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AYODOTUN, Ayorinde and FARAYIBI, Adesoji (2016): An Empirical Analysis of the Structure of Imports in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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Andrista, Safira and Widodo, Tri (2017): Welfare Impact of ASEAN Economic Integration: “ASEAN Way” Versus Theory.

Ang, Joshua Ping and Guanlin, Gao and Sparks, Andrew (2022): A dichotomy between democracy and personal freedom on the spread of COVID-19. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Social Economics

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Asongu, Simplice and De Moor, Lieven (2015): Financial globalisation dynamic thresholds for financial development: evidence from Africa.

Asongu, Simplice and De Moor, Lieven and Tchamyou, Vanessa (2015): Pre- and post-crisis dynamics of financial globalisation for financial development in Africa.

Asongu, Simplice and Koomson, Isaac and Tchamyou, Vanessa (2016): Financial globalisation uncertainty/instability is good for financial development.

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Baafi Antwi, Joseph (2011): Western guilt and Third World Development : Part 2.

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Beja, Edsel Jr. (2010): Post crisis blues.

Beltramo, Theresa (2010): Changes in Bilateral Trade Costs between European Union Member States & Major Trading Partners: An Empirical Analysis from 1989 - 2006.

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Bensassi, Sami (2010): From Regional to Intercontinental Trade: the Successive European Trade Empires from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century in Asia.

Bhanu Murthy, K.V. (2007): Social responsibility standards and global environmental accountability : a developing country perspective.

Bitros, George C. (2013): European Union failures in Greece and some possible explanations.

Bitros, George C. (2017): Germany and Greece: A mapping of their great divide and its EU implications.

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Bonpasse, Morrison (2006): The Single Global Currency: Common Cents for the World. Published in:

Bonpasse, Morrison (2009): The single global currency - common cents for the world (2008 Edition).

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Buda, Rodolphe (2012): Free Trade under Contractual Development Area (FTCDA) - A First Examination of a Third Way Facing the Dilemma: Free-Trade vs Protectionist Policy.


CALISKAN, Ozgur (2011): Eski ve Yeni Bölgeselleşme Olguları: Karşılaştırmalı Bir Analiz.

Cafiso, Gianluca (2002): Mandato e Attività del Fondo Monetario Internazionale.

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Clifton, Judith and Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel (2011): La Nueva Política Económica de la OCDE ante el cambio en la Economía Mundial.

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Cruz Rodriguez, Alexis (2009): Choosing and assessing exchange rate regimes: A survey of the literature.


Danila, Marius (2016): Uniunea Pietelor de capital - un proiect esential pentru Europa. Published in: Economistul No. 13 (30 August 2016)

Deger, Cagacan (2003): The Possible Trade Effects of the Third Enlargement: The Case of Turkish Exports to EU.

Diani, Morad (2012): Architectures mondiales de la connaissance et de la créativité : Stratégies symétriques et dissonances cognitives.

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Drobot, Elena (2014): Роль ВТО в современных мирохозяйственных связях. Проблемы и перспективы России в ВТО.

Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena (2009): General guidelines and specific contributions of Romania's Foreign Policy and Security Policy and the European Security and Defense of the EU in terms of the sustainable development.

Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena (2009): Institutional aspects of economic integration – economic integration and political integration.

Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena (2008): A major controversy: globalization or not?

Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena (2009): The strategy adopted by Romania EURO.

Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena (2009): The structural funds management in third-Central and Eastern European.

Dufour, Mathieu and Orhangazi, Ozgur (2007): The 2000-2001 Financial Crisis in Turkey: A Crisis for Whom? Forthcoming in: Review of Political Economy (2009)

Dunning, John and Pitelis, Christos (2009): The Political Economy of Globalization – Revisiting Stephen Hymer 50 Years On.


Emma M., Iglesias and J. Carles, Maixé-Altés (2021): Money Market Integration in Spain in the Ninetheen Century: The Role of the 1875-1885 Decade.

Escaith, Hubert (2019): Extraction-cum-substitution: A KISS approach to mapping the impacts of bilateral trade conflicts.

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Fach Gómez, katia (2009): La Protección Del Medio Ambiente Y El Comercio Internacional: ¿Hay Que "Pensar En Verde" El Arbitraje De Inversiones? Forthcoming in:

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Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Francophonie en Afrique subsaharienne: dépendance postcoloniale ou autodétermination ?

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): La guerre de Poutine en Ukraine provoquera-t-elle famine et révoltes en Afrique?

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): La guerre de Poutine en Ukraine, causera-t-elle la faim et des troubles en Afrique ?

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Will Putin"s Ukraine war provoke famine and upheaval in Africa.

Kohnert, Dirk (2022): Will Putin's Ukraine war provoke famine and upheaval in Africa?

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