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Adam, Antonis and Delis, Manthos D and Kammas, Pantelis (2009): Are democratic governments more efficient?

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Caruso, Raul and Locatelli, Andrea (2007): Feeding Terror! How Bin Laden Rewards Terrorist Groups, An Economic Interpretation.

Cerami, Alfio (2018): Complexity Theory, Democratic Transition and Public Policy Choices in Iraq.

Cerami, Alfio (2023): In the Shadow of War: Social, Distributive and Civil Conflicts in Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Chatterjee, Sidharta (2022): Elements of Intellectuality in Decision Making.

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Coleman, Stephen (2018): Geographical Distributions and Equilibrium in Social Norm-Related Behavior in the United States.

Coleman, Stephen (2009): Russian Election Reform and the Effect of Social Conformity on Voting and the Party System: 2007 and 2008.

Colla De-Robertis, Esteban (2014): Information aggregation for timing decision making.

Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Determinants of CO2 Emissions in the Context of ESG Models at World Level.

Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Role of Political Stability in the Context of ESG Models at World Level.

Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Ease of Doing Business in the ESG Framework at World Level.

Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Impact of Research and Development Expenditures on ESG Model in the Global Economy.

Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Impact of Voice and Accountability in the ESG Framework in a Global Perspective.

Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Regulatory Quality and ESG Model at World Level.

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De Koning, Kees (2021): Quantitative Easing Home Equity An Alternative Economic Management Tool.

De Koning, Kees (2020): Rebuilding the U.S. economy after the corona virus pandemic: a new Home Equity Release Method (HERM).

Dechenaux, Emmanuel and Kovenock, Dan and Sheremeta, Roman (2014): A Survey of Experimental Research on Contests, All-Pay Auctions and Tournaments. Forthcoming in: Experimental Economics

Delgado Narro, Augusto Ricardo (2021): COVID-19 with Stigma: New Evidence from Mobility Data and “Go to Travel” Campaign.

Dia, Ibrahima and Kamwa, Eric (2017): Le Pouvoir de Vote dans les Etablissements Publics de Coopération Intercommunale de la Martinique et de la Guadeloupe.

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Diffo Lambo, Lawrence and Pongou, Roland and Tchantcho, Bertrand and Wambo, Pierre (2015): Networked Politics: Political Cycles and Instability under Social Influences.

Diffo Lambo, Lawrence and Pongou, Roland and Tchantcho, Bertrand and Wambo, Pierre (2015): Networked politics: political cycles and instability under social influences.

Dinda, Soumyananda (2015): Social Preference and Governance: A Case Study in India.

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Estrada, Fernando (2014): Lógicas de argumentación e instituciones internacionales.

Estrada, Fernando (2014): Networks information in the civil wars.

Estrada, Fernando (2014): Sencillez y explicación en la teoría económica.

Estrada, Fernando (2011): The logic of the violence in the civil war: the armed conflict in Colombia.

Estrada, Fernando and Salazar, Boris (2010): Brains that make revolutions.


Fernando Estrada, Fernando (2014): Networks information in the civil wars.

Fiodendji, Daniel Komlan (2013): Do Institutions Quality Affect FDI Inflows in Sub Saharan African Countries?

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Fu, Qiang and Lu, Jingfeng (2006): The optimal multi-stage contest.


Goli, Srinivas and Arora, Somya and Jain, Neha and Shekher, T V (2022): Patrilocality and Child Sex Ratios in India.

Gomez-Rua, Maria and Vidal-Puga, Juan (2006): No advantageous merging in minimum cost spanning tree problems.

Gomez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Developing the concept of Sustainable Peace using Econometrics and scenarios granting Sustainable Peace in Colombia by year 2019.

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Green-Armytage, James (2011): Strategic voting and nomination.

Guerriero, Carmine (2013): Endogenous Institutions and Economic Outcomes.

Guha, Brishti (2017): Should Jurors Deliberate?

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Gómez-Rúa, María and Vidal-Puga, Juan (2015): A monotonic and merge-proof rule in minimum cost spanning tree situations.

gunnthorsdottir, anna and vragov, roumen and mccabe, kevin and seifert, stefan (2007): The meritocracy as a mechanism to overcome social dilemmas.


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Hendrix, Cullen and Noland, Marcus (2023): The West versus Beijing? Determinants of the UN Human Rights Council vote (not) to debate human rights in Xinjiang.


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LEOGRANDE, ANGELO (2023): The Rule of Law in the ESG Framework in the World Economy.

Laureti, Lucio and Costantiello, Alberto and Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Role of Government Effectiveness in the Light of ESG Data at Global Level.

Leogrande, Angelo (2023): The Usage of Internet in the Context of ESG Model at World Level.

Leogrande, Angelo and Costantiello, Alberto (2023): The Labor Force Participation Rate in the Context of ESG Models at World Level.

Leogrande, Angelo and Costantiello, Alberto (2023): The Role of GDP Growth in the ESG Approach at World Level.

Leogrande, Angelo and Leogrande, Domenico and Costantiello, Alberto (2023): The Impact of Patent Applications in the Context of the ESG Model at World Level.

Leogrande, Angelo and Leogrande, Domenico and Costantiello, Alberto (2023): The Role of Unemployment in the ESG Model at World Level.


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