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Abdullai, Besim (2012): Automation of e-health systems through mobile devices and semantic technology. Published in: Proceedings of ICEIRD 2012 , Vol. 1, No. 2012 (1. June 2012): pp. 16-26.

Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi, Sina (2010): The impact of the global economic crisis on non-oil operations of ports in Iran. Published in: Middle East Journal of Scientific Research (ISI Indexed) , Vol. 9, No. 5 (15. November 2011): pp. 596-601.

Amroush, Fadi (2010): إعداد السياسات الأمنية في الشبكات اللاسلكية. Published in: 16th SCS Scientific Symposium, Networks security

Amroush, Fadi (2009): استخدام تقنيات الذكاء الصنعي لاختيار أمثل نظام إداة علاقات مع الزبائن ملائم لاحتياجات شركة ما. Published in: Master thesis - Faculity of electrical Engineering - No. Computer enfineering DPT

Amroush, Fadi and Bouchi, Amer (2008): مقترح لبناء منهجية الأمن لخدمات بيئة Grid. Published in: 1st International Engineering Sciences Conference IESC’08

Aristovnik, Aleksander and Andrej, Pungartnik (2009): Analysis of reaching the Lisbon Strategy targets at the national level: the EU-27 and Slovenia. Published in: Transylvanian Review of administrative sciences No. 27 (October 2009): pp. 5-21.

Azzato, Jeffrey D. and Krawczyk, Jacek B. (2009): InfSOCSol2 An updated MATLAB Package for Approximating the Solution to a Continuous-Time Infinite Horizon Stochastic Optimal Control Problem with Control and State Constraints.


Banica, Logica and Rosca, Doina and Stefan, Cristian (2007): Virtualization: an old concept in a new approach. Published in: Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Economy Informatics , Vol. 1, No. 1-4 (2007): pp. 118-123.

Besana, Angela (2009): Applied arts and design in museums: USA and Milan experience.

Branea, Silvia and Marinescu, Valentina (2005): Jurnalistii si factorul politic in anul 2004. Published in: Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication No. Summer 2005 (2005): pp. 49-56.

Buda, Rodolphe (2002): ECHANGE 2.0 - Marché sur réseau - Guide d'installation et manuel d'utilisation.

Buda, Rodolphe (1998): La simulation économique : expérimentation et apprentissage de la réalité économique. Published in: Revue internationale de systémique , Vol. 12, No. 2 (1998): pp. 203-224.

Buda, Rodolphe (2009): Learning-Testing Process in Classroom: An Empirical Simulation Model. Published in: Computers & Education , Vol. 52, No. 1 (January 2009): pp. 177-187.

Buda, Rodolphe (2001): Les algorithmes de la modélisation : une analyse critique pour la modélisation économique.

Buda, Rodolphe (1999): Market Exchange Modelling Experiment, Simulation Algorithms, and Theoretical Analysis.

Buda, Rodolphe (2000): Pédagogie des comptes nationaux et "esprit économique critique".

Buda, Rodolphe (2005): Relevance of an accuracy control module - implementation into an economic modelling software.

Buda, Rodolphe (2004): SINGUL 2.0 : les équations et les programmes.

Buzzigoli, Lucia and Giusti, Antonio (2006): From Marginals to Array Structure with the Shuttle Algorithm. Published in: Journal of Symbolic Data Analysis , Vol. 4, No. number 1 (June 2006): pp. 1-14.


Cakir, Murat (2005): Firma Başarısızlığının Dinamiklerinin Belirlenmesinde Makina Öğrenmesi Teknikleri: Ampirik Uygulamalar ve Karşılaştırmalı Analiz.

Calzolari, Giorgio and Ciriani, Tito A. and Corsi, Paolo (1976): Generation and testing of pseudo-random numbers to be used in the stochastic simulation of econometric models. Published in: IBM Italy Technical Report No. G513-3544 (June 1976): pp. 1-42.

Carfì, David and Perrone, Emanuele (2011): Asymmetric Bertrand duopoly: game complete analysis by algebra system Maxima.

Chen, Daniel Li and Schonger, Martin and Wickens, Chris (2015): oTree - An Open-Source Platform for Laboratory, Online, and Field Experiments.

Chodak, Grzegorz (2010): ABC Analysis in an Internet Shop: A New Set of Criteria.

Cofas, Elena (2014): Computer system for farms (SITEFA) - an opportunity for performant agricultural management. Published in: Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania , Vol. 5, No. ISSN 2285–6803 ISSN-L 2285–6803 (20. November 2014): pp. 332-339.

Colignatus, Thomas (2010): Single vote multiple seats elections. Didactics of district versus proportional representation, using the examples of the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

Colignatus, Thomas (2010): The performance of four possible rules for selecting the Prime Minister after the Dutch Parliamentary elections of June 2010.

Colignatus, Thomas (2013): The performance of four possible rules for selecting the Prime Minister after the Dutch Parliamentary elections of September 2012.

Consoli, Domenico and Musso, Fabio (2010): Towards the integration of enterprise software: The business manufacturing intelligence. Published in: Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business , Vol. 4, No. 2 (2010): pp. 326-336.


Dosa, Ion (2005): Compressed Air Network Calculus Using Computer Program. Published in: Buletinul Ştiintific al Universităţii “POLITEHNICA” din Timişoara , Vol. 1, No. 51 (65) (2006): pp. 49-56.


Evers, Hans-Dieter and Yusoff, Anis and Shamsul, A.BB. (2010): Ethno-diversity and bio-diversity: Methods and measurement.


Green, Kesten C. and Armstrong, J. Scott and Graefe, Andreas (2007): Methods to Elicit Forecasts from Groups: Delphi and Prediction Markets Compared. Forthcoming in: Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting No. Fall

Green, Kesten C. and Armstrong, J. Scott and Graefe, Andreas (2007): Methods to Elicit Forecasts from Groups: Delphi and Prediction Markets Compared. Forthcoming in: Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting No. Fall

Guvenir, H. Altay and Cakir, Murat (2009): Voting Features based Classifier with Feature Construction and its Application to Predicting Financial Distress.

Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Oklahoma.

Gómez-sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, and attacks index for the State of Florida.

Gómez-sorzano, Gustavo (2007): Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Missouri.


Halkos, George and Tsilika, Kyriaki (2014): Analyzing and visualizing the synergistic impact mechanisms of climate change related costs.

Halkos, George and Tsilika, Kyriaki (2012): Constructing a Generator of Matrices with Pattern. Published in: International Journal of Information Science and Computer Mathematics , Vol. 4, No. 2 (2011): pp. 101-117.

Halkos, George and Tsilika, Kyriaki (2014): Nonlinear time series analysis of annual temperatures concerning the global Earth climate.

Halkos, George and Tsilika, Kyriaki (2014): Perspectives on integrating a computer algebra system into advanced calculus curricula.

Halkos, George and Tsilika, Kyriaki (2012): Stability analysis in economic dynamics: A computational approach.

Hameed, Nabeela and Javed, M. Arshad (1995): MINISIS version H: a suitable library information system. Published in: PLA Journal , Vol. Octobe, No. 17 (1995): pp. 60-80.

Hunka, Frantisek and Hucka, Miroslav and Kasik, Josef and Vymetal, Dominik (2009): Some Ontological Issues of the REA Framework in Relation to Enterprise Business Process.


Karpov, Valery and Mozzherina, Nadezhda and Andreeva, Elena (2009): Использование CASE-технологий при моделировании организации предпринимательской деятельности в агропромышленном комплексе. Published in: Экономика региона: интеллект, инновации, предпринимательство: Материалы Международной научно-практической конференции (11 дек. 2009 г.). (2009): pp. 188-191.

Kashefi, Mohammad Ali (2012): The Effect of Salvage Market on Strategic Technology Choice and Capacity Investment Decision of Firm under Demand Uncertainty.

Kashefi, Mohammad Ali (2011): The effect of vertical knowledge spillovers via the supply chain on location decision of firms.

Klima, Grzegorz and Podemski, Karol and Retkiewicz-Wijtiwiak, Kaja and Sowińska, Anna E. (2015): Smets-Wouters '03 model revisited - an implementation in gEcon.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2015): Continuous or Discontinuous? Estimating Indifference Curves Inside the Marschak-Machina Triangle using Certainty Equivalents.


Lam, David C.L. and Swayne, David and Mariam, Yohannes and Wong, Isaac and Fong, Philip (1997): Application of Knowledge-based Tools in Environmental Decision Support Systems.

Lazarica, Marinela (2008): The patterns development process for e-business applications. Published in: The Annals of University of Oradea - Economic Science, ISSN - 1582-5450 , Vol. VOLUMU, No. Tom XVII 2008 (22. August 2008): pp. 1402-1404.

Lazarica, Marinela and Surcel, Traian (2008): The software development process of ecommerce systems. Published in: The Annals of University of Oradea - Economic Science, ISSN -1582 - 5450 , Vol. VOLUMU, No. Tom XVII 2008 (22. August 2008): pp. 1405-1408.

Lis-Gutiérrez, Jenny-Paola (2013): Medidas de concentración y estabilidad de mercado. Una aplicación para Excel.


Magni, Carlo Alberto (2004): Rating and ranking firms with fuzzy expert systems: the case of Camuzzi.

Magni, Carlo Alberto (2004): An alternative approach to firms’ evaluation: expert systems and fuzzy logic. Published in: International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making , Vol. 1, No. 5 (March 2006): pp. 195-225.

Malagoli, Stefano and Mastroleo, Giovanni and Magni, Carlo Alberto (2005): The use of fuzzy logic and expert systems for rating and pricing firms: a new perspective on valuation. Published in: Managerial Finance , Vol. 33, No. 11 (2007): pp. 836-852.

Martins, J. Albuquerque (2005): Sistemas de Gestão. Contabilidade e Finanças: Gestão Pública.

Mazilescu, Vasile (2010): The Relationship between Fuzzy Reasoning and its Temporal Characteristics for Knowledge Management Systems.

Mazilescu, Vasile (2010): The Semantic Web Paradigm for a Real-Time Agent Control (Part I).

Mazilescu, Vasile (2010): The Semantic Web Paradigm for a Real-Time Agent Control (Part II).

Meshcherjakova, Natalya (2003): Алгоритмизация и объектно-ориентированное программирование в курсе информатики высших учебных заведений экономического профиля. Published in: Компьютеризация обучения и проблемы гуманизации образования в техническом вузе: материалы Международной научно-методической конференции – Пенза (2003): pp. 301-305.

Meshcherjakova, Natalya (2003): Методические аспекты обучения информатике в вузах экономического профиля. Published in: Математика и информатика: наука и образование: Межвузовский сборник научных трудов, Омск No. 3 (2003): pp. 198-2004.

Meshcherjakova, Natalya (2008): Функциональная задача как средство развития информационной компетентности будущих экономистов. Published in: Новые информационные технологии в образовании: материалы Международной научно-практической конференции, Екатеринбург (2008): pp. 155-156.

Meshcherjakova, Natalya (2008): Использование информационных технологий в построении балансовых экономических моделей экономистов. Published in: Информационные технологии в образовании: материалы II Международной научно-практической конференции ИТО-Черноземье – 2008, Курск (2008): pp. 125-131.

Meshcherjakova, Natalya (2011): Проектирование баз данных и нормализация данных, основанных на реляционной модели. Published in: Физико-математические и компьютерные науки в образовании: сборник научных трудов, No. Нижневартовск: Изд-во НГГУ (2011): pp. 133-137.

Meshcherjakova, Natalya and Lisizina, Uliya and Lichachenko, Victoriya (2015): Автоматизация деятельности страховой компании. Published in: Потенциал Российской экономики и инновационные пути его реализации: Материалы международной научно-практической конференции (14. April 2015)

Mishra, SK (2007): Completing correlation matrices of arbitrary order by differential evolution method of global optimization: A Fortran program.

Mishra, SK (2007): Minimization of Keane’s Bump Function by the Repulsive Particle Swarm and the Differential Evolution Methods.

Mishra, SK (2004): On generating correlated random variables with a given valid or invalid Correlation matrix.

Mishra, SK (2004): Optimal solution of the nearest correlation matrix problem by minimization of the maximum norm.

Mishra, SK (2007): The nearest correlation matrix problem: Solution by differential evolution method of global optimization.

Mishra, SK (2009): A note on the ordinal canonical correlation analysis of two sets of ranking scores.

Mishra, Sudhanshu (2006): Some new test functions for global optimization and performance of repulsive particle swarm method.

Moga, Liliana Mihaela (2011): Information system solutions for the management of Romanian small and medium size enterprises.

Moga, Liliana Mihaela and Virlanuta, Florina Oana and Buhociu, Florin Marian (2007): Value based information systems for small and medium enterprises.

Moga, Liliana Mihaela and Virlanuta, Florina Oana and Buhociu, Florin Marian and Moga, George (2007): The Internet as a business environment in Romania.

Muntean, Mihaela and Muntean, Cornelia (2012): Evaluating A Business Intelligence Solution. Feasibility Analysis Based On Monte Carlo Method. Published in: ECECSR Journal No. 2/2013 (18. June 2013): pp. 85-102.


Pape, Andreas and Kurtz, Kenneth (2013): Evaluating Case-based Decision Theory: Predicting Empirical Patterns of Human Classification Learning (Extensions).

Patrut, Bogdan (2010): Education in Accounting using an Interactive System. Published in: BRAND. Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation, and Distribution , Vol. 1, No. 1 (10. March 2010)


Rizescu, Gianina (2007): Analysis of the Romanian offer of ERP solutions. Published in: Informatica Economica , Vol. XII, No. 1 (45) (15. April 2008): pp. 131-139.


Serbanescu, Luminita (2007): Creation of virtual laboratories used in distance learning. Published in: Analele Universitat din Oradea - Stiinte Economice , Vol. 2, No. 16 (2007): pp. 903-905.

Serbanescu, Luminita (2008): The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in the Social and Economical Domain. Published in: Analele Universităţii „Constantin Brâncuşi”, Tg Jiu , Vol. Volume, No. No. 1/2008 (2008): pp. 154-160.

Serbanescu, Luminita (2008): Instrumente de business intelligence pentru monitorizarea vanzarilor. Published in: Analele Universitatii din Oradea - Stiinte Economice , Vol. 4, No. 17 (2008): pp. 1520-1525.

Serbanescu, Luminita (2007): The development and evaluation of the public institutions personnel. Published in: Integration process and its impact on public and corporate finance, (2008): pp. 387-394.

Sinha, Pankaj and Johar, Archit (2009): Algorithm for payoff calculation for option trading strategies using vector terminology.

Sinha, Pankaj and Johar, Archit (2010): Hedging Greeks for a portfolio of options using linear and quadratic programming.

Suchánek, Petr (2009): Communication and Procedural Models of the E-commerce Systems. Published in: Transactions of the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Mechanical Series (December 2009): pp. 139-144.

Suchánek, Petr and Slaninova, Kateřina and Bucki, Robert (2010): Business intelligence as the support of decision-making processes in e-commerce systems environment. Published in: Proceedings of the Workshop: Methods and Applications of Artificial Intelligence No. ISBN 978-83-62466-02-3 (November 2010): pp. 5-20.


Teiu, Codrin-Marius (2011): Management information systems in an open source software context.

Teodora, Vatuiu (2008): Technologies solutions and Oracle instruments used in the accomplishment of executive informatics systems (EIS). Published in: Annals of the Oradea University , Vol. 17, (1. October 2008): pp. 1555-1559.


Vatuiu, Teodora and Popeanga, Vasile (2008): The role in enabling government to organize and operate itself in a more efficient and cost effective manner by using the information technology. Published in: Annals of the Oradea University , Vol. 17, (1. October 2008): pp. 1499-1503.

Vymetal, Dominik (2008): ICT ve veřejné správě a SMB sektoru: Čtyři roky nových výzev. Published in: Proceedings of Conference "Four years of Central and Eastern Europeann countires in the European Union: the effects and new calls for the national and regional labour markets , Vol. ISBN 9, (16. May 2008): pp. 897-906.

Vymetal, Dominik and Ježek, Filip (2014): Demand function and its role in a business simulator.

Vymetal, Dominik and Matysek, Stanislav (2007): ERP systémy u nadnárodních firem: podpora, údržba a rozvoj.

Vymětal, Dominik (2008): ICT in Czech companies: business efficiency potentials to be achieved. Published in: Zborník z medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie Nové prístupy k riadeniu ponuky podnikov a Jazyková výuka ekonomických odborníkov (2. October 2008): pp. 227-240.

Vătuiu, Teodora and Popeangă, Vasile Nicolae (2009): Informatics systems for financial audit and revision.


Zabbini, Enza and Grandi, Silvia and Dallari, Fiorella (2007): Relative remote rural areas (RRRA)in developed regions: an analysis of the Emilia-Romagna region to support policy decision making. Published in: Note e Ricerche - Biblioteca Centralizzata del Polo Scientifico-Didattico di Rimini, Università di Bologna , Vol. Workin, (2007): pp. 1-29.


Бурмистрова, Наталия and Мещерякова, Наталия (2014): Использование средств информатизации образования при обучении математике в экономическом вузе. Published in: Информатизация образования: теория и практика: сборник материалов Международной научно практической конференции (21. November 2014): pp. 193-196.

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