol. 6, No. 2 (February 2017): pp. 95-113.

Klimov, Blagoy (2003): From ‘Sustainability’ Frame To ‘Nationalist’ Master Frame: The Case with the Bulgarian Anti and Pro Nuclear Social Movements-Economic and Political Implications.

Kohnert, Dirk (2014): Togo - 2013: Politics, economy and society in 2013. Published in: Africa Yearbook , Vol. 10th, (18 October 2014): pp. 195-201.

Kohnert, Dirk (2015): Togo - 2014: Politics, economy and society in 2014. Published in: Africa Yearbook , Vol. 11, (18 October 2015): pp. 164-171.

Kohnert, Dirk (2016): Togo - 2015: domestic policy, foreing affairs, and socio-economic development. Published in: Africa Yearbook , Vol. 12, (18 October 2016): pp. 174-181.

Kohnert, Dirk (2017): Togo - 2016: domestic policy, foreing affairs, and socio-economic development. Forthcoming in: Africa Yearbook , Vol. 13, (16 October 2017)

Kozmenko, Serhiy and Savchenko, Taras and Kazarinov, Dmytro (2012): Assessment of financial convergence of Ukraine with the CIS countries and the European Union. Published in: Banks and Bank Systems , Vol. 7, No. 4 (21 December 2012): pp. 5-17.

Kueh, Jerome Swee-Hui and Puah, Chin-Hong and Mattias, Murphy Lai (2010): Economic Integration between ASEAN+5 Countries: Comparison of GDP. Published in: Global Review of Business and Economics Research , Vol. 6, No. 2 (2010): pp. 191-198.


Marinov, Eduard (2009): Етапи на развитие и договорноправна рамка на икономическите отношения между България и Русия. Published in: Economic Relations between Bulgaria and Russia, ed. E. Panusheff No. ISBN 987-954-400-307-4 (2009): pp. 9-20.

Marinov, Eduard (2012): Кризата в Европа – последици за Африка. Published in: Strategy for Development of the Bulgarian Economy and the Postcrisis International Economic Relations No. ISBN 978-954-715-558-9 (2012): pp. 185-198.

Marinov, Eduard (2007): Нормативна рамка на икономическите отношения между България и Русия. Published in: Biznes kontaktai No. 3/2007, ISSN 1312-109X (2007): pp. 30-31.

Marinov, Eduard (2007): Нормативная рамка экономических отношений между Болгарией и Россией: состояние и основние проблемы. Published in: Economic Relationships between Bulgaria and Russia in the Context of the EU Enlargement (2007): pp. 189-196.

Marinov, Eduard (2013): Кризата в ЕС – финансови рискове за Африка. Published in: Postcrisis Economic Development of EU and Bulgaria No. ISBN 978-954-616-230-4 : pp. 406-414.

Marinov, Eduard (2015): Външнотърговски отношения на България с държавите в Африка. Published in: Economics in the Changing World: National, Regional and Global Dimensions, book 1 No. ISBN 978-954-21-0833-7 (т.1) (May 2015): pp. 84-90.

Marinov, Eduard (2016): Защо България загуби пазарите си в Африка – отговорът на българския бизнес. Published in: Development of the Bulgarian Economy – Challenges and Opportunities No. ISBN 978-619-7281-07-1 (2016): pp. 6-13.

Marinov, Eduard (2015): Търговски отношения на държавите от Югоизточна Европа с Африка. Published in: Alternatives for the Economic Development in the 21st Century: Theories, Policies, Solutions No. ISBN 978-954-90138-3-2 (2015): pp. 144-154.

Marinov, Eduard (2017): Bulgaria And Romania Trade with Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparison. Published in: Christova-Balkanska, I. and Marinov, E. (eds). 2017. International Scientific Conference Proceedings “Bulgaria and Romania: Country Members of the EU, Part of the Global Economy” No. ISBN: 978-954-9313-09-3 (July 2017): pp. 163-174.

Marinov, Eduard (2015): Direction of Bulgarian Foreign Trade – Results of the EU Membership. Published in: The Devlopment of Bulgarian Economy – 25 Years between Expectations and Reality No. ISBN 978-954-23-1105-8 (2015): pp. 95-100.

Marinov, Eduard (2014): Economic Determinants of Regional Integration in Developing Counties. Published in: Proceedings of the 2nd Economics & Finance Conference, Vienna, Austria. Jiri Rotschedl, Klara Čermáková (eds) No. ISBN 978-80-87927-01-4 (June 2014): pp. 363-383.

Marinov, Eduard (2016): Economic Partnership Agreements and the Complex Framework of Regional Integration in Africa. Published in: EU Trade Policy at the Crossroads: between Economic Liberalism and Democratic Challenges, ÖFSE – Vienna (February 2016): pp. 1-19.

Marinov, Eduard (2013): Economic Partnership Agreements of the EU: Impact on Regional Integration in Africa. Published in: The future of integration, the future of the European Union No. ISBN 978-954-23-0867-6 (2013): pp. 200-208.

Marinov, Eduard (2013): Impact of the European Union on Regional Integration in Africa. Published in: Financial and Monetary Economics – EFM 2013 No. ISSN 2344-3642 (2013): pp. 229-239.

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Michalak, Katja (2011): Can Lipset’s theory travel through time and space? the destination Nicaragua, 1972-1998. A time series test of the social requisites of democracy.


Naghshineh-Pour, Amir (2012): Challenges Facing Tehran. Published in:

Nistor, Rozalia and Nistor, Costel and Muntean, Mihaela-Carmen (2009): Risk Management in International Bussiness. Published in: The Annals of “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati No. Fascicle I – 2009. Economics and Applied Informatics. Years XV – no 2 - ISSN 1584-0409 (2009): pp. 731-744.


Popa, Catalin C. (2007): Monetary System. Functional and Institutional Structure.

Porzecanski, Arturo C. (2006): Private vs. Official Creditors: The Record Speaks.

Porzecanski, Arturo C. (2010): Should Argentina Be Welcomed Back by the Capital Markets?


Radax, Wolfgang (2009): The number and size of nations revisited: Endogenous border formation with non-uniform population distributions.


Sarkar, Prabirjit (2007): Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Growth? Panel Data and Time Series Evidence from Less Developed Countries, 1970-2002.

Schilirò, Daniele (2012): Hans Werner Sinn and Timo Wollmershaeuser’s target loans, current account balances and capital flows: the ECB’s rescue facility. A comment.

Schilirò, Daniele (2015): Mediterraneo ed Unione Europea tra migrazioni e crescita sostenibile.

Schilirò, Daniele (2013): Mediterraneo: migrazioni e sviluppo economico.

Schubert, Samuel R. (2007): Being rich in energy resources – a blessing or a curse. Published in: EP Policy Department Studies , Vol. 614, No. 386 (31 January 2007): pp. 1-60.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Institutional benchmarking of foreign aid effectiveness in Africa.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): On the effect of foreign aid on corruption.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Development thresholds of foreign aid effectiveness in Africa.

Simplice A, Asongu (2011): Political crises and risk of financial contagion in developing countries: Evidence from Africa. Published in: Journal of Economics and International Finance , Vol. 3, No. 7 (1 July 2011): pp. 462-467.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): Reversed Economics and Inhumanity of Development Assistance in Africa.

Simplice A, Asongu (2012): The political economy of development assistance: peril to government quality dynamics in Africa.

Skribans, Valerijs (2010): Darbaspēka migrācijas ietekme uz darba tirgu Latvijā. Published in: LU raksti , Vol. 758, (2010): pp. 189-200.

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Ssozi, John and Asongu, Simplice and Amavilah, Voxi (2018): The Effectiveness of Development Aid for Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Studies

Ssozi, John and Asongu, Simplice and Amavilah, Voxi (2017): Is Aid for Agriculture Effective in Sub-Saharan Africa?


Tausch, Arno (2015): Die Buchpublikationen der Nobelpreis-Ökonomen und die führenden Buchverlage der Disziplin. Eine bibliometrische Analyse.

Tausch, Arno (2008): On the world market trajectory of 21 major book publishing companies in globalization and European studies in 100+ countries. From “Amsterdam University Press” via “Palgrave” and “Nova Science Publishers” to Transaction Publishers” by international, 19 indicator comparison.

Tausch, Arno (2010): Zur Analyse internationaler Migrationsprozesse. Makro-quantitative Perspektiven und eine vergleichende Fallstudie über die Lage der türkischen Community in Österreich.

Tausch, Arno and Ghymers, Christian (2011): Los católicos globales. El primer sondeo global del catolicismo mundial según el “World Values Survey” y el “European Social Survey”.

Toca, Constantin-Vasile (2011): Etapele dezvoltării unei cooperări transfrontaliere funcţionale Studiu de caz. Comunităţile Oradea şi Debrecen, posibil model pentru comunităţi de la frontiera româno-moldoveană-ucrainiană. Published in: Ukraine-Romania-Moldova: Historical, Political And Cultural Aspects Of Their Relations In The Contemporary European Procesess Context , Vol. IV, No. Volume IV (2011): pp. 379-391.

Toca, Constantin-Vasile (2013): Romanian-Hungarian cross-border cooperation at various territorial levels, with a particular study of the Debrecen-Oradea Eurometropolis (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation-EGTC). Published in: Eurolimes No. Supplement of Eurolimes (2013): pp. 1-210.

Trofimov, Ivan D. (2017): International policy entrepreneurship and production of international public goods: the case of multilateral trade regime.

Trofimov, Ivan D. (2017): Political economy of trade protection and liberalization: in search of agency-based and holistic framework of policy change.


Urakami, Kiyoshi (2009): Notes on the roles of Asia.


Vidakis, Ioannis and Baltos, Georgios and Balodis, Janis (2017): Geopolitics of Energy versus Geoenergy of Politics. Published in: Daugavpils Universitate Social Sciences Bulletin , Vol. 25, No. 2 (2017): pp. 38-55.

Vidakis, Ioannis and Karkazis, John (2011): The British Foreign Policy in Greece during the period 1943-1949. Published in: The Pursuit of a New Order in Europe and the Middle East (June 2011): pp. 149-163.

Vinokurov, Evgeny and Libman, Alexander (2012): Eurasia and Eurasian Integration: Beyond the Post-Soviet Borders. Published in: EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook No. 2012 (2012): pp. 80-95.


Walter, Arthur (2012): Значение лингва франка для продвижения концепции устойчивого развития.


Yucel, Mustafa Eray (2009): Democracy and trade: a gentle trade-off.

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