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Abdur Raheem, Syed and Akber, Fahad and Hashmi, Umair (2013): Aspects and Importance of Digital Media in Pakistan.

Ahmed, Jubayer (2015): You Are What You Consume. Published in: Global Disclosure of Economics and Business , Vol. 4, No. 1 (May 2015): pp. 21-32.

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Anderson, Simon and Ciliberto, Federico and Liaukonyte, Jura and Renault, Regis (2012): Push-me pull-you: comparative advertising in the OTC analgesics industry.

Armstrong, Mark (2016): Ordered Consumer Search.

Armstrong, Mark and Chen, Yongmin (2017): Discount Pricing.


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Besana, Angela (2010): Internet Marketing in Cultural Industries: from movie to arts.

Besana, Angela (2009): The Italian Art Market and the importance of communication strategies: from fairs to auction houses’ best practices.


Ching, Andrew and Ishihara, Masakazu (2007): The Effects of Detailing on Prescribing Decisions under Quality Uncertainty.


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H. R., Ganesha and Aithal, Sreeramana (2020): Consumer Communication Deployment Tactics: An Integrated Framework for Lifestyle Brands and Retailers in India (CCF-LS). Published in: International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters (IJAEML) , Vol. 4, No. 2 (30 July 2020): pp. 1-21.

H. R., Ganesha and Aithal, Sreeramana (2020): Exclusive Brand Outlet Expansion Framework for Lifestyle Brands in India (EBOE-LS). Published in: International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT, and Education (IJCSBE) , Vol. 4, No. 2 (9 August 2020): pp. 1-17.

H. R., Ganesha and Aithal, Sreeramana (2020): Retailing Performance Evaluation Scale for Indian Brick-and-Mortar Lifestyle Retailers (LSRS-b). Published in: International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters (IJAEML) , Vol. 4, No. 1 (30 June 2020): pp. 303-322.

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Harashima, Taiji (2023): Economic Rents Extracted in the Process of Consumption.

Harashima, Taiji (2017): The Mechanism behind Product Differentiation: An Economic Model.

Hiew, Lee-Chea and Puah, Chin-Hong and Habibullah, Muzafar Shah (2013): The Role of Advertising Expenditure in Measuring Indonesia’s Money Demand Function. Forthcoming in: The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge

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Huynh, Cong Minh and Nguyen, Phan Kim Han (2024): Factors Influencing Customers’ Loyalty: An Empirical Study for the Milk Industry in Vietnam.


James, Waters (2015): Do vegetarian marketing campaigns promote a vegan diet?

Joy, Joseph (2006): Understanding Advertising Adstock Transformations.


Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (2012): Четыре вида продвижения товара в маркетинге.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (2012): Товарная политика в маркетинге.

Kaluzhsky, Mikhail (2012): Концепция «4Р» и планирование маркетинга в кратком и ясном изложении.

Kornienko, Nikita (2014): Привлечение клиентов при помощи контекстной рекламы.

Koshcheeva, Angelina (2017): Маркетинговые преимущества продвижения товаров при помощи технологии «гивэвей».


Levy, Daniel (2013): Discussion of "Local News Online: Aggregators, Geo-Targeting and the Market for Local News" by George, L. and C. Hogendorn.

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Nguyen, Luan-Thanh (2024): Factors Affecting Service Quality and Satisfaction Customers Use of Mobile Commerce in Ho Chi Minh. Forthcoming in: Conference on Economics and Business in the Digital Era – CEBD 2024 (10 February 2024)

Nguyen, Nguyen-Hong and Nguyen, Luan-Thanh (2023): The impact of online shopping motivation on customer loyalty in Mobile Applications. Forthcoming in: Vietnam National Conference-ERS2024 (1 February 2024)


Oksentyuk, Roman (2012): Використання методів спам та дорвей у просуванні продукту в мережі Інтернет. Published in: Socio-Economic Problems and the State , Vol. No.2, No. Vol.7 (22 October 2012): pp. 234-241.

Ologunebi, John (2023): The marketing strategy to increase Gen Z and Millennials' usability of Asda's website: A case study of ASDA Uk.

Ologunebi, John and Taiwo, Ebenezer (2023): Digital Marketing Strategies, plan and implementations: A case study of Jumia Group and ASDA Uk.

Ologunebi, John and Taiwo, Ebenezer (2023): The Importance of SEO and SEM in improving brand visibility in E-commerce industry; A study of Decathlon, Amazon and ASOS. Forthcoming in:

Ologunebi, John and Taiwo, Ebenezer (2024): Personalized ad Content and Individual User Preference: A boost for Conversion Rates in the UK E-commerce Business.

Ong, David (2008): Fishy Gifts: Bribing with Shame and Guilt.


Rhodes, Andrew (2011): Multiproduct pricing and the Diamond Paradox.

Rhodes, Andrew and Wilson, Chris M (2016): False Advertising.

Rhodes, Andrew and Wilson, Chris M (2015): False Advertising.


Sato, Susumu (2017): Freemium as Optimal Menu Pricing.

Sergio, Brasini and Marzia, Freo and Giorgio, Tassinari (2008): An analysis of the role of liking on the memorial response to advertising.

Shuja, Komal and Ali, Mazhar and Mehak Anjum, Munazzah and Rahim, Abdul (2016): "Effectiveness of Animated Spokes Character in Advertising Targeted to Kids".

Situngkir, Hokky (2006): Advertising in Duopoly Market. Published in: Working Paper BFI No. WPG2006 (10 November 2006)

Snir, Avichai and Levy, Daniel (2019): If You Think 9-Ending Prices Are Low, Think Again.

Sobolevsky, Alexandr (2015): Реклама в мобильных приложениях.

Soomro, Yasir Ali (2018): Does subliminal advertisement affect consumer behavior? An exploratory comparative analysis between marketing and non-marketing professionals. Published in: , Vol. 3, No. 1 (14 April 2018): pp. 1828-1843.

Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz and Osman, Ms.Amber (2009): A Study On The Association Between Brand Awareness And Consumer/Brand Loyalty For The Packaged Milk Industry In Pakistan.

Syed Akbar, Suleman and Azam, Rehan and Muhammad, Danish (2012): Advertising value of mobile marketing through acceptance among youth in Karachi.

Sznajd-Weron, Katarzyna and Weron, Rafal and Wloszczowska, Maja (2008): Outflow Dynamics in Modeling Oligopoly Markets: The Case of the Mobile Telecommunications Market in Poland.


Tenryu, Yohei and Kamei, Keita (2014): Welfare Analysis of Dynamic Voluntary Advertising in Covered Markets.


Ukaj, Fatos (2010): Marketing Concept as a Tool for Development of Tourism in Kosovo.


Vartanov, Sergey (2020): Производство, потребление и медиа: к постановке модели трехстороннего рынка. Forthcoming in: Экономика и математические методы , Vol. 2, (2021)


WAQAS, ZUNNAIR (2020): The Effectiveness of Various Upcoming Media on Company's Sales in Karachi Market.

Wang, Chengsi (2011): Informative Advertising, Consumer Search and Transparency Policy.

Weinem, Michael and Heil, Oliver (2010): Pre-entry advertising, entry deterrence and multi-informational signaling.

Wright, Malcolm (2008): A new theorem for optimizing the advertising budget.


Yasui, Yuta (2021): Controlling Fake Reviews.


Zain, Ul Abideen and Farooq, Waqas (2009): Advertising Message Processing Amongst Urban Children: With Reference To TV Advertising in Pakistan.

Zhou, Jidong (2008): Reference Dependence and Market Competition.

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