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Abozaid, Abdulazeem (2008): التمويل الإسلامي المعاصر بين شكلية العقود ومقاصد الشريعة. Published in: Al-Tajdid Journal of the International Islamic Univeristy Malaysia , Vol. 12, No. 23 (2008): pp. 125-150.

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Ali, Amjad and Ahmad, Farooq and Ur- Rahman, Fazal (2016): Impact of Government Borrowing on Financial Development (A case study of Pakistan).

Ali, Muhammad and Chin-Hong, Puah and Arif, Imtiaz (2015): Determinants of e-banking adoption: A non-users perspective in Pakistan.

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Alves, Paulo and Carvalho, Luís (2020): Recent Evidence on International Stock Markets Overreaction.

Ammari, Aymen and Bouteska, Ahmed and Regaieg, Boutheina (2016): CEO Entrenchment and Performance: New Evidence Using Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis.

Anastasiou, Dimitrios and Katsafados, Apostolos G. (2020): Bank Deposits Flows and Textual Sentiment: When an ECB President's speech is not just a speech.

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Basu, Rahul and Pegg, Scott (2020): Minerals are a shared inheritance: Accounting for the resource curse.

Bayrak, Oben (2016): Another Solution for Allais Paradox: Preference Imprecision, Dispersion and Pessimism.

Beik, Irfan Syauqi and Ayuniyyah, Qurroh and Arsyianti, Laily Dwi (2009): The Role of Islamic Rural Bank in Financing the SMEs: Customer Perspective Analysis [Case Study of Amanah Ummah Bank in Bogor City, Indonesia].

Blind, Georg and Stefania, Lottanti von Mandach (2017): Modeling the „Visitors to Rome“ effect: Reputation Building in Anglo-Saxon Buyout Funds in Japan.

Bonga, Wellington Garikai (2019): Stock Market Volatility Analysis using GARCH Family Models: Evidence from Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.


Carbajal De Nova, Carolina (2017): Synthetic data. A proposed method for applied risk management.

Chen, Si (2012): Optimistic versus Pessimistic--Optimal Judgemental Bias with Reference Point.

Chong, Terence Tai Leung and Poon, Ka-Ho (2014): A New Recognition Algorithm for “Head-and-Shoulders” Price Patterns.


Dorow, Anderson and Da Costa Jr, Newton and Takase, Emilio and Prates, Wlademir and Da Silva, Sergio (2017): On the neural substrates of the disposition effect and return performance.

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Dumitriu, Ramona and Stefanescu, Razvan (2013): Efecte Gone Fishin’ la Bursa de Valori din Bucureşti.

Dumitriu, Ramona and Stefanescu, Răzvan (2020): The Extended Holiday Effect on US capital market.

Dumitriu, Ramona and Stefanescu, Răzvan (2020): Iluzii financiare, Partea întâi.

Dumitriu, Ramona and Stefanescu, Răzvan (2020): Provocări pentru Finanţele Comportamentale în contextul COVID-19.

Dumitriu, Ramona and Stefanescu, Răzvan (2019): The extended Friday the 13th Effect in the US stock returns.


Eid, Nourhan and Maltby, Josephine and Talavera, Oleksandr (2016): Income Rounding and Loan Performance in the Peer-to-Peer Market.

Elasrag, Hussein (2014): دور أدوات الحوكمة في تنظيم الرقابة الشرعية و تطويرها.

Erdem, Orhan and Yüksel, Serkan and Arık, Evren (2013): Trading Puzzle, Puzzling Trade.

Estrada, Fernando (2014): Financial crisis in The Arcades Project of Walter Benjamin.

Estrada, Fernando (2014): Rescate y costos del riesgo financiero.

Everett, Craig R. (2013): Measuring the social responsibility discount for the cost of equity capital: evidence from benefit corporations. Published in: Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics , Vol. 3, No. 2 (2013): pp. 55-75.


Fajardo, José and Corcuera, José Manuel and Menouken Pamen, Olivier (2016): On the optimal investment.

Fan, Minyou and Li, Youwei and Liu, Jiadong (2017): Risk adjusted momentum strategies: a comparison between constant and dynamic volatility scaling approaches.

Füllbrunn, Sascha and Rau, Holger and Weitzel, Utz (2013): Do ambiguity effects survive in experimental asset markets?


Galimberti, Jaqueson and Suhadolnik, Nicolas and Da Silva, Sergio (2016): Cowboying Stock Market Herds with Robot Traders. Forthcoming in: Computational Economics

Ganglmair, Bernhard and Holcomb, Alex and Myung, Noah (2016): Cutthroats or comrades: Information sharing among competing fund managers.

Ghassan, Hassan B. and Taher, Farid B. (2013): Financial Stability of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Saudi Arabia: Evidence using Pooled and Panel Models. Published in: Gulf Research Center, Cambridge Conference Book GRM 2013 , Vol. 2, No. Islamic Finance: Risk, Stability, Growth (December 2013)

Gizelis, Demetrios and Chowdhury, Shah (2016): Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange.


Hammad, Siddiqi (2015): Anchoring Adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Hammad, Siddiqi (2015): Capital Asset Pricing Model Adjusted for Anchoring.

Hammad, Siddiqi (2015): Index Option Returns from an Anchoring Perspective.

Harin, Alexander (2015): Is Prelec’s function discontinuous at p = 1? (for the Einhorn Award of SJDM).

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Hiremath, Gourishankar S and Kumari, Jyoti (2013): Stock Returns Predictability and the Adaptive Market Hypothesis: Evidence from India.

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Hirshleifer, David (2014): Behavioral Finance.


Jaelani, Aan (2014): KEUANGAN PUBLIK ISLAM:Refleksi APBN dan Politik Anggaran di Indonesia. Forthcoming in: (1 November 2014): pp. 1-145.


Kanev, Dimitar (2016): Неравенство и образование. Роля на ограничената рационалност и дефектите на самоконтрола. Published in: INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT (2016): pp. 157-165.

Kariastanto, Bayu (2013): Small Share of the Islamic Banks in Indonesia, Supply-side Problems?

Kariastanto, Bayu and Ihsanin, Aulia (2012): Could regulator materialize potential demand for Islamic securities? Evidence from Indonesia.

Kasai, Katsuya (2012): Estimation of the Day of the Week Effect on Stock Market Volatility in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector using GARCH and EGARCH models.

Khalil, Nur Syafiqah (2017): Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance in Hwa Tai Sdn Bhd.

Kiss, Hubert Janos and Rodriguez-Lara, Ismael and Rosa-García, Alfonso (2014): Do Women Panic More Than Men? An Experimental Study on Financial Decision.

Kroujiline, Dimitri and Gusev, Maxim and Ushanov, Dmitry and Sharov, Sergey V. and Govorkov, Boris (2015): Forecasting stock market returns over multiple time horizons.

Kumar, Dr.B.Pradeep (2015): Extent and Nature of Banking Exclusion among the Marginalized: A Study of Non-Primitive Tribes in Wayanad District, Kerala, India.


Lucks, Konstantin (2016): The Impact of Self-Control on Investment Decisions.


Malik, Saif Ullah and Elahi, Muhammad Ather (2014): Analysis of Herd Behavior Using Quantile Regression: Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE).

Mayo, Robert (2013): Can Prospect Theory Explain Market Calendar Effects?

Morsy, Hanan and El-Shal, Amira and Woldemichael, Andinet (2019): Women Self-Selection out of the Credit Market in Africa. Published in: Working Papers Series, African Development Bank No. 317


Olkhov, Victor (2019): Econophysics of Asset Price, Return and Multiple Expectations.

Olkhov, Victor (2018): Expectations, Price Fluctuations and Lorenz Attractor.

Ozili, Peterson K (2019): Non-performing loans in European systemic and non-systemic banks. Forthcoming in: Journal of Financial Economic Policy

onour, Ibrahim (2014): رؤية لإنشاء بنك أوقاف.


Pagel, Michaela (2012): Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Preferences and Asset Pricing.

Park, Beum-Jo and Kim, Myung-Joong (2017): A Dynamic Measure of Intentional Herd Behavior in Financial Markets.

Pop, Raluca Elena (2012): Herd behavior towards the market index: evidence from Romanian stock exchange.


Rahajeng, DIAN (2013): The Role of Islamic Banking System as the Milestone towards Indonesia Micro Economy Development.

Raval, Vishvesh and Vyas, Khyati (2013): Drought Readiness and Anxiety of new and experienced Indian Farmers.

Rompf, Stephan Alexander (2014): System Trust and Cooperation: The Case of Recycling Behavior.


Sever, Can (2014): Systemic Liquidity Crisis with Dynamic Haircuts.

Shafi, Haroon and Akram, Muhammad and Hussain, Mubashir and Sajjad, Syed Imran and Rehman, Kashif Ur (2011): Relationship between risk perception and employee investment behavior. Published in: Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies , Vol. 3, No. 6 (20 December 2011): pp. 345-351.

Shahzad, Syed jawad hussain and Ali, Paeman and Saleem, Fawad and Ali, Sajid and Akram, Sehrish (2013): Stock market efficiency: Behavioral or traditional paradigm?Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and investors community of Pakistan. Published in: Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research In Business, ISSN 2073-7122 , Vol. 4, No. 10 (10 March 2013): pp. 605-619.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Analogy Based Valuation of Currency Options.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2014): Anchoring Heuristic in Option Prices.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Anchoring Heuristic in Option Pricing.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Anchoring and Adjustment Heuristic in Option Pricing.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Anchoring and Adjustment Heuristic: A Unified Explanation for Equity Puzzles.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Behavioralizing the Black-Scholes Model.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2019): CAPM: A Tale of Two Versions.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Explaining the Smile in Currency Options: Is it Anchoring?

Siddiqi, Hammad (2013): Mental Accounting: A Closed-Form Alternative to the Black Scholes Model.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2015): Relative Risk Perception and the Puzzle of Covered Call writing.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2020): Resource allocation in the brain and the Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Siddiqi, Hammad (2020): Resource allocation in the brain and the equity premium puzzle.

Sokolovskyi, Dmytro (2018): Factors for the formation of inefficient states when using tax incentive regimes.

Sokolovskyi, Dmytro (2018): The factors inefficient allocation of investment between economies.

Sonntag, Dominik (2018): Die Theorie der fairen geometrischen Rendite.

Stefanescu, Razvan and Dumitriu, Ramona (2013): MOY effects in returns and in volatilities of the Romanian capital market.

Stefanescu, Razvan and Dumitriu, Ramona (2013): Month-of-the-year effects on Romanian capital market before and after the adhesion to European Union. Published in: Econometric Modeling: International Financial Markets - Emerging Markets eJournal , Vol. 2, No. 21 (17 April 2013)

Stefanescu, Razvan and Dumitriu, Ramona and Nistor, Costel (2012): Prolonged holiday effects on Romanian capital market before and after the adhesion to EU. Published in: Vanguard Scientific Instruments in Management No. 1(6)/2013 (2013): pp. 125-134.

Stefanescu, Răzvan and Dumitriu, Ramona (2020): Efectul Turn-of-the-Year pe piaţa valutară din România.

Stefanescu, Răzvan and Dumitriu, Ramona (2020): Introducere în analiza anomaliilor calendaristice, Partea a doua.

Stefanescu, Răzvan and Dumitriu, Ramona (2016): The impact of the Great Lent and of the Nativity Fast on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Published in: VANGUARD SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS IN MANAGEMENT , Vol. 1, No. 12 (2016)


Troug, Haytem Ahmed and Sbia, Rashid (2015): Testing for the Presence of Asymmetric Information in the Oil Market: A VAR Approach.

Tweneboah Senzu, Emmanuel (2020): Modern currency exchange rate behaviour and proposed trend-like forecasting model. Forthcoming in: Econometric Research in Finance , Vol. Vol. 5, No. Issue 2 : pp. 1-486.


Waemustafa, Waeibrorheem and Sukri, Suriani (2015): Theory of Gharar and its interpretation of Risk and Uncertainty from the perspectives of Authentic Hadith and the Holy Quran: A Qualitative Analysis. Published in: International Journal of Economic Perspectives , Vol. 10, No. 2 (15 February 2017): pp. 1-27.


Zheng, Min and Liu, Ruipeng and Li, Youwei (2018): Long memory in financial markets: A heterogeneous agent model perspective.

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