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Abdul Jalil, Ahmad Zafarullah (2009): Decentralization, Subnational Governments' Behaviour and Macroeconomic Instability: The Case of Malaysia.

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Cassidy, Traviss and Velayudhan, Tejaswi (2023): Government Fragmentation and Economic Growth.

Cassidy, Traviss (2017): Do Intergovernmental Grants Improve Public Service Delivery in Developing Countries?

Chakraborty, Lekha S (2021): Fiscal Federalism, Expenditure Assignments and Gender Equality.

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gong, rukai and yao, dongmin (2014): 省直管县改革的扩权模式选择:全面直管还是省内单列?. Forthcoming in:



Hickey, Ross (2010): Intergovernmental Transfers and Re-Election Concerned Politicians.

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Hirota, Haruaki and Yunoue, Hideo (2011): 平成の大合併と歳出削減‐類似団体別市町村財政指数表を用いた実証分析‐.

Hirota, Haruaki and Yunoue, Hideo (2015): 基準財政需要額の算定構造の再検証―都道府県パネルデータによる実証分析―.

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Hirota, Haruaki and Yunoue, Hideo (2017): The effects of the new fiscal rule and creative accounting: Empirical evidence from Japanese municipalities.

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Kohnert, Dirk (2022): The impact of Russian presence in Africa.

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