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Achiq, Mohamed and Ghassan, Hassan B. and Meslouhi, Khalil (1998): Fluctuations conjoncturelles et croissance tendancielle de l’économie Marocaine.

Ajit, Singh (1998): 'Asian capitalism' and the financial crisis. Published in: Centre for Economic Policy Analysis Working Paper Series III No. WP10 (August 1998)

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Arndt, Channing and Schiller, Rico (1998): Storage of Maize in Mozambique Under Dualistic Credit Markets: A spatial and Temporal Analysis. Published in:

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Borbon-Galvez, Yari (1998): Guia logistica de transportación de frutas y vegetales a Europa.

Brett, Craig (1998): A note on nonlinear taxation in an overlapping generations model.

Buda, Rodolphe (1998): La simulation économique : expérimentation et apprentissage de la réalité économique. Published in: Revue internationale de systémique , Vol. 12, No. 2 (1998): pp. 203-224.

Buda, Rodolphe (1998): Une analyse systémique de l'évaluation des ressources humaines - réflexions et expérimentations en milieu scolaire.

Burmistrova, Natalya (1998): Математическое моделирование и всеобщая компьютеризация или имитационные модели. Published in: Информационные технологии в образовании. VIII Международная конференция-выставка: сборник трудов No. М.: Изд-во МИФИ, 1998 (3 November 1998): pp. 20-22.

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Dai, Meixing (1998): Les effets stabilisants de la zone-cible du taux d’inflation.

Daniele, SCHILIRO' (1998): L’Europa, l’economia politica e la sua storia.

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Dronkers, J. (1998): The Importance of Cognitive Abilities at Primary School for Educational and Occupational Success in the Life Course of a Dutch Generation, born around 1940.


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Freeman, Alan (1998): The Material Roots of Western Racism. Published in: Eszmelet No. 1998 (1998): pp. 28-36.

Freeman, Alan (1998): Reply to some objections.

Freeman, Alan (1998): Time, the value of money and the quantification of value.

Freeman, Alan (1998): What happens in crashes? a non-equilibrium, value-theoretic approach to liquidity preference.

Freeman, Alan (1998): What happens in recessions? A value-theoretic approach to Liquidity Preference.

Freeman, Alan (1998): A dialogue concerning the two chief systems of value.

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