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AGAÏ, Oniankitan Gregoire (2012): Assessing the Viability of a Rural Microfinance Network : The Case of FONGS FINRURAL.

Abdul Majid, Muhamed Zulkhibri and Sufian, Fadzlan (2008): Bank Efficiency and Share Prices in China: Empirical Evidence from a Three-Stage Banking Model.

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Akin, Guzin Gulsun and Aysan, Ahmet Faruk and Kara, Gazi Ishak and Yildiran, Levent (2008): Non-price competition in credit card markets through bundling and bank level benefits.

Akin, Guzin Gulsun and Aysan, Ahmet Faruk and Yildiran, Levent (2008): Transformation of the Turkish Financial Sector in the Aftermath of the 2001 Crisis.

Alasrag, Hussien (2010): صيغ تمويل المشروعات الصغيرة في الاقتصاد الإسلامي. Published in: Islamic Studies No. 08 (March 2010)

Alasrag, Hussien (2010): Global Financial crisis and Islamic finance.

Alomar, Ibrahim (2006): Financial Intermediation in Muslim Community: Issues and Problems.

Ananth, A. and Ramesh, R. and Prabaharan, B. (2010): Service quality gap analysis in private sector bank - a customer perspective. Published in: Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies , Vol. II, No. I (1. January 2011): pp. 245-252.

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Azam, Rehan and Muhammad, Danish and Syed Akbar, Suleman (2012): The significance of socioeconomic factors on personal loan decision a study of consumer banking local private banks in Pakistan.

Azman-Saini, W.N.W. (2006): Hedge funds, exchange rates and causality: Evidence from Thailand and Malaysia.


Baldan, Cinzia and Zen, Francesco and Rebonato, Tobia (2012): Liquidity risk and interest rate risk on banks: are they related?

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Blake, David and Courbage, Christophe and MacMinn, Richard and Sherris, Michael (2011): Longevity risks and capital markets: The 2010-2011 update.

Blass, Asher A. and Grossman, Richard S. (2001): Assessing Damages: The 1983 Israeli Bank Shares Crisis.

Bourjade, Sylvain (2002): Diversification of Investor's Expertise in IPOs.


Carfì, David and Musolino, Francesco (2012): Game theory model for European government bonds market stabilization: a saving-State proposal.

Carfì, David and Patané, Giusy and Pellegrino, Samantha (2011): Coopetitive games and sustainability in project financing. Forthcoming in:

Caruntu, Genu Alexandru and Romanescu, Marcel Laurentiu (2008): Treasury cash flows in the enterprise.

Cayetano, Gea (2007): Studying the Properties of the Correlation Trades.

Chambers, Nurgul and Cifter, Atilla (2006): The Effect of Scale on Productivity of Turkish Banks in the Post-Crises Period: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis.

Chan, Sewin and Gedal, Michael and Been, Vicki and Haughwout, Andrew (2011): The role of neighborhood characteristics in mortgage default risk: evidence from New York City.

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Clauss, Pierre and Roncalli, Thierry and Weisang, Guillaume (2009): Risk Management Lessons from Madoff Fraud. Published in: International Finance Review , Vol. Credit, No. 10 (2009)


DE KONING, Kees (2012): The United States: An Economic Balance Sheet Analysis.

DE KONING, Kees (2012): The world's dream: economic growth [:]the balance sheet approach.

Dabos, Marcelo and Williams, Tomas (2009): A reevaluation of the impact of financial development on economic growth and its sources by regions.

Dai, John and Sundaresan, Suresh (2009): Risk Management Framework for Hedge Funds: Role of Funding and Redemption Options on Leverage.

Deakin, Simon and Sarkar, Prabirjit and Singh, Ajit (2010): An End to Consensus? The (Non) Impact of Legal Reforms on Financial Development. Published in: Complexity and Institutions: Markets, Norms and Corporations, edited by Masahiko Aoki, Kenneth Binmore, Simon Deakin and Herbert Gintis (27. November 2012)

Dehghan Nejad, Omid (2011): Does Customer Relationship Management Matter in the Banking System? The Case of Iran.

Donze, Jocelyn and Dubec, Isabelle (2010): ATM Direct Charging Reform: the Effect of Independent Deployers on Welfare.

Donze, Jocelyn and Dubec, Isabelle (2009): ATM Direct Charging Reform: the Effect of Independent Deployers on welfare.

Donze, Jocelyn and Dubec, Isabelle (2009): La tarification des retraits aux distributeurs automatiques bancaires, une revue de la littérature.

Donze, Jocelyn and Dubec, Isabelle (2008): Paying for ATM usage : good for consumers, bad for banks ?

Donze, Jocelyn and Dubec, Isabelle (2008): The effects of regulating interchange fees at cost on the ATM market.


Elasrag, Hussein (2011): تفعيل دور التمويل الإسلامي في تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة.

Elasrag, hussein (2011): Principals of the Islamic finance:A focus on project finance.

Enowbi Batuo, Michael and Guidi, Francesco and Mlambo, Kupukile (2010): Financial Development and Income Inequality: Evidence from African Countries.

Enowbi Batuo, Michael and Kupukile, Mlambo (2009): How Can Economic and Political Liberalisation Improve Financial Development in African Countries?

Evans, Olaniyi (2013): Growth Effects of Financial Integration and Financial Deepening in Selected Sub-Saharan African Economies: a Panel-Data Approach.


Fan, Haichao and Lai, Edwin L.-C. and Li, Yao Amber (2012): Credit Constraints, Quality, and Export Prices: Theory and Evidence from China.

Ferro, Gustavo (2000): ¿Vale la pena tener intermediarios financieros propios? Un examen a la literatura reciente.

Ferro, Gustavo and Antón Rodríguez, Martín (2007): Crédito, producto y eficiencia en la producción de crecimiento.

Freed, Marc S and McMillan, Ben (2011): Investible benchmarks & hedge fund liquidity.

Fulli-Lemaire, Nicolas (2012): Alternative Inflation Hedging Portfolio Strategies: Going Forward Under Immoderate Macroeconomics. Forthcoming in: Alternative Investment Analyst Review, CAIA No. Summer/Fall (2013)

Fulli-Lemaire, Nicolas (2013): Alternative inflation hedging strategies for ALM.

Fusari, Angelo (2005): Toward a non-capitalist market system. Suggestions for curing the ills of our economic system. Published in: American Review of Political Economy , Vol. 3, No. 1 : pp. 85-136.


Gao, Pingyang (2008): Disclosure Quality, Cost of Capital, and Investors’ Welfare.

Gea Carrasco, Cayetano and Isla Couso, Lorenzo (2010): A First Stochastic General Framework to Model the Project Finance Cash Flows under Monopolistic Situations.

Gete, Pedro and Tiernan, Natalie (2014): Lending Standards and Countercyclical Capital Requirements under Imperfect Information.

Ghassan, Hassan B. and Taher, Farid B. (2013): Financial Stability of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Saudi Arabia: Evidence using Pooled and Panel Models. Published in: Gulf Research Center, Cambridge Conference Book GRM 2013 , Vol. 2, No. Islamic Finance: Risk, Stability, Growth (December 2013)

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Gilroy, Bernard Michael and Lukas, Elmar (2005): Ökonomische Theorie im Alltag: Hedge Fonds.

Govori, Arbiana (2013): Analysis of external factors affecting the development of SMEs in Kosovo.

Govori, Fadil (2011): Ndikimi i informacionit asimetrik në tregjet financiare.

Govori, Fadil (2013): The performance of commercial banks and the determinants of profitability: Evidence from Kosovo.

Govori, Florije (2009): Sistemi Bankar ne Kosove dhe Roli i tij ne Zhvillimin Ekonomik.

Gualandri, Elisabetta and Grasso, Alessandro Giovanni (2006): Towards a new Approach to Regulation and Supervision in the EU: Post-FSAP and Comitology. Published in: Revue bancaire et financière Bank- en Financiewezen No. 2006/3 (April 2006): pp. 157-175.

Guha, Brishti and Roy Chowdhury, Prabal (2012): Micro-finance competition: motivated micro-lenders, double-dipping and default.

Gutierrez Girault, Matias (2006): Non – parametric estimation of conditional and unconditional loan portfolio loss distributions with public credit registry data.

govori, fadil (2012): The Financial Lobby and Impact of Other Stakeholders in the EU: A good model for emancipation of the financial system in Kosovo.


Hasan, Dr. Syed Akif and Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz and Osman, Ms. Amber (2012): Consumer Criteria for the Selection of an Islamic Bank: Evidence from Pakistan. Published in: International Research Journal of Finance and Economics (IRJFE) , Vol. 94, (2012)

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Hasan, Zubair (2014): Islamic home financing and ownership transfer to the customer: Models compared.

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Hossain, Monzur (2009): International Monetary Arrangements for the 21st Century—Which Way?

Hossain, Monzur and Rafiq, Farhana (2012): Global Commodity Price Volatility and Domestic Inflation: Impact on the Performance of the Financial Sector in Bangladesh.

Hossain, Monzur and Shahiduzzaman, Md. (2005): Development of Non Bank Financial Institutions to Strengthen the Financial System of Bangladesh. Published in: Bank Parikrama , Vol. XXVII, No. 1

Hryckiewicz, Aneta (2014): Originators, traders, neutrals, and traditioners – various banking business models across the globe. Does the business model matter for financial stability?


Ismail, Abdul Ghafar and Mislan Condro, Widiyanto (2008): Sustainability of BMT financing for Developing Micro-enterprises.

Ismail, Abdul Ghafar and Tohirin, Achmad (2009): Finance and Growth: The Role of Islamic Contracts.


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Jellal, Mohamed and Bouzahzah, Mohamed (2012): Maroc gouvernance finance et développement.


Juravle, Daniel (2011): Structura balanţei serviciilor şi tendinţele evolutive ale acesteia.


Kalaichelvan, Mohandass and Lim Kai Jie, Shawn (2012): A Critical Evaluation of the Significance of Round Numbers in European Equity Markets in Light of the Predictions from Benford’s Law. Published in: International Research Journal of Finance and Economics No. 95 : pp. 196-210.

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Kitov, Ivan (2012): Cross comparison and modelling of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Franklin Resources.

Kitov, Ivan (2010): Modeling share prices of banks and bankrupts.

Kitov, Ivan (2014): A two-year revision: cross comparison and modeling of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Franklin Resources.

Kondo, Kazumine (2010): What Promotes Japanese Regional Banks to Disclose Credit Ratings Voluntarily?

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Li, Jianjun and Hsu, Sara (2012): Shadow banking in China.

Li, Jun and Chen, Songxi (2012): Two Sample Tests for High Dimensional Covariance Matrices. Published in:

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Lord, Montague J. (2010): Implications of WTO Accession for Insurance Sector of Laos.

Lutey, Robert (2013): A Solar-Home Rental Business Model: Capturing Synergies from Solar Energy and Single Family Rental Properties.


Marianne, Ojo (2014): Central bank independence, policies and reforms: addressing political and economic linkages.

Marianne, Ojo (2014): Ring fencing Volcker’s Rule? : The Liikanen Report and justifications for ring fencing and separate legal entities revisited.

Marianne, Ojo (2013): Role of regulation in micro finance: application of the Micro Savings Requirement Scheme in informal sectors. Published in: British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade (BJEMT) (December 2013)

Marianne, Ojo (2014): Why integrity still constitutes the driving force behind ethical standards, the Sarbanes Oxley Act and other legislation. Published in: International Conference Proceedings of PSRC (Planetary Scientific Research Centre) No. ISBN 978-93-82242-80-2 (March 2014): pp. 90-95.

Marianne, Roedl (2013): Role of regulation and micro finance in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Forthcoming in: Global Development Finance Review (December 2013)

Marianne, Roedl (2013): Role of regulation in micro finance: application of the Micro Savings Requirement Scheme in informal sectors. Forthcoming in: British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade (December 2013)

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Ojo, Marianne (2011): Capital, liquidity standards and macro prudential policy tools in financial supervision: addressing sovereign debt problems.

Ojo, Marianne (2011): Capital, liquidity standards and macro prudential policy tools in financial supervision: addressing sovereign debt problems.

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