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Abramuszkinova Pavlikova, Eva and Kucerova, Eva and Smidova, Michaela (2008): Periferie zblízka: studie tří periferních obcí a jejich sousedů. Published in: Studie CESES FSV UK , Vol. 2008, No. 1 (January 2008): pp. 9-44.

Ager, Philipp and Worm Hansen, Casper and Sandholt Jensen, Peter (2014): Fertility and early-life mortality: Evidence from smallpox vaccination in Sweden.

Albu, Lucian-Liviu (2020): How much will the Coronavirus pandemic expand?

Arceo-Gómez, Eva Olimpia and Campos-Vázquez, Raymundo M. (2012): ¿Quiénes son los NiNis en México?

Arceo-Gómez, Eva Olimpia and Campos-Vázquez, Raymundo M. (2011): Teenage Pregnancy in Mexico: Evolution and Consequences.

Arezki, Rabah (2010): Asymmetric demographic shocks and institutions: The impact on international capital flows and welfare.

Ashraf, Quamrul and Michalopoulos, Stelios (2010): The Climatic Origins of the Neolithic Revolution: Theory and Evidence.

Ayadi, Mohamed and Ben said, Foued (2012): Spatial Econometric Analysis Of Urban Expansion According To Residential Density Profile In The District Of Tunis. Published in: Humberside Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 1, No. 1 (2012): pp. 1-19.


Bagir, Yusuf (2017): Impact of the Syrian Refugee Influx on Turkish Native Workers: An Ethnic Enclave Approach.

Bandopadhyay, Titas Kumar and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2011): Job-search and FDI in a two-sector general equilibrium model.

Basutkar, Tirupati (2015): Resurgent India: An Economic Perspective. Published in: India 2020 - Challenges and Opportunities (21 February 2015): pp. 249-254.

Basysta, Khrystyna (2023): How did the full-scale invasion affect the aging process in Ukraine?

Beja, Edsel Jr. (2014): Parenthood and happiness: Direct and indirect impacts of parenthood on happiness.

Beja Jr., Edsel (2012): Who is happier: The housewife or working wife?

Bick, Alexander and Choi, Sekyu (2011): Life-Cycle Consumption: Can Single Agent Models Get it Right?

Bick, Alexander and Choi, Sekyu (2011): Life-cycle consumption: can single agent models get it right?

Bick, Alexander and Choi, Sekyu (2012): Revisiting the Effect of Household Size on Consumption Over the Life-Cycle.

Boxell, Levi (2018): Demographic Change and Political Polarization in the United States.

Braha, Dan and Stacey, Blake and Bar-Yam, Yaneer (2011): Corporate competition: A self-organized network. Forthcoming in: Social Networks , Vol. doi:10, No. doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2011.05.004 (2011)

Brito, Paulo and Dilao, Rui (2006): Equilibrium price dynamics in an overlapping-generations exchange economy.

Böckerman, Petri and Haapanen, Mika (2010): The effect of education on migration: Evidence from school reform.

Böckerman, Petri and Haapanen, Mika (2011): The effect of polytechnic reform on migration.

Böhm, Paul and Merz, Joachim (2008): Zum Einkommensreichtum Älterer in Deutschland- Neue Reichtumskennzahlen und Ergebnisse aus der Lohnund Einkommensteuerstatistik (FAST 2001).


Cameron, Anna and Tedds, Lindsay M. (2020): Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) of Two Policy Alternatives: Basic Income and Basic Services.

Cappiello, Antonio (2004): Considerazioni sui recenti censimenti dell'agricolutra, dell'industria e dei servizi in Mozambico. Published in: Italian Review of Economics Demography and Statistics (SIEDS) , Vol. LVIII, No. nn. 3/4 (2004): pp. 43-56.

Cebula, Richard (1985): A Living Cost Index for SMSAs. Published in: Social Science Quarterly , Vol. 67, No. 4 (14 December 1986): pp. 887-891.

Chani, Muhammad Irfan and Shahid, Muhammad and Hassan, Mahboob Ul (2011): Some socio-economic determinants of fertility in Pakistan: an empirical analysis. Published in: Actual Problems of Economics (May 2012)

Chatterjee, Tonmoy (2012): Child Labour and Economic Growth: A General Equilibrium Analysis. Published in: International Journal of Information and Computing Science , Vol. 15, No. 1 (June 2012): pp. 16-24.

Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2010): Foreign Direct Investment, Child Labour and Unemployment of Unskilled Labour in a Dual Economy.

Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2009): Labour Market Reform and Incidence of Child Labour in a Developing Economy.

Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2007): Mid-day Meal Program and Incidence of Child Labour in a Developing Economy.

Chaudhuri, Sarbajit and Bandopadhyay, Titas Kumar (2012): Job-search and foreign capital inflow - a three sector general equilibrium analysis.

Chivu, Luminița and Georgescu, George (2020): Vulnerabilități ale pieței muncii din România sub impactul COVID-19.

Cho, Yoonyoung (2008): An Evaluation of A Pronatal Subsidy Program in Korea: A Quasi-Experimental Approach.

Coleman, Charles (2015): SAS® Macros for Constraining Arrays of Numbers. Published in: Southeast SAS Users Group 2015 Proceedings

Cordoba, Juan-Carlos (2007): Malthus to Romer: On the Colonial Origins of the Industrial Revolution.

Cuberes, David (2009): Early and Late Demographic Transitions: the Role of Urbanization.


De Luca, Giuliana and Ponzo, Michela (2010): Primary care utilisation and workers’ opportunity costs. Evidence from Italy. Forthcoming in: Empirical Economics Letters (2010)

Delgado Narro, Augusto Ricardo and Katafuchi, Yuya (2020): Decomposition of density into their components: Analysis for the case of Japan.

Dennis, Wesselbaum (2012): Gender-speci�c Differences in Labor Market Adjustment Patterns: Evidence from the United States.

Di Bartolomeo, Anna and Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni (2007): Integration of migrants in Italy: A simple general and objective measure.

Djemaï, Elodie (2008): Is the risk taking of HIV-infection influenced by income uncertainty? : Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Djemaï, Elodie (2008): Risk Taking of HIV-Infection and Income Uncertainty: Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dwibedi, Jayanta and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2009): Agricultural Dualism, Incidence of Child Labour and Subsidy Policies.

Dwibedi, Jayanta and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2014): Agricultural Subsidy Policies Fail to Deal with Child Labour under Agricultural Dualism: What could be the Alternative Policies?

Dwibedi, Jayanta and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2010): Child labour in the presence of agricultural dualism: possible cures.

Dwibedi, Jayanta and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2007): Globalization, consumerism and child labour.

Dwibedi, Jayanta and Chaudhuri, Sarbajit (2011): Poverty alleviation programs, FDI-led growth and child labour under agricultural dualism.

Dwibedi, Jayanta Kumar and Marjit, Sugata (2015): Relative Affluence and Child Labor - Explaining a Paradox.


Espinosa, Hector and Guzman, Ivan (2018): Mercado Matrimonial Dominicano: Impacto del Nivel de Educación en el Proceso de Selección de Parejas y su Vinculación con el Mercado Laboral.


Fedotenkov, Igor (2015): Optimal asymmetric taxation in a two-sector model with population ageing.

Fedotenkov, Igor (2015): Population ageing and prices in an OLG model with money created by credits.

Fischer, Justina AV (2021): Call for reforming our democracies: rejuvenating the median voter.

Friedrich, T. (2010): The Transfer Space.

Friedrich, T. (2010): The Transfer Space.

Friedrich, T. (2010): The transfer space.

Friedrich, T. (2010): The transfer space.

Friedrich, T. (2010): The transfer space.


Galor, Oded and Klemp, Marc (2013): Be Fruitful and Multiply? Moderate Fecundity and Long-Run Reproductive Success.

Galor, Oded and Klemp, Marc (2014): The Biocultural Origins of Human Capital Formation.

Genç, Selçuk (2015): Leadership Case Study: Emotional Intelligence Effect in Our Life. Published in: International Research Journal of York University , Vol. 2, No. 3 (June 2015): pp. 238-244.

Gete, Pedro and Porchia, Paolo (2010): Fertility and consumption when having a child is a risky investment.

Ghita, Eugen (2010): Aspecte juridice privind relaţiile matrimoniale în oraşul Arad în secolul al XVIII-lea. Published in: Romanian Journal of Population Studies , Vol. „În că, No. Supplement/2010 (1 September 2010): pp. 15-28.

Ghita, Eugen (2010): Habitatul rural în comitatul Arad în secolul al XVIII-lea. Published in: , Vol. „Studi, (December 2010): pp. 469-486.

Ghita, Eugen (2011): Population, ethnicity and confession in the county of Arad in the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. Published in: , Vol. in vol, (2011): pp. 41-54.

Ghita, Eugen (2010): Sârbii – imigranţi şi emigranţi în comitatul Arad în secolul al XVIII-lea. Published in: , Vol. „Studi, (December 2010): pp. 357-368.

Goerlich, Francisco José (2007): ¿Cuántos somos?. Una excursión por las estadísticas demográficas del Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE). Published in: Boletín de la A.G.E No. 45 (2007): pp. 123-156.

Goerlich, Francisco José and Mas, Matilde (2009): Drivers of Agglomeration: geography VS. History. Forthcoming in: The Open Urban Studies Journal

Goerlich, Francisco José and Mas, Matilde (2008): Empirical Evidence of Population Concentration in Spain, 1900-2001. Published in: Population , Vol. 63, No. 4 (2008): pp. 731-746.

Goerlich, Francisco José and Mas, Matilde (2008): Los motores de la aglomeración en España: geografía versus historia. Published in: Fundación BBVA - Documentos de trabajo No. 05 (June 2008)

Goerlich, Francisco José and Mas, Matilde (2008): Pautas de localización de la población a lo largo del siglo XX. Published in: Investigaciones Regionales No. 12 (2008): pp. 5-34.

Goerlich, Francisco José and Mas, Matilde (2008): Sobre el tamaño de las ciudades en España. Dos reflexiones y una regularidad empírica. Published in: Fundación BBVA - Documentos de Trabajo No. 06 (June 2008)

Goerlich, Francisco José and Mas, Matilde and Azagra, Joaquín and Chorén, Pilar (2007): Población Municipal en los Censos del Siglo XX. Published in: Ciudad y Territorio , Vol. XXXIX, No. 154 (2007): pp. 639-656.

Gupta, Pallavi and Kothe, Satyanarayan (2021): Gender Discrimination and the Biased Indian Labour Market: Evidence from the National Sample Survey.


Halkos, George and Tzeremes, Nickolaos (2012): Ranking socio-demographic journals.

Hasan, Zubair (2021): Demographic policy construction: Inapt use of growth rates illustrated.

Herrmann, Peter and van der Maesen, Laurent J.G. (2008): Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration.

Hübler, Philipp (2017): Heritability of time preference: Evidence from German twin data.


Jaag, Christian (2006): Education, Demographics, and the Economy.

Jain, Neha and Goli, Srinivas (2021): Demographic Change and Economic Growth in India.

Jain, Neha and Goli, Srinivas (2021): Potential demographic dividend for India, 2001 to 2061: A macro-simulation projection using the spectrum model.

Jellal, Mohamed (2009): Family Institution and Filial Attention Contract.


Kitov, Ivan (2007): Comparison of personal income inequality estimates based on data from the IRS and Census Bureau.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Budowa kapitału społecznego ludzi starych w kontekście polityk aktywizacji i aktywnego starzenia się. Published in: Starzenie się i starość w dynamicznie zmieniającym się świecie (2013): pp. 11-24.

Kolpashnikova, Kamila and Chiba, Ryota and Shirakawa, Kiyomi (2019): Socioeconomic Status and Housework: Cultural Differences in Participation in Routine Housework in Japan, Canada, and the US. Published in: IER Discussion Papers No. 697 (4 July 2019): pp. 1-14.

Kulsoom, Rafia (2009): Child Labor at District Level: A Case Study of Rawalpindi.



LEBIHAN, Laetitia and MAO TAKONGMO, Charles Olivier and McKELLIPS, Fanny (2017): Health Inequalities for Immigrants in Canada : Quebec versus the Rest of Canada.

LEOGRANDE, ANGELO (2022): Life Expectancy at Birth in the Italian Regions.

Lar, Ni and Taguchi, Hiroyuki (2020): Population Age Structure, Saving Rate impacts on Economic Growth: Myanmar Case.

Lebihan, Laetitia and Mao Takongmo, Charles Olivier and McKellips, Fanny (2018): Health Disparities for Immigrants: Theory and Evidence from Canada.

Linden, Mikael (2023): Retirement Age Trap: RDD Approach to Terminated Retirement Spells.


Macan, Vaneza Jean and Deluna, Roperto Jr (2013): Relationship of Income Inequality and Labor Productivity on Fertility in the Philippines: 1985-2009.

Malo, Miguel and Cueto, Begoña (2014): El empleo de los jóvenes en España: Del bloqueo en la entrada del mercado de trabajo a los programas de Garantía Juvenil.

Manuel, Lancastre (2016): Age Milestones and Low Interest Rates, an Analytic Approach.

Mapa, Dennis S and Bersales, Lisa Grace S (2008): Population Dynamics and Household Saving: Evidence from the Philippines. Published in: The Philippine Statistician , Vol. 57, No. 1-4 (December 2008): pp. 1-27.

Marcén, Miriam (2013): The effect of culture on self-employment.

Marcén, Miriam and Molina, José Alberto (2009): Informal Caring-Time and Caregiver Satisfaction.

Mariscal de Gante, Álvaro and Rodríguez, Víctor (2018): Tres teorías demográficas, las evidencias disponibles y el paso de la descripción del cómo al entendimiento del porqué: Una aplicación y una crítica de tres hipótesis poblacionales en base a los casos de España y de la India (1950-2020).

Merz, Joachim and Zwick, Markus (2008): Einkommens- und Verteilungsanalyse mit dem Taxpayer-Panel – Neue Möglichkeiten und erste Ergebnisse für Selbständige als Freiberufler und Unternehmer und abhängige Beschäftigte sowie für hohe Einkommen.

Mohammed, Safura and Ahmed Azumah, Ayisha and Tetteh, Rebecca (2017): An Empirical study of the Role of Demographics in Job Satisfaction of Sunyani Technical University staff.

Motkuri, Venkatanarayana and Mishra, Uday Shankar (2013): Rising Mortality Rate in Andhra Pradesh: Towards a demystification.

Munro, John H. (2004): Builders’ wages in southern England and the southern Low Countries, 1346 -1500: a comparative study of trends in and levels of real incomes. Published in: L’Edilizia prima della rivoluzione industriale, secc. XIII-XVIII, Atti delle “Settimana di Studi” e altri convegni, Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica F. Datini , Vol. 36, No. 1 (May 2005): pp. 1013-1076.

Munro, John H. (2002): Wage-stickiness, monetary changes, and real incomes in late-medieval England and the Low Countries, 1300 - 1500: did money matter? Published in: Research in Economic History , Vol. 21, No. 1 (2003): pp. 185-297.

Munro, John H. (2007): The usury doctrine and urban public finances in late-medieval Flanders (1220 - 1550): rentes (annuities), excise taxes, and income transfers from the poor to the rich. Published in: La fiscalità nell’economia Europea, secc. XIII - XVIII, Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica “F. Datini”, Prato, Serie II: Atti delle “Settimane de Studi” et altri Convegni , Vol. 39, No. 1 (2008): pp. 973-1026.


Nguyen, Cuong (2012): Gender Equality in Education, Health Care, and Employment: Evidence from Vietnam.

Nunley, John and Zietz, Joachim (2008): The U.S. Divorce Rate: The 1960s Surge Versus Its Long-Run Determinants.

Nwaobi, Godwin (2019): Emerging African Economies:Digital Structures, Disruptive Responses and Demographic Implications.


Owen, Ann L. and Wei, Andrew (2020): Sexism, Social Outcomes, and the Gender Wage Gap.



Pagan, Ricardo and Malo, Miguel (2021): Dynamic analysis of loneliness and disability at older ages in Europe by gender.

Patrick, Grady (2015): Time to Face the Fact that the National Household Survey Is Just the Compulsory Long-Form Census Made Voluntary.

Paul, Hagstrom and Stephen, Wu (2010): Are Pregnant Women Happier? Racial Differences in the Relationsip Between Pregnancy and Life Satisfaction.

Perchín Milián, Celia and Cañoto Martínez, Miguel (2019): Gastos Médicos en España: Estimaciones del Sistema de Demanda Casi Ideal y del Modelo de Rotterdam.

Peterson, Mark A. and Phillips, Kerk L. (2004): Cross-Status Marriage Patterns in Late 17th Century Korea: Statistical Analysis of the Tansŏng Household Registers for 1678.


SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Demografia, Occupazione e Produttività in Europa e Us [quarta parte del progetto "Il presente e il futuro del Pay-Go in Italia, Europa e Us"].

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Demografia, Occupazione e Produttività in Italia e nelle Regioni italiane [terza parte del progetto "Il presente e il futuro del Pay-Go in Italia, Europa e Us"].

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Il Pay-as-You-Go in Europa attraverso i Programmi di Stabilità. Le risorse che gli attivi/occupati dovranno mettere a disposizione per finanziare il welfare.

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Il Pay-as-You-Go pubblico e privato: davvero diversi? Un confronto Europa - Us.

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Un Test sulle Ipotesi delle Proiezioni a Medio-Lungo Termine della Spesa Farmaceutica.

Schilirò, Daniele (2015): Mediterraneo ed Unione Europea tra migrazioni e crescita sostenibile.

Silvio John, Camilleri and Gail, Grech (2017): The Relevance of Age Categories in explaining Internet Banking Adoption Rates and Customers' Attitudes towards the Service. Published in: Journal of Applied Finance & Banking , Vol. 7(2), No. 7(2) : pp. 29-47.

Simplice A, Asongu (2011): Deforestation and welfare : evidence from Africa.

Singh, Krishna M. and Singh, R.K.P. and Meena, M.S. and Kumar, Abhay and Kumar, Anjani (2011): A Village-level Study of Poverty in Bihar: Using panel data Approach.

Siyanbola, Willie O. and Afolabi, Oladele O. and Jesuleye, Olalekan A. and Egbetokun, Abiodun A. and Dada, Abolaji D. and Aderemi, Helen O. and Sanni, Maruf and Razak, Muhammed (2009): Determinants of entrepreneurial propensity of Nigerian undergraduates: an empirical assessment. Published in: International Journal of Business Environment , Vol. 5, No. 1 (2012): pp. 1-29.

Skribans, Valerijs (2010): Darbaspēka migrācijas ietekme uz darba tirgu Latvijā. Published in: LU raksti , Vol. 758, (2010): pp. 189-200.

Sugimoto, Yoshiaki and Nakagawa, Masao (2009): From Duty to Right: The Role of Public Education in the Transition to Aging Societies.


Talavera, Oleksandr and Yin, Shuxing and Zhang, Mao (2016): Managing the diversity: board age diversity, directors’ personal values, and bank performance.

Tamura, Robert and Simon, Curtis J. (2012): Secular fertility declines, baby booms and economic growth: international evidence.

Tomini, Florian and Hagen-Zanker, Jessica (2010): How has internal migration in Albania affected the receipt of transfers from family and friends?

Tóth, Csaba G. (2021): Age- and Gender-Specific Excess Mortality during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Hungary in 2020. Published in: KORFA No. 2 (March 2021): pp. 1-4.


Utsav, Kumar (2010): India’s Demographic Transition: Boon or Bane? A State-Level Perspective.


Versantvoort, Maroesjka (2008): Studying time use variations in 18 countries applying a life course perspective. Published in: Department of Economics Research Memorandum No. 2008.01 (2008): pp. 1-14.

Versantvoort, Maroesjka (2008): Time use during the life course in the USA, Norway, and the Netherlands: a HAPC-analysis. Published in: Department of Economics Research Memorandum No. 02 (2008): pp. 1-30.

Vo, Duc (2019): Ageing Population and Economic Growth in Developing Countries A Quantile Regression Approach. Published in: Emerging Markets Finance and Trade


Woldeab, Daniel and Yawson, Robert M. and Woldeab, Irina (2021): Re-examining the Philosophical Underpinnings of the Melting Pot vs. Multiculturalism in the Current Immigration Debate in the United States. Published in: Harnessing Analytics for Enhancing Healthcare & Business. Proceedings of the 50th Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) Annual Meeting. , Vol. 50, (2021): pp. 264-285.


Xesfingi, Sofia and Vozikis, Athanassios (2014): Citizens’ Preferences on Health Care Expenditure Allocation: Evidence from Greece.


Yamada, Gustavo (2010): Growth, Employment and Internal Migration. Peru, 2003-2007.

Yaya, OlaOluwa S and Amoateng, Acheampong Y (2016): Social Structure and Variation in the Family Formation Process: The Case of Age at First Marriage and Duration between First Marriage and First Birth in selected sub-Saharan African Countries.

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