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Alva González, Miguel Ángel (2008): Environmentally Unfriendly Consumption Behaviour: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence from Private Motorists in Mexico City.

Antoci, Angelo and Borghesi, Simone and Marletto, Gerardo (2012): To drive or not to drive? A simple evolutionary model.

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Badura, Ondrej and Melecky, Ales and Melecky, Martin (2022): Liberalizing Passenger Rail: The Effect of Competition on Local Unemployment.

Belloc, Ignacio (2021): El tiempo de desplazamiento al lugar de trabajo en el Reino Unido: Diferencias entre asalariados y autoempleados.

Beria, Paolo (2009): Agents’ behaviour in financing italian transport infrastructures.

Beria, Paolo (2005): Effectiveness of mobility limitation policies against long term approaches in reduction of emitted pollutants.

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Berliant, Marcus and Watanabe, Hiroki (2014): A scale-free transportation network explains the city-size distribution.

Berliant, Marcus and Watanabe, Hiroki (2015): A scale-free transportation network explains the city-size distribution.

Bos, Frits and Zwaneveld, Peter (2014): Reële opties en de waarde van flexibiliteit bij natte infrastructuur.

Bosch, Martí and Chenal, Jérôme and Joost, Stéphane (2019): Addressing urban sprawl from the complexity sciences.

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Buer, Tobias and Kopfer, Herbert (2012): A Pareto-metaheuristic for a bi-objective winner determination problem in a combinatorial reverse auction.

Bukvić, Rajko and Petrović, Dragan (2018): Геополитички аспекти стратешких коридора Србије. Published in: Tematski zbornik radova Koridori u Srbiji i regionu Jugoistočne Evrope, ed. Slobodan Nešković, Beograd: Centar za strateška istraživanja nacionalne bezbednosti - CESNA B ; Travnik: Internacionalni univerzitet “Travnik”, Beograd, 2018. (2018): pp. 119-132.

Button, Kenneth and Porta, Flavio and Scotti, Davide (2020): The role of strategic airline alliances in Africa.


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Claver, Raúl (2021): Determinantes del tiempo de desplazamiento al trabajo en la población femenina auto-empleada de Dinamarca.


D'Acci, Luca (2013): Simulating future societies in Isobenefit Cities: social isobenefit scenarios. Forthcoming in: Futures (2013)

David, Martín-Barroso and Juan Andres, Nuñez and Francisco J., Velazquez (2013): The efect on firms' Productivity of accessibility. The Spanish manufacturung sector.

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de Rus, Gines and Campos, Javier (2005): Los fundamentos económicos de la política de transporte europea: un análisis crítico. Published in: Fundacion BBVA (2006)

de Rus, Gines and Nash, C.A. (2007): In what circumstances is investment in HSR worthwhile?

durongkaveroj, wannaphong (2013): An Economic Impact of Development Project: Case of Phuket International Airport in Thailand.


El Makhloufi, Abdel and Davids, Karel (2013): Air, Money and Space: How Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Transformed the Region. Published in: Megastructure Schiphol Design in Spectacular Simplicity (November 2013): pp. 1-22.

Eliasson, Jonas and Savemark, Christian and Franklin, Joel (2020): The impact of land use effects in infrastructure appraisal. Forthcoming in: Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (2020)

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Falk, Martin and Hagsten, Eva (2017): Climate Zone Crucial for Efficiency of Ski Lift Operators. Published in: Current Issues in Tourism (6 March 2017)

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Fleischer, Tamás (2008): A távol-keleti kapcsolatok logisztikája és a Duna lehetséges szerepe. Published in: Műhelytanulmányok (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, Világgazdasági Kutatóintézet) , Vol. 78, (2008): pp. 1-18.

Fosgerau, Mogens (2008): Congestion costs in bottleneck equilibrium with stochastic capacity and demand.

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Gao, Longfei and Tang, Yao (2024): Domestic Transportation Infrastructure and Export Performance of Multiproduct Firms: The Role of Domestic Intermediate Inputs.

Gonzalez Laxe, Fernando and Armesto Pina, José Francisco and Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio (2021): La conectividad portuaria de Galicia y del Norte de Portugal: características esenciales. Forthcoming in: Informe de Conxuntura Socioeconómica (1 March 2021)

Gutiérrez, Antonio (2022): Movilidad urbana y datos de alta frecuencia.


Halkos, George and Kevork, Ilias and Tziourtzioumis, Chris (2014): Emissions and abatement costs for the passenger cars sector in Greece.

Halkos, George and Kevork, Ilias and Tziourtzioumis, Chris (2014): Greenhouse gas emissions and marginal abatement cost curves for the road transport in Greece.

Hernández, Jaime (2021): Tiempo de desplazamiento al puesto laboral y relación con los empleados autónomos: el caso de las mujeres trabajadoras alemanas.


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Koike, Atushi and Nakasha, Yoshiki and Sakaguchi, Takuhiro and Seya, Hajime (2024): Road infrastructure and TFP in Japan after the rapid growth period: A non-stationary panel approach.


Laurino, Antonio and Grimaldi, Raffaele (2011): Is there room for shared cars in Italy? Considerations from some recent experiences.

Lawrence, Craig and Davies, Robyn and Rogers, Adam and Vardon, Ben (2017): Economic Benefits of Cycling Infrastructure at the Program Level. Published in: AITMP 2017 National Conference (2017)

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Lu, Yue and Ma, Minghui and Gao, Longfei and Tang, Yao (2024): Can Trade Integration Reduce Emissions from Production? The Product Composition Channel.

Luttmann, Alexander and Ladd, Daniel (2023): Loyalty rewards and redemption behavior: Stylized facts for the U.S. airline industry.


Manchala, Ravibabu and Vagvala, Phani Sree (2012): Public transport for Indian urban agglomerations: A case for central role for surface rail.

Margalejo Hernández, Cristina (2021): Commuting y autoempleo en Luxemburgo.

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Olarte Bacares, Carlos Augusto (2011): Heterogeneity of Socail Classes and Job Accessibility: Implications of Transports Policies in Bogota.

Oliete Peirona, Natalia (2021): Tiempos de desplazamiento hogar-trabajo en Austria.

Oliva, Andres (2021): Estimación del tiempo de desplazamiento al trabajo para los trabajadores portugueses: diferencias entre autoempleados y asalariados.


Palacios, Saúl (2021): Desplazamientos y autoempleo en Francia: diferencias por género.


Ranjan, Abhishek and Fosgerau, Mogens and Jenelius, Erik (2016): Emergence of a urban traffic macroscopic fundamental diagram.

Rouhani, M. Rouhani (2018): Financing Sustainability and Resiliency of Transportation Infrastructure in an Era of Fiscal Constraint.

Ruiz Estrada, M.A. and Chin, Anthony T.H. (2011): Measuring port evolution, growth and vulnerability:‘Port Growth Performance Evaluation’ approach.


Sambracos, Evangelos and Maniati, Marina (2015): Analysis of Financial Crisis Results on Dry Bulk Market & Financing.

Sambracos, Evangelos and Maniati, Marina (2013): Shipping Market Financing: Special Features and the Impact of Basel III.

Stamos, Iraklis and Aifadopoulou, Georgia and Mitsakis, Evangelos and Chrysochoou, Evangelia (2013): Στατικό μοντέλο καταμερισμού κυκλοφορίας και Δείκτες Αστικής Κινητικότητας για την πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης.

Stamos, Iraklis and Mitsakis, Evangelos (2014): A review on climate change adaptation policies for the transportation sector.

Sucháček, Jan and Malinovský, Jan (2007): Regional Development in Transitional Economies after 1989: Reformation or Deformation?

Sun, Stephen Teng and Yannelis, Constantine (2013): Quantifying the Premium Externality of the Uninsured.

Sun, Stephen Teng and Yannelis, Constantine (2013): The Real Effects of the Uninsured on Premia.

Suppa, Alberto (2012): Mobilità sostenibile in città: le Zone a Traffico Limitato. Published in: Aggiornamenti Sociali , Vol. 63, No. 2/2012 (February 2012): pp. 146-156.


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Tripathi, Sabyasachi and Kaur, Shupinder (2017): Do negative externalities have any impact on population agglomerations? Evidence from Urban India.

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Viard, Brian and Fu, Shihe (2011): The effect of Beijing’s driving restrictions on pollution and economic activity.

Vásquez, Sr and Anzoategui, Sr (2013): El sistema metrocable línea k y su impacto en la calidad de vida de la población de la comuna uno en la ciudad de Medellín: análisis de percepción entre los años 2004-2008. Published in: Revista Movimentos Sociais e Dinâmicas Espaciais , Vol. 2, No. 1 (30 January 2013): pp. 74-94.


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Yoo, Sunbin and Kumagai, Junya and Kawabata, Yuta and Keeley, Alexander and Managi, Shunsuke (2021): Willingness to Buy and/or Pay Disparity: Evidence from Fully Autonomous Vehicles.


Zhang, Zheng and Fujii, Hidemichi and Managi, Shunsuke (2014): How does Commuting Behavior Change Due to Incentives? An Empirical Study of the Beijing Subway System.

Zhou, Haiwen (2017): International Trade with Increasing Returns in the Transportation Sector. Published in: Frontiers of Economics in China , Vol. 9, No. 4 (2014): pp. 606-633.

Zhou, Haiwen (2023): National Integration and Institution Building.

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